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Employee Records

Our Human Resources Records staff manages the electronic and physical storage of employee information. It assures the information is available and maintains its quality, integrity, and confidentiality at all times.


Where is my official personnel file kept?
Your file is kept in the Human Resources Department.

Does my personnel file ever leave the Human Resources office?
No. Personnel records are maintained securely and are never removed.

Does my department have a file on me also?
Your department may have a file containing departmentally-related documents. However, any such file is for use only by the management of your department and is not an official university record.

What documents are contained in my personnel file?
Documents may include, but are not limited to, the following:

How long are these records kept in my personnel file?
These records are kept in your file for the length of your employment.

How can I review my personnel file?
You may request to review your official personnel file by appointment with an advance notice of at least one workday. See HR 114 Release of Employee Information.

Can I add documents to or update information in my personnel file?
Yes. In fact, it is particularly important to notify Human Resources of any changes to your information which may affect the university's ability to pay you, promote you, or reach you or an emergency contact.

Can I have a copy of my personnel file?
Although personnel files are university property, Human Resources will generally honor employees' written requests for copies of specific documents from their personnel files.

Who has access to my personnel file?
Access to your personnel folder is limited to you, your department management, and third parties who provide appropriate legal documentation (i.e., court order, official request of a regulatory agency).

If another employer would contact the university for information about me, what information in my personnel file would be shared?
The only information Human Resources can provide to another employer from your personnel file is:

What do I need to do if an outside agency wants to verify my employment at the university?
Sometimes lenders, landlords, or social service agencies need to confirm your UMSL employment and salary information. All verifications are provided by The Work Number™.

Does Human Resources retain any other records on me which are not in my official personnel file?
Other records Human Resources may retain, at least for a reference period, in other files in the Human Resources Department include:

Why does Human Resources even have to keep an official personnel file on me?
Human Resources must keep an official personnel file to verify that you are employed, to ensure that you are paid correctly, to make sure that the university can reach you or a contact (particularly in the event of an emergency), and to comply with employment regulations.

What happens to my personnel file if I leave the university?
If you leave the university, your personnel file is retained for a period of reference value. Then it is transferred to University Archives.

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