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Because GWP values the voice of St. Louis area youth, we create collaborative writing opportunities along with hosting this platform for student sharing.  

St. Louis Ekphratic Poetry Project

As part of our celebration of National Poetry Month in April, The Gateway Writing Project is collaborating with St. Louis area artists to provide artwork as a focus for writing ekphrastic poetry.

An ekphrastic poem focuses on a work of art --- in this case, paintings and drawings --- and the poet's reaction to it. The writing might include vivid description, an interpretation of the piece, an inhabiting of the piece, a memory incited by the piece, a conversation with an animate or inanimate object in the piece, a comparison/contrast to another piece, a real or imagined account of what others viewing the piece are thinking, etc. The poet can focus on the entire piece, or just on one (or more) part, or aspect, of the
piece. The writing can be complimentary and glowing --- or critical and suggestive of improvement. Creativity and individual thinking and writing reign. Any style of poem is fine.

2020 Art Work (1) (2) & Digital Submission Form 


Also, now accepting submissions for this page!

 Open to all ages and genres.  Simply complete this form.  

Amaya - 9th Grade (written during local GWP sponsored CampNaNoWriMo)

Middle school is a distressing time for all children.  

The word distressing relates to something that causes one anxiety or stress.  

Typically, when disusing the the topic of school, distressing is a commonly used word that in many ways can perfectly describe what you will experience.  

And no, the distress will not come from the work nor the teachers nor the constant getting up before the sun is even visible.  

This type of distress comes from the girls that you are surrounded by every second of the school day.

This becomes an everyday thing, just a part of of our routine.  

Usually it is quite unusual for someone to go out of their way to bring such distress to another person, or at least so I thought.

Typically, seeing someone in pain does not bring one joy or cheerfulness, but instead sorrow.

Behind her false smile was a thousand words of hatred meant to cause me distress, I hope it brought her pleasure.