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My Performance

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myPerformance is UMSL’s goal setting and performance improvement process. On an annual basis UMSL leaders and their direct reports are expected to participate in a process that includes, at a minimum:

The purpose of myPerformance is to:

CRR 320.065 Performance Management
HR-501 Performance Appraisals

What’s New

Evaluation Criteria

For 2018 all associates will be evaluated against the same seven competencies as 2017, referred to as SuccessFactors. The SuccessFactors are used throughout the UM System. Due to the nature of their work, Maintenance and Custodial employees will be evaluated using their key responsibilities in addition to the SuccessFactors. It is important that you know the definition of each SuccessFactor as well as behavioral statements that apply to your job or the job of the person you are evaluating.


Calibration was introduced in 2017 and will continue this year. Through calibration we will reduce variation, and ensure consistency, fairness and accountability of performance ratings. By building a common understanding and application of the performance standards between the raters we will avoid the common issue of ratings differences just because one manager is a tough evaluator and another is more lenient. In facilitated calibration meetings those managers will now be accountable to each other and to the people they evaluate for applying and rating the SuccessFactors in a consistent way. This is especially important as performance ratings will be the basis for determining merit increases when they are budgeted.

Appraisal Form 2017
Union Form Success Factors + Key Responsibilities (pre-populated based on title)
Support Task Expert Form Success Factors + 1 blank factor.
Subject Matter Professional Form Success Factors + 1 blank factor.
Management Form Success Factors + 1 blank factor.
Leadership Form Success Factors + 1 blank factor.

What’s Next

  1. Watch the Performance Appraisal Process Video
  2. Enroll in a live training session via MyLearn
  3. Review/Understand SuccessFactor definitions and Behavioral Statements
  4. Draft your self-appraisal
  5. Finalize and submit your self appraisal
  6. Manager drafts employee appraisals
  7. Managers participate in Calibration Workshop(s) facilitated by Human Resources
  8. Managers revise draft appraisals, finalize and “submit”
  9. Managers and employees meet for Performance Appraisal sessions.
  10. HR analyzes performance ratings to create a Merit Increase Guide that achieves UMSL’s merit budget in years where merit pay is budgeted and approved.
  11. Managers and employees meet to discuss merit pay.

In the tabs below, you will find resources to help you set goals, give feedback and drive improvement through the MyPerformance process. For additional information, please contact Information and training for managers can be located on the Manager SharePoint site. If you need access to the SharePoint site, please send an email to

2018 Key Dates