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GWP hosts and promotes opportunities for student participation.  Nothing is more rewarding than giving your students the opportunity to be recognized in their writing.  

We believe that audience matters.

A key part of the writing process for Writing Project teachers has always been publishing—the exciting moment when writing finds an audience beyond the classroom. In fact, the mere possibility of publishing a piece can strengthen a student's sense of purpose and spark a heretofore hidden passion.

Over the years, Writing Project teachers have found authentic ways to propel their students toward writing to an audience beyond the classroom, whether it's a guest editorial in a local newspaper, a blog post, or a letter of complaint to a business about a product that malfunctions.

The Internet keeps offering more possibilities for publishing student work. Take Teen Ink, which publishes thousands of pieces beyond its print publication now that the Internet offers a much more generous page count. An essay that once appeared in a classroom anthology can now be directed toward an Internet audience of literally the whole world.  Here are some possibilities for publishing.

Possibilities for publishing
  Story Corps     Youth Voices    NaNoWriMo    Letters to the Next President 
Story Corps Me Youth VoicesLive NaNoWriMo Letters to the Next President
  FoldPass   Storybird   Six - Word Memoirs   Teen Ink
FoldPass Storybird Six - Word Memoirs Teen Ink



Writing Our Future: American Creed is part of the National Writing Project’s family of youth publishing projects, all gathered under the Writing Our Future initiative.




If you are interested in American Creed or any of our other youth programs, please contact:

CATHY GRINER, Assistant Director 



(314) 849 - 2314