It is often said that the full-time employees of an organization spend a majority of their lives at work. With so much of an individual's life being tied to their work, the quality of the work environment is a key element in the quality of one's life.

The Employee Relations component of Human Resources is concerned about the well-being of all faculty and staff of the university. Our goal is to promote those activities and services that will enhance the work environment for all university employees.

Provide services

  • Advice, coaching, and assistance for managers, supervisors, and staff on performance and other on-the-job issues
  • Clarification and advice on university policy and compliance with employment laws such as FMLA, ADA, and FLSA
  • Guidance to management in interpreting collective bargaining agreements
  • Assistance with disciplinary actions
  • Administration of exit interviews
  • Providing employee recognition programs

promote and enhance

Please contact a member of the Employee Relations staff (staff list available here).