Most new international students at UMSL are required to take the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) proficiency exam during orientation. This exam must be completed before students can finalize their course registration at the University.  Students who miss the exam need to schedule a make-up test before they can finalize course registration.

Depending on the results of the exam, students may be required to enroll in specific EAP subjects during their first year at UMSL. EAP classes are taken at the same time as regular courses and receive both grades and credit hours at the University. Advanced EAP subjects are counted as electives in most degree programs.

EAP Exam

The EAP Proficiency Exam measures a student’s English skills as used in academic study. The test lasts approximately two hours and has three sections:

Information regarding waivers to the proficiency exam can be found in UMSL's official EAP Policy.