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Des and Mary Ann Lee Medal

The Des and Mary Ann Lee Medal for Philanthropy was established at the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2006. The award recognizes donors who provide significant support to the university. St. Louis philanthropists Des and Mary Ann Lee are the award's namesakes and inaugural recipients.

E. Desmond* and Mary Ann Lee (2006)
Whitney R. Harris* (2007)
Anheuser-Busch Companies Inc. (2008)
Express Scripts Inc. (2009)
Nicholas Karakas (2010)
Kathy J. Weinman (2011)
Foundation for Credit Education (2012)
Robert W. McKnight* (2013)

Auguste Chouteau Society

The Auguste Chouteau Society honors donors that have made significant, lasting gifts to the University of Missouri-St. Louis. They are permanent members of the society in recognition of their contributions to this campus.


E. Desmond* and Mary Ann Lee

$2,500,000 to $4,999,999
Wayne S. DeVeydt and Michele Jackson DeVeydt
Thomas F. George and Barbara C. Harbach
Robert W. McKnight*
Kathy J. Weinman

$1,000,000 to $2,499,999
Anonymous Individual
Seigo Arai*
Norman L.# and Lauralea Eaker
Gary D. and Sherry Forsee
Stanley A.# and Terry V.# Freerks
Whitney R.* and Anna M. Harris
Charles E.# and Maureen S. Hoffman
Nicholas and Sophia P. Karakas
Kenneth S. and Nancy Kranzberg
Eugene J.* and Alice E.* Meehan
George# and Melissa Paz
Jay S. Pepose, Susan K. Feigenbaum and Pepose Vision Institute
Emily R. Pulitzer
Schankman Family
Peter G.# and Maria A. Schick
Joseph A.# and Mary K. Stieven

$500,000 to $999,999
Anonymous Individual
Anonymous Individual
Edward Z. Andalafte*
Adam* and Judith S.* Aronson
Lyle W. and Charlene J. Brizendine
Daniel A. and Connie H.# Burkhardt
Patrick J.# and Christina M. Chunn
Jack Cox
Bruce S. and Barbara J. Feldacker
Linda# and Michael# Finkes
Henry F. Langenberg*
Harry H. and Nina Langenberg
Oliver M.* and Mary B. Langenberg
Trevania D. Matlock*
Sanford N.* and Priscilla R. McDonnell
William R* and Laura R. Orthwein
Joseph T.# and Florine T. Porter
John E. Sabourin Jr.#
Allen B.* and Helen S. Shopmaker
Robert W.# and Jane Spencer
James V. Swift*
Barrett A. Toan and Polly O'Brien
Sandra# and Virgil Van Trease
Lois F. Witman*

$250,000 to $499,999
Anonymous Individual
Larry R.# and Janet M.# Bandera
Roy W.* and Hilda* Bergmann
Jerome F. and Rosalie# Brasch
Douglas E. and Tauna L. Durand
Alyn V. and Marlyn R. Essman
Ingeborg M. Goessl
Michael J. and Linda M. Honigfort
Marie D. Jacobs
Robert L. Lamberg#
Kirk A.# and Maureen A.# Richter
Edward G. Smith#

$100,000 to $249,999
Cathy R. Barancik and Steven# Novik
John W. and Evelyn D. Barriger
Warner L.# and Cynthia A. Baxter
Erwin F. and Adeline E. Branahl
James W. and Janet K. Carell
Will D. and Hellen Carpenter
Marie A. Casey# and Kenn Entringer
Matthew G. Crowley#
Robert F.# and Penny J.# Dilg
Myron Dmytryszyn*
Kay and Leo Drey
Leon A. and Harriet L. Felman
John H. and Alison N. Ferring
Sharon# and Dale Fiehler
Steve M.# and Harriet M. Finkelstein
Sam S. and Marilyn R. Fox
Robert M. Frank
Patrick H.# Gadell and Marietta K.# Abele
David R. Ganz
Alvin Goldfarb*
Arnold B. Grobman*
James H. and Dudley R.# Grove
Surendra K. and Karen Gupta
Mark K. and Margaret A. Holly
Earl E.# and Nancy A. Horton
Charles G. and Michelle Gerdes Huber
William R. Jackson*
Marie D. Jacobs
Myles# and Elaine Kelly
Martin F. Leifeld and Ellen M. Howe
Stanley L.* and Lucy* Lopata
Philip H. and Caroline K. Loughlin
Shirley A. Martin
Robert G. and Mary C. McCarthy
Nancy Wallace McKinley*
Robert D.# and Andrea A. McVey
Maurice R. Meslans and Margaret E. Holyfield
Tom# and Karen# Migneron
James R. and Mary B. Moog
Stephen M. and Susan O'Hara
Robert F. and Kathleen B. O'Loughlin
David G.# and Carol S. Otto
Phillip N.# and Mary J. Page
Sandra J. Paxton#
James S.# and Vicki Reid
Ronald S. and Sharalyn S. Saks
Tom# and Mary Pat Santel
Thomas F. and Ulrike K. Schlafly
Dorothy L. Schneider*
George A. Schriever*
Linda V. Sherman
Bruce T. Sommer#
David L. and Thelma E. Steward
Steven R.# and Mary Ellen# Sullivan
Jack C. Taylor
Anthony and Kimberly R. Thompson
Robert G.# and Claudia C. Trende
Sten H. Vermund and Pilar Vargas
Joseph M.# and Mary A. Vogl
John R.* and Gloria R. Weber
Margaret L. Wiener*
Margaret Bush Wilson*
Richard L.# and Kathryn A. Winter
Tingdong Yang
Edward H. Young*

Legacy Giving
Fred E. and Jo Ann Arnold
Francis M.* and Mary Barnes
Harvey A. and Betty* Beffa
Edward D. Bellingrath#
Fred L. and Shirley F. Brown
Ruth A. Bryant
Raymond C. and Madge Burton
William F. Carroll*
Thelma D. Cave*
Dorothy C. Cooke#
John F. and Virginia S. Dill
Alan Doede*
Donald H. and Joyce E. Driemeier
Elizabeth F. Dunlap*
Irl F. and Suzanne Engelhardt
Peter A. and Rosemary Fanchi
Charles H. Foster*
Eleanor Foster
James W. and Mary S.# Gillespie
Janet M. Grace*
Alfred O. Greco#
Mary Etta B. Huchingson#*
Sioma Kagan*
David W. and Dorothy Kemper
Maury Klein
Jieh-Jow Liou*
David Marco
William E.* and Jacqueline G. Maritz
Lucia P. May
James S. and Elizabeth H. McDonnell
Mark McGwire
Wilma E. Messing*
Dorothy R. Moog*
Gladys H. Myles
Alan R. Newman and E. Wendy Saul
Eric P. and Evelyn E. Newman
Robert H.* and Lois N. Orchard
Gordon W. and Susan B. Philpott
Helen Preston*
W. Ray Rhine
Donald Sarno*
Elizabeth Severson
Edith J. Spink*
Walter G. Staley
Ruediger and Isolde Thalmann
O. Sage and Leticia Wightman
Theodore J. and Phyllis Wofford
Clarence A. Zacher

$5,000,000 to $9,999,999
Anheuser-Busch InBev

$2,500,000 to $4,999,999
Boeing Company
Express Scripts, Inc.
Foundation for Credit Education

$1,000,000 to $2,499,999
Ameren Missouri
AT&T, Inc.
Bank of America Corporation
Christensen Fund
Edward Jones
Herman T. and Phenie R. Pott Foundation
HTC Foundation
Interco Charitable Trust
Kmart Corporation
U.S. Bank

$500,000 to $999,999
Dana Brown Charitable Trust
Deer Creek Foundation
Kresge Foundation
Lyndon C. & Mae M. Whitaker Charitable Foundation
Macy's Foundation
Mary Ranken Jordan and Ettie A. Jordan Charitable Foundation
Missouri Optometric Foundation, Inc.
Peabody Energy
Pfizer, Inc.
Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation

$250,000 to $499,999
Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation
Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange
Citizenship Education Clearing House
Commerce Bank
CPI Philanthropic Trust
Gallop, Johnson & Neuman, LC
General Dynamics Corporation
Gertrude and William A. Bernoudy Foundation
Grand Center, Inc.
Harness Dickey and Pierce, PLC
MasterCard Worldwide
Normandy High School Alumni Association
Open Society Institute
Times Mirror Foundation
UMSL Alumni Association
Wells Fargo Advisors
William T. Kemper Foundation

$100,000 to $249,999
Alcon Laboratories, Inc.
Allen P. and Josephine B. Green Foundation
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
BNSF Foundation
Canadian National Railway
Civic Progress, Inc.
Compton Foundation, Inc.
Consulate General of Greece
Costamare Shipping Company
Danforth Foundation, Inc.
Danna McKitrick, PC
Danna McKitrick, P.C.
E. Reuben and Gladys Flora Grant Charitable Trust
Employees Community Fund of Boeing Saint Louis
Energizer Holdings, Inc.
Ernst & Young Foundation
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Ford Motor Company Fund
Friends of the German Culture Center
Goethe-Institut Chicago
Helene Fuld Health Trust
Hellenic Spirit Foundation
James S. McDonnell Foundation
Kauffman Center
Maritz, Inc.
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Metropolitan Tickets, Inc.
Midfirst Bank Fund
Missouri Council on Economic Education
Missouri Foundation for Health
National Public Broadcasting, LLC
Norman J. Stupp Foundation
Ophthalmic Education Institute
PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.
Polsinelli PC
Regions Bank
RGA Reinsurance Company
Richard A. Baker Foundation
Saint Louis Bread Company
Saint Louis Unitarian Foundation for Children
Solar Foundation
State Farm
Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP
Sunnen Foundation
Texas A&M Research Foundation
Saigh Foundation
Tri-Star Mercedes
TTX Company
Union Pacific Corporation
Vision Service Plan
Wednesday Club of Saint Louis
William A. Kerr Foundation
Woodcock Foundation

1963 Society:

The 1963 Society recognizes alumni and friends who have invested in the university's future through their planned gifts. The name of the society commemorates the year UMSL was founded.

Mary M. Allen
Donald K. and Constance J. Anderson
Charles W. Armbruster
Larry R.# and Janet M.# Bandera
John W. and Evelyn D. Barriger
Isabel H. Benham
Steven L. Brawley#
Lyle W. and Charlene J. Brizendine
Barbara W. Brown#
Ruth A. Bryant
Will D. and Hellen Carpenter
Rex Carter#
Marie A. Casey#
Patrick J.# and Christina M. Chunn
John E. Cox
Matthew G. Crowley#
Joycene B. Davis#
Amy E. Deiters#
Wayne S. DeVeydt# and Michele Jackson DeVeydt
John F. and Virginia S. Dill
Douglas E. and Tauna L. Durand
Norman L.# and Lauralea Eaker
Ruth Hollander Elliott
Alyn V. and Marlyn R. Essman
Timothy A. Farmer
Bruce S. and Barbara J. Feldacker
Steve M.# and Harriet M. Finkelstein
Linda# and Michael# Finkes
Robert M. Frank
Stanley A.# and Terry V.# Freerks
Phyllis W. Friedman#
David R. Ganz
Gloria E. Garrett
Thomas F. George and Barbara C. Harbach
Lyle E.# and Peggy K.# Gilbertson
Anna M. Harris
Kathleen M. Haywood
Charles E.# and Maureen S. Hoffman
Susan E. Honich#
Earl E.# and Nancy A. Horton
Nicholas and Sophia P. Karakas
Kent and Sandy Krober
Jim and Mary Lou Krueger
Robert L. Lamberg#
Scott C. and Eileen M.# Lambert
Mary Ann Lee
Martin F. Leifeld and Ellen M. Howe
Joseph P. Licavoli#
Shirley A. Martin
Linda A. McAffrey
Robert D.# and Andrea A. McVey
Thomas M. Meuser# and Christy L. Scheidt
Gladys H. Myles
Stephen M. and Susan O'Hara
Betty Osiek
George N. and Janice Paradissis
Sandra J. Paxton#
George D. and Irene P. Pelican
Joseph T.# and Florine T. Porter
Linda Brown Reed# and Phillip E. Jones
James S.# and Vicki C. Reid
Van A. and Mary A.# Reidhead
W. Ray Rhine
John E. Sabourin Jr.#
Schankman Family
Peter G.# and Maria A. Schick
Ruth K. Schwartz
Helen S. Shopmaker
Bruce T. Sommer#
Robert W.# and Jane Spencer
Joseph A.# and Mary K. Stieven
Carol D. Sullivan#
Steven R.# and Mary Ellen# Sullivan
Stuart and Janey Symington
James J.# and Deborah L. Tabor
Robert G.# and Claudia C. Trende
Sandra# and Virgil Van Trease
Rosanne F. Vrugtman#
Steve# and Joan# Wideman
Keith and Rita Womer



Membership in the Pierre Laclede Society recognizes individuals who ensure the margin of excellence required of a vigorous university program.

BRONZE $100,000 to $499,999
Lyle W. and Charlene J. Brizendine
Daniel A. and Connie H.# Burkhardt
Stanley A.# and Terry V.# Freerks
Charles G.# and Michelle G. Huber
Kenneth S. and Nancy Kranzberg
Robert F. and Kathleen B. O'Loughlin
Phillip N.# and Mary J. Page
Jay S. Pepose and Susan K. Feigenbaum
Kirk A.# and Maureen A.# Richter
Peter G.# and Maria A. Schick
Linda V. Sherman
Edward G. Smith#
Sandra# and Virgil Van Trease
Sten H. Vermund and Pilar Vargas

28 FOUNDERS CIRCLE $25,000 to $99,999
Cathy R. Barancik and Steven Novik#
Norman L.# and Lauralea Eaker
John H. and Alison N. Ferring
Richard D. G'Sell#
Patrick H.# Gadell and Marietta K.# Abele
Thomas F. George and Barbara C. Harbach
Charles E.# and Maureen S. Hoffman
Michael J. and Linda M. Honigfort
Myles# and Elaine Kelly
Thomas J.# and Rebecca C.# Minogue
Russell H. and Janet Y. Murray
David G.# and Carol S. Otto
David L. and Thelma E. Steward
Joseph A.# and Mary K. Stieven
Anthony and Kimberly R. Thompson
Bruce A.# and Kelly J. Welz
Joseph A. Whitten and Margaret B. Cunningham

PATRON $10,000 to $24,999
Alan W.# and Dorothy S. Akerson
Joseph A. Bergfeld#
James C. and Nanci A. Bobrow
Jerome F. and Rosalie# Brasch
Stephen F. and Camilla T. Brauer
Rollin D. and Diane M. Bredenberg
Mark E. Burkhart
Marie A. Casey# and Kenn Entringer
Patrick J.# and Christina M. Chunn
Michael F.# and Debra A. Deniszczuk
Kay and Leo Drey
John P. Dubinsky and Yvette Drury-Dubinsky
Douglas E. and Tauna L. Durand
Carl E. and Frankie Eichenberger
David R. and Rachel R. Eidelman
Alyn V. and Marlyn R. Essman
Leon A. and Harriet L. Felman
David R. Ganz
Gary S. and Deborah H. Godwin
Nicholas G. Greles
Carol A. Gruen
Thomas R. Ireland
Karen S. Kalish
Michael L.# and Karen M. Koehneman
Todd A.# and Paula G.# Kurlowski
Mary B. Langenberg
Brian F. Lavin#
Robert E. and Mylla F.# Markland
Elias N. and Joanne D. Matsakis
Maurice R. Meslans and Margaret E. Holyfield#
Tom# and Karen# Migneron
Gus Miles and Diane H. Touliatos-Miles
Richard H. Miles and Patricia D. Whitaker
Tony Moise
Patrick K. and Barbara Murphy
Bruce A. and Kimberly A. Olson
Emily R. Pulitzer
Thomas E. and Benedette G. Reh
John E. Sabourin Jr.#
Linda J. Sandell
Barry and Dana S. Sandweiss
Tom# and Mary Pat Santel
James E. and Joan S. Schiele
James B.# and Marcia I. Shelley
Amy Soper
Steven O.# and Judy A. Swyers
George T. and Polly W. Taylor
Dino and Sandy Vainalis
Peter L. and Linda Werner
Mark A.# and Debbie A. Wilhelm
Michael W.# and Staci C. Winchester
Richard L.# and Kathryn A. Winter
Tingdong Yang
Andi Zekthi#

BENEFACTOR $5,000 to $9,999
John M.# and Ann M. Althoff
John Baar and Susan L. Dean-Baar
Wallace J. and Anna M. Beck
Mark A. Berlyn and Liliana Ayala Berlyn
Mary Berry
Kathleen Bibbins
Donald C. and Janice A. Bingaman
Robert M. and Paulette H. Bliss
David R.# and Lynn M.# Brandt
Jeffrey T.# and Mary Ann Buckner
Craig M. and Janice T.# Cataldi
Jared W. and Pamela K.# Cavness
Robert N. Fox and Maxine K. Clark
William L. and Carol Ann Clay
Thomas J. and Sarah S. Cohn
Curt C. and Dianne F. Coonrod
Keith F.# and Jennifer S. Cooper
Larry J. and Janice K.# Davis
Michael R. Davis
Donald H. and Joyce E. Driemeier
Bruce S. and Barbara J. Feldacker
John and Keve Gialouris
E. William# and Patricia J. Gillula
Joel N. Glassman and Katherine E. Cochrane
James S. and Diann D.# Gross
Jeffrey L.# and Kathi L. Haller
Wesley R. and Marion Harris
Michael R. and Marlys G. Haverty
Lawrence J. and Barbara J. Holmes
Patricia Jones#
Richard K.# Jung and Janice Anderson
Nicholas and Sophia P. Karakas
Martin F. Leifeld and Ellen M. Howe
Mont S. and Karen# Levy
W. Stephen and Jeanne D. Maritz
Charlotte A.# and John E. Martin
Charles D. Matthews
Thomas H. and Linda B. McCrackin
Priscilla R. McDonnell
Douglas M.# and Teresa L. Mueller
Gregory E.# and Sydney L. Muenster
Robert W. and Carol A. Nordman
Stephen M. and Susan O'Hara
Russell D.# and Lena J. Odegard
David B. Ott and Elizabeth K. Streett-Ott
Michael A. and Janet D.# Place
Joseph T.# and Florine T. Porter
Brian A. Ragen
John D. and Marilyn K. Ritchie
Bruce P. and Jane M. Robert
Albert S. and Nancy Rose
John H. Russell#
Ronald P.# and Patricia A.# Shelley
Helen S. Shopmaker
Francis J. and Tegner M. Stokes
Kenneth H. and Shawn Suelthaus
Donald M. Suggs
Jane E. Sutter
Sarah H. Trulaske
Vincent A.# and Lisa J. Vento
James D. and Stacey S. Weddle
W. David and Rita Wells
Bruce A. and Patricia S. Williams

FELLOW $2,500 to $4,999
Constantine and Assimo Azariadis
Steven E. and Deborah K.# Baldini
Julie Beattie
Clifford A. and Carolyn B. Birge
Margaret W. Cohen and Bernhard Voss
Sam Blumoff and Lisa C. Greening
Tyler S. Brady
Jeffrey J. Bunten# and Carolyn Birmingham
Spencer B. and Phoebe Burke
Jim A. Butler
Will D. and Hellen Carpenter
Graham A. and Pat L. Colditz
Glen H. and David A. Cope
John E. Cox
Elizabeth B. Curren
Mary C. Daly
Gretchen G. Davis#
Constance A. Deschamps#
Elaine R. Diller
Cathy J. Dorsey
Barbara S. Eagleton
Julian I. and Hope R. Edison
Karen E. Everhart
Sharon# and Dale Fiehler
Charles D. Fisk
John F. and Sara E.# Foster
Fred W. Frailey and Catherine P. Bennett
Robert M. Frank
Joseph M. Freund#
David L. Garin and Margaret Hermes
Dennis J.# and Patricia V. Gelner
Scott A.# and Debra R. Givens
Francis X. Godfrey#
Wayne and Jane B. Goode
Frank Goudsmit and Michelle Zielinski
Deborah L. Tansil Graham
Richard E. Greenberg and Claire M. Schenk#
James H. and Dudley R.# Grove
Donald A. Hamburg and Jan E.# Prokop
Steven L. Harris#
Walter L. and Natasha S. Hawkins
Scott P.# and Cheryl A. Hefner
Thomas R.# and Karleen O.# Hoerr
Dale C.# and Ann V. Hoette
Mark K. and Margaret A. Holly
Hubert H.# and E. Andreal Hoosman
Jack M.# and Amy J.# House
Richard and Peppy Howard-Williams
Samuel C. Hutchinson and Laurna C. Godwin
James Issler#
Gary S.# and Kathy A. Jacob
Christy F. James
Mark A.# and Kathleen M. Jansen
E. Terrence Jones and Lois H. Pierce
Byron J. and Audrey L.# Katcher
Rodney and Cynthia K. Kinzinger
Lee C. Kling
Richard L. Kluesner#
Glenn M.# and Peggy A. Koenen
Roman Kulich and Jean A. Cartmill
Stephen F. and Catherine E. LaBarge
James E. Lawson
Samuel and Joan M. Levinson
Richard and Katherine B. Lintz
Michael B. and Lynne P. Lippmann
L. Sandy and Judi MacLean
Kevin J. Marquitz and Wendy Cornett-Marquitz
Joseph S. Martinich and Vicki L. Sauter
Eric H.# and Gayle L. Mason
Raymond L.# and Lynn Massey
Michael and Wilma Matta
Jerry L. and Jane B. McAdams
Kevin B. and Kimberly D. McKinney
Thomas L. and Brenda M. McPhail
Constance and John McPheeters
Minoo and Persis N. Mehta
Robert D. and Colleen C. Millstone
Stephen R. Moehrle# and Jennifer A. Reynolds-Moehrle
Carol Mullins
Richard A. and Virginia L. Navarro
Patrick L. Osborne and Nancy J. Birge-Osborne
Scott and Linda P.# Parsons
George D. and Irene P. Pelican
A. Gordon and Suzanne S. Phillips
Stephen D. and Sue Prosch
Justin Quinn
Gregory S.# and Katherine Ready
Linda Brown Reed# and Phillip E. Jones
Robert E. Ricklefs and Susanne S. Renner
Robert E. and Sally H. Roth
Robert S. and Susan H.# Rothschild
Michael D. Rubin and Jacquelyn Levin
Thomas R. and Christina M. Sander
William J. and Rene D.# Sanders
Hans Schacke and Susan Millstone
Thomas F. and Ulrike K. Schlafly
Alfred Schuetz
Kenneth and Patricia Schutte
Russell K. Scott
Anthony J.# and Patricia A.# Sgroi
Margaret A. Shoptaw#
Kenneth A.# and Gail M.# Slavens
L. Douglas and Ruth I. Smith
Dana L. Spitzer and Doreen D. Dodson
Linda L. Stark
David I. and Dale K.# Steinberg
Elizabeth A. Kellogg
Peter F. Stevens
James P. Tobin and Virginia E. Heagney
Leslie E. Tucker#
Benjamin and Susan Uchitelle
Susanne F. Valdez
Charles D. and Nancy Van Dyke
Joseph M.# and Mary A. Vogl
Harvey N. Wallace and Madeleine J. Elkins#
Virginia G. Watkin
Timothy L. and Christina H. Williamson
Craig and Julie Workman
Kerry H. and Kathleen L. Youngerman
Lon and Judy Zimmerman

MEMBER $1,000 to $2,499
Jesse M. and Amy P. Abraham
Diego F. Abreu
Ronald E.# and Sandra K. Ackerman
Ernest Z. Adelman and Barbara Boley-Adelman
M. Marsha Allen#
Mary M. Allen
A. Randall and Nancy Alt
Scott J. Anderson and Robin A. Weinberg
Opal Andrews
Anthony Angel
Mark G. and Kathryn M. Arnold
Nasser and Cathy# Arshadi
Gregory M. and Nancy J. Atchison
Christos and Penolope Athanasiadis
David B. and Brooke S. Atkinson
Robert J. and Nancy Baglan
Michael W.# and Christine M. Bahr
David Bailey
Mary Randolph Ballinger
Rajiv M.# and Marysusan# Banavali
Patricia J. Barber
Arnold S. and Norma J.# Barr
Margaret Barton-Burke
Anthony D. and Carole Basile
Christine C. Bastian
Ronald L. and Barbara E. Batory
Robert C. and Ethel Bauer
Warner L.# and Cynthia A. Baxter
Donald U. and Carolyn A. Beimdiek
Gary A. Belsky#
Maris Berg
Robert A. and Marianne# Bergamini
Marvin W. and Judith G. Berkowitz
Jeffrey L. Bewley
Stanley and Claire H. Birge
Jozsef G. Biro
Van Lear and Marion B. Black
Laurie Bloemker
Ruth L. Bohan
Kathleen Bolduan
Thomas H. and Cynthia Bottini
Bryan D. and Rebecca L.# Boyer
David and Nancy Brakeman
Richard D. Brasington and Kathleen Ferrell
Robert A.# and Helene C. Braun
Robert L. and Tracy L. Brees
John Brencick
Jason Brosch
Jeri L. Bross
Barbara W. Brown#
David E. and Cheryl R.# Brown
Ruth A. Bryant
Ronald E. Buesinger#
Steven N.# and Sheila A.# Burkett
Andreas H. and Jeanne Burkhalter
Edward A. and Sandra K. Burkhardt
Mark A. and Carol D. Burkholder
Robert E. and Judy L.# Burns
Juan I. and Michelle L. Burriel
Stephen J. and Barbara J. Burrows
Donald F. and Claudia L. Busiek
Jamie G. and Mary Jo Cannon
Donald R. and Carol E. Carlson
James P.# Carmody and Kayleen A. Arends
Timothy and Christine A. Carr
James Carrington
Leigh J. Carson
Martha L. Carter
Rudi Cavatio and Nancy Inman
Douglas Chalker and Deborah Frank
Vincent H.# and Sarah Y. Chang
Mary Chapman
Robert J. Checkley
Christopher M. Chung
Christopher J. Ciszewski#
Charles E. and Katherine Claggett
Randy Clary and Lisa Etzwiler
Dorothy J. Cline
Lori A. Clithero
Matthew J. Coen and Emilie Gallup-Coen
Pamela Coffin
Elizabeth S. Concannon
Daniel J. Cook and Anne F. Leners
Jerry M. and Joan A.# Cooper
Ernest A. and Linda Cornford
Michael P.# and Carolyn L. Corry
Michael J. and Lindl W.# Costello
Gilles A. Cottier
Patricia Cowart
James P. and Pam Crane
Chris and Alicia Creighton
Jeanne B. Crews
Lowell B.# and Lois A.# Crocker
Matthew G. Crowley#
Robert C. and Rosalie A. Cuca
Sheldon Culver
Anthony J. and Diane M. Cutaia
Mark and Phoebe Danahy
William P. Darby
John Daugherty
Joycene B. Davis#
Karl L. and Lynn Davis
Phillippe and Elizabeth H. De Laperouse
Mark Deany
Hillary H. Debenport
Philip Delano
Alex E. and Mimi Denes
Robert and Patricia M. Denlow
Robert P. and Mary E. Desuza
Jerry and Shelly L. DeVore
David R. Dixon and Christa E.# Van Herreweghe
John M.# and Mary S. Dohr
Daniel J. and Lynn M. Dolan
Patricia A. Dolan
Robert M. and Deborah Dolgin
William A. Donius
Matthew D. Doughty#
Patrick M. and Ellen S. Downey
Don M. and Tracy T. Downing
Dorothy M. Doyle
Daniel A. and Kristin A. Draeger
Robert G. and Jean E. Ducker
John J. Duepner#
Clay and Terri Dunagan
Wendy C. Duncan
Michael W. Dunn
Timothy J. and Kimberly A. Eberlein
Tim J. Eby
Kevin B.# and Paula K. Eddington
Marjorie C. Eddy
Bernard A. Edison
Robert J. Eilers
Richard and Joanne Ellerbrake
James R. and Lionelle H. Elsesser
Don Emery and Elizabeth Pribor
William R. and Vera A. Emmons
Gary E. and Sheila L.# Engel
Thomas M. and Christine L. Eschen
Peter Etges and Alexandra L. Correll
Bradley A. and Laura J. Evanoff
Ronald G. and Hanna Evens
Paul Evensen
Lloyd and Connie E. Evitts
Thomas H. and Diane# Eyssell
Marilyn Fahey
Lew A. and Carol A. Felberbaum
Richard R.# and Mary R. Feldt
Kenneth A.# and Marsha W. Fey
Steve M.# and Harriet M. Finkelstein
James R. Finneran*
Curtis E. and Susan S. Finley
Gregory K. and Susan D. Finn
Terrence M. and Peggy P. Finn
Sam J. Fiorello and Rebecca M. Messbarger
Brock L. and Elizabeth M.# Fitzgerald
Lori Flanagan
Nils Flodberg
Bradley E. and Bella L. Fogel
Burton E. and Ilene L. Follman
Margretta R. Forrester
Rift Fournier
Janet Frane
Steven N. and Mary M.# Frank
Frankie M. Freeman
William H. and Margaret W. Freivogel
John H. Friedmann
David A.# and Alicia A.# Friedrichs
William A. and Elise Frisella
Jennifer Froehlich
Hung-Gay Fung and Linda Zou
Jonathan and Julie Gaebe
Ira C. and Judy Gall
G. Patrick and Amy Galvin
James P. and Susan Z. Gamble
William Gamewell
Bryan D. Garcia
Juan Garcia and Jane Cridland
Doris Gardner#
Robert A. and Maripat L. Gatter
Robert S. Getzchman and Susan E. Getzschman
Mike Giacaman
John and Dora R. Gianoulakis
Paul L. and Stella F. Gitchos
Gene# and Kim Gladstone
Clare A. Glassell
Jane P. Gleason
Karen D. Glenn#
John B. and Donna L.# Gnagi
Lawrence K. and Karen Goering
Ingeborg M. Goessl
George and Kathryn Gokel
Barbara B. Goodman
Jill Goodman
Ronald H. Gossen
John T. and Joan W. Gray
Elizabeth L. Green
Robert C. Grieshaber#
Tamera L. Grieshaber#
Leo Gugliocciello
Keith B.# and Cindi Guller
Frank J. Guyol
Michael J. and Elizabeth Hackett
Patrick J. and Marianne L. Hagerty
Stephen G.# and Ann E. Hamilton
Jeffrey K. Hampton and Catherine E. Ellis-Hampton
Jerry Hardwick
William B.# and Mary C. Harms
David P. Hayes
Kathleen M. Haywood
Philip D. Heagney and Barbara L. Prosser
Timothy J.# and Susan M.# Healey
Tim Heard
Christopher E. and Patricia Heffern
Lawrence L.# Heinrich and Catherine Sabinash
Adam C. Henderson#
Martha A. Henry#
Randall J.# and Patricia A.# Hernandez
Clark J. Hickman#
Major W.# and Sherry M. Hieken
Karen A. Hill
David A. and Christina S.# Hilliard
Thomas J.# and Priscilla D. Hilliard
Sandra M. Hindelang
Gary E. and Martha J.# Hirshberg
Marc Hirshman and Karen Handelman
Charlotte S. Hitchcock
Carl W. Hoagland and Joan E. Bray
Richard C.# and Karen P. Hoff
Daniel F. Hoft and Elaine C. Siegfried
Peter P. and Elizabeth M. Hogan
Debra A. Hollingsworth and L. Mark Stacye
Charles W. Hoppe
Shawn A.# and Renee Hughes
Gerald and Lynn S. Hurst
Daniel W.# and Virginia G. Isom
Brad C. Iversen
Robert L. and Andrea# Jackson
Eric C.# and Kimberly A.# Jacobs
Franklin A. Jacobs and Marylen Mann
Ernest G. and Pauline B. Jaworski
W. Randall and Becky Jennings
Robert S. and Donna L. Jett
Bettie S. Johnson
Willie J.# and Gail Johnson
Scott and Amy E.# Johnston
Charles F.# and Ruthann Jones
Robert E. and Carol G. Jones
David Jump
Gihan Kader
Rema T. Kandaramath
David and Marianne Karges
Raffi S. Karibian#
Hughes L. Karlovic
Richard T. Katz and Stacey Smith
Roger and Fannie M. Katz
Matthew W. Keefer and Tammy Free
Duane C. and Carol A. Keller
Steven R. Kelley and Patricia M. Matthews
Roger L. Kepner and Allison G. Burgess
John and Shelley A. Kerley
Bret D. and Angela C. Kimes
Bernard J. King#
Ward M. and Carol S. Klein
Dayle E. Kline
Kent and Patricia S. Knickmeyer
Mark K. and Mary L. Knoy
Patrick Kojima
Leopold J. Konczak#
Eugene Kornblum
Glenn Kraft
David Krausch
M. Paul and Francine C. Kravitz
Kent and Sandy Krober
Kurt and Judith A.# Kroenke
Richard M. Kutta and Nancy A. Meyer
Daniel and Gloria E. Kweskin
Randi L.# and Barbara L. L'Hommedieu
Richard Laforest
Scott C. and Eileen M.# Lambert
Richard J.# and Debra L.# Leible
John Leifeld and Rubria Mendoza
Barbara Leighton
David B. and Nicole V. Lemkemeier
Ned O. and Sally S. Lemkemeier
Celeste E. Leuck#
Diane G. Levine
Charlyn Lewis
Steve and Terri G. Leyton
William and Violet Li
Heide Lind
George Linden and Eva Ferguson
Sandra J. Lindquist#
Vincent E. and Leanne Lis
Arthur G. and Martha Liyeos
J. W. and Brenda J.# Loftin
Edward J. and Nancy A. Loftus
Timothy and Janice M. Long
Lucy Lopata*
Philip H. and Caroline K. Loughlin
Michael M. Lovett and Anne M. Bowcock
William G.# and Cynthia F. Lowery
Alan P. and Christine Lyss
Tessa Madden
Holly H. Maffitt
Kenneth R. Mares
Garland R. and Suzanne R. Marshall
Brian F. Marten and Vanessa Cook
Ronald C. and Judith A.# Marth
Paul E.# and Sharon P. Martin
Suzanne L. Mason
Susan Matlof
Thomas M.# and Rita S. Mayer
James P.# and Claire Mays
William H. and Victoria McAlister
Jane McCammon
Sheri C. McCann
Dennis H.# and Margaret M.# McCarthy
John E. and Nicki McClusky
Max W. and Martha J. McCombs
Charles P. McConkey and Rebecca Y. Poon
Robert F. McCoole and Alison Allman
Sarapage McCorkle#
James and Carol McKown
Hugh and Muffy McPheeters
Patrick M.# and Dana McWay
Harold R.# and Carolyn J. Messler
Steven A.# and Joyce E. Mestemacher
Charles J. Metz#
Constantine E. and Maria C. Michaelides
Timothy I. and Wanda S. Michels
Peter H. Michelson and Mary E. Hartman
Paul M. and Patty Midden
John A. and Denise Miller
Paul I. and Laura B. Miller
David H. Millstone
Michael D. and Deborah A. Moberly
Berton R. and Jill A. Moed
David and Jill M.# Mogil
Henry J. and Mary Beth Mohrman
Joseph J. Mokwa and Janet M.# Torrisi-Mokwa
Michael J. and Judith A. Molloy
Jerry C. Monteith and Mary Ellen Watkin
Christine J. Moody
James R. and Mary B. Moog
Margaret M. Mooney
Joe Morris
Jim and Mary Mosbackher
Fern D. Mreen#
Jerome M.# and Debbie E. Mueller
Donald J.# and Mary Ann Mueth
Nabil and Paula Munfakh
James W. and Nancy K. Murphy
John and Nanette Musgrave
Alan S. Nagle and Patricia G. Parker
Philip and Sima K. Needleman
Jean A. Nelson#
Neal and Pamela M.# Neuman
William J.# and Patricia R.# Nieman
Mark R.# and Heather C. Niemeyer
Rick L. Noecker and Meloni M.# Hallock
Donald H. and Donna J.# Nonnenkamp
Eugene A. and Dayle A. Norber
Samuel R. and Rhoda Nussbaum
Mariko Nutt
Mark D. and Traci L. O'Bryan
Stephen M.# and Crystal A. O'Loughlin
Michael D. and Diane W. Oliberos
Michael and Cynthia Ormsby
Marlene S. Osthoff#
Robert and Mary A. Otis
David Ott
Jane A. Otto
Dennis C. Owsley
Randy and Pamela S. Palme
Kei Y. and Susan M. Pang
John Y. Park and Katherine M. Shiue
Dennis A.# Parrott and Zora S. Hanko
Gary O. and Ruthann Perkins
Dominick Perotti and Susan E.# Hurst
Russell E. and Ann Perry
Mary Ann Peter
Robert B. and Laura C. Peterson
Nathalie Pettus
Don L. and Danna Phillips
Nicholas L.# and Laurene G.# Phillips
Gordon W. and Susan B. Philpott
William R. and Susan L. Piper
Alvis C.# Poe and Mary J. Stockton
Jeffry Pollock
Joseph G.# and Laurie J.# Porter
Martha A. Post-Beittenmiller
Leigh Pratter
David B. and Joyce A. Price
Alice R. Prince
Lynne E. Puetz
Peter A.# and Linda Racen
James D. and Laura M. Radcliff
Ravi Rasalingam
Robert J. and Sylvia V. Ray
John H. and Margaret J. Rebensdorf
Chris R. and Mary L. Redford
James W. Reeves and Patricia A. Manhart
A. J. and Dorothy Reimers
Stephen G. and Barbara A. Reuter
James E. Richards
David R. Riedel and Margaret T. Donnelly
Ken Rinderknecht and Barbara W. Wallace
Lorri A. Rippelmeyer
James R.# and Dorothy S. Ritts
Rodolfo and Maria C. Rivera
David Roberts and Susan H. Fischlowitz
David A. Robertson and Orli Shaham
Kelly Robinson
James M. Roedder#
David A.# and Amy E. Roither
Edna U. Rosenheim
John and Laura Rossmann
Peter H. and Ann B. Ruger
James C. and Kathy H. Runk
James E. and Marjory H. Russell
Sam P. and Ann M. Rynearson
Nancy A. Sachar
Alan A. and Marilyn V. Sachs
Brian R.# and Caitlin Salmo
John M. and Elizabeth Samet
Robert D. and Kelly A. Samples
Robert L.# and Patricia L. Samuelson
Cynthia M. Sanborn
Raul Sanchez and Hania Bednarski
Debra A. Sanders#
Scott and Mary S. Santen
Edward D. and Nancy Schapiro
Bradley L. and Christina Schlaggar
Richard J.# and Barbara R.# Schlueter
Benjamin and Melanie Schmickle
Alfred and Christine Schmiz
George R. and Lesley Schoedinger
Vincent C.# and Lois B.# Schoemehl
Scott and Julia B. Schoettley
Steven L. and Mary Schoolman
Paul E. and Suzanne C. Schoomer
Bradley T. Schott#
Timothy D.# and Lynne Schroeder
Diane M. Schumacker
Benjamin D. and Susan C. Schwartz
Ted and Barbara J. Schwartz
Edward H. and Deborah L. Schwarz
Jennifer A. Schwesig
Norman R. Seay
Dennis Sedlak
Madhav and Uma A. Segal
Natalie Semchyshyn
Aseem Sharma
Richard C. and Mary Ann Shaw
James F. and Colleen D. Shekelton
Patrick G. and Carol Shelton
Christopher T. Sherman
Michael W. and Margaret S. Sherraden
William R.# and Dawn L.# Shiang
Jay and Maria Shields
Mark L. and Carol S. Shook
Earl K. Shreckengast and Julia K. Muller
Scott H. Simmons
Joseph R. and Eleanor P. Simpson
Thomas D. and Ann M. Simpson
Richard Sindel
Inderjit and Toniya Singh
Satish and Sangeeta Singh
Raymond G. Slavin
William S. and Margaret A. Sly
Gerard V. and Jolynn Smith
Kinim Smith
Peter B. Smith
Matthew P. Soderberg#
John J. and Crystal R. Soto
Cathy L. Spalding
Leon and Johanna S. Spanos
John D. Sprague and Carol W. Kohfeld
Thomas S. Stamos and Eugenia Kardaris
Marsha Stanton
Michael G. and Michele R.# Steinberg
Bruce A.# and Kathryn Y. Steinke
Robert C. and Juanita R. Strunk
John P. and Julie B. Stupp
Robert P. and Anne Stupp
Steven R.# and Mary Ellen# Sullivan
Steve and Elizabeth W. Sutherlin
James V. Swift
Earl W.# and Arlene S. Swink
Peggy L. Symes
William and Shirley B. Talbot
Sharon R. Taysi#
Jacqueline S. Termini
Whitelaw T. and Valerie Terry
John G.# and Mary C.# Tevlin
Ruediger and Isolde Thalmann
Eric P. and Mary M. Thoelke
William P. Thompson
Grayling O.# and Guendowlyn M. Tobias
Simon P. and Mary M. Tonkin
Ruth E. Touhill
Barbara Tournour
Steven L. and Michelle Trulaske
Rhonda L. Tyler#
Martha S. Uhlhorn
Joshua M.# and Lauren M.# Ulrich
John J. and Lucy Unger
Raymond R.# and Laurie A. Van de Riet
Connie L. Van Fleet
James A.# and Marjorie Viehland
Gregory Volk
Brian A.# and Robbyn G.# Wahby
Mark J. and Donna H.# Waldman
Judith Walker de Felix
Kimberly G. Walker
Mary E. Walker
William T. and Marsha Walker
Gary B.# and Ann M. Walshauser
Emily Walton
R. Randall and Elisa N. Wang
Ann K. Watkin-Statham
Henry S. Webber and Christine K. Jacobs
Harry C. and Anne B. Weber
William L. and Leona Webster
Chris and Sandra Wedewer
Gary and Janice C. Weil
Mark S. and Phoebe Weil
Richard and Josephine M. Weil
Terry D. and Phyllis Weiss
Prince Wells and Malaika B.# Horne
James M. and Elizabeth S. Welsh
David R. and Jill C. Wenzel
Lawrence W.# and Stephanie L. Westermeyer
Alexander Weymann
Bruce I. and Ellen S. White
Steve M.# and Joan M.# Wideman
Gerhild S. Williams
Diane A. Willingham
James J. and Doris H. Wilson
Bruce Witte
Patricia A. Wolkowitz
Randall S.# and Laura S.# Wollenberg
Keith and Rita Womer
Heather Wood
Richard T. Wright and Linda E. Jeffery
David J. and Beverly W.# Wrobel
Gerald Wunderlich
Ronald and Sherrill Yasbin
Jess B. and Alice# Yawitz
Christopher Young
Stephen T.# Zaborowski and Cynthia Hendrikx
Lisa O. Zarin
Robert and Ann Zeffert
Stuart J. and Susan Zimmerman
Marie M. Zografakis
Kathleen Zorica
James Zweifel

Century Club

Members of the Century Club provide support from $100 to $999

GOLD $500 to $999
Edwin L. and Barbara A. Abbett
Joseph and Brenda S. Ackerman
Marlyn N. Adderton#
Julius J. and Dianna S. Adorjan
Steve M. and Eleftheria Afentoullis
John D. and Delores M. Alber
Abtin Aliabadi
Charles C. and Cynthia W. Allen
Kimberly R. Allen#
Margaret Allen
Michael R. and Priscilla R.* Allen
Gilbert A.# and Katherine Allsmiller
David H. and Melanie Alpers
Dee C. Anderson
James A. and Karen Anderson
Mark V. Anderson
Paul and Barbara Anderson
Linda D. Anderson-Little
Sharma and Meena P. Anshuman
Helen A. Antoine#
Michael Armour and Sue Juen
Sanford A.# and Nancy Asher
Mary V. Atkin
Beverly J. Austin
Gerald B. Axelbaum and Ellen J. Schapiro
James M. and Jean T. Babcock
Alexander D. Babich and Sarah M.# Hanly
Terrence M. and Kathryn S. Bader
James L. and Jayne M. Bafaro
Sonya Bahar
Steven G. Bailey
Mark and Joli Baker
Garrett A. and Patricia M. Balke
David A.# Balota and Janet M.# Duchek
A. J. Bardol
Wayne and Nancy Barnes
Robert B. Barrett and Karen G. Lucas
Anthony R. Bassett#
Brenda J. Bates
Judith Bates
Robert A. Baumann#
Jay and Diana Baumohl
David C.# and Carrie E.# Beckel
Lynn L. Beckwith
Tim J. and H. Juanita Beecher
Elliot I. and Bette F.# Bell
Jon# and Grace Benedicktus
Timothy A.# and Kimberly D.# Bengtson
Barbara C. Bentrup#
James G. and Catherine A. Berges
Rachel M. Berla#
Marcus C. Berliant and Clara Asnes
John R. and Marian S. Bleeke
Morey A. and Amy L.# Blinder
Donald A. and Marilyn M. Blum
Paul Boal
Charles W. and Deborah Bobinette
Jack R. and Mary Jane Bodine
Leona L. Bohm
Kurt and Elizabeth Borgwardt
Edmund J. and Kirsten Q. Boyce
Bruce A. Boyd
Veronica Bradford
John D. Bradley and Kristen Kroll
Timothy A. and Susanne# Brauer
Alberta L. Breckinridge
Steven L. and Brenda J. Brody
Harriet T. Brown
Stephen J. and Margaret Brunkhorst
William A. and Martha L.# Brunkhorst
Edward H. Brunngraber and Jacqueline R. Szmuszkovicz
Eric H.# and Ann M. Brunngraber
David and Diane Brunworth
Jane Bryan
Thomas and Lee Bryant
Robert L. and Jeanne A.# Bubb
Clayton E. Buck
Carl Burch and Paula K. Mihalcik
Mark J. Burgess
Kevin D. and Cindy J.# Burke
Michael E. Burke and Dixie Platt
Julian L. Bush and Jane Turner
Amy M. Butts
Susan E. Cahan
Paul S. and Louise F. Cameron
Gary H. and Joyce A. Campbell
James C. and Paulette Carr
Jiang Carter
Rex Carter#
William F. Carver
Timothy Case
Sheldon and Pat Chesky
Alexander B. Clark and Teresa S. Spillane
Kathryn A. Clark
Sharon D. Clark
Brass and Casey Clarkson
Elbert Coalwell
Roy C. and Joan V. Cobb
Brian and Jeanne Cody
Adeniyi A. and Angela D. Coker
Laurence Condie
Joseph and Charlene Z.# Connolly
Gregory J.# Conroy and Valerie J. Goldston
Frank R. Cook
Brace C. Cooper and Linda Cooper
Cordie C. Coordes
Ann M. Corrigan
Paul E. and Mary Ann Coulter
Jonathan F. Cox
Joseph C. Craig
Debralee P. Crankshaw
Jack and Patricia Croughan
Thomas J.# and Julie Cullinane
Thomas and Mary Jo Cummins
Thomas J.# and Jane M. Cunningham
Amy E. Cyr
Mark G. Daffron#
Jonathan Dahm
Eileen Daloia
Dennis Daly
Christopher R.# Dames and Annie Lukacz
Mark A. Dana
William and Jean E. Daniel-Gentry
Themistocles and Catherine A.# Dassopoulos
Anthony D. and Carol L. Daus
Vicki Dempsey
Edward Denny and Amy Klarer
Paul and Irene C. Denton
Maryanne Dersch
Martina M. Desloge
Paul Deutsch
Michael Devine
Daniel C. Diedriech
Sean D.# and Renee G. Dingman
Brenton D. and Karen B. Dodge
Gary C. and Gale A. Dollar
Jean Donohue
Dennis Doyle
Busisiwe R. Drake#
Quintus L. and Carol P. Drennan
Veronica Dunlap
Gerald L. and Ida H. Early
Adam C. Eaton and Karen E. Ruecker
Timothy and Phyllis Eaton
John and Catherine Eiler
Charles S. and Karen B. Elbert
Harold A. and Linda# Ellis
Kathryn G. Ellis#
Frederick S. and Sara L. Epstein
Kelly Erwin
John S. and Muriel Eulich
Joseph C. Evans and Jill L. Petzall
Timothy A. Farmer
David C. and Betty Farrell
Charles J. Fazzaro
Lu# Fei and Lucy W.# He
Bernard J. and Marjorie A.# Feldman
Alan and Mary Feldmeier
Edward W. Ferguson
Brian and Michelle Fiedler
Christine M. Figge#
Charles and Mary E. Finch
Matthew A. Fischer
Suzanne C. Fischer
Harold B. and Doris E.# Fishman
Mike Foland
Macquorn R. Forrester
Sonya Franklin
Robert J. and Mary E. Freund
John C. and Ellen E. Galanis
Niall J. and Gretchen L. Gannon
Gerald Gao
Michael D. and Catherine E. Garner
Karl Gerhardt
Bettie R. Gershman
Daniel J. Gerth
Lyle E.# and Peggy K.# Gilbertson
Leonard L. Gillan
James W. and Mary S.# Gillespie
James F. and Christine Gilsinan
Matthew Glisson
John C.# and Anna M. Goessling
Evelyn B. Goldberg
Mark C. Goldenberg
Joseph L. and Joan F. Goltzman
Virginia E. Gossage#
Ronald H. Gossen
Don Grampp
Michael M. Greenfield and Claire J. Halpern
April Greer
Gerald P. Greiman and Mary S. Carlson
James B. Griffith
Roger and Kathleen Guillemette
Ronald T. and Susan H. Hagen
Dennis M.# Hall and Lara Thornley Hall
Elizabeth P. Hammer
John B. and Susan P.# Hanan
R. Carey and Patricia F. Hannum
Joel Hardman and Laurel D. Puncher
Kathy L. Hayek
John E. Heathcock and Elizabeth A. Porter
Harrison H. Heil
Alan D. and Leighanne M. Heisel
Jane Helm
Carol A. Hemphill
Pamella A. Henson
Erik Herzog and Mary J. Bargeron
Michael L. and Jeanne C. Hevesy
Julie K. Hiblovic#
John R. and Sandra S. Hinkel
Amber Hinsley
Gary L. Hirshberg
Dorothy F. Hitt#
Gregory R. and Jane Hoeltzel
John Holahan
James and Janet M. Holloway
David M. and Tracy Holtzman
John N. Hoover
Merle and Marjorie A. Horowitz
David and Jeanne Hotle
Ven C. and Cynthia J. Houts
Neal D. and Clara M.# Hulkower
Henry J. Hummert and Amy R. Rome
Sheila M. Humphreys
Thomas W. and Mary Alice Hungerford
David L. Hutchison#
John B. and Doris E.# Hylton
Christopher J. and Rebecca Hyman
Serra-Les Ivener
Jennifer M. Jacques
Neil and Wendy Jaffe
Ruth M. Jeanmougin
David F.# and Jane Jockenhoefer
Morris and Mary K. Joftus
Albert C.# and Regina P. Johns
Robert C. Johnson#
Nancy F. Kalishman
Andrea Kaplan
Erik Karanik and Alexis Cosse
Dean A. and Irene Kases
Susan Kashubeck-West
David A. and Diane Katzman
John F. Kauffman and Catherine Doyle
Joanne C. Kelly#
David W. and Dorothy Kemper
Thomas F. and Susan M. Kendig
Michael J.# and Deborah L. Kennamann
David A. Kenny
Alexander M.# and Maria C.# Kerford
Shahrdad Khodamoradi
Quinn T. and Megan E. Kiley
Maureen Killoran
Orvin T.# and Latriece Kimbrough
Larry P. Kinder and Wanda M. Evans-Kinder
James M. Kingery
Gary Kirk
James F. Kistner#
Richard W. and Nancy E. Klassen
Gerald J. Kleba
John R. Klinger and Judith Benton-Klinger
Barbara L. Klingsick#
Donald and Glenda Klingsick
Bernard and Carolyn Klotz
Steven and Colleen B. Knapp
Christopher D. and Sandra J. Knight
Dixie A. and Suzanne Kohn
Wilfred R. and Ann Lee Konneker
Donald R. and Ann L. Kornblet
Frederick T. Kraus
Stephen S. and Pamella S. Kriegh
Brian and Ame Krippner
Dennis P. and Kathleen R. Krueger
Ann E. Krumm
Anthony and Judith M. Kulczycki
Kathleen L. Kuo
Mark Kupferer and Mary A.# Tipton
Joseph L. and Linda C. Kurz
Mary C. Lacity
Paul and Kathy Lacko
James and Jane Lammers
William M. Landau
Herbert J. and Martha M. Lanese
Leanne Latuda
Lil Lau
Richard C. Lawrence
Jennifer Lawton
Victor Lazzaretti
Donald D. and Barbara R. Lea
James P. and Mary A. Lemonds
Andrew B. and Karen# Leonard
Kenneth E. and Jeanne B. Lewi
Carol M. Lippman
Ronna Lodato
Joseph F. Loewenstein and Carol L. Tatlock
Christopher A. Long
Ronald and Belinda Long
William F. and Wanda J.# Long
Ronald and Eva G. Lovett
Jeffrey A. and Anne Lowell
Cecile K. Lowenhaupt
Charles A. and Rosalyn S. Lowenhaupt
Bruce and Lia Lowrie
Adam and Laurel Lutz
Gary and Ann Maassen
John and Judith MacDonald
Theodore J. and Joyce Y. MacDonald
Terry A. MacHaffie
Norman P. and Kathleen S. Madsen
Katherine L. Madson
Michael B. Maguire#
Kevin R. Mahoney
Michael S. and Lori L. Malek
Joanne Mallonee
Richard H. and Theresa M. Mannz
John L. Marlow
Nancy D. Marti
Janine Martin
Peter Martinson
David Mason
C. Scott and Stacey M.# Massa
Stephen and Alicia McAllister
Matthew P. and Brigid K. McCauley
Robert J. and Julie M. McConnell
David R. and Ellen R. McCormick
Arteveld J.# and Belinda L.# McCoy
Donald W. and Patricia A. McDade
Eileen McLaughlin
Sedgwick Mead
Lucy Mehl
Gregory J. Mennemeier#
Steven Mennerick and Tamara Hershey
Michael C. Merriman#
John L.# and Carol L. Meurer
Susan E. Meyer
Lewis Meyerson
Anthony J. Michaels
William and Mary Middleton
Janet L. Miller
Steven P. Miller and Clarissa Gaff
Kathleen Moe
Jorge Montero
Scott L. Moore
Sharon J. Moran#
Gerald W. Moritz
Robert N. Morrissey
Susan M. Morton
Charles D. Mueller
Douglas M.# and Betty A. Mueller
Virginia Mulanax
Elizabeth Mulcahy
Michael E. Mullins
Milton K. and Amy B. Murphy
Robert and Helen L. Mustell
Kabeya Mwintshi
Charles J. and Barbara A. Nagel
Leo W. and Rogene S. Nelsen
George D. and Barbara J.# Nelson
Charles A. and Joann A. Nester
Alan R. Newman and E. Wendy Saul
George S. and Susan Newman
William C. Niemann#
Richard L. and Elizabeth Nix
Daniel L. O'Brien
Joseph E. and Kathryn A. O'Connor
Olumide O. and Olaronke A. Ogunremi
Alan and Jane Oliver
Janet R. Omurtag
Harry W.# and Karen Orf
Naomi S. Orsay
Mary M. Ott*
Emilio and Janet B. Pagoulatos
Brian R. and Martha M. Palmer
James and Mary D. Pandjiris
Christos N. and Catherine H.# Papageorgio
Meera Patel
Valerie E. Patton
Lori L. Paul
Patricia E. Payton
William A. and Pat Peck
Judy Peil
Ekin Pellegrini
Francisco J. and Eleesa B. Perez
Raymond W. and Cynthia S. Peters
Gregory B.# and Anne S. Petersen
Jeri Y. Peterson
Linda R. Peterson
Teresa M. Petrone#
Peter Phillips
William F. and Barbara G. Pickard
Tammy Pickerill
Ron J.# and Martha E. Pieper
Gregory M.# and Linda K.# Pietroburgo
Laura Placio
Kathy Pond
Ingrid Porton
Maury B. and Lorraine Poscover
Edward Prezioso
Mitchell Pulwer
Anthony J.# and Mary# Pusateri
Ralph S. and Lee Anne Quatrano
Rickman and Sandra Ragsdale
Carl E. and Marsha J. Ramey
Albert J. Raplee
B. Franklin and Pauline Rassieur
Harry K. Ratliff#
Christopher H. and Janice M. Rau
John A. and Susan R. Rava
Gregory K. and Diane E. Ray
Dennis M.# and Michelle Reagan
Clark A. and Margaret A. Reed
Roger L. and Susan G. Relfe
Steve H. Reynolds
Charles M. and Marian J. Rice
John J. and Mary L. Riley
Kristin W. Ritchie
Bruce E.# and Victoria M.# Ritts
Henry B. Robertson
Peter E. and Susan E. Rogers
Patricia Rohne-McCarthy
Richard B. Rosenfeld and Janet L. Lauritsen
Howard G.# and Patricia A. Rosenthal
Joseph W.# and Pamela K. Rottman
Nancy T. Russell
Joseph F. and Sammy Ruwitch
Eleanor Sachs
Steven and Jonell Safford
Barry L. and Rosella H. Samson
Heidi L. Sandige
John W. and Natalie K.# Schaefer
Kenneth R. Schmied#
Perry and Sally Schoenecker
Michael Schumacher
Robert G. and Tatjana V. Schwendinger
Hugh and Ann C. Scott
Leland Seckinger
Tom C. and Dara See
Thomas Sehr and Margaret A. Wayne
David B.# and Laura Seibel
Richard Seiter
Roy and Carol Selbert
Marc A. and Marjorie M. Seldin
Howard J. Self
Evren and Laurie D. Senol
Christopher D.# and Judith G.# Shamel
James P.# Shanahan and Elizabeth A. Weiler
Linda Shantz
Bruce Shapiro and Liz Guthrie
Andrey S. Shaw and Cynthia A. Florin
Daniel E.# and Linda Sheffield
Becky Shelton
Carl and Helene J.# Sherman
Jackson J. and Sarah W. Shinkle
Daniel R. and Velma C. Shipley
Mark S. and Jennifer C. Shylanski
Richard A. Simoncelli and Claudia Moran
Scott W. Sinclair
Richard and Nancy J. Singer
Alvin J. and Ruth L. Siteman
Gregory S.# and Michele K. Smith
Howard J. and Donna A. Smith
Richard E. and Ruth Sparks
Craig J. and Rebecca E. Speidel
Jon M. and Andrea Spiesman
Raymond and Florence Sponberg
Fred and Darlene R.# Sredl
Philip D. Stahl
Susan Stangler
Raymond and Sharyn Steege
Raymond F.# and Karen Steitz
Sandra H. Stemmler
James V. and Susan S.# Stepleton
Charles Stewart
Stephen B. Storrs and Kris Meserole
Pamela S. Stuerke
Michael V. and Joeann A. Sullivan
Ervin L. and Constance K. Suydam
Kia L. Swan-Moore
Robert Swanger
Floyd and Martha Sweeney
Frank A. and Connie Synek
Melvin Tann and Jacqueline Turner
Phillip I. Tarr and Diane Friedman
Paparao and Suryalakshmi Tatini
Richard V. Telthorst*
Irene L. Thalden
Andrew J. Theising#
Liu L. Thio
Janice Thomas
Linda M. Thomas
Neil Tickner
Richard L.# and Heather S. Todaro
Craig W. and Stephanie M. Todd
Peter and Chrysoula Tomaras
James Tomaszewski
Doris A. Trojcak
Karen Trone
Kristin Tucker
Emery C. and Regina F.# Turner
Joseph G. Turner
Peter and Beverly Van Horne
Dave and Christine Van Mierlo
Jerome Verba#
James and Kimberly W. Villeneuve
Elizabeth W. Vining#
John Visconti
Lesley A. Waldheim
Kelly L. Walker
David C. and Darlene# Wang
Xuemin Wang and Ling Z. Zheng
Donald W. Ward
Henry and Susan Warshaw
Benjamin C.# and Shirleas G.# Washington
Douglas Weber
Sheldon A. and Leslie D. Weinstein
Gregory Weisbrod and Colleen Fitzpatrick
Richard H. and Sally Weiss
Grant V. and Mei Chen Welland
Anne C. Wells
Ronald K. and Paula P. Wepprich
Steven E. West
Cyrus N. White
Fred J. and Jo E. White
Bill and Marcia Whitson
Donna Whitton
Samuel A. and Karen M. Wickline
David J. Wiggins#
Kenneth# and Eve R. Wilde
Joanna Wilkinson
Deryck J. Williams
Marcia Willing
Lisa F. Willis#
Fred R. Willman*
Warren J. and Jo Lynn Winer
Lawrence E.# and Janelle Wines
Otto R. Wirgau
Manuel W.# and Sharon K. Wisehart
Patrick and Victoria B. Witte
Paul Wobbe
Peter H. Wollenberg
Cyril and Julie Woodrome
Daniel E. Woods
Warren B. Wyman#
Kevin M. and Lisa D.# Yanker
Myles A. and Mary S. Yanta
Leslie York
Dan C. Younger and Maureen Zegel
Stuart H. and Elizabeth R. Zimbalist
Mark G. and Diane S. Zimmerman
Douglas R. and Laura M. Zink
Phillip Zinser

SILVER $250 to $499
Syed Abdul-Khader
William G. Abkemeier
Richard# and Stephanie J.# Ackerman
James S. and Susan S. Adams
Susan E. Adams
Kent D. and Mary A. Agne
Susan Ahl
Paul Aitken
Rolf G. and Ilona Albers
Donna B. Alexander#
Emily Allan
Diane E. Allen
James D. Allen
Lesley Allen
Paul M. Allen
Scott Allison
Wolfgang Althof
Jerry Altman
Emily M. Amizich
Pamela Anders
Daven A. and Kathleen O. Anderson
Robin S. Anderson
Lillian Andrade
Katherine Arbuckle
Demos# and Mary H. Argyros
Robert R.# and Diana C.# Arisman
Austin and Sara Armbruster
Garry E. and Andrea V. Aronberg
Jeanine S. Arrighi#
Charles G. and Mary S. Arthur
Marie M. Artim
Patrick Attwater
Lloyd R. and Dee A. Aubrey
David E. Ault
Karen L. Austin
Stephen P. Aylward
Nathan Babcook
Bodunrin and Judit Badejo
Jack and Anne H. Bader
Barbara J. Bahr
John S. and Lois Bailey
John E. Baker
Nannette A. Baker
Patience Baker
Robert E. and Lynn L. Baker
Wayne E. and Ruthann# Baldwin
Christopher P. and Teresa A.# Balestreri
Dennis M. and Margaret S. Balfe
Edward and Rita C. Balk
Mary E. Bane
Kristin Banjo
Doyle W. and Rebecca Banks
Linda D. Bannister#
Janet C. Barber
Daniel Barbey
David K. and Cynthia L.# Barklage
William and Mary Ann Barnard
Hendrick B. and May Barner
Mark Barner
Brian Barnhart and Cynthia Cryder
Joan C. Barnhart
Robert S. Barrett
Susan M. Barrett
Albert A. and Annette B. Barton
Jim and Beth Barton
Lawrence and Patricia J.# Barton
Tobias Baskin
Allyson Bass
Blake E.# and Jane Bastien
Donald C. and Loraine P.# Batch
Michael A. and Catherine Bateman
Craig Baumberger
Francis M. Baumli and Abbe L. Sudvarg
Matthew A. and Sharlene Bax
Kevin Bayless and Angela Standish
Glenn E. and Ruth O. Beach
Roger N. and Teresa S. Beachy
Harold J. and Caroline M.# Bean
Mike A. and Sandy Becker
Robert D. and Kathryn L.# Becker
David C. and Elizabeth Beebe
Michael Behle and Laura Grady
Mark T. and Gail Behling
Kathlyn F. Behm
James Behrends
Pamela E. Belloli
Sheri M. Benson
Felicia Bentley
Michael W. Berezo
Howard L. and Rochelle S. Berger
Martin and Jacquette Bergmann
Sam Bertolet
Jeffrey G. Best
Catherine R. Betz
Richard E. and Judith L. Beumer
Anjan Bhattacharyya
John J. and Linda# Bick
Gloria S. Bilchik
Edith F. Binder
Virginia L. Binzel
Catherine A. Bishop
Dwight Bitikofer
William R. and Margaret L. Blade
Michael Bland
Clinton P.# and Susan C. Blandford
Dennis and Barbara Bleisch-Klein
Marcia Block
Sally Bloom
David M. Blue and Melissa A. Rung-Blue
James R. and Rafaela A.# Blum
Sandra L. Blum
James C. and Martha J. Boarman
Mark A.# and Julia D. Boatman
Helen L. Boatright#
Phil G. and Judy K. Bolian
Catherine Bollinger
Andrew Bollwerk
Arthur D. and Amelia A. Bond
Robert C. Bone#
Olivia Bono
Heath J. Borders-Wing and Katherine Borders
Heather Bostic
Preston L. and Stella M. Bouie
Katherine M. Bouman
Rita Boyd
Robert F. Brandenburg
David P. and Margaret A. Brandt
Regan L. Branham
Joy Branlund
Robert H. and Teddy M.# Branom
Blackford F. and Suzanne S. Brauer
Raymond G.# and Nancy L. Breckenkamp
Chet Breitwieser
Timothy A. Bremer
Joan T. Briccetti
Marcy E. Brodsky
Burt I. and Monique J. Bromberg
Lisa A. Brougham#
Patrick Brown
Phillip M. Brown
William A. and Barbara B. Brown
William P. and Ruth B. Brown
Mary E. Brucker
Mary E. Brucker
Tom and Cathy Brumitt
Thomas B. and Antoinette Brummett
Karen L. Bruns
Michael L. and Elizabeth M. Brunt
William J.# and Celeste E.# Bub
Karen Bult
William and Nancy S. Burchfield
Gary K. Burger
Curtis and Barbara L.# Burk
Halpin T. and Anne C. Burke
Stephen E. and Elaine A. Burkhardt
Mark and Lynn M. Burkhart
David W. Burnside
Charles and Marion C. Burson
Samuel Burstein and Cheryl N. Boyd
Raymond C. and Madge Burton
Christopher J.# and Kathleen A.# Burwell
Robert and Gail Buss
David Butler
Kimi G. Butler
Nancy E. Byers
Edward Cadieux
Creighton and Carolyn N. Calfee
Matthew and Julianne Callaway
Paetra R. Callison
Ann Canale
Lawrence and Susan# Carafiol
Roy E. and Susan T. Carlson
Victoria A. Carmichael
Mary A. Carmody
John E. Carpenter#
Tom L. Carr and Gale R. Wheeler
Teri M. Carrington
Justin X. and Cecelia K. Carroll
Abigail L. Carter
Jeffrey Carter
John and Helen Cassin
Natalia Catlett
Rich W. Catlett
Tim and Janice Cerny
Raghavan Chakraverty
Ajay Chalasani
Peter C. and Wendy Chambers
Jonathan and Susan D. Chambless
Patricia A. Champion#
Brian Chandler
Bill T. and Anne E. Chao
Douglas and Deborah Char
Mina Charepoo
Michael R. and Caroline G. Chicoine
Erin Chrisler
Cherng Chyn
Edward W. Clayton
Brian L. Clevinger
David and Judith C. Clifford
Brian R. Clore
Wade W. Clutton
A. Stephen and Karen L. Coburn
Kent Coffel
James S. and Elizabeth D. Coffey
Daniel T. and Emily Cohen
Louis D. and Evelyn Cohen
Stephanie D. Cohen
Barton W. Cohn#
Dorothy O. Cole
Richard Colignon and Chikako Usui
Marie Collins
Ryan Colvin
Jill Comely
Sean Concannon and Sarah E.# Friesen
Ellen Condie
Charlene Conley
David Connally and Anne Noble
Megan Connick
Norman L. Conrad
Peter and Jane Conrad
Carolyn R. Cooper
Rebecca L. Copeland
Mark and Norma Coplin
Michael J. and Lilly G. Coppage
Bob Corbett
Anthony G. Corey
Mark Corman
Raymond R. and Mary E.# Cosner
Judie A. Courtney
Julie J. Covert
Michael and Julie Covlin
Tim Cox
Prasanna Crasta
Kay Crecelius
Donald H. Cresswell
William M. and Helen V. Crist
Kevin and Monica Croke
Stephen A. Cromer
David L. Cronin and Harriet Switzer
Jack M.# and Gail R. Crosby
Carolyn Crowe
Floyd Crues#
Eric R. and Sharolyn A. Crum
William G. and Dorothy Cunningham
Edward P. and Jozetta M. Curran
Kathleen K. Currie#
Lori A. Curtis
Ron and Rebecca Cytron
Jaroslaw Czernikiewicz
Michelle Dail-Merlo
Patrick J. Dailey
Richard Daily
Jennifer Darnell
Carlos and Joyce Daughaday
Nicholas O. and Jean Davidson
Elizabeth K. Davis
Paul B. Davis and Agnes R. Gioconda
Paul R. and Kathleen D. Davis
Ryan N. Davis#
Jeffrey G. and Deborah L. Dawson
Leroy T. Day and Deborah S. Lund
Christopher Deck and Melissa Scolaro
Randall and Mary Deck
Elizabeth Dee
Donald A. Degrange
Lynn DeLearie
Sue B. Dellbringge
Jack M. and Sherry B. Delo
Roger M. and Deborah F. Dennert
Constance Dennett
Robert A. and Jennifer J.# Denny
Lisa M. Desjardins
Dennis Detoye
Jon Deuchler
Carl J. and Jeanne Deutsch
Larry S. and Judy Deutsch
Robert H. and Mary E. Dick
Diana Dickes
Orrin Dieckmeyer
Stephen DiSalvo
Beatrice Dissett
Terry K. Dittmer
Jay D. and Ann R. Divine
Jerome M. and Trezette F.# Dixon
Edward Dodson
Margaret R. Dolan#
James M. and Valerie Donahue
William P. and Judith C. Donovan
Jody L. Doran
Douglas Dowd
Helen J. Doyle
Kevin Doyle
Lawrence R. and Elaine M.# Doyle
Dale J.# and Jolane Drape
Phillip C. and Yvonne Dressel
Rebecca Dresser
John M. Drueke and Marie Hackett
Carol M. Duhme
David O. Dulaney
David R. and Janine M.# Duncan
Thomas S. and Mary V.# Duncan
Tanya Dunlap
Michael A. Dunn
Rita T. Duran
Lauren N. Durand
Terri Durand
Dennis D. Dvorachek
John J. and Dorothy K. Dwyer
Carl Eccher and Veronica Dalton
Martin J. and Elizabeth B. Eckelkamp
Glenn E. and Patricia A. Eckert
Anne B. Edmunds
Gail Edmunds
Bruce Edwards
Christine B. Edwards
Dorothy F. Edwards
George and Elizabeth Edwards
Richard H. and Peggy E.# Eggers
Paul and Ruth Ehresman
Tom Eidelman
David Eisenberg
Bill and Lane K. Elcan
Chris Elcan
Rory Ellinger and Linda M. Locke
Alicia F. Elsner
Jerry Emanuel
Robert Englebretson
Mary C. Entrup
Eric J. and Polly K. Eoloff
Barbara Ernst
Brenda G. Ernst
Finn A. and Dana B. Esbensen
Lawrence H. Essmann
David and Susan Everson
William A. Ezell
Mitchell N. and Kay E. Faddis
Fritz Faerber
William J. and Laurie J. Falk
Chuck Fandos
Craig R.# and Carla B. Farrell
Ronald Farson and Lindsey Lester-Brutscher
Minette Farthing
Bernard W. and Jean Favara
Erika Fellinger
Paul Feng
Ronald A. and Judith Ferber
Stanley and Rochelle L.# Ferdman
Nima M. Ferguson
Richard and Dorothy Figueras
Bill and Jan Fillman
John M. and Barbara L. Finch
Douglas A.# and Cynthia S. Fischer
Keith C. and Sarah A. Fischer
Gail K. Fischmann
James L. and Anne Fish
Harry N. and Arden Fisher
Richard E. and Maureen H. Fister
Richard C. Fleming and Sarah B.# Smith
Ronald J. and Vicki Flier
Theodore Floros
Doris H. Flowers
David and Adrienne Fly
William and Margaret Foege
William M. and Joanne D. Fogarty
Kara Fogerty
Gregory Folkert
Dolores C. Folkerts
Cynthia Ford
William H. Ford
Stephen G. and Patricia A. Forget
Janice Forsyth
Jeanne Foster
Sam S. and Marilyn R. Fox
Mary Lou Frank
Arnold and Roseanne Franke
Arik Frankel
Mark and Jacqueline Frankel
Sharon Frazee
Tanya French
Andrew K. and Marilyn Freundlich
Michael W. and Jessica R. Friedlander
Amy Friedman
David E.# and Constance Frimel
Clifford W. Froehlich
Robert E. and Shirley A. Frost
Milton Fujita and Virginia H. Haigler
Paul Fuligni
Wendell Funk
Doug and Tammy Futhey
Harry J. and Carolyn# Gaffney
Ronald B. and Joan T. Gagnepain
Gregory A. Gaines
Charles P. Gallagher
Virginia Gambaro
Gary L. and Margaret A. Gambill
Dennis J. and Gina V. Ganahl
Paul L. and Deborah Q. Gardner
Anthony T. and Lucie Garnett
Robert J. and Mary N. Garrecht
John J. Garrett
Bill Gatto
Tom Gayer
Gordon L. and Joan T. Gaynor
Gregory G. and Sheila G. Geisler
Robert R. and Nancy R. Gellman
Edward M. and Nancy Geltman
Roy E. and Charlotte M. Gereau
Matthew German
Marvin L. and Elaine Gernstein
Deborah Gersell
Louis S. Gerteis and Janice M. Parker
Joan L. Gettemeyer#
Harold D. and Sherry E. Gibson
Michael C. Gibson
Jerome L. and Catherine Gidlow
Gary and Lillian L. Giessow
John Giger
Sunny Gilbert
Julie Gill
John L. and Nichola M. Gillis
Stanley A. and Janice K. Gitt
Lisa Gladson
Francine M. Glass
Jeffrey R. and Jacqueline Glass
Kevin C. and Laura J.# Glenn
Karen L. Godar
Jonathan Goldberg and Marian B. Rosen
Richard and Mary Ann E.# Goldberg
Rebecca L. Golden-Spear#
Rebecca E. Goldstein
David P. Goodman
James S.# Goodman and Susan A. Talve
Radakrishnan Gopalan
Robert M. and Mae E. Gordon
Gabriel E. and Nicole R. Gore
Laura Gorman
Gary and Ann Gottesman
Thomas H. Gow and Karen Witmer-Gow
Randall D. Grady and Jane R. Goldmuntz-Grady
King and Patricia D. Graf
Alan and Shirley Graham
Maurice B. and Edna M. Graham
Andy Grahn
Charles R. Granger
Gale and Vera G. Granteer
Maureen M. Graves
Gary L. and Patricia D. Gray
Timothy and Julia Greco
Donald and Marjorie A. Green
Gary J. and Amanda A. Greenwald
Suzanne K. Greenwalt
Mary K. Greteman
Ralph E. Grimm
Mark R. and Linda S. Grinter
Candyce Grisham
Darin B. Groll
James Grote
James W. and Michelle A. Grubbs
Kati M. Guerra
David and Robin Gutmann
Eugene E. Guttin
Brian Hackett
Rik W. and Gail H. Hafer
Kenneth A. and Elaine Hagg
Thomas S. Hahs
Jeffress B. Hailand
Jeffress B. Hailand
Steven and Nancy Haile
Leonard W. and Marjorie A. Haleen
Albert and Mary E. Hall
Bruce L. Hall and Mary Klingensmith
Kathleen B. Hall
Mark Hall
Michael A. and Jeanine Hall
Troy W. and Gail E. Halterman
Steven M. and Ilene Hamburg
Ron Hamel
Eric S. Hamilton
Gary M. Hamm#
David Hanes
Frank Hankin
Clarke and Nancy M. Harding
Van A. and Debra K.# Hargraves
David I. and Vicki S. Harpring
Barbara R. Harris
Eugene W. and Lori R. Harris
Harold H. and Mary E. Harris
Jeffrey A. Harris and Nancy Schuehler-Harris
Lawrence P. and Elaine H.# Harris
Peggy J. Harris
Rebecca Harszy
Jeffrey E. and Diana B. Hartnett
Patrick J.# and Patti Harty
Ted and Julie Harvey
Neal H. Harwood
David and Mary Haselbauer
Alan J.# and Melissa S.# Haselhorst
Richard A. Hasler
Franklin and Rachel A. Haspiel
Anjum Hassan
Phyllis E. Hasser
Amanda Hassner
George C. and Grace T. Hatch
Paul E. and Bettie C.# Haug
Wayne R. and Cheryl L. Hause
Mary S. Hawker
Jerome and Sara Hawkins
Nick and Cecily Hawksworth
Gary Hayes and Dee Joyce-Hayes
Ruth Hays
John M. and Diane Heagney
Andrew C. and Janet E. Heath
Janice Heim
Jordan and Constance L. Heiman
William D. and Marsha T.# Heine
Elizabeth Heller
Daniel C. Hellinger and Joann Eng-Hellinger
James M. and Margaret L. Henderson
Robert K. and Suzanne J. Henke
Kristopher R. Henkhaus
Ronald E. and Susan M. Henkhaus
Steven C. and Amy M. Henn
Colleen Hennessy
Victor R. Henrikson
Eric Hensic
Michael W. Henson
Clifford J. and Catherine A. Herman
David W. Herman and Laura Moore
Roger Herman
Randall C. and Denise Herrington
James and Deanna Hessburg
Anne W. Hetlage#
Richard W.# Heuermann and Kathleen P.# Price
Andrew Hey
Hollis C. Heyn
Arthur C. and Margaret H. Hiemenz
Omokhaye Higo
Kent B. and Evelyn L. Hill
Robert J. and Joyce W. Hillebrand
Marlon J.# and Sheila R. Hines
George W. Hinkle
David L. and Barbara E. Hirst
Joan A. Hjelle
Paul S. Hmiel
Jean M. Hobler
Jeffrey and Susan K. Hochman
Leslie R. Hodges
David C.# and Stephanie Hoel
Robert J. and Joann Hoff
David P.# Hoffelder and Stella A.# Morris
Christopher A. Hoffman
Donovan L. and Sandra L. Hofsommer
William Holcomb and Carol Corey
Mark T.# and Michelle Holland
Jon C.# and Joy Holley
Ernest C.# and Jeanette G.# Hollmann
Walter E. and Kathleen E. Holloman
Michael and Chelsea Holloway
Cheryl A. Holman
Sandra Holmberg
Richard C. Holton and Carlota H. Hermann-Holton
James and Jill C. Holtrop
Ted and Susan E.# Honich
Catherine Hooper
Annis Hopkins
Suzanne C. Hough
Thomas H. Hughes
Julia Huiskamp
John R. Humes
Dorothy W. Hungate
Scott Hunt
Elaine B. Hunter
Steve and Darcy J. Hunter
Brian W.# and Sherri A.# Hurd
Andrew J. and Kathryn Hurley
Beth A. Hurst
Timothy M. and Thy N. Huskey
Scott T. Hussey
Marsha Hussung
David H. Hutchinson
Brian L. and Marlene Hutchison
Patricia N. Hutchison
Stephen and Donna Hux
Richard Ihnat
Lewis B. Irvine
George W. and Edith K.# Isele
Malcolm F. Ivey
Brian L. and Lynne M. Jackson
Richard S. Jackson
William Jackson#
William Jacober
Marie K. Jary
Nathan M. Jensen and Sophie L. Fortin
Joseph M. Jez and Courtney Starks
Dennis C. and Joann Johnson
Derwin Johnson
Jerry G. and Mary E. Johnson
Judy Johnson
Lent Johnson
Ralph G. Johnson and Pamela A. Lesser
Henry O. and Sally C. Johnston
Robert Johnston
Steven J. and Carol A. Jonak
Brian L. and Marilyn# Jones
Douglas J. and Diana K. Jones
Ellen E. Jones
Michael W.# Jones and Kathy Conley-Jones
Paul L. and Sharon Jones
Richard B. Jones and Linda Wallace-Jones
Robert E. and Susan O. Jones
Sam Jordan
Paul Jorjorian
John G. and Claudia R. Joyce
Traci Joyce
Dennis R. Judd and Nancy L. Kammann-Judd
Scott E. and Rita Julien
Janet J. Jump
Jonathan D. Jump
Randall Jurgensen
Lynn A. Kaiser#
Mark and Judy Kampen
Jeffrey A. and Patrice D. Kaplan
Nina Kaplan
Harold A. and Karen P. Karabell
Eric Karch and Lee Ann Slocum
Marshall# and Janice E. Karibian
James Karll and Cheryl Hibbeler
Michael A. and Charlene N. Kass
John T. and Susan A. Kautzer
Robert O. and Jane E. Keel
Deborah Keenan
Darren M. and Carolyn D. Kehoe
Teneil Kellerman
Arthur C. Kellum
Robert Kelly
William A. Kelly
Daniel D. and Kendra Kennedy
Anthony P. Kern
Kyle Kerns
Ian and Janet E. Kester
Robert and Robbye H. Ketterer
Mahrukh Khan#
James W. and Elizabeth A. Kienker
Younghoon Kim#
Paul Kindl
Thomas E. and Sally Kinealy
Annamary King
Steven A. and Lucinda Kinsley
Phillip T. and Carol F.# Kirk
Walter Kiss
Daniel Kivlahan
Hilary Klein
William D. Kleyboecker
Rosalyn H. Kling
Mary K. Kniep
John Knight
Newell S. and Janet M. Knight
Jared S. Knott
Mark J. Knotts#
Mark Knuepfer
Robert H. Koff and Linda J. Riekes
John and Barbara B. Kohler
Lenny and Renee Kohn
Michael L. Kohn#
Robert E. and Luann H. Koop
Edmund and Patricia B.# Kopetz
Caroline A. Korb
Stuart Kornfeld
Charles P. and Anne Korr
Lawrence M. and Karen F. Kotner
Randall L. and Charmaine C. Kovaluk
Michael Kowalkowski and Anne E. Winkler
David P. and Sandra M. Krajcovic
Mark and Claudia Krasnoff
James W. and Mary F. Kriegshauser
Ronald and Ann Krone
Edward J. Kruckemeyer
Steve Kuda
Charles R. and Barbara J. Kuehl
Kim Kuehner
Mark Kugman
Edwin D. Kuhr
Steven M. and Martha Kymes
Leslie A. Ladley
Stacie Laff
Thomas P. and Janet C. Lafferty
Paul E. and Ruth C. Lager
James G. and Margaret A. Laing
Joseph J.# LaMantia and Eileen Merrifield
Joseph and Paula Lampen
Gregory A. and Mary J. Lamping
Carol M. Lane
John F. and Kate M. Lane
John J. and Mary F. Lang
Marcia Lange
Lawrence E. and Hannah S. Langsam
Thomas K. and Linda B. Langsdorf
Allen Langston and Marilyn R. Holmes
E. Lewis Lankford
Kent Lannert
Craig and Sue Larson
Kevin L. Larson#
Jeff K. Lash and Leslie Hinyard
Margaret A. Lashley
Rosemary Lauber
Elaine P. Laura
Loretta K. Laurent
Edward F. and Elizabeth H. Lawlor
Steven Lawrence and Brooke Shadel
Greg V. and Elizabeth M.# Lawson
David R. and Jeanne G. Layton
David M. and Mira A. Lazarus
Timothy E. and Jo Anne Leach
Michael J. and Laurie Lecours
Paul Ledbetter
John M.# and Mary E. Lee
Susan C. Lee
Charles F. and Sally L. Lehman
David and Sharron C. Lehnert
Sally Leible
Steven Lembark
Alan N. and Martha E. Lemley
Jimmie H. and Kim K. Lenz
Tony S. Leong#
John Leskera
John F. Lesser
Robin Levan
Jeffrey M. and Louise Levine
Constance N. Levy
John A. and Barbara Lewington
Lawrence M. Lewis
Robert M. Lewis
Elisa G. Leyva-Guerrero
Daniel E. and Barbara L. Liberman
Tom Lieb and Esther Galvis
Nancy I. Lieberman
James F. and Emily M. Liebman
William J. and Jennifer A. Lindenmayer
John C. Link
Steven H. and Susan U. Lipstein
Keith and Nancy Lissant
Theodore L.# and Shirley J. Listerman
Mark I. and Cathy J.# Litow
Penni Livingston
Leslie F. Loewe
Elaine C. Lopez
Francisco H. and Mayne Lopez
Lisa K. Lorenz
Paul Lorenz
Paul and Laverne Lorenzini
Joseph O. and Carolyn W. Losos
Urs K. and Kathleen R. Lottenbach
Jane Lowenthal
Christopher A. and Amy G. Lowry
Leah C. Luciano#
David and Stephanie T. Luckes
Joe and Carol Ludwig
Dan and Susan L. Luedke
Roger A. Lundbohm#
Ann S. Lux
Lisa Lyle
Edward S. and Paula W. Macias
Bruce M. and Jennifer J. MacKenzie
Eugene J. and Ann Mackey
Christine Mackey-Ross
Ian R. and Lola F. MacMullen
Michael Madalon
Laurence A. and Silvia A. Madeo
Craig L. and Dorothy A. Maer
N'Goundo Magassa
Peter S. and Jane E.# Maher
Eric D. Mai
Jason N. and Kristina B. Makansi
Cindy Malawy
Tracy A. Mangino
Vito A.# and Mary L. Mantese
Curtis and Julie March
Joseph Marcus and Margaret Olsen
Scott M. Marcus
Erica E. Marks
Jerry L. Marks
Conor Marsh
Stephen P. and Sandra N. Marsh
Anne A. Marshall
Edward W. and Julie Martin
Oscar and Stephanie Martinez
Yvonne Marty
Robert Martyn and Marni Dillard
Richard S. and Claire L.# Marx
Susan J. Maserang
Jean M. Mason
Stephen J. Mathers and Dianna K. Tickner
Joan M. Matyshak#
Nick Mauro
John T. Maxwell and Katherine Jenkins
Joanna May
Morton J. May
William J. and Linda K. Mayer
John N. and Virginia K. McCall
William Z.# McCarthy and Tara V. Spevack
Peter H. McCauley#
Alan McClendon
Daniel P. and Diana McCoy
Karen L. McCreight
John N.# and Karen J.# McElroy
Charles McGibbon and Rebecca Treiman
Brian and Donna McGinnis
James B. McHugh
John P. and Cassandra McKearn
Darryl N. McKinney
Robert and Hilarie McKinstry
Karol A. McNutt
William J. and Suzanne P. McShane
Richard A. and Deborah A. McWard
Ricky McWoods
Michael P. and Marye A. Meagher
Harold T. Meek
Ian Meggarrey
William S. Mellish
John L. and Marcia B. Mellitz
Thomas C. and Georgianna A. Melzer
James H. and Ruth H. Mennerick
Marilyn H. Merritt
Walter L. and Cynthia Metcalfe
Renee Mettle
Eugene J. and Margaret J. Meyer
John S. and LaVerna E. Meyer
John S. and Laura Meyer
Kenneth R. and Susan M.# Meyer
Kevin D. Meyer#
Richard C. and Sue Ellen Meyer
Bryan Meyers and Julia M. Usher
David C. Meyers
Dianna Meyers
John A.# and Barbara A. Michael
Kenneth A. Miesner
Francis M. Miezin
Carol Migliazzo
Charles and Andrea D. Miller
James T. and Elaine L. Miller
Teresa Miller
David D. and Kathleen B. Milligan
Carl and Deborah Millitello
Stanley Misler
Tim Mitchell
Angela M. Mitchell-Phillips#
Arun K. and Nevenka E. Mitra
David E. and Gaye L. Mizell
Stephen M. Moerlein
James Moll and Noeli Lytton
Timothy Molloy
Marla S. Mondschein#
Thomas and Barbara Monsees
Marcia Monteith
Arthur V. and Jean A. Montgomery
Jacob Montgomery
Fred Moog and Janice F.# Munro
Jean S. Moog
Charles J.# and Merri Moore
John T. and Sarah R. Moore
Kathleen M. Moore#
Phillip E. Moran#
Richard F. Moran
Thomas W. Moran
William A.# and Judi Moran
Michael Morey
John C. Morris
Robert K. Morris
David S. Morrison
Geoffrey H. and Shelley D. Morrison
Lynda Morrison
Tim Mortenson
Robert G.# and Gretchen S. Moser
Stephen C. Mudge and Brenda Ludwig
Kevin Mueller
Margaret Mueller
Michael D. and Theresa B. Mulligan
Karen G. Mullis
William J. and Greer L.# Murdick
Barry T. and Eunice J. Murphey
James A. and Paula R. Murphy
Philip D. Murphy#
Patrick J. and Mexie J. Murray
James and Sheila Musca
Peter K. Muschinske
John E.# and Debra# Mutrux
Edward W. and Pamela A. Muzzey
Raymond I. and Paulette Myers
Anthony and Sylvia Nadeau
Anthony J. Naughton#
John C. and Lynn M. Navin
Thomas and Alice Nelsen
Richard S. and Carrie H. Nelson
Timothy P. Nelson
Victor L.# and Alveta M.# Nelson
Paul F. Nett
Sanford S. and Rosalind J. Neuman
Kathryn Neunaber
Rey and Mary Neville
James Newbold
Philip M. Newhall and Janet E. Tuttle-Newhall
Andrew Newman
Charles and Chris L.# Nicastro
Gary A.# and Fatemeh G.# Nichols
Genevieve J. Nichols
Paul F. Nichols and Kathryn A. Yamada
Stanley and Alice Niebur
Richard W. and Julianne C.# Niemann
Joyce M. Niemeier
Kathryn L. Nixon
Lucy Nobbe
Timothy J. Nolan
Douglas North and Elisabeth W. Case
David and Barbara Norton
Aaron D. and Nancy J. Novack
Susan M. Nuetzel
Erma O'Brien
John C. O'Brien
Susan O'Donnell
Sean M. and Melisa H. O'Neill
Carolyn O'Reilly
Tony S. and Signe Oakley
Keith M. and Gertrude M. Oberbeck
Gary W.# and Mary J. Obernuefemann
Anthony Odibo
William D. Odman
William S. Oetting
Margaret A. Ogden
Henry G. and Marcia A. Ollinger
Jeanne R. Olson#
Margaret Olson
Michelle Ong
Henry D. Onken and Deborah Smith-Onken
Michael P. Openlander#
F. Thomas Ott
Robert J. and Patricia R. Otto
Thomas Owen
Steven and Diana Owyoung
Brittany N. Packnett
Paul W. and Kathleen O. Paese
Robert and Mary Palank
James L. Palmer
Barrie and Judith M.# Pannett
Jonathan M. Pantaleoni
George N. and Janice Paradissis
Kathryn Parish
Jeffrey H. and Judy Pass
Miles L. and Dianne M. Patterson
Donald B. Patton
Michael J. and Joyce B. Patton
Karen J. Paul
Edward L.# Paull and Angela E. Franz-Paull
Steve Paulus
Glenn and Sharon H. Pearl
Fred H. Perabo
Joseph Pereles
Arthur J. and Carolyn Perry
Michael S. and Margaret A. Perry
John and Mary M. Peter
Kimberly Peterson
Vicki E. Petkovich
Christina Pettibone
Raymond J. and Grace E. Pettyjohn
Cindy Petzoldt
Steven R. and Lynda P. Peyton
Donald and Meredith Phares
Conrad H.# Philipp and Martha A.# Casey-Philipp
Gregory S. and Marilyn P. Phillips
Margaret B. Phillips
Joseph G. Pickard
James D. and Joy Pierce
Willard T. and Donna Pierce
William H. Plackmann
Gregory A. and Susan A. Plank
Susan Plassmeyer
Danny Plax and Alison Oswald
Lauren Plummer
M. David and Janet L. Plummer
Christopher J.# and Liz P. Poelker
James T. and Roberta A. Poor
Steven J. Poplawski and Caroline Costantin
Janet K. Poppen#
E. F. Porter
James R. and Kristy S.# Porter
Doug Posey and Carla Monroe-Posey
Bruce A. and Rebecca Posnak
Michael and Susan Powell
Philip Powell
Donald and Jane Prahlow
John Prange
Alice E. Pratt
Arthur L. Prensky
T. Joseph and Gail R.# Presswood
Beverly B. Price
Daniel J. and Robin B. Price
Richard and Karen G. Priest
Todd A. Pritz
Enola K. Proctor
Bryan Puskar
Humayun Quadir
Robert H. and Jean Quenon
John H. and Lois A. Quinn
Kathryn A. Quinn#
Robert Raleigh
Nadia Ramzy
Richard and Cynthia Randall
Susan M. Raney
Kumar T. and Caroline R. Rao
Derek K. and Emily B. Rapp
Antonella Rastelli
Ann Rathert
Estatira Razavi#
Ray and Daria Redel
Russell D. Reed
George and Constance Reeves
Jeffrey T. Rehr and Deborah L.# Kerber
Fred M. and Martha M. Reichman
Elizabeth J. Reinsch#
Linda Rellergert
Ellen L. Remstedt-Schiavi
Terri L. Renfrow
Karen Rengstorf
Gary Resh
Frank Reynard
Joseph H. Rezek and Krista L.# Ogle
Al Rheinnecker
John H. and Lauren C. Rice
Sarah G. Richardson
Alan C. and Mary H. Richter
James and Linda E. Riles
Carol J. Riley
Roger S.# Riley and Vicky J. Blackwell
Ruth Rinne
John F. and Mary E. Risberg
Herbert and Silvia Rissier
Bryan C. and Lesslie J. Robb
James Roberts
Lane Roberts
David B. and Cathleen A.# Robertson
John H. Robinson and Diane Weber
Paul Robiolio and Aixa M. Martinez
Kathryn M. Rogers
Matthew W. Rogers
Winston Rogers#
Donna Rogers-Beard
Robert T.# and Marilyn A. Roither
Richard A. and Elizabeth M. Roman
Edward P. and Harriet N. Rose
Garry E. and Cynthia A. Rose
Suzanna M. Rose
Warren A. Rosenblum and Nicole Blumner
Richard S. and Rosemary D. Rosenthal
Robert A. Rosenthal
Jan Rothermich
Fred Rottnek
James H. Rounds
Stephen H. Rovak
Willie W. Royal
John A. and Carolyn M. Rucker
Erick Rudiak and Marjory Clements-Rudiak
Sebastian Rueckert
Dennis A. and Betty L. Ruest
Steven T. and Lois I. Rufer
Mark E. Ruff
William T. and Joan H. Ruppert
Harry and Jennifer Ruth
Karol Rutz
Mark and Lynn Sableman
Roy G. and Christine S.# Saffold
Shirley A. Sahrmann
Gabriela Saito
Michael and Nancy Salsich
Peter W. and Barbara B. Salsich
Bill R. and Susan A. Salzman
Harry T. Sanders
William W. and Caroline M. Sant
Thomas J. Santen
Deanna Sanvi
Gary Sarachan and Margaret W. Fox
Warren and Diane Sauer
Elizabeth J. Sausele
Susan M. Saxton#
Blaine E. and Judith Sayre
Lawrence R. and Joan E. Schacht
Thomas J. Schaefer#
Charles and Shelby Schagrin
Ronald and Suzanne Scharf
Carolyn Scheer
William M. Scheerer
Robert and Maxine W.# Scheibe
Holly M. Scheibel#
Karen L. Scheible
Daniel E. Schiele
Lisa Schiller
Margaret J. Schillinger
Christoph H. Schimdt and Sarah B. Schmidt
Jerome J. and Susan Schlichter
Kathleen Schlump
Raymond M.# and Margaret A.# Schmidt
Robert P. Schmidt
Thomas G. and Merry L. Schmittgens
Claus Schmitz
Harvey G. and Leanne A. Schneider
Timothy M. Schoemehl
Allen Schomaker
David T. and Wilma K. Schopp
Michael E.# Schrand and Lisa Larose
Christopher L. Schraw and Dee Werner
Mark C. Schreiber#
Sandra D. Schuette
Irene T. Schulze
F. Carl and Anna M. Schumacher
Richard W. Schumacher
Ernest L. and Mary Sue D. Schusky
Debra K. Schuster
Anthony Schutzenhofer
Daniel and Joanne B. Schwartz
Joel S. and Barbara S. Schwartz
Ronald F. Schwartz
James F. Scott
Julia P. Scott
L. Carol Scott
Mike D. and Fredna C. Scroggins
Michael J. Scully
William R. and Barbara A. Seely
Deanne B. Sehr
Timothy D.# and Jamia S. Seifert
Sondra Seiler
Eugene P. Selzer
Robert M. and Martha Senior
Joseph and Nancy Setzer
Michael J. Sewell and Suzanne Sierra-Sewell
Azhar Shah and Kyra A. Cass
Nelson and Sandra M.# Shaner
Jane S. Shapleigh
Anjum Shariff
William D. and Neysa Sharpless
Philip A.# and Janice M.# Shayne
Paul W. and Angela O. Sheffner
Tushar S. and Utpala T. Shelar
Chang# Shen and Haoran Yi
Stephen T. and Julie C. Sheridan
William D. and Alison T. Sheridan
Stephen I. and Susan J. Sherman
Amy A. Sherrer
Beshara I. and Carol S.# Sholy
Charles D. Short
Ernestina Short
Dennis B. Shultz
Gregorio A. and Kathleen M.# Sicard
James E. and Catherine S.# Sieveking
Thomas and Cynthia H. Siler
Mark F. Silver and Erica L. Uppstrom
Alan and Debby B. Silverberg
Alan D. and Cynthia J. Simms
Lauren E. Simon
Margaret M. Simon#
John C. Simpson
Susan M. Simpson
Donald S. and Joanne C.# Singer
Stephen A. and Miriam R. Singer
James V. and Nicholle E. Sisson
David E. and Lisa Skinker
Stephen W. and Linda Skrainka
David and Susan Slavney
Andrew P. and Danielle H. Slentz
Brian E. and Jane M. Smith
Cynthia L. Smith
George W. and Debra Smith
James W. and Josephine M.# Smith
Jay A. and Angela L. Smith
Jessica Smith
Joshua P. and Kimberly D. Smith
Matthew L. and Jennifer H. Smith
Michael T. Smith
Nicholas Smith
Robert and Elizabeth Snidman
Dominic and Marcella M. Soda
Jonathan and Kristin Soifer
William and Kristen Southworth
Terry S.# Sova and Martha C.# Solsten
Aloys and Margery Spack
Bob and Zelda Sparks
Gordon R. and Gelea M. Speck
James C. and Maura F. Speiser
Mary E. Spencer#
Richard Spener and Toni Armstrong
Frank J. and Bessie Spielberg
Randy and Susan Sprague
Doug Sprong
Darrel St. Aubin
Michael N. and Jayne E. Stake
Sharon L. Stalzer
Richard and Deborah Stamp
Gary L. Stansbery
Shane Staten
Frederick M. and Martha M. Steiger
Cynthia A. Steiling#
Gerald A. Steiner and Denise M. Bertrand
Michael P. Stemmler
Mary M. Stephens
Barbara R. Steps
Russell P. and Carolann M. Sternberg
William W. and Mary S. Stewart
Perrin B.# and Alice C. Stifel
Paul E. and Martha S. Stohr
David J. Stone
Maxine Stone
David and Denise Stookesberry
Adrian Storey
Michelle Storkan
Frederick and Sylvia Stover
Dorothy Stuart
Patrick Stuart
Robert P. and Judith B. Stupp
Brian P. and Carol L. Sullivan
Eleanor J. Sullivan
Barry R.# and Mary E. Sundland
Michael Suwe
Jack B. and Betty J. Swanson
Lovell Swanson
Michael S. and Nina N. Swartz
Judith K. Swehla
Michael Swim
Erwin O. and Rita A. Switzer
John K. and Joan C. Switzer
Stuart and Janey Symington
James E. Tabor
Mark and Vicki M. Taggart
John L. and Josephine Talbott
Steven D. and Lynette Tappmeyer
Jack and Kathleen Tatom
Ellis Taylor
Zachary and Emily M. Tebb
Christine M. Telthorst
James Telthorst
Daniel A. and Margaret A. Terpstra
Bradley T. and Barbara A. Thach
Ronald J.# Thenhaus and Virginia K.# Gasen-Thenhaus
Bill and Ellyn Theobald
Mark Thien
Mark Thoelke and Gail Workman
Cecil W. and Janice Thomas
Clark D. and Michelle N. Thomas
Leyland and Betty E. Thomas
Arlene Thomason
Deane L. and Fancine S. Thompson
John C. and Ellen M. Thompson
Lloyd E. and Mercerdee B. Thompson
George W. and MaryJo W. Thornburgh
Michael E. and Alicia B.# Tierney
Jerrold S. and Dalene M. Tiers
Marta Tilney
Todd H. and Anne M. Tobiasz
Mark A. and Pamela Todorovich
Michael and Michelle Todt
Carol R. Tofle
George D. and Lois M. Tomazi
Joseph M. and Blanche M. Touhill
Joseph E. and Robin Towle
William D.# Townsend and Regina M.# Engelken
Mark and Lucia J.# Tranel
Chris and Julie Treloar
Justin R. Trice#
Kathryn Trinkaus
Thomas B. and Julia Tritschler
Edward Tsimerman
Mark Tucker
Kenneth and Susan Ulmer
Ravi Uppaluri
Joseph J. and Laura S.# Valenti
Claudia Valentine-Fjone
John J. and Dreanna C. Vallina
William R. Van Bokkelen
Layne Van Brunt
John C. and Sarah V.# Van Doren
George Van Hare
Brian R. Vandenberg and Sharon Biegen
Russell R. Vanderbeek
Eric and Kristi Vanluven
Edward and Eileen M. Vastola
Kathryn Vehe
Paul and Diane Venker
Eric W. and Allyson Vesper
Edward Vickers
Stanley Vriezelaar and Jaye Shyken
Amy Wachs
Carol Waggle
John and Janice Wagner
Joseph C. and Jennifer A. Wagner
Katherine Wagner
Kenneth L. and Lida J. Wagner
Robert E. Wagoner
Edward O. and Lynn E. Wakefield
Zara Walden
Jonathan and Jessica Waldrop
David S. Walentik#
Ken Walk and Mary M. Klix
Glenn A. and Jennifer L. Walker
James C. and Elizabeth J. Walker
Lowell Walker
Wayne and Mary K. Walker
Charles E. and Rebecca S.# Walstrom
Jane Walters
Jerome S. Warchol
Susan L. Ward
Julia Warren
Kerry Warren-Couch
Ronald W. and Colleen M. Watermon
Patrice Watson
Robert L. Watson
Sidney D. Watson
Marguerite Weathers
Jeffrey M.# and Lisa Webb
Jennifer L. Webb
Elliot N. Weiler
David P. Weiss
Lance J. and Leslie J.# Weiss
Peter Weiss and Barbara A. Horn
Stephen Welker and Victoria Gonzalez
David Weller
James and Carol Wellman
Patricia S. Wells
James V. and Mary E. Wertsch
Hannah Wetzel
Alan C. Wheeler
Rebecca A. Wheeler
Jerry White
Ronald W. and Christine A.# White
Dorothy L. White-Coleman#
Pat Whiteside
Keith and Melinda Whittle
Gladys H. Wichern
Robert F.# and Dorothy A.# Wiegert
Paul and Anne L. Wiehagen
Harold L. and Mary H. Wilcox
Thomas J. and Natalie H. Wilcox
Scott Wildman
Robert G. Wilking
Milton P. and Nina Wilkins
Renee Willer
Bradford Williams
James F. Williams and Laverne# Ford-Williams
James K. Williams#
Eric E. Willingham
Melba Willman
Stephen J. Willman and Colleen M.# Peters
Barry A. and Anita M. Wilson
Hairl M. Wilson
James H. and Evelyn L. Wilson
Jane Wilson
Philip L. and Evelyn L. Wilson
Douglas H. and Brenda J. Wilton
Warren Wimmer
Kendall M. and Sarah V. Winter
Richard D. and Jane Winter
Walter J. and Debra K. Winzen
William P. and Reginia B. Wischmeyer
David and Barbara J.# Witte
Trent Wohlsclaeger and Lisa Wohlschlaeger
Christina A. Wolf#
Michael A. and Patricia B. Wolff
Max D. and Marcia S. Wolfrum
Christopher D. Wolin
Douglas I. Wolken
Elizabeth Wolkoff
John W. Wood
Michael and Leah Woodbury
Daniel L. Woods and Emmeline D. Emperado
Robert G. Worthington
Brian Wrenn and Carol Kreader
John A. and Sylvia A. Wright
Margie L. Wright#
Kara Wurtz
Michael and Joan Wysession
Robert A. and Linda K.# Yarbrough
Charles W.# and Sara Yates
Darrell A. and Lynn L. Yearwood
Bryan A. Young
Lori D. Yount#
Gary L.# and Denese Zack
Saul Zackson
Martin R. and Patricia A.# Zahn
Michael A. Zahra and Lisa L.# Roberts-Zahra
Craig and Amy N. Zaidman
Michael Zarrilli
Terry Zenser
Frank E. Zerillo and Wendy C. Smith-Zerillo
Amy Ziegler#
Carol J. Ziel
Martin J. and Kathryn D. Zigler
Joseph E. and Kathleen A. Ziha
Donald C. and Constance Zimpfer
Robert Zingam
Robert A. and Ann K.# Zink

BRONZE $100 to $249
William J. and Constance J. Aaron
Mark K. and Marilyn S. Abbott
Michael D. Abbott
Brion Abel
Regina Abel
Charles R. Abele
Ted M. Abele and Miriam L.# Anderson
Herbert D. and Donna L. Abeln
Henry Abler
Kenneth N. and Linda M. Abrahams
Alice Abrams
Robert and Janis Abrams
Todd S. and Rena Abrams
Fred G. and Mardan L.# Abrath
Anthony Accurso
Alonzo and Yolanda A.# Acklin
Edmund O. Acosta
Peter J. Acsay#
Bruce B. and Marilyn M. Adaire
Barbara E. Adams
Douglas D. and Hilda C. Adams
Gary L. and Beverly A. Adams
Jennifer R. Adams
Les Adams
Marcus W. Adams
Margaret M. Adams
Nancy K. Adams
Paul and Laura Adams
Ronald P. Adams
Stefan M. Adams#
Susan R. Adams
Thomas G. Adams
Catherine Adcock
Anne W. Adderton
George Adderton
Robert G.# and Shelly L. Aden
Leonard A. and Christine M.# Adewunmi
Nadira Adil
James B. and Rita Adkins
Barbara Aebel
Loretta T. Aemisegger
Debra Aerne
Alan J. and Pamela A.# Agathen
Robert L. Agles#
Al and Mary L. Agnew
Margaret A. Agnew
Theodore D. and Madonna Agniel
Christine M. Ahalt#
Nargis Ahmad
Blake Ahrens
Gail Ahumada
David J. Aiello#
James A. Aiken
Idowu Ajibola
Brian R. Akerson
Aamina Akhtar
Nuri and Seran Aktuna
Manwarul O. Alam
Bassam Albarcha
Alison Albee
Jeffrey D. and Michelle H.# Albers
Stewart and Renee Albert
Thomas H. and Sandy Albert
Frank G. Albertus and Laura A. Lambrix
David W. and Maureen S. Albrecht
Yvonne Albright
Kevin W. and Linda M. Albritton
Judy Albus
Carolyn Alcorn
Arthur A. and Dana L. Aleman
Alan H. and Joyce L.# Alexander
David M. Alexander#
James M.# and Kathleen L. Alexander
Philip B. Alfeld
Dennis L. and Deborah L. Alford
Mark Alford and Mari Watanabe
Dwight# and Karen Algee
George L. Alias
John J. Allan
Anne Allen
Bradley C. Allen
Daryl B. Allen
David L. Allen
Davis and Penny W. Allen
Denitza Allen
Francis V. Allen
Jennifer Allen
John M. and Mary A. Allen
Ronald C. Allen
Sarah L. Allen
Scott and Theresa M. Allen
Terry M. and Linda L. Allen
Thomas W. and Joann E. Allen
Thomas Allen
Wynona Allen
James and Laura Allender
Joel F.# and Lisa Allison
Oscar H. Allison
Susann C. Allison
Francis J. and Pamela J. Almeida
Abraham A. and Aviva Aloush
Matthew S. and Alison H. Alpert
Richard Alport
James and Elizabeth Alseth
Jesse Alsup and Nancy Duncan
Barbara A. Alt
Timothy and Diane L. Altepeter
Rickert R. Althaus
Martin P. Altman
Arthur Altvater
Frederick C. and Katherine Altvater
Stacia M. Alvarez#
Susan M. Alverson
Daniel P. and Claire M. Alyea
David and Ellen Amarnek
Josh E. Amato
Benadir Ambaye
Scott and Robin Amendola
Gerald E. and Julia Amies
Marian M. Amies
S. Massoud and Elizabeth A.# Amin
Jacob# and Leah# Amir
Rachel Ammann
Joseph R. and Michele M. Ammond
Bettina Amrein
Richard M. Anad and Donna L. Price
Marie Andel
Sam and Laura Andemariam
Jonathan Anders and Amy Lehman
Niels C. and Inger Andersen
Robert W. Andersohn
Angela M. Anderson#
Beverly Anderson
Brian Anderson
Bruce and Jill K. Anderson
Bruce J. and Ann Anderson
David M. and Sandra P.# Anderson
Donald K. and Constance J. Anderson
Donald M. Anderson
Doris Anderson
Doug Anderson
Edwin L. and Katherine M. Anderson
Glen M. Anderson
Harry Anderson
James W. and Terry L. Anderson
John and Katherine G. Anderson
Judith Anderson
Lorna Anderson
Paul G. Anderson
Robert and Alfrieda R. Anderson
Stanley and Eunice Anderson
Thor E. and Lynda D. Anderson
Tim Anderson
Timothy J. Anderson
William K. and Wendy A. Anderson
Sharon R. Anderson-Ravindran
George E. and Lorna Andersson
Margaret M. Andrasko
Fred M. and Cecelia M.# Andres
David Andreski
Carolyn K. Andrew
Betty J. Andrews
James H. and Rebecca E. Andrews
Jeffrey M. and Kathleen Andria
David and Debra A. Andrus
Mary Angelides
Carole Angle
Dennis M.# and Marta K.# Anglim
Matthew J. and Bethann M. Anglin
Amanda Antenucci
David P. Anthes and Sue S. Beers-Anthes
Judith Anthon
David L. and Debbie P. Antognoli
Deborah R. Antoine
Maryann Antoine
Justin M.# and Kathleen Antonacci
Jeff Aper
Steven Appel
Jim and Melanie Appelbaum
Brian Appleman
Gail Appleson
Robert O. and Susan F. Appleton
Norma Aquino
Mehrnaz Arabi
Deborah B. Arata
Christopher J. and Kathleen A. Arbak
Michael S. and Caroline C. Arbanas
David C.# and Deborah A. Arbogast
Evelyn Archer
David J.# and Sarah R. Archibald
Robert R. and Kathryn Archibald
Anthony W. and Lauren Arend
Ponchita A. Argieard
Deborah A. Armbruster
Rosemary Armbruster
Dan B. Armstrong
David W. Armstrong
Melissa A. Armstrong#
Ann F. Arnold
Jeffrey and Debra J. Arnold
John F. Arnold and Ann Ruwitch
John Q. and Alex Arnold
Martha Arnold
Dolly Arnstein
Karen J. Aroesty
Joanne Arpiani
Kristin Artman
Cheryl S. Asa
William Asa
Anthony J. and Joaquina C. Asaro
Emily C. Asbury
Michael G. Asbury
Bernhard and Brenda F.# Asen
Bill Ash
Patricia Ashby
Jaron M. Asher and Jennifer F. Rogers
Nathan A. Ashmore
Mirza and Anis# Ashraf
Mohammed Ashraf
Daniel J. and Jennifer Ashton
Harlan Ashton
Michael J. Askuvich
Shirley Asmussen
Richard Aston
Tamara Atchley
Joan C. Atkins
Kazaz Attai
Chip E. Atterbury
Arianne Aughey
Andrew Augustine
Walter Ault
Linda Austin
Sharon Autenrieth
Joshua Avigad and Laura Kaplan
Ramiro A. and Maria S. Avila
Melissa Avis
Jeffrey J. Awada
Louis Axeman and Kathleen M. Puhr
Ruben Aya
Paula J. Ayers
Steve and Linn Ayers
Maliha Aziz
Robert E. Babb
Jay Babcock
Susan J. Baber
Nicole S. Bach
William G. and Jean A. Bachman
Donald and Susan P. Bachmann
Robert G.# and Kathryn G. Bachmann
Lesley Backus
William and Sheila Bader
William S. and Margaret J. Badgley
Sung Y. Bae#
Barrett J. and Deborah J.# Baebler
Gary Baehr
Jill Baer
Leonard and Myra Baer
Donna P. Baeten
David A. and Suzanne L. Baetz
Judy Bagato
James and Linda Bagby
Art and Barbara A. Bahn
Bernet S. Bai
Christopher Bailey
Steven C. and Patrice M. Bain
Danny M. Bainter
Stefan F.# and Sarah K. Baiocchi
Wayne E. Baird Jr.
Ann L. Baker#
Dalton Baker
Doris J. Baker
Frank and Mariann Baker
James M.# and Janice E. Baker
Melissa H. Baker
Newell A. and Janine S. Baker
Richard C. and Shirley K. Baker
Steven L. Baker
Veronica F. Baker
William P. Baker#
Thomas P. and Rosemary Bakersmith
Krishna Bala
Gabor# and Erika S.# Balazsi
Joseph J. and Judith C. Baldassare
Dan and Jan Baldenweck
John and Maureen Bales
Jason and Jennifer Balicki
Kenneth and Susan Balk
Martin and Dawn Balk
Robert M. and Francine M. Balk
Kathryn Ballard
Kevin S. and Peggy L. Ballard
Rebecca L. Ballard
Joseph Balmer and Julie Birkemeier
Ann A. Balsamo
Deborah B. Balser
Terry and Marilyn K.# Balthazor
Douglas Baltz
Cynthia J. Bambini
David J. and Dee M. Ban
Robert Banashek
Eric A. Bancks and Melissa G.# Gurley Bancks
William B. Bander
Joe Banduhn
Subhayu Bandyopudhyay
Gerald A. and Paige V. Banet
Steve and Katie Banister
Colman H. and Diann J. Bank
Douglas C. and Amber Bankhead
Milagros R. Banton
William Banton
William C. Banton
Jianxin Bao and Sharron L. Summerlin
Elizabeth Baraba
John M. Baragiola
Mary E. Barber
Terry C. and Sharon L.# Barber
Ed Barbier
Russell Barden
Stephen J. Barenkamp
Jennette Barker
Matthew R. Barker#
Joanne Barkley
Robert L. and Susan B. Barley
Barbara O. Barnes
Brandiss Barnes
Harper H. Barnes and Roseann M. Weiss
Randal K. Barnes
Jerel C. and Linda S. Barney
Darrell M. Barni
Barbara M. Barnum
Harriet E. Baron
Eugene Barr
Terrie M. Barr
William C.# and Debra Barr
Donna Barratt
Andrew C. Barrett
Leslie Barrett
Thomas Barrett
Charles and Christine Barrier
Melanie Barrier
Cathy R. Barancik and Steven Novik#
John W. and Evelyn D. Barriger
Elena Barrio
John M. and Laurel Barron
Lee Barron and Karen Grayson
Martin and Sharon K. Barron
Ricky A. and Mary A.# Barron
Bryan M. Barroqueiro
David and Bridget Barry
Ken Barry
Mary K. Barteau
Linda J. Bartek#
James Bartelsmeyer
Ruth V. Bartholomew#
William F. Bartholomew
Kathleen Bartin
Michael Bartlett
Nathan G. Bartlett
Steve Bartlow
Mark# and Leslie Barton
Mary L. Barton
Robert W. Barton and Prem S. Tang Barton
Janet A. Barzoff#
Harry H. and Carrie E. Bash
James K. and Shelley R. Bashkin
Janice J. Baskin#
Bruce M. and Janice L. Baskir
Michael and Mary Basler
Brian A.# Bass and Harriet Jensen
Debra D. Bass
Lisa Bass
Shirley M. Bassett
Joseph A. Bassler
Bahar Bastani
Dudley B. Batchelor
Mary Ellen Batchelor
Michelle D. Bateman#
Rob Bathgate
Guinn Batten
Craig and Nancy Battersby
Braeden S. and Caroline A. Battles
Charles Bauer
David R. and Laura L.# Bauer
Henry and Ann P. Bauer
Jeffery and Pat Bauer
Kenneth# and Cheryl Bauer
Renee L. Bauer
Sarah Bauer
Thomas Bauer
Michael and Gloria A. Bauermeister
Richard Baugh and Elizabeth M. George
Wade Baughman
Carla Baum
James A. and Kathy Baum
Janet S. Baum
Melissa Baum
Daniel B. and Georgina C. Bauman
Jared Baumann
Barbara Baumgartner
Fred and Marjorie Bauschard
Daniel and Barbara Bauwens
Steven R.# and Rhea S.# Baxter
Bryndon C. Bay
Stephen A. and Cheryl Bayes
Philip Bayly and Rebecca Rugen
Xiaobing Be
Suzanne M. Beach
Joseph A. and Rebecca H. Bealmear
Roger L. and Margaret L. Beaman
Bill Beamish and Marie G. Jureit
Bourne and Byrd Bean
Dorothea M. Bean#
Kenneth Bean
Ronald L. and Alice S. Bean
Katherine Beane
Richard D. Beard#
Nick W. Beary
William S. Beatty
Joshua L. and Marantha Beatty-Brown
Bradley E. Beaty
LeAnn Beaty
Willis V.# and Joan Beauchamp
Jim and Judy Beaudry
Jeffrey and Linda Beaver
Michael D. Bechtol and Patricia M. Botsko
Janice Bechtold
Charles C.# and Annette Beck
Lorna K. Beck#
Thomas M.# and Karen A. Beck
Carol Beckel
Charles W. and Ellen K. Becker
Debra Becker
Jonathon Becker
Judith K. Becker#
Robert and Deborah Becker
William J. and Joanne E. Becker
William J. and Jackie S. Becker
Glenda Beckerman
James O. Beckman
David L. Beckmann
Karl Beckmann
Kathleen Beckmann
Eunice Beckwith
Mary Beddome
Donald P. and Kathryn A. Bedell
Anne P. Bedwinek
Daniel Beers
Emmet G. and Lynne D. Beetner
Mary Behler
Elizabeth A. Behlmann
Ernest C. and Mary S. Behnke
Dale W. and Elizabeth D.# Behrens
George Behrens and Judy M. Eilken
Linda Behrens
Jim Behrmann
Jon and Shanondora Beidelschies
Norman and Maria Bein
Nancy Belau
Winnie J. Belding
Alan L. Bell
Calvin Bell
Erin Bell
John F. Bell
Roderick Bell
Wendy J. Beller
Eugene Belleza
Linda Bellins
Lois M. Bellis
Vincenza M. Bellone
Steve C. and Despina M. Bellos
Claudia Belobraydic
Judd and Susan Belson
Julie Belzer
Rebecca Bemrose-Fetter
Brian Benanti
Francisco Benavides
Judith A. Bender#
Lynne Bender
Mary E. Bender
N. Lee Beneze
Michael and Hilary E. Benjamin
Edward S. and M. Jean Bennett
Harry J. and Sandra Bennett
Holly Bennett
James H. and Joy A. Bennett
Jim M. and Amy Bennett
Peter A.# and Elaine Bennett
Phillip J. Bennett
Kenneth G. Bensch
Anna H. Benson
William Bentlage
Garrett A. Bentley
Juanita Bentley
Kathryn Bentley
Brian N. and Crista L. Beracha
Timothy Beranek
Edward and Mary C.# Berberich
Andrew S. Berg
Darrell M. Berg
Leonard F. Berg
Charles T. and Jo Ann M. Berger
Henry W. and Mary B. Berger
James R. Berger
Kathryn G. Berger
Laurie J. Berger
Doug and Mary Bergfeld
Garrett Bergfeld
Margaret A. Bergfeld
Tyler Bergland
Lawrence and Sarah Berglund
Hugh R. and Ann Bergman
Katrina Bergman
Tina P. Bergman
Donald H. Bergmann
Henry Bergmann
Nancy E. Bergmann
Thomas C. and Tina M. Bergmann
Michael and Barbara Bergmire
Michael Berhorst
Dawn E. Berkbigler#
Jeffrey A. Berkbigler
Lisa Berman
Saramina Berman
Claude Bernard and Joan C. Walker
David E. Bernard
Clarence Berndt
Beverly A. Berner
William H. Berner
Brad K. Bernhard
Susan E. Bernhard
Elise H. Bernstein
Holly E. Bernstein
Ira Bernstein
Neil Bernstein
Steven E. Bernstetter#
Melissa Berrien
Richard J.# and Susan J.# Berron
Clinton L. Berry#
Julia E. Berry
Sara L. Berry#
Thomas E. and Carol Berry
William L. and Nancy Berry
Tiana Y. Berry-Jones
Chelsea E. and Viola# Berryman
Angelina M. Bertani
Daniel Bertel
Robert and Anna R. Bertman
Dale A. and Kim E. Bertram
Dora Bertram
Tony C. Bertram
Bong Bertsch
Bruce J. and Laurie J. Berwald
Suzanne Besnia
Jason Best
Jennifer Best
John Best
Stephen R. and Joyce R. Best
Brian L. Betker and Joan A. Krueger
Philip P. Betts
Cindy Betz
Roman and Patricia Beuc
John and Crystal L. Beuerlein
Donald Bevirt
Prerit K. and Tina Bhakta
Keshab Bhattacharya and Nancy C. James
Elly Bhuyan
Marianna Bianchi
Kenneth L. and Gail P. Bickel
Mary E. Bickel
Trudee L. Bicket#
Michael Bieg
Charles and Dolores H. Bieger
Craig T. and Kristine E. Biehle
John and Ann K. Bieller
Julie A. Bierach
Mary Biernot
Tom A. and Mary H. Biggs
Matthew H. and Elizabeth B. Bigham
Leonard K. and Tharon E. Bilheimer
Lindsay E. Bilhorn
Suzanne Billhymer
Carla Bills
Richard Bilodeau
Dale E. and Lynn B. Bilyeu
Joseph A. Bindbeutel
Ellen Binder
Patricia L. Binek
Dennis E. and Maria A. Bingheim
Darlene Bird
Sarah Birdsall
Mary Birdsell
Scott R. and Mary K. Birdsong
Louis# and Linda Birenbaum
Susan Birmingham
Richard and Anne Bischoff
Bradley J. and Anne R. Bishop
David Bishop
Shelley L. Bishop
Tricia Bisoux
Shirley T. Bissen
Joel W. and Megan A. Bittle
Donald P. and Priscilla S. Bizer
Dennis C. Black#
Jean Black
Maggie Black
Sara Blackwell-Hardin
Lance and Shalene Blackwood
Lynn Blade
Laurie A. Blaes
Michael Blain
Susan Blain
Bevin Blake
Sarilda A. Blake
Terry L. and Cynthia B. Blake
David P. and Christina M.# Blanc
Les E.# and Jessica D.# Bland
Lynn B. Blandford
Kim Blankenship
Robert Blankenship and Elizabeth Dorland
Dennis W.# and Terri J.# Blase
Julie Blase
Richard A. and Lorraine L. Blath
Marvin and Margaret Bleem
John C. Blew
Phillip Bleyer
Oliver Block
John G.# and Elaine Blodgett
Seth M. Bloom and Akwi Asombang
Samuel and Deaun A. Blumberg
John A. and Laura S. Blumenfeld
Howard Blustein
Russell and Margaret Blyth
Betty Bock
Myron and Kathleen M.# Bockhorst
Robert Bockhorst
Lori Bockman
Amy Bode
Charles Boeckman
Henry E. and Carol R. Boeckmann
Robert B. Boeckmann
James Boedeker
Thomas A.# and Dina L.# Boehmer
Gary Boehnke and Katherine Hawker
Steven Boemler
Jaime A. and Lisa S. Boero
Alice Boeschenstein
Flint Boettcher and Janet Solecki
Rand E. and Denise Boettger
Head G. and Natalia N. Bogdanova
Dave Boger
Sally Boggeman
Kent B. Bohling
Jim Bohman and Gretchen W. Arnold
Elizabeth Bohn
Donald D. and Greta Bohnenkamp
Melody Boime
Wanda R. Boineau
Judy Boland
Robert and Carla Bolland
Michael and Jean B. Bollinger
Tom Bolman
Amy Bolte
Natalie A. Bolton
Ken Bolyard and Debora A. Davidson
John and Lisa A. Bonacorsi
William and Naneen Bond
Linda Bone
Merle C. and Hallye B. Bone
Theresa Bonney
Amy K. Bonsall
Eugenie R. Bonte
James H. and Sharon L. Book
Michael Booker
Alice M. Boon#
Jeffrey S. and Laurel L. Boone
Sherry K. Boone
Dumond Boozer
Norma R. Boozer#
Bill Borger
Thomas L. Borgmeyer
Lonny Boring
Marcia D. Born#
John Bornhofen
Daniel E. and Jane B. Bornstein
Larry L. Borowiak#
Michael Borrini
Diana A. Bose
Ron Bose
Murella Bosse
Richard B. Boswell and Amy Joseph
Celia E. Bouchard
Merrill and Elaine Boudreaux
Catherine Boulanger
Ernest C. and Diane C. Boulicault
Scot W. and Joanne Boulton
B. Diane Bounds
Arthur and Alison T. Bourey
Robert L. Bourgeois
Diana Bourisaw
Stephen Bourke
Elizabeth Bourne
Justin and Tracy Bouslog
Lucy Bouton
Timothy L.# and Denise M. Bowden
Tracy S. and Stephanie C. Bowe
James F. and Alice A. Bowen
Laurie Bowen
Sharon K. Bower
Tod A. Bowermaster
Betty Bowersox
Steven Bowker
Gregory A. and Mary P.# Bowles
John H.# and Ellen Bowles
Marty D. and Stacey R.# Bowling
Cheryl Bowman
Bruce and Suzanne Bowser
Burton A. and Benita W. Boxerman
Michael J. Boyce#
William H. and Penny Boyce
G. William and Elizabeth E.# Boyd
Clifford Boyer
Suzanne Boyle
William R. Boyle
Lary and Lynn Bozzay
Gregory W. and Carol K. Brabbee
Barry and Siobhan M. Brace
Casey and Gina Braden
Charles L. and Judith J.# Brader
Richard Bradfield
Dean and Martha Bradley
Edward and Paula R. Bradley
Mary Bradley
Thomas M. and Janet M. Bradley
William W. Bradley
Ross Bradshaw
John M. and Lynda Brady
Marsha Brady
Timothy and Marianne Brady
Maria Brady-Smith
Marie Bragdon
James H.# and Marie Brand
Fred L. and Shelley Brandenburg
Steven Brandes
Robert Brandewiede
Allan M. Brandt and Shelly F. Greenfield
Daniel C. Brandt#
Derek Brandt
Stacy Brankovic
Matthew Brannen
John Brase
Celynda Brasher
Don Brasher
Ellen Brasunas
Jim Brasunas
Charles J. and Katherine C.# Bratkowski
Brad Braun
Marc W.# and Rose A. Braun
James Brauner
Jim and Mary Brauner
Nancy Bray
Jerry A. and Lynne R. Breakstone
James A. and Gail M. Breaugh
Andrew Bredemeyer
Paul W. and Virginia A. Bregitzer
Nancy Breier
Michael J. and Tamarra J. Breiner
Marilyn Breitling
Gary L.# and Alice Breneman
Charles W. Brennan
Dennis Brennan
Francis Brennan
John P. Brennan
Richard A. and Joyce J. Brenner
James Brent
Caroline Brethauer
Darwin O. and Mary Lu Bretsch
Kathleen Bretsch
Jamie A. Breuer
Diane C. Brewer
Harold L. and Ericka E. Brewer
Nina Brewer
Thomas Brewer
Steven N.# and Marlene E.# Bricker
John D. and Laurie E.# Brickey
Elizabeth Bridge
Carlos R. and Jessie L. Bridges
Paul C. and Carole A. Bridgman
Larry D. and Kelly A. Bridwell
Bill F. Brighoff and Carol R. Bartell
Ed and Sheri Brimer
Thomas Brinker
Don Brinkman
Andrew and Stephanie Brinkmann
Anthony and Ann Brinkmann
Jill Brinkmann
Laurie Brinkmann
Nicholas Bristow
Goran Brnjic#
Joanne Broadwell
Christine A. Brochtrup
Charles Brock
Richard L. Brock
Michael Brockland
Margaret A. Brockmann
Joseph Brockmeier
Suzanne Broddon#
Randy# and Andrea P. Brodsky
Mary O. Broida
Martha Bromley
Eric Bronner
Fred Bronstein
Derrick R. and Monica I.# Brooks
Patrick and Barbara# Brooks
Frederick E. and Stefany P. Brot
Glenn Brothers
Dale W.# and Elaine Brouk
Gloria H. Broun
Brent D. and Susan C. Brower-Toland
Alan Brown
Ann C. Brown
Barbara A. Brown
Barry D. and Jean M. Brown
Bart O. and Bonnie L. Brown
Boyd W. Brown
Charles E.# Brown and Cordia L. Young-Brown
Charlotte Brown
David W. and Catherine H. Brown
Derek S. Brown
Edie Brown
Edward W. Brown#
Edward Brown and Greta Buback-Brown
Edwin and Vicki Brown
Eric A. Brown and Amy J. Ravin
Giselle Brown
Gordon and DeAnne E.# Brown
Greg Brown and Elena Sabin
Harsh J. and Frances V.# Brown
Jeffrey Brown
Jerry G. and Shirleen G. Brown
Jessica Z. Brown
Jimmie L. Brown
Larry L. and Patricia S. Brown
Laurie Brown
Leonard W. and Barbara Brown
Mark A. and Kathleen Brown
Marsha Brown
Martha L. Brown
Michael A. Brown and Susan L. Bragg
Michael G.# and Ann M. Brown
Rebekah M. Brown
Robert S. and Margaret E. Brown
Roderic M.# and Mary A.# Brown
Stacey Brown
Stephen M. and Lisbeth Brown
Steve Brown
Steven and Sharon Brown
Thomas J. and Diane L. Brown
Timothy A. Brown
William L. and Cindy S. Brown
Randi Brown-Hattery
Stacy R. Browning#
Wesley and Marilyn Browning
Andrea Brownstein
Shannon A. Broyles
Edwin H. Brubeck
Michael A. and Mary Bruce
Robert S. and Betsey Bruce
Mary A. Bruemmer
Steven R.# and Jacqueline A. Bruening
Cheri Brumit
Richard and Veronica R. Brumitt
Barbara Brundage
Kenneth W. Brune
Linda J. Brunk#
Paul Brunkow and Carmen Tibbets
Eric and Marci Brunner
Carlo and Betty Bruno
Nadia Bruno
Jill Bruns
Michael J.# and Judy A. Bruns
William G. and Jeanne G. Bruns
Gerald R. and Mary R. Brunstrom
Raymond A. and Mary Alice Bruntrager
David C. and Kathleen S. Brunts
Thomas M.# and DeAnn L.# Brunts
Stephanie E. Brusca#
Patricia Bry
James E. and Carole A. Bryan
Edward and Mary Bryant
Louis B.# and Carole S.# Bryant
Lyle Bryant
Robert H. and Paula P.# Bryant
Walter L. and Rita G. Bryant
James B. and Mary W.# Buchanan
Roger W.# and Claudia J. Buchanan
Barrett R. Buchmueller#
Keith C.# and Luanne J. Buchmueller
David D. and Barbara L. Buck
Jay C.# and Maureen A.# Buck
Mary Ann Buck
Robert Buck
Karen A. Buckey
Kathyrn A. Bucklen
Susan Buckley
E. Wardwell Buckner
Jerome A. and Kathy R. Budai
Ashley E. Budde
James E. and Judith L. Budde
Manpreet K. Budhan#
Amber Budo
Joan M. Bueckendorf#
Josh Buedel
Andre Buehler
James G. Buehler#
Raymond W. and Jane M.# Buehler
Andrea Bueno
John W.# and Carole Buerman
Charles A. and Marlene S. Buescher
Thomas Buescher and Erin Gulley
John B. and Merrill R. Buettner
James H. and Susan E. Buford
S. Thomas and Dixie J. Buford
Sarah E. Buford
James L. and Anne H. Bugg
James R.# and Jane Buhr
Karl F. and Madonna Buhr
Tom Buhrkuhl
Ervin R. and Susan K. Buhs
Michael J. and Sharon K. Bukstein
Irene Bullard
Marvin R.# and Cherae L.# Bullard
Jared Bullock
William F. and Louise C.# Bullock
Katherine Bumb
Peter H. and Gail Bunce
Brian K. and Vickie L. Bunting
Kay M. Burbank
Terry Burch
Larry and Elaine Burchardt
Madonna Burds
Gary K. and Joan M. Burger
Carolyn R. Burggraf
Joseph and Jacqueline Burgoon
Carla Buriks
Elaine Burke
Eugenia Burke
Leon Burke
Martin Burke
Michael A. Burke
Thomas M. Burke and Nancy R. Mogab
Mary A. Burkemper#
Sarah H. Burkemper
Beverly Burkhardt
Blythe Burkhardt
Charles L. and Helen E. Burkhardt
Eric F. and Sandra H.# Burkhardt
Michael and Carolyn M. Burkhead
David E.# and Marianne C.# Burlis
James W. Burlis#
Richard W. and Marilyn J.# Burnett
Carolyn Burns
Kenneth L. and Kathleen A.# Burns
Donald C. and Karen L. Burr
Garrie R. Burr
Deborah J. Burris
Walter E. and Joan G. Burtelow
Paul Burtis
Jane E. Burton
Rodrick K. and Laura B. Burton
James and Patricia A.# Busch
Paul and Susan Buse
Arthur Busekist
Ashley Bush
Catherine S. Bush
Erlynne P. Bush
John R. Bush
Timothy J. and Leigh Ann Bush
Patricia Bushman
Stephen J.# and Maureen C. Bushmann
Patrice Buske
David G. and Amy E. Busker
Marvin and Lynn Buss
Christopher Busse
Thomas L. and Joan P. Bussing
James E. Butler
Stephen D. Butler#
Doris R. Buzzell
Tracy Byerly
Jane Byers
Richard Byers
Andrew L. and Helen L. Bylinowski
Paul and Jeanne R. Byorth
Alonzo and Sharon D. Byrd
Jonathan Byrd and Marie Scott-Funk
Mary Byrd
John P. Byrne
Robert J. Byrne
Julie Byrne-Galligan
Patricia Byrnes
Michael and Joyce Bytnar
Lee A. Caffrey#
Matthew R. Cahalin#
Paul R. and Elissa Cahn
Marietta Caiarelli
Susan W. Caine
Lisa Cakmak
Mark A.# and Lois F. Caldarola
James P. and Sarah D.# Caldwell
Joseph L. and Vicki N.# Caligur
George R. Calkins
Scott Callaghan
J. Stephen Callahan
Peggy S. Callahan
Charles E.# and Patricia Callier
Patricia M. Calliott
Kunigunda Calse#
H. Marvin and Greta Camel
Georgiana Cameron
Nicholas Cameron
David and Julia A. Camp
Richard Camp
Antoinette Campbell
Colin C. and Mariana Campbell
Donna Campbell
James D. Campbell
Jean D. Campbell
Judith A. Campbell#
Paul B. Campbell
Richard J. and Julia A.# Campbell
Thomas R. and Mary Ellen Campbell
Timothy F. Campbell
Virginia R. Campbell#
Michael A. and Mary# Campigotto
Susan Canada
Diane L. Canaga
Alice Canavan
Roy L. and Carol E. Candler
Virginia J. Cannon
Cheryl D. Canon
Timothy M. Canoy#
James R. and Linda F.# Cantrell
Jose A. Cantt#
Thomas P. Canty
Robert A. and Kelly L. Capasso
Marie C. Capelli
Catherine A. Captain
John Capuano
Michael J.# and Veronica Caraffa
Peter J.# and Linda S. Carapella
Michelle M. Carbone
Michael P.# and Jo Diane Carbrey
Chyanne L. Cardarella
Nancy L. Cardinale#
Roland and Barbara Cardwell
Joseph D. Carey
Kristy Carey
Virginia M. Carey
Christopher K. and Mary P. Carl
Karl D. and Tammy K.# Carl
Patricia A. Carleton
Caryn Carlie
Mark and Marie Carlie
Andrew G. Carlson#
David and Joyce Carlson
Donald R. Carlson
Eric A. and Camilla C. Carlson
Glenn A.# and Mary J. Carlson
Carol Carlthers
Anne Carman
Mary E. Carmody
Robin Carnahan
Barbara Carnes
John A.# and Joanne K. Carney
Justin Carney
John S. and Margaret Carothers
Clarkson and Rita Carpenter
Donald J. and Diane C. Carpenter
Jason L. Carpenter
Jim and Debra A. Carpenter
Nichole M. Carpenter
Walter and Marcia K. Carpenter
Christina Carr
Karen E. Carr
Therese G. Carr
Beatriz M. Carreno
Pablo A. and Maria M. Carrion
Antionette Carroll
James A. Carroll
Megan M. Carroll
Vanessa Carroll-Schmidt
Chris Carron and Teresa Sunyer
Christopher A. Carson and Deborah Bloom
David and Chona Carson
J. Owen and Nancy G. Carson
Lisa H. Carswell
Margaret C. Cartaya
Gregory L. Cartee
Brandon Carter
Derrell L. Carter#
Elizabeth T. Carter
Michael E. Carter#
Patricia A. Carter
Susan D. Carter
Thomas and Marie Carter
Amy Caruano-Yzermans
Juan and Carol Carvallo
Bruce Carvell
Elizabeth Carver
John C. and Carol A. Cary
Gaspare and Kathleen A.# Casamento
Martin and Katie Casas
James E. and Dorcas Case
Lynda A. Caselton
Christopher Casey
Daniel R. and Susanne S.# Casey
John J. Casey
Kevin Casey
Paul Casey and Carole Billings
Thomas P. and Lynne D. Casey
Matthew C. and Amanda F. Cashen
Gerald and Donna Casperson
Salvatore H. and Teal M. Cassello
Mark A. and Sandra C. Cassens
Anita Castagna
J. Cesar and Laura K.# Castaneda
Carroll K. and Susan Casteel
Carmen F.# and Susan M. Castellano
Jerry R. Castillon
Clifton W. and Marlene K. Castle
David A. Castro#
Scott Caswell
Sue Cataldi
Joseph S.# and Mary F. Catanzaro
Juliet Catron
Jefferies Caul
Laura Cavallone
Joseph A. and Linda Cavato
Timothy D. Caveny
Arthur Cavitt
Donna J. Cays
Juan A.# and Dori Cazorla
Judith E. Chabot#
Mark E. Chadwick
Murali Chakinala and Lisa De Las Fuentes
Joydip Chakravarty
Vernon F.# and Liliana Chalfant
Steve Chalmers
Stephen C.# and Marianne# Chamberlin
James and Heidi Chambers
Trent Chambers
Frank R. and Beth Chamblin
Bradford J. Champlin
Legail Chandler
Denise Chaney
Lesley Chaney and Loren R. Singleton
Martin P.# Chaplin and Susan D. Glover
Charles Chapman*
Spencer R. and Jeanette Chapman
Thelma L. Chapman
Martha M. Chapo#
Celeste Chappuis
Bernard S. and Carol L. Charles
William T. and Marcia Charlton
Pana and Tanya Charumilind
Lewis R. and Jean C. Chase
Kim A. Chastain
Marcia Chatelain
Dan Chatfield
Alice Chatley
Aftab Chaudhry
Julie C. Chauvin
Elizabeth Chavez
Bert Cheatham
Amanda Chehval
Srikant Chellappa and Kelly B. O'Donnell
Lingchei L. Chen
Shiming Chen
Joan Chenoweth
Maynard A. and Bev A. Chervitz
Michael J. Chervitz and Linda J. Bardol
Helen Chestnut
Rajiv S. Chhatwal#
James H. and Robin H. Chickering
John R.# and Jennifer Chickey
James S. and Mary E. Chickos
Philippe Chicoineau and Mary E. Kramer
L. Patton Chiles
Art Chimes
Bruce M. Ching#
G. D. and Vijaya Chinnadurai
Asif and Michele L. Chinwalla
Carol M. Chipley#
Jaishree Chittoor-Vijayanath
Robert E.# and Carla Chitwood
Dong W. Cho
Katty B. Choi#
Lanny Chong
Jason M. and Carolyn N.# Chrisman
John M. and Susan M. Christensen
Gary L. Christenson
Richard R.# and Margaret K. Christenson
Carl K. and Joan M.# Christiansen
Janice A. Christiansen
Carl T.# and Lynne E. Christianson
Paul S. Christianson
Carroll Christie
Paul F.# and Jane Christman
Don Christy
Jeffrey E. Church#
Charles D. and Yvonne D. Churchwell
Patricia Ciapciak
Salvatore P. and Theresa A. Ciccolella
Jill Cigliana
Mark S.# Cillo and Neringa# Bandzeviciute
Sarah Cindrell
Steven B. and Rita K. Cindrell
Matthew A. and Katie Ciorba
Paul P.# Civili and Mary E.# Hart-Civili
Dennis K.# and Catherine Clapper
Franklin R. and Leslie S. Clark
Gregg Clark
James L. Clark
James E. and Marlene G. Clark
Janet C. Clark
John N. Clark and Jennie Ojeda
John G. and Jayne Clark
Mary F. Clark
Norman L.# and Victoria J. Clark
Robert S. and Stephanie Clark
Robert I. and Andrea J. Clark
Stephen Clark
Virginia R. Clark#
William G. Clark
Willis R. Clark
John and Marigrace H. Clarke
Sheilah F. Clarke-Ekong
Andrew and Elizabeth Clary
Ronald E. Claus#
Roger A.# Clawitter and Ann M. Day
Rudolph Clay
Richard and Jill Claybour
Gerald Claycomb
Charla M. Claypool
Jay Clayton
Floyd Clear
Jason Cleaveland
Terry A. Clem
Roy and Christy A.# Clemens
Jennifer P. Clement
Colleen P. Clements
Jerome C.# and Jeanne M. Clerc
Jeanne H. Cleveland
Jeffrey F. Cleveland
Morton Clifford
Nicholas B. and Maria L. Clifford
Nicholas B. and Marian F. Clifford
Delora F. Climaco
Brian S. Clinch and Nancy A.# Tinsley
Katherine Cline
William Clinton and Amy Buxton
Janis M. Clodfelter#
William W. and Stephanie J. Clohesy
Gary K.# and Linda J.# Cloninger
James E. and Susan H. Clough
Stephen C. and Lorraine S.# Coates
Michael# and Darlene Coats
William and Mary A. Coats
Kevin Cobb
Judy A. Cobillas
Bruce and Maryann T. Cochran
Debbie A. Cochran
Cheryl Cochrane
Robert J. Cockman
George R. Codillo
Gilbert Cody
Richard and Cathy Cody
Rodney M. and Elaine E. Coe
Gary R. Coffey
Andrew C. Coffin
Sarah L. Coffin
Charles and Faye Coffman
Michael J. and Cherina D. Coffman
Adolph I. and Elizabeth A. Cohen
Amy R. Cohen
Deborah Cohen
Hillard K. and Catherine K. Cohen
Laura T. Cohen
Peter A. and Gisela M. Cohen
Jules B. and Patti Cohn
Rivalie S. Cohn
Victor and Gladys W.# Cojocari
Charlotte Coker
Nicole J. Colbert-Botchway#
Mary Colclasure
Frederick R. and Marjorie E.# Cole
Thomas G. Cole and Elaine S. Krul
David W. Coleman and Amie L. Schilson
David L.# and Mary P. Coleman
James J. and Terry S. Coleman
Joseph E. and Sally Coleman
Raymond H. Coleman
Sharon Coleman
Frances Colletti
Christopher C. Collier#
Joseph R. Collier
Brandon Collins
Linda Collins
Steven and Ann V. Collins
Susan Collins
Thomas R. and Jennifer P. Collins
Margaret M. Colloton
Mark D. Colombo
Salvatore Comado
John C. and Monica L.# Combest
Barbara Combs
David Combs
Renee Comerford
Kelly Compas
Harold D. and Kathleen M. Compere
Ron N. and Dianne K. Compton
William D. Compton
Scott and Rhonda Comrie
William and Lois Conant
Hank E. and Amy T. Conard
Robert and Nicole Conaway
William S. Conaway and Cheryl Foster
Maureen A. Concannon
Jane Condellire
Joseph D. Congdon
Nancy Conkins
Joseph T. Conley
Michael Conley
Thomas J. Conley
Robin L. Connelly
Rolland and Barbara Conner
Anthony and Dyan E. Connolly
Maureen A. Connolly
Mary Connolly-Fugate
Kathleen Connor
Joe I. and Janet G. Conover
Carol J. Conrad
David H. Conradsen
William and Karen Conroy
William and Patricia Conroy
Andrew and Bette Constantin
Steven J. Constantin
Victor A. and Dorothy Constien
Jane Conte
Kimberly B. Conte
Frank J. and Leslie E.# Conway
Benjamin E. Cook
Brian S. and Amanda Cook
Don and Wilma Cook
James K. and Jean Cook
Jerry A. and Jo Ann Cook
Koren Cook
Lynn L. Cook
Richard M. and Sylvia J. Cook
Ryan Cook
Dorothy C. Cooke#
Harold G. and Carol H. Cooke
Joshua Cooksey
Nancy Cooksey
Noel A.# Cookson and Jane C.# Fitzgerald
Jon Coole
Cassidy S. Cooley
Elizabeth C. Cooley
Thomas W.# and Eve C. Cooney
Kitty L. Coons
Calvin M. and Anna Cooper
Gerald H. Cooper#
James W. Cooper
John Cooper
John E. Cooper
Michael A. Cooper
William E. and Donna M. Cooper
Maxwell A. and Rebecca Cooperman
Barbara E. Cooseboom
Dennis Cope
Gary D. and Susan Cope
Ronald E. Copeland
Samuel A. and Lois C. Copeland
John L. and Janet L. Copley
Robert and Nancy Copley
Bryan Coplin
Maurizio Corbetta
Joseph Corbo and Jannette Rusch
Kyle J.# and Amy Cordes
Robert and Christine Cordova
Sherry A. Cordover
Doug and Marguerite Corey
Jennifer Corley
Robert C. Corley
Donald and Nancy Corn
Jim and Suzy Cornbleet
Victoria E. Cornelius
William E. and Virginia Cornelius
Penny R. Cornell
Don H. and Susanne D. Corrigan
Joseph E. Corrigan
William M. and Ann P. Corrigan
Allison Corry
Rick Corry#
Daniel A. and Mary E. Corsair
Chris Corse
Jean M. Corse
Robert F. and Irene E.# Cortinovis
Stephen P. and Ann Cortinovis
Christian Cosas
Margaret K. Cosgrove#
Michael and Deborah R. Cosmopoulos
Mary Costantin
Stephen D. and Adrienne Costello
Robert D.# and Patricia Costigan
William and Trina Cotner
Robert Cottone
Julien Couilloud#
Julie Coulter
Nina Coulter-Ware
Steven N. and Holly A. Cousins
Rex and Nancy R. Couture
Dario P. and Marybel S. Cova
Robert E.# and Kimberly S.# Cowell
David F. and Mary Jane Cox
Elizabeth Cox
Jerome R. Cox
Jerry and Margaret A. Cox
Kathryn S. Cox
Thomas E. and Sandra O. Cox
Weldon Cox
Mary P. Coxe
Jon Cozean
Thomas R. Cradick#
Thomas V. and Carol F. Cradock
Cheryl Craft
June Crafton
Linda S. Craig
Scott Craig
Lois Crampton
Robert E. and Barbara A. Crancer
Joseph E. and Myra Crandall
Adam Crane
Daniel Crank
Don M. and Jill H. Crary
Jeffrey L. and Anne Craver
Charles and Patricia Crawford
Kenneth H. and Jeanne P. Crawford
Mark S. and Robin H. Crawford
Todd A.# and Kathleen Crawford
Robert W. and Nancy F.# Crawshaw
Allan R. and Carolyn J. Crean
Carol A. Crebs
Michael K. and Cynthia A. Crecelius
Louis F.# and Alice M. Crepps
Samuel T. and Sara P. Crews
Daniel L. and Linda M. Crimmins
Kevin R. Criscione#
Kenneth D. and Devoree C. Crist
Michael F. and Therese S. Cristiani
Arthur D.# and Sherry L. Crittenden
James J. Crnkovich
William J. and Sarah L.# Crocker
Charles R. Croissant
Stanley and Sharon A. Croissant
Diane Croll
Rebecca J. Crone
Michael Cronin
Ron Crooks
Marshall R. Crosby
Lyle Crossland
Dennis Crosson
Howard W. and Mary W. Croswell
John M. Crotty#
James E. and Margaret M. Crowe
Robert L.# and Patricia F. Crowe
Andrew J. Crowley
James H. and Kathryn A. Crowley
Joseph and Beth E.# Crowner
Nancy J. Crozier#
Shenetha W. Crudup-Mack#
Ian Cruickshank
Linda Crull
Steven R.# and Mary Ann# Crump
Susan B. Crump#
Clint A. Cruse#
Kimberly L. Cuddeback
Dennis M. and Susan E. Cuddihee
Janet Cuenca
Russell J. and Margaret A. Cule
Susan M. Culican
Mary K. Cullen
David M. and Joan Culver
Dorothy D. Cumber
Jill Cumming
Brian M. Cummings
Christopher P. Cummings
Colette Cummings
Sandra Cummings
Robert J. and Elizabeth M. Cuneo
Nancy P. Cunneen
Carla J. Cunningham
James Cunningham
Joseph Cunningham
Joseph P. Cunningham
Michael J.# and Catherine L.# Cunningham
Rayanne Cupps
John E. and Susan Curby
David Curiel
Denise M. Curl#
Erin Curran
Michael Currier
Thomas F. Currier
John R. Curtin
Klara Curtis
William# and Lillian E. Curtis
William and Sandra Curtiss
Michael Curtright
Philip L. and Shawnessey W. Custer
Frank J.# and Gina M. Cusumano
Benjamin Cutak
Mary E. D'Angelo
Michelle Dachroeden
Mark K.# and Pamela S. Dagestad
Grainne Dahlem
Craig M. and Linda Dahlgren
John V. and Kathleen E. Dahm
Matthew Dailey
Richard S.# and Donna M. Dakich
Randy A. and Angela M. Dalton
Jim and Diane Daly
Mackenzie Daly
Conrad Damsgaard
Mary L. Dana
Phung Dang
Charles R. Daniel and Lenore K.# Albee
Christopher J.# and Cheryl L.# Daniel
Mary A. Daniel
Theodore and Dana B. Daniels
Thomas S. Dankovich and Harriet J. Fivecoat
Ronald Danna
Marilyn Dannacher
Gautam and Laurel E. Dantas
Carol Danuser
Richard W. and Sharon Danyluck
Warren L. and Sharon E. Danziger
Susan Darcy
Jeff Dardick
Arthur H. Darken
Thomas Darling
Victor and Nancy Darnell
Pradip and Krishna Das
Camille A. Daudelin
Christopher T. and Sara T. Daugherty
John M. Daugherty
Jan L. Davenport
Peggy Davenport
Richard B. and Jerri L. Davenport
Jennifer David
Julie C. David
Alan and Cheryl L.# Davidson
Elizabeth Davidson
John A. Davidson
Laura Z. Davidson
Susan Davidson
William and Estella B.# Davie
Andrew W. and Shelagh R. Davis
Barbara A. Davis
Carl J. Davis#
Donna Davis
Jamie S. Davis
Janet K. Davis
Jeffrey P. Davis
Karen A. Davis
Larry Davis#
Lawrence C. and Barbara C. Davis
Leslie G. Davis
Linda M. Davis
Martha K. Davis
Matthew J. Davis#
Norman L. Davis
Paul R. Davis
Robert W. and Patricia M. Davis
Ronald Davis
Shannon E. Davis
Sheldon Davis and Jane Howard
Steven P.# and Deborah M. Davis
Teresa Davis
Terrance P. and Anna M. Davis
Thomas Davis
Walter R. and Virginia W. Davis
Carol Davis-McDonald
Charity Davis-Woodard
Daniel Davison and Cheryl L. Adelstein
Ronald E. Davison#
Christopher M.# and Therese A. Davisson
Stephen Dawidowicz
C. Warren and Arllis J. Dawkins
Patrick Dawson
Walter L. Dawson
Harold A. and Vicki R. Day
Spencer De Hart
Jay De Long
Cara De Michele
Robert and Brenda Deakin
Colleen Dealey
Renee J. Deall
Carole Dean
Mary M. Dean
Todd Dean and Jackie Grosklos
Darnell Deanes
Roberta S. Dearing
Theodore and Deborah Dearing
Joseph Debettencourt
James P. Deboard
Brent Debrobander
Cheryl E. Decain
Holly K. Deckard
Antoinette Decker
Margaret G. Decker#
Rochelle Y. DeClue#
Mary Dedeaux-Swinton
Bonnie Dee
Michael Dee and Inda L.# Schaenen
Kevin P. Degarmo
Diana Degraff
Donald M. and Yvonne I.# Dehart
Jonathan D. and Patricia Dehner
Louis P. Dehner and Becky A. Pew
Craig S. Deken
Liz Deken
Phillip M. and Julie L. DeKinder
Bradley J. Dekoter
Doris Delaet
Ann E. Delaney
Donna Delaney
Xavier Delannay
Gregory Delassus
Mike Delclos
David C. and Lana S. Delf
Dennis M.# and Elizabeth A.# Delfert
James A. and Kathleen M. Delmez
William and Thurma Deloach
Daniel Deloss
Joseph A. DeLuca
Lee M. and Jennifer L. Demertzis
Jennifer Demoff
Noreen Demonte
David G. and Lucie Dempsey
Lin Dempsey
Marsha L. Dempsey#
Brian J. and Sarah Deneau
Thomas Dengler
Kathryn E. Denner#
Judith L. Dennert
L. Curt and Wendy Dennison
Cecile Denny
Benna Denue
Daniel Depina
Tim Depung
Richard Derohan
Dana Derrington
Peggy Dersch
Herve P. and Gerry Deschamps
Ellen Deschatres
Shreeram V. and Anjali D. Deshpande
Vladimir N. and Jessica M. Despotovic
David S.# and Carol A. Detchemendy
Deborah Deterding
David T. Dethrow
James E. and Alice A. Dettmer
John Deveny and Carol Deveney
Michael Devereaux
Scott T. and Julie Z. Devine
Peggy Devoy
Amanda L. Dewees-Thomas
Ray L. and Constance Y. Deweese
Marjorie Dewey
Renee Dewhurst
Andrew T. and Kathleen T. Dewoskin
Helena L. Dewulf
Deborah A. Dey#
Adrian M. and Lauren Di Bisceglie
Dan Dial
Marc and Elisabeth Diamond
Behfar and Parisa Dianati
Wallace B. and Mary B. Diboll
Carroll Dick
David L. Dick
Sam Dicken
Marsha E. Dickens
Vincent W. and Sarah J. Dickhoff
Kenneth and Nancy B. Dickinson
Andrew C. Dickler and Deborah E. Wald
Judith A. Diecker
Walter P. and Sharon L.# Dieckmann
Tom and Vicki Diedrich
Mark Diehl
Daniel and Amy Diemer
James F. and Mary W. Dierberg
Curt V. Diest
Raymond A. Diestel
Michael B. and Donna K.# Dietrich
Adalbert K. and Josephine N. Dietz
Dennis J. Dietzen
Charles T. and Melanie M. DiLeo
Dale R. and Linda C. Dill
Douglas E. and Bonita Dillard
Donald S. and Shirley A. Dillon
Charlton J. and Flora E. Dimitriou
Donald F. and Vicki K. Dimmich
Dwight Dinan
Mary Dinauer
Beth Dinkela
Scott D. Dintelmann
John DiPersio
Michael N. and Allyson Z. Diringer
Rob Dirnbeck
Anthony J. Disalvo#
Paul L. and Christine M. Discher
Debi L. Disser
Russell E. and Sue K. Dittmar
Larry L. and Lillian I. Dittmer
Catherine Dixon
Julie Dixon
Monty Dixon
Timothy Dixon
Paul DiZerega
Michael T. and Mary D. Dobbs
Catherine C. Dobkin#
Craig Dobkin
John W. and Janet M. Dobson
William R. Dodd and Eileen M. Clarke
Jama L. Dodson
Ryan A.# and Laurinda E. Dodson
James Doe
Kathy Doellefeld-Clancy
Denis J. and Carol M. Doelling
Marianne Doerr
Tom and Kathleen Doerr
Philip and Stephanie E. Doeschot
John J. and Cynthia J. Doht
Barbara V. Doisy
Scott and Carolyn Dolan
Sharon A. Dolan
Bruce S. and Lynn Dole
Enes Dolic
Anne W. Dollimore
Helene Dolrenry#
Charles E. Dombek
Jill Donahue
Nancy A. Donahue
Michael Donald
Joyce Donato
Phillip R. and Rosanne Donato
Jamie K. Donnelly
Michelle G. Donnelly#
Colin Donner
Michael Donovan
Stephen Donze
Tom and Kathy Donze
Mary E. Doran
Pam Dorfman
Lance M. and Jill Dorgan
Louis Dorn
Brian and Lynn Dorsey
Ashish Doshi
Rajen H. Doshi
Margery Doss
Caitlin Doszkewycz
Celestine Dotson#
Jim Doty
William H. and Jane C. Doub
Andrew Doud
Christina Dougherty
John and Margaret Douglas
Thomas E. and Elizabeth J. Douglass
Aziz S. and Mandy L. Doumit
Jerry and Sarah Dow
Mark A. and Betsy E. Dow
Russell Dow
Martha E. Dowling
Alan J. Downs
Matthew Downs
John and Barbara Doyle
Rose A. Doyle#
Suzanne A. Doyle
Carl E. Draper
Mark Drazen
Anne Draznin
Brian Dreckshage
Matthew Dreier
Richard A. and Patricia A. Dremuk
William A. Drennan
Katherine W. Drescher
Charles S. and Patricia A. Drew
Barbara Drey
Paul and Brenda Dribin
Jason# and Erin K. Driedger
Diana M. Drisko
Darrell N. Drissell
David A. and Teresa L. Drissell
Stewart Drolet
Edward L. and Deborah A. Dromgoole
Timothy L. and Jeanne D. Drone
Virginia L. Drone
Elizabeth Druhe
Kathy Drummond
Michael J. and Mary J. Drury
Westley B.# and Jean A. Dryden
Robert Drzymala and Jackie G. Schirn
Richard C. and Judith A. Dubin
Robert H. Dubinsky and Sarah Rubenstein
Diane Dubois
Bernard J.# and Jo A. DuBray
Rita Duckworth
Francis X. and Jean P. Duda
Paul D. and Mary E.# Dueren
Robert and Patricia Dufaux
Harry J. Duffey
James Duffy
Mary C. Dugan#
Thomas S. and Marion G. Duggan
Barbara J. Dugger
Susan Duhig
Catherine A. Dulle
William H.# and Kelly A. Dulle
Stan Dultz
David and Dionne Dumitru
Carol Dumontier
Eileen J. Duncan
Frank V. Duncan
Jeane Duncan
Kimberly D. Duncan#
Steven T. Duncan and Shaire L.# Strong
Melville and Joy Dunkelman
James Dunlap
Angela Dunn
Glenn M. and Katherine H. Dunn
Heidi L. Dunn
J. Thomas Dunn
Jennifer Dunn
Kevin and Jerry H.# Dunn
Charles M.# and Sally R. Dunning
Lawrence Dunsworth
Terrence E. and Renee E. Dupuis
William and Margaret E. Durall
Travis L. and Kathy J.# Durand
Tom E. and Beth Durban
Christine R. Durbin#
Karen M. Duree#
David W. Durham and Karen K.# Wright
David A. and Madonna F. Durham
Judith Durham
Lee P. Durham
Margaret R. Durham
Philip Durham
Melissa Durie
Peter M. and Tammy M. Durso
Andrea A. Durway
Dennis L. and Jill A. Duvall
Gene and Rose A. Duvall
Carol S. Dyer
Elizabeth Dyer
Jacqueline G. Dyer
Michael G. Dyer
Richard S. and Kathryn A.# Dyer
Robert Dyer
David R. and Joann N. Dyroff
Gennie Eachus
Janet Eade
William C. and Julie L. Eades
James R. and Carol M.# Eagan
Kathleen T. Eagan
Lillian Eaker
Garry Earls
William Early
Marion R. and Kathryn M. Easley
Ryan C. Easley#
Dave East
Martha J. East
Bill Eastman and Cynthia Garnholz
Constance Eastwood
David A. Eaton*
Joyce A. Eaton#
Tina L. Eaton
Lee A. Eavy
Ronald J.# and Sally B. Ebest
Charles Eby and Lisa Ross
Angela Echele
Greg Echele and Gail Gordon
Jeffrey T.# Eckerle and Cathy Heckenkamp
Anthony D. Eckert#
Lora J. Eckert
Marlou Eckert
James D. and Virginia J. Eckhoff
Paul Eckler
Doris Economou
Mary J. Eddins
Elizabeth A. Eddowes#
Karen Edelen
Eileen S. Edelman
Elizabeth Edelmann
Mark K. Edelson and Karen M.# Smith
Thelma B. Edelstein
Margaret Ederer
Jane Edgar
Randall Edgell
Molly T. Edler
Robert P. Edler
Theresa K. Edler
Ellen Edman
Dino A. Edmonds#
Robert Edmonds
Ethan Edwards
James E. and Catherine F. Edwards
Kenneth B. Edwards
Timon W. Edwards#
Victor T.# and Faye P. Edwards
Vincent C. and Jacquelyn E.# Edwards
Greg and Claire E.# Effinger
Igor Efimov
Charlene Egan
Terrance M. Egan and Rosalie Uchanski
Peter A. and Barbara A. Eggebrecht
Nicolette Ehernberger
Ray N. and Bonnie C. Ehlers
Mary Ehley
Nicholas J.# and Molly Ehlman
Mary Pat Ehlmann
Peter Ehrenstrom
James P. and Suzanne E. Ehrlichmann
Edward D. and Leslie H. Eicher
Joseph Eickhorst
Susan Eigel
Kent Eilenstine
James R. Eilers
Kim M. Eilerts
Rick and Marci M. Eisen
Patricia Eisenberg
William J. and Margaret C.# Eisenberger
Shirley Eisenhauer
Kathleen Eiser
Sue Ekberg
Donald and Charlotte M. Eldredge
Saleh Elfahmawi
Alan Elfrink
Robert L. and Sarah C. Elgin
Maia J. Elkana
Joan Elkin
Ellen Ellick
Barbara L. Elliott Martin#
Kevin and Kimberly S. Elliott
Dorsey D. and Sondra E. Ellis
Elia Ellis
Joseph M.# and Linda B. Ellis
Lyman E. and Melissa M. Ellis
Dana Ellison
Heather Ellison
Paula Ellison
Samantha Ellison
Kristine Ellsworth
Rosanda Ellsworth
Samir K. and Louise F. Elmofty
Brian D. and Christine Elsesser
Elliot Elson
Daniel and Kim Emerson
Barbara Emling
Leo Emmett and Bobbe Martini
Serpil A. Emre#
Riza Encarnacion
David Endebrock
Robert J. Endicott
Kathryn Endorff
Adolph M. and Marianne# Engebretson
Terence M.# and Jackqueline J. Engel
William and Robbie M.# Engel
Cindy Engelhard
Leah Engelhardt
Dennis T. and Karen Engelkenjohn
Penny L. Engelsman
Kathryn Engelsmann
Carol England
Craig England
Rosalyn England-Henry
Anita C. Engleman#
Virgil W. Engleman#*
Nancy English
Roger P. English
Loretta E. Enloe
Mary L. Enterman
William L. and Annette Enyart
Kelvin T.# and Marjorie A. Enz
Marilyn Eppler
Elizabeth Epps
Carol Epstein
James M. and Jane A. Epstein
Jon Erblich
Robert G.# and Pamela J. Erdelen
Andrew Erdmann and Petra Levin
Jim Erickson
Susan Erickson
Matthew W. Erker
Allison Ernst
David M.# and Rita A. Ernst
Frederick D.# Ernst and Kathleen A. Hauser
Robert J. and Kathy I. Ernst
William K. and Ann C.# Ernst
Edward R. and Linda S. Eschenfelder
Miguel E. and Ana L. Escobar
Robert Eshom
Lisa Espinal
Larry Estes
Harry F. and Sue W.# Estill
Stanley J. and Jean J. Estrin
Donald R.# and Cheryl Estwanick
Kenneth E. Eultgen
Anthony Evans
Jesse T. and Constance Evans
John E. and Phyllis E.# Evans
Julia Evans
Larry D. Evans
Laura Evans
Luz M. Evans
Pat and Jerry Evans
Pearlie I. Evans
Vivian L. Eveloff
George Everding and Maureen O'Day
Shawn M. Evers#
Cheryl Faber
Karen Fabre
Steven J.# and Richelle A. Facik
James D. and Joan R. Fackler
Raymond F.# Fada and Pamela A.# Coslick-Fada
Mary Fagan
Sheryl Faintich
Janet Fales
Adeyinka A. Faleti
David L. and Claudia J.# Fallert
Wilma Fanger
Robert J. and Deborah K. Fanning
Elliott H. and Susann M. Farberman
Scott and Mary Fargo
Amr Farhat and Unitey Kull
Kaitlyn Faries
Daniel Faris
John E.# and Patricia A.# Farley
Glenn A.# and Sonja Farmer
Glenn A. and Jeanne F. Farmer
Walter and Michele Faro
Christopher and Pamela J. Farrar
Jeremy E. Farrar
Carolyn G. Farrell
Patricia Farrior
John and Linda Fassero
Anthony E. and Melanie M. Fathman
Elizabeth Fathman
Kathryn J. Fauble
William Faulds
Jared Faulkner
Dana Faust
Frederick G.# Faust and Cheri L. Schuler-Faust
John C. and Deborah Faust
Adolphus C. and Velma J.# Favors
Gloria Fawl
Alex Fay
James D. and Elaine Fay
Jerome A.# and Connie A. Fay
Justin C. Fay
Dolores Feaster
Kevin A. and Christine Feely
Edward K. and Sarah G. Fehlig
John Fehrmann
Robert M. and Jane Feibel
Daniel B. and Susie Feinberg
Thomas M.# and Barbara A. Feiner
Charles and Karen Feldewert
Aaron Feldman
Stanley B. and Marion A. Feldman
Steve Feldmann
Don Fellin
Christopher T. and Susan B.# Felling
Robert and Cheryl G.# Fellner
Nova Felton
Joan Fernandez
John O. Ferrell
Brett and Jessica Ferricher
Susan Ferrigno
Mark E. Ferris and Diana L. Gray
Michael Ferris
Ruth Ferris
Eric C. and Sarah F. Fesenmaier
Edward P. and Cheryl L. Feutz
Harry F. Few and Joyce M. Mushaben
Eric Fey
John L.# and Linda S. Field
Eugene L. and Genevieve F. Fieldhammer
Arthur Fields
Howard E. Fields#
Johnnie and Annette D.# Fields
Rosemary Fields
Lauren Filla
Barbara Fine
Marcia D. Fine
Joseph M.# and Bonnie C. Fingerhut
Gary R. and Ann E. Fink
Michael J.# and Linda D.# Finkes
Doug Finlayson
Thomas F. and Mary R. Finley
Brit Finnegan
James and Pamela Finnigan
Frank and Charlotte# First
Lewis C. Fischbein
Carl W. and Dorothy L. Fischer
Constance Fischer
Daniel B. Fischer
Frederick Fischer
Michael S. Fischer#
Arthur Fishel
Gerry Fisher
Helen E. Fisher
James E. and Judy Fisher
Margaret A. Fisher
Ronald K. and Jill L. Fisher
Charles F. and Janet L. Fiske
Lisa Fister
Richard E. and Virginia M. Fister
Cynthia Fitch
Tyler S.# Fitch and Marianne A. Downey
Timothy Fite and Wendy G. Hyman-Fite
Sharon L. Fitelson
Linda B. Fitzgerald
Michael N. Fitzgerald
Michael N. and Pamela M.# Fitzgerald
Pamela Fizer
Andrew Flachs
Stephen and Karol Flacke
Timothy Flagg
Jane Flaherty
Francis and Allison Flammang
Thomas F. and Ruth A. Flanagan
Donald L. and Janice Flaskamper
Dwayne Flatt
Katherine Fleet
Alan and Eileen B. Fleischer
Randy and Amy Fleisher
Bruce and Audrey G. Fleissig
John A. Fleming
Willie Fleming
Wayne G. and Susan C.# Flesch
Joan Flesh
William and Barbara Flesh
Carla Fletcher
Christopher Fletcher
John Fletcher
Lawrence J. and Susan E.# Fletcher
Richard V. and Hazel R. Fletcher
Robert P. and Barbara J. Fletcher
Edward B. Fliesher and Susan Halpern-Fliesher
John J. Flood#
David Flores
William F. and Mary Jane H. Florich
John and Jacquelyn Flotken
James and Maureen Flynn
James X. Flynn#
Paul M. Flynn and Amy R. Shannon
Rory and Elizabeth Flynn
Brett and Jennifer J. Foersterling
Daniel T. Foley and Mary E. Otto
Donna Foley
Jeffrey A. and Seda A. Follis
George L. Fonyo
Robert and Janet Foote
Laura S. Foppe
Robert Ford
Amy Foristel
Vafa and Ladan Foroughi
James L. Forst
Robert Forstot and Tammy L. Martin
Mary L. Forsythe
Sonni L. Fort
Michael Fossell
Brian M. and Susan Foster
Drew A. Foster#
John T. and Robin Foster
Mark E. Foster#
Richard and Nahana Foster
Thomas M. Foster and Ann Robertson
John Foughty
Lucien R. and Becky J. Fouke
Michael and Pamela P.# Fournier
Kenneth Fowler
Lori A. Fowler
Michael L. Fowler
Robert Fowler
Alison Fox
Caryl Fox
Gary and Christy Fox
Glennon J.# and Mary E. Fox
Henry P.# and Robyn S.# Fox
Ida Fox
John R. and Kathleen D. Fox
Judith Fox
Patrick J. and Cynthia M.# Fox
Ron D. and Norma J. Fox
Ronald Fox
Bolivar Fraga
Karen W. Frahm#
Marian Fraley
Dominic S. Francisco
Frank and Mary C. Francone
Deborah Frank
Kenneth A. and Patricia B. Frank
Laura Frank
Lyle Frank and Carole L. Kelly-Frank
Mary J. Frank
Leonard J. and Julie H.# Frankel
Gerry and Linda Frankenfeld
Robert J. Franklin and Jeanne D. Morrel-Franklin
Henrietta M. Franzin
Ted and Gail Frappolli
David G. Fratta and Mary J. Becker
Robert M. and Ilene J. Frayne
William O. and Nancy D. Frazier
Jerry Frechette
Timothy B. Fredricks
Alan and Merle V. Freed
Debra Freed
Kenneth Freedland
Barbara Freeland
Jerry and Bonnie Freeland
Bradley D. Freeman and Hannah T. Ha
Gary Freeman
John J. Freeman
Nikki Freeman
Judy Freiberg
Tom Freiberger
Michael S. and Sarijane M. Freiman
Ronald Freiwald
Alan F. and Kimberly K. Fremont
Bradley J. French#
David Frenzia
William E. Freund
David Frey
Sharon E. Frey
Thomas L. and Christine M.# Frichtel
Carl and Sari A. Frieden
Alan D. and Maxine C. Friedman
Andrea Friedman
Barry M. Friedman
Grant and Vincenza M. Friedman
Leah Friedman
Phyllis W. Friedman#
Robert H. and Lois Friedman
Virginia E. Friedman
Robert M. and Carol A. Fries
Ted and Charlotte Frisbie
Gertrude E. Friswold
Alex Fritz
David A.# and Elizabeth K. Fritz
Gayle J. Fritz
Wilbert A. Fritz
Denise Frodeman
Gabriele Fromm
Patricia Frost
Darrel D. and Sandy Fry
John Frye
Anna Fu
Anja Fuchs
Catherine Fueglein
Linda Fuehne
Sonia Fuentes
Peter and Katherine Fuerst
Donna Fugate
Robert C. and Julie A. Fugina
Audra Fuhr
David L. Fulbright
Bob Fulkerson
Roy E. and Carlene Fullerton
Suzanne Furay
Suzanne M. Furesz
Nancy L. Furgerson#
Barbara S. Fuss#
Lester and Elizabeth Fussner
William Fyock
Margaret S. Gaal#
Kay L. Gabbert#
Eugene J. and Nancy Gabianelli
Anna E. Gabriel
Toni Gacka
Claude J. and Debra K. Gaebelein
Brian and Amy G. Gage
Lawrence J.# and Sabrina P.# Gagnon
Timothy W. and Mary R. Gagnon
Buzz and Amanda Gaines-Borders
Theodore and Margaret Galantowicz
Paul L. Galgani
Gregory R. Gallagher
James B. and Susan L. Gallagher
Kevin Gallagher
Michael F. Gallagher
Patrick Galligan
Jeannie Galloway
David Gally
David B. and Alice W. Galt
Martin E. and Marianne Galt
Alice B. Gander
Dan Gano
Chen Gao
Andrea M. Garavaglia
Robert Garavaglia and Bridget A. Rush
Kelly Garbin
John J. and Deborah J.# Garbo
Jerry and Jane Garbutt
Astrid J. Garcia
Christopher Garcia
Maryann Garcia
Rogelio D. Garcia
Victor Garcia
Kevin Gardner
Nina Gardner
Roberta Gardner
Vivien Gardner
Lauren Garfield
Robert H. and Gail A.# Garfield
Joseph J.# and Jacqueline W. Garger
Christine A. Garhart
Grace Garin
David P. and Agnes L. Garino
Cori Garland
Jonathan Garland
Katherine Garland
Beverly Garnant
Holly R. Garrett#
Jessica Garrett
John T. and Patricia M. Garrett
Tim and Heather Garrett
James J.# and Cynthia M. Garrone
Daniel Garrow
William W. Garry#
Gail Gartelos
Aaron Gaston
Amanda M. Gastreich
Ralph and Jill E. Gatcombe
Brian C. and Megan M. Gau
Richard G. and Jacinta Gaudet
Celestia G. Gaudreault
George G. Gaus
James D. and Darla S. Gavin
Peter G. and Diane Gavornik
Robert B. Gaw
Eric T. Gearing and Tara S.# Dickherber
Patricia Gearon#
Stephen L. Geary
Joy D. Gebhardt
Zerebrook Gebru
Sharon Geil
Dennis and Ailing Geivett
David Geller and Nira# Asher-Geller
Elliot and Joann M. Gellman
Cynthia D. Gelsthorpe
Richard A. Gemberling
Robert and Cynthia Gemignani
Steve L.# and Judy J. Genazzi
Lisa Gender
Roger Gennari
James Gentemann
Kathy J. Gentile
Thomas A. and F. Rosalie# Geoffroy
Peggy H. Geolat#
Jocelyn L. George
Joel L. George
Kathleen A. George#
Laura K. George#
Monty George
Stephen A. and Sharon George
William P. George and Eileen M. Manganaro
Robert E. and Lori J. Gerlt
Doug and Karen German
Michael A. and Maria L.# Gerritzen
Prue H. Gershman
James R. and Joanna T. Gerst
Robert A. Gervasi
Kimberly Gettemeier
Marjorie Getty
Randall C. and Ann D.# Getz
Marilyn C. Ghanem
Sunil B. and Purnima S. Ghedia
Gary Giamartino
Joseph and Peggy L. Giaminetti
Daniel E. Giammar
Ted N. and Jennifer Gianaris
Michael S. Gianino
Michael P. Gianino
Therese Giannaris
Jaspare J. and Lynn R. Giardina
David K. Gibbs
Jackson H. and Carla P. Gibbs
Nicholas V.# and Amy Gibson
Robert D. and Jo Gibson
Sherry P. Gibson
Susan Gibson
David and Lorie Gierada
William E. and Barbara A.# Giese
Leah Giessing
David O. Gifford
Elaine K. Gifford#
Ed Giganti
Charles F. and Catherine E. Gilbert
Eric and Sara Gilbert
Mary C. Gilbert
Maryna Gilbert
Norman C. and Susan R. Gilbert
Stephen A.# and Elenor J.# Gilbert
Terri Gilbert
Barbara J. Gilchrist and Debra K.# Deiermann
Patricia Giles
Michael J. Gilgrist
Kevin Gilhuly
Charles Gill and Elizabeth Molloy
Savannah Gill
Margaret J. Gillespie
Jamie Gilley
Evelyn Gilliam
Sue Gillingham
Elizabeth Gilpin
Deborah Gilula
James A. Gioia
Karen S. Giovanoni
Eric Gipson
Steven J.# and Susan M.# Givens
Linda Gladson
John Glascock
Andy Glaser
Andrew D. and Leslie A.# Glassberg
Eric Glazier
James H. and Julia E. Gleason
Patrick M. and Nancy L.# Gleason
Joseph V. and Joan W. Gleich
Peter A. and Marianne E. Gleich
Larry W. and Gail L.# Glenn
William A. and Nuala M.# Glennon
Jerome E. and Dianne Glick
Stephen A. and Linda D. Glickman
Jason and Kim Glidden
Ronald J. Glossop
Raymond Gluck
Paul L. and Eileen C. Gmerek
Shanna D. Gnann
Alison Goate
David G. and Carol P. Gocken
Thomas Gocken
Mark Godbee
Andrew Godbey and Janet M. O'Neal
John Goehner
Karen Goellner
Gerald Goethals
Gustav F. and Gloria A. Goetsch
Susan L. Goff
William Gogel
Frederick J. Goglia
Elizabeth Gohara
Steven L. and Leslie M. Goldberg
Margaret M. Golden
Steven D. and Carolyn C. Golden
Richard and Barbara Goldenhersh
Ronald D.# and Deborah Goldfeder
Seth A. Goldkamp
Barry S. Goldman and Heather A. Allen
Elise C. Goldman
Roger L. Goldman and Stephanie L. Riven
Steven H. and Julie A.# Goldman
Jesse A. Goldner and Judith A. Cromwell
Jennifer Goldring
Benjamin M. and Linda L. Goldstein
Brett and Andrea Goldstein
Daniel A. and Sheila Goldstein
Joel K. and Maxine L. Goldstein
Kenneth H. and Maxine K. Goldstein
Nancy Goldstein
Katherine Goldwasser
Michael Goldwasser
Edward G. Golterman and Nora B. Ryan
Janis C. Good
John Good and Joanne C. Kelly
Andrew D. Goodman
Brian J.# and Susan A. Goodman
Gary M. Goodman
Harriet J. Goodman
Hortence Goodman
Karen M. Goodman
Larry W. and Lillian S. Goodman
Lori D. Goodman
Susan M. Goodman
Steven D. and Mary V. Goodrich
James Goodwin
Mary E. Goodwin
David A. and Deena Goran
Shawn Gorden and Roxanne Ayotte
Angela Gordon
Carolyn Gordon
Georgia Gordon
Jeffrey I. and Deborah Gordon
Margaret L. Gordon#
Marilyn M. Gordon
Mark D. Gordon
Susan L. Gordon
Richard N.# and Diana M. Gores
Beverly Gorman
Karen J. Gorman
Michael Gorsich
Thomas A. and Jean E. Gosebrink
Ramin M. and Hatice Goshtaiy
Marilyn S. Goss
Lynn H. Gossen
Leonid R. and Mary Lou Gotman
Kenneth and Sharon A. Gottschall
Margot Goudsmit
Peter Gounis
Deborah Gourdine
Donald A.# and Lisa K.# Gouwens
Bhaskar Gowda
George J. and Elizabeth A. Grabner
Evan Graboyes
Angela R. Gracey
Keith Grady
Michael P. and Emily L. Grady
Patricia Grady
Thomas C. and Kelly Grady
Susan K. Graf
Jeffrey Graff
Charlene Graham
Linda K. Graham
Roy A. Graham
Ronald E. and Lynn M. Grames
Mario C. and Marguerite E.# Grandelious
James K.# and Pamela Grant
Julia E. Grant
Nathan Grant
Samuel B. and Margaret D. Grant
William R. and Bonnie J.# Grantham
Debra A. Graslaub#
David and Alyssa M.# Gratz
John and Patricia Gratz
Denis Graul
Kevin L. and Rhonda L. Gravemann
Albert Graves
Alison Graves
Dean A. and Nancy C. Graves
Jeffrey R. and Pamela M. Graves
William and Patricia Gravlin
Kevin M. and Allegra Grawer
Allison Gray
Amy Gray
David B. and Margaret E. Gray
Delbert Gray
Kathleen F. Gray
Mary E. Gray
Oronde D. Gray
Timothy J. and Dianne A. Gray
Phillip L. and Anne# Gray-Le Coz
Vince and Kristine Graye
Linda Grayson
Michael A. and Margaret M. Grayson
Carolyn G. Green
Dennis J. and Mary J.# Green
George L. and Judy M. Green
Jonathan M. Green
Josephine Green
Louise Green
Mary L. Green#
Michael Green
Rita M. Green
Roy C. Green
Timothy S. and Susan A.# Green
Stuart and Margaret E. Greenbaum
Mark and Christina Greenberg
Ronald K. and Jan C. Greenberg
Phillip B. Greene
David M. and Leigh H. Greenhaw
Gary L. and Barbara S. Greenman
Virginia E. Greeno
Julie Greenspoon-Kelly
Milton G. Greenstreet
James E. and Camille D. Greenwald
Sarah D. Greenwood
Steve and Nancy Greenwood
Deborah T. Gregg
Michael Gregg
Byron Gregory
James and Deanna Gregory
Richard R. and Barbara J. Gregory
Richard and Jane Greiff
Justin M. and Sarah W. Gremillion
Gery J.# and Debbie S. Gremmelsbacher
Bruce and Dawn K. Grench
Edna Grench
David S. and Heidi M. Grenda
Benjamin Grenier
Robert J. and Catherine V. Gresick
Jo Anne R. Gresso
James and Theta P.# Gribbins
Ronald E. and Martha A. Gribbins
Chris G. and Margaret M. Griesedieck
David J.# Griesedieck and Mary M. Thurmond
Peter Griess
George Griffing
Donald P. and Meredith M. Griffiths
Ann Grimes
Danielle Grimes
Brian J.# Grimmond and Yanina# Levchinsky-Grimmond
Joann A. Grindler
Anthony J.# and Kathleen S. Grinstead
Rita Grisvard
Andrew and Melissa D. Grizzle
Peter Groce
Trevor Groce
Steven W.# and Elizabeth F. Grodsky
James M. Groesch
James and Mary Ann Groetsch
Agi Groff
Jackie E. Groff
Mary Groff
C. William Grogan
Mary L. Grone
Robert Gronski
Mary Grose
Anne R. Gross
Carol K. Gross
Harold C. Gross
Lloyd W. and Ruth E. Gross
Paul A. and Cindy J. Gross
Ralph Gross
Robert M. and Terri A.# Gross
Loren H. Grossman
Thomas and Nina Grote
Christie A. Grotpeter
Heather Grove
Steven Groves
Mario# and Viktoriya# Gruden
James F. Gruenewald
Charles Grumbach
Werner F. and Inge L. Grunbaum
Kim M. Gruner
Tracey Grzegorczyk
Lawrence# and Carol A. Grzovic
Hong Gu#
Dan L. and Diana Gualdoni
Jon C. Gualdoni and Elizabeth F. Probst
Leonard J. and Betty Guarraia
Charles J. Guenther and Margaret P. Gilleo
James J. and Karen M.# Guglielmo
Lynette Guignard
William R.# and Christine L. Guinther
Erma Guise
Charles J. Gulas
David M. and Ann B. Gulick
Eric A. Gulve
Joseph J. Gummersbach
Gary Gummersheimer
Christopher M.# and Kristine M. Gund
Frank N. and Margaret P. Gundlach
James F. and Lee Gunn
Donn W. and Royal L.# Gunter
Jonathan F. and Diana Gunter
Robert A. and Noelle Gunter
John and Mary Gunther
Liang Guo#
Jitendra and Santosh Gupta
Claudette Gurlly#
Gerald Gusdorf
Paul A. and Carol B.# Gusdorf
Walter and Ruth Gusdorf
Karen A. Guskin
Gail Gusman
Bret D. Gustafson
Larry Gustafson
David and Cheryl J. Gutting
Cheron R. Guyton
Frederick J. Guzan
Rebecca Guzy
Dennis W. and Stephanie Gvillo
Thomas E.# and Maribeth L. Haag
Milton Haas and Linda Lewis
James L. Haberberger
Susan Haberer
Hashim Habib
Bruce Hadley
Eric M. Hadley#
Jeffrey J. and Kathie E.# Haferkamp
Leitha A. Haffer*
Karin M. Hagaman
Dianne E. Hagan#
Joseph C. and Suzanne M.# Hagan
Paul Hagan
Joseph and Patricia Hagele
Madeline R. Hagemann
Duane Q. and Catherine C. Hagen
Grace A. Hagen
Joseph M. and Anne S. Hagen
Shelley Hagen
Wayne P. and Kelly L. Hagenbuch
Stephen M. and Rebecca M. Hager
Steven and Meg Hager
Mary L. Hagerty#
J. Michael and Kathryn T. Haggans
Loretta Haggard
Raymond L. and Frances B. Hagrman
John D. Hahn
Kenneth Hahn
Kim Hahn
Rebecca Hahn
Yoram and Yaffa# Hahn
Mary Haigler
Arthur G. and Rebecca H. Hailand
Charles Haines III and Teresa Haines
Ryan and Michelle Haines
Benjamin Hainline
Shyamali Haith
John and Carol Hake
Thomas J. Hake
Alan C. and Carol S. Haker
Angela E. Hakim#
Anne E. Hale
Brian S. and Heather D. Hall
Caroline Hall
Charles L. and Nancy J.# Hall
Edward L. and Linda K.# Hall
Emory S. and Sarah P. Hall
Janis Hall
Jerry E. and Carmele U. Hall
Kenny Hall
Mary B. Hall
Richard and Marsha Hall
Ruth A. Hall
Susan M. Hall#
Thomas G. and Jeanette C. Hall
William B. Hall
Kenneth Haller
Ian and Melanie Halley
Jeremiah E. and Elaine Halley
Dawna Hallsted
Stewart Halperin and Susan C. Spiegel
Donald J. and Carol T. Halski
Henry Halverson
Dennis Hamilton
Esley I. Hamilton
Jacqueline L. Hamilton#
Jennifer Hamilton
John and Mary Hamilton
Patricia A. Hamilton#
Jacqueline Hammer
Mary F. Hammer
Marlene Hammerman
Brian Hammond and Barbara# Mecker
Michaella Hammond
Alyssa Hammons
Mary A. Hammons
Suzanne Hamon
David A. and Carol J.# Hampton
Julia C. Hampton
Albert R. and Margaret E. Hamra
Teresa R. Hamra#
Frank Hamsher and Peggy Guest
Jeanne Hancock
Randolph W.# and Brenda R. Hancock
Robert and Dorothy Hancock
Fred P. and Estelle R. Handler
Steven J. and Terry A. Handley
Bette Handy
Steve Hanekamp
John L.# and Janet P. Hanewinkel
Bert T. Hanicke and Katharine M. Conable
Phyllis A. Hanicke
Bonita A. Hanks
Christina M. Hanks#
Katherine M. Hanley
Stephen J.# and Christine R.# Hanneke
Sara N. Hanner
Charles H. and Robin A. Hannon
Michael J. and Kathleen M. Hannon
Timothy Hannon
Ed and Laurie Hansell
Gary R. Hansen
Jennifer Hansen
Judith H. Hansen
Keven R. Hansen
Myles and Clare Hansen
Daniel F. Hanson
John S.# and Donna M. Hanson
Phillip D. and Linda S. Hanson
Betsy F. Happel
Martha Harbaugh#
Sheldon and Annie Harber
Angela Harbison
Donald and Georgann Hardebeck
Douglas Hardin
Lucille Hardin
Tom and Kathleen Hardin
David and Lisa Harding
Helen Hardy
Jane T. Hardy
Thomas N. Hardy#
John E.# and Rebecca A.# Hare
Thomas M. and Julie M. Harig
Elizabeth Harkins
Andrew and Elizabeth A. Harkonen
David C. and Ruth L. Harmon
David R. Harmon
Judy A. Harmon
Lorraine Harmon
Robert and Jean M.# Harmon
Steven K. Harmon
Kathleen A. Harover
Donna Harper
Michael W. Harper
William and Dyan W. Harper
Eileen M. Harrahill#
Kent L. and Julie R. Harrell
Alexander D. Harris#
Bradley and Dana M. Harris
David J.# Harris and Margaret A. Diekemper
Geoffrey S. and Barbara M. Harris
Harvey A. and Judith A. Harris
Irving D. and Eden O. Harris
Jack H. and Patricia A. Harris
Marcia K. Harris
Margo S. Harris
Matthew M. Harris
Rodney T. Harris
Sally A. Harris#
Suzanne E. Harris
Valorie Harris
Arthur E. and Martha S.# Harrison
Cassie Harrison
Thomas J. and Mary M. Harrison
Victoria L. Harrison
Len M. Harriss
Sherry Harsch-Porter
Carl L. Harshman
Mariella Harstick
Kevin Hart
William Hartel and Alison Whelan
Suzanne E. Hartenbach#
Jeffrey L. and Aurelia Hartenberger
Joe Harter and Mary Peterson
Ray K. and Julie M. Harter
Gregory and Susan W. Hartl
Charlotte Hartley
Don D. Hartman
Gary and Susan Hartman
Michael G. and Nancy M.# Hartman
Michael B. Hartmann
Raymond P. and Kerri Hartmann
Richard L. Hartmann#
Edgar C. Hartnett
Lily M. Hartnett
Bruce M. Hartung
Laura C. Hartung
Paul and Kathleen H. Hartwig
Jeanne A. Hartz
Ted W. Hartzler
Mark and Mary Harvey
Robert Harvey
Nevzeta Hasanovic#
Freida B. Hasek
Joan K. Hashimi
Diana Haskell
Reza and Mahboobeh Hassanzadeh
Randal J. Hassler
Elizabeth Haswell
Jim and Jan Hatch
Mark and Gena Hatch
Thomas M. Hatchard
Ralph R. and Joyce R. Hatlelid
Randall and Amy M. Hauch
Catherine Hauck
David D. Hauck
Paul L. and Judith P. Haudrich
Brian Hauge
Ann M. Haugh
Jeff and Dawn Haumesser
James Hauschultz and Anene M.# Tressler-Hauschultz
Rod Hauser
Ellis H. and Alice E.# Havard
Joan L. Haven
David W. Havis
Aiman Hawasli
Rita Hawatmeh
Nancy E. Hawes#
Donald J. and Mary Ellen Hawf
James T. and Bonnie R. Hawk
Steven B. Hawkes-Teeples
Erin Hawley
Sultan Hayat
Brian and Kathy Hayes
Janet M. Hayes
John M. and Atril Hayes
Jonathan R.# and Melissa P. Hayes
Martin E.# Hayes and Antoinette N.# Morris
William Q. and Susan Hayes
Lowell G. and Susan C. Hayman
Michael Hayman
Cynthia Haynes
William D. Haynes
Cynthia Hays
Douglas L. Hays
Loretta Hays
Michael E. and Sherry L. Hazel
Robert W. Hazel and Betty A. O'Dea
Bo He
Helene Headrick
John and Sharon L.# Headrick
Dorothy J. Heagney
Rita D. Heard Days
John E. and Sara Heartlein
Andrew Heaslet
Annette G. Heberlie
Suzanne Heckman
Edwin and Jean Heckmann
John A. Heckroth
Robert G. and Helen Hedderig
Clark Hedger
Robert A. and Michelle Hedges
Gary and Laura Heebner
Margaret Hefner
Robert E. and Jane E. Hegel
William J. and Susan D. Heggarty
Clifford W. and Julie C.# Heggs
William H. and Mary L.# Heidbreder
Jeffrey R. and Julie L. Heidel
Thomas and Robyn Heidger
Gary S. Heifetz
Llewellyn and Ella J. Heigham
Jay Heiken
Richard Heil-Chapdelaine
Suzie Heimburger
James Heinen
Megan S. Heinsz
John R. Heinze
Karen Heise
Jeanne L. Heitman
Mark G.# and Mary C. Helbig
Matt and Kathleen A. Helbig
Kristine Helbling
Douglas and Janalee C. Held
Joan C. Heldorfer
George Helfres
Jannette Helfrich
John and Charleen Helgesen
Matthew Hellenbusch
Alan and Susan Heller
Mary M. Heller
Charles B. Hellige and Monica Green
Robert Hellige
Sally A. Hellman
Daniel Hellmuth
Francis Z. and Mary Z. Hellwig
Louis and Amy C. Helmsing
Terry A. and Lisabeth Heman
Barbara Hemphill
Gerard F. and Kathryn E. Hempstead
Patrick Hendershot
Genell K. Henderson
Henry and Laurie R. Henderson
Larry and Jean Henderson
Sue Henderson
Vernon Henderson
Roy A. and Susan E. Hendin
Carter Hendricks and Lynn Grossman
Edward R. Hendrix
James E. Hendry
Tom and Laura Hengstenberg
Kyle K. and Rose D.# Henke
Bryn Henley
Dan and Barbara J. Henley
Thomas P. and Renee R. Hennekes
Tom and Michelle Hennessey
William H. and Patricia H. Henngeller
Robert L. and Janis Henricks
John Henroid
Amanda L. Henry#
Jessica Henry
James J. Hensel
Michelle Hensel
Glenn S. Hensley and Mary C. Beranek
Rose Mary F. Hensley
Denny Henson
Micah Heppermann
John B. Heppler#
Mark Herbers
Stephanie Herbers
Austin Herman
Cheryl Herman
Gerald G. and Judith L. Herman
Catherine Hermann
Frederick A. Hermann
James W. Hermann
Mathias Hermann
Robert R. and Mary L. Hermann
Steven E. Hermann#
Steven and Samantha Hernandez
Kenneth M.# and Mary A. Heron
Alexander F. and Amanda Herr
Michael G. Herring
Janice Herrmann
Linda E. Herrmann
Scott Herrmann-keeling
Anne G. Herron
Michael D. Herron#
Jim and Nancy N. Hershey
Jake Hertenstein
Frederick Hertz
Joshua Hertz
Jane Herz
Gordon I. Herzog
Manon Herzog
Benjamin T. Herzon and Marta R.# Gray
Peter F. and Julie D. Hesed
John Q.# and Holly J. Hesemann
John Heskett
Dean P.# and Ann Marie Hess
Donald F. Hess
Michael J. Hess
Jerry K. and Mary K. Hessel
Susan Hesselgesser
Dave and Annette M. Heth
Paul C. Hetterman
Betty Hetzel
Robert O. and Cynthia Heuckeroth
Greg Heuing
Leslie R. Heusted
Jennifer B. Hewitt
Christopher and Shellie Hexter
Ervin L. and Mary K. Heyde
Kenneth B. Heyer and Mary A.# Kuhnert-Heyer
Jennifer Heyl
David Heyse
Sally A. Hezel
William P. and Kimberly Hezel
Ellen Hiatt
Lyndon Hibbard
George L. and Jane T.# Hickenlooper
Dennis M.# and Kathleen M. Hickey
Ramona Hicks
Harvey O. and Terry L. Hieken
Marshall D. and Nancy S. Hier
Stuart Higano
Eric J. Higgins#
Jeffery S. and Susan E.# Higgins
Megan Higgins
Paul Higgins
Roy E.# and Joan L. Higgins
Stephen B. and Carol Higgins
Barry Hilchey
Julie E. Hileman
Aleana Hiles
John Hilgeman
Robert and Amy Hilgemann
Arthur Hill
Barbara Hill
John L. Hill
Richard N. and Lynn Z. Hill
Ronald and Maryann W. Hill
Robert E. Hillard#
Edward and Shirley Z. Hillhouse
John M. and Nancy Hillhouse
Irene Hindman
James R. Hinrichs
Tamara Hinrichs
Hillary Hinz
Stephen C. Hiotis and Nancy Bartlett
Paul J.# and Carol Hippenmeyer
Ellen N. Hirsch
Maurice L. and Marian W. Hirsch
Derek M. and Lori C.# Hirst
Ken and Patti Hise
Patrick J. and Carol L. Hitpas
Diane J. Hitson
Ann Hjemboe
Heather Hladky
Craig C. and Jessica S. Hoagland
Norman A. and Heather A. Hoback
John K. and Patricia A. Hobbs
Josephine Hobbs
Peter C. and Gloria J. Hoch
Cris G.# and Kristina L. Hochwender
Andrew W. Hodge
Kevin and Linda Hodnefield
Linda Hoefflin
Blake L.# and Berit Hoel
Michael A.# and Linda S.# Hoelscher
Donald Hoeman
Todd Hoeman
Robert B. Hoemeke*
Shirley Hoemeke
Kate Hoerchler
Alan and Tina Hoester
William B.# and Judith A. Hof
Alan Hofeldt
Beverly A. Hoff
David M.# and Carol Hoff
Michael G. Hoff and Mary F. Hollenkamp
Allen E. Hoffman
Benjamin D. and Julie A.# Hoffman
Brent Hoffman
Peter L.# and Connie O. Hoffman
Sally P. Hoffman
Stuart Z. Hoffman
Warren and Sharon S. Hoffman
William P. and Stacey Hoffman
William J.# and Catherine Hoffman
Jeannine M. Hoffmann
Meena Hoffmann
Robert W. and Joann M. Hoffmann
Steve M. and Lynn M.# Hoffmann
Amy Hogan
Daniel G. Hogan#
Kathleen Hogan
Nicholas A. Hogan
David B. and Brenda M. Hogenkamp
Ken Hogue
Kenneth R.# and Margaret M.# Hohl
Paul and Nancy Hohmann
Janet Holdcraft
Gerald M. and Mary Ann Holden
Linda Holdinghaus
Elizabeth L. Holekamp
Ronald S. and Becky L. Holland
Craig Hollander
Robert and Sharon Hollander
Jennifer Hollandsworth
Michael and Cynthia D.# Hollenbach
Frank Hollenback
Russell Hollenbeck
Linda K. Holley
Michael A. and Julie Holley
Ray Hollmann
Lisa Hollowell
Darryl Holman
Douglas F. Holman
Charles P. Holmes#
Dorothy A. Holmes#
Rebecca M. Holmes
Constantine G. and Joanne Hologgitas
Charlotte Holsapple
Keith S. and Donna P. Holste
Brian Holt
Donald N. Holt#
Genevieve Holt
Jesse A. and Yara Holt
Russell Holt
Sharon Holt
Eric Holtam
Alfred M. and Marilyn E. Holtzer
Michael P. and Paula J. Homan
Roland and Stephanie Homer
Steven D. Homeyer
Barry A. Hong
Daniel H. and Ann Honious
Larry Hood
Kenneth Hook
Bruce and Gayle Hookerman
John R. and Elizabeth Hooks
Carl B. Hoover#
Alan Hopefl
Debbie L. Hopkins
John L. and Arlys Hopkins
Bruce Hopson
W. Rawlins and Shirley Horlacher
Robert L. and Cynthia Hormell
Ivan and Vivian L. Horn
Joan K. Horn#
Lee Horneyer
Nichole Horst
Donald W. and Carol S. Horstman
Amy Horton
Glen F. and Emily M. Horton
Eugene and Debra Horwitz
Jane Horzmann-Blackwell
Theodore# and Lee E.# Hoskins
David T. and Celia L. Hosler
Robert M. and Amanda C. Hosner
Clark Hotaling
Charles Hotle
Stephen Houldsworth
Michael E. and Mary M. Houlihan
Patrick and Deborah H. Houlihan
Debra A. House#
Lynn House
Robert F. and Lori T. Hout
David E. Houts
Adrienne W. Hovespian
Edwin W. and Kendra Howald
Joe Howard
John Howard
Kristin J. Howard#
Larry D. and Patricia A. Howard
Sara Howard
William L. and Kirsta E. Howard
Ronald Howden
Kevin A.# and Donna L.# Howdeshell
James P. and Sheron K.# Howe
Elizabeth Howze
Andrew T. and Janet W.# Hoyne
Roy J. Hoyt
Maureen Hrdlicka
Audrey Hsieh
Winston W. and Frances Hsieh
Yi Hu
Howard J. Huang
John L. Hubb#
Charles and Kathleen Hubbard
Michael K. Hubbard
Stephen G. Hubbard
William M.# and Janet C.# Hubbard
Douglas A. Huber
Glennon F. Huber
Susan Huber
Heyden M. Hucke
Chad M. Huddleston
Charles B. and Elizabeth B. Huddleston
Howlette L.# and Monica M. Huddleston
Richard W. and Shirley A. Hudgens
Michelle Hudgins
Julie Hudson
Maria G. Hudson
Repps B. and Stacey E. Hudson
Rex E. Hudson
Thomas C. Hudson
Mark M. Huebbe#
Kathleen A. Huelsing
Laura R. Huelsing
Sam Huenefeldt
Cynthia R. Huesman
Jack and Teresa A. Huether
James E. and Phyllis Huettner
Barbara J. Hufker#
Thad Hugg and Natasha Casey
Brian D. and Deana M. Hugge
James Huggins
Jeffrey A. Hughes and Terri F.# Reilly
John S. Hughes and Harriet Hall
Michael D. Hughes and Annette M. Hughes
Michael E.# and Glenna J. Hughes
Pamela A. Hughes
Ronald E. Hughes
Douglas A. Hughey#
Gary and Heidi Hughey
Peter and Jane Hull
Timothy Hullar
Kenneth L. Hulse
James and Doreen Hulsey
Larry and Susan Hults
Daniel L. and Catherine L. Human
Fred J.# and Marilyn C. Hummel
Stephen J. Humphrey
Steven and Elizabeth Humphreys
Mary Hunsaker
Patricia Hunsaker
Michael and Sheila Hunsiker
Erica L. Hunt
Glenn Hunt
John W. and Karen L. Hunt
Stephen P. Hunt
Barbara Hunter
Edward Hunter
Jim Hunter
Julius K. Hunter
Linda Hunter
Virginia L. Hunter
Denise Hunyar Pauley
Charmaine C. Hurford#
Andrew Hurlbut
James T. Hurley#
Nicholas E. Husbye
Kevin and Diane E.# Husk
Robert and Beatrice Huskey
Stephen H. and Renee A. Huss
Edward Hussman
Gordon and Nancy Hutcheon
Gregory J. Hutchings
C. L. and Holly Hutchins
Joseph R. Huth
Doug Huttegger
Kenneth and Catherine C.# Hutter
Gary G. and Marianne T. Hutti
Wayne K. and Phyllis A. Huttle
Mary E. Huxhold
William J. Huxhold#
Elizabeth W. Huxley
Catherine Hwang-Zahniel#
Peter Hyatt
Robert L.# and Cynthia A. Hyder
Joel A. Hylen
Leonard N. and Mary H. Hyman
Mark Hyman
Sidney Hymes and Claire Schwartz
Ann S. Iasello#
Edward S. Ibur
Gary and Vickie O.# Iddings
Simon E. and Debbie Igielnik
Jonathan W. Igoe
Emily V. Ilch
Harvey Imber
Andrew and Kristina W. Impastato
Luciana Ingersoll
James Inghram
John M. and Christine E. Ingrassia
Gregory F.# and Mary I. Intoccia
Michele Ionno
Shaz Iqbal
Debra Irwin
Roy Irwin
Thomas C. and Joan T. Irwin
Warner A. and Helene C. Isaacs
Harold and Linda Isbell
Jonathan R. Isbell
Elizabeth A. Isele
Corey and Susan K.# Isenberg
Madeline Isenberg
Hewet Iskandar
Joel S. and Joanne G. Iskiwitch
Lee and Claire Isselhardt
Phil Ivers
Judy Ivery
Allan D. and Eleanor D. Ivie
James Ivory
Cecilia M. Iwane
Shawna Jachthuber
Andy and Judy Jacks
Priscilla A. Jacks
Amanda Jackson
Carol E. Jackson
Jamie Jackson
Leslie Jackson
Mary C. Jackson
Rebecca R. Jackson
Robert L. and Diana Jackson
Daryl L. and Ann S. Jacobs
Lois Jacobs
Arnold S. and Joan G. Jacobson
Joe D. and Sandra L. Jacobson
Steve Jacobson
Donna J. Jaeger
David Jaffe
Rajneesh and Poonam Jain
Emanuel and Janette M. Jakobs
Andrea L. James
Harry E. and Naomi James
Ronald A. James
Scott and Nancy James
William S. James
Norman C. and Wilma D. Jamieson
Angela M. Janik
Sandra Janitch-Schwarzen
Ricci Janka
Lawrence E. Janoski#
Chris Jansen
Robert F. and Camilla A. Jansen
Timothy Jansen
Edwin S. Jantho
George I. Jarad
Dean E. Jarboe
Mahendra Jariwala
Dorota E. Jarosz
Steven H. and Sue Jarrett
Michael R. Jarvis and Susan Rayne
Anthony A. and Donna L.# Jasper
Carol J. Jaudes
Rafael Jauregui-Arias
Daniel G. and Mary A. Jay
Erin Jbour
James Jeffrey
William R. and Nancy P. Jeffrey
Matthew S. and June M.# Jeffries
Iliyan and Iana Jeliazkov
Nathaniel Jenkin
Elizabeth M. Jenkins#
Michael Jenkins
Scott and Jean Jenkins
Amy Jennings
Deborah J. Jennings
Donald W. Jennings
James C. Jennings
John E. and Michiko K. Jennings
Thomas G. and Eleanor M. Jennings
Alice Jensen
Daniel Jensen
Greg Jensen
Jeffrey Jensen
Richard C. and Louise R.# Jensen
Wendy Jensen
Steven Jerrell
Nathan Jewell
Paul and Joan Jinks
Theodore C.# and Karen A. Joerding
Charles D. and Elise A. Joerger
Peter Johns
A. Roberta Johnson
Barbara Johnson
Casey Johnson
Charlotte E. Johnson
David P. Johnson
Donna Y. Johnson
Edwin P. Johnson
Eric Johnson and Sondra Schol
Frank E. and Tamiko Johnson
Gary L. Johnson
Gary W. and Virginia Johnson
Grover C. Johnson
Heather G. Johnson
Jacob Johnson
James W. and Heidi Johnson
James C.# and Gwen Johnson
Janet A. Johnson
Jill L. Johnson
John W. and Sandra L.# Johnson
John J. Johnson
Joy V. Johnson
Julie Johnson
Kenneth R. and Adria H. Johnson
Linda Johnson
Lydia Johnson
Matthew Johnson
Maurice Johnson
Paula S. Johnson
Paula Johnson
Rande T. and Karen L. Johnson
Renee B. Johnson
Richard P. and Sandra Johnson
Roger C. and Sara B.# Johnson
Roger P. Johnson
Steve K. and Jeni L. Johnson
Margaret F. Johnson-Dennis
Mark B. and Eva K. Johnston
Richard Johnston
William R. Johnston
Janice Joiner
Susan Joiner
Jon B. and Sally L. Jonas
Andrea L. Jones
Chris Jones
Colleen C. Jones
David I. Jones#
David F. and Lorianne W. Jones
David R. and Lindsey D. Jones
David L. and Sue Ann Jones
Don Jones
Earl A. and Martha H. Jones
Hilda P. Jones
Jeffrey A. and Regina Jones
Jennifer M. Jones
Leon R. and Karen J. Jones
Lisa Jones
Matt and Lucinda Jones
Patricia C. Jones
Peggy J. Jones
Phil B. and Judith H. Jones
Stephen C. and Jody C. Jones
Susan E. Jones
Susan Jones
Thomas E.# and Sarah A. Jones
Wayne N.# and Cheri Jones
Wesley M. Jones and Nancy J. Ylvisaker
William D. Jones
Eugene Jorandby
Carl Jordan
Roland Jordan
Thomas Jordan
Thomas E. and Catherine J. Jordan
Teresa Jorgen
Harold and Sharon L. Joseph
Mary K. Joseph
Paul S. and Maureen H.# Joseph
Michael P.# and Ursula# Jostedt
Peter Joy
Seth A. and Elizabeth A. Joy
Linda Joyce
Michael and Sandy Joyce
Debra A. Joyner#
Dee A. Joyner
Daniel Juarez and Suzanne Brown
William Jubb
David Juedemann and Hannele Haapala
Rasmus C. and Martha J. Juhl
Amy Julian
Kevin Jung
Mary K. Jung
Krista Junge
Julius Juracsik
William T. Kacerovskis and Lorrie L. Crossett
George M. and Mary M. Kacic
Vicki Kaffenberger
Michael A.# Kafoury and Jeanne A. Fischer
Kurtus E. Kahle
Lawrence and Jane Kahn
Thomas E. Kahn
Peter S. Kain#
Mark D. Kaiser
Tammy M. Kaiser#
Kent D. Kalkwarf
Irene Kalnins
Henry J. and Margaret D. Kaltenthaler
Sheila R. Kamenetzky#
Lynne Kamm
Darrel R. and Susann Kammeyer
Gene A. and Miriam Kamp
Jeanette Kampen
Nadim Kanafani and Rachel Orscheln
Fruma Kane
Shane R.# and Amy Kannarr
Alex M. and Evelyn M. Kanter
Arthur Kaplun
Arindam and Shanna L. Kar
Seref C. and Humeyra Karacal
Byron Karathanos
Linda C. Karberg
Kenneth J. and Rosemarie M.# Karcher
Andrianus R. Kardjaja#
Jo Ann Karll
Lamar H. and Martha W.# Karlovetz
Phillip D. Karnowski and Mary Randlett
Robert S. and Marianne Karsh
Philip J. and Ruth M. Karst
Stanley K.# and Cindy S. Kary
Marvin and Elinore Kasnetz
Warren A. and Sandra E.# Kass
Teresa Katabig
Fareed A. Katariwala
Julia Kato
Benjamin and Carol Katz
Deborah Katz
Judith F. Katz#
Simon and Francine Katz
Aron and Jeanne Katzman
Kathryn L. Kaufmann
Brian L. Kauling
Jim B. Kauling
Maggie Kavanaugh
Joan S. Kean#
Mark T. Keaney
Richard D. and Michelle M. Keating
Pam J. Keck
Gina M. Keckritz#
Amos# and Madalyn K. Kedmey
Kelli E. Keefe
Tom and Rita Keefe
Christine A. Keeney-Miller
Hugh R. and Constance A. Keenoy
Kathryn E. Keeven#
Kevin Kegin
Anthony J. Kehoe#
Greg E. and Aimee Keithly
Caitlin Kelleher
Cyrus S. and Michele S. Keller
Helene Keller
Katherine Keller
Adam Kellogg
Elizabeth A. Kelly
Harry Kelly
James Kelly
Jeannette Kelly
John Kelly
John Kelly
Ralph and Marie Kelly
Suzanne M. Kelly
Caroline Kelsey
Sarah L. Kelso
Donald H. and Margaret Kemner
Emily Kemp
Leslie R. and Judy L. Kemp
Raelynn Kemp
Christopher Kemper
John and Salvatrice Kemper
Rufus C. Kemper
Tom M. Kendrick
Dennis M. Kennedy and Colleen Ford-Kennedy
Douglas M. and Cynthia K. Kennedy
George J. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy
Lawrence M.# and Suzan M.# Kennedy
Michael Kennedy
Patricia B. Kennedy
Patrick J.# and Tammy G.# Kennedy
Rebecca S. Kennedy
Robert M. and Carol M. Kennedy
James M. Kenney
Mary J. Kenny
Allan and Sally Kent
Kim Kent
Mark K. Keohane
Bruce E. Kercher
Jo E. Kerksiek
Nancy A. Kerlin#
Darrell A. Kern and Mary C.# Kolodgie Kern
Fred J. and Barbara M. Kern
Robert B. and Marcia L. Kern
Jim F. and Emily J. Kerr
Raymond B. and Kristine A. Kerr
Sonja P. Kershaw
Joan M. Kersting#
Marcia M. Kerz
William D. and Lorna Kesler
Nat and Sara Kessler
Sasha Kessler
Max S. and Nancy Ketcham
Jack A. Ketola and Margo-Lea Hurwicz
Michael and Pamela Ketring
Kevin Kettler
Linda S. Kettmann
Jason D. Keune and Gina Larossa
Richard# and Kathleen A.# Keusenkothen
Ann J. Key
Margaret A. Keyes#
Stephen H. and Nancy J. Keyser
Ahmareen Khan
Jawad A. Khan
Jeanne Khan
Muneeb Khan
Evan and Karen Kharasch
Gloria Kharibian
Michael Khaw
David B. Kibblehouse
Thomas Kibby and Mary A. Murphy
Nathan Kice
Ambrose Kidd
Florence K. Kidd
William K. and Hillary R. Kiefer
Therese S. Kienstra
Lisa A. Kientzel
Ayse Kilfoy
Mary J. Kilgore
Michael Kilian
Edward J. and Barbara L. Killius
John A. and Susan K. Kilo
Katharine M. Kilpatric
Daniel J.# and Kathy Kilper
Rosa M. Kim
Sukkoo Kim
Carol L. Kimball
David C. Kimball
James L. Kimbro
James R. and Sarah Kimmey
James Kincy
Chris and Mary Ann Kinder
Elizabeth A. Kinder
Alison T. Kindle
Charles P. and Joan H. Kindleberger
Bruce King
Charles W. King
Clinton King
Elisabeth C. King#
Ellen King
June G. King
Karen King
Larry P. King and Jeanne M. Kirkton
Patricia King
Robert E. and Dowamay K. King
Rosemary M. King
Steve King
Sky Kingsland
Katherine G. Kinnamon
Jane Kinney
Kimberely Kinsel
Connor and Pamela Kinsella
Lawrence and Marilyn A. Kinsella
Stan and Marilyn Kintigh
Paul Kinton
Henry W. Kipp and Mary Lee Wright
Colleen C. Kirby#
Donald W. and Jeanne Kirby
Peter Kirby
Ryan Kirby and Moh-An Teo
Jacqueline Kirchner
Sarah M. Kirchoff
Jessica F. Kirk
Tom and Hazel Kirk
Ray L. Kirkman
James M.# and Jill Kirks
Nicholas Kirschman and Christine C. Nobbe
Larry Kirschner and Denise# Champagne
Joan Kirshner
Mary J. Kirtz
John Kissel
John N. and Susan H. Kissinger
William B. and Sharon E. Kist
Donna Kitchen
Ryan J. Kiwala#
Nora Kizer
Roger R. and Doreen L. Klages
Marvin and Miriam J. Klamen
Gerald Klamon
Robert W. and Joanne Klasing
Arthur Klaus
David and Joan Klearman
Mary M. Kleba
Robert O. and Mary Klebe
Andrew Klein
Anne Klein
Jacob M. and Sharon K. Klein
Richard A. Klein and Ellen F. Harris
Todd Klein and Ellen M. Smiga-Klein
William D. and Nancy E. Klein
Ronald J. and Christine A. Kleinigger
Christine Kleinschmidt
Jim A. and Julie E. Klenn
Robert W. and Nancy J. Klepper
George R.# and Mary A. Kletzker
Myron J. and Wilma Klevens
Jeffrey R. and Jane B. Klieve
Lloyd F. Klinedinst and Barbara A.# Bollmann
Rebecca A. Kling
Robert and Marjorie Klingele
William D. Klinkenberg#
Allen and Sandra Klippel
Jeffrey Kloha
William E. and Jane E.# Klopfenstein
Donald J. Kloppenburg#
Brenda Klostermann
Martin A.# Klug and Maureen E. Herraghty
Robert C. Klute and Carol D. Schoeffel
Janet Klutho
Vitaly Klyachko
Hans and Joan C.# Knape
William and Irma Knapp
Edward L. and Nancy R.# Knarr
John J.# and Roberta Knefel
Walter R. Knepper
Matthew R.# and Tracie Knibb
Bill Kniep
Richard W. and Stephany J. Kniep
Anita Knight
Dale A. and Susan B. Knight
Donna Knight
Rodney R.# and Danielle Knight
Jay J.# and Audrey Knobbe
Ann J. Knoblauch
Kenneth Knobloch
Karen Knodt
Pat Knoerle-Jordan
Laura Knollhoff
Lesley C. Knowles
Raymond and Judith A. Knowles
Thompson D. Knox and Gisela E. Moroney
Richard Knudsen
Dennis R. and Margaret R.# Koch
Karen Koch
Kathleen D. Koch#
Leroy F. Koch
Margaret F. Koch
Michael S. and Sarah E. Koch
Roger L. and Frances M. Koch
Gary M. Kochan and Kristy S. Sitter-Kochan
Erik J. and Linda A. Kocher
Larry E. and Vikki L. Kociela
Gary Kodner
Ira J. and Barbara A. Kodner
Brian and Molly Koebbe
Mary C. Koehler
Nancy Koehler
Robert F.# and Anne B. Koehler
Wade Koeller
Julia D. Koelsch
Anne Koenig
Ann Koerper
Amy E. Koester
Kristin M. Koesterer
Alan W. and Jacquelyn# Kofsky
Daniel H. and Seena Kohl
Kristine Kohlbrecher
Susan B. Kohler
Bernard G. and Barbara S. Kohm
Alan C. and Joanne M. Kohn
Gunther and Doris Kohn
Ricardo Kohn and Diana Slatopolsky
John H. Kohnen and Julia T. Behrens
Curtis H. and Mary A. Kohring
Christine Kolar
Andrew and Leigh Kolb
Melvin Koleber
Nancy Kollmar
Carolyn Kolodziej
Paul Konbaveeti
Marilyn Koncen
Christopher M. and Julie A. Koncki
Casimer Konieczny
David T. Konig and Judith W. Mann
James and Ruth Konrad
Brandon Konstantinovich
Carl Kontak
Andrew Koor
Lazlo and Linda Kopetti
Jeffrey and Harriet Kopolow
Dessa Kopp
Glenn Kopp
Gregory and Barbara A. Koppe
Donna K. Korando
Harold W. and Anne M. Korb
Rosemary Korbecki
Paul Kordonowy
Sandor Korein
Sydney and Karen L. Korinek-Fuchs
Kenneth S. Kornblum
Randy Korotev
Eliza J. Korshin
Brian Korte
Jeffrey A. and Joni L. Korte
Katherine Korte
Michael Korte
Dennis and Stephanie# Koscielski
Donald M. and Katherine U. Koshi
Edward M. Koslin
Ed and Myra Koszykowski
Kenneth E. and Leslie B. Kotiza
John S. and Catherine A. Kottemann
Dawn Kotva
Nadine Kouba
Maria Kovacs
Sandor Kovacs and Diana Merritt
Joseph Koval
Patricia D. Kowal
Cheryl Kowalczyk
Barry D. Kozloff
Kate Kozlowski
Kelly E. Kraemer
Andrew Krajewski
Brian S.# and Jacqueline D. Krakos
Cathy J. Kramer#
Erick Kramer
Fred C. Kramer
Gary Kramer
Stephen C. and Nancy B. Kramer
Dale and Helene Krampe
Florene K. Kramper#
Kimberly R. Kras
Kyle Kratky
Daniel L. Krattli
Ronald C.# and Martha Kratzer
Maria C. Krause
Paxson and Melissa Krause
Steven L. and Pamela J. Krause
Robert J. Kravitz
Ludwig Krchma
Noreen J. Krebs#
William and Nancy Kreeb
Alvin W. and Jane M.# Kreher
David A. Kreher#
Loren Kreher
Christopher P. and Christine Krehmeyer
Brian T. and Beth L. Kreisler
Karl J. and Kara D. Krekeler
Annette Kremer
Ann E. Kremling Nagy
Adam J. Krenski#
Sara Krenski
Rick Kresse
Christopher H. and Kathleen A. Kresser
Charles Kreutztrager
Lyda Krewson#
Donald J. and Rebecca J. Kridel
Jay and Linda Y.# Kridel
Harry and Irene Krieg
Mary S. Krieg
Rick Krieger
Marilyn Krinsky
Michael Kriz
William H. and Susan A.# Kroeger
Nancy Kroes
Joel Kronenberg
George M. Krowl#
Katherine M. Krueckeberg
Linda J. Krueger
Gerald F. and Patricia A. Krull
Phillip R. and Rachel E. Krull
Arthur L. and Wanda W. Kruse
Rebecca J. Kruse#
Elizabeth V. Kucharski
Thomas C.# and Annetta R.# Kuechler
Morris and Carol Kugler
Jennifer M. Kuhl#
Ralph F. Kuhlman and Jessica M. Lloyd
Frederick M. and Anne Kuhlmann
Dale R. and Marilyn F. Kuhn
Daniel S. Kuhn#
Jason Kuhns
Richard Kuiken
Satish and Nandini Kulkarni
Elizabeth S. Kullmann
Ashok Kumar
Joan M. Kummer
Jeffrey D. and Stephanie Kunkel
Terri Kunselman
Elmer W. and Betty J. Kuntz
Peter Kuo
Marilyn Kuper
Sarah Kupka
Ron Kurczynski
Lorna Kurdi
Paul B. and Katherine N. Kurtz
Robert Kurtz and Lisa R.# Bedian-Kurtz
Teresa A. Kurtz
Jeffrey G. and Kathi Kurtzman
Richard and Priscilla Kurz
Sieglinde L. Kurz
John W. and Jackie Kush
Julian Kussman
Toni Kutchan
Gary Kwawer
George Kyei
Rachelle L'Ecuyer
Anthony E. and Judith A. Labarbera
Jack and Mary Labarge
Daria Labinsky
Steven and Shannon Labout
Mike and Jessica N. Labozzetta
Jennifer L. Labundy
R. Alton and Patricia Lacey
David Lacks
Gerald and Ida Lacy
Christine Ladage
Matthew J. and Katherine D. Ladendorf
Scott Ladewig and Kristin Smith
Susan Laduzinsky
Paul S. and Martha Lafata
Alexandria Lafaye
Linda Laferriere
David A. and Laura A. Lagesse
Richard J. and Judith S. Laitman
David R. and Andrea C. Lakebrink
Thomas and Beverly Lakebrink
Donna E. Lakowski
James B.# and Laura L. Lally
Thi Q. Lam#
Kathryn Lamar
Ann Lamb
Matthew W. Lamb#
Thomas P. and Lilly M. Lamb
Robert L. Lamberg#
Michael D. Lambing
Esther Lamble
Charles C. and Joan M. Lame
John H. and Anne S.# Lamming
John T.# and Lisa Lamont
Mark H. Lampe
Donald J. Lamprecht#
Gretchen Land
David A. and Carole R.# Lander
Jerrold J. and Harriet S. Lander
Robert C. Lander and Jane Birdsall-Lander
David and Jane Landis
Brian and Mary Ann Landreth
Sally Landwehr
Joseph T. Lane
Martha J. Lane#
Michael D. and Megan Lane
Paul G. and Deborah A. Lane
James and Nancy Lang
Tom Lang and Mary Jo Wilmes
Margaret Langa
Clarence and Carolyn Lange
John Langer
Kenneth R. and Phyllis R. Langsdorf
Jennifer Langtry
Edward J. and Susan B.# Lanigan
Carol Lanning
Dale E.# and Darlene Lanser
Leslie Lanter
Ed and Michelle LaPorte
Joseph T. and Kathryn L. Lapp
David and Nancy Lappin
Michael Larimer
Jean Larkin
Todd D. Larkin#
Michael L. Larocca and Cynthia F. Pavelka
Donald Larsen
Ann M. Larson
Barry J. and Kelly A. Larson
Bob Larson
Daniel S. Larson
Dennis Larson
Nancy Larson
Tim Larson
Peter Larsson
Kathy Larue
Thomas M.# and Karen L. Lasker
Kathleen Lastarria
Chakrapol and Tiya Lattanand
Ted M. and Cynthia C. Lau
Richard and Rosalind A. Lauer
Susan Laughlin
Rosalie Laune
Anthony M. Laurent#
John J. and Stacey L.# Laurent
Lanny Lautenschlager
Steven and Victoria Laux
Lynn Lavender
Lawrence M. and Karen B.# Lavin
Carter R. Law#
Lee T. Lawless and Mary L. Jamieson
Andrea J. Lawrence
Derek E. and Theresa C. Lawrence
Laura Lawrence
Stephen J.# Lawrence and Carol A. Moreland
Michael Laws
Heather L. Lawson
Mark and Renee Lawson
Robert Lawson
Tyler C. Lawson#
Terry Lay
John P. and Cindy J. Layman
Charles D. and Mary E. Layton
Ian Layton
Jim Layton
Paul and Sarrea Layton
Lawrence Lazar
Julie Lazaroff
Neil A. and Pamela A. Lazaroff
Heather Lea
Benjamin W. and Julie Leacock
Edward G. and Nancy S. Leahy
David L. and Trudy E. Learman
James and Lisa Leary
Nora C. Leary
Susan S. Leary
David and Anna Leavey
Albert and Naomi Lebowitz
Jennifer Lechevalier
Robert P. Lechien
Benjamin J. LeCroy#
Eric D. and Kimberly A. Lederman
Jennifer Lednick
Mary Ledyard
B. Sherman and Denise Lee
Gary D. Lee
Gregory M. Lee
Jessica Lee
Joseph M. Lee
K. Philip Lee and Pauline T. Kim
Patricia A. Lee
Paul J. and Linda J. Lee
Po Sun J. Lee
Roberto and Mei Lee
Curtis M. Lees
Phillip Lees
Stephen Legomsky and Lorraine Gnecco
Walter D. Lehman
Doug and Kelly A.# Lehn
Harvey A. and Nancy# Lehrer
Mark A.# and Barbara Leiber
Noel Leicht
James and June Leighninger
Robert E. Leimberg
Linda K. Leinicke
Stayce Leister
Thomas R. and Betty J. Leith
Pickett P. Lema#
Harry and Christine Lemakis
Christopher G. and Michele A. Lembeck
John W. and Mary W. Lemkemeier
Vincent Leners and Mary E. Suhreptz Leners
Frederick K. and Margaret J. Lenhart
Martin and Sue Lenihan
Lanis Lenker
Lisa Lentz
Doug and Tina M.# Leonard
Jeffrey Leonard
Leigh Leonard
Coni Leresche
Eugene B. and Debra A. Lerman
Howard Lerner
Natalie-Anne K. Leroy
Eileen S. Lesevoy
George W. Lesinger
Kristen Leslie
Michael and Angie Lesser
Daniel and Karen Lester
Mark Lester
Ronan and Michal Lev
Joyce Leventhal-Lodato
Michael T. Leverenz
Rachel Levi
Eric Levin
Jill Levin
Robert L. and Susan Levin
Robert J. and Agnes Levin
Laurence and Edith A. Levine
Bonnie L. Levo
Donald and Hedva Levy
Jerome F. and Judith W. Levy
John D. and Lucy S. Levy
Mayer and Patricia P. Levy
Pamela Levy
Ralph R. Levy and Denise Coughlin
Judel and Susan Lew
Laura Lewandowski
Carol J. Lewis#
James S. Lewis
Jessica E. Lewis
Lawrence E. Lewis
Nathan H. and Ethel S. Lewis
Rebecca S. Lewis#
Roger Lewis
Theodore J. Lewis
Frank J. Lewon
Guoqiang Li
Joseph M. Libbra
Terrie Liberman
Jerold D. and Mary J. Liberstein
Leonard P.# and Helen L. Licata
Drew and Jane E. Lichtenstein
Donald A.# and Catharine Lichti
Peter and Renee Liebetreu
David Liefeld
Stacey Liekweg
Ellen Light
Paul F. and Kimberly Lilienkamp
Mary Lillesve
Brett Lillis
Timothy Lilly
Howard Lim
Christina S. Lindberg
Martin and Sharon L.# Linde
Joseph C. Lindell
Amy Y. Lindemann
Mark R. Lindemann
Adrienne Linden
Carwin B. and Susan C.# Lindenbusch
Jeffrey H. and Kendra K. Lindgren
Dwight W. Lindley
Gwenolyn J. Lindsay
Bruce Lindsey and Marilee Keys
Jean M. Lindsey
Stacy L. Lindsey
Ivan L. and Marilyn F. Lingle
Harley F. Linn#
Mark D.# and Betty# Linneman
Gerald W. and Kathryn E. Linnenbringer
Gerald W.# and Mary D. Linnenbringer
John O. and Catherine Linstead
Kenneth Lintner
Maxine I. Lipeles
Marilyn Lipman
Cora J. Lippi
Jerry and Teresa Lis
Earl and Eileen D. Lischer
Jill M. Liss
Jeff J. and Janet S. Lister
M. Kathryn Liszewski#
Robert O. and Judith P. Little
Roger M. and Elizabeth O. Little
Gene Littlejohn
Michael and Leslie Litwack
Ellen L. Livingston
Richard A. Livingston
William M. and Jeryl P. Livingston
William R. and Louise Llewelyn
Joseph O. and Holly Lloyd
Tim and Lisa Lloyd
Grace S. Lo#
Jacklyn Lock
Richard A. and Dorothy Lockard
Herzl B. and Hannah Locks
John W. Lodle
Stephen H. Loeb
Lynda B. Loehr
Steven A. Logar
Robert and Cassandra G.# Loggins
MacDonald D. and Susan L. Logie
Robert D. and Virginia M. Logue
Tim and Lisa Lohman
Cortney Lollar
Lee A. and Deborah G. Loman
Caroline Lomo
Donald E. Long
Gillian K. Long#
Joseph M. Long
Michael E. and Mary Alice Long
Sandra Long
Sherry Long
Wayne J. and Joan Long
Joyce E. Longwith
Maurice J. and Ernesta O. Lonsway
Steven L. and Frances C.# Lopata
Eric Lopatin
Carrie Lopinot
Joseph Lopinot
Kimberley Lorenz
Mary Lorenzen
Karen Lorenzini
Michele Lorenzini
Jane F. Losby
Louise W. Losos
Andrew Loth
Gloria Lott
Christine Lottes
Donald and Hazel E. Loucks
Max E. and Doris D. Loudenslager
Craig R. and Jane W. Louer
Claude A. Louishomme#
John and Dawn Lounsbury
Richard E. and Barbara J. Lounsbury
Allen F.# and Marian F. Love
Dean M. Love and Prima M. Wagan
James R. Love#
Tim Love
Anthony P. Loveday
Katherine Lovegren
Mathew J.# and Stacey Loveland
Earla Loveless
Cheryl A. Lovell
Cindy Lovell
F. Bryan and Ann Loving
Christopher T. Lowe
James F. Lowe
Janet G. Lowe
Thomas H.# Lowe and Carol L. Trumper-Lowe
Dennis E. Lower
Daniel A. and Joy G. Lowery
Robert L.# and Saundra A. Lowes
Myron W. and Diane M.# Lowry
Joshua Loy
Karen Lruzicka
James E. and Charlotte F. Lubbock
Lou Lucas
Michael H. and Alicia D. Lucas
Hudson Luce
Nathaniel Lucena
John Lucero
Roy Lucien
Robert M. Ludwinski#
Richard W. Luebcke
Keith J. and Karen A. Lueck
Terry Lueckenhoff
Kevin Lueders
Sarah Luem
Rose L. Luh
Mary D. Luke
Robert Luken
Carl J. and Shari Lumley
Robert Lumley
Matthew K. Lundberg#
Sandra Lundgren
Alicia Lundstrom
Rensheng Luo
Dirk and Gale Lupien
David G. and Katherine B. Lupo
Richard and Joy Lusk
Linda Lutfiyya
Mark D. and Kathleen B. Luther
Kristen Lux
Gregory C. and Christine M. Luzecky
Jack Luzkow
Michael Lydon#
Paul Lynch and Melody Gee
Vera Lynskey
Anthony Lyo
James S. Lyon and Florence A. Reaves
Laura Lyon
James D. Lyonfields
David A. and Denise L. Lyons
Marilyn Lyons
Mark Lyons
Patrick M. and Eilene M.# Lyons
Carl A. and Lynn Lyss
Lucy A. Maas
Cynthia Maasen
Paul Maasen
Jonathan S. and Cheryl S. Maayan
Mary L. Mabon
Harold L. and Barbara J. Mabrey
Therese H. Macan
Jane Macgreevy
Ann Mack
David Mack
Eric W. and Susan Mack
Geralyn M. Mack#
Harold L. Mack
Paul J. and Nancy N. Mack
Kathleen M. Mackey
Melissa Mackey
Susan E. Mackinnon
Donald Macleod
Charles Maclin
Charles R. Macri
Sharon Madaus
Lauren Maddock
Frederic A. and Laminda# Madenwald
Grace L. Madison
William F. Madosky and Sharon A. McClinton
Julian Magee
Lyn Magee
William E. and Lorraine Magee
Mordecai and Beverly M. Magencey
Colleen Maginn
Anthony R. Magliari
Jonathan and Joan Magruder
Rebecca Magruder
Gloria C. Maguire
Aneesh V. Mahale
Brian R. and Carol J. Mahan
David J. and Jane E.# Mahan
Chandan K. and Banti Mahanta
Margaret L. Maher
Robert L. and Linda E. Mahon
Edward Mahoney
Patricia M. Mahoney
Rick and Sherry Mahoney
Elizabeth M. Mahony
Liuqing Mai
Addison A. and Katy Maille
Lisa Majewski
John D. Malan and Carolyn Stiffler
William Malec
Arif Malik
Penny S. Malina
Praful H. Malkan
Raj K. Malla#
Tim Mallett
John R. Mallon
Christopher L. and Pamela K. Mallory
Mary L. Mallory
John Malnar
Leo J. Malone
Mark Malone
Helen Maloney
Judith A. Maloney
John F. and Judy W. Malpiedi
Robert J. Maltby
Mark J. and Mardi L. Manary
Eleanor R. Mandel
Lisa Mandel
John D. Mandelker
Ann Mandelstamm
Jerome R. Mandelstamm
Vince and Louise L. Manganella
Franklin Mange
Skip Mange
Danielle Mangogna
Matthew R. Maniaci#
Gary T. Manley
Douglas L. Mann
Erik and Teresa A. Manning
Carol J. Manns
Scott Manny
C. Vincent Manoogian
Edward Mansour and Carol Bannell
Jelriza C. Mansouri
John G. Mantia
Ronald A. Mantia and Paula Martina
Patricia A. Mantovani
Rodolfo E. Manuelli
Mike and Amy Maranto
John D. and Jayne C. Marasa
John P. and Sharon A. Marbarger
Andrew J. and Jody A. Marberry
Monica R. Marble#
Patricia March
David and Holly Marchant
Albert W. and Leslie A. Marchiando
Alex and Carmen L. Marchosky
Daniel Marcus
Marvin H. and Virginia S. Marcus
Kathleen A. Mard#
Natalia Marek
Cynthia Marfisi
Steven and Shelley H. Marglous
David M. and Laura Margolis
Margaret L. Marin#
Jack M. and Mary A. Marincel
David E.# and MaryAnne# Marjamaa
Janet E. Markham
Larry and Elizabeth Markos
Paul S. and Leslie W. Markovits
Linda Markowitz
Robert and Maura Marksteiner
Dennis L.# and Bettina# Markwardt
Jeffrey Markway
Elizabeth S. Marlowe
Stephen Marotte
Steve L. Marquis
Carl Marsch
Larry A. Marsh and Kim P. Jones
Rebecca L. Marsh
Daniel E. Marshall
David E. and Joan M. Marshall
Deborah L. Marshall#
Deborah E. Marshall
Kerwin L. Marshall and Valerie S. Russell-Marshall
Sunyatta Marshall
John G.# and Lynn E. Martens
Judith Marthieu
Deborah Martin
Eric N. Martin
Ivan L. and Jane W. Martin
James M. Martin
Jane L. Martin
Jenny Martin
Jerry N.# and Kathleen W.# Martin
John and Patricia A. Martin
John E. Martin and Kristin E. Zapalac
Nancy E. Martin
Richard L. Martin
Shirley Martin
Steve and Jane S. Martin
Warren B. Martin and Signe B. Lindquist
William W. and Rose L. Martin
Elias and Mary C.# Martinez
Elvin R. Martinez and Elizabeth F.# Cassmeyer
Jorge E. Martinez and N. Kimasa Sindel
Ruben Martinez
Felix Martinson
Lisa Marucci
Leonard and Celeste S.# Marx
Mohamed and Hanar Marzouk
Derek Maschek
Ruth A. Maskow
Mike Maskus
James F. Mason and Mary Jo# Wittry
Lester C. and Sherron Mason
Norbert S. and Helmi A. Mason
Joan Mass
Melinda Mass
Juliet C. Massie
James J. Massmann
Betty A. Massot
David Masterson
John and Patricia Matejcic
Stanley Mathew
F. Scott Mathews
Gerald Mathews
Marsha Mathews
Patrice Mathews
Nelson R. and Ronita M.# Mathias
Carol F. Mathieson
Barbara Mathieu
Patrick B. and Rosanne A. Mathis
Alicia A. Matkovich
Peter T. Matschiner#
Kurt C. and Laura R. Mattern
Nichole E. Mattes
Christopher Matthews
Katherine Matthews
Kathy Matthews
Trudi L. Matthews
Arlene M. Matthis
Travis J. and Jami Mattison
Robert Matusek
Jennifer Mauck
Michael and Rene Mauck
Jane Maule
John and Kathleen M.# Maurer
Lynn Maurer
James D.# and Amy V. Maus
Michael Max
Mark P. and Paula Maxwell
Phillip L.# and Theresa Maxwell
William J. Maxwell and Julia A. Walker
Lawrence M. May
Richard and Michelle Mayden
Rebecca Mayer
Thomas C.# and Donna R. Mayer
Ellen Mayes
Lecia L. Mayhew
Ronald Mayhew
Gayla R. Mayhugh#
Andrew and Jennifer S. Maynard
Luckett G. Maynard
Diana Mayo
Robert J.# and Jean E. Mayo
Sharon Mayo
Roxann Mayros
Elizabeth Mazanec
Duane V. and Janis D. Mazzacavallo
Alan L. and Corinne L. McAfee
Tom and Melinda McAlilney
Bryan and Laura McAllister
Christopher McAndrew
Katherine McAnnar
Marian McAvoy
Jacqueline R. McBrady#
Elizabeth L. McBride
Jennifer R. McBride
Timothy D. McBride and Shirley L. Porterfield
Amy McBride-Barker
Myles and Margaret A. McCabe
Cynthia A. McCafferty
Carol McCaffrey
Helen McCallie
Morgan E. and Patricia# McCandless
Susan McCann
Terrance L. McCann#
Brian# and Mary C.# McCarthy
Edward J. and Margaret G. McCarthy
Robert L. McCarthy
John and Mary McCartney
Steven and Jodi McCarty
Stanley McCaslin
Robert McCelland
Michael and Lucinda McClain
Andrew and Dawn Y. McClellan
John A. McClellan
Fred McClintick
Lynn O. McCloskey
Gerald J.# and Karen A.# McClure
Julie McCollum
Susan B. McCollum
Natalie McConkey
John G. McCord
Jean E. McCormick
Michael McCoy
Vera Mccoy-Sulentic
Susan McCracken#
Elizabeth McCrary
Mike and Julie McCray
William J. and Catherine H. McCreary
Cathy A. McCredie
Michael McCuddy
Diane McCullough
Thomas McCutchen
John McCutcheon
Kerry L. McDaniel
Marianne McDaniel
Courtney M. McDermott
Marjorie McDermott
Mary L. McDermott
Richard and Judith McDermott
Anthony B.# and JoEllen G. McDonald
David P. and Virginia A. McDonald
John T. and Renea McDonald
Kelli D. McDonald
Margaret M. McDonald
Sharon McDonald
Virginia J. McDonald
Arthur J. and Barbara M. McDonnell
William J. and Helen M.# McDonnell
Benjamin H. and Marilyn W. McDougall
Betty C. McDowell
Reida McDowell
Robert and Att S. McDowell
Heather McElhaney
Mary K. McEvilly
Carole McEwan
Suzanne McFadden
Richard W. McFall and Kathleen Kremer
Mary O. McFerson
Leon McGahee
Katharine A. McGee
Susan McGhee
Janet McGill
Jim and Sue McGinn
Thomas and Joan McGinnis
Michael A. and Rebecca McGovern
Warren D. McGowan
William J. and Cindy McGowan
Keeley M. McGrew
Robert R. and Dorothy A. McGuffin
Daniel J. and Jill A. McGuire
John and Glorian McGuire
Vincent McGuire
Douglas L. and Kelly A. McHoney
James M.# and Susan M.# McHugh
Douglas C. and Jacqueline McIlhagga
Ronald McIlvain
Maxine L. McIntosh
Constance McIntyre
Michael G. and Mary P. McIntyre
Pamela A. McIntyre
Doug McKay
Daniel G. McKeague#
Michael S. McKee
Patrick L. and Mary A. McKeehan
William R. and Patricia F. McKelvy
Robert McKendry
Brian J. and Beverly S. McKenna
Donald J. and Kim D.# McKenna
Elaine McKenna
Daniel McKenzie
Margaret McKenzie
Mark McKenzie
Scott M.# and Lisa A.# McKim
Michael McKinley
Patricia McKinnis
Mary McKittrick
William and Karen McKnight
Anthony W. and Linda S. McLarty
Michael McLaughlin
Robert and Lisa D. McLaughlin
Edward McLenna
Patrick and Stacey M. McMacKin
Belinda McMahan
Marie McMahon
Mark G. and Lisa J. McMahon
Charles and Dorris McManis
Patrick H. and Carol McManus
John and Terri L. McMaster
Amanda McMichael
Patricia W. McMillan
Elzie McMillion
Ted McMinn
Katherine McMullen
Ronald B.# McMullen and Diane J. Makarewicz
John McMullin
Gene and Susan A. McNary
Theodore D. McNeal
Teresa K. McNearney
Jacqueline McNeil
William T. McNew
Tyrone J.# and Lisa J.# McNichols
Nathan P. and Samantha P. McNulty
Jeffery McPherson
Richard McPherson
Debra McStay
Kathleen M. McVoy
Brandi McWhorter
Daniel# and Marilyn R.# McWhorter
Kathy L. Mead
M'Evie Mead
Robert L. Mead
James E. Meady
Robert and Karen Mecham
Lisa Mechele
Michael A. and Patricia T.# Mecklenburg
Cynthia Medart
Robin Medici
Connie Medling
Judith T. Medoff
Larry R.# and Kathryn L. Meek
Kathy S. Meeks
Aleem Meerapuram
Hassen and Laurie Megahy
Edward Mehler
Ghanshyam K. and Shital V. Mehta
Scott Meidroth
Dennis P.# and Florence M.# Meier
John J. and Susan Meier
Leonard V.# and Mary B. Meier
William E. and Deborah T. Meier
Linda Meierhans
John Meisenbacher
Steve and Susan Meissel
Edwin B. and Nina R. Meissner
Rosemarie M. Meister
Vaughn E. Meister
Matt Melander
Lisa Melandri
Lawrence Mello
Albert M. and Joy Melman
Harold A. and Amy M. Melser
Lawrence Mendelow
George E. and Stephany R. Mendelsohn
William L. Mendelsohn and Margaret E.# Tracy
Tom P. and Jane C. Mendelson
Doug R. and Stephanie A. Mendenhall
Ross Mendenhall and Sarah Lacy
Kathleen A. Mendez
Marc A. Mendolia
Javier Mendoza
Joanna R. Mendoza
Mary K. Menees
Denise E. Menke
Mary A. Mennemeyer
Patricia O. Menzel
William T.# and DyAnn C.# Menzel
Robert W. and Linda S. Mercer
Ronald Mercier
Dean C. Meredith
Michael L. Meredith
Jennifer Merlo
Thomas B. and Mary E.# Merrifield
Charles and Carol A. Merrill
James J. Mersinger
Craig M. Mertz
Dennis B. and Linda R.# Mertz
Marny Meserve
Peggy A. Meskil
Virginia Messersmith
Michael Messner
Adele E. Metz
Sally Metz
James Metzger
Michael Metzger
Robert S. and Jean S. Metzger
Paul and Martha Metzler
Sara Meulendyke
Thomas M.# Meuser and Christy L. Scheidt
Andrew P. Meyer
Avis E. and Anna Marie Meyer
Bryce L. Meyer#
Christopher J. and Jeanne L.# Meyer
Christopher R. Meyer and Lisa M. Dorner
Deborah A. Meyer#
Douglas E. and Rebecca A. Meyer
E. Blair Meyer
Eric Meyer and Lindsay Walter
Gary H. and Evelyn H. Meyer
Jan C. Meyer#
Jennifer Meyer
Lee A.# and Barbara A. Meyer
Marvin R. and Karen S. Meyer
Paul E. and Sandra L. Meyer
Robert R.# and Sandra L.# Meyer
Robert and Anna Meyer
Rochelle Meyer
Roy L. and Dee S. Meyer
Lauren Meyer-Banks
Alan G. and Rosemary C. Meyers
Arthur S.# and Marcia# Meyers
Christina Meyers
Timothy J. and Maggie M. Meyers
Yvonne D. Meyers
J. Robert and Claire W. Meyners
Sam and Maureen Mezines
Yiling Mi
Dina Michael
Kimberley Michaud
Mark S. and Kimberly Y. Michel
Joe R. and Marlyn Micheletto
Bruce V. and Renee Michelson
Matt G. Michenfelder
Mary Mickelson
Gwen Middeke
Barbara J. Middleton
Rose Mier
Jolene Miesner
Nancy Mietzner
Alyssa Mihal
Mark Mihalevich
James R. and Jayma# Mikes
Suzanne Mikus
Richard and Jamae L. Milam
Jacob I. Milder
Deborah Miles
Sean Milford
Donald E. and Lisa D. Milkert
Richard E. and Elaine H.# Millar
Andrew J. and Roxanne T. Miller
Arden W. and Nancy J.# Miller
Bobbi J. Miller
Carolyn S. Miller
Charlotte B. Miller
Chuck and Georgia Miller
Corey Miller
David Miller
Donna L. Miller
Douglas C. and Marilyn A.# Miller
Douglas Miller
Dwight and Mary F. Miller
Ford L. and Marcia L. Miller
Gary J. and Anne C.# Miller
Gayl Miller
James G. and Judith A.# Miller
Jeffrey R. Miller and Sara L. Koester
John W. and Ellen Miller
Judith Miller#
Kathleen Miller
Keith D. and Sandra L.# Miller
Kenneth R. and Mary T. Miller
Lawrence and Ruth Miller
Linda A. Miller
Margery J. Miller
Marian A. Miller
Mark S. and Deborah S.# Miller
Michael J. Miller
Nancy L. Miller
Paula Miller
Reginald M. and Dianne A.# Miller
Robert A. Miller
Robert B. Miller
Robert M. Miller
Ruth H. Miller
Scott D. and Peggy J. Miller
Stephanie J. Miller
Suzanne K. Miller
Suzanne L. Miller
Thomas H. and Mary C. Miller
Timothy A. Miller#
Timothy M. Miller and Caroline Day
William H. and Linda M. Miller
William V. and Jeanne W. Miller
Andrew Mills
Donald L. Mills
Jason C. Mills and Indira Mysorekar
Larry and Anne Mills
John Milner
Joy Miltenberger
Ahn-Chun Min
Mechelle Minden
Jeffrey Miner
Judith Miniace
Kevin T.# and Joanne L.# Minnihan
Kate Minor
Deborah Mintert#
Anna Minx
Sidney and Sheila Miranda
Christine A. Miranti
Rodney Mischke
Art Misischia
G. Thomas and Cynthia B. Mitchell
Gerald Mitchell
Linda K. Mitchell
Pamela D. Mitchell#
Robert K. and Terese R.# Mitchusson
Phyllis Mithen
Paul F. Mittelstadt and Amy L.# Howell
Virginia L. Mittler#
Gwen G. Mizell
Carol Mizeur
Martin G.# and Pamela E. Mlynczak
Sally C. Mobley
Richard P. and Carol C. Mock
Andrew B. and Lynn C.# Moeckel
Ronald S. and Janet Moen
Subhash and Manohaleta Mohan
Lary W. and Mary E. Mohl
Audrey Mohni
Frederic J. Mohr
Yusuf and Maliha Mohyuddin
Neil and Carol Moldafsky
Jeff and Kelle Moley
Patrice R. Molinarolo
Kelley Molitor
Richard B. Moll and Joy Weese-Moll
Mark S. Moloney
Colette R. Monahan
James L. and Jennifer D. Monahan
Kristin Monahan
James K. and Loralee J.# Mondl
Richard A. Moneymaker
Richard S. and Diane F. Mongillo
James and Jeanette Monroe
Edward L. and Kathryn J. Monser
Lindsay Monser
Janet Monsey
Joel D. and Marilyn B. Monson
Austin F. and Barbara Montgomery
Homer Montgomery
Nicole M. Montgomery
Ronald Montgomery
Margaret R. Montibeller
Christian Montroy
Jerry W. and Mildred T. Moody
Gracelyn Mook
James A. and Joanne# Moon
Claudette B. Moore
Eleanor J. Moore
Jennifer A. Moore
John D. Moore
John W. and Carine T. Moore
Patrick and Mary A.# Moore
Robert E. Moore
Robert D. and Martha M.# Moore
Sidney Moore
Trish Moore
Vincent Moore
Brett R. and Jennifer H. Moorehouse
Edward G. and Susan B. Moorman
David Morales
Hugo R. and Carrie L. Morales
Richard Morales
Paul M. and Debbie A. Moran
Nicole Morani
Keith Morehead
Marilyn Moreland
Dganit Moreno
Teofilo and Donna J. Moreno
William F. Morey
Edith Morgan
Justin Morgan
Michael Morgan
Bill and Diane Moriarity
Robert E. and Deborah L. Morley
Christine Morlock
James A. and Susan G. Morrell
Amanda Morris
Edward L. and Peggy Morris
Jane Morris
Keith Morris
Michael A. Morris
Tiffany Morris-Simon
Margaret Morrisey
Carla Morrison
Donald F. Morrison
Geoffrey F. and Marilyn Morrison
Kevin M. and Cynthia S. Morrison
Steve Morrison
Theresa K. Morrison
Joanne A. Morrow
David and Sandra L. Morton
Rita R. Morton
Thomas M. and Elizabeth Morton
Angela Mosbach
Jean Mosbach
Mary M. Mosblech#
Marshall J. and Virginia E. Moseley
Philip W. and Patricia Moses
William Moses
Mark G. and Ruth A. Mosher
Randall and Wynne Moskop
Nels C. Moss
John A. Mossberger
Kristine M. Mothershead#
Johnathan E. and Roma T. Mott
Chad L. and Kristen N.# Mottert
Debbie Mowry
Chester Moyer and Therese M. Gorman
Eric and Diane R. Moyerman
Elisa D. Moylan
Miriam Moynihan
Ronald A. and Janet L.# Mozelewski
Ned and Diane S. Mozier
Joseph Mucelli
Thomas P. Muchisky
Mark A. and Janice H. Muckensturm
Shirley Mudd
Joseph F. Mudrovic
David M.# and Heather L.# Muehling
Elizabeth J. Mueller
Jeanne Mueller
Jennifer G. Mueller
Joseph H. and Nancy P. Mueller
Meghan E. Mueller
Sandra J. Mueller#
Max Muench
Thomas Muenks
Daniel P.# and Deborah A. Muesenfechter
David Mueth
Melanie R. Mueth
Thomas H. and Janet H. Mug
Kevin Muhm
Michael M. Muhs
John Mular
Paula Mulhearn
Diana C. Mulick#
Donna Mulkey
Dennis M. Mullen
John P.# and Laetitia M. Mullen
Davidson and Meaghan Mullgardt
Joseph P. and Katrin Mulligan
Michael F. and Pamela F. Mullins
Danielle Mulloy
Linda Multack
Christina Mulvenna
Erick Mumford and Devora Tulcensky
Loren Munder
Raleigh C. Muns
Margaret S. Munsen
Daniel Muntges and Megan Feely
Tonie C. Murnan
David J. Murnin#
David J. and Nancy Murphy
Ian Murphy
Joan S. Murphy
Joann Murphy
Lisa A. Murphy
Marietta Murphy#
Matthew Murphy
Michael M. and Maureen T. Murphy
Patrick J. and Anne Murphy
Patrick J.# and Ellen M. Murphy
Reginald Murphy
Robert R. Murphy
Robert and Mary K. Murphy
Sean Murphy
Stephen Murphy
Susan Murphy
Terry and Cynthia G.# Murphy
Timothy D. and Elizabeth M. Murphy
Laura R. Murra
Earl Murray
Michael D. and Carol A. Murray
Michael E.# and Barbara Dann Murray
Michelle E. Murray
Susanna Murrie
Robert W. and Tammy M. Murry
Tina Murtha
Todd Mushaney
Mark Mushinski
Cora E. Musial
Peggy D. Musick
Suzanne S. Muther#
Richard E. and Gloria K. Mutka
Christopher G. and Jean E. Mutrux
Allen and Jeanette S. Myers
Brooke Myers
Claire D. Myers
Kathy Myers
Kristen C. Myers#
Louis Myers
Mary Myers
Michael S.# and Eloise Myers
Timothy R. and Dana M. Myers
Robert and Carla W. Myerson
Roy B. and Betty Nabors
Arny Nadler
Sandra R. Naeger#
Elna M. Nagasako
Allan Nagel
Deborah J. Nagel#
Michael Nagel
Rosemary Nagel
Myrna Naguit
Andrew Nagy
Gonuguntla V. and Rajyalakshmi Naidu
Yitzhak Nalick
Max H. and Susan W. Nall
Hyon Namgung#
Crystal Nance
Karyn A. Nance#
Prithvi and Anita K.# Narayan
Vamsi R. and Sree B. Narra
Robert Narup
Humaira Naseer
Harold E. and Mary M. Nash
Homer E. Nash
Katherine Nash
Howard S.# Nathanson and Sarah A. Patz
Thomas J. Nau#
Joseph A. and Mary J. Naumann
Richard J. and Beverly M. Naumann
Keith S. and Rosanne S. Naunheim
Anna Navarro
Francisco S. Navarro
Richard H. and Lisa K. Neal
Brian P. and Judith A.# Nedwek
Burchard Neel
Beena A. Neelam
Kenneth and Mary B. Neher
Mary Neher
Robert A. and Jonee M. Nehus
Denis M. Neidrauer
Bruce B. and Donna M. Neil
Elizabeth A. Neill
Joyce Neill
Sarah E. Neis
William C. and Carol A. Nejelski
Gary C. and Helen L. Nelling
Angela Nelson
David A. Nelson
Gregory S. Nelson
Howard T. and Elna Nelson
James H. Nelson
Jane E. Nelson
Randolph A. and Joanne C. Nelson
Ronald A. and Louise H. Nelson
Russ Nemer
Alan C. and Fawn C. Nemes
Robert Nero
Jeannette Nesbit
Stephen J. and Kimberly B.# Nester
Kenneth L. and Mary A. Nettleton
Raymond and Barbara Neudecker
Wilhelm H. and Ingrid H. Neuefeind
Christy B. Neuhoff
Marty and Martha Neuman
Jeanne A. Neuner
Ronald Neustadt
Laura Neuwirth
Mark Nevelow
Catherine Neville
Stephen M. and Marie C.# Neville
Joellyn G. Newbold
David and Elsa Newburger
Anna Newcomb
Thomas Newcomb
Andrew E. and Peggy A. Newman
Charles and Joan M. Newman
Matthew and Jane R. Newman
Michael N. and Barbara Newmark
Michael W. and Eugenia C. Newport
Allan and Jamie Newsham
Cynthia Newsome
Stanley P. Newsome
Richard D. and Mary B. Nibberich
Bill Nichols and Sandra M. Clayton
Carolyn L. Nichols
Carolyn Nicholson
Stephen Nicholson
Edward F. and Pamela M.# Nickels
Catherine Nickens#
Carolyn Nickerson
Susan Nickrent
Sandra Nicks
Barb Niebruegge
Elizabeth Niebruegge
Sheryl Niec
Louis M. and Margaret A. Niederberger
Susan M. Niederberger#
Mary Niehaus
Carl Nielsen and Marianne Axboe
Joseph R. and Margaret C.# Niemann
Shelley J. Niemeier
Paul and Julie M. Niesen
Frank J. and Kathleen B. Nigro
Ronald and Janet Nimer
Howard A. and Carolyn A. Nimmons
David and Jill Nissen
Alan S. and Jeannette C. Nissenbaum
Jennifer Nitchman
Anne Niven
Donna S. Nix#
Fred C. Nix
Clover A. Noack
Cay L. Noble
Erin L. Noble
Scott A.# and Amy Noble
Jack Nobles
Michele Nobs
Marvin and Linda Nodiff
Carolyn F. Noe#
Stephanie Noecker
Eloyce Noel#
Timothy F. and Deirdre Noelker
Michael and Olga K. Nogin
Akihiko Noguchin
Katherine Nolan
Lawrence E. and Jill A.# Nolan
Margaret M. Nolan
Michael Nolan
Phyllis Nolan
Mary Nolte
Richard A.# Nolte and Carol Harris
Michael Nonet and Barbara Kunkel
Brendan and Sarah L. Noonan
Jeffrey J. Noonan and Nancy J.# Bristol
Phyllis A. Noonan#
Abraham Noor
Bruce Norman
Dustin Norman
Philip T. Norman
Augusto and Barbara Noronha
Amy Norris
Dana L. Norris
Martha J. North
Jennifer C. Norton#
Robert L. and Jana L. Norton
Tom Norton and Donna I.# Herrera
Barbara Novak
Jason Nowak
Ruth Nowakowski
Santha K. Nowpada
Pat Nuernberger
Ronald J. and Michele# Nuetzel
Edward J. and Mimika G. Nusrala
James J. Nyberg
Dennis and Alise J. O'Brien
Don R. and Laura A. O'Brien
Karen S. O'Brien
Michael P. O'Brien
Patrick O'Brien
Stephen O'Brien
Allyn K. O'Byrne
Mary A. O'Connell
Joseph and Sarah O'Conner
Mary O'Connor
Michael D. and Deborah J. O'Connor
Dennis and Jeanne B. O'Fallon
Gerald and Julia L. O'Gorman
Dan O'Grady and Barbara Deters
Sean and Maryruth O'Hagan
O'Neil and Dorrit R. O'Hallaron
Genevieve O'Hara
Julie O'Heir
Elizabeth B. O'Herin
Susan L. O'Leary#
Timothy F. and Kara O'Leary
Kevin and Dena O'Malley
Claire O'Meara
Margret O'Neall
Kathleen P. O'Neil
Barbara M. O'Neill
John H.# and Mary O'Neill
John C. and Mary K.# O'Neill
Patrick H. and Joann O'Neill
Peter and Kathryn O'Neill
Mary E. O'Reilly
Rebecca O'Reilly
Stephen R. and Maria R. O'Rourke
Ann P. O'Shaughnessy
Luanne O'Shea
Terrence J. and Sheila M.# O'Toole
Janet L. Oberle
Shawn and Julie Oberreiter
Mairin E. Ocheltree
Keith J. and Kathy L. Odegard
Beverly S. Odell
William E. and Elizabeth D.# Odell
Theresa Oehler
Michael Oelkers
Jeanette Oesterly
Diana M. Oetker#
Robert L. and Mary F. Officer
Anne K. Offner
Joseph Offutt
Marc A. Ofstedal
Jack E. and Vicki Oglander
Robert V. and Carol M. Ogrodnik
Paige L. Ohliger
Betty J. Okenfuss
David and Jitka Olander
Paul T. and Patricia A. Oldenburg
Kyle Olds
Tanya Oliphant
Carol H. Oliver
Donald R. and Sandra W. Oliver
Eunice E. Oliver
Samuel C. Oliver
Wanda I. Olizarowski
Wendy E. Olk
Jonathan Olsen
Kenneth C. and Sandra J.# Olsen
Kenneth M. Olsen
Tom Olsen and Katherine Maxson
Megan Olson
Mitchell Oltman
Barbara J. Olwig
Mary J. Ondr
Julie Opdyke
Mary E. Opp#
Henry and Ilene Ordower
Joseph B. and Sharon A. Orf
Stephen C. and Susan E. Oris
David Ornitz
Susan L. Orr
Paul Orsay and Virginia Ives
Thomas J. Ortbal
Alan Ortbals
Gerald R. and Mary Ortbals
Chrissy Ortman
Leroy and Mary Ortmeyer
Daniel S. Ory
Melanie Osborn
Darren S. and Sandra S. Osburn
Glenn and JoAnne Osburn
Betty Osiek
Pamela Osley
Eugene F. and Christine G. Ostendorf
Joseph Ostermeier
John and Deborah Ostrowski
Kathryn J. Ostrowski
Paul E.# and Jaclyn A.# Ostrowski
Elizabeth Otec
Marjorie S. Ott
Kevin R. Ottley#
Robert D. and Shirley J. Otto
Thomas J. Otto and Elizabeth Engel
Diana Ounanian
David and Kathleen Overall
Lynna Overby
Phillip R. Overhoff
Deborah M. Owen#
Kenneth E. and Teresa Owen
Ann R. Owens
George H. and Mary N.# Owens
Kenneth G. Owens
Richard A. and Gloriana T. Pack
Christine E. Padberg
Gena Padberg
Julie Padberg-White
Joseph Pagano
Henry E. and Susan C. Page
Jennifer Pagone
Robert and Jane K. Paine
Sandra M. Paino
James C. and Denise M. Pakala
Hugo W. Palm
Allen S. Palmer
Craig and Hollins Palmer
Trudy Palmer
Umarani and Srinivasa Pandiri
Dennis J. and Martha K.# Panetti
Andrew Pani
Miguel Paniagua
Michelle Panneton
Iness Panni
Gertrude Pannirselvam
Diane Pansky
Joseph Pantana
Basil D.# and Linda K. Pappas
Nicholas C. and Mary Ellen Pappas
Sarah Paradoski
Mark Paradowski
Leopolde S. and Beatriz R. Pardo
Matthew J. Paris
James Parish
Maurice and Joy Parisien
Duk Park
Howard F. and Helen F. Park
Kay Park
Yoon Park
Kenneth M. and Joyce A. Parke
Jean A. Parker
John D. Parker and Annette Elich-Parker
John E. Parker
Shannon Parker
William Parker
Gary D. and Kimberly A. Parks
Lee Parks
Lillian A. Parks
Roy E. Parks and Judith A. Hansen
Steven L. Parks
Verase Parks#
Lauralyn L. Parmelee
Christopher Parr
Donna M. Parrone
Mary C. Parrot
Jeffrey and Judi K. Parrotte
Robert G. and Rosemarie D. Parsons
Darren W. and Rochelle R.# Paschedag
Armando L. Pasetti and Evelina I. Pasetti
Nathan and Judith K. Paskal
Ravi Patel
Rebecca Patel
Parimala Patri
Mark A. Patrick and Jennifer L. Buehler
Stephen L. and Sandra K. Patrick
Leslie B. Pattengill
Alec Patterson
Jean Patterson
Robert M. Patterson
Wally Patterson
William A. and Susan D. Patterson
D. Lynn Patton
Jeremiah R. Patton#
Richard H. and Corinne B.# Patton
Russ and Adrienne W. Patton
Brian Paul
Faith Paul
Nancy Paul
Jennifer Paule
Paul V. and Kathleen M. Paulsen
Samuel Pavel
Donald R. and Dee Ann Pavelka
Faye Pavelka
Christopher Payne
Pamela M. Payne
Renee E. Payton#
Diane Peal
Jacqueline Pearce
Michael Pearce
Christopher H. Pearson
David M. and Pamela M.# Pearson
Samuel C. and Mary A. Pearson
Michael and Colleen Peck-Bishop
Donald A. Pecsok
Douglas Peden
Gerald E. and Sharon L.# Pedersen
Margaret E. Pedersen
John C. and Roberta Peduzzi
Courtney Peetz
Robert E. Peffers and Barbara A. Peffer
Gene M. Peimann
Philip and Christine M. Peimann
Robert L. and Lucinda E. Peirce
Kathyrn T. Pelikan
Keith and Mary A. Pelot
Robert A. and Martha E. Pence
David J. and Rosanne M. Penn
Rick and Cynthia Pennington
Karen J. Pentella
Alex Peper
Paul Pepper
Enrique Peralta
James Percy and Pam L. Seri
John H. Percy
Tanya Pereira
Marianne L. Perez
Richard P. and Susan B. Perez
Paul G. and Patricia A. Perica
Christine A. Perisho
Brandon Perkins
Jessica Perkins
Konstanze R. Perlmutter#
Lawrence M. and Pamela Perlmutter
Michael and Cheryl E. Perlmutter
Louis and Constance Perretta
Brandon K. Perry and Frances A. Bromley
Bryan Perry
Lewis C. and Elisabeth I. Perry
Linda W. Perry
Robin Perry
Sharon K. Person#
Alan and Shirley Pervil
Christine L. Pesout
Craig Peters
Donald J. and Nancy L. Peters
Edwin and Libby Peters
Eric Peters
Mark L. and Sarah E. Peters
Patricia J. Peters#
Theresa Peters
Thomas M. Peters
William and Nancy Peters
Christopher Petersen
Dorothy Petersen
Kathleen Petersen
Theodore J. and Kathy Petersen
Christine Peterson
Elizabeth Peterson
Frank and Molly K. Peterson
George G. Peterson
George W. and Louise A. Peterson
James C. and Leslie B. Peterson
James A. and Jean M. Peterson
Robert and Cynthia Peterson
Frank O.# and Kathryn E. Petkovich
Karen Petruska
Mark and Gail Pettersen
Keith F.# and Sheila A. Pey
Christina M. Pfaff
David E. and Jane H. Pfeifer
Jack and Tracy Pfeifer
Ed and Marcia# Pfeiffer
Karen Pfitzinger
James E. Phelan
Barbara J. Phifer
Margaret A. Philip
Jeffrey E. Philiph
George K. and Alice P. Philips
Jean L. Phillion
Donald W. and Bonnie J. Phillips
Donald B. Phillips
Grady Phillips
Jack Phillips
John R. Phillips
Jon Phillips
Mary E. Phillips#
Michael D. Phillips
Rhonda L. Phillips
Thomas and Marianne Phillips
Jane Phillips-Conroy
Leonard N. Piccione
Thomas Pickel and Jean Birmingham
Jeffrey J.# and Rachel L.# Pickering
Daniel Picus and Laura Friedman
Joel and Sue S. Picus
Diana C. Pierce
Jeffrey K. and Jennifer L.# Pierce
John A. and Susan K. Pierce
Rex Pierce
William R. and Rebecca B.# Pierce
Julie Pierie
Karen A. Pierre
Diana C. Pierron
Gary A. Pierson
Patricia Piety
Linda Pike
Virginia L. Pike#
James R. and Kathy C.# Pilkington
Kim N. Pilkington#
Giancarlo and Melissa Pillot
Britton L. Pim
Jeanette Pingel
Michelle Pinkston
Martin and Joyce O. Pion
Steve and Alaina Pipas
Laura M. Piper
Daniel Piquet
Kelly L. Pisane#
Jennifer Pisarkiewicz
JoAnn Pisel
Michael J.# and Kathleen A. Piskulic
Courtney and Karen Pitkin
Robert J. and Janet M.# Pitlyk
David Pitt and Soe Mar
Meredith Pittman
Myrta Pittman
Jennifer Plaat
Philip H. Plack
Kathryn L. Plax
Steven and Julie L. Plax
Linda S. Pletscher
Kenneth Ploch
David G. and Mary L. Plocher
Dana A. Plonka#
Sean Plowman
Scott C. Pluff
Robert L. and Sandra R. Plummer
Francine Plunkert
William Pobanz
Daniel Podgurski
Timothy Poertner
David M. Poger
Joe Pogue and Dorothy Lyon
Mark E. Pohlman
Thomas C. Pohlman
Thomas R. Pohlman and Elsie Winstead
Timothy A. and Heidi L. Pohlman
William S. and Jane# Pohlman
David W.# and Sharon A. Pohlmann
David A. Pokorny and Michelle W. Porkorny
David C. and Julie A. Pole
Donald B. and Susan Poling
Peter J. and Jan Polizzi
Robert M. Pollak#
Larry W. and Joanne E. Polley
Jason Pollock
Andrew and Melissa L. Pomerantz
Catherine J. Ponder
Elaine A. Pontious
Karen Pool
Douglas E. and Katherine K. Pope
Jane C. Popham
William J. Popovic
Franklyn and Regina W.# Popper
Dean R. Porter
Gerald V. and Pamela K. Porter
John S. and Marlene Porter
Sally Portera
Lyndel H. and Patricia A.# Porterfield
Carol M. Portman
Glenn H. Portman
Elliot J. Portner and Barbara J.# Keene
Edwin Porubec
Roy C.# and Susan J. Postel
Lizette Poston
Erin Potillo
Eleanor D. Potter
Jacob V.# and Julie A. Potter
Terry Potter
Fred and Joan Potthast
Lee Potts and Rebecca M. Wiederkehr
Sandra Pourcillie
John W. Powell and Lisa Tebbe
Rex R. Power
Roger J. and Hilary Power
Mary T. Powers
Penny Powers
Pierce W. and Susan P. Powers
Mark S. Pranaitis
Kevin J. Prange and Kate Hastings
Ankush Prashar
Jonathan and Rebecca V.# Pratcher
Deborah Pratt
Marylee Pratt
Rachel Pratt
Kathleen Pratte
Jerome and Barbara S. Pratter
Daniel F. and Anne B. Prebish
Doris B. Pree
Dennis and Barbara A. Preis
Kenneth Preis
John and Maggie Preiss
David M. and Karen L.# Pressel
Norman and Wendi A. Pressman
Joseph Presson
Rachel M. Presti
Sasha Preuss
Joseph and Elisabeth Price
Rumi K. Price
Frank and Barbara Prideaux
Fred R.# and Katrina Priese
Earl A. Primeau
Gillian Pritchard
Michael D. and Kathleen Pritchett
Jerry and Maryann Prives
Cathy M. Proffer
Jean F. Prokop#
Lloyd Prokopf
Robert Prophete
Mark F. Prosser
Thomas E. and Angela E.# Prost
Gary R. and Jane A.# Protte
Martin and Nancy Provin
Ursuline Provincialate
Christina Prucha
Susan Pruchnicki
Kenneth J. Pruitt
Steven W. and Christina N. Pryor
Maria Przada
Christopher Pueblo
Caroline L. Pufalt
Thomas and Michaela Purcell
Joan E. Purk
Mark Purkaple
Jason Q. and Amanda L. Purnell
Paul T. and Judy Z. Putzel
Mehdi Qalbani
Usman and Saima Qayyum
Chunlian Qu#
Omar Quadri
Jackie Quain
Jonathan L. and Jane K. Quarles
Ruby Quarterman
David Queller and Joan Strassmann
Donald R. Quest
Jacquelyn Quick
Larry F. and Edith M. Quick
Nancy B. Quigley
Patricia M. Quinley
Catherine K. Quinn
Daniel M.# and Diana S. Quinn
Troy and Angela S. Quinn
Debra Rabinovich
Brad and Susan Racette
Cheryl Rackers
Ellen Raczkiewicz
Kent Rader
Abigail Radetic
Elizabeth Radford
Edwin W. Radlinski
Amin M. Radparvar
James L. Radt and Beth A. Henderson
Martin and Solveg Rafanan
Sandy Rafferty
Alan Rafterman
Srinivasan Raghaven
Scott and Becky Ragland
Mohammad Rahimi
David S. Rahmer
David R. and Sharon E. Raich
Korhan B. Raif
Sid and Madeline Raile
Barbara M. Rain#
Susan Rainer
Shirley Raitzsch
Amy Rakes
Linda P. Rallo#
Akila Ramakrishnan#
Sujata Ramamurthy
Michael J. Ramatowski#
A. Kathleen Rambo
Patricia Ramey
Ana V. Ramirez
Elizabeth M. Ramirez
Stephen and Lorraine Ramonczuk
Lawrence W.# and Mary E. Ramsey
Richard A. and Donna M. Ramsey
Robert Ramshur
Milton L. and Jane E. Rand
John R. and Twila J. Randall
Robert M.# and Patricia Randall
Scott Randall
Mary Randant
Joseph J. Randazzo
Tony J. and Karen E.# Randazzo
Vincent A. and Ann G.# Randazzo
Susan Randrich
John D. Raney and Marcia J.# McCabe
Alan B. Ranford
Bjorn and Dorie Ranheim
Timothy Rank
James R. Rankin
Jason and Sarah Rankin
M. S. Rao
Neville Rapp
Ryan Rapp
Christine E. Rappold
Lee A. and Linda A. Rascovar
Mohammad Rashid
Lawrence M. and Miriam Raskin
Ripley A. Rasmus and Elizabeth K. Trueblood
Megan Rasmussen
Alan Ratchford
Nigam P. and Suchitra# Rath
Deborah Rathert
Fred and Sally# Rathjen
Kathy Ratino
Gary and Marilyn L.# Ratkin
Victor E. and Donna Ratkowski
Kristin Rattini
Nathan D. and Annette L. Rau
Ron and Judy Rauh
Alan R. and Diana Rawizza
Tom Rawson
Debabrata and Veena Ray
Sarah Ray
Thomas A. and Alice Ray
Nancy Rayhawk
Anna Raymer
Syed A. Raza
Asim Razzaq
Barbara Z. Rea
Kimberly Readmond
Neil F.# and Laura Rebbe
Maria Rebecchi
Leo Reber
John M. Rebman
Joel G. and Marni Rebmann
Patrick K. and Elise Rebmann
Jacob W. and Leslie N. Reby
Stephanie Recht
Joseph E. and Susan Rechter
Leon Rechter
Tom Reck and Laura Wehrenberg
Christine M. Recktenwald#
Rob and Michelle Recktenwald
David K. Reddick and Pamela C. Gween
Nancy Rediger
Matthew T. Reding and Jennifer L. White-Redding
Scott and Kelly Reding
Elizabeth Redmond
Brian K. Reed
Claudette W. Reed#
David F. Reed
Garry J. Reed and Sandra J. Christie
Jane Reed
Steven D. Reed
John and Drusilla Rees
John R. and Rebecca J. Reeve
Brenda K. Regan
Allison Regier
Beverly D. Rehfeld
Richard Reichle
James D. Reid
Margaret Reid
Rosemary C. Reid
Frances R. Reidy#
John P. Reineck#
Virginia Reineri
Brett and Janet Reinert
Christine R. Reinhard
Alan J. Reininger
Charles E. and Constance S. Reis
David A.# and Lynn F. Reiter
Nancy L. Reiter
Paul T. Reiter
Jason W.# and Natalie Rekittke
Tony Relys
Don Rempel
G. John Renard
Michael and Anne E. Renfro
Jennifer S. Rengachary
Michael Rengel
Marvin and Marilyn Rennard
Edward H. and Sigrid M.# Renner
Shaun and Hilary Reno
Bruce E. and Kristina W. Reppert
Paul K. Reuter and Janet P. Brown
John H.# and Rosemary Reutner
Katherine J. Reynolds
Kent Reynolds
Levering A. and Linda M. Reynolds
Nancy Reynolds
Jane A. Rhetta
Todd Rhine
Roxanne Rhoades
Steve Rhoades
Tom and Suzanne Rhodenbaugh
Charles A. and Fatima H.# Rhodes
Christian Rhodes
Daryl A. and Julie Rhodes
Elsie Rhodes
Molly Rhodes
Norma J. Rhodes
Michael S.# and Christine M. Riat
Deborah Rice
Nancy E. Rice
Patricia J. Rice
Susan E. Rice#
Ann K. Rich
Joseph S. Rich
Laura A. Rich
Leslie and Patricia E. Rich
Mark and Mary Rich
Victoria Rich
Gerold A. Richard#
Cheryl Richards
Cynthia Richards
John A. Richards
Lee Richards and Mary Moore
Michael and Pamela Richards
Mike and Suzy Richards
Suzanne G. Richards
Donald R. and Diane E. Richardson
James E. and Mary L. Richardson
Lavon P. and Susan R. Richardson
Lloyd I. and Judith K. Richardson
Mark and Carolyn M. Richardson
Pollie M. Richardson#
Renee Richardson#
Dennis Riche
Stanley H. and Leah Y. Richert
Deborah G. Richie#
Mark B. and Sally Richman
Robin A. Richmond
Justin Richner
Bradley Richter
Jodie Richter
Lane and Clara Richter
Paul and Laura K. Richter
Sara G. Richter
Dorothy Richterkessing
Marilyn C. Ricker
Charles Rickert
Anthony W. and Paula J.# Ricks
Michael and Pamela S. Riddle
Justin R. Riddler#
Brock D. and Melissa L. Ridenour
William P. and Charlotte M. Ridley
Megan Riechmann
Thomas M. Riedinger
Mary Riegel
Gregory Rieger
Janet Riehl
Ethan Riepl
Gary R. and Barbara G.# Riepl
Douglas A. and Sandra L. Ries
Anne Rieser
Robert D. Rifkin
Andrea Riganti
John S. and Diana W. Rigden
Donald J. Riggs
John J. Riley
Marianna Riley
Brian R. and Melanie A. Ringhofer
Brooke Rintoul
Daniel J. Risberg
Scott A. Risdall
Ann H. Rittenbaum
Dennis M. Ritter
John A. and Marcia Ritter
Charles and Phyllis Ritts
Michael Rivera
Sandra Rives
Linda Rivet
Jay R. and Patricia V. Rizzoli
Dennis L.# Roach and Kayla Vaughan
John G. and Jill Roach
John A. and Mary L.# Robbins
Peter C. Robbins
Amy Roberts
Dale L. Roberts
James K. Roberts and Michele Cope
Mark and Julia Roberts
Theresa A. Roberts
David G. Robertson
Donald W. Robertson
Joe Robertson
Joseph Robertson
Richard C. and Jean E. Robertson
Stephen Robin
Steve Robine
Charles J. Robinson
Charles E.# and Cynthia L. Robinson
Collins H. and Marion M. Robinson
Elizabeth Robinson
Elizabeth Robinson
James E. Robinson#
Mark L. Robinson and Joan M.# Benson-Robinson
Matthew Robinson
Thomas E.# and Ruthie M. Robinson
Leon and Ann R. Robison
Linda Robson
Gary F. and Jacquelyn S.# Rocchio
Miriam I. Roccia
Donna Roche
James A. and Beverly Roche
Brian E. Rockette#
Peter W. and Meredith H. Rockwell
Greer L. Rodgers#
Lee and Janet Y. Rodgers
Petra G. Rodgers
Robert G. Rodgers
Theodore A. and Marilyn L. Rodgers
Peter Rodick
Michael and Nancy Rodney
Richard J. Rodrigues
Carroll C. and Patricia J. Rodriguez
Wendy Roe
Willard J.# and Pamela M. Roeder
Henry L. Roediger and Kathleen B. McDermott
Wendell and Mary A. Roehrs
Jim M. Roepke
Patricia A. Roerig
Patricia R. Roesch#
Brett and Janelle Roethemeyer
Gary J. and Linda L. Roettger
Gordon T. Roewe#
Carol L. Rogers
Chad Rogers
Frank and Elisabeth Rogers
John H. and Gwen L. Rogers
Mary M. Rogers
Patrick K. Rogers
Raymond E. and Carolyn J.# Rogers
Rebecca L. Rogers
Robert Rogers#
Whitman Rogers
William L. and Nancy Rogers
Gregory J. Rohde and Julie M. Jones
Elfriede M. Rohe#
Mike Rohlfing
Christine Rohloff
Waldemar M. Rohloff
Valerie Rohrbaugh
Bridget K. Rolens
Neal Roller
Tom and Marian Rollins
Richard A. and Margaret Roloff
Montes Romain
Alan Roman
Christine M. Roman
John R. and Joanne J. Roman
Margaret Rombach-Riggs
James and Dana L. Romeis
Philip G.# and Julie M.# Rone
Allan and Lynne Roney
Steve Roney
Eileen Rooney
Elizabeth G. Roper
Jose Roque
John Rorris
Mary Rose
Paul and Katherine Rose
Raymond A. Rose
Richard L. Rose
Robert J. and Sheryl E. Rose
Shawna Rose
Brooke Roseberry
Amy F. Rosen
Judith A. Rosen
Larry and Jane Rosen
Ruth L. Rosen
Yvonne A. Rosen
H. Lee and Brigitte Rosenberg
A. J. Rosenblatt
Steven E. and Cynthia D. Rosenbloom
Jeffrey A. and Sharon Rosenblum
Laura Rosenbury
Lawrence J. and Susan E. Rosenhoffer
Alan Rosenkoetter
Nancy Rosenstock
Aaron G. Rosenthal
Robert S. and Deborah D. Rosenthal
Sharon Rosenthal
David E. Rosenwasser
Michael Rosfeld
Ilana Rosman
Douglas A. and Judy S. Ross
Gretchen Ross
John P. Ross and Anne Schalda
Kevin Ross and Ann R.# Disinger
Larry E. and Jody K. Ross
Paul F. Ross
Peggy Ross
Sara C. Ross
Stephen C. and Catherine A. Ross
Anthony Rossetti
John A. and Karel Rossi
Mark Rost
C. David and Margaret R. Rota
Anne Roth
Carolyn A. Roth
Frank and Faye H. Roth
Michael J. and Rosemary# Roth
Pam S. Roth
Thomas Roth
James N. and Diana F. Rothbarth
David J. and Mary Rothermel
Jim and Karen Rothery
Ella M. Rothgangel
Betty J. Rothman
Andrew and Ivette E. Rothschild
Patricia L. Roti Roti
Mitchell Rotman
Sherman Rotskoff
Kelsi Rotter
Patricia Roush
Philip S. Roush
Gene L. and Helen J.# Rovak
Donald G. and Julie C. Rowe
Virginia R. Rowe
William C. and Margaret M. Rowe
Brandon O. Rowland
Patricia R. Rowold#
Neeta Roy
Henry D. and Christine G. Royal
Kim Royer
Howard Rozell
Scott and Donna Ruben
Michael Ruberton
David H. and Rachel Rubin
David Rubin
Denise L. Rubin
Eugene Rubin and Dorothy Kinscherf
Jim Rubin
Michael H.# and Deann J. Rubin
Richard M. Rubin
Martin H. and Julie H. Rubio
L. Robert and Lynn L. Rubright
Stephen Ruby
Amy A. Ruck
Daniel J. Ruder and Shana E. Albright
Barry and Rosalie Rudert
Martin and Virginia Rudloff
Mary A. Rudloff
Patricia Rudloff
Rodney H. and Donna M. Rudolph
Ann Rudy
Julie Rudy
Valerie Rudy-Valli
Jim Ruebsam
William Rueckert
Stephanie A. Ruedlin#
Barbara Ruess
Kenneth Rueter
Larry G. and Mary J. Ruff
Roger R. and Elaine K. Ruff
Anna Ruffin
Neil F. and Mary Ruggieri
Gerald W. and Sharon F. Rullkoetter
Rita Rundquist
William Rundquist
Gary T. and Joan M.# Runge
James P. and Erin C. Runnels
Karl F. and Kathy J. Ruoff
Sean and Amy L. Ruprecht-Belt
John and Jo Ann Rushing
Robert Rushing
Michael R. Russ
Charles W. and Sally C. Russell
David and Vicki A. Russell
Donna L. Russell#
F. Garland and Peggy Lee C. Russell
Harold D. and Barbara A. Russell
James H. Russell#
John E. and Barbara R. Russell
Linda B. Russell
Patrick Russell
Peter D. Russell
Shane M. and Amorette D. Russell
Steven J. Russell
Amy L. Russo#
Michael J. and Mary M.# Rutherford
Bryce T. and Joyce M. Rutter
Alex Rutz
Thomas and Melissa Ruwitch
Celeste A. Ruwwe#
Ken J. Ruzicka
Robert J. Ruzicka
Gerald F.# and Deborah# Ryan
James T. and Geralyn K.# Ryan
Kathy M. Ryan
Kathy A. Ryan#
Lauren N. Ryan
Martin and Jo Ann E.# Ryan
Mary L. Ryan
Patrice Ryan
Regina M. Ryan
Sharon A. Ryan
Thomas E. and Katherine A. Ryan
Diane Ryberg
Jan S. and Sheila A. Ryerse
Clifford A. and Lauren P. Ryffel
Bran Sable-Smith
Lori G. Sabo
Jerome and Lili S. Sachar
Nancy R. Sachs
Traci Sachteleben
Shaker Sadasivam
Mark D. and Jenny Sadow
Carl B. Safe
Terry and Sharon Safford
Martin and Linda C. Sage
Stuart S. and Beverlee N. Sagel
Paul Sager
Marcel T. and Jane S. Saghir
Sharath Sahadevan
Weston M. and Ima C. Sailer
Russell J.# and Patricia A. Sainz
Bettye Sakaguchi
Elizabeth W. Sale#
Timothy E. and Diane D.# Saleska
Vincent Saletto
Margaret J. Salick
Richard Salisbury
Becky Salmo-Ainsworth
Albert J. and Mary Anne Salsich
Joan Salters
Stephanie S. Salveter
Chris Salzmann
Jeffrey Samet#
Ann Sammons
Kathy Sammons
Umashanker Sampath
Kathleen M. Sampathkumaran
David Samson
Siresha Samudrala
Bonita Samuelson
Dianne G. Samuelson
Karen S. Sanchez#
Steve J. and Ann E. Sanchez
Vijay Sandenaboena
Rodney D. and Robin Sanders
Roosevelt Sanders
Timothy S. Sanders#
Mark Sandheinrich
Theodore B. and Joann Sanditz
Scott Sandler
Amy Sandthoff
Jerome W. and Joy Sandweiss
Frank M. and Sally J. Sandy
Chris Sanford
Joseph Sanning
Betty Sano
John T. and Carolyn Sant
Shirley Santel
John and Krista Santucci
David and Ruth M. Saphian
John F. Sappington
Bart Saracino
Anita A. Sarathi
Barbara Sarbach
John and Elaine Sartain
Jason A. Sartori#
Scott Sasenbury
Kathryn J. Sauer
Stephenie P. Saunders
Troy Saunders
Mary Sautel
Jennie Savage
R. Scott and Leslie A. Savage
Eleonora Savitchi
Jonathon and Kimberly W.# Savoy
Susan Saxe
Merrily G. Saxon#
Gail Saxton
Elizabeth Sayad
Michael M. and Janet M. Sayers
H. John# and Sally E. Scanlon
Lorilise Scarborough
Georgia Scarbrough
Colleen M. Schaab
Tom Schaab
Wietse and Melanie Schaafsma
Katherine Schaberg
Joseph N. and Florence M. Schachter
Eric Schactman
Heather Schaefer
Jane Schaefer
Jennifer Schaefer
Lewis and Virginia F. Schaefer
Marcus G. Schaefer
Mike Schaefer
Ronald and Diane O. Schaefer
Mark J. Schaeffer
William T. and Robyn Schaiff
James M. Schallom#
Janet L. Schaper
Rhonda R. Schaper
Michael Schappe
Zoe A. Scharf
Aaron R. and Darcell Scharff
Mark Scharff
Dave Scharnhorst
Jana Scharnhorst
Kay Schechter
Ted Schechter and Ellen F.# Watkins
Leonard Scheffler
Susan M. Scheible
Tom E. Scheifler
Wayne and Bonnie Schell
Linda L. Schellenger
Theresa Scheller
Carl L. and Martha E.# Schenck
Robert and Lynn B. Schenck
Robert J. Schenk
Becky Scherer
David E. Scheu and Cathy Keane
Diana L. Scheuer
Kenneth Scheuermann
Kenneth and Mary Schibler
Jennifer Schickler#
Creta G. Schiermann
Marc Schillebeeckx and Roselyne C.# Schillebeekx
Jerome and Brit M. Schiller
Michelle C. Schiller-Baker#
Gary M. Schilling#
John R. and Linda S. Schilling
Josh Schilling
Willem Schilpzand
Gretchen Schiltz
Gregory Schimizzi
William T. and Sherri M. Schindel
Elizabeth Schlaeger
Peter and Mary F. Schlafly
Bruce and Janet M. Schlag
Chris Schlanger
Charles M. and Roberta W. Schlanker
David Schlansker
Mary A. Schlather
Hartmut Schlaubitz
John and Judith Schlee
Robert W. and Helen R. Schleipman
Gerald L. Schlemer
Eric R. Schlereth#
Rhonda Schlereth
Paul Schlesinger
Daniel W. Schliemann
Benson R. Schliesser and Emily E.# Coffey
Helen Schloss
Margaret Schmandt
Aaron L. Schmeerbauch#
Gregory Schmelig
Marie Schmich
Jeffrey C. Schmid and Judy L. Koepke
Kurt Schmid and Eileen Gannon
Wolfram Schmidgen and Elizabeth Landers
Carol M. Schmidt
Elizabeth Schmidt
Gary N.# and Janet L. Schmidt
James K. and Mary Anne S. Schmidt
Jonathan W. and Deborah L.# Schmidt
Kenneth M. Schmidt and Nancy M.# Fox
Michael J. Schmidt
Michael T. Schmidt
Steve C. and Donna K.# Schmidt
Suzanne Schmidt
Tony Schmidt
Van W. and Susan K. Schmidt
William J. and Vivian G. Schmidt
John Schmieder
Harry E. and Laura H. Schmink
Aaron Schmitt
Beverly B. Schmitt
Dru A. Schmitt
Steven Schmitt
Jeffrey P. and Jennifer B. Schmitz
Mark Schmitz
Peter A. and Susan C. Schmitz
Walter D. and Marie L. Schmitz
Scott Schneberger
William D. and Judith E. Schneck
Janet Schneeberger
Charlene E. Schneider
Charles W. Schneider
Charles Schneider
John D. and Mary J. Schneider
Karen K. Schneider
Stewart and Jennifer H. Schneider
Thomas A. Schneider
Thomas A. and Joyce E. Schneider
Bradley O. Schnell
Daniel Schnettgoecke
Manuela Schnider-Schmitt
Betty Schnorbus
Marilyn A. Schnuck
Kelly Schober
Kathleen A. Schoen
Paul G. and Bobbie S. Schoen
Sue Schoenfelder
Paul and Sherryl K. Schoening
Richard and Brenda Scholes
Douglas E. and Alison G. Scholin
Larry L. and Maure A. Scholl
Ben Scholle
William and Harriet K. Scholle
Christopher G. and Monica J. Scholz
Miriam T. Schonfeld
Ivan Schoomer
Kathryn M. Schottel
Kenneth Schowengerdt
Timothy M. and Shelly S.# Schrappen
Lucy Schreiber
Karen L. Schriefer#
Darren Schrobilgen
Charles R. Schrock
Lisa Schroder
Sherrie A. Schroder
Aidan Schroeder
Corky Schroeder
Matthew J. Schroeder
Phil Schroeder
Stanley G. Schroeder
Victor and Mitzie Schroeder
Robert P.# and Gina L. Schroell
Thomas M.# and Patricia A. Schroyer
Marjorie D. Schuchat
David Schuehler
Mark A. and Kate O. Schuering
Steve L. Schuerman
Anne E. Schuermann
Josh Schuh
Mary Schuh
Mary Ellen S. Schukai
Daniel Schuler
Robert N. and Susan L. Schulte
Thomas E.# and Linda P. Schulte
Donna Schultz
Gloria L. Schultz
Linda Schultz
Rosalyn Schultz
Joseph N. Schulz
Kurt E. Schulz and Luci A. Kohn
David A. Schumaier
James K. and Mary V. Schuman
A. Mark and Jill D. Schupp
Elizabeth Schurwan
Mark Schusky
Robert E. and Mary J. Schutzius
Carol A. Schwab
Jim N. and Nancy L. Schwab
Susan Schwach
Gary J. and Marietta Schwalbe
Alan L. and Judith C. Schwartz
Jennifer Schwartz
Kelley Schwartz
Kenneth R. Schwartz
Sarah J. Schwartz
Shawn V. Schwartz
Elizabeth A. Schweger
Henry L. and Esther G. Schweich
Gordon D. and Mary Jane Schweitzer
Bert and Laurie S.# Schweizer
Sharon Schwent
Kurt A. and Anna C. Schwind
Stanley R. and Alice M. Schwing
Mark and Lee R. Scissors
Barbara A. Scott
Diane D. Scott
Mark J. and Mary E. Scott
Sara C. Scott
David Scrivner
Eric Scroggins
John Scully
Raymond and Susan L. Scupin
Kenneth R. Seabolt and Karen R. Allen-Seabolt
Jeanette A. Seamon
Frances F. Sears
Robert M. Sears and Erica Leisenring
Sally Sears
Nancy Seats
Kate Sebald
Arun Sebastian
Antone and Karen E. Sebastiao
Mary Anne Sedey
Adam C. Seehaver
Thomas J. Segbers
Gerrit Segers
Mehrdad Sehizadeh
David P. and Sandra K. Seibert
Allan K. Seidel and Margaret E. Bahe
David G. Seidensticker
Mary D. Selby#
Stuart R. and Elizabeth F. Seley
Natalie Self
Thomas C. Self and Ellyn J. Rosenblum
Marc and Madelyn Semanoff
Silke H. Sen
Patrice D. Seratti
Ahmed Serdarevic
Sandra B. Sermos
Sarah Serot
Marcus and Joan Sessel
Judy A. Sewing
Warren Seyfried
Bruce and Lily Seymour
David and Michelle M. Seymour
Ilana B. Sgouros
Michael S. and Anna A. Shabsin
John W. Shaffer
Atif Shafqat
Alicia Shah
Amit Shah and Beth Fisher
Prathamesh Shah
Amos and Barbara Shamir
Mark and Peggy Shamleffer
David W. Shanahan#
M. Julie Shanahan
Timothy M. and Nora Shanahan
Larry J. and Carol-Ann U. Shapiro
Rand Shapiro
Camilla W. Shapleigh
Peter and Julie Sharamitaro
Stuart G. Sharp
Richard F. and Carie L. Sharrard
Paul T. Shattuck and Lucy H. Hoblitzelle
James J. Shaughnessy#
Brian J. and Miranda C.# Shaver
Paul and Joan Shaver
John B. and Mary Beth Shaw
John T. Shaw#
Judith Shaw
Katherine A. Shaw#
Kristi Shaw
Larry E. and Patricia M. Shaw
Patricia F. Shaw
Timothy and Jennifer A. Shaw
Brady and Kathleen A. Shea
Joseph and Cheryl Shea
Margaret Shea
Thomas M. Shea
James P. and Geneva A. Shearburn
Edward M. and Carol A.# Sheehan
Thene Sheehy
Pathak Sheel
David Sheets
Wayne O. and Judy F. Sheets
Marlene H. Sheetz#
Naseem Shekhani
Nicole L. Shelledy
Sharon A. Shelley
Robert L. Shelli and Kathleen Walsch-Shelli
Carole Shelton
Susan L. Shender
Shalini Shenoy
Benjamin K. Shepard and Minal V. Gandhi-Shepard
Thomas E. Shepherd and So Y.# Kim-Shepherd
Dick P. and Linda Z. Sher
James W. and Kathleen R. Sherby
Allen and Heidi Sherman
Arthur Sherman
Christopher D.# and Kathryn Sherman
David S. and Susan D. Sherman
James E.# and Michele Sherman
Tracy Sherman
Warren G. and Janice L. Sherman
Edward D. and Kathryn M. Sherrick
Raymond J. Sherrock and Susan R. Owens
Elizabeth Sherwood
Shawn P. Shields
Susan Shiels
Walter G. and Jennifer T. Shifrin
John Shine
Timothy P. and Leslie Shine
Brian and Sudie B. Shinkle
Catherine Shinn
Linda L. Shipley#
Rebecca L. Shipley
Michael K. Shipp#
Kyle F. Shoff
Patrick Shoff
Jennifer L. Shoffner
Debra Sholes
Charles and Laura Shore
William C. and Marie Shores
Anthony J.# and Jane E. Short
Paige B. Shortal
Le'Ann Shotton
Charles Shoup
Roger J. and Nancy J. Shoup
Pamela K. Shourd
J. Stuart and Sue L. Showalter
Robert Showers
Eugenia Shrader
Susan Shriver
Thomas R. and Debra Shrout
Earl D. Shuford#
Rebecca Shulklapper
Sherry Shuman
Donald C. and Kaye E. Shumate
James A. and Teresa G. Shymansky
Dale W. and Ruth H. Sieben
Jackson and Jennifer Sieber
Robert L.# and Karen E.# Sieber
Charles R. and Susan A. Siebert
Richard E. Siefert and Haley Rives-Siefert
Peter A. Siegel
Duane L. Siegfried
Emily B. Siemer
Robert V. and Diane S. Siemer
John K. Siemers
Alicia Sierra
Gregory and Sara Sierra
Michael J. Sieveking
David J. and Juanita M. Signaigo
Richard and Yun Sikora
James A. and Georgina W. Sikorski
Manuel C. and Laura M. Silva
Arthur and Barbara Silver
Henry W. Silver
Kurt Silver
Sylvia Silver
Jill Silverstein
Marcee Silverstein
Ray Silvey
William C. and Lauren R. Silvis
Elizabeth Simmons#
Maryanne E. Simmons
Delinda D. Simokaitis
Carole A. Simon
Christina G. Simon
Jerome and Mary K. Simon
Nathan M. and Barbara J. Simon
William Simon
Holly G. Simons
Paul C. and Pat L. Simons
Amy Simpson
James C. Simpson#
Joshua Simpson
Charles D. and Kathy J. Sindel
Robert Sindel
Andrew Sineni
Joan M. Singer#
Nancy R. Singer#
Gurcharan Singh
Sara Singh
C. Samuel Sinnett
William Sippo
Michael B. Sisk
William and Kathleen F. Sitzer
Sakuntala Sivasupramaniam
Allan M. Skaer
James Skinner
Nicole H. Skinner
Randy B.# and Geraldine Skinner
Susan C. Skinner#
M. E. Skioldhanlin
Jeffrey D. Skoblow
Don A. and Kristie L. Skor
Merlin and Daphne Skretvedt
Ted P. and Lisa L. Slap
Alina Slapac
Robert M. and Joyce A. Slater
Eduardo and Judith Slatopolsky
Steven Slatter
John J.# and Christine Slattery
Ronald R. and Christi C.# Slavenas
David S. and Barbara E. Slavkin
Denise Sleet
Richard and Nancy Slepicka
Helen A. Sloan
Thomas B. and Myra S.# Slocum
Courtney Sloger
Ronald G. and Margaret M.# Slominski
Donna T. Small#
James R. Small
Roger D. and Carol L. Smalley
Clifford E. Smart
William D. Smart and Cindy M. Grimm
Douglas and Jodi Smedley
Christopher H. and Katie L. Smejkal
Cathy Sue Smick
Mary L. Smidt
Saundra D. Smidt
Amy E. Smith
Angela Smith
Anjanette P. Smith#
Carl H. and Lee G.# Smith
Carl D. and Jane H. Smith
Carl and Geraldine# Smith
Christopher A. and Kim Smith
Clyde L. Smith
Daniel and Christine Smith
David L. and Mary S. Smith
Deborah A. Smith
Deena D. Smith
Denise Smith
Erica A. Smith
Harry H. Smith
Herbert G. and Marsha H.# Smith
James M. and Jeanne M. Smith
Jeanne M. Smith
Jerralyn F. Smith
Joan S. Smith
John E. and Charlotte E. Smith
Karla T. Smith
Kimberly M. Smith
Larry A. and Renae A. Smith
Luke Smith
Mark E. Smith
Mary C. Smith
Maureen Smith
Maxine L. Smith
Michael L. Smith
Michael and Rose Smith
Michael E. and Hollie B. Smith
Norman T. Smith#
Paula K. Smith
Reggie Smith and Gail S. Buss
Richard L. and June# Smith
Rolla A. and Ronna K.# Smith
Ruth Smith
Sharon L. Smith#
Stephen S. Smith#
Steven D. Smith and Donna L. Cartwright
Susan M. Smith
Thomas E. Smith
Todd Smith
Wann G. Smith and Iris Freidel
William B. Smith
Martin B. and Esther S. Smoller
Robert and Jackie Smothers
Melvin and Geraldine J.# Smotherson
Mary Smyth
John E.# and Theresa O.# Smythe
William M.# and Rebecca Smythe
Robert Snarrenberg
Sandra K. Snell
Thomas M. Snider and Kathleen M. Kniepmann
Jason# Sniff and Beth Huebner
James M. and Kathy Snowden
Abraham Z. Snyder
Carol Snyder
Eric Snyder
Mary Snyder
Stephen D. Snyder and Angela L.# Hamilton
Steven S. and Robyn S.# Sobo
Lee G. and Kristin G. Sobotka
Anthony and Julia Sodd
Wendy Soderlund
Sharon Sofian
Richard and Hazel Sohn
Bina Solanki
Naresh Solanki
Lilianna Solnica Krezel
Harvey and Miriam# Solomon
Dale Somer
Bernardine Q. Sommer
Cheryl Sommer
John T. and Pat E. Sommer
Mitchell and Cynthia D. Sommers
Keming and Jane Song
Kim H. Song
Lester and Patti Sontag
Anshu Sood
Tom Soraghan
Rick and Dawn Sorgea
Harlan and Annelle Sorkin
Steven E. Sorkin and Jeane M.# Vogel
Matt Sorrell
Robert C. and Mary E.# Sorrell
David A. Sosne and Anne E. Rice-Sosne
Myron P. and Denise R. Souris
Gwen Souza
Jason J. Spaetti
Steven D. and Judy J. Spaner
Mark S.# and Susan M. Spann
Dennis D. and Helene G. Sparger
Jason and Maria Sparks
Julie Sparks
Perry and Shirley Sparks
Raymond T. Sparrowe
James and Sandra M. Speciale
John and Lydia Speller
Allison G. Spence
Malcolm and Kathleen Spence
Abbey Spencer
H. Nelson Spencer
Jamieson Spencer
Richard G. Spencer
Sandra M. Spencer
Sessie and JoAnn# Spencer
Wanda Spencer
Tom and Dawn Sperry
Shawn J. and Cristina E. Spicer
Edwin J. and Nancy J. Spiegel
Anne C. Spillane
Gerald G. and Terry F. Spink
Christopher Spoehr
Salvatore E. Spoto
Brett A. Spraul
Frank L. Sprayberry
Inessa V. Spring#
Avery Springer
Michael D. and Connie W. Springman
Stephen J. and Lucie Springmeyer
Uwe and Adelheid H.# Sprogoe
Edwin A.# and Celeste D. Sprung
Rick and Neva Sprung
Jim Spurgeon
Edmond R.# and Dorothy M.# Squires
Jean Srenco
Sriram Srinivasan
Cyrus and Elizabeth H. St. Clair
Denis J. St. John#
Bob and Jeanette St. Vrain
Erik Stabell
Larry M. and Mary F. Stacey
Ronald W. and Mary C.# Stacey
Michael B. and Ann Staed
Rosemary Stafford
Lynda Stair
Dennis Staley
Richard L. and Marsha L. Staley
Wilbur and Lynn M.# Staley
Carol A. Stampley
Gene A. Stamps
Robert W. Standley and Pat Burrell-Standley
Debrah Stanford
Jacob K. Stanley
Kirk Stant
Rochelle Stanton
Robert D.# and Kathy M. Stanza
Gregory F. and Joan M.# Stark
Louis and Fannie Stark
Patrick E. and Mary A. Stark
Thomas M. Stark
Michelle Starke
Colleen K. Starkloff
Stephanie E. Starkloff-Morgan
Vincent and Suzanne K.# Starko
Ronell Starr
Stephen and Sharon Starr
Edmund D.# and Claudia A.# Staude
Arthur E. and Arlene M. Stauder
Richard J. Steckel
Robert Steely
Robert L. Steen
Peter and Margaret Stefanak
James C. Steffen
Barbara Steffens
Sharon R. Steger
Martha M. Stegmaier
Bernard and Sally Stein
Kenneth A. and Thaila Stein
Michael C. Stein
Ronald F. and Lucinda Stein
Joseph and Carrie Steinbach
James and Patricia B. Steiner
Sylvia Steiner
William J.# and Bridget L.# Steinhart
Susan Steinlage
Patricia M. Steinmann
Daniel E. and Violet J. Steinmeyer
Ronnie and Rosemary Stellhorn
Kristina M. Stemler
Robert Stemme
Janet M. Stenson
John E. and Jane Stenson
Curtis E. and Edna P.# Stepanek
Joann M. Stephan
G. Gregory and Mary Stephen
Barbara Stephens
Caroline Stephens
James E.# and Antoinette E. Stephens
Mark A.# and Linda E. Stephens
Mary Stephens
George J. and Elizabeth A. Stern
Timothy C. and Julie B. Stern
Steven and Sheryl Sternau
Paul R. Sterrett
Denise C. Stevenor
Jeffrey G. Stevenson and Kathleen M.# Llewellyn
John H. Stevenson
Anton C. Stever
Calvin J. and Monica A.# Stewart
Heather M. Stewart
Mary L. Stewart
Shelley Stewart
William L. and Marilyn M. Stewart
Jaclyn R. Stewart-Strothmann
Paul M. Stifel
Greg and Marcia Stiff
Thomas P. and Patricia L. Stiffler
Edward J.# and Brenda K. Stiften
Ann Stigall
Paul L. Stillwell
Ronald Stilwell
Thomas J. and Nicolette K. Stilwell
David P. Stine and Stephanie Abbajay
Keith J. Stine
Richard T. Stith*
Odella J. Stitt#
Bob and Bev Stobie
Thomas and Patricia A. Stockdale
James and Deborah Stockhausen
Elizabeth M. Stohr
Helen D. Stokes
James A. and Janice L. Stokes
Jane G. Stokes
Michael D. Stokes and Patrica L. Wendling
Cary and Helen Stolar
Richard E. and Betsy B. Stoll
Stephen M.# and Kathleen M. Stoll
William S. and Elizabeth Stoll
Brian Stoller
Deb Stoller
Catherine M. Stoltz
Susan Stolze
Diana Stolzman
Harriet Stone
Mark L.# and Jill L. Stoneman
John Stopple
Craig G. Storandt
Dave and Dotty Storer
Brian G. Storey and Carla A. Nieman
James J. and Margaret B. Storey
Timothy P. and Pamela J. Storey
Gary Stormo and Susan K. Dutcher
Joseph Stortz
Daniel Stotlemeyer
Nancy C. Stotts
Chris Stout
Njara C. Stout
Richard W. Stoutenborough
Dolores F. Stover
Walter J. and Joan W. Stradal
Michael and Catherine Strahan
Lauren Strand
Vernon R. and Daria C. Stranghoener
William Stranquist
Claude N. Strauser
Mindy F. Strauss#
Roberta Strauss#
Victor C. Strauss#
Ronald D. and Lori L.# Strawbridge
John K. Streett
Lee Streett
Edward J.# and Ruth A.# Streit
Loren Strelow
Tracy E. and Elizabeth S. Strevey
Don and Denise Stribling
Monroe W. Strickberger and Ursula T. Rolfe
Robert E.# and Martha A.# Stricker
Linda Strickland
Lauri J. Strimkovsky#
Robert Strobel
Mark and Katherine Stroble
Paul Stroble
Jennifer Strohl
Justin E. Strohm
Calvin J. and Arvella A. Strong
David W. Strong
Robert D.# and Suzanne B. Strothkamp
Mark M. Strothmann
Andrew E. Stroup#
Gail Strubberg
Charles O. and Margaret L. Struckhoff
Kurt W. and Laurene C. Struebing
Suzanne Struglinski
Paul J. and Linda J. Stuart
Margaret Stubblefield
Richard A. Stuber
Maurita E. Stueck
Alan Stuemke
Lawrence G. and Sarah F. Stuerman
Marilyn Stuesse
Laura Stuetzer
Judith A. Stukenberg#
Victoria Stuller
Christopher A. and Rebecca M. Stumpf
Andrew J. Stupperich#
Thomas M. Sturgeon
Gretchen D. Stuth
Brenda Stutte
Marion Stuvland
Michael G. Stuvland and Sarah T.# Heyman
Wen Su and Wei C. Wu
Ellen M. Suarez
Kalinathabotla Subrahmanyam
Maryska S. Suda
Jane Sueme
Alexandra Sukhareva
Jingyu Sullins
Catherine Sullivan
Kevin A. and Erin C.# Sullivan
Michael Sullivan
Michael L.# and Christina# Sullivan
Patrick E. Sullivan
William and Susan Sullivan
Adrian P. and Ruth D. Sulser
Burzin M.# and Carolyn M. Sumariwalla
Bob and Margie Summers
Richard S. and Nancy Summers
Sandra M. Summers#
Randall C. Sumner
Walton and Carla L. Sumner
Ruofei Sun
Richard A. Supanich
Mary J. Suppiger
Kevin F. Supple
Jeffrey and Connie Susanj
Andrew J. and Janet S.# Susuki
Howard and Mary Sutherland
Nancy Sutherland
Angela Sutterer
Mary A. Sutton#
Rudee Suwannasri
Ellen W. Svenson
Jerry L. and Marjorie# Swaim
Michael A. Swain#
Steven and Lisa M.# Swaine
David Swan and Arlene Mueller
David and Judith Swanson
Todd and Catherine C. Swanstrom
Mary K. Swayzee
Kirk V. and Jyll Swearingen
Darryl L.# and Kathryn R. Swearngin
Robert K. and Donna M. Sweeney
George Sweeny
Sharon L. Sweet
David Swetitch
Susan Swierkos
Steven and Holly Swift
Caryn Swinko
Patrick J. and Marjorie A. Switz
Bill and Pamela Switzer
Thomas A. Switzer
Londa Y. Swoboda
Sandi Sylver
Scott Szevery
Jean Szoko
Beverly Szopinski
James J.# and Deborah L. Tabor
Yuan C. Tai
Thomas F. Talbot
Dale R. and Charlotte L. Talbott
Walter and Sandra V. Taliaferro
Weldon J. and Patricia A. Tallant
John and Patricia E.# Talley
Stephanie Tallon
Roy T. Tamashiro and Margean M. Kastner
Charles R. Tammons and Renee D.# Hardin-Tammons
Randy and Nancy F. Tankersley
Deborah Tannenbaum#
Cynthia Tanner
Ronald M. and Mary Tanner
Peter Tao and Helen Lee
William K. and Anne Y. Tao
Susan Tartanian
Nancy Tartar
Gary T.# and Sharon E.# Tash
Peter and Holly Tasker
Cecelia A. Tatom
Robert N. Tatum
John M. Taub
John E. and Maureen J. Tavis
Margit Tavits
Robert and Nancy C. Taxman
Arthur R. and Jean A. Taylor
C. Susan Taylor
Christopher J. Taylor
Courtney Taylor
Danielle N. Taylor
David A. Taylor
Dennis J. Taylor and Amanda L. Wilcoxen
Edwin S. and Henrietta Taylor
Gerald W. and Helen M. Taylor
Gregory F. and Mary Z. Taylor
Ian Taylor
John S. Taylor
John P. and Amanda G. Taylor
Julie Taylor
Julie Taylor
Keith G. and Bonnie K. Taylor
Lawrence A. and Barbara A. Taylor
Lisa L. Taylor
Michael M. and Jan L. Taylor
Rebecca Taylor
Richard M. and Randa A. Taylor
Robert L. Taylor
Terrance J. Taylor
Timothy and Helga Taylor
Lisa Taylor-Reinwald
Tiffany Tazmin
Lauri Teagan
Don Teague
Sharon M. Tebbe
Stephen J. and Linda M.# Techner
Tony and Andrea Tegenkamp
Kathleen M. Tehan
Susan Teicher
Richard B. Teitelman
Shari Telaar
Abbi M. Telander#
Charles and Audrey Telle
Mark Telle
Randolph and Elizabeth Tempel
Elaine G. Temper
Billie J. Teneau
Thomas D. and Janet Tenhula
Lauren Terbrock
Donald Terovich
Evelyn Terrall
Mary D. Terrell
Cecil Terry
Milton Terry
Laura L. Tesch
Dennis Tessmer
Jennifer R. Teter
Cynthia Tetrault
Brent A. and Paivi A. Tetri
William Thach
Larissa B. Thackray
Milind Thakar
Sanford M. and Jane M.# Thal
Kevin Thalacker
Kenneth Tharpe
David and Dianna Theerman
Mark and Barbara O.# Thibodeau
Michael O. and Donna L. Thibodeau
Mark and Teresa Thiel
Steven Thiemann
Michael Thiems
Robert C. and Carol A. Thier
Peter Thirunelli
Craig D. and Susan L. Thoelke
Michelle Thoenen
Anita Thole
Calvin Thomas
E. Laurence# and Barbara Thomas
Edmond J. Thomas#
Gary D. Thomas
Graeme and Beth Thomas
John B. and Elizabeth Thomas
Joseph J.# and Kimberly A. Thomas
Katy Thomas
Kedron Thomas
Mark C. and Tina B. Thomas
Michael D. and Julie M.# Thomas
Rosemary S. Thomas
Elaine Thomas-Horton
Anne J. Thomasson
Alfred E. and Sharon C. Thompson
Andrew B. Thompson
Christy Thompson
David A.# and Akemi Thompson
Jill R. Thompson
John Thompson and Fran Sontag
Kathleen Thompson
Nancy H. Thompson
Richard W. Thompson
Ronald G.# and Carol S. Thompson
Sylvia Thompson
Toni M. Thompson
Zane and Sharon M. Thompson
Susan C. Thomson
John M. and Margaret L. Thorn
Michael Thornburgh
Adam J. Thornton
Joann T. Thornton
Patricia A. Thornton#
Timothy A. Thornton
Kurt A. Thoroughman and Elizabeth A.# Pickard
Andrew T. and Elizabeth K. Thorp
Mark and Lila A. Thorpe
Richard Thorpe
Linda M. Thurmer
Darryl J. and Vicki J. Tiburzi
Kay B. Tice
Randall L. Tielking
John S. Tieman and Phoebe A. Cirio
Joan E. Tiemann
Anne M. Tierney
John P. and Sylvia M. Tierney
Tom and Beth Tierney
Judith F. Till
Susan M. Till
Hewart Tillett
Dan Tillman
Andrew and Alicia Timko
Wendy Timm
Gretchen Tinkle
Rick and Diane Tinucci
Mitzi A. Tipsword#
Scott Tipton
Richard J.# and Barbara J. Tissier
James S. Tobias
Gary and Lynn Tobin
Joan T. Tobin
Mark L.# and Sharon R.# Tobin
Kelsey Tobler
David Todd
Susan A. Todd#
Jelana Todic
Michael Toecker
Mark G.# and Anne Toenjes
Richard L. and Gail Tognarelli
Edward J. and Janis L.# Tokraks
Joseph M. and Anne F. Tolan
Patricia M. Tolentino
Marsha J. Toll
Douglas M. and Sherida E. Tollefsen
Fred and Odile Tompkins
Weida Tong and Hong# Fang
Nancy C. Tongren
Eric Tonjes
Donald E. Tonner
Nathan Toone
William M. Topp
Monet Topps
William T. Torgenson
Diane Torneire
Elizabeth G. Torno
James P. Torreano
Gary Torrence and Katherine Neal
Wendy L. Torri
James K.# and Patricia Torti
Louis Toscano
Karoly Y. Toth
Samuel and Barbara Toumayan
Mary Jo Towle
Frank M. and Patricia F. Townsend
Kes Townsend
Martin Toyen#
Marilyn Traffas
James C. Trager
Philip and Teri L. Trapani
Daniel J. and Cyrstal R. Trapp
Robert K. and Tiffany L.# Trautwein
Paul D. and Bernadette S.# Travers
Ann L. Travis
Sharon J. Travis
Richard J. Treadway
Eric M. and Tessa R. Trelz
Brian and Brenda C. Tremain
Eric B. and Sheila M. Treptow
Ronald G. and Mary C. Trimmer
Charles L.# and Sherryl A. Triplett
Julia Triplett
Pamela Triplett
Brenda Tripp
Joann A. Trog
Sue K. Troha
Perry and Anne Trolard
Kay Trone
Susan E. Tross
Philip N. and Rosilee Trotta
Suzanne Trotter
Kayla Troupe-Robinson
Joseph P. and Carol C. Trower
Emily Truckenbrod
William R. True and Louise H. Flick
Lauren Trull
Elbert P. and Phyllis Trulock
Kathie J. Tryson
Cecelia Tschannen
Yiuman Tse
Sarah P. Tsige#
John G. and Loretta H. Tsikalas
Dennis J. and Adele R. Tuchler
Verdine Tucker#
William J. Tucker
Sashkiran Tummala
Thomas R. and Leslie L. Tupper
John Turk
Jason L. Turkin#
William R. and Barbara A. Turkington
Steve and Barbara Turley
Kent Turner
Robin L. Turner
Ronald J. and Mary J. Turner
Sarah T. Turner
Charles Tuschling
Edward F. and Suzanne Tushar
Diane Tuttle
Frederick L. and Brucie Tuttle
Elizabeth Twente
Ron C. and Paula E. Tyler
Gerald E. and Martha S. Tynan
Tom and Barb Tyson
Ruth Uchtmann
Paul and Jackie Uding
John H. and Barbara L.# Uhlemann
Robert C. and Barbara L. Uhlman
Paul E.# and Marsha L. Uldall
Leon P. and Carolyn Ullensvang
Abigail F. Ullmann
Sandra Ulmer
Kiry Ulmschneider
Donald L. Ulrich
James G. and Ping Umen
Marianne Unanue
Michael H. and Carol T. Underriner
Catherine Underwood
Gary and Glenda Underwood
Lawrence H. Unnerstall
Paul E. Unruh
James L. and Eugenia A. Urban
Michael R.# and Karen Ursch
Eugene and Sarah Ursprung
Michael G. Uthoff
Joel R. Vaaler
Mathew Vaccaro
Amanda Vader
Victoria J. Vahle
Elizabeth W. Vahlkamp
Shiveta Vaid
Philip Vaidyan
Carol A. Valenta
Heather Valentine
Edward# and Susan M. Valenzuela
David and Vicki E. Valley
Venkateswara Valluripalli
Karen Van Berkel
Erik G. Van Betuw
Peter D. and Andrea M. Van Cleve
John W. and Barbara J.# Van Esler
David C. and Isabel H. Van Essen
Tammi Van Horn
Lori Van Houten
John T. Van Landingham
Andrew and Sarah Van Overloop
Samuel Van Schrag
Carlo Van Ulft
Linda Van Zandt
Virginia L. Van Zandt
Marcy Vana
Janice Vance
Richard C. and Patricia Vance
Michael Vandenberg
Mary Ellen Vander Linden
James E.# and Rachel Vandernoot
Dale and Jean Vandiver
Clifford V. Vanermoon and Barbara A. Vandermoon
Pamela Vanmater
Todd A.# and Diane VanNest
Kira VanNiel
Christian Vanoosbree
Nicole Vanop
Robb and Cinnamon VanPutte
Margaret Vanrhein
Bruce L. and Lucinda R. Vantine
Dianne Vargo
Michael W.# and Edelgard Vargo
Chris Varner
Robert W. and Judith Vasquez
Jean M. Vassier
Sara Vaughan
Brent M. Vaughn
Nicholas Vazopolos
Ronald J. Vecchie
Rina Vecchiola
Andrew Veety
Alan C. and Donna A. Veile
Todd and Emily Velnosky
James V.# and Gail C.# Velten
Susan J. Vent
Edsel A. and Lois A.# Venus
Alicia K. Ver Duin
Thomas and Elizabeth R. Veraldi
Stephanie Vergara
Ben J. and Peggy M. Verhagen
William S. and Mary J. Verity
Ital R. and Bonnie R. Veron
Loraine VerPlanke
Thomas J. and Janice M. Vespa
Richard and Donna Vidas
Russell H. and Virginia Viehmann
Amy Viehoever
David E. and Catherine M. Vierse
Ravi Vij
Brad and Becky Vik
Susan Villasana
Jerry D. and Sherry D.# Villines
Leonard Vines
Laura Vinyard
Matthew and Kelley Virgil
Mary C. Virgin
David A. and Mary E.# Visintainer
David R. and Lisa P. Vitoff
Frank T. and Patricia V. Viverito
John J.# and Christine Viviano
Philip A.# and Cathy L. Vivirito
Anna Vlahiotis#
Leo H. and Ottilia N.# Voegtli
James A. Voelker
Leslie Voetter
Randall T. and Nancy L. Vogan
Richard Vogan
Charles E. and Florence P.# Vogel
John A. Vogel
Leonard F. Vogelgesang
Courtney E. Vogelpohl
James and Georgia K. Vogelsang
David F. Vogl#
John P. Vogl
Mark J. Vogl
Carole A. Vogler
Thomas K. and Barbara A.# Vogler
Helen N. Vogt
Jane W. Vogt
Marvin C. Volk
Erik Volkman
Fred and Barbara Volkmann
Jason M. Volle
Arthur C.# and Maureen W.# Vollmer
Joe Volstromer
Jeff Vomund
Lisa L. Von Holt
Joseph S. Von Kaenel
Lisa V. Vonder Haar
Kristen F. Vongruben
Charles Vos and Francis Knechel
Robert S. and Alice H. Vosburgh
Gary C. and Gail A. Voss
Gregory S. Voss
Lisa M. Voss
Steven T. and Sheila Voss
Scott Vouri
John Voyles
Rick and Grace Voytas
Quang N.# and Thuy Vu
Kimberley J. Vuitel
James P. Vykopal and Christy B. Beckman
Patricia Vytlacil
Dennis F. Wachtel
George Waddell
Bonnie W. Wade
Patty L. Wade
Deborah Wadsworth
Jill S. Wagenblast
Christopher E. and Katharine A.# Wager
Stacey C. Wagers
Daniela Wagner
James D. and Laura Wagner
Jason C. and Kristen M. Wagner
John R. and Nancy S. Wagner
Myron G. Wagner
Nancy A. Wagner
Robert G. and Nancy L. Wagner
Patrice L. Wakefield
John Walbran
Charles Walch and Diana Beckman
Stanley M. and Priscilla Wald
Donald E. and Jean W. Waldemer
Ashley Walden
Scott and Robin Walden
Justin Waldman
Mary E. Waldschmidt
Donald C.# and Nancy L. Walkenhorst
Ann E. Walker
Elaine Walker#
James P. and Barbara A. Walker
John A. and Victoria M.# Walker
Joseph D. Walker#
Lauretta Walker
Melissa L. Walker
Peter B. and Susan K. Walker
Charlene L. Wall
Eamonn W. and Drucilla M. Wall
Jack D. Wall
Lesley M. Wall
Scott D. and Mary B. Wall
Charlotte Wallace
Donald A. and Mary A. Wallace
Ellen R. Wallace
Mary Wallace
Sandra J. Wallace
Karen Wallach
Bertha Wallbrunn
James and Mary Wallhermfechtel
Jerold and Elizabeth Wallis
John W. Wallis and Michelle Woodley
Marc S. and Gina L. Wallis
Sallie Wallis
Sarah Wallis
Brian T. and Connie B. Walsh
Chantal G. Walsh#
Jodi L. Walsh
John Walsh
John Walsh
Judith A. Walsh
Lawrence Walsh
Richard B. and Tammy Walsh
Robert F. and Marguerite Walsh
Stephen Walsh
Lee Walter
Scott Walter
Mark D. and Pamela S. Waltermire
Nancy G. Walters
Richard C. and Patricia Walters
Carrie Walther
Donna Walton
Greta M. Walton#
Julia Walton
Pamela R. Walton
Kathleen Wang
Kristine H. Wang#
Qingzheng Wang#
Steven P. and Marina Wanthal
James M. Ward
Richard Ward
Richard C. and Sally S. Ward
Michael D. Warden
Diane Warhover
Frederick A. Wark
Kate Warne
Allen and Christa A.# Warner
Brad Warner
Jason A. and Bonnie J. Warner
Jeff Warner
Kathlene R. Warner
Gregory and Margaret A.# Warnusz
Daniel E. Warren
Ellen Warren
Eric C. Warren
James A. Warren and Susan M.# Allen-Warren
John M. and Elizabeth M. Warren
Lionel G. and Rita R. Warren
Lynn Warren
Marilyn Sue Warren
Matthew K. and Jennifer K. Warren
Melinda Warren
Stuart R. Warren and Catherine S.# Krause
Timothy and Kristen A. Warren
Mark V.# and Julie Washington
Theodore D. Washington#
Debra Wasowicz
Haruka M. and Ayako M. Watanabe
Ralph E. and Shriley A. Waterman
Susan Watermann
Erika Waters
Reba L. Waterston
Hortense C. Watkins
Terry and Penny Watkins
Billie J. Watson
John J. Watson
Richard O. and Janet L.# Watson
Robert B. and Janet S. Watson
Robert Watson
Sally M. Watson
Suzanne Watson
Harold Watters, Jr.
John S. and Anne M. Watters
Spring Waugh
Michael J. Way#
Carolyn N. Wayne
Russell A. and Lisa D. Wayne
Thomas C. and Katherine B. Wayne
Robin Weatherall
Katherine Weathers
Anne Weaver
Nancy Weaver
Teresa Weaver
Gregory R.# and Elizabeth A.# Webb
John J. Webb
Robert M. and Susan G. Webb
Alan B. and Marcia W. Weber
Barbara Weber
David L. and Mary E. Weber
Gloria R. Weber
Grace T. Weber
Joseph A. Weber
Marian C. Weber
Mark S. Weber
Martin W. and Lynn M. Weber
Mary E. Weber
Phyllis L. Weber
Raymond and Lucia# Weber
Marilyn J. Webster
Patricia Webster
Marilyn R. Wechter
Robert and Nancy Weck
Christopher Weckler
Craig Wedbush
James R. and Karen L.# Weede
Joan Weeks
Justin Weeks
Charles C. Wehking#
Virgil and Betty Wehking
Barbara Wehling
Margaret Wehrenberg
John C. and Beatriz E.# Wehrmann
James J.# and Susan M. Weibert
Deborah J. Weider-Hatfield
Charles M. and Polly L. Weidhas
Chava Weiman
Alan and Robin Weinberger
Edna D. Weinel
Sarah B. Weinman#
Fran Weintraub
Kenneth L. and Sharon K. Weintraub
David T. Weir and Thea Sherry
Gregory W. and Diana C. Weir
Jamie Weir
Merrill B. and Marjorie M. Weir
Pamela Weir
Patrick and Patricia Weir
Eugene B. and Roxanne S. Weisman
Carl and Ellen L.# Weiss
Gregory Weiss
James A. and Kelly M.# Weiss
Sandra L. Weiss
Alan M. and Sharon J. Weissman
Joseph Weixlmann
Mary Welborn
Joshua P. Welch#
Patrick J. and Geraldine F. Welch
Shauna M. Welch
Louis and Joan Welge
Richard and Mary F. Weller
Carl P. Wellman and Farnell Parsons
Bob and Margaret Wells
Edward A. and Maureen A.# Wells
James H. Wells
Joseph E. Wells
Robert A. Wells
Sharon E. Wells
Jenell Welsh
Kurt Welsh
David M. Welshon#
Kathleen K. Welter#
Joel and Esther Weltman
Tom Wendel
Marcia Wendland
Annie Wendt
Daryl J. and Cheryl M. Wennemann
Philip Wentz
Paul W. and Kay E. Wentzien
Kurt P. Werder#
Marilyn R. Werner
Andrea G. Werner-Morse
Stephen Wernet
Christian K. Werstein
Carol A. Wesley
Josh Weslh and Pamela Welsh
Paul J. Wesling#
Vicki Anne R. Wessely
Cheri West
Donna West
Jason S. West
Julia L. West
Linda West
Robert T. West#
Ronald B.# and Jarinporn West
Sam L. and Joan E. West
Carolyn Westbay
James E. and Shirlee R. Westbury
Paul Westcott
William and Margaret Wester
Gail Westerman
Thomas C. and Virginia G. Westfall
Wesley Westmaas
Rich and Renee Wetherbee
Karen Wetmore
Matthew Wever
Kathy Whalen
Thomas P. and Cheryl Z. Whatley
Bill and Laura Wheeler
Carly Wheeler
Daniel L. and Ruth I. Wheeler
Joyce C. Wheeler#
Lynn G. Wheeler
Edward J. and Marsha A.# Whelan
Marcia Whelan
Jarretha Y. Whitaker
Shannon G. Whitaker
Amy White
Andrew White and Hilary M. Babcock
Brad R. and Eleanor G. White
Charles and Mattie White
James H. and Cynthia P. White
Lawrence R. White and Laurie Sperling
Margot K. White
Morgan White
Richard and Sandra White
Richard B. and Anita R. White
Timothy J.# White and Mary C. Visconti
Daniel and Yvette S. Whitehead
Carol A. Whitener#
John P. and Deirdre E. Whitener
Joy E. and Jean L. Whitener
Donald R. and Tracy A. Whiteside
Richard B. Whiting
Paul Whitsitt
F. Dale and Linda Whitten
Joe M. and Carolyn C. Whittington
Joseph C. Whittington
Elenora I. Whittle
Roger D.# and Karen Whittler
Jodi K. Whitworth#
James R. and Gertrude B. Wiant
James H. and Sherrill W. Wible
Raymond E. and Susan Wicks
Brian L. and Barbara B.# Widener
James L. and Lana K. Widner
Jeannine Wieczorek
Linde S. Wiedow#
Marvin J. Wiegand
Gregory D. Wieland
Edward Wienhoff
Deborah Wienski
Oliver C. Wiest
Andrew J. and Wendy R. Wilbraham
Patrick F. and Carol B.# Wilbur
Thomas and Barbara Wilcher
Robert and Agnes Wilcox
Elizabeth Wilcoxson
Thomas P. Wilde#
Merle F. and Julie K. Wilder
Samantha Wildridge
Richard L. and Janet Z. Wile
Stephanie Wilga
Tamara M. Wilgers
John R. and Charlotte B. Wilkerson
Louise T. Wilkerson
Robert and Ann E.# Wilkerson
John and Kimberly A. Wilkes
James M. and Chris Wilkins
Kent Wilkins
William C. and Beth C. Wilkins
Daniel and Gayle A. Wilkinson
Matt and Siobhan Wilkinson
Robert R.# and Joann F.# Wilkinson
Robert S. and Ellen Wilkinson
Ivy Wilkinson-Ryan
Dale J.# and Jill Wilkis
David and Diane Willard
Mark D. Willard
Nathan S. Willard
Alif and Annette A. Williams
Ana V. Williams
Anne L. Williams
Christopher B. and Brooke Williams
Clark Williams
Dane A. Williams
Daniel Williams
Elizabeth S. Williams#
Gail M. Williams
James O. Williams
Jennifer B. Williams
Jessica Williams
John E. and Janet R. Williams
Karin Williams
Lawrence A. and Mary J.# Williams
Lyle R. and Nathalie C.# Williams
Mark H. Williams and Helen# Houlle
Matthew T. and Elisabeth Williams
Morris E. Williams
Nancy Williams
Paul A. Williams
Richard E. and Sally H. Williams
Robert E. and Margaret M. Williams
Ronald R. and Donna N. Williams
Rosalind F. Williams
Sheila G. Williams
Stephen Williams
Stephen Williams
Tanya R. Williams
Tracy Williams#
Wendy W. Williams
Cornelia V. Williamson
Emily Williamson
Frank S. Williamson
Frederick H. Williamson
James R. Williamson
Joseph R. and Janet E.# Williamson
Stephen D. Williamson
Nancy Willinger
Charlie and Megan Willingham
James M. and Barbara Willock
Lawrence W. and Karen A. Willson
Gina Wilper
Gregory R. Wilsey
Joylynn L. Wilson Pruitt#
Calvin Wilson
Earl J. and Joan Wilson
Edward and Mary Wilson
Edward Wilson
Erik B. Wilson#
James D. and Judith H. Wilson
Jan M. Wilson
Jennifer R. Wilson
John B. Wilson
Joyce B. Wilson
Judith Wilson
Mark A. Wilson#
Michael H. and Mary K. Wilson
Peter Wilson and Madelyn Harris
Julia Wimmer
Joseph P. and Francine T. Wimsatt
Mary C. Wimsatt#
David and Karen Winder
Mark Winer
Kayla Wingbermuehle
James Winkeler
Gary K. and Susan K. Winking
Ralph C. and Carol J. Winkler
William H. and Carol S. Winkler
Bill and Barbara Winston
Dana Winter
Joel P. Winter#
Paul Winter
Rudolph E. and Margaret Winter
William C. and Judith J. Winter
Barbara Winters
James and Kathryn Wire
Patricia D. Wirth#
Rick Wisa
Carolyn E. Wischmeyer
Cynthia Wise
Julianne Wise
David and Audrey Wiseman
Tani Wiseman
Debbie Wiser
Michael and Bridgett Wissinger
Jerry Withers
Howard H. Witsma
Chad Witt
Jack and Barbara A. Witte
Stephen M.# and Jill Witte
Ryan and Bethany Wittekiend
Daniel R. and D. Lynn Witthaus
Jeffrey W.# and Linda Wittmaier
Katherine Witzig
Mary Wochner
Mark Woerz
Martin H. and Suzanne C. Wohl
Robert M. and Mary P.# Wohler
Jeff and Carole A. Wohlford
Richard L. and Cynthia A.# Wolbarsht
William S. and Susan A. Wold
Nancy Woldow
Rich Woldrock and Erin K.# Budde
Carl A. and Theresa Wolf
Christa Wolf
Constance Wolf
Ernest Wolf
Mary E. Wolf
Sydney L. Wolf
Douglas and M.H. Wolfe
Lorene E. Wolfe
Melissa Wolfe
Carolyn G. Wolff
Kathleen A. Wolff
Norman M. and Barbara G. Wolff
Stephen Wolff
William A. Wolff
Jolaine M. Wolken
Anthony and Jill Wollaston
Judith L. Wollberg#
Judith T. Wolters
Michael and Soraya Wolverson
Janusz and Ewa J. Wolynski
Piotr L. Wolynski
J. Garth and Anne S. Womack
James P.# and Christina M. Womack
Kenneth F. Wong and Valorie J.# Hambley
Barbara Wonnacott
Betty J. Wood
Bill Wood
Branson and Kathryn H. Wood
Dennis Wood and Patrice A.# Lynch-Wood
Joseph M.# Wood and Jennifer E.# Judd
Ned Wood
Rick L. Wood
Ronald L. and Judy M. Wood
Tom W. and Becky Wood
Justin and Julia Woodard
Marcia Woodruff
Anderson and Karen J. Woods
James D.# Woods and Anindita Bose
Sharon M. Woods
Arthur Woodward
George E. and Christina D. Woody
Robert Woolsey
Thomas A. and Cynthia W. Woolsey
Thomas J. Woracek
Letty Workman#
Julien and Kate Worland
Steven C. and Catherine C. Worley
Jesse R. and Bonnie Worth
Lucy Wortham
Alice Wortman
Michael J. and Ellen K.# Woulfe
Kenneth Woycke
John M. Woytus
Carol Wright
Cynthia J. Wright#
Elaine J. Wright
Floyd C. Wright
Glenn and Jacquelyn D. Wright
Karianne O. Wright
Michael S. Wright
Patricia L. Wright
Timothy B. and Barbara P. Wright
Mark S. Wrighton and Risa Zwerling-Wrighton
Paul Wuebbels
August A. and Madeline M. Wuellner
Richard and Linda Wuennenberg
Christian and Cynthia Wunderlich
Robert A. and Jean C. Wunderlich
Sarah Wunderly
Catherine H. Wurtz
Elizabeth Wyckoff
Matthew Wyczalkowski and Katherine C. MacKinnon
James S. Wydrzynski#
Roslyn Wyllie
Ellen Wyman
James and Lois J. Wyman
Mike Wyman
Claire Wyneken
James Wynkoop
James R. Wyrsch
Fuqian Xie#
Brian Yaffee
Srivivas R. Yaganti
Brian J. and Kathryn E.# Yansen
Jeffrey Yantis
Tamara Yanuck
Kamal Yassin
Lois Yatzeck
Fernando A. Ybarra
Hongping Ye#
Laura Yeh
Bob and Carol Yehlen
Richard# and Cheryl Yehling
Frank C. and Grace Yin
Doris A. Yohe#
Kevin S. and Carol S. York
Valery York-Schneider
Sharon L. Yorker#
Andy and Iva Youkilis
Alex Young
Andrea L. Young
Anita J. Young
Christopher Young
Connor A. Young and Jan M. Schmitt
David S. and Jody A. Young
Isaac E. and Marilyn P. Young
James and Phyllis Young
John G. and Karen L. Young
Katherine Young
Lynette L. Young
Nichole M. Young#
Richard S. and Sally J. Young
Roger A. Young and Deborah Wenkert
Cheng-Ying Yu#
Hayrettin Yucesoy
Barbara Yusen
Donald R.# and Janet M. Zachritz
Kimberly Zachritz
Sajid Zafar
Tamara Zahrndt
Tami Zahrndt
John Zalewski and Holly Hutchings
Michelle Zalisko
Nancy C. Zander
Thomas R. and Tracy L.# Zander
Karl A.# and Mary S. Zang
Thomas Zant
Thomas Zappe
David M. and Rene N. Zar
Dennis J. Zaretsky
Peter Zassenhaus
Angie Zaun
Ivan Zavortink
E. Richard and Jennifer Zbaraschuk
David and Julie Zdenek
Julio and Kathryn Zegarra-Ballon
Stephen H. Zegel and Patricia A. Ferrell
Kenneth W. and Mary A. Zehnder
John C. Zeigler
Joseph R.# and Mary K. Zelle
Hai Zeng
Lawrence and Priscilla Zenk
Dominic J. and Fay C. Zerbolio
Hua Zhang
Lingao Zhang
Xilu Zhang
Xu# Zhang and Bingli# Yan
Zhongyu Zhang#
Henghu Zhu#
Helen T. Zibit
Jose and Christa A. Zihlmann
Jennifer Zilka
Judith L. Zimmer#
James V. Zimmerman
Kerry M. Zimmerman
Peter H.# and Marilyn Zimmerman
Stuart Zimmerman
Gregory Zipfel
Alfred and Lisa Zlotopolski
Christopher J. and Margaret M.# Zoellner
Daniel E. Zollner
Deborah Zorensky
Theodore M. and Suzanne T. Zorn
Milton and Beverly Zoschke
Margaret Zubler
Elliot P. and Sharon Zucker
David S. and Lois A. Zuckerman
David C. Zuhlke and Jane L.# McKie
Mark and Janice Zuke
Francis Zulauf
Allison H. Zupon
Linda L. Zurfluh
Fred and Susan M.# Zweifel
Shari Zychinski
Donnie J. and Norma G.# Zygmund

$1 to $99 Individual Donors
Richard D. and Janet R. Aach
Deirdre Aaron
Geeta Aatre-Prashar
Eve Abaray
David Abbott
Rachel S. Abbott
Nurul Abedin
Brad Abel
James J. and Gerianne M.# Abel
Caroline Abeln
Thomas E. Abeln
John P. Abels and Karen Destafane
Mark Abels
Betsy Abente
Kellie Abercrombie
Thomas S. Abernathy
Bala Abiramikumar
Jane Abling
Stephen Abling
Jill Aboussie
Edward Abraham
Rosie Abram
Sara Abramowski
Charlene A. Abrams
Doris T. Abrams
Eric C. Abrams#
Judith Abrams
Laura Abrams
Loren A. Abramson
Frank A. and Barbara A. Absher
James M. Abshier#
John Abts
Kathleen Abts
Robyn E. Achelpohl
Joel Achtenberg
Edward Ackad
Joan F. Acquisto
Debra Acton
Albert W. Adams
Amelia Adams
Andre J. Adams#
Christopher and Lucy Adams
Erika K. Adams
Fred and Frances W. Adams
Hope Adams
Jessica L. Adams
Jillian R. Adams
John A. Adams
John M. Adams#
Lee M. and Eva M. Adams
Mary E. Adams
Mary L. Adams
Mary Jo Adams
Orville Adams
Raymond N. Adams
Raymond O. Adams
Stephen and Barbara Adams
Steven and C. Michelle Adams
Terry Adams
Thomas L. Adams
William G. and Kay N. Adams
Alice Adcock
Robin Adkins
Richard W. and Loretta J. Adler
Cliff and Jan Aerie
Lisa A. Affrunti
Mansi Agarwal
Arun Aggarwal
Viki Aghetta
Randall L. and Sharon F.# Agne
Candace A. Agnew
John Agnew
Richard M. and Jeanne M. Aguirre
Ellen K. Ahaus
Eric W. and Elizabeth Y. Ahern
Walt and Jeanette Ahlgrim
Fareed Ahmad
Nabil I. Ahmad
Susan G. Ahmad
Zarah Ahmad
Susan H. Ahner#
John A. Aho
Anna G. Ahrens
Elizabeth A. Ahrens
Gail L. Ahrens
Ann M. Aiello
Joseph F. and Leslie S. Aiello
Katie Aiken
Michelle Aikman
Kelly Ainsworth
Gina T. Aitch
Kenya Ajanaku
John F.# and Lila M. Akery
Ahmad Al Juryyed#
Saleh A. Al Mutairi#
Shadi Al-Jureidini
Sreeram Ala
Helen C. Alabach#
Mary S. Alan
Stephen C.# and Kathy Albers
Steven H. and Cathleen M.# Albers
Nathan G. and Shirley# Alberstat
Michael L. and Laura A. Alberswerth
Mary A. Albert
Milton and Kay Albert
Daniel G. and Elizabeth Albes
Edward R. Albin#
William Albinson
Denise R. Albrecht
Mark A. Albrecht
Matthew Albrecht
Tony Albrecht
David Albright
William A. and Danna S. Albright
Woody H. and Barbara J. Albro
Jason Alcock
Harvey J. and Jean P. Alderson
Martha J. Alderson
Anthony J. Aleman
Anne J. Alexander
Bianca Alexander
Elaine K. Alexander
Joann M. Alexander#
Mark Alexander
Mike and Melisa Alexander
Timothy Alexander
Jodi Alfermann
James R. and Sandra C.# Alford
Mohamed Ali
Taiyaba Ali
Shereen Ali-Fischer
A. G. Allard*
Shirley A. Allard
Avid and Beverly L. Allen
Bruce and Martha Allen
Christopher E. and Elizabeth I. Allen
Don R. Allen
Donald Allen and Maxine D. Gyles-Allen
Doris J. Allen
Douglas L. and Virginia A. Allen
Douglas R.# and Margaret M.# Allen
Elizabeth B. Allen
Frank B.# and Kimberly C. Allen
Gardener Allen
Garland Allen
Harry W. Allen#
Ivy and Jocleta D.# Allen
James E. and Kelley R.# Allen
John C. and Carmen C.# Allen
Joseph R. and Lauren A. Allen
Marina K. Allen
Melissa A. Allen
Sheila Allen
Stephen P. and Annmarie Allen
Valinda P. Allen
Barbara Alley
Christine Allhoff
Michael F. Allhoff
Larry Allin
Donya Allison
Jeffrey D. and Dee A. Allison
Thomas G. and Linda C. Alonzo
Melissa D. Alper#
Liessa Alperin
Wael Alroumi
Robert C. Alsbury
Thomas G. Alsop#
Benjamin J.# and Janet A.# Alspach
Daniel S. Alstadt
John C. and Janet Altadonna
Terry V.# and Anne Altepeter
Leesa C. Althen#
Renee Altier
Edward Altimari
Rowena Altin
David Altman
Gail Altman
Sheila M. Altman
Vito V. Alu#
Josephine A. Alves
Pervez A. Alvi
Sharon Alwart
Khalid Aly
Susan L. Amaro
Alfonso and Beatrice Amato
Susan Amato
Anthony H.# and Judith A. Ambrose
Charles A. and Catherine T. Amen
Mark Ames
Helay Amini
Carol A. Amling#
Marcia Amm
Erol and Sally M. Amon
Prince O. and Oriana O. Ampomah
Lu W. An
Lottie A. Ancell#
Marilyn J. Ancer
Joseph and Joyce Ancona
Amelia Anderson
Audrey J. Anderson
Barbara K. Anderson
Britta Anderson
C. Henry and Susan A. Anderson
David A. and Elizabeth A.# Anderson
David W. and Tracy L. Anderson
Delores A. Anderson
Earnestine Anderson
Ellis B. Anderson
Gail Anderson
Gary G. and Mary B.# Anderson
Jennifer Anderson
Jeremy S. Anderson
Kenneth I. and Sally# Anderson
Mary Lou Anderson
Michael E. Anderson
Paul L. and Dorothy V. Anderson
Ralph E. Anderson
Richard G. Anderson#
Robert C. Anderson
Robert M. Anderson
Stanley A.# and Christine T.# Anderson
Stephanie Anderson
Steve Anderson
Thomas J. and Marcia J. Anderson
Valerie A. Anderson
William and Mary Ann Anderson
Sara Andert
John and Sarah Andres
Michael Andres
David Andrew
Thomas K. and Paula J. Andrew
Bernard J. and Margaret K.# Andrews
Cullen H.# and Jeanne L. Andrews
Cynthia Andrews
Lynnelle Andrews
Rebecca Andrews
Robert L. and Lynda K. Andrews
Scott A. Andrews#
Virginia Andrews
John J. Andrzejewski
Amy S. Angell
Gabriel Angieri
Suzanna C. Angleitner
Vivian Anglin
Tracey L. Anheuser
Ama A. Aningo
Adil Anjem
Mary Anselmo
Susanne Anson
Emily Anstoetter
Michael L. and Diane E. Anthes
Eric J. and Clare E. Anthony
Janet V. Anthony#
Robert and Cheryl C. Anthony
Natalie Antin
Robert J. and Dorothy Anton
Delores Apollo
Todd A.# Appel and Gail J.# Rimkus-Appel
Aimee Appell
Lisa Applebaum
Alaina Appleby
Frederick S. and Frances F. Appleby
Joanne Appleby
William R. and Sandra K.# Applegate
Elizabeth Appleyard
Melissa A. Apprill
Phillip G. Apprill
Merveen Appu
Stephen R. and Edith S. April
Salvatore P. Aquilino#
Linda Arbeiter
James D. and Shirley S.# Arbet
Christopher Archer
Glenn A. and Kimberly A. Archer
Thomas P. Archer
Janey Archey
Jodi T. Arcisz-Davis#
Joy Aregood
Margaret Arenivar
Max Arens
John R. Argo
Nicholas and Laura Argyres
Laura Arial
Juan and Anne Arias
Jeff and Lynda K.# Arky
Karin Arlett-Lacour
Harvey and Linda Armbrecht
Andrew H. Armbruster
Mary B. Armistead#
Barbara Arms
Earl H. Armstrong
Kyle J.# and Maureen L. Armstrong
Russell and Danna Armstrong
Sara Arn
Jennifer Arndt#
Robert W. Arndt and Deborah M. Byrd
Mark Arnell
Amy E. Arneson#
Jane E. Arnold
John Arnold
Roger Arnold
Stefanie Arnold
Chelsea Arnott
James D. Aronen and Mary H.# McClellan-Aronen
Edward A. and Ruth A. Arseneau
Marian Arslanian
Paul J.# and Anne M.# Arthur
Randolph M. Arthur
Edward G. and Norma V. Asadorian
Phillip V.# and Paula L. Asaro
Joy E. Asbill
John A. and Margaret A.# Asbury
Juliet Ashall
Daniel Ashbaugh
Kathleen A. Ashby-Ontiveros
Larry and Nancy J.# Ashford
Teisha R. Ashford#
Joseph and Lisa Ashkar
John G. and Susan L. Ashley
Robert M. and Ann M. Ashley
Fred and Eva Ashner
Claude F. and Ann D. Ashton
Frank E. and Mary Jane Ashton
James B. and Sue E.# Ashwell
Amy M. Asinger#
Robin H. Assner
Anthony Astrologes
Jonathan and Kim M.# Astroth
Dianne Atchison
John J. and Anne M. Atherton
Lionel Atis
Allan Atkins
Stephanie Atkins
Carole Atkinson
Jeffrey J. Atkinson
John J. Atwood#
Man Kit Au
Eric M. Aubuchon#
Chris Auchly
Barbara Auchter
James and Carolyn Auckley
Kenneth R. Aud
Vincent J. Audrain
Thomas G. Auffenberg and Dale Aufffenberg
John W. and Janice A. Aughey
Harker T. and Alice D. August
Rachel E. Augustine
Michael C. and Susan M.# Auinbauh
Emily Aul
Jon Ault
Richard L. and Elizabeth L. Aurbach
Robert D. and Marlene J. Austen
Ann Austin#
Martha Austin
Will and Lisette Austin
Brett and Emily Auten
Kristie Avery
Ratsy Axtman
Yuna M. Ayala
Betsy Ayers
Laura A. Ayers#
Gabriele Ayres
Rachel Ayres
Rao Ayyagari
David and Shelly Azar
Patricia Azar
Paul J. Azzara
Jean L. Babcock
Robert C. and Alexandra K. Babione
Tara A. Baca#
Donald Backer
Lawrence M. and Mary D. Backes
Bruce and Elizabeth Backus
Bryan C. and Suzette M. Bacon
Michael H. and Dorothy A. Bacon
Vickie Bacon
Mark E. and Ann S. Badasch
Shashikanth Baddam
Douglas and Gail D. Bader
Melissa A. Badgett
Hubert and Linda Badgley
Thomas and Laurice A.# Badino
Natasha Baebler
Jennifer A. Baehr
Randel and Patricia Baehr
John F. and Jeanne M.# Baer
Markus and Laura Baer
Susan Baerwald
Ybarrafernando F. and Concetta G. Baffo
Bahzad Bahmandeji
Carol Bahmueller
Tory E. Bahn
Karen A. Bahow
Christoher D. Bahr#
Stephen M. Bahr#
Marjorie Baier
Mark Baier
Shahin and Mirza S. Baig
Barbara Bailey
Ben Bailey
Jesse L. Bailey#
John Bailey
Justin G. Bailey
Larry Bailey
Paul and Anne Bailey
Thomas C. and Catherine C. Bailey
Maria H. Bailley
Ann Bain
William J. and Lois G. Bain
William# and June A.# Bain
Donald R. Baird
Michael H. Bairu
Sanel Bajric
Cindy Bakaler
Amy K. Baker
Barry F.# and Theresa M. Baker
Courtney Baker
David L. Baker
Douglas S. Baker
Dudley L. and Loretta Baker
Eileen F. Baker
Herbert O. and Nancy J.# Baker
Jackie H. Baker
Jeanne A. Baker#
John J. Baker
Jon and Virginia Baker
Ketra A. Baker#
Kraig L. Baker#
Kristin W. Baker
Richard A. and Patricia A. Baker
Richard E. Baker
Richard H. Baker
Rita Baker
Robert V. and Carolyn J. Baker
Steve and Joan E.# Baker
Thomas and Sandra K. Baker
Peter and Lauren Bakker-Arkema
Angeline Bakkila#
Donald and Rochelle Balacuit
Dhanur Balagere
Satish Balakrish
Ramesh Balasubramanian
Allison M. Baldassari
Judy Balducci
Mike Balducci
Kurt S. Baldwin
Shawn Baldwin
Michael P. and Pam Ball
Nadine Ball
Russell F. Ball
William E. and Patricia A. Ball
William and Eva Ball
Ellis Ballard
Frank E. and Lynette M. Ballard
Helen Ballard
James C. and Linda C. Ballard
Melvin L.# and Angela R.# Ballenger
Mary Balles
Eulene V. Ballman
James and Diane K. Balogh
Maria T. Balogh#
Nina P. Balsam
Jason Balthazor
Arthur Baltz
Mahesh Balusa
Jami J. Bamat
David A. Bamert#
Chang L. Ban
James M. and Mary T. Banach
Lisa M. Banas
Tom and Cindy Bander
Warren Bandy
Albert L. and Gisela Baner
Stephen A. and Asma U. Banga
Grace Banholzer#
John S. and Brenda K. Banjak
Milica Banjanin
Amy E. Banken
Alan L. Banks
Angela M. Banks
Edith Banks
Jeannette M. Banks#
Kira Banks
Michael and Ruth M.# Banks
Erwin Bankston#
Paul and Carole Bannes
Thomas R. and Julia J. Bannes
Anne E. Bannister
Robert L. Bannister
Michael G. and Joyce G. Banovz
Elizabeth Banstetter
Joan Baraba
John and Elizabeth H. Barack
Arthur Z.# and Carla Baranowski
Douglas R. and Angela C.# Baranowski
Leonard S. Barasch and Jane Tarlow
Jesse Barash
Patricia Barbeau
James Barber
Steven Barbier#
Rhonda Barbuto
William A. Barclay
Melissa A. Barfield
Peter I. and Abigail T. Barg
Darnicia Barge
Philip and Rebecca Barger
Dixie D. Bargetzi
Richard Bargiel
John S. Bargielski
George Barhorst
Charles J. and Marti L.# Baricevic
Richard and Marie E. Baricko
Michael Barisonek
John H. and Gailya Barker
Lesley Barker
Mary E. Barker
Sally E. Barker
Simon A. and Monica M. Barker
Michael# and Judy L. Barkon
Michael Barletta
Patrick Barlow
Richard E. and Sylvia Barnard
Sarah Barnard
John J. Barnes Jr.
Breanna Barnes
Emmett and Effie Barnes
Foster Barnes
Gerald E. and Lynn M. Barnes
Gordon L. and Judith L.# Barnes
Mark A. Barnes
Philip Barnes
Robert E. Barnes
Timothy and Rebecca M. Barnes
Allyson Barnett
Dewey W. Barnett
Malcolm J. Barnett
Miles Barnett
William and LaDonna J.# Barnett
Christopher Barnhart
Peggy Barnhart
Daniel and LaVerne# Barnhouse
Robert T. and Penny W.# Barnicle
Thomas Barnicle
Edward C. Barnidge
Douglas M. and Lisa P. Baron
Janet E. Baron
Morton D. and Norma S. Baron
Laura Barone
Jay and Ruth Barr
Anne Barresi
Angela Barrett
Dennis P.# and Debra J. Barrett
William J. Barrett and Laurel Hayes
Rebecca K. Barringhaus
Jessica Barrington
Linda C. Barro
Dianna Barron
Claude Barrow
John L. Barrow and Marianne T.# Downey
Robert Barrow
James B. Barry*
Jane C. Barry
Michael B. and Therese A. Barry
Phillip M. and Joan Barry
Richard A. and Peggy O. Barry
Ronald C. Barry
Jane Barry-Davis
Bernard Barth
John G. Barth
Linda Barth
Lynn Barth
Joan M. Barthel
Anita R. Bartholomew#
Marianne Bartin
Mary M. Bartley
Ronald C.# and Sheryl# Bartnett
Cabrini Bartolo
Tara Bartolomucci
Dean and Jean Y.# Barton
Erin S. Barton
Jason Barton
Kyle Barton
Marsha Barton
Micca Barton
Nicholas Bartosik
Michael J. Baryo#
Donald Barzowski
William Bascom
Aaron A. Bashirian
Paul M. and Rosemary R. Basler
Carl J. and Sherri E. Bassi
Philip and Gayle Bassin
George W. Bassman
Steven Bassnett
jacob Basson
Sanmit K. Basu
Charles and Suzanne Basuino
Stephen D. and Barbara J.# Batchelor
Leah Bateman
Beverly S. Bates
David R. Bates#
George A. Bates
Kyle R. Bates#
Mark and Lysa Bates
Scott Bates
Frank Batha
Christopher L. Bathe
John Batka
Johnny E. Batres
Donna Battershell
Brian T. and Linda# Batterson
Gretchen Batz
Jacqueline Bauder
Chad Baudhuin
Daniel M. Bauer#
Evangeline M. Bauer
Jerry and Carolyn Bauer
Margaret C. Bauer#
Mary Sue W. Bauer#
Merrill K. and Sandra Bauer
Paul W. Bauer and Patricia A. Brady
Robert J.# and Rebecca L. Bauer
Roger D. Bauer
Ronald J. and Barbara Bauer
S. Christopher# and Kathleen# Bauer
Carolyn Baum
Charles W. Baum
Mary Ann Baum
Andrea C. Bauman
Nicole R. Bauman#
Andrew E.# and Paula Baumann
Charles J. Baumann
Dorothy L. Baumann
Mary C. Baumann
Wallace Baumer
Mark S.# and Patricia Baumgarten
Fred H. Baumgarth
Kent C. Baumgartner#
Mark F. and Leslie C.# Baumgartner
Alexander Baur
Constance Baur
Amy Bautz
James S.# and Linda K. Baxter
Ken and Margaret F.# Baxter
Scott H. and Karen Baxter
Christopher C. Bay
Steven Bay
Osman B. Bayazit
Gerald J. Bayer
Susan E. Bayer
Paul R. and Edith E. Beach
Sherri Beach
Michael W. and Linda W. Beacham
Andrew D. Beahm#
James A. and Pamela J.# Beal
Reginald M. Beal#
Amy Beaman
James V. Beaman#
Gloria A. Bean#
Linda Bean
Diana L. Beane#
Christine L. Bear
Justin Beardslee
Stephen Beasley
Frank and Josephine Beatty
John K. and Jean M. Beausang
John B. and Mary C. Beaver
Cynthia S. Bechtel#
Heather Bechtel
Debra M. Beck#
Emily Beck
Gordon A. and Sally A. Beck
Jan Beck
Joan D. Beck
Lisa A. Beck#
Ruby Beck
Steven N. Beck
Gilbert N. Beckemeier
Sherry Beckenholdt
Andrew Becker#
Ann Becker
Bradley A. and Patricia A. Becker
Dale and Sharon R. Becker
Daniel J. and Irina Becker
Donald F. and Joyce E. Becker
Foster and Emily F.# Becker
Jason W. Becker#
Jeral B. and Wanda M. Becker
Jonathan Becker
Jonathan and Alene H.# Becker
Ken Becker
Kristina Becker
Larry Becker
Linda K. Becker#
Robert and Karen Becker
Thomas E. Becker
Tiffany Becker
William L. and Judith A. Becker
Alevtyina Beckett
Carolyn Beckett
David Beckham
John W. and Cynthia A.# Beckmann
Mary F. Beckmann
Tony Beckmann
R. Randolph and Christine Beckner
Robert C. and Ann H.# Beckring
Gwendolyn G. Beckwith#
Jyll G. Becton#
Robert G. and Janet D.# Bedard
Robert C. Bedell
Suzanne Bedell
Vivek and Amy Bedi
Chris Bednarek
Jeffrey A. Bee
Bob and Cathy Beebe
Brian J. Beedie#
Mary C. Beekman
Robert D.# and Cathleen A. Beekman
Ronald and Judith Beer
Jan M. Beger
Phillip L. Begley
Robert Begnaud
Marilyn Behle
Anne Behler
Elizabeth Behling
Andrea Behlmann
Patricia Behlmann#
Carl F. and Luisette Behmer
Anthony and Maryrose E.# Behr
Kimberly Behrend
Brian Behrens
Brooks Behrens
David Behrens
Lee Behrens
John W. and Carole B. Behrer
Clare Behrle
Gary Behrman
Brad Behrmann
Donald W. and Jane A.# Behrmann
Joseph D. Behrmann
Martha L. Beilsmith#
James W. and Kathy E. Beine
Lynn E. Beinke#
Terrence M. and Nancy A.# Beiter
Warren R. and Marian C. Bekebrede
Joseph and Dana K.# Belaska
Daniel Belcher
John T. and Nina P. Belcher
Sarah E. Belcher#
Brian K. and Myra T. Belgeri
Carol Bell
Charles E. and Diane T. Bell
Elliott and Nancy Bell
John D. Bell
John G.# and Ruby Bell
Jolene M. Bell#
Joseph H. Bell
Joyce A. Bell
Kathleen M. Bell
Katrina Bell
Kenneth R. and Susan A.# Bell
Martin and Linda M. Bell
Patricia Bell
William A. Bell
Dawn Bell-Pugh
Christopher Bellers
Thomas R. Belleville
Sabrina Bellinger
Randy J. Bellinghausen
Allan R. Belliveau
Inez Bellm
Craig D. Bellmer#
James and Darol J. Belman
Lois M. Belosi
Igor and Raisa Belotserkovsky
Elaine Belovich
Kathleen Belt
Edward A. Belter#
Walter E. and Karen M.# Belter
Stanley J. and Jill R. Beltramea
Santiago Beltran#
Stephanie Bemberg
Scott A.# and Peggy Benack
Katie Bench
Anthony J. and Jennifer Bender
Carl D. and Jessica B. Bender
Maryann Benditt
Ernest and Rosemarie# Benecke
Erin Benedict
Joseph V. and Rhonda J.# Benfatto
Henry G.# and Barbara J. Benhardt
Linda Benitz
Michael and Renee Benjamin
Tricia Benker
Jerry and Ruth Benner
Wayne J. and Jane E. Bennetsen
Angela Bennett
Christopher Bennett
Justin and Lara Z. Bennett
Marilyn S. Bennett
Mary L. Bennett
Rachel Bennett
Robert L. Bennett
Samuel A.# and Alexandra Bennett
Sidney J. and Laurie R. Bennett
Amy C. Benoist
William E. and Linda F. Benoist
Deborah Benoit
Michael Benoit
Kevin P. Benson#
Pat Benson
Scott L.# and Laura A.# Benson
Laura A. Bentele
Norbert Bentele
Emmett M. Bentley and Charlene A. Shoults
Rosemarie A. Benton#
Jeff M. and Elizabeth E.# Bentrup
Daniel O.# and Janet Benwell
Erin R. Benz
Rebecca Benz
Robert Benz
Nicole Benzoni
Patricia A. Bequette#
Stephen G. and Donna L. Bequette
Steve Bequette
Alicia Beranek
Colleen E. Berardino
Anna J. Berck
Donald R. and Sharon G. Berdeaux
John D. and Dianne Berendzen
Robert and Clarann Berendzen
Kathryn E. Beres
Amanda Beresford
Amy Berg
Cary P.# and Dede Berg
Elizabeth D. Berg
Jeffrey Berg
Shelley Berg
William L. Berg#
George Bergen
Jon F. Bergenthal
Benjamin and Joyce Berger
Charles S. Berger
Linda J. Berger
Philip S. and Karen R. Berger
Robert M. Berger#
William and Julia A. Berger
Brian J. Bergfeld and Ritika# Chand-Bergfeld
Dorrine C. Bergjans
Dan and Laurie M. Bergman
Mary C. Bergman
Shmuel Bergman
Kenneth and Jane Bergo
Kevin Berich
Amy Berkbigler
Jill M. Berkbuegler#
Robyn A. Berkley
Gloria Berkman
Robert M. Berkman
Richard C.# and Barbara A. Berkmeyer
Julie Berkowitz
Rebekah Berkowitz
Jenna L. Berkwit
Bertram M. Berla and Jenny Waxler
Berverly K. Berla
Kevin Bernard
Myron J. Bernard and Elsie S. Shemin-Roth
Gerald Bernatz
Marla Bernbaum
Mark P. and Joyce R. Berney
Peter and Amalinda S. Bernhardt
Roger D. and Lucy B.# Bernhardt
Catherine Berni
Mary A. Bernickus
Ann Bernstein
Michael Bernstein
Robert and Patricia Bernstein
Carolyn M. Berra
Joseph L. and Janet E.# Berrey
Audrey Berri#*
Anthony Berry
Dave and Joanne Berry
George and Marilyn M. Berry
Jean M. Berry#
Joseph R. Berry#
Katherine Berry
Robert C. Berry
Robert L. and Lynn Berry
Steven C. and Patricia L. Berry
Thomas J. and Mary J.# Berry
William F. Berry
William L. and Jacqueline Berry
Douglas R. and Barbara Berson
Abigail Berta
Michael Bertel
Brooklyn Bertels
Christine Bertelson
Helen Bertolino
Gene and Paula Bertram
Ronald L. and Debra A.# Bertrand
Stephen L. and Kathryn I. Bertrand
William and Mary Bertrand
David Berwald
Kimberly Berzack
Jeffrey S. and Ellen V. Berzon
Gloria Bess#
Kenneth and Barbara A.# Bess
Jaina S. Best
Peter A. Best and Mary A. Dzuback
Robert M. Bester#
Aaron Beswick
Jane Bethge
Laura Bettenhausen
Ralph J. and Frieda Bettlach
Steven R. and Martina F. Bettlach
Megan Betts
Jennifer K. Betz
John J. and Barbara G.# Betz
Andrew Beussink
Brian S. and Diane L.# Bevel
Kim Beveridge
Wilhelmena Bevineau
Elizabeth J. Beye#
Charles A. and Janyce L. Beyer
Mustafa Beyyette
William J. Bezdek and Mary Jo# Sacco-Bezdek
Anthony Bezreh
Lauri Bhagat
Tony Bhalla
Baldev and Heidelies# Bhatia
Surya D. Bhattacharyya
Gina Bhawalkar
Barbara Bianco
Robert Bianco
Kristen P. Bibee
Emily W. Bibens
Richard A. and Mary M.# Biby
Dennis J. and Rosemary Bickel
Eugene and Evelyn Bickel
Gary W. Bickel#
Robert and Linda Bickel
David and Sallie Bieber
William M. Biedenstein
Robert E. and Teresa L.# Bieg
Jason Biehl
James T. and Cynthia F. Biehle
Richard W. Bielen
Patrick K. and Donna S.# Bier
Gary S. and Janice O.# Bierman
June R. Bierman
Lisa Bierman
Dana Biermann
Sondra Biermann
Stephanie A. Biermann
Lucian R. Biesiadecki#
Janis Biethman
Katherine Bigelow
Pamela Bigelow
Robert E. and Patricia M.# Biggerstaff
Mary L. Biggs
John W. and Mary A. Bigland
Mirza and Alma Bijedic
Sarita Bikshorn
Brian A. and Shirley M. Bild
Kathleen Bildner
Julia R. Bilgere#
L. Mark Billeaud and Susan L. Hubbard
Janet M. Billhartz
James S. and Nancy L. Billingham
Laura S. Billings
Gerson Bilow
John and Maureen Bilski
Mary A. Bindbeutel
Georgia L. Binnington
Benedict Biondi
Leo and Paula Birchler
David A. and Susan K.# Bird
Jennifer L. Bird
Jeremy A. Birdeau#
Caroline Birdsall
Steven and Marsha Birenbaum
Colleen Biri
Laura Birk
Nancy Birkenmeier
Thomas N. and Mary F. Birkett
Trent P. Birner
Elizabeth G. Biro#
John Birtwistle
Nancy Bischan
Richard J. and Susan Bischof
Clifford Bischoff
Virginia Bischoff
Gordon D. and Marsha K. Bisher
Cynthia Bishop
Jane Bishop
John Bishop
Monica E. Bishop
Stefanie Bishop
Martina Bishopp
Faosat O. Bisiriyu-Adelani#
Kenneth G. and Mary T. Biskup
Sandra Bitter
Jean M. Bitting
William C. Bitting
Jody Bivens
Thomas and Nancy Bivens
Janette J. Bizzell
Aaron Bjorn
Aidan Black
Albert W. and Fern Black
Andrea J. Black
David Black
Emily K. Black
Nichole Black
Niels Black
Richard Black#
Maureen Blackburn
Lindell Blackford
Sandra Blackford
David Blackledge
Steve Blacksher
William A. Blacksher#
Maryl A. Blackwell
Cass Blackwood
Donald P. Blaeser
Maxine Blaine
Anna Blair
Kathryn Blair
Kim Blair
Aaron M. Blake and Michelle L. Hayes-Blake
Angelia Blake#
Forrest A. Blake
Michael L. and Catherine C.# Blake
Samuel I.# and Rosalyn Blake
Carl Blakeley
Gary K. and Janet S.# Blakemore
Mary Blalock
Peter Blanchard
William and Diana R. Blanchard
Pauline Blandina
Frederick Blank
Julie Blank
Rudolpho A. Blank
James Blanke
Anna Blankenship
Cecil A. Blankenship
Mary A. Blankinship
Gary A. and Leah I. Blase
John A.# and Kirstin J.# Blase
John R. and Marilyn K. Blaser
Michael and Susan Blaser
Jan Blaske
Steven and Catherine A. Blasko
Michael W. and Cynthia P. Blaszak
Robert and Sondra Blau
Eli Blavin
Terry Blaylock
Irena Blazevic
James Blazine
Delores J. Blehm
Christine A. Bleitz
Jill A. Blickhan
Malcolm and Lois W. Bliss
Don Block#
Joan Block
John W.# and Mary E.# Block
Leslie Block
Cindy Bloecher
Milton R. and Barbara D. Blood
Brice and Ilene Bloom-Ellis
Gordon and Terry Bloomberg
Susan Bloomfield
Frederick J. Bloss
Harold R. and Julia A. Bloss
William Blow
David Blucker
Tracy R. Blue#
Jack H. Bluestein
Mark Blum
Bill and Christy Blumenhorst
Christopher F. Blumenhorst#
Ray H. and Anna M. Blumenkemper
Elizabeth A. Blumfelder
Ivan and Linda Blumoff
Ruth Blundell
Justin E. and Heather R. Blunk
Bruce and Terri A. Blunt
Dorothy Boaz#
Patricia Bober
Madeleine Boccia
James B. Bock#
Ronald F. Bock#
George Bocklage
Joanne F. Bockwinkel
Radhika Boddu
Jim F. and Susan M.# Boden
Dana L. Bodewes#
Eric S.# and Karla D. Bodine
Linnea A. Bodine
Ronald L. Bodine
Gene Boecker
James A. Boeckmann
Abby Boegerman
Mitch J. Boeh
Todd and Ami Boehlje
Ida Boehlow
Maurice A. and Genny L. Boehmer
A. Karl and Laverne T. Boehmke
Willie J. Boenker
Marilyn Boerding
Leah Boersig
Harald Boerstler
Marilyn J. Boettcher
Robert S. and Denise P.# Bogard
Mark J. and Martha P.# Bogart
Jennifer C. Bogert#
Joshua B. and Meredith Boggess
Penny Boggis
Brenda Boggs
Christopher D. Bognar#
Michael J. and Anne C.# Bogucki
Peter and Dee A.# Bogue
Rick Bohannon
George M. Bohigian
Donald W. and Sandra L.# Bohler
Robert and Sue Bohm
Walter G. and Elizabeth Bohn
Charles and Joyce E. Bohnert
John F. and Cheryl J.# Bohney
Nannett E. Boileau
Alan Boime
Michaelene Bolan
David L. Boland
Derek Bolden
Donald and Mary Bolen
Robert and Katherine Boles
Michael and Vicki Bolger
Leigh A. Bolin
Michael Boline
Josetta Bollasina
Carole A. Boller
Barbara Bolles*
Brian J.# and Mary E. Bollier
Jason J. Bollinger#
Lawrence J. and Antoinette M.# Bollinger
Zella M. Bollinger
William Bollwerk
Janet Bolstad
Gary Boltralik and Veronica Johnson
Agnes A. Bolwell
Lillian Boly
Jonathan S. and Chris E.# Bomze
Joseph C. and Myra L. Bomze
Foster Bond
Jane Bond
Bernice Bond-Arnold
Jason B. Bonds#
Sandra Bonfiglio
George Boniface and Helene Frankel
Matthew Bonini
Mary C. Bonnareus
Fred and Susan Bonnell
Donna R. Bonner
Allison Bonnot
Andrew S. and Kelly J. Bono
Michael Bono
Michael C.# and Susan L. Bono
Christopher and Alicia Bont
Carol A. Bontempo#
Joann Boock
Jonathan E. Booker#
Tamara Booker
Liana Boone
Timothy and Carolyn C. Booth
Elizabeth Bopp
Michael and Kerry Borawski
John Borbonus
William P.# and Marsha A. Borchardt
Donald A. and Audrey A. Borcherding
James J. Borcherding#
Mark Borcherding
Robert E.# and Miriam B. Borden
Don and Nancy C. Borders-Wing
Serra Bording-Jones
Eleanor Borelli
Beatrice Borenstein
Rosalyn Borg
Gary and Sandi Borgens
Clayton Borgmeyer
Joyce Borgmeyer
Lloyd R.# and Linda L. Borgstede
Nancy Borgstede
Kathy D. Borjas#
Julie Borkin
Cynthia Borman
Florence L. Borman
Tomn Bormann
James P. Bornholdt
Holmes F. Boroughf
Benjamin and Radine Borowsky
Daniel L. and Jacquelyn J.# Borrowman
Eric Borrowman
Jim and Mary Borzillo
Richard J. Bosch
Stephanie M. Bosch
Jane F. Bosche
Joseph R.# and Toni A. Boschert
Lawrence W. and Cheryl A. Boschert
Ray Boshara
Wesley J. and Carol J. Boshart
Tina Bosslet
Sarah J. Bostelmann
James K. Bostick
Paul D.# and Carol L. Bostick
Wayne E. Boston
Susan Bostwick
Victoria L. Bothman
Mitchell and Kathryn Botney
Joan G. Botwinick
Peter and Patricia M.# Bouchard
Michael and Virginia L. Bouckaert
Denise Boudinet
Thomas H. and Jan Boudinet
Bridget E. Boudreau
Jennifer Boudreau
Amy A. Bouldin
Marcel L. and Donna M.# Boulicault
Anna Boulware
Karen Boulware
Elizabeth Bourland
Godfrey R. and Carol E. Bourne
Patrick Bousquet
Edward M.# and Leslie L.# Bovier
Barbara Bowdry
Kevin V. and Margaret C.# Bowe
Beverly Bowen
John Bowen and Vicki K. Carlson
Tommie M. Bowen
Roger and Hollis Bower
Deborah Bowers
Donald R. Bowers
Samuel M. and Agnes C. Bowers
Thomas A. and Mary Ellen# Bowers
William A. Bowersox
Kerri Bowes
Norma J. Bowie
Michael C. Bowler
Jean Bowman
Patricia A. Bowman
Patricia Bowman
Janice Bown
Theresa A. Boxdorfer#
George V. Boxell#
David L. and Janice M. Boyanchek
Patricia Boyce
Alicia E. Boyd#
Charles E. and Karen O. Boyd
Erin Boyd
Evail B. Boyd#
Keith Boyd
Miller and Edna Boyd
Robert Boyd
Robert S. Boyd
Thomas A.# and Sally Boyd
Tiffany Z. Boyd
Dennis L.# and Linda A. Boyer
Dennis and Elisa P.# Boyer
Jerry and Deborah K. Boyer
Jim and Rhonda Boyer
John and Mary Boyer
Mary A. Boyer
Phillip Boyer
John A. and Lois A. Boyle
Joseph W. and Victoria G. Boyle
Maribeth Boyle
Rebecca Boyle
Robert Boyle
Stanley Boyle
Ellen Boyne
Robin M. Bozark
Dennis Bozzay
Marijn Braadbaart and Sara Rodney
Bonnie J. Brabec
Eddy Brace
Joan M. Brackmann
Adrian E. Bracy
Jaymie Braden
Donald M. and Gail P. Bradford
Jerry and Connie Bradford
Caroline Brading
Adriane R. Bradley#
Bruce E. and Linda M.# Bradley
Kevin R. Bradley
Marilynne Bradley
Mark B.# and Karen H. Bradley
Nancy C. Bradley
Thomas A. Bradley
Bill and Barbara Bradshaw
Cynthia L. Bradshaw#
Nancy S. Bradshaw#
Michael F.# and Christine A. Bradt
Clare Brady
Kathleen S. Brady
Robert Brady
Steven Brady
Thomas H. and Laura H.# Brady
Karl and Carmen Braeuninger
Damon W. Braggs
Jennifer L. Brake
Lacey Brakenseik
Stephen Brammeier
Larry Brammer
Margaret Brammer
Tiffany Brammer
Jay C. Bramwell#
Ross and Lindsay M.# Brand
Gary H. Brandenburger
Gary W.# and Brenda Brandes
Ronice E. Branding
Ronald G. Brandly
Leanora E. Brandon
Betsy Brandt
Debra Brandt
Gary W. and Patricia L. Brandt
Kathryn Brandt
Loren A. Brandt
Margaret Brandt
Barry H. and Janice M. Branham
Emina Brannum#
Barbara Brantley
Lynn A. Brantley#
Terry W. Brantley
Adele Branz
Louis N. Branz
Karen L. Brass#
Dan E. Brassil#
David M. Braswell
Mary J. Brauer
David Braun
Mary P. Braun#
Rita Braun
Ross Braun
Todd S. Braver and Deanna M. Barch
Elena Bray Speth
Hugh D. and Susan J.# Bray
Dwayne and Tracy Brazelton
William A. and Teresa E. Brecht
Brenda J. Bredemeier
Brian D.# and Ann E.# Bredensteiner
Tyler Breed
Angela Breeher
Michael C. Breidenbach
Steven M. Breihan
Robert C. and Marcia A. Breite
Jessica Bremer
Richard P. Brendel
Barth E. and Laurie A.# Breneman
Kim Breneman
Daniel Brennan
Jim and Martha A. Brennan
Robert W.# and Patricia M. Brennan
Claus Brenndoerfer
Barbara A. Brennecke
Steven Brennell#
Tamara Brent
Carol Brescia
Kenneth and Barbara Bressler
Leo F. and Geraldine Bressler
Shirley O. Brethauer
Donna Bretz
Jeannine M. Bretz
Holly Breuer
Gerald Brewah
Lucas Brewen
Greg Brewer
Lee C. and Marcia# Brewer
Kyle Brewington
Joseph Brewster
Mikki Brewster
William E. and Deanna M. Brice
Beverly Brick
Sharol Brickman
David A. Bridges
Linda M. Bridges#
B. Adolph and Barbara P. Bridgewater
Martin Brief
James D. Brien
Mark R. and Judith M. Briesacher
Bill and Lorraine Briggs
Frank and Barbara M.# Briggs
Gwenda P. Bright
Mary M. Bright
Tsutsumi Bright
Keith A. and Beth P. Brightfield
John R. and Ann L. Brightman
Kyle E. Brightman
David Brigman
Vivian Brill
Belinda Brin
Mike R. Briner
Robert L. and Gloria A.# Bringer
Gary S. Brink
John F. and Laura V. Brink
David Brinker
Ronald H.# and Sharon H.# Brinker
Bill Brinkhorst and Joy Dressel
Samuel G. and Linda L. Brinkley
Elizabeth L. Brinkmann#
Kathleen Brinton
Marella Briones
Judith L. Briscoe#
Joe and Kathy Brissette
Doug Bristow
Mackenzie B. Britton
Monte A.# and Rosemary D.# Britts
Admir Brkie
Patreece R. Broadus
John A. Brocato#
Deschene Brochtrup
Mary G. Brock
Ruth Brock
Thomas and Agatha Brockland
Hyuni Brockman
Joan Brockmann
Charles J. and Martha A. Brockmeyer
James E. and Margaret J. Brockmeyer
James W. and Susan L. Brodack
Fred and Lovis Brodbeck
Mary F. Broderick
William H. and Lynne P. Broderick
Ashley Brodeur
Germaine O. Brodeur
Donna Brodsky
Troika Brodsky
David Brody
Anne Broeder
Otto P. and Cherlyn R. Broeder
Robert F.# and Sandra K. Broeder
Adam Brok
Ann Bromaghim
Alfred M. Bromley and Carol Love
Rex and Ann Bronsing
Albert and Barbara Bronsky
Daniel Bronson#
Bettye Brooks
Judi Brooks
Mary Brooks
Paul Brooks
Ruth Brooks
Sylvester Brooks
Thomas A. and Lucille M. Brooks
Thomas A. and Rebecca C.# Brooks
Beth A. Brookshier
Brittany Broombaugh
Mary L. Brophy
Fred Broschart
Robert L. and Paula S.# Brose
David Brost
Mark A. Brotcke
Paul R.# and Michele A. Brother
Jennifer N. Brotherton
Richard L. Brotherton
Carol J. Brouillette
Sara Brouillette
Stephen B. and Susan Broun
Aralean J. Brown#
Ariel R. Brown#
Becky Brown
Benjamin Brown
Betty L. Brown#
Brenton Brown
Bridget K. Brown
Cameron and Danessa Brown
Carey Brown
Carolyn A. Brown
Christopher M. Brown
Daniel J. Brown
Daniel J. and Kathy L.# Brown
David W. Brown
Diane P. Brown
Edward L.# and Allie Brown
Ella L. Brown
Frank D. and Marilyn D. Brown
Gary and Christine Brown
Goldie L. and Patricia Y. Brown
H. Douglas Brown
Jeffrey D. Brown and Jessica A. Rosenfeld
Jennaver L. Brown
Jennifer A. Brown
Joella Brown
Karianne Brown
Katherine Brown
Kathleen F. Brown
Keith and Elaine Brown
Kenneth J. and Lee Ann# Brown
Kenneth W. Brown#
Kevin Brown
Margaret C. Brown
Marie Brown
Marisa Brown
Mark H. Brown
Marshall W. and Rebecca L. Brown
Mary B. Brown
Mary E. Brown
Matthew Brown
Max S. Brown
Meghan Brown
Nathan E. and Ginnifer M. Brown
Noah L. and Susan Brown
Pauletta N. Brown#
Randy Brown
Rex L. and Phyllis Brown
Robert F. Brown and Tamsen E. Whistler
Steven A. and Diane H. Brown
Steven M. Brown
Thomas G. and Carol A.# Brown
Thomas L. Brown and Jo A.# Russell-Brown
Timothy K. and Patricia A. Brown
Todd J. and Monica J. Brown
Victoria A. Brown
Wayne and Ann Brown
Mary M. Brown-Collins
Janet Brown-Wise
Charles R. and Cynthia J. Browne
Gregory F. Browne
Mary S. Browne
Susan E. Brownell
Sherry Browning
Carol Brownson
Clyde and Catherine C. Brubaker
Shelley Brubaker
Roberteen# and Althea R. Bruce
Thomas E. Bruce
Michael and Robin Bruchas
Betty A. Brucker
Martha Brueckmann
Jeanette R. Brueggemann
Julia Brueggemann
Julie Brueggemann
Meghan Brueggemann
Richard E. and Mary Ellen# Bruenderman
Douglas A. and Rebecca S.# Bruenning
Richard Brueseke
Richard B. Brugam
Linda Brumback
Bill and Barbara Brumfield
Frank W.# and Janet G. Brundick
Howard Brune
James F. and Dorothy J. Brune
Jon and Jennifer Bruner
Michael D. and Donna M. Bruner
Patrick J. Brunet
Terrance Brungardt
William S. and Mary L. Brunjes
Robert Brunkow
Megan Brunner
Wallace C. and Thelma M. Brunner
Angela Bruno
Billy L. and Colleen M. Bruns
Matthew A. Bruns
William E. and Patricia A. Brush
Robert M. Bruza
Wallace A.# and Nina K. Bryans
Cheryl Bryant
Kathryn E. Bryant
Kenneth R.# and Susan# Bryant
Laura T. Bryant
Steven D.# and Sharon L. Bryant
William S. and Gay P. Bryant
Zachary Bryant
Robert Brynda
Richard E. and Jean L. Bryne
Daniel A. Buback
Robert A. Bubenik#
Jean M. Buchana
Christina Buchek
Jason J.# Buchek and Jennifer S. Dieken-Buchek
Steven E. Buchholz
Jacqulyn M. Buchmiller
Ehren Bucholtz
Lauren G. Buchsbaum#
Roger Buchta
David E. Buck
Jason R. and Leslie A. Buck
Richard L. and Sujata C. Buck
Christina M. Buckel
Norman C. Buckhart
Francis X. and Deanna Buckingham
Bruce S. and Jan Buckland
Tom Buckles
Lynne Buckley-Quirk
Marilyn Buckmaster
Stephen A. and Dolores D. Bucol
Vijaykumar Buddhiraju
Duane and Bette L.# Bude
Russell Budzileni
Chantelle Budzynski
Jed Buechele
Daryl M. and Linda R. Buechting
Ralph E. and Corine J. Bueckman
Jacqueline A. Bueg#
Charles A. Buehler
Charles J. and Patricia M. Buehler
Julia Buehler
Sarah Bueltmann
Morris and Barbara C. Buenemann
Otto E. and Doris J.# Buer
Jay Buerck
Susan M. Buerkle
Barbara Buettner
Angleo and Pamela Bufalino
Dan and Linda J. Bufkin
Mark W. Bugler
Jeanette Buie
Ivana Bule
Joy Bulen
Edward O.# and Linda Bull
Gloria Bullard
Richard and Theresa Buller
Robert Buller
Ryan M. Bullock#
Mary Lou Bulte
Paul Bundonis
William Bunro and Regina F. Frey
Lindy Bunte
William F. Bunte
Laura Burbank
Michael E.# and Virginia H. Burbridge
Phillip M. Burch#
Jane Burcke
Robert L. Burg
Anne Burgdorf
Lorraine Burgdorf
Doug Burge
Nathaniel# and Barbara Burger
Peter Burgers and Bonita L. Yoder
Cheryl Burgess
Debora K. Burgess
Kim Burgess
Michael Burgett and Renee M. Reckel
Donald Burgo
Charles E. Burgoon
Dannie and Rita Burk
Michael J. Burk and Lynda E.# Busse
Gerard M.# and Golda R.# Burke
Mary E. Burke
Michelle M. Burke#
Patrick L. and Flannery G. Burke
Paul J. Burke
Sharon Burke
Sharon E. Burke
Thomas W. and Adrienne Burke
Randal G.# and Kristine Burkemper
T. Bennett and Sarah H. Burkemper
Vincent and Marianne Burkemper
Laura Burkey
Scott and Frances Burkham
Audrey Burkhardt
Elizabeth Burkhardt
Mary C. Burkhardt#
Robert and Kathy Burkholder
Michael J. and Lisa M.# Burks
Vinceanna Burks
Jane Burle
Rose Burling
Donald Burnell
Warren C. Burnett
Katherine L. Burney#
Bradley M. and Shelley L. Burns
Deborah Burns
Douglas and Victoria Burns
Edward D. and Dianne J. Burns
Frank J. Burns
Howard and Peggy Burns
John B. and Stephanie Burns
Judith A. Burns
Julia M. Burns
Kelli M. Burns#
Leslie C. Burns
Mary E. Burns
Wesley Burns
Aime Burns-Harring
Diana L. Burnson#
Steven P. Burr
Craig M. and Sara A. Burroughs
Brian A. and Leslie J. Bursack
Jeff L. Bursich
Michael Burstadt
David Burstein
Cynthia Burt
Angela L. Burton#
Clark Burton
Helen Burton
Jeffrey N. Burton#
Joel T. Burton
Kenneth W. and Patricia J. Burton
Leonard D. and Cheryl C. Burton
Patricia A. Burton#
Larry I. Burtz
Anthony Burwinkel
Dennis Bury
Emily Bury
Duke Busbey
Rochelle R. Busbey
Debbie Busch
Neal C. and Bonnie G.# Busch
John and Jeanne Buschart
Marjorie Buser
Peter and Melanie A.# Bush
R. Michael and Barbara Bush
Beth Bushke
Gary F. Busiek and Mary M.# Truetken
Owen Busiek
Franklin Busse
Robert A. and Martha G. Busse
Joshua Bussman
Joan R. Butcher
Bonnie M. Butler#
Constance L. Butler#
Gareld D. and Rebecca Butler
James C.# and Nancy J.# Butler
James G. Butler#
Patrick Butler
Rebecca Butler
Richard E. and Mary A. Butler
Roger L. Butler
Ruth M. Butler
Shelly Butler
April Butt#
Roberta L. Butterly
Catherine Buttermore
David Buttrick
Stephen# and Angela M.# Butz
Laurence M. Buxbaum
William E. Buzan
Gail Buzzotta
Janet S. Byington
Keith N. Byler
Samuel J. Byndom#
JoAnne Bynum
Michael W. and Tracey E. Byrd
Harry M. Byrne
Joan Byrne
Timothy R. and Blanche M. Byrne
George Byrnes
Aubrey Byron
Saskia L. Byron
Anna Cable
Jeanne Cablish
Eddie L. and LaVerne A.# Cadamey
James N.# and Phyllis L. Cadell
Helen S. Cadoret
Amy M. Cadwallader
Marion K. Cadwallader
Constance Cafazza
Lance Cage
Elizabeth Cahill
James Cahill
Jessica Cahill
Martha J. Cahill
Albert Caiazzo and Marcia C. Matthews
Janice Cain
John D.# and Judith M. Cain
Millie Cain
Frank and Jean G. Calandrino
Philip M. Calcagno
Sarah Caldera Wimmer
Charles and Sharon C.# Caldwell
Christina K. Caldwell
David Caldwell
Paul S. Caldwell
Samuel A.# and Jill M. Caldwell
Archna Calfee
Dennis B.# and Susan N. Calhoun
Lawson Calhoun
Steven R. Call and Teresa Sweeney
Claire Calladine
Michael T. and Julie G. Callaghan
Bridget Callahan
John A. Callahan#
Marilyn Callahan
Michael Callahan
Michael J. and Mary J.# Callahan
Richard Callier
David J. Callon
Carol A. Calloni#
Donald and Jonell Y. Calloway
Wilma J. Calvert#
Peggy L. Calvin#
Kathryn Calys
Michelle Camarena
Paul Cambridge
Jan Cameron
John Cameron
Loverne Cameron#
Brian F.# and Susan L. Camey
Bernard Camins
Bob L. and Ann M. Campbell
Dann Campbell
Donald and Tracy A.# Campbell
Greg A. Campbell
Hari G. Campbell#
Jay G. Campbell
Jeffrey A. Campbell
Kaye Campbell
Kenneth L. and Kathleen A.# Campbell
Margaret H. Campbell
Michelle K. Campbell
Nancy Campbell
Rita M. Campbell#
Robert L. and Yvonne M. Campbell
Beth A. Campbell-Blethroad#
C.J. Campeau
Gerard C. and Sharon A.# Campione
Renee W. Campoy#
Rosalind Canady
Eugene Canavan
Conde Canedy
Lorraine Cange
David S. and Dawne Cannady
Stephanie E. Cannick#
Alison R. Cannon#
Emma J. Cannon#
Jack and Imelda Cannon
Mark G. Cannon
Michael S. Cannon#
Rebecca Cannon
William O. and Lynne B.# Cannon
William A. and Rozlind C.# Cantoni
Guy and Susan Cantonwine
Harvey E. and Francine Cantor
John C. and Sally R. Cantwell
Leslie A. Caplan
Kathyrn B. Capps
Katherine Capstick
Todd and Dawn M.# Capstick
Victor V. and Phyllis G. Caravello
Kelly K. and Carolyn M. Carbery
Christine Cardinale
Maria Carella#
Jeremiah and Catherine Carew
Adele Carey
Daniel J. Carey
Marcella Carey
Peter and Linda Carey
Juanita Carl
Steven R. Carl
Kelly Carlblom
Patty Carleton
Mike and Dorothy L. Carlin
Seth A. and Maryse C. Carlin
Dorothy E. Carlson#
Greg L. Carlson
Kevin Carlson
Matthew A. Carlson
Patricia Carlson
Susan T. Carlson
John and Sandra K. Carlton
Merritt C.# and Margaret A. Carlton
Janet Carlyle
Stacey Carman
Pamela Carmell
Lynn Carmody
Robert Carmody
William J. and Ellen G. Carmody
Larry Carp*
Adele Carpenter
Brian Carpenter
Charles N. and Sally L. Carpenter
Dorothy M. Carpenter
Jack B. and Jacqueline J. Carpenter
Karen Carpenter
Robert Carpenter
Rosemarie Carpenter
Elizabeth A. Carpentier
Sharon L. Carper#
Ann S. Carr
Bryan Carr
Carol O. Carr
Ernest J. and Susan G.# Carr
Glorene Carr
Jack D. and Mary E. Carr
Marian Carr
Robert J. and Shirley M. Carr
Jeffrey Carra
J. Thomas Carrato
Phillip Carreon
Sheree J. Carrera#
Julian T. and Verneda Carrier
Daniel L. Carrigan and Amy Maier
Mike Carriger
Amanda Carrion
Cecelia K. Carroll
Eugene J.# and Mary S. Carroll
Joseph C. and Paula E. Carroll
Nathan Carroll
Sandra M. Carroll#
Alice Carron
Dena C. Carson#
Michael R.# and Marilyn A. Carson
Edgar L. Carter
Eric A. Carter
Ernestine Carter
James W. and Lisa T.# Carter
Jean Carter
Karen M. Carter#
Lavern A. Carter
Lher R. Carter
Philip Carter#
Renalda T. Carter#
Robert W. and Linda Carter
Sally A. Carter#
Sharon D. Carter
Bridgett M. Cartwright
James F. and Cynthia F. Cartwright
Karen Carty
James G. and Sandra S.# Carusa
James J. and Jill M.# Caruso
Shelton and Robin Caruthers
Aline Carver#
James R.# and Mary Cary
Cipriano Casado
Vincent G. Casaregola and Victoria H. Carlson
Calvin A. and Ann L. Case
Richard and Robiny Case
Robert I. and Francine L. Case
Anne E. Case-Halferty
Deborah M. Caserotti
James H. and Nancy L. Casey
Joseph N. Casey and Marletta Williams
Logan and Susan W. Casey
Peter Casey
Robert J. Casey
Anil Cashikar
Alice Cass
Laura M. Cassel
Richard Cassel
Patricia R. Cassens
Joseph L. and Monica J. Castagno
Jerry Castellano
James E. and Mary C.# Castello
Arthur L. Castile
Christi Castonguay
Katherine R. Catalano
Peter and Linda Catalano
Vanessa Catalanotto
Marsha Catanzaro
Jeremy Cates
Kerri Cato
Linda Cato
Tom and Cyndi Caton
John R. and Jennifer R. Cattanach
Marilyn Causey
Janet Cavender
Jean M. Cavender#
Patrick I. Cavins
Mary L. Cayse
Rick Cebulske
John J. and Ellen Celuch
Stephen L. Censky
Pete D. and Louise A. Cerneka
Robert E. Cerrano
Carmen D. Cervantes
George Cesaretti and Susan Bechtold
John J.# and Katherine J. Chaber
Neil Chace
David and Christine A. Chadwick
Raymond R. Chaffee
Diane Chalberg
Arlen H. Chaleff
Joan M. Chamberlain
William G. and Catherine M. Chamberlin
Brenda Chambers
Jeffrey T. Chambers
Joseph A.# and Marilyn Chambers
Langston D. Chambers and Tara Holmes
Elizabeth R. Champa
Roland A. Champagne
Julie Chan
Joseph and Elizabeth J. Chandler
Nicholas Chandler#
Vinod Chandran
Nada G. Chang
David W. Chapman
James Chapman
James K. and Rita R.# Chapman
Susan Chapman
Tracy L. Chappell
Debbie K. Chapuis
Betty Charbonneau
Ellen S. Charbonnier
Martha Charepoo
Robert J. Charity
Barry J. Charles
Samuel P. Charles#
Irvin F. and Dorothy Charpiot
Duncan Charters
Anil Charugundla
Richard Chase
Steven L. Chase
Ronald Chaskelson
Nina Chasnoff
Christy G. Chassere
David and Jody K. Chassin
Mary Chaudet
Noor Chaudhry
Concepcion Z. Chavez
Brian J. Checksfield#
Dane H. Cheek#
Lin Chen
Shuang Chen
Wei Chen#
Yu D. Chen
Sherah Cheng
Ta-Pei and Leslie S.# Cheng
David B.# and Goska J. Cherrick
Raymond and Dora Cherry
Venkata Cherukuri
David Chervek
Judy K. Chervitz
James M. and Janet D. Cheverud
Barbara A. Chicherio
Carol A. Chickey
Melissa A. Childers#
Bill and Kelly A.# Childress
Jeff and Maria Childress
Joseph J. and Julie M. Childress
Kenneth W.# and Julie E.# Childress
Michael A. Childress
Thomas W. and Joanna# Childress
David W. and Sarah M. Chilenski
Caleb Chill
James A.# and Elizabeth A.# Chilson
Bill and Mary Ching
Christopher Ching
Sri S. Chinta
Anthony P.# and Deanna M. Chiodini
Charles M. and Linda R. Chiodini
Jennifer Chiodini
Dale Chisholm and Rebecca Rennard
Jessica E. Chisholm#
Michelle L. Chism#
Gabrielle Chismarich
Mary L. Chivetta
Michael Chlanda
Norma J. Chlibec
Marianne Chmeleck
Ben C. Chociej
David and Georgia Chorpening
Jean Chou
Frederick D. Chrenka
Courtney Chrisler
Patience R. Chrisler
Carol A. Christ#
Joel and Rebecca Christensen
John R. and Emily F.# Christensen
Susan Christensen
Tom Christensen
M. C. Christenson
Carol A. Christian
Mary C. Christian
William F. Christian#
Kyle and Clarice Christians
Dean P. and Tracy Christianson
Meggan Christie
Patrick J. Christie
Kate F. Christlieb
William Christmas
Erin Christner
Penelope Christoffel
Maria Christofferson
Mary Y. Christopher
Elliott and Mary Chubb
Clarissa Chughtai
Margaret Chulick
Thomas F. and Joan E.# Church
Elizabeth Chwirut
Kelley Ciampoli
Silvano Ciani
Willow Ciarrochi
Nancy Cibulka
Jessica Ciccolella-Kahl
Michelle Cilurzo
Marco Ciocca and June A.# Settle
Patrick and Ruth Cioci
Kevin Cioffi
Dale T. and Susan M.# Cira
Norman T. and Nancy Cirar
Heather Cirre
Geoffrey S. and Amy Cislo
Harvey C. and Barbara L.# Citerman
Stanley and Arlene Citerman
Joseph P. and Carol Civettini
Christina Clagett
Daniel E. Claggett
Mary L. Claiborne#
Brian and Patricia Clancy
Dennis M. and Susan R.# Clancy
Lisa D. Clancy#
Margaret M. Clancy#
Michael J. Clancy#
Robert J. and Ruth A. Clancy
Joseph W. Clapper
Alan L. and Karen D. Clark
Amanda Clark
Anna M. Clark
Anne Marie Clark#
Charles Clark
Diane Clark#
James M. and Rosemary L. Clark
John E. and Stacy L. Clark
Kelly Clark
Kenneth L. and Susan P. Clark
Mable D. Clark#
Martin J. and Ellen S. Clark
Mary C. Clark
Mary C. Clark
Michael W. and Portia A. Clark
Nancy K. Clark
Patsy M. Clark#
Ralph Clark
Richard S. Clark
Robert H. and Janet M. Clark
Stafford O. Clark
Stephen W. Clark#
Steven and Barbara Clark
Susan Clark
Thomas Clark
Thomas E. Clark
Wayne E. and Nancy E. Clark
Heather Clark-Evans
Joan S. Clarke
Patricia L. Clarke
Stephen Clarke
Beverly W. Clarkson
Peter and Joan Clarkson
Roger R.# and Shirley M. Clausen
Willard R. and Lois J. Clausen
Jeanne Clauson
Ariana Clavenna
Mark S.# Claverie and Diane M. Robinson
Richard L. Claverie#
Calvin Clawitter
James A. Clay
Traci and Stacy D. Clay
Wanda C. Clay#
Howard P. and Nancy G. Clayton
John T. Clayton
Louis R. Clayton
Robert M. Clayton
Patrick Cleary
Donna R. Cleavelin
Julie Cleland
John and Joyce L. Clemens
Amy Clement
Jennifer L. Clemente-Craren
Charles F. and Patricia L.# Clements
Jan Clements
Matthew Clements
E. Dale and Mary P. Clemons
Geoffrey S. and Linda E. Clenney
Verna Clepper
Rebecca Cler
Pamela Cleval
Sharon A. Cliffe#
Herbert and Geralyn A.# Clifton
Nancy Cline
Rachel Cline
Jennifer Clodi
Jocelyn Clogston
Matthew J. Clohessy#
Teresa A. Cloinger
Mark O. and Donna L. Clonts
Jean and Lany Clough
William J. and Carol S. Clover
Dennis and Angela K.# Clow
Irene Clucas
Sean W. Clyde Kelly
Elizabeth Clyne
Julius Clyne
Lee R. Coakley
William and Rebecca Coalson
Nicholas Coates
Elizabeth R. Cobb#
Richard D. Cobb
Ronald E. Cobb
Sue A. Cobb
Norma J. Cobert
Donna Coble
Matthew T. Coble
Helen L. Coburn
Richmond W. and Sandra L. Coburn
Beverly Cochran
Donald L. and Charlet E. Cochran
Elisabeth Cochran
James B. and Doris M.# Cochran
Judith A. Cochran
Kathleen J. Cochran
Matthew Cochran
Ruth Cochran
William and Elizabeth Cochran
Deborah L. Coco
John and Maria Coco
Dean E. and Susan Cody
Paul Coenen
Stephen Coenen
Greg and Joyce C. Coffey
Joann A. Coffey
Kevin D. Coffey#
James R. Coffin
Adam Coffman
Richard N. and Christine S. Cogger
David L.# and Carol Coghlan
Margaret Coghlan
Catherine Cogorno
Alberta Cohen#
Corinne Cohen
Daniel J. Cohen#
Edward and Marla S. Cohen
Gerald L. Cohen
Jeffrey Cohen and Edith Feldman-Cohen
Jeffrey Cohen and Leah Rubin
Jerome Cohen
Lori Cohen
Marshall B. Cohen
Ralph S.# and Kim Cohen
Shirley H. Cohen
Stephen and Nadine# Cohen
Arnold C. and Carolyn A.# Cohn
Dunell E. and Linda R. Cohn
Florence Cohn
Jay E. and Marylin M. Cohn
Scott H. and Julie B.# Cohn
Mary A. Coker#
Tamara Coker
Claire Colbert
Arrena C. Cole
Ben and Laura Cole
Gloria S. Cole#
Laura Cole
Mary M. Cole#
Nancy Cole
Peggy M. Cole
Richard M. and Sheryl Cole
Wanda Cole
David P.# and Ann M. Coleman
Kimberly E. Coleman
Patricia W. Coleman#
Robert J. and Patricia M. Coleman
Ronald A. and Rhonda J.# Coleman
Ryan R.# and Gisselle E.# Coleman
Tabari A. Coleman
Richard and Mary Coles
Derrick K.# and Mary A.# Coley
Harold S. and Dolores E.# Collard
Alice K. Colletti
Ivan Collier and Judith Diaz-Collier
Scott Collier
Fred W. and Margaret A. Colliflower
Lauren E. Colling
Douglas A. and Allison H. Collinger
Cecilia W. Collins
David W. and Emily B. Collins
Garnet B. Collins
Garrett R. Collins
Janet C. Collins
Joan Collins
Joshua L. Collins
Kevin Collins
Margaret P. Collins
Maura J. Collins
Patrick Collins
Ron and Nancy L.# Collins
John M.# and Joann M.# Collum
Jonathan Collum
Cary Colman and Deborah# Sheperis
Lyna Colombo
Bernard and Grace Colton
Emily Colton
Karen E. Colvin#
Steven P.# and Connie J.# Colvis
Patricia Colyer
Cara Colyott
Catherine E. Combs
Thomas V. and Helen Comer
Lauren Comes
Katherine L. Comfort-Mason
John F. and Marion L. Commerford
Elverda P. Commings
David L. Compton
Judy A. Compton
Rob and Doris Compton
Scott and Lea Compton
Patrick Conaghan
Dorothy Conant
Melanie Conaway
Jeri Conboy
Maribeth Concannon
Kirk Condon
Larry G. and Patricia A.# Condra
Barbara Condren
David R. Condren
Daniel L. Conford
Joann Conger
George and Virginia Conlee
Adrian C. Conley
Larry Conley
Mary J. Conley#
Thomas J.# and Kathleen R. Conley
James P. and Katherine Connaughton
Amy Connelly
Christopher M. and Cindy M.# Connelly
Shannon Connelly
Dennis K. and Patricia A. Conner
Judy K. Conner
June M. Conner
Patrick T. Conners
Sarah Conners
Brian J. Connolly
Teresa E. Connolly
Bernice Connor
Elizabeth Connor
John Connor
Maeve Connor
Marc and Maura Connors
Robert Connors
Thomas F. and Margaret Connors
Daniel J. Conoyer#
Judith A. Conoyer
Travis and Emily Conoyer
Jennifer M. Conrad
Sharon L. Conroy
Dominic Consolino
James F. and Joan C.# Conway
Julia Conway
Laura L. Conway
Patricia W. Conway
James and Martha Conzelman
Peter Coogan
Andrew Cook
Barbara T. Cook
Heather L. Cook#
James J. Cook
James J. and Patricia F. Cook
Kenneth F. Cook
Linda D. Cook#
Marvin Cook
Matthew S. Cook#
Paul E.# and Linda C.# Cook
Robert J. Cook
Rodney A. Cook
Timothy A. Cook
Walter E. and Dorothy Cook
Cassandre L. Cooke
Christopher Cooksey
Danielle Cooley
Ellen Cooley
Edward and Ruth Coombs
Julie Coomer
Stephen M. Coon#
Bert and Doris Coons
James P. and Mary K. Coop
Michael Coop
Anita G. Cooper
Bryce E. Cooper
Carl and Lee A. Cooper
Debery J. Cooper#
Donald E. and Sandra Cooper
Ian P. and Patricia V. Cooper
John L. and Rebecca L. Cooper
Kathi Cooper
Matthew J. and Ivy A. Cooper
Melinda J. Cooper
William L. and Ava Cooper
Jeannette Cooperman
Martin S. Coopwood#
Robert J.# and Kathleen A. Coots
Elizabeth Cope
Michelle E. Cope#
Charles J. Copeland
Daniel Copeland
Melissa A. Copeland-Wilson#
Maryann W. Copenhaver
Evelyn Copilevitz
Henry E. and Patsy J.# Copling
Jennifer R. Coppersmith
Kathleen Copple
Rachell Coppotelli
Anthony Corbett
Joseph P. Corbett
Suzanne Corbett
Marty P. Corcoran
Patricia Corcoran
Terry and Sharon Corcoran
Carol A. Cordani
Daniel H. and Mary M. Cordes
Robert and Caroline Cordia
Joyce Y. Corey
Bill W. and Delcia Corlew
Marilyn D. Corley
Stanley and Rose M.# Corley
Douglas and Kathryn M.# Cormack
Stephen and Barbara Corn
Kaleigh Cornelison
Bill Cornelisse
Jeffrey Cornelius
Alice M. Cornell
Leslie A. Corner#
Wayne Corners
Edward Cornillon
Teresa M. Corno#
Dan J. Corrigan
Susan Corrington
Lynn T. Corsetti
Emily Corson
Nicole Cortes
Judy Cortner
Graciela N. Corvalan
Crisale C. Cosas
Randall L. and Jane E.# Cosby
Carmine and Josephine Coscia
James J.# and Barbara Cosgrove
Sterling P. and Elisabeth Cossaboom
Daniel J.# and Deborah Costello
Maureen A. Costello
David and Mary Costigan
Kilinyaa L. Cothran#
Barbara S. Cotlar
Kim Cottle
Gabriel Cotton
Hannah Lodean Cotton#
R. Rocco and Molly Cottone
Roy R. and Martha M. Cottrell
Jane Coughlin
Stephen A. and Corrine A. Coughlin
Issa Coulibaly
Despine Coulis
Karen E. Coulson
William and Elaine C. Coulson
Daniel R. Coultas
Michael and Suzanne C.# Counte
Rhonda Coursey-Pratt
Marjorie S. Courtney
Michael Courtois
Susan L. Courville#
Phil Coury
Clint G. Couse#
Patrick Cousins
Jean Coveleskie
John Covelli
Jeanette Cover
Andrew Cowan
Marian Cowan
Robert L.# and Sally Cowan
Thomas and Jan Cowan
Christina B. Coward
Victor R. Cowee
David and Jean L. Cowell
Mark D. and Sheri L.# Cowell
Mary J. Cowell
Michael Cowen
Kathy Cowhey
John and Elizabeth P. Cowie
John and Teri A.# Cowsert
Andrew G. Cox#
David B. Cox
Edwin Cox
Nora Cox
Robert M. Cox and Mary E. Freund
Steven M. and Roseanne Cox
Thomas Cox#
William and Marilyn F. Cox
Michael Coyle
Teresa Coyle
Albert J.# and Constance E. Cozzoni
Andrea J. Crabtree
Alden and Karen Craddock
Sara Craddock
Mary Cradock
David and Judith Craft
Randal R. Craft and Irene Tichenor
Lorna D. Crafton
Francis and Jeanne Craig
James R. and Susan Craig
Johnetta M. Craig
Lawrence C. and Carol S. Craig
Margaret S. Craig
Shawn and Ratna Craig
Valerie Craig
Donna K. Crain
John M. Crain#
Mary J. Cramer
Mary J. Cramer#
Suzy Crancer
David D. and Kathianne K. Crane
Gary O. Crane*
John B. and Carol A. Crane
Timothy B.# and Kimberly S.# Crank
Theodore F. Craver
Abby B. Crawford
David P. Crawford
Jacquelyn M. Crawford
James M.# and Nancy E. Crawford
Kristen Crawford
Miyoshi T. Crawford#
Ralph# and Janet Crawford
William and Marilyn Crawshaw
Judith Creason#
Robert M. and Janet M.# Creath
William J. Creecy
John and Lois Cremin
Shirley Crenshaw
Warren E. and Mary J. Crews
William and Kathryn Cribbin
Kris Crichton
Michael M. and Donna P. Crider
James and Alice Crippen
Serena Crisp
Robert A.# and Barbara J.# Crites
Marlene Crivello
Lara Crock
Bradley and Nina Crofts
Tyler T. Crogg and Jennifer Fandel
Doyle K.# and Joanne Cronan
Juliette Crone-Willis
Jerry R. and Kathleen# Cronin
John T. and Barbara S. Cronn
Andrew M. Cronyn
Carol Crooks
Henry and A. Madelon# Croskell
Andrew J. and Linda M. Cross
Jessica A. Cross#
John and Jane P. Cross
Remy Cross
Robert R. Cross
Roberta Cross
Tambra Cross-Payne#
Robert Crossen
Ronald L. Crossen
Carol Crossley
Scott Crothers
Thomas J. and Judith A. Crouch
Geraldean Crowder
Marilyn A. Crowder
David L.# and Mary E. Crowell
David R. Crowell#
Ann M. Crowley#
Catherine Crowley
James P. Crowley
Michael M. Crowley#
Casey and Kathleen Croy
Carolyn Cruise
Nathaniel L. Crump
Andrew Cruse
Jaysen Cryer
Elise Csapo
Rita M. Csapo-Sweet
Daniel A. Csolak
Joanne Cuddeback
Santa M. Cuddihee
Jianmin Cui and Jingyi Shi
Connie Culbertson
Daria Cullen
Sean C. Cullen
James E. and Susan H. Cullinane
Glen Cullom
John S. Cullom
Megan E. Culp
Charles and Diane G.# Culpepper
Eedie Cuminale
Charles W. Cummings
John and Linda F. Cummings
Kent Cummings
Paul Cummings
Scott K. and Sylvia D. Cummings
Shawn A. Cummings
Timothy D.# and Megan Cummings
Billie R. Cummins
Robert J. Cummiskey
Mark Cundiff
Anthony J. and Sandra M.# Cuneo
Betty J. Cunningham#
Catherine Cunningham
Robert P. Cunningham
William B. Cunningham
Leonard J. Cuoco
Frank J. Curotto
Elizabeth Curran
Mary E. Curran
Matthew J. Curran
Thomas P. Curran and Adele# Gianino
Carla Current
Carrie E. Currie
Joel Currier
Timothy C. and Nancy J.# Currinder
Andrew Curry
James J.# and Madelyn C. Curry
Lemont and Elaine Curry
Todd M. Curry
Carolyn Curth
Danny Curtin
David A. Curtis
David L. Curtis
Jonathan and Catherine L. Curtis
Judith M. Curtis
Valenda B. Curtis#
William Curtis
Susan Curtman
Matt E. Cushman
Mike Cushner
Rebecca Cutright
Claudia Cutter
Jaclyn M. Cwick
Donald E. Cwiklowski#
Tom Cygan
Andrew J.# and Emily A. Czarnecki
Dan J. Czolgosz
Emily D'Agostino
Louis R. D'Agrosa
Peter T.# and Mary P.# D'Angelo
Nancy S. D'Arcy
Linda D'Aubeg
Valerian T. D'Souza and Patricia Savant
Karen R. Dabrowski#
Michael C.# and Carmen S. Daft
Cihan H. and Refia Dagli
Scott E. Dahlberg
William C. Dahm
Thomas E. and Merrydith L. Dahms
Mary L. Daigle
Sarah Dail
Arthur G. and Joan F. Dailey
Keith P. and Katherine L. Dailey
Craig Daily
Eileen Daily
James Daily
Katherine M. Dains#
Jan Daker
David E. and Estelle F. Dale
Donna L. Dale
Tim Daleen
Linda Daley#
Jeffrey B. and Debra L. Dalin
James Dalrymple
Edward O. and Linda M.# Dalton
John H.# Dalton and Jen Jen Chang
Joseph X. and Jeanine R.# Dalton
Valerie Dalton
Valerie Z. Dalton
Carol Daly
James D.# and Deborah A.# Daly
Lou Daly
Martin Daly
Nick Damato
Mike Dame
Christina Dames
Urban L. and Joan L. Dames
Michael Danbom
Anees M. Daneshyar
Peter Dangelo
Adish Dani
Gayle Daniel
Debra Danieley
Clinton and Gretchen Daniels
Ellen M. Daniels
Karen L. Daniels
Katherine F. Daniels
Larry M. and Cindy Daniels
Armando Danini and Susan M.# Duchek
Richard K. Danis
Raymond C. and Lois Dankenbring
Aminat T. Danmole
Patricia A. Danna#
Sara Dannan
April Dannelly
Nanne Danter
Dean and Virginia R. Danzer
Frank V. and Kathleen J. Danzo
Vy-Thao Dao
Patricia Darby
Michael and Cherie Dardas
Rachel Darken
Samuel O. Darko#
Vickie Darmer
Katrina A. Darnall#
Medford J. Darnell#
Christopher Darr
Frank B.# Darr and Dana F. Hotle
Victoria Darr
Richard S. and Yvonne P. Darrow
Jean S. Das#
Charles Dasho
Carole L. Datta
Bryan Dattoli
Karl K. and Shriley A. Daubel
Jessica L. Daues
James D. and Jeannette D. Daugherty
Marie Daugherty
Falgun Dave
Derek A. Davenport#
Roger N. and Diane R. Davenport
Andrea Davidson
Barbara N. Davidson
Bill and Sara Davidson
Christopher J. Davidson
Cornelia T. Davidson
Deanna Davidson
Harry O. Davidson
Leontine G. Davidson#
Rebecca Davidson#
Ronald J. and Betty J.# Davidson
Ruth Davidson
Allison Davies
Rebecca Davila
Albert Davis
Benjamin S. and Rebecca Davis
Bridget Davis
Carolyn J. Davis
Claire Davis
David S. Davis
Emily H. Davis
Emory G. Davis#
Gail Davis
Gregory M.# and Janice L. Davis
Helen K. Davis
James J. and Carol L.# Davis
James W. and Jean L. Davis
Joan Davis
Joanne M. Davis
John S. Davis
Karen F. Davis#
Kirk W.# and Linda N. Davis
Lyndal J. Davis
Mark W.# and Kathryn A. Davis
Oliver and Joyce Davis
Philip A. and Lisa M. Davis
Renea Davis
Richard K. and Mary E. Davis
Richard W. Davis
Robert C. Davis
Simone Davis
Teresa S. Davis#
Wallace G. Davis#
Susan Davis-McCarter
Joan Davis-Ryan
Casey R. Davison
Janice Davison
Rosemary S. Davison
William A. and Joyce L. Davit
David G. and Yvonne Dawdy
Richard and Loretta J. Dawdy
Thomas D. and Betty K. Dawdy
David R.# and Kimberly A. Dawkins
Beverly D. Dawn
Diana L. Dawson
Richard V.# and Carol R. Dawson
Walter R. and Judy A.# Dawson
William B. Dawson
David R. Day and Jane R. Larson
Karen Day
Ned I. and Juanita Day
Roberta G. Day
Gaurov Dayal
Frank S. Days
Hana De Charms
Edmund de Chasca
Arpad De Kallos
Matt and Amy De La Hunt
Paul De May and Catherine E. Godfrey-Demay
Christine Dean
David and Jo J. Dean
John J. and Sandra Dean
Randall and Dorothy M.# Dean
Tonya Dean
Chester A. Deanes
Bradley C. Dearborn
Edna Deardeuff
Jeremy Dearing
Chelsea G. Dearth#
Donald L. and Chris Deason
Diane Deaty
Mark E. Debarr#
George and Ann Debecze
Vincent C.# and Dana Deblasi
Christopher L. DeBoe#
Elizabeth Deboo
Brian Debourge
James Debrecht
Danny H. and Donna M.# DeCarli
Michael J. Deckard#
Deborah Decker
Dorothy E. Decker
Gloria J. Decker
Leanne Z. Decker
Mark J.# and Mary E. Decker
Barbara Decker-Franklin
John J. and Pamela S. Decoteau
Taib Dedic
Jeanne M. Dee#
Jeffrey E. and Susan D. Dee
Timothy J. and Deborah K.# Dee
Christopher Deeken
Karen Deem
Linda M. Defendeifer
Robert L. and Doris Defer
Byron N. and Sally E. DeForest
Vincent A. and Caroline Deforest
Dori Degenhardt
Julianne W. Deggendorf
Sue Degnan
Joseph DeGregorio
Dennis J. Degroodt
Gail Degunia
John D. DeHart and Jyoti K. Parwatikar
Stephen E. and Cecilia A. Dehekker
Dorothea Dehne
Alvin N. Deibert and Margaret G. Dean
Eric and Joan Deisner
Norman K. Deist
Philip Deitch
Alberto Del Pilar
Anthony E. Del Rosario
Daniel A.# and Betty A.# Del Rosso
Joyce A. Del Vecchio#
Cinda Delaney
Nancy Delaney
Suzanne Delaney
Jean H. Delap
Kathlena Deles
Michelle Delfel
Linda Delk
Gregory and Marla Dell
Alyssa Della Camera
Joan Dellbringge
Bartholomew and Lisa C.# DeLorenzo
Rick and Gina Delorme
Lucas Delort
Erica Delsandro
Jill Delston
Erin F. DeLunas
Michael A. Demaiolo II
Alexei V. Demchenko
Gabrielle DeMichelle
Cynthia L. Demoss
Robyn Demott
William R. Dempsey
Bob Dencker
Joyce L. DeNeal
Nancy J. Deneau#
Rickey W. Denicke#
Robert Denison
Ronald Denk
Chelsea Denlow
Denise M. Denman#
Brendan Denney
Joe S. Denney
Dan C. and Marie M. Dennis
Evelyn E. Dennis
Michael F. Dennis and Alice E.# Aldridge-Dennis
Miriam S. Dennis
Eunice M. Dent
Christopher L. Dentman and Lisa Hayden
Ruth Denton
Tushar Deore
Aahren Depalma
Shannon Depalma
Charles B. and Suzanne D. Depenaloza
Martin and Donna Depenthal
Jeffrey C. DePew
Susan Depigian
Thomas J. and Marilyn A.# Depke
Richard W.# and Denise A. Depker
Stephen M. and Kathleen L.# Deposki
Janet Deranja
Laura M. Derigne#
David Deriso and Dacy A. Gillespie
Maggie Dermody
Pam Dern
Joseph P. Derose
Wesley J.# DeRosier and Heidi# Thoden
Leslie Derouin
Gerald J.# and Susan M. DeRousse
Denise Derrick
Marigene Derusha
Parul D. and Dhiren H. Desai
Aditya Deshpande
Clifford# and Sarah W. Desimone
Richard H. and Nancy Desloge
John Desmond
Michael Desmond
David Detering
Charles J. Deters
Nathan and Jill# Detrick
Carol Dettleff
Rachel Dettleff
Mary C. Dettling
Robert Dettling
Harold A. Deuser#
Deborah Deutch
Edward and Diane Deutch
Ken Deutsch
Lillian Deutsch
Daniel L. and Kathryn M. Devan
Carol R. DeVaughan
Denise R. Devereaux#
Sean Devereaux
Michelle P. Devine-Edmondson#
Ingrid Devlin
Matthew W. and Aimee Devoll
Bart S. and Patricia M. Devoti
Joseph A.# and Bonnie A. Devoti
Nancy DeVoy
Sarah Devries
Jessica Dewes
Garry Dewit
Alan E. and Iris F. Dewoskin
Michael Dewulf
Sajalendu Dey#
Margaret DeYoung
Richard A. Deyoung
Kunti Dhar
Suvir Dhar
Dana Dhom
Kathryn Diak
Henry N. and Marlene S. Diamant
Elizabeth A. Diamond
Jay E. Diamond and Erin L. O'Reilly
Linda S. Diamond
Michael and Mary# Diamond
Sandra I. Diamond#
Joanne Diaz
Stephen Diaz
Bijan and Lynne Dibadj
Meara Dibadj
Michael Dibernardo
Donald and Judy Dichsen
Larry Dicicco
Steven A. and Mary B. Dick
Steven E. Dick
Linda K. Dickens
Andrew P. Dickerson#
Jarrett W. Dickerson#
Lauren Dickerson
Marilyn K. Dickey
Nancy Dickey
Roland L. and Della Dickhans
Monica Dickhens
Michael W. and Christine A.# Dickherber
Jose Dickhoff
Joel A. Dickhut
Karen Dickhut
Bradley and Karen E.# Dickinson
Timothy E. Dickinson#
Deni Dickler
Teresa Dickman
Robert Dickmeyer
Dave and Carolyn Dickson
Rachel D. Dickson#
Mark Didier
Steven L. and Kay E.# Dieckmann
Almarie Dieckow
Eric Diego
Jean L. Diehl#
Terry K. and Elizabeth M. Diehl
Thomas J. and Barbara N. Diehl
Diane Diekemper
Regina Dieker
Rebecca Diekmeper
Evangeline Diel
Terry J. and Phyllis L. Diel
Marilyn K. Dien
Jamie L. Diener
Gretchen Diether-Haake
Ann Dietrich
David A. and Maureen Dietzel
Richard P. Difani#
Anthony Difatta#
Frederick D.# and Deborah# Digby
Jean C. Digby
Kathy Digby
Tom Dilallo
Donald R. and Wanda J. Dill
Matthew Diller
Molly Dilley
Ken Dillner
Barbara A. Dillon
Bryan and Kristen Dillon
Janet E. Dillon
Linda C. Dillon#
Patricia M. Dillon#
Isaiah Dilorenzo and Olivia N. Di Lorenzo
Samuel R. Dilorenzo
Cody S. Ding
Mary Dingus
Deborah Dinner
Joanna E. Dinsmore
Joyce Dintelmann
Frank J.# and Mary A. DiPaolo
Donald and Mary Dippold
Gerald L. and Sharon R. Dippold
Mario A.# and Kathryn J. DiPrimo
Kurt Dirks
Gerlando C. and Mary E.# DiSalvo
Tom Disalvo
Antoinette B. Disano
Martha E. Disbennett#
Bryant C. and Wanicha L.# Disharoon
Gary Disko
Larry A. and Julia A.# Disner
Marilyn E. Disney#
Thomas D. and Valerie J. Dison
Donna K. Dittmer
Erin E. Dittmer#
Gary E. Dittmer
Marilyn E. Ditto-Pernell#
Dharmesh Divecha
Ilco Diven
Hari H. Diwakaran
John W. Dixon
Michael J.# and Jan H. Dixon
Haris Djulan
Ian G. and Heather J. Dobbins
Dan Dobbs
Janet B. Dobbs#
Sondra R. Dobinsky
David J. and Susan M. Dobmeyer
Geoffrey T. Dobran#
Kathryn Dobson
Justin G. Dockins
Kathy Dodd
Melissa Dodd-Ruesing
Sean Dodds and Nicole M.# Wulff
Peter J. and Julia A. Dodge
Douglas Dodson
Jason and Shannon Dodson
Chris Doebert
Nicholas G. and Jean F. Doelger
Gail B. Doell#
Daniel M.# and Jo Ann Doerer
Melvyn A. Doerhoff
Anna J. Doering
Melissa R. Doering
Richard W. and Deborah V. Doering
Carl H.# and Carolyn J. Doerr
Edward R. Doerr
Gary W. and Diane K. Doerr
Robert F.# and Stephanie M. Doerr
Scott A. Doerr
Sharon Doerre
Paul W. and Catherine Doerrer
Ruth A. Dohack
Meghan E. Doherty
Aaron Dohogne
Janet Dohr
Richard and Linda A. Dokas
Janice Dolan
Joan Dolan
John and Pamela Dolan
Kathy Dolan
Stephen C. Dolan
Stephen Dolan
Therese A. Dolan
Mary Dolansky
Lylene V. Dolen#
Theodore Doll
Charles Dolles
Tom Dollus
David Dolson
Peggy Dolter
Linda Domeyer
Robert J. Domiano#
Fred M. and Sharon Domke
Irl J. and Carol J. Don
Betty Jane Donahoe
Joseph E. and Carole Donahue
Ralph Donald
Stephen C.# and Jane E. Donald
Lucy E. Donaldson
Betty J. Dondle
Lisa Donelon
David L. and Kimberly J. Donermeyer
Sherry A. Doney
James P. Donius#
John and Jennifer D. Donjoian
Michael P. Donley#
Alison Donnelly
Charlotte Donnelly
Michael Donnelly
David L. Donofrio#
Gerald R. and Denise M.# Donovan
Harold A. Donovan
James L. and Marilyn J. Donovan
Patrick D. Donovan
Timothy M. Donovan#
Trish Donovan
Patricia Dooley
David A. Dooling
Andrea Doorack
Paul Doran
Thomas Doran
Sandra J. Doreson
Arthur and Marion Dorffi
Ryan Doris
Cheryl A. Dorn#
Kenneth G.# and Cheryl L. Dorn
Wanda C. Dorn#
Rush Dorsett
Rosemary Dorsey
Judith C. Dorwart
Byron S. and Laverne T.# Doss
Roberta Dostal
Kenneth and Aiesha D.# Dotson
Steven D. Dotson#
Willie L. and Fern L.# Doublin
Jerry O. and Edith C. Doud
Paul Doudna and Norma Dounda
Christine Dougher
Ann E. Dougherty
Ian Dougherty
James P. and Beverly A.# Dougherty
Leo R. and Teresa M. Dougherty
Maggie M. Dougherty
Matthew Dougherty
Patricia C. Dougherty#
Ronald R. Dougherty#
Daniel Douglas and Andrea M.# Stewart-Douglas
Deborah Douglas
Erica S. Douglas#
Johnnie# and Deborah Douglas
Lynda J. Douglas
Martha D. Douglas#
Randolph C. Douglas
Scott Douglas and Suzanne Carron
Sharon K. Douglas
Cathy M. Douthit
Carolyn Dowd
Douglas and Lori Dowd
James and Elizabeth A. Dowd
James and Katherine Dowd
Shirley Dowdy
Edith F. Dowell
George J. Dowling
Kathryn Downard
Wayland E. and Luan M. Downen
Joyce Downey
Robert W.# and Dawn M. Downey
Shirley Downing
B. C. Downs
Gwendolyn Downs
Amy M. Doyle#
David and Susan M.# Doyle
Kevin Doyle
Rebecca Doyle
Gary Dozier
Helen R. Dozier#
David E. Drake#
Marian Drake
Matthew Drake
Richard W. and Diane Drake
Henry T. Drane#
Bruce and Barbara A. Draper
Benjamin Drazen
Gary G. and Barbara Dreckshage
Joseph J. Dremel
Camille M. Drennan
Mary E. Drennan#
Jon L. and Barbara M. Dressel
Jeffrey G. Drew
Mary Drew
Janice S. Drewel#
Sue Drewer
Lucy A. Drews
Frederick B. and Eileen Dreyer
Joe Dreyer#
Melissa A. Dreyer#
Michael W. Dreyer
Daniel and Denise Dreyfus
Amy E. Dribin
Joyce Driemeyer
David and Julie M. Drier
Manfred and Linda Driesner
John J. and Virginia A. Driscoll
John and Mary Drobak
Philip and Beverly Droege
Vera A. Droege
Roz K. Drohobyczer
Burton E. and Mary T. Droste
Nancy Droste
Joseph Drozda
Joel M. and Ruth A.# Drucker
Robert D. Drummond
James M.# Dryden and Virginia L.# Westmoreland
Michael and Gertrude M. Dub
Kyle B.# and Bridget# Dubbert
Albert I. and Harriet Dubinsky
Roslyn Dubinsky
Julie Dubman
Susan M. Dubois#
Michael Dubose
Daniel E.# and Gail B. Dubruiel
Roberta Dubuque
Sarah Ducey
Charles and Kathryn L. Duchek
David F. and Becky S.# Duckworth
Hana Duckworth
Robert B. and Diane F. Duddy
Donna L. Dudek
Susan Dudek
Philip and Joan Dudley
Milorad P. and Judith R. Dudukovic
Christopher A. Dudzik and Lisa M. Ferguson
David Due
Richard T. and Barbara H. Duemler
Jareth G.# Duepner and Kathleen# O'Hearn Duepner
Carolyn Dufault
John C. and Mary J.# DuFaux
Dennis Dufer
Charles A. Duffy#
Clare Duffy
James R. and Denise E. Duffy
Simon Duffy
Jean Dugene
Christopher A.# and Sharon L. Duggan
Justin Duiguid
Courtney Dula
Phillip A. and Tina A. Dulany
Donald R. and Carolyn M. Dulin
Ryan and Joanna Dulkin
Molly H. Dulle
Oliver C. Dulle
Alma Dulz
Amy Dunaway
Michele M. Dunaway#
Rhonda Dunbar
Alexis Duncan
Carla A. Duncan
Steve Duncan
Timothy C. Duncan#
William P. and Mary A.# Dundon
Billy C. and Jane C. Dunehew
Brian Duney
Linda S. Dunker
Benjamin Dunlap
Casey C. Dunlap
Nancy K. Dunlap
Rebecca S. Dunlap
Terry J. and Angelia S. Dunlap
Bryan Dunn
Chris W. Dunn and Eleanor A. Pardini
Curtis and Ann Dunn
Helen Dunn
Logan Dunn
Mary C. Dunn
Matthew J. Dunn#
Peter W. and Diane E.# Dunn
Raymond J.# and Rosemarie T. Dunn
Timothy J. Dunn and Geraldine M.# Redden
Julie A. Dunn-Morton#
Joseph F. and Sylvia J. Dunne
Steven Dunning
Derek Dunwiddie
William Dunworth
William and Mary Duparri
Robert and Laura L.# Dupont
Joseph Dupre
Kenneth R. and Dana M.# Dupree
Cynthia M. Dupureur
Albert E. and Therese E. Durand
James B. and Nancy L.# Durbin
Michael Durbin
Richard A.# and Colleen M. Durbin
Scott D. Durden
Jean Durel
Thomas Durfree
David A. Durham
Jennifer B. Durham#
Jerome and Zoaca N.# Durham
Judith Durham
Theresa Duricek
Aaron C. Durkee
Paul Durkee
Krista Durlas
Nathan Durnell
Emily J. Durning
Shannon Durphy
James Durrwachter
Michael P. and Rosalie M. Duvall
Philip R. and Roberta L. Duyff
James Duzan
William C. and Anna M. Dvorak
William E. and Susan M.# Dvorak
Francis Dwyer
James and Nicki Dwyer
Maureen E. Dwyer
Gail Dye
Margaret E. Dye
E. Janel Dyer
Elizabeth D. Dyer
Mark C. and Diana C.# Dyer
Marshall G. Dyer
Mary J. Dyer
Piotr T. and Eva M. Dyk
Richard Dyniewicz
Martha Dysart
Elizabeth Eadden
Brian Eagan
Jeanne Earley
Elizabeth Early
Loren R. Early
Rosalind Early
Margaret Easches
James S. Eason
Lorraine Eason
James Easterling
Cornelius Eastman
Crystal L. Eastmond
Diane Easton
Margaret Eaton
Jean Eaves
William H.# and Nancy J. Ebbinghaus
John J. and Theresa A. Ebeling
Thomas Ebenhoh
John Eberhardt and Karen A. Walsh
Thomas Eberhardt
Timothy J. Eberhardt and Kathleen A. Hull
Michael D. Eberle
Agnes M. Ebert
Caroline Ebert
Douglas F. and Mary G. Ebert
John C. and Gloria J.# Ebert
Michele Ebert
Patrick A. and Susanna Ebert
Carl Echele
Thomas J.# and Roberta A. Echols
Carol P. Eck#
Mark N. Eckelkamp and Beth A. France
Thomas J. and Gwendolyn Eckelman
Barbara J. Eckels
Fay S. Eckert
Karen L. Eckert
Ashley R. and Deborah A. Eckhoff
Linda Ecret
Charlie Edelen
Jack Edelman
Thomas K. and Marie Edelmann
Stanley M. and Susan G. Edelstein
Patricia E. Edenburn#
Mark Edge
Dudley C. and Patricia M.# Edgemon
Kent D. Ediger
Allison Edler
James Edmiston
Paul W. and Nancy L. Edmiston
Robert and Naomi Edmonds
Jerry R. Edris
Kenneth and Dorothy Edscorn
Christine M. Edson#
Antonio M. and Kelly D.# Edwards
Daniel M.# Edwards and Alice S.# Bradford-Edwards
Dennis D. Edwards
Elizabeth S. Edwards
Jerald R. and Karen A.# Edwards
Margaret Edwards
Mary K. Edwards#
Michael P. Edwards
Paul W. Edwards
Louise Effan
Beatrice Effinger
Michael and Marilyn Effinger
Ashley Effken
Andrea C. Egan
Richard A. and Kathlyn L.# Egan
Victoria M. Egan#
Mitchell and Madeline F. Egeston
Lyndsay Eggbrecht
Susan Eggering
Donald L.# and Mary Ann Eggleston
Frank J. and Mary C. Ehlen
Charles and Carol J. Ehlert
George H. and Gloria J.# Ehll
Thomas N. and Patricia J. Ehlman
Katherine Ehlmann
Lawrence H.# and Sharon L. Ehlmann
David P. Ehnes
Gerald R.# and Barbara Ehnes
Mary K. Ehrenreich#
Deborah Ehret
John H.# and Tamara S. Ehrhard
Joseph P. Ehrhart
Steven M. Ehrlich and Lauren B. Tucker
Daniel J. and Jeanne F. Eichhorn
Pamela Eide
Kelly J. Eidson
Elizabeth Eigel
Lenard E. Eiglebiger#
Steven Eigsti
Genevieve F. Eiler
Henry C.# and Becky A. Eirich
Wendy L. Eisel
Irvin S. Eisen#
Thomas E. Eisenbeis
Joyce Eisenberg
Lawrence A. Eisenberg#
Michelle Eisenberg
Gail E. Eisenhart
Kelly Eisenhart
Charles C. Eisenkramer
Christine C. Eisenmayer
Robert Eisenstadt
Ellen Eisenstein
Joel and Linda Eissenberg
John J.# and Laurie Ekey
Helal Ekramuddin
Beverly S. Elam
Ron Elbert
Barbara M. Elbrecht
Henry W. and Carmen L. Elceser
Gevin W. and Dee A.# Elder
Deborah B. Eldridge#
Wayne S. Eldridge
Stephen M. and Holly Elfanbaum
Paula J. Elfrink
Theodore and Mary M.# Elfrink
Linda Elkin
Bob Ell
Jon J. Ell
Leroy Ellenberger
Janalee Ellenbogen
Brennan T. Eller
Laura Eller
Michael Ellett
Carla R. Elliff#
Norman Ellingsen
Mark R. and Cynthia A. Ellingson
Myra R. Ellington#
Anne Elliott
Greg T. Elliott
James E. and Phyllis A. Elliott
Algeretta C. Ellis#
Dorothy Ellis
Emily D. Ellis#
Evelyn H. Ellis#
Harold A. Ellis
James Ellis
Mary Ellis
Rebecca J. Ellis
Rosemary Ellis#
Scott Ellis
Shirley M. Ellis
Stefanie C. Ellis#
Tiffany R. Ellis
John H. and Margaret A.# Ellison
Darla Elms
Carol J. Elnicky
Donald and Dolores Elsasser
Jon Elson
Robert P. and D'Arcy Elsperman
Christina Elwood
Curtis Elwood
Russell W. and Barbara J.# Elwood
Joseph K. Ely
Kari Ely
Amy Elz
Gustora Elzie
Richard L. and Virginia A. Emanuel
Thomas H. and Catherine F. Emerson
Tim Emerson
Joel Emery
Peggy Emling
Frank and Rose A.# Emma
Daniel Emmert
Joan Emmert
Paul A. and Kristine G. Emmons
Robert F. and Rosemary F. Emnett
John P. and Cristina H. Encarnacion
Richard T. and Mary E. Enderle
Lane Endicott
Francis Engbert
Ernie Engebretson
Olivia Engel
Thomas E. and Celeste R.# Engel
William N. Engel
Thomas and Katherine Engelhardt
Margaret A. Engelsdorfer
Robert S.# and Laura L.# Engert
Ronald England
Joyce Engle
Robert Engle
John C. and Rosalie E. Engler
Deanna English
Edward English
Elizabeth English
Leigh English
Nordeka English
Diana J. Enloe
Jerol B. Enoch
Larry S. Enochs#
Christina Ensign
Joseph Entler
Carol J. Entwistle#
Donald G.# and Kim E.# Eplin
Jonathan Epperson
Joseph L.# Epplin and Margaret E.# Zapf
Kathy Epps
Allan S. and Susan G. Epstein
Colleen A. Epstein
James A. and Kendra R.# Epstein
Joel and Lisa Epstein
Lindsay Epstein
Steven and Linda G. Epstein
Stuart and Toby Epstein
Walter and Betty R. Epstein
Bella Erakko
Ronald Erb
Kyle Erck and Rebecca L. Klitzke
Lindsay J. Ercole
Tammie M. Erdelac#
James W. and Johanna L. Erdman
Michael Erickson
Robert E. and Astrid M. Erickson
Rodney J.# and Dale A.# Erickson
Timothy R.# and Debbie S.# Erickson
Jeffrey E. Eriksson
Janeen Erixson
Joel Erkenswick
Annie M. Erker#
Joseph V. and Colleen K. Erker
Julia Erker
Matthew C. Erlin and Ebba F. Segerberg
Rosemary Erman
Thayne A. Erney
Harold and Gina Ernst
Hugo Ernst
Laura Ernst
Stephanie Ernst
Jane Ervin
John Ervin
Maggie Ervin
Christopher Erwin and Michelle Croyle
David J. Erwin
James W. and Vicki B. Erwin
Madhavan Esayanur
Brenda Eschbacher
Joseph L. and Julia A. Eschbacher
Peter Eschbacher
James J. Eschen#
Carlos Escudero
Joseph Espiritu
Sandy Esrock
Tyler Esselman
Bonnie Essick
Dorothy F. Essig
Bruce I. Essman and Carla J. Siegfried
Sharyn Essman
Michael Esswein
Marilyn N. Esterline#
Margaret Estes
Roberta Estes
Samuel R. and Susan L.# Estes
Crystal Estey
Marcel A. Esubi
Jessica D. Eswine
Bijan Etezadi
Anne Etheredge
Marion A. and Glenna B. Etheridge
James M. Ethington#
Patricia A. Etling-Tuttrow#
Romain C. Etwaroo#
Richard A. and Anice M. Etz
Hildegard Etzkorn
Carrie Eubanks
Calvin K. Eutz
James T. and Gerianne Evans
Jeffrey Evans
Joseph L. Evans
Kristin N. Evans
Louis A. Evans#
Marjorie Evans
Sallie Evans
Shontay N. Evans#
Suzanne Evans
Thomas T. and Judith Evans
Kimberly Everding
Elaine Everett
Lynda Evers
Daniel Everson
Nicholas T.# and Christie Evola
Judith Ewalt
Stephen M. and Eileen R.# Ewen
Wade and Gloria J.# Ewing
Harold and Audrey V. Eynon
Lisa Ezeamii
Eliane Ezra
Deno Fabbre
Brad and Sally Fabbri
Sandra Faber
Rafael A. Fabian
Christopher Fabick
Denice Factor
Mary D. Factor
Jessica D. Fadem
Eugene H. and Barbara Faenger
Alicia Faerber
Amanda Faerber
Ronald R. and Dana B. Faerber
Elizabeth A. Fagan
Judith Fagan
Irvin and Ileane Fagin
Anthony Fahnestock
Cynthia Fahs
Jane E. Fairbanks
Ryan and Abigal Fairbanks
Anne Faist
Ann Falk
Joan B. Falk
Kathryn Falk
Staci Falk
Stuart E. and Dianne Falk
Thomas and Amy Falke
Bret D.# and Karla J. Falkner
Abigail Fallon
Betsy Fallstrom
Adeola M. Fanegan#
Shiyue Fang#
Daryl Fansler
Anthony J. Fantozzi#
Mary E. Faramarzi#
Moritz Farbstein
Dawn D. Faria#
Elizabeth Faries
Kendra Fark
Charles P. and Joanne F.# Farley
Tom O. Farley
Jared and Brittany Farmer
Joseph M. Farmer
Thomas L. Farmer
Tracee Farmer
Sarah Farnell
Gloria M. Farr
Melissa Farrar
John Farrell
Robert E. and Monica L.# Farrell
Stuart and Gertrude Farrell
William E. and Rhonda L. Farrell
Dione Farria
Jeffrey K.# and Erika Farris
Donna L. Farver
Deanna Fasnacht
Mary J. Fassel
Louis Fassi
David Fauble
Patrick J.# and Margaret A. Faul
Francis E.# and Susan L. Faulhaber
Laura Faulkingham
David and Shari Faulkner
Tammy L. Faulkner
Gina Faulstich
Barbara Faupel
Claude M. and Claire C. Fauquet
Gerard J.# and Susan K. Faust
J. Frederick and Jeanette Fausz
Don and Diane M. Favier
Rodney Favignano#
Steven M. and Jasmine J. Fazzari
Mary Feagan
Erika Feckova#
Joseph F. and Charlotte P. Feder
Steve and Darlene Feder
Carmen Federowich
Timothy Feely
Joanne Fehling
Harriet Fehlmann
Parmelee Fehnel
Noel T. and Carole A. Fehr
Patricia Feibig
Virginia L. Feilleux
Charles M. Feimer
Bernard and Linda Feinberg
Margaret A. Feinberg
Katelyn Feit
Walter C. and Kathleen A. Feld
Lee Felder
David C. Feldman
John C. Feldman and Patricia L. Feit
Marcus and Susan Feldman
John R. and Maureen M. Feldmeier
Megan T. Feldmeier#
Albert H. and Mary K. Feldt
Phillip V. and Pat Feldt
Roger Felix*
James R. and Joan M. Felling
Barbara Felt
Kathryn D. Feltenstein
Laura Feltes
Narold F. and Lynn E. Feltmann
Ellen Feltner
Elizabeth Felton
Sarah Felts
Edith Feman
Thomas E. and Sharon J. Fenner
Thelma Fennoy
Harvey and Jackie D. Fenster
David P. Fensterer
Jayne Fentem
Jonathan Feraro
Harvey Ferdman
Donald Ferguson
George D. and Christine D. Ferguson
Maxwell G. Ferguson
Nellie R. Ferguson#
Patricia Ferguson
Shirley K. Ferguson
Thomas M. Ferguson
Vicki S. Ferguson
Ellen Fern
Anjali Fernandes
Gail Fernandez
James Fernandez
Katherine Fernandez
Marty Fernandez
Maria Fernandez-Pol
Jeffrey W. and Veronica Fernhoff
Kelly J. Ferrara
James P. Ferrario
Scott Ferreira
Matthew L. Ferris
Sandra Ferris
Ann Fessenden
Joe Fetter
Harold A. and Helen R. Feuerhahn
Gary D. Feygelman#
Andrey P. Feygin#
Robert H. and Phyllis C.# Fichter
Marilyn Fichtner
Gerald Fick
Victoria Fick
William B. and Alison L.# Fick
Craig E.# and Christina M. Ficken
Zheeda Fidahussain
Claire Fidler
Janice M. Fiebiger
Robert Fiebiger
Linda S. Fiehler
Hilary L. Field
Ruth Field
Lacy Fields
Paul Fiess
John Filcoff
David M. and Dale A.# File
Ivan Filipi
Edward Filipine and Dorothy E. Filippine
Thomas E. and Susan Filla
JoAnn M. Filla-Taylor
Jessica L. Fillingham
John P. and Cheryl L. Fillion
Ann C. Filonow
Neil and Barbara Finbloom
Phillip and Janelle Finder
Katrina Fine
Richard O. and Dianna K.# Fine
Frederick S. Finferd#
Christine Finger
Norman B. and Shirley Finger
Stanley and Wendy Z. Finger
Beverly Fingerhood
Douglas A. and Lieschen A.# Fink
Earl and Joan Fink
Beverly J. Finke#
Eileen Finkel
Deborah Finkelstein
Edward M. Finkelstein and M. Rose# Jonas
Fran Finkelstein
Marvin Finkelstein and Karen T.# Olson
Lance H. Finland
Howard and Anita A. Finley
Maribel L. Finley
Michel J. and Carrie A. Finley
James J.# and Susan B. Finnegan
Jeff Finnegan
Michael T.# and Saundra Finneran
Lance M. Finney#
Anthony Fior
Glennon A.# and Pamela A.# Firns
Andrea V. Firrek
Anne M. Fischer
Carmen Fischer
Charles and Dorothy Fischer
David and Loretta Fischer
Donald R.# and Rebecca S. Fischer
George J. and Linda D. Fischer
James E. and Janice M. Fischer
Kenneth W. and Kathleen M. Fischer
Mary M. Fischer
Maureen M. Fischer
Rebecca B. Fischer
Rebecca Fischer
Richard B. Fischer#
Robert A. Fischer
David A. and Kathleen Q. Fischhoff
Jennifer L. Fish#
Mark A. and Nancy M. Fish
Daniel B. Fishback#
Norman A. and Grace J. Fishel
Albert A. Fisher and Joanne D. Brew
Brigham A. and Lucy R. Fisher
Carolyn C. Fisher
Charles H. Fisher
Charles L. Fisher
Charles and Lynda Fisher
Dale Fisher
Dianna J. Fisher#
Erin Fisher
Henry Fisher
Jennifer C. Fisher
Judy M. Fisher
Lenora Fisher
Mark E.# and Constance Fisher
Matthew D. Fisher#
Patrick D. and Joann M. Fisher
Michael L. and Janice V. Fishman
Norman and Naomi Fishman
Thomas D. and Deborah J. Fishwick
Maudelle E. Fite
Robert and Ann E.# Fitter
Patrick Fitzgearl
David W. and Marilyn W. Fitzgerald
Frances M. Fitzgerald
Gary B. Fitzgerald
John B. and Patricia L.# Fitzgerald
Leslie Fitzgerald
Nancy Fitzgerald
Nora Fitzgerald
Patricia E. Fitzgerald
Patricia Fitzgerald
Richard J. Fitzgerald
Sallyanne H. Fitzgerald#
Sarah F. Fitzgerald#
Daniel Fitzgibbon
James D. and Sara R. Fitzpatrick
Kevin Fitzpatrick
Joan Fitzsimmons
Rick Fitzsimmons
Peggy C. Flach
Brandilyn Flagg
Lelia L. Flagg
Elizabeth A. Flaherty
Joseph H. Flaherty
Michael and Anne Flahive
David W. Flanagan
Mike Flanagan
Paul Flanagan
Rhona Flanagan
Stephen J. Flanagan#
Drew E. Flanakin#
Michael Flandermeyer
Ruth L. Flanery#
Kelly L. Flanigan
Carol A. Flannery
Mary H. Flannery
Laura C. Flatau-Dankel
Adam and Elle Flath
Gregory C. and Sarah L.# Flatt
Daniel Flaum
Leslie L. Flautt
Kevin P. and Donna M.# Flavin
Michael M. and Shirley M. Flavin
Dan and Susan Flaxbart
Cathleen Fleck
Dave J. and Sandra J. Fleer
Kristina Flegel
Julian Fleischman
William G. Fleischman#
David L. and Carol J. Fleisher
Ethel Fleishman
Patricia L. Fleming
Marianne H. Flesch#
Ricka Fleschner
Christine F. Flesor
Barbara G. Fletcher
Christopher M.# and Lakesha S.# Fletcher
Melissa D. Fletcher#
Thomas J. and Jacquelyn L.# Fletcher
John P. and Paula A.# Flick
Steve Flick
Rick F. and Kim Flickinger
Robert E. and Deborah L. Flier
Frank Flinn and Alice F. Bloch
Jackie A. Flockhart
James K. Flood#
Margaret C. Flood
Alan Florendo
Araceli Flores
James J. Flores
John M. Flores#
Ricardo A. Flores
Sara M. Flores
Westelle A. Florez
Richard W.# Florman and Patricia J. Cannon
James A. and Barbara J.# Flowers
Marian D. Flowers
Robert W. and Kathleen A. Flowers
Michael D. and Erin Fluchel
Frank and Margaret Flucke
Susan A. Fluegel#
Allen M.# and Nora Fluent
Sallie Flum
Wendy Flusser
Daniel A. and Luisa M. Flynn
Joan Flynn
Ronald J. and Karen A.# Flynn
Teresa Flynn
Kevin Fober
Mary L. Foehner
Donna J. Foelsch#
Donald Foerst
James L. and Pat Fogle
Susanne Fogle
Harriet Foiles
Paul and Marcia Foldes
Timothy M. Foley
Todd J. Foley and Katharine M. Durso
William L. and Mary Foley
George Folickman
Kristin Folkl-Kaburakis
Joyce M. Follman
Kathryn Followell
John M. Folluo
Philip Folsom
Ronald E. Fondaw
Lindsay Fondow
Elizabeth Fonseca
Michele B. Fontaine
Walter M. Fontane
John E. and Nancy S. Forbes
Michael K. Forbis#
Andrew J. Ford
Judy Ford
Karen A. Ford
Mattie Ford
Richard F. Ford
Jonathan Fore
Herbert W. and Suzanne J. Forim
Andrew D.# and Brandy D. Forinash
Patricia J. Forister#
Kimberly A. Forkan
Jim Fornango
Brian K. and Marian G.# Forney
Judith A. Forney#
Eddie J. Forrest#
James F.# and Teresa Forrest
Kent L. and Jo-Ellen Forrest
Patricia G. Forrest
Sheryl A. Forrest#
Lois C. Forrestal
Patrick Forrestal
Michael and Becky F.# Forristal
Alpheus E. Forsman
Francis and Janet M. Forst
Lindsey Forsythe
Loreen Fort
George E.# and Katherine Fortier
Mickey Fortune Cox
Mary Foshage
Andrea L. Foster#
Brooke S. Foster
Dorothy L. Foster#
Effie J. Foster#
Erin R. Foster
James A. Foster
Mary M. Foster
Melanie Foster
Michael T. Foster and Carol Vegely Foster
Robert A. Foster
Pam Fosterling
Bill and Julia Foulk
Cheryl E. Fowler
Craig C. and Regina D.# Fowler
Allen M. Fox
Andrew Fox
Janet M. Fox#
Jedediah Fox
John R. Fox
Karen T. Fox
Mark Fox
Melinda K. Fox#
Nancy E. Fox
Rick C. Fox
Thomas J. Fox#
Ann Foy
Kevin Foy
Vanessa E. Fralick
Jay and Jackie Fram
George and Penny A.# Frame
Rose Framer
Mary Framsted
Marjorie Franc
Arthur R. and Gerry G. Francis
Brian J. and Lisa M. Francis
Grace L. Francis
Robert Francis
Barbara Franck
Donna L. Frandsen
Ronald J. Frandsen
Constance Franey
Joseph A. Frank
Lois Frank
Mark R. Frank#
Robert W. Frank
Roberta M. Frank
Eileen M. Franke
Tina N. Franke#
Benjamin and Lydia Franklin
Donald and Irene L.# Franklin
Nancy Franklin
Rachel M. Franklin
Sidney J. and Rosalie A.# Franklin
Steve Franklin
Tina L. Franklin
Jill Franks
Rachael Franssen
Cheryl M. Franz#
Aaron S.# and Ellen Franzel
Gerald A. and Bea Franzel
William L. and Eleanora S. Franzen
Kevin Frate
Alana Fravell
Jeanie M. Frazee#
Joe Frazier
Lawrence W. and Jane Frederick
Virginia Frederick
Joseph H. Fredericks#
John G. Frederiksen
Patricia S. Frederiksen
Brian C. and Tina L. Fredgren
John H. and Sheila N.# Fredrick
Michael J. Fredrick#
Robert B. Fredrickson
Paul N. and Janet E. Fredstrom
Barry K. and Ava E. Freedman
Richard Freedman and Ronda S.# Moss
Karen Freels
Carl A. and Janet S. Freeman
Frederick R. and Sue S.# Freeman
Kristie A. Freeman
Lori Freeman
Mary A. Freeman
Terrence L. Freeman#
William Freeman
Asher Freese
Rita Freese
Elizabeth Frei
Stephen Frei
Joseph G.# and Janet M. Freiberger
Norman W. and Mona# Freiberger
Eleanor Frein
Stephen G. Frein#
Charles L. and Nicole M.# Fremont
Dale A. French
Michael D. and Lisa M.# French
Dawn French-Bell
Emily A. Frenz#
Tiffany Frericks
Paul J. Frerker#
Lacey J. Frerking
Richard B. and Kristine L. Freschi
Terry and Mary Fretwell
Matthew Freund
Donald Frey
Joan M. Frey
Patricia Frey
Russell D. and Ann M.# Frey
Sandra A. Frey#
Adam C. and Elizabeth M. Frick
Carole Frick
Laura Frick
Marvin and Doris Fridley
Peter M. and Cynthia B. Friedenberg
Joan Friedla
Benjamin A. Friedman
Brooke Friedman
David P. and Paula J. Friedman
Jessica Friedman
Mark A. Friedman
Marla Friedman
Roger Friedman
Gordon J. and KC Friedrich
Stephanie Friedrich
William C. and Judith R. Friedrich
Joanie Friend
Ellen Fries
John W. and Marilyn L. Fries
Ted Frigillana
James P. Frisby
John E.# and Julie D.# Frisch
Ann Frisse
Dollie Fritsche
Melissa Fritz
Gail Fritzsche
James W. and Marecella Froehlich
Paula Froelich
Abigail Frohne
Rebecca Fromm-Ayoroa
Gary and Connie Frommelt
Christopher R. and Tasmyn S. Front
Gerald P. Frost
Robert E. and Elaine L. Frost
Sarah S. Frost
Tony L. and Kristin J.# Frost
Patricia Frueh
William G. Fruhwirth
John A. and Carol Fruit
Daniel D. Fry
Richard J. and Barbara A. Fry
Sujala Fry
Virginia Fry
Steve F. and Ellen C. Frye
Robert A. and Judith A. Fucetola
Darlene K. Fuchs#
Allison Fuegos
Craig Fuehne
Barbara Fuessel
Rudy G. and Linda C.# Fuglaar
Phillip L. and Barbara R.# Fuglsang
Donna Fuhrman
Elizabeth A. Fuhro#
Ryan P. Fujiwara
Jeffrey Fulford
Thomas G. and Megan Fuller
Thomas H. and Marilyn S. Fuller
James W. Fullinwider
Robert W. and Kathryn A. Fulstone
Sandra S. Fulte
Cindy K. Fulton
Michael K. Fulton
Nancy Fulton
Stephen and Chris Fulton
Mary Funge
Allison Funk
Gerald J.# and Diane Funk
Jean A. Funk
Mary Funke
Ted Funkhouser
Jonathan S.# and Angela Fuqua
Susan E. Furdek
Allen L. Furfine
Jerry E.# and Carol L. Furlow
Savannah B. Furman#
Ryan Furtado and Katherine Hubinger-Furtado
Ken Furuya#
George Fuson and Christine E. Smith
Carol Fuss
Francie M. Futterman
Sandra K. Fymbo
David M. G'Sell and Janice L.# Brown
John S. and Mary L. Gaal
Karen K. Gabbert
Steven W. and Lisa S.# Gabel
Pattie Gabriel
Shanara Gabriella
Tim and Rebecca Gabris
Erica Gaca
Allan D. and Sharon J.# Gacki
Patricia Gadd
Ameer Gado
Mokhtar Gado
Donell J. and Darlene Gaertner
Gary M. and Julie S. Gaertner
Karen E. Gaertner#
Rachel Gaertner
Randall G.# and Patricia S.# Gaertner
Rosemary M. Gaertner
Mary V. Gaffey
Richard Gaffney
Sally A. Gagan
Linda J. Gagen#
Mary L. Gagnon
James Gahan
Matthew S. and Rachel L.# Gahr
Catherine Gain
Judith A. Gainer#
Timothy P. and Carrie S.# Gaines
Vernon Gainis
Philip J. and Ellen M. Gaitens
Theresa D. Galakatos#
Patricia Galanos
Claudia Galaske
John M. Galati#
Donald P. and Jane A. Galbierz
Lori R. Galkowski
Jason R. Gall
Judith Gall
Michael Gall
Larry E. and Kathryn K. Gallagher
Timothy J. and Kathy A. Gallagher
Virginia R. Gallaher
Albert Gallardo
Monica Gallas
James W. and Suzanne M. Gallatin
Alfonso C. and Elizabeth A. Gallegos
Juan Gallegos
Kevin P. and Anna M. Gallen
Louis Galli
Donald and Amy C.# Gallo
Caleb C. and Whitney F. Galloway
John C. Galloway
Joseph Galloway
Louis J. Galloway
Ricky Gallup
Kathryn S. Gallyoun#
Alberto Galofre
James Galvin
Nancy J. Galvin
Esther S. Galvis
John E. and Mary J. Gamache
Ann Gamlin
Dorothy Ganey
Anup Gangopadhyay
Daniel R. Ganter and Alexandra# Pelekanou-Gantner
Eugene Ganz
Leticia Garcia Reyna#
Danny H.# Garcia and Julia Macias
Janiene Garcia
Jordan M. Garcia
Patricia Garcia
Scott Garcia
Cletus and Betty Garde
Daryl Gardiner
Robert L. and Gena M. Gardiner
Crockett Gardner
Jo Gardner
Scott Gardner
Steven E. Gardner
Julie Garesche
Gloria Garidel
Gladys Garilus#
Carleton L. Garland
Patrick Garland
Spencer and Betsy Garland
Sella Garlich
Jerry W.# and Carol S. Garner
Jocelyn L. Garner
John R. Garner
Stephen M. and Susan J.# Garnett
Russell and Barbara Garney
Dorothy J. Garofalo#
Marianne Garr
Carole Garrett
Kelly A. and Elizabeth A. Garrett
Mary F. Garrett
Sharon Garrett
Stacy Garrett
Ann M. Garrido
Tony and Susan Garritano
Paul W. and Diane Garritson
William W. and Vanessa B.# Garry
Jonathan Garside
Michael C. Garvey
Joseph R. Gary
Carmela E. Garza
Christopher Gaskin
Georgeanne Gass
Thomas Gassner
Gregory L. and Jenny L. Gastler
Aida Gata
Shaunte L. Gates#
Mark C. and Linda M. Gatson
Richard A. and Patricia A.# Gatz
Rebecca Gaudreau
Jane Gausch
Richard Gavatin
James Gavel
Jan Gavilanes
Emily Gavin
Stafford P. and Stephanie L.# Gavin
Vicky Gavrias
Ronald W. Gawedzinski
Jessica Geahlen
Teri Geahlen
Mary J. Geary
Dale Gebhardt
Rachel Gebhardt
Wendy Geckeler
Ben and Heidi Geers
Jake and Kara Gehret
Deborah Gehrin
James Gehringer
Charidee S. Geier
Faith E. Geiger
Stephen W. Geiger#
Walter Geil
Deborah Geiser
Laura A. Geiser
Cynthia Geiss
Mel and Paula Geiss
Dale M. and Julia M. Geissler
Kathleen J. Geist
Larry L. and Patricia L. Geldbach
Roy Gelder
Louise Geller
Stanley H. and Sarah Gellman
Pamela R. Gempel
James P. and Karen K. Gender
James R. and Virginia Gender
Pat Gender and Cleta R. Pouppart
Susan M. Genie
Helen C. Gennari
Rolla J. Geno
Shi Gensheng
Charles F. and Katherine K. Genthe
Janet C. Gentilini
Richard H. Gentry
Edward Gentzler
Ben Geolat
Amy George
Carol A. George#
David R. and Geraldine George
Philip G. George and Margaret W. Williams
Dennis# and Vickie Georgen
Patrick B. Georgen
Pamela Geppert
Timothy H.# and Catherine E. Geraghty
Giulio E. Gerardo
Alan Gerber
Geoffrey Gerber
Charles W.# Gerding and Sarah Remington
Steven C. and Janet R.# Gerding
Jeff and Erin Gerhardt
Marc and Kimberly Gerik
Steve Gerker
Renate Gerloff#
David Germain
Ruth Geronsin
Jerome H.# and Hedy J. Gershman
Alan G. and Jacqueline M. Gerson
Alan M. Gerstein and Ilene G. Wittels
Walter W. and Betty L. Gerth
Amanda Gerwig
Roscoe L. and Carol J. Geschwend
Antonina Gesmundo
Patricia A. Gettemeier#
Robert F. Gettemeier#
Gregory C. Gettle
Jennifer Getz
Rosemarie Getz
Yohannes Ghidey
Dominic Gianino
Joseph Gianino
Claudia Gianni
Nerina Giannotti
Michael Gibbons
Timothy D. Gibbons
Vincent P. Gibbons
Ron Gibbs
Winifred A. Gibbs
Suzanne Giblin
David Gibson
Kevin J. Gibson
Lashone Gibson
Linda L. Gibson
Megan K. Gibson
Patrick and Jane C. Gibson
Wallace Gibson
Shirley F. Giebel#
Robert J. and Margaret E. Giedeman
Stephen Giegerich
Joseph Gier
Thomas M. Gierse#
Ann Giese
Andrew R. Gieselman and Wendy A. Walsh
Linda Giesen
Steven P. and Donna P. Gietschier
Patrick J. Giffard and Mary A. Griffard
Kim Gifford
Jana Giger
Susan Giger
Neal J. and Merlene L.# Gilb
David D. and Karen A.# Gilbert
Dennis M. Gilbert
Glenn D. and Shirley M. Gilbert
John A. and Jeanette A.# Gilbert
Katherine Gilbert
Lisa K. Gilbert
Richard A. Gilbert and Jennifer Berends
Robert Gilbert and Leah Harmon
Ruth E. Gilbert
Ruth L. Gilbert#
Wade Gilbert
Judy K. Gilbertson
Larry Gilbertson
Keith Gilbreath
Melvin Gilchrist
Christine Gildehaus
Jennifer R. Gildehaus#
Regina Gile-Maves
Lisa M. Giljum-Jansky
Allen D. Gill
Christopher D. and Barbara A. Gill
Barb Gillam
Barry and Ranny Giller
Angela L. Gillespie
Jon Gillespie
Michael J. and Jane L. Gillespie
Allisyn-Marie T. Gillet
Mary P. Gillette
Eric E. Gilley#
Frank Gilliam
Scott and Tracy Gillilan
John R. and Barbara Gillingham
Rise R. Gilliom
Carolyn I. Gilman
Richard V. and Millie Gilpin
Thomas A. and Francis Gilsinn
Rebecca Gilson
Peter S. and Carol C. Gilster
Frances Gimber
Lynn Ginalick
David Gindelberger
Tawana Y. Ginger#
Joseph W. and Nancy L. Ginnever
Nicole Ginsberg
Jody Giordano
Carol Gipe
Susan L. Giraudo
Mary A. Girshner
Jules R. and Michele S. Gitlin
Jared Giuffre
Jeanette M. Givens#
Paul F. Givens
Donald and Kathleen D.# Gjesfjeld
James Gladden
Ryan Gladstone
Lee Glaser
Leonard E. and Roslyn S. Glaser
Rosalie Glaser#
William Glaser
Judith A. Glasscock
Melissa Glauber
Diane Glaus
Harvey S. and Dale S. Glazer
Bruce and Laurie Glazier
Howard and Rosella Gleason
Christine R. Glenn#
Damien E. Glenn
Ian Glenn
Marye J. Gleva
Kathleen J. Glick
Elsie B. Glickert
Lynne Glickert#
John and Georgia Glidden
Joseph W. and Judith S. Glik
Daniel Glossenger
Debra I. Glover#
Theodore J. Glowczwski
Alexandra V. Glynias
John Gnaedinger
Brian D.# and Christine V. Gnandt
Marina Go
Rakesh Godara
Carol Godat
Susan Goddard
Michael M. and Kim F. Godsy
Paul W. and Shirley Godt
Barbara G. Godwin
Barbara A. Goeben
Elizabeth Goebl
Brook R. Goeckner
Barbara Goedde
Joseph Goedde
Katherine Goedeker
Jane Goeke
Robert J. Goeke#
Jimmie Goelitz
Helen E. Goertz
Patrick H. Goertzen
Chris Goetsch
Roger A.# and Bette J.# Goette
Edward J. and Denise J. Goetz
Helen Goff
Ronald E.# and Shirley L. Goff
Tracie Goffe
John H. Goffstein and Ina L. Sachar
Kenneth D. Goins#
Thomas J. and Karen D. Golab
Ron and Dorit Golan
Terry and Susan A. Gold
Andy and Mary E. Goldberg
Glenn D.# and Nancy J. Goldberg
Samuel A. and Gloria R. Goldblatt
Mark R. and Gina L. Golde
Dennis C. and Monica A. Golden
Joseph K. and Zeena F.# Goldenberg
Marvin W. and Tamadean T. Goldenhersh
Lawrence G. and Deborah D.# Goldfarb
Marc and Holiday Goldfarb
Alberto and Berta Goldgaber
Mary E. Goldkamp#
Neil Goldkamp
Lawrence M.# and Natalie S. Goldman
Lester H. and Judith S. Goldman
Lillian Goldman
Richard C. and Sherri Goldman
Alexander S. Goldsand#
Katy Goldschmidt
Alexander Goldshmidt
Guenter and Antoinette Goldsmith
Brian K. Goldstein
Carole S. Goldstein
Joann Goldstein
Julius Goldstein and Batya A. Abramson-Goldstein
Paul D. and Nikki# Goldstein
William Goldstein
Robert C. and Cathy S. Goldsticker
Sam Golembieski
Naty Golubski
Steven L. Gomez#
Daniel J. Gonzales#
Edward Gonzales
Robert M. Gonzales#
Alexander Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez
Robert Gonzalez
Sabrina Gonzalez
Ellen Gooch
Keith E. and Katherine E. Gooch
Cheryl M. Goodall-Lorusso
Kelly Goode
Lynn Goode
Peter# and Peggy A. Goodew
Warren M. and Joan E. Gooding
Danielle Goodman
Earl and Gloria Goodman
Ilene Goodman
Janet Goodman
Jerome and Jane Goodman
John P. and Lois H. Goodman
Joseph Goodman
Kristen A. Goodman#
Howard B. and Darlene B. Goodrich
Michael S. Goodrow
Jean S. and Joan B. Goodson
Robert Goodson
Robert C. Goodspeed
Steven L.# and Diane A. Goodwin
Frankie Goolsby#
Raj and Venu Gopal
Keelara and Chaya Gopalan
Mark and Betty Goran
Ellen Gordon Roberts
Brian G. and Patricia C. Gordon
Jacqueline A. Gordon
James M. and Janet M.# Gordon
Joshua Gordon
Patricia Gordon
Robert J. and Christine A. Gordon
M. Susan Gore
Patricia A. Gore
Susan E. Gore
William Goree
Ronald L. and Nancy T. Gorgen
Steven B. and Judith M.# Gorin
Stephen A. Gorline
Brett and Deborah Gorman
Carole Gorman
Elizabeth Gorman
Gary L.# and Norma Gorman
Elaine R. Gorrell
Timothy and Elizabeth Gorry
Tom and Elsie Gorski
Rowland Gosling
Holly Gossman
Ingrid C. Gottschalk
Walter L.# and Annette M. Gottschall
Susan G. Gouaux#
Daniel A. Goughenour
Gene T. and Gillen M. Goughenour
Kristine A. Gould
Richard D. and Susan M. Gould
Robert S. and Sharon Goulding
Jason Gourley
Victor E. and Barbara A.# Govro
Barton and Elayne J. Goz
John M. and Diane L. Gozdzialski
Caelin Graber
Richard H. Grace
Richard H. and Ann Grace
Timothy B.# and Jo Ellen Grace
Virginia Grace
James J.# and Mary C. Graczyk
Ralph and Debra L.# Grady
Kenneth H. and Marsha E. Graeber
Mitzie E. Graeler#
Jesse F. Graftenreed
Carol Graham
Geary A. Graham
Hugh Graham
Ian R. and Catherine M. Graham
Jerry G. and Doris A.# Graham
Paul W. Graham
Shirley G. Graham#
Joseph Gramlich
Gilbert M. and Judith R. Grand
Esther Grand-Jean
Linda L. Grandberry
Duane P. Grandgenett
James P. Grandstaff#
Peter J. and Ann R.# Grandstaff
Cynthia L. Grange
Ben and Laura K. Granger
Peter C. Granneman#
Howard Granok
Christopher N. and Georgiana L. Grant
Elizabeth A. Grant
Elizabeth Grant
Jennifer Grant
Tanja Graovac#
Victor N. and Janine G.# Grasaglio
Anna S. Graseck
Neil Graser
John and Shannon Grass
Adam Grate
Stephanie A. Grateke
Julia Graumenz
Justin Grave
Paul A. and Suzanne W.# Graven
Daniel L. and Carol J. Gravens
Arthur E. Graves#
Herbert C. and Marie A. Graves
John R. and Janie Graves
Susan C. Graves
Connie Gray
Crystal Gray
Dana R. Gray
Dean and Jean Gray
Deborah Gray
George Gray
John W. and Alice A.# Gray
Kathleen M. Gray
Madelyn Gray
Patricia L. Gray
Paul Gray and Stephanie Liva
Richard W. Gray#
Roger C. and Patricia J. Gray
Victoria Gray
Walter L.# and Sandra N.# Gray
Rosanna Gray-Swain
Leonard D. and Rosalin B. Grayson
Harriet B. Grazman#
Ted and Marsha Grazman
Betty Grbcich
Kathryn Grealis
Carol A. Green#
David and Barbara J. Green
Ellen G. Green
Ellen G. Green#
Frances Green
Jay A. Green
Lonnie Green#
Maurice and Marilyn Green
Patrick B. and Angela L.# Green
Robert C. Green
Sara C. Green
Theodore D. and Mary F. Green
Thomas S. Green#
Timothy C. Green#
Amy Greenberg
Barry J. and Ellen R. Greenberg
Carl I. and Denise B. Greenberg
Robert G. and Maureen Greenberg
Robert Greenberg
Stanley A. and Susan Greenberg
Charles R. and Elsa H. Greenblatt
Clinton A. Greene and Virginia# Frantz
Mary A. Greene
Karen Greening
Marilyn Greenlee
Harvey Greenstein and Esther B. Lyss-Greenstein
Todd and Ann Greenstein
Allen# and Mary S. Greenwalt
Joy Greenwell
Gayle Greenwood
James S. Greenwood
Bruce B. Greer
Donald R. and Dixie L.# Greer
Erin L. Greer
Sherry Greer
Agnes Gregg#
Janet Gregg
Ryan E. and Andrea Gregg
Amy K. Gregory
Harold and Suzanne Gregory
John M. and Diane F. Gregory
Mark H. and Patricia J.# Gregory
John Greider
June Greig
Jeffrey R.# and Tina M.# Greiner
Pamela Greiner-Moulton
A. Robert Greitens
Janet R. Greiwe
Stephen J.# and Lily V.# Grelle
Vincent H. and Debra S.# Grelle
Lauren Grellner
Susan L. Gremaud#
Michael and Vicki Greminger
William R. and Audrey T. Gresham
Chad Greskiwcz
Harold G.# and Deborah Grice
Maxim and Annie L. Gricevich
Sarah H. Griesbach
Barbara Griesbaum
Sarah Griesedieck
David S.# and Patricia C. Griesemer
Marilyn Grieshaber
Ginger L. Griffin#
Jay and Jane Griffin
Judy W. Griffin
Marshall D. and Dora J.# Griffin
Sandra Griffin
William and Lynne Griffin
Charlotte L. Griffith
David and Mary Griggs
Leonard L. and Denise T. Griggs
Pascal and Susan G.# Grimaud
Frank H. Grimes
Tammara V. Grimes#
Robert and Susan Grimm
Paul K. and Catherine J.# Griner
Raymond Grinter
Stephanie M. Grise
Christopher A. Grisham
Angela M. Grispon
William J. Grivna
Bryan Grob
Steve J. Groceman
Mary Grodie
Paul and Sally Groenier
Robert Groer
Kristin Groetsch
James Grogan
Leigh E. Grogan#
Dolores Grollman
Richard W.# and Carole I. Grommet
Bernadette Gronborg
David A.# and Lynne M.# Gronefeld
Joshua Gronemeyer
Edward and Susan Grooms
Barbara Gross
Carol J. Gross
Larry and Angelynn K. Gross
Mary Gross
Michael L. Gross
Nicholas J. and Cheryl A. Gross
Richard J. Gross#
Robert A. Gross
Sheilah Gross
William Gross
Linda K. Grossglauser#
Aubrey J. Grossman
Janice R. Grossman
Jim M. and Jane L. Grossman
Joan Grossmann
Kara Grossmann
Jack# and Sarah Grosswasser
Peggy L. Grote#
Nancy J. Groth#
Charlotte Grothman
Margaret C. Grotpeter#
Timothy M.# Grotrian and Barbara A. Grotrain
Philip Grout
John Groves
Joyce A. Grubb#
Meghan Grubb
Bernard A. and Helen G. Gruber
Ioana Gruchevska#
Gladys Gruenberg
Daniel C. Gruender#
Daniel J.# and Mary P. Grumich
James F.# and Maureen F. Grumich
Clark E. and Janice E.# Grumke
Clay Grumke
Matthew D. Grummer#
Christine D. Grunbaum
Debra Grund
Gordon Grundmann
Edith L. Grunwald
Michael J.# and Deborah E. Grupe
Wayne D. Grusling
William and Kristine Gruver
Mark Grygier and Jilliann Law
Marie K. Grzesiowski
Matthew J.# Grzesiowski and Sheri J. Grzeslowski
Keqin Gu
Laura Gualdoni
Mark J.# and Lisa B. Gubernik
Marcia Z. Guckes
Gregory J.# and Robyn T.# Gude
Julia Gude
Jennifer Gudeman
Karl Guenther
Susan Guerra
Scott Guerrero
John C. Guhman
Xiaoying Gui
John Guiheen
Kristin Guilliams
Michael D.# and Elisabeth# Guimbarda
Trudy Guinther
Jeff Gulans
David M. and Sally H. Gulick
Andrew P. Gulotta
Robert Gulovsen
Patricia Gumport
Patricia W. Gunby
Dave Gund
Vernon and Betty Gundermann
Mary C. Gunelson
Dennis S. and Anne M. Gunn
Kenneth W. Gunn#
Priscilla F. Gunn#
Baorong Guo
Richa Gupta#
Stephanie Gurley-Thomas
Kamal Gursahani
Megan Guse
Steven M. Gust#
Margaret D. Gustafson
Mark R.# and Madeline B. Gustafson
Robert B. and Julie Gustafson
Susan M. Gustafson#
Edwin F. and Paula V. Guth
Vicki L. Guth#
Calvin L. Guthrie
Chris M. Guthrie#
Robert Guthrie
Angelito Gutierrez
Melody Gutierrez
Timothy L. and Heather W. Gutknecht
Joseph R. and Sharon Gutowski
Oscar W. and Patricia A.# Guyton
Megan E. Gwyn
William Gwyn
Emmy E. Gyaki and Jane K. Yu
Susan B. Gyorog#
Paul A. and Mary E. Gyurkikiss
Fred and Lorraine K. Haake
Ralph W. and Carol A.# Haake
Ronald E. and Shirley K. Haake
Robert T. and Cathleen S. Haar
Connie Haas
Evan Haas and Olga M. Conchos
John Haas and Brenda Switzer
Kenneth W. Haas
William C. Haas
Dorothy C. Haase
Kathleen Habermehl
Ina Hachman
Samuel M.# Hack and Marilyn Albert-Hack
Donald A. and Mary L. Hacker
Steven T.# and Stacey Hacker
Mary M. Hackett#
John J. Hackler
Lorraine Hackman#
Frank H. and Helen S. Hackmann
Thomas W. Hackworth
Dorothy V. Haddock
Paul M. Hadfield
Dario# and Dijana# Hadziselimovic
Eugene A. Haessig
Margaret A. Hagaman
Casee Hagan
John Hagan and Deborah M.# Bixler
Joseph R. and Barbara M. Hagan
Cassandra P. Hage
Ian and Andrea Hagemann
Thomas M. and Linda Hagemann
Byron D. and Jean A. Hagen
Carol Hagen
Patricia Hagen
Sydney A. Hagen
Brian R. Hagin
Dewaine D. Hahn#
Mark A.# and Vann A. Hahn
Martin Hahn and Joy Marcus
Paul S. and Rosemary Hahn
Issam Haidar
Amin and Maria K.# Haider
Daniel L. Haile
Meghan Haines
Norman Haines
Joe Hainline
Lillian D. Hainz#
Sandra S. Hakanson
Ashfaq Hakim
William J.# and Joan Halaz
Linda L. Halbe#
William L.# and Kathryn M. Halbrook
Dennis M. and Julie B. Hale
Josh Hale
Michael E. Hale
Michael P. and Helen A.# Hale
Sandra S. Hale
Stephen F. and Sara Hale
Tanika M. Hale#
James G.# and Patricia A. Halfmann
Laura Halfmann
Warren D. Hall Jr.
Alice E. Hall
Brian Hall
Charles W. and Rosemary S.# Hall
Gregory W. and Kathryn M. Hall
Jon Hall
Julian C. and Elsie A. Hall
Lucy Hall
Molly Hall
Monica Hall
Rose M. Hall
Thelma J. Hall#
Tracy Hall
Wade H. and Rebecca R. Hall
Peggy L. Hallenberg#
Albert and Karen Haller
Jim J. and Jane Z. Haller
Kenneth A. and Jeanette W. Haller
Abigail M. Halley
Joseph E. Halley
Michael L. Halliburton
William K. and Joan Halliburton
Richard and Debra Halpern
Donald J. and Alicia D. Halpin
Gary P. Halsall
David A. and Michelle L. Halsey
Mark E. Halsey and Janis# Myers-Halsey
Donald F. and Paula M. Haltenhof
Jody A. Halton
Daniel Halwe
Paul D. Halwe
Gregg J. Hamann
Eileen Hamburg
Ted Hamburg
Linda Hamby#
Salah# and Buthenn Hamdah
Siedique Hameed
Tim Hamer
Khaled M. Hamid and Lamice R. Elkholy
Arthur Hamilton and Denice D. Beckett-Hamilton
Blake S. Hamilton
Christopher M. Hamilton
Dennis and Dorothy Hamilton
Frances Hamilton
Gary and Carol Hamilton
Jean C. Hamilton
Lisa Hamilton
Robert A. Hamilton
Timothy K. and Grace W. Hamilton
Christopher Hamlin
Phoebe A. Hamlin
Ann Hammann
Kenneth K. and Karen E. Hammann
Albert M. and Julia A. Hammerman
Claude R. and Irene E. Hammond
Elise K. Hammond
Jane Hammond
Peter and Jovanka Hammond
Todd Hammond
Assad Hammoud
Raymond Hampe
Bruce C. and Mary B. Hamper
Jennifer A. Hampsten
Bryan L. and Charlotte A.# Hampton
Dale and Sonja B.# Hampton
Jill Hampton
Tanaga N. Hampton#
William S. and Lois C. Hamrick
Gary H.# and Jamie S.# Hanak
Barbara J. Hancock
Darin L.# and Jennifer Hancock
John and Antoinette Hancock
Randolph B. and Jane G. Hancock
Peter H. Handel
Gary L. Handelman
Robert Handkins
Debra Handley
David Handloss-Stern
Lesli Handmacher
Cynthia Handy
Sandra Hanebrink
Wayne and Annaliesa Hanebrink
Michael Hanei
Sara Hanes
Bradley E. Hanewinkel#
Mariana O. Hanifan
Douglas Hanify
James E.# and Barbara E. Hankemeyer
Anna Hankins
Jason M. Hankins
Elizabeth Hankinson
Shelly M. Hanko
James R. and Jayne I. Hanlin
Patrick T. Hanlon#
Catherine Hanna
Deborah Hannah
Mark P.# and Pamela E.# Hannappel
Joy Hannel
Midori Hano
Robert and Charlotte G. Hanpeter
Joanne Hanrahan
Amit Hans#
Nicole Hanselman
Andrew Hansen
Holley E. Hansen
Jon-Erik Hansen
Ted Hansen and Janet Connolly
William L. Hansen
David Hanser
Anne Hanson
Janet R. Hanson
John J. and Vicki S.# Hanson
Keaton K. Hanson
Robert L. and Beverly J. Hanson
Ruth Hanson
Paula J. Hanssen
Raymond C. and Michelle K. Hapak
Michael A. and Lynda M. Happel
Ann Harbert
Myrna Harbison
Lisa Hardebeck
William J.# and Catherine M.# Hardebeck
Steve and Ellen Harden
John W. and Marilyn J. Hardie
Janiece A. Hardieway#
Alison E. Hardin
Larry D.# and Linda M.# Hardin
Kathleen H. Hardin-Odle
Barbara A. Harding
Jack and Barbara Harding
Judy Hardt
Charles A. and Josefina P. Hardy
Kenneth B. and Mary T.# Hardy
Mark and Dorothy J. Hardy
Marvin M. Hardy#
Thomas R. and Elizabeth M. Hare
Steve E. Haring#
Paula S. Harlamert
David W. and Anna D. Harlan
John C. and Patricia H. Harlan
Gary K. Harmon
Robert L. and Carolyn Harmon
Joe and Ellen Harms
Jonathan B. Harms
Lawrence Harms
Sharon L. Harms
Norma Harnack
Joseph Harnar
Samuel F.# and Meaghan K. Harned
Courtney M. Harness
Cynthia Harpel
Aaron M. Harper
David B. Harper and Denise M.# Little
David D. Harper
James D. and Susan J. Harper
Melinda S. Harper
Andrea R. Harpring#
Christopher Harrell
Harry Harrell
Tedd L. and Joyce C. Harrell
Hugh and Doris Harrington
Larry D.# and Patsy G. Harrington
Marilyn L. Harrington
Carolyn Harris
Darrel A.# Harris and Fukuyo Sato
Earlene Harris
Edwin C.# and Katherine L. Harris
Edwin S. and Deborah R. Harris
Elizabeth L. Harris
Jacquelyn Harris
James Harris
James R. and Lorraine Harris
Jason I. Harris#
Jeanne M. Harris
Jeffrey L. Harris
Kelley K. Harris#
Larry K. and Margaret G. Harris
Laura Harris
Lawrence Harris
Marc T. Harris#
Molly K. Harris
Patricia N. Harris#
Scott R. and Michelle M. Harris
Steven G. Harris
Susan C. Harris
Tobin J. and L. Cameron# Harris
Clarence W. and Carol A. Harrison
Davina R. Harrison
Elizabeth T. Harrison
Florita M. Harrison
Patricia E. Harrison
Ray D. Harrison
Richard S. Harrison#
Robert M. and Sally S. Harrison
Susan Harrison
Jennifer A. Harrman
Bradley Hart
Christine F. Hart#
Misha R. Hart
Tearene Hart
Theodora Hart
Theresa Harter
Ashley R. Hartfield
Susan A. Hartig
Chris Hartley
Peggy Hartley
Virginia Hartley
Bodil Hartman
John R. Hartman
Kenneth L. and Teresa A. Hartman
Valerie L. Hartman
Barbara A. Hartmann
Bodil Hartmann
Tracey Hartshorn
David Hartstein
Mary Hartung
Eleanor Hartwell
Linda M. Harty#
Ellen V. Hartz
Kathryn Hartz
Joan T. Hartzell
Jennifer Harutunian
Timothy G. and Cary S. Harvengt
Bill and Loyola E. Harvey
David A. Harvey
George W. and Janet A.# Harvey
Gwendolyn D. Harvey
Janet K. Harvey
Raymond M. Harvey#
Douglas J. Harwood
Hiroko Hasegawa
Larry E. Hasenberg
Jill A. Hass
William and Dorothy Hassall
Walter T. and Lynne K. Hassard
David F. and Paulette J. Hassell
Sarah M. Hassing
Raymond Hassler
Carol Hasson
Mark A. and Christine L. Hasty
Ann Hatch
Anthony B. Hatch
Abby M. Hathaway#
Kelley Hatlee
John M. and Mary Ann Hatlelid
Melissa Hattman#
Warren R. Hauff
Mary A. Haukap
Margaret H. Haun
Erin L. Haupt#
Keith M. and Carolyn A. Haus
Richard C. Hause
Steven C. Hause and Kathryn A.# Walterscheid
Deborah Hauser#
Julie Hauser
Leif N. and Amy C. Hauser
Sam Hausfather
Mark C. Havard
Megan Havard
Daniel F. and Mazilu M. Havens
David and Barbara Havens
John A. Havens
Martin E. Havey#
Carla Havlin
Julie Havlin
Catherine Hawkins
Darlene Hawkins
Franklin D. and Dorothy M. Hawkins
William and Martha Hawn
Susan L. Hawxhurst
Robert and Susan Hayashi
Thomas Hayde
Virginia W. Hayden
Peggy C. Haydon
William K. and Diana K. Haydon
Catherine Hayek
David R.# and Alicia Hayek
Chris Hayen
Brian C. Hayes#
Daniel J. Hayes
Kimberly A. Hayes
Larry E. and Judith Hayes
Lynn Hayes
Mark T. and Adele Hayes
Perry L. and Deborah A.# Hayes
Richard D. Hayes
Robert J. Hayes
Roger and Lonnie Hayes
Thomas M.# and Lisa C. Hayes
Virginia Hayes
Jessie J. and Deborah L.# Hayman
Bryan and Petra Haynes
James M. and Sandra K. Haynes
Martini L. Haynes#
Donald Hays
Heather J. Hays
Paul G. Hayter#
Donald F. and Helen Haywood
George Hazelrigg
Morgan Hazelton
Patrick J. Hazzard#
Ping He#
Xin He
Yanyu and Ying# He
Charles and Deborah D.# Head
Judy Headley
Nick Heady#
Fredric J. and Kathleen B. Heagney
Richard G. Healey
Robert M. and Mary F. Heaney
Therese Heaney
Nancy K. Heard
James G. Hearne
Michael A. Hearold
Karen Heath
Tracy A. Heaton#
Kristin Hebberd
Ryan T. and Lauren M. Hebel
Steven K. and Carol S.# Hebel
Robert C. and Mary C.# Heberle
John A. and Monica L.# Hebert
Jesse Hebisen
Theresa A. Hebron
Dennis Heck
William R.# and Mary E.# Heckel
Edward N. Hecker#
Irene Heckman
James L. Heckman#
Thomas M.# and Joyce E. Heddy
David M.# and Jody Hedge
JoAnn Hediger
Joseph Heehan
Bernard F. Heelan
Megan Heeney
John C. Heffner
Carrie L. Hegdahl
Christina Hegedus
John B. and Kathryn A. Hegeman
John C.# and Victoria Heger
Robert J. and Mary Etta Heggie
Gary and Luanne Heggs
Alicia R. Hegwood#
Judith A. Hehl
Edward Heidbrier and Patricia M. Wamser
Jenna Heidel
Eileen Heidenheimer
Cindy W. Heidenry
Rudolph Heider
Mark A. and Marilisa# Heiderscheid
Lynn Heidinger-Brown
Mary E. Heidlebaugh#
Diane Heigel
Angelina S. Heil
Alex Heil-Chapdelaine
Joyce Heiman
Chester B. and Marilyn R. Hein
Richard T.# and Ellen M. Hein
William G. Hein and Kelly M.# Lewis-Hein
Beth A. Heine
David W.# and Pamela J. Heine
James H. and Rose M. Heine
Jeff Heine
Tiffany Heineman
Linda Heinicke
Edward E. and Mary B. Heininger
James N. and Joan M. Heins
John Heintz
Rita M. Heinze
Barbara Heinzen
Charles D. and Neita Heinzman
Rosemary C. Heitmann
C. W. and Leona Heitsch
Edward J. and Lucy M. Hejlek
Shirley Helber
Michael A.# and Tia Helberg
Michael Helbert
Ruth Helbig
Audrey Helbling
June B. Helbling
Donald and Anita M. Held
Luke Held
William R. and Dorothy M. Heldmann
Mark A. and Maureen Helfers
Sheldon Helfman and Jane O. Wayne
David Helfrey
Rita Helfrich
Caitrine L. Hellenga
Jack L. and Annette P. Heller
Julie Heller
Derek and Carol Helling
Theodore and Laurie Hellmuth
Paul H. Hellrich
Robert J.# Hellrung and Cheryl Leeds
Anita Hellstrom
Carlando B. Helm#
Frank and Maureen Helmer
Jack and Elizabeth Helmkamp
Gregory Helton
Ranger D. Hemenway
David C. Hemingway
Mary Hemme
Robert Hemmerla
Rich and Tracy Hemmingway
Joel R. and Marcia R. Hempel
Michael D. Hempelmann#
Gregory L. and Joan M. Hempen
Leonard H.# and Virginia A. Hempen
Heather Hendershott
Deborah J. Henderson
George A. Henderson
George D. Henderson
Harry Henderson
J. Gibson and Fay T. Henderson
Jamie and Sharon K. Henderson
Jenafer A. Henderson
Joyce Henderson
Keith D. and Margaret Henderson
Scott G. Henderson
Stephanie Henderson
Terry L. and Elaine# Henderson
Aaron and Lillian K. Hendin
Paul Hendley
Ellen L. Hendricks
Amanda Hendrickson
Ruth S. Hendrickson
William L. and Ruth S. Hendrickson
Kathryn B. Hendrix
Helen Hendry
John C. and Patricia F. Heneghan
Judith E. Henke
Katie Henke
Kristen L. Henke
Arthur G. and Sylvia G. Henken
Latham B. and Rebecca Henkey
Scott Henley
James P. Hennessey and Koren M. Mueller
Timothy and Rita M.# Hennessey
Richard E. and Mary P.# Hennicke
Linda L. Hennigh
Barry Henning
Michael L. Henning
John P. and Britt M.# Henningsen
Thomas W. Henrichs#
Kimberly Henricks
David Henroid
Amy Henry
Andrea L. Henry
Britteny Henry
David J.# and Kathleen G. Henry
Douglas J. and Beverly K. Henry
Earl and Christine K.# Henry
Jason C. and Christie Henry
Josh D. Henry
Sam and Vinita A.# Henry
Sharon Henry
Stephen J. and Denise L. Henschel
Christine Henske
Gary Hensley
Kristi Hensley
Loyd D. and Melva L.# Hensley
Timothy H. Hensley
Robert M. and Cheryl A. Henson
Helen Heopfner
Joseph M.# and Briana Hepfinger
David Heppermann
Carrie Hequembourg
Margaret R. Herb#
John A. and Monica L. Herbert
Ricardo and Tamara L. Herbert
Richard C. Herberts
Thomas Herbig
Darla J. Herbst#
Deborah Herbst
Richard Hercules
Arthur E. and Cynthia L. Herder
Christine Hereford
James Herhold
Irving M. Heritage
Robert L. Heritage
Carl K. and Carolyn M. Herkstroeter
Delaine E. and Mary J. Herl
Robert J. and Joyce S. Herleth
Peter K. Herlich
Kenneth J. Herlien#
Tom Herm
Charles and Joyce Herman
Richard L. Herman
David N. Hermann#
Gerard R. and Cheryl A. Hermann
Deborah G. Hermes
Martha H. Hernandez Cortes
Kendra Hernandez
Susan Hernandez
Yvonne Hernandez
Duane L. and Lillian S. Herndon
Jason Herndon
Robert D. and Gloria L. Herr
Elizabeth A. Herreid
James L. Herrell
Roy B. Herrera#
Charles F. Herrick#
Sara J. Herrin
Elizabeth W. Herring
Lamont and Tamara J.# Herrington
Jerome C.# Herrmann and Christine T. Hermann
Marion K. Herrmann
Carole Herron
John H.# Herron and Dawn K. DeBlaze-Herron
Julianne Herron#
Maria C. Herron
Christopher Herschbach
Timothy Herschbach
Rod W. and Judith A. Hertenstein
Charles J. and Susan Hertich
Leo J.# and Maryanne A. Hertling
Myrtle L. Herwig
Ralph Herzmark
Anne Herzog
Mitch Herzog
Adam J. Hesed
Christina Heskett
Marie Hespen
Christopher and Deborah Hess
David B.# and Julie E. Hess
Linda C. Hess
Peter Hess
Robert B. and Mary L. Hess
Stacy Hess
Luke Hesse
William S. and Bonni S. Hester
Imre H.# and Mary Ellen Hetenyi
Jeri L. Heth#
Donald E. and Shirley A.# Hetherington
Bradley S. Hettenhausen
Kurt Hetzel and Janet Hessel
Cynthia Hetzer
Alexander S. Heuer
Daniel and Patricia Heuermann
Kenneth E. and Elizabeth A. Heuermann
Amber Heuermann-Granger
Rita Heuertz
Sarah Heuertz
Georgiann M. Heun
John M. Heuvelman
Charlotte Hewlett
Timothy and Mary Jo Heydt
Tomasz and Ewa Heyduk
Mika Heyl
Richard M. Heyl
James Heys and Susan Gillham
Jennifer E. Hiatt
Steven G. and Margaret M. Hibbeler
Paul G. Hibbeln
Richard E. Hibbs and Merryl S. Winstein
Christine B. Hickey
Christopher Hickey
Kerwin Hickey
Holly Hickman
Joel R. and Gwendolyn S. Hickman
Michael O.# and Carol A. Hicks
Randall I. and Cathy J. Hicks
Sherron Hicks
Milton Hieken and Barbara Barenholtz
Ann B. Hier
Paul Higdon
Elizabeth Higginbotham
Jennifer Higginbotham
Jerry L. and Mona Higginbotham
Susan K. Higginbotham
Edward A. and Mary S. Higgins
Eleanor Higgins
John B. Higgins
Marilyn Higgins
Michael Higgins
Patrick G.# and Mary B. Higgins
Tony F. Higgs
Judy A. Highfill#
Jeffrey Hiken and Susan Spencer
Gina Hilberry
Suelin Hilbert
David A. Hildebrand
Kristine Hildebrandt
Carolyn Hileman
Charles Hileman
Kelly T. Hilker#
Alfred G. and Jane Hill
Craig A. Hill#
Dennis C.# and Alene M. Hill
Dominique Hill
James L. Hill
James R. and Kathleen C. Hill
Larry M. and Kathleen M. Hill
Lloyd P.# and Diane Hill
Rodney and Pamela K. Hill
Sara B. Hill
Scott D. and Rebecca G. Hill
Virginia F. Hill#
Michele P. Hill-Sarmiento
Robert E. and Virginia Hille
Eugenia A. Hillen
Elizabeth Hillenbrand
Carol Hilliard
Erin Hilligoss-Volkmann
Jennifer Hills
Donald and Mary Ann Hilmes
Robert B. and Doris J. Hilmes
Dale Hiltner
Thomas S. and Deborah L. Hilton
Jackie Hilzinger
Susan Himeles
Audrey M. Himmeger
Lester C. and Mary A. Himstedt
Andres G. Hincapie
Gym Hinderer
Evan Hinds and Melissa A.# Gustafson-Hinds
Jagdish L. and Janice R. Hinduja
Jennifer J. Hine
Janice K. Hines
Robert J. Hines
Barbara Hinkley
Katherine Hinklin-Lauderdale
Roger C. Hinman
Thomas R. Hinni
Eric A. and Lisa J. Hinrichs
Gary J.# and Lynda L. Hinrichs
Christopher L. and Alaine H. Hinshaw
Judith Hinsley#
Miles A. and Susan Hinton
Patricia A. Hinton
Robert and Shelly K.# Hiob
J Aaron Hipp
Jimmy Hippchen
Sapna Hiremath
Cara A. Hiripitiyage#
John E. and Joan C. Hironimus
Claire Hirsch
Idelle S. Hirsch
Robert V.# and Linda L.# Hirschbuehler
Peter Hirshberg
Gerri Hirst
Michael Hirst
Timothy K. and Else Hirzel
Edwin A. and Rosemary S. Hiss
Holly Hitchcock
Kirk P. Hitchings
Albert J.# and Jean Marie Hitt
Edward F. Hittmeier
Jim and Lori Hixson
Janice Ho
Gabriel M. Hoare
William Hoare
Thomas G. and Susan C. Hoback
Brianne N. Hobbs#
Elizabeth Hobbs
James C.# and Metra A. Hobbs
Angela Hobson
John Hobson
William H. and Nancy H. Hobson
Colleen Hochlander
M. Myron Hochman
Harlan W. Hock
Franklin D. and Anita L. Hockett
Susan Hodapp
Jeremy S. Hodess and Christine E. Schulze
Frank and Barbara J. Hodgdon
Hortense Hodges
Traci L. Hodges#
Jim Hodgson
Theodore J. Hodina
Carol Hodson
James V. and Cynthia F. Hoef
Connie M. Hoeffner
Eleanor C. Hoefle
Charles Hoehn
Roger A. Hoehn and Susan K. Kurtz
Christine M. Hoehner
Denis G.# and Karen# Hoelker
Peggy Hoelting
Christine Hoene
Gaileen Hoenig
Steve Hoerchuler
Raymond and Audrey Hoerle
Kathy Hoester
Matthew T. and Marybeth J.# Hofer
Alan B. Hoffman
Alan B. and Nancy B. Hoffman
Brian T. Hoffman#
Cheri Hoffman
Daniel R. and Susan M. Hoffman
Joseph J. Hoffman
Luise Hoffman
Mark I.# and Joan Hoffman
Norton and Linda Hoffman
Robert F. and Elizabeth P. Hoffman
Wayne and Christine L.# Hoffman
Bradley Hoffmann
David A. Hoffmann
Lucas Hoffmann
Michael Hoffmann
Phyllis A. Hoffmann
Steven J. and Linda K. Hoffmann
Mary L. Hoffmann-Hunt
Brooke Hoffmeister
Catherine Hoffmeister
Christine M. Hoffmeyer
Mary Hoffner
Ellen Hoffsten
Ruth A. Hofheinz
Larry G. Hofmann
Richard A. and Susan J. Hofmann
Anne Hogan
Carman Hogan
Constance A. Hogan
Michael P. and Patti Hogan
Michael R. and Martha A. Hogan
Michael and Janice Hogan
Opal Hogan
Rachel L. Hogbin#
Andrew Hogg
Gerald A. and Adeline P. Hogg
Rebecca L. Hohe#
Thomas E.# and Nancy L.# Hohn
Nellie I. Hohnsen
Robert Holahan
Marilyn Holbrook
Charlotte Holden
Joan I. Holden
Melissa J. Holden
Timothy A. Holden
Steven Holdener
Clare Holdinghaus
David G. and Donna M. Holdmeyer
Bruce B. and Gloria Holland
Charles and Katherine D. Holland
Douglas Holland
Erna Holland
Heather Holland
Kathleen Holland
Natalie Holland
Barry M. Hollander
Dana E. Hollander
Yale L. Hollander
Linda Hollenberg
Andrew G. Hollenkamp
Norma M. Holler
Marlene Holliday#
Robert and Susan Hollingsworth
Anna P. Hollins#
Alene Hollinshed
Britani Hollis
Janelle L. Hollis#
Laurie A. Hollis
Steven M. Hollis
Miranda S. Holloran
Brenda J. Hollrah#
Myron J. and Patsy A.# Holm
Nancy Holm
Cordelia W. Holmes
Derrick Holmes
Elaine M. Holmes
Justin A. Holmes
Keeta M. Holmes
Lucy T. Holmes
Nancy E. Holmes
Robert A. and Kameron L.# Holmes
Yvonne H. Holmes#
Noel C. Holobeck
Davene Holroyd
Carlotta Holt
Gene and Katie Holt
Joanne Holt
Julie Holt
Tracey Holt
Wistar W. Holt
Sumner M. and Barbara Holtz
Dan R. Holtzer#
Gene R. and Tracy Holtzman
Paul M. and Vicky W. Holway
Kieran Holzhauer
Siekelina Homan
Janice Homar
Dwight Homer
Gregory Homrighous
Jim J. Hone and Janelle A. Carron
James B. and Arlene W. Honeywell
Amanda Honigford
Justin Honold
Christopher D. Honse#
Christine Hood
Gwendolyn A. Hood#
Jena Hood
Alois C.# and Stephanie A. Hoog
Alyssa M. Hoog
William D. and Anna L.# Hook
Ariel Hoover
Bernard L. and Sheila M. Hoover
Twila R. Hoover
Linda Hope
Michael Hope
Nancy Hope
Caleb and Morgan Hopkins
Darlene Hopkins
Edward A. and Constance M.# Hopkins
Kate Hopkins
Ronald J. and Rosemary Hopkins
Ronald M. and Carol L.# Hopkins
Timothy T. Hopkins
W. F. S. and Patricia M. Hopmeier
Michelle M. Hopper#
Brian Hopson
Jacob D.# and Kristen M. Hopson
John L. and Rosemary E. Hopson
Kimberly L. Horace#
Barbara Horan
Michael J.# and Linda S.# Horan
Rick M. and Gina M. Horas
Simon and Ilene P. Horenstein
Tom M. and Janet J. Horlacher
Hope Horn
Jamie L. Horn#
Kenneth W.# and Nancy J. Horn
Kersten Horn
Michael J. Horn#
Robert C. and Denise S. Hornbuckle
Jane Hornby
David C. Horne
Russell Horne
Kevin B. and Nicole P.# Horner
Matthew R. Horridge
Donna Horsford
Marilyn L. Horst
Mathew J. and Alysia A.# Horst
Laura R. Horstman
Shirley J. Horstman
Alfred and Charlotte Hortmann
Anne R. Horton
Carol S. Horton
Francis Horton
Roger O.# and Jacqueline R. Horton
Steve M. Horton
Mary Ann Horvath#
Timothy A. Horwedel
William and Abby Horwitz
William G. Hose#
Shawn Hoskin
Jacqueline Hoskins#
Ross Hosman
William A. and Opal M. Hoss
Helen Host
Brian Hostetler
Jerry Hostetler
Amy Hostler
Robert B. and Vi I. Hotze
Billie P. Houk
Kenny and Brooke K.# Houltzhouser
Dennis Hourcade and Jacqueline L. Hoffman
Karen House
Branton L. and Dolores J. Houser
Douglas K. and Arlene B. Houser
Ted J.# and Jennifer A. Houser
Fred Houska
Larry R. Houska
John and Julie Housley
Jacqueline M. Houston
Melinda Houston
Dallas Hovatter
Dennis and Kathy Hovis
Mary L. Hovland
Abby Howard
Alison Howard
David A. and Diane L.# Howard
Leslie K. and Rebecca S.# Howard
Margaret A. Howard
Robert C. Howard
Rosalie Howard
Julie Howe
Michael P.# and Deborah Howe
David Howell and Betty# Chen
Kathryn J. Howell
Tom H. and Athalia# Howell
Margaret Howells
John and Katherine Hoyer
Stephen D. and Susan Hoyne
Carol R. Hoyt
Catherine Hoyt
Franceen Hoyt
Sarah Hoyt
Emily Hu
Shun F. Hu
Xinyu Hu#
Ingrid Huang
Mimi Huang
Shaoxiong Huang
Michael F.# Hubbard and Mary K.# Riechers-Hubbard
Patricia E. Hubbard
Carl G. and Holly Hubenschmidt
Anne M. Huber
Donald M. Huber
Helen Huber
Jean E. Huber
Lauren T. Huber
Michelle Huber
Steven A. and Deborah M.# Huber
Travis P. Huber#
Dave Hubert
Michael Huckleberry
Jessica M. Huddleston
Wayne W. and Anabel Hudgins
Carol Y. Hudson#
Clyde R. Hudson#
Darrell L. Hudson
Dori Hudson
James and Julia Hudson
Robert A.# and Myrna Hudson
Albert G. and Diane M. Hudzik
Elizabeth M. Hudzik
Daniel E. Huebner#
Kathryn Huelsebusch
David P.# and Margaret L. Huelsing
Delilah Huelsing
Margaret Huelsmann
Miriam Huelsmann
Ronald W. and Nancy T. Huelsmann
Janet C. Huenke
Donald L. Huepel
Diane C. Huether#
Robert C. and Megan D. Huether
Mark A.# and Michelle G. Huez
Duane L. and Judy C. Huff
Jason A. Huff
Sheila D. Huff
Warren M. and Gay A. Huff
Adam Huffman
Dawn K. Huffman#
Janis Huffman
Katherine L. Huffman
Donald and Mary Huffmon
Kimberly Hufstedler
John Hugery
Jeremy Huggins
Abby Hughes
Angela L. Hughes
Brian D. and Lisa Hughes
Byron M. and Susan Hughes
Helen K. Hughes
Honore M. Hughes and Julia M. Gram
Larry A. and Nancy Hughes
Martha E. Hughes
Matthew Hughes
Richard P. and Barbara Hughes
Roberta J. Hughes
Jason Hugo#
Samuel J. and Julie A.# Huhman
Joseph and Linda Huie
Michelle J. Huisinga
Kristin M. Huizinga
Gertrude Hulbert
Monica L. Hulbert
James E. and Laure Hullverson
Daniel Hulsey
George M. Hulsey
Michael R. and Michelle L. Hulsizer
Richard Hulsman
Linda Hultgren
John C. and Helen F. Hume
Susan E. Hume
Willa Humenick
Patricia Humfeld
Lisa M. Hummel
Lydia Hummel
Raymond J.# and Mary L. Hummert
Carolyne Humphrey#
Loren K. Humphrey
Kim Humphries and Sarah Colby
Catherine Hund
Claire M. Hundelt
Dennis Hundman and Julia D.# Frank-Hundman
Eleanor Hungerford
Joy C. Hungerford
Dennis and Carolyn# Hunsinger
Charles A. and Mary T. Hunt
Guy Hunt
Hillarie Hunt
Jason and Elizabeth Hunt
Jennifer L. Hunt#
Kevin W.# and Stacey A. Hunt
Mitchell Y. and Devyani M. Hunt
Ora E. Hunt
Richard A. Hunt#
Robert G. and Nancy L. Hunt
Rosemarie J. Hunt
Sarah L. Hunt
Thomas J. and Marie A.# Hunt
William J. Hunt#
Mark Huntebrinker
Bernard and Patricia L.# Hunter
Carolyn Hunter
David R. and Anne M. Hunter
Derek K. and Dana L. Hunter
Irene M. Hunter
Marlene Hunter
Nathan Hunter
Richard Hunter
Thomas J. and Catherine L. Hunter
Llynn Huntley
Steve and Courtney D. Hupp
Patricia Hurford
Benton A. and Mary M.# Hurst
Jeffrey B. and Vera M. Hurst
Michael P. and Yvonne Hurst
Spencer E.# and Donna M. Hurst
Howard I. Hurwitz
Seth Hurwitz
Sidney N. and Rhoda A. Hurwitz
Jerome P. and Janet M. Husgen
Wendy Huss
Cynthia Hussain
Peter Hussey
Robert Hutchens
Robert and Charmaine Hutchings
Sharron Hutchings
Gerald Hutchins
Jessica Hutchins
John Hutchins
Kurt Hutchinson
Nancy Hutchinson
Susan Hutchinson
Stephen E. and Gloria R. Hutchison
David J. Huth
Eva K. Huth
Mary A. Hutkin
David E. and Kimberly Hutson
June Hutson
Rhonda Hutton Gann
Dana Huxley
Brian R. Huxtable#
Kieu P. Huynh#
Margaret M. Hvatum
Calvin C. Hwang
David P. and Bonnie D. Hyatt
Richard E. Hyatt
Laurel Hyatt-Miller
Jerry Hyde
Krista D. Hyde
Matthew J. Hyde
Rebecca C. Hyde
Michael G.# and Carolyn C. Hylen
Samuel W. and Mildred M. Hylton
Frances W. Hyman
Karen Hyman
Michaele Hymes
Jeffrey Hynds
Eugene Iannotti
James Ibur
Janet Iggulden
Carol Iglauer
Alex D. and Sarah Ihnen
William J. and Jean F. Ihnow
Emily Iles
Klaus D. and Sandra L. Illian
Eric C. Iman
Kyna R. Iman
Daria Imbeault
Victor A. Imgarten
Susan Imhoff
Merle A. Imler
Mitchell P. Impey
Peter Infanger
Rebecca Ingram
Antonia M. Ingversen#
Nancy Innes
Aasim Inshirah
Marilyn L. Intagliata
Michael Inyart and Maribeth Clancy
Lula K. Irby#
Robert D. Irvin#
John Irving
Joi Irving
Erica Irwin
Harry A. and Frances M. Irwin
Karen Irwin
Thomas J. and Bernice M. Irwin
Kimberly M. Isaac#
Fred E. Isensee#
Dwayne E. and Emily T. Isgrig
Jyoti Ishaya
Benjamin C.# Israel and Virginia Walker
Martin H. and Margaret E. Israel
Robert and Anne Isselhardt
Elizabeth A. Issitt
Greg Issitt
Kendall and Amanda J. Itoku
Ted A. and Jacqueline K. Iverson
Helen G. Ivery
Henry B. and Leann Ivey
Natalia Ivleva
Tiffany A. Izard#
Thomas Jablonowski#
C. W. Jabusch
Caroline S. Jack
Doris L. Jackman#
Althea A. Jackson#
Anna L. Jackson
Carmen J. Jackson
Christopher M. and Melissa A. Jackson
Harold and Margaret Jackson
Joseph A. Jackson#
Leanda M. Jackson#
Mark S. and Jean A. Jackson
Michael J. and Oana Jackson
Nancy E. Jackson
Patricia G. Jackson
Paul R. and Donna S. Jackson
Ronald L. and Hattie R. Jackson
Rosemarie Jackson#
Sharde' L. Jackson#
Warren and Dianne H. Jackson
William J.# and Colleen A. Jackson
Yvonne L. Jackson#
Edward L. Jacobe#
Claire Jacobi
Emily A. Jacobi
Jan D. and Virginia N. Jacobi
Richard C. and Therese A. Jacobi
Ann M. Jacobs
Augustus L. Jacobs#
Barbara W. Jacobs
Edward H. Jacobs
Geraldine Jacobs
Leonard Jacobs
Lynn Jacobs
Marcy Jacobs
Richard D. Jacobs
Steven W. and Deann R. Jacobs
Thomas J.# and Mary E. Jacobs
Jack Jacobsen and Heather Morelan
Charles Jacobson
Christine Jacobson
Robert A. and Deborah S. Jacobson
Victoria A. Jacobson
Lloyd N. and Janet M. Jacquot
Gail Jacus
Jeane N. Jae
James H. Jaeger and Donna C. Hull
Robert and Janis Jaeger
Suzanne Jaeger
Deborah Jaegers
Kamyar Jafari
Martin E. and Marjory L. Jaffe
Joshua W. Jagger
Joyce A. Jaillite-Loebner
Kumar Jain
Richard Jajko#
Jill Jakovich
Mekeya Jama
Thomas M. and Lane K. Jamboretz
Alexander R. James
Charles A. and Mary L.# James
Christina R. James
Kaylin James
Kimberly M. James#
Phillip R. and Sheila K. James
Stephen A. James#
Vick L. James and Diadra L.# Henley-James
William James
Christine A. James-Moehle
Karen Y. Jamison#
Patricia S. Jamjoom
Vamsi K. Jammalamadaka
Anthony and Mary Jo Janc
John F. Jandro
Kathleen Janessa
Kevin Janowski and Cynthia M.# Bosotin
Susan Jansen#
Liam Janski
Eric Janssen and Anne L.# Earney
Daniel B. and Theresa A.# January
Michael and Donna Jarnagin
Sonia B. Jarrett
Joseph S. Jarvis
Mark and Rita Jarvis
Walter S.# Jaschek and Jacqueline Juras
Christopher B. Jaurigui
Paul and Nancy L.# Jaurigui
Rimla Javed
Mike Jawahir and Linda C.# James-Jawahir
Barbara L. Jaworski
Emily T. Jaycox
Kimberly Jayne
Matthew S. and Michele H. Jeans
Catherine A. Jeep#
Rachel A. Jeep
Everett H.# and Elaine W. Jefferson
Pearl L. Jefferson#
Florence S. Jeffreys
John H. and Margie M.# Jeffries
Robert H. and Kay D. Jeffries
Richard C. and Carolyn A. Jelen
Ralph V. Jenkins II
Donald and Sharon Jenkins
Gene M. and Ruth A. Jenkins
Jessie M. Jenkins
Kerry Jenkins
Paul G. Jenkins#
Rhonda Jenkins
William B. Jenkins
Jonathan and Alison M. Jenkinson
Kimberly K. Jenne
August H. Jennewein
Thelma R. Jennewein
Barbara J. Jennings
Carrie Jennings
John M. Jennings
Rebecca Jennings
Richard F. and Maureen R. Jennings
Richard G. and Charlene Jennings
Vera L. Jennings#
David C. and Charlene P. Jensen
Donna E. Jensen
James A. and Helen# Jensen
Jason Jensen
Mary C. Jensen
Reggie and Tracey A.# Jensen
Scott L. Jensen
Kelly Jentes
Marla M. Jentsch
Charles D. and Peggy A.# Jerabek
Rosemary Jermann
Susan E. Jesse#
James L. and Geneser J. Jeter
Edward A. and Edith J. Jeude
Laura E. Jeziorski
Fielding F. Jezreel
Helen Jiang
Hui Jiang
Marcia Jinks
Jennifer Joachimstaler
Roger D. Jobe
Anna C. Jobson
Richard Joern
Yolanda Johannes
Lori Johannessen
Arthur and Marcia Johanningmeier
Jason M. Johannpeter
Susan Johns
Gregory C.# and Beth G. Johnsen
Alice J. Johnson#
Andrew W. Johnson#
Anne M. Johnson#
Anthony G. Johnson#
Barbara L. Johnson
Benjamin R. Johnson
Brittany Johnson
Carolyn B. Johnson
Catherine Johnson
Christopher J. Johnson and Dianna# Isaac-Johnson
Christopher P.# and Jeanne M.# Johnson
David J. and Barbara Johnson
David M. Johnson#
Deborah S. Johnson
Duncan S. and Lynne N. Johnson
E. Perry and Diana S. Johnson
Edgar G. Johnson#
Elizabeth E. Johnson
Eugene and Lavertia# Johnson
Francis A. Johnson#
Frank A. Johnson
Gail B. Johnson
Gary D. and Susan T.# Johnson
Gary L. Johnson
George B. and Barbara A. Johnson
Heather K. Johnson
James L. and Suzanne L. Johnson
Janice L. Johnson
Jay L. Johnson
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer L. Johnson#
Jerol Johnson
Jerome and Laura T.# Johnson
Jil A. Johnson
Judith M. Johnson
Kenneth J.# and Julie A. Johnson
Kevin D. Johnson
Kimberlee L. Johnson#
Kristopher E. Johnson#
Larry K. Johnson
Lawrence A. Johnson
Lawrence A.# and Cynthia L. Johnson
Lisa J. Johnson
Lucy Johnson
Lynn C. Johnson#
Malcolm Johnson
Marcia A. Johnson
Margaret K. Johnson
Mark C. Johnson
Matthew G. and Rachel L.# Johnson
Maureen Johnson
Michael S. Johnson
Plooma Johnson
Richard M. Johnson
Robert E. and JoAnn Johnson
Robert G. and Sandra M. Johnson
Ryan L. Johnson
Sharon S. Johnson
Stephen and Karen M. Johnson
Terrell K. and Barbara S. Johnson
Thomas P. Johnson
Timothy Johnson#
Virginia Johnson
Wayne A. Johnson
William M. Johnson
Sherrill V. Johnson-Henderson#
Carole Johnson-Wren
Bobby J. and Linda S. Johnston
Bonita Johnston
Christine D. Johnston
Gilbert E. Johnston
John J. and Becky Johnston
Mark A.# and Maria A. Johnston
Alison C. Johnstone#
Harold T. and Margaret H. Jolley
Brad Jolliff
Andrew J. Jones
Ann Jones
Barbara P. Jones
Brent A. Jones
Bryan C.# and June A. Jones
C. Norman Jones and Barbara W. Fraser
Calvin W. and Vera D.# Jones
Christine B. Jones
Clarence Jones
Corey R. Jones
Dale W. Jones
Dawn M. Jones#
Donald W. Jones and Patricia Vogelsang
Elizabeth A. Jones#
Falon Jones
Gerald A. Jones
Harry A. Jones
James M. Jones
Janice L. Jones
Jennifer S. Jones
Jessica D. Jones#
Ken and Jane Allen Jones
Kenneth A.# and Mary L. Jones
Kenneth E. Jones
Landon Y. and Sarah B. Jones
Lawrence and Daisy M. Jones
Lemonia E. Jones#
Margaret A. Jones
Matthew S. Jones
Michael A. and Samora M. Jones
Michael L. Jones#
Mitzi Jones
Nathan C.# Jones and Ann L. Fitzpatrick
Patricia B. Jones
Richard A. Jones
Richard and Linda M. Jones
Roy A. and Viola M. Jones
Samee Jones
Sherita N. Jones#
Stacey and Karen J.# Jones
Stephen A.# and Tracy L. Jones
Stephen R. Jones#
Steven D. and Dawn M.# Jones
Susan Jones
Tim W. Jones and Suzanne E. Rohan-Jones
Tracy D. Jones#
William H. and Barbara D. Jones
Woodrow Jones#
Zachary Jones
Tonya J. Jones-Clinton#
Greg N. Jonsson
Valgard Jonsson
Dwayne J. and Genevieve D. Jordan
James E. Jordan#
James R. Jordan
Jim Jordan
Mark P. and Kerstin Jordan
Terry Jordan
William E. Jordan
Peter M. Jorgensen and Carmen Ulloa
Brent Jorgenson
Neal Josehart and Laura L. Smith
Benjamin S. Joseph
Brad T. and Louise K. Joseph
Michael F. Joseph#
Patrick S. Joseph
Stephen Joseph
Ashutosh Joshi
Deepak Joshi
Aric Jost
Barbara Jost
Reinhart Jost
Susan Jotte
Roxanda Jovanovic#
Joseph C. Jovanovich
Erin Joy
Judith M. Joy
Landy W. Joy
Adam Joyce
Gerald F. and Felice M. Joyce
John T. Joyce
Molly T. Joyce
Brian J.# and Sharon Joye
Mary M. Joye#
John W.# and Darlene Judd
Colleen C. Judge
Lawrence E. Judge#
Margaret J. Judge
Maggie Judson
Patricia Judy
Bert A.# and Jane M. Juedemann
Denise Juen
Patrick J.# Jugo and Kirsten Jory
Steven A. Juhala#
Lois Jung
Ronald J. and Harriet M. Jung
Anthony G. Juodenas
Norma D. Juracsik
Tyson Jurgens
Robert and Stacy Jurgiel
Linda Jurging-Pereda
Adam M. and Kelly M. Jurotich
Kim Justen
Kenneth A. and Connie S. Justice
Linda Justice
Brooke Justis
Laura Justiss
Darryl A. and Jacquelyn A. Justus
Karie R. Kabance
Thomas R. and Rose A. Kacich
Simona Kacso
Bob M. Kaemmerlen
Martha Kaeser
Mike and Dawn Kahler
Linda M. Kahn
Michael A. and Margi Kahn
Mark A.# and Jahna B.# Kahrhoff
John G. and Beverly A. Kaiman
Amy Kaiser
James L.# and Robin L. Kaiser
Julia Kaiser
Peggy W. Kaiser
Alyssa Kaitz
Emily Kalaf
Stephen Kalaszh
Stephan M. and Anna L. Kalfus
Robert W. Kalinowski#
James R. and LaDonna J. Kalish
Gary D. and Karen S. Kallansrud
Herman C. and Normagene M. Kaller
Michael K. and Lynn R.# Kalnbach
Kathi L. Kaltenbach#
Sudhkar Kalwa
Vani Kalyanaraman
Alexandra Kamakas
Cynthia Kamler
Elizabeth Kamler
Richard A. and Bernice M. Kamm
Craig S. and Elizabeth A. Kammien
Daniel B.# and Geralyn M. Kamp
Daniel M.# and Sharon Kamp
Richard B. and Mary C. Kampf
Sampada Kanade
Venkat Kanchustambham
Delores Kane
Erin A. Kane
Gene Kane
Jerry and Mary Kane
Robert Y. Kanterman
Sriman and Narayana S. Kanuri
Patience N. Kanyi#
Susan P. Kapetanovic
Adele L. Kaplan
David H. Kaplan
Lawrence P. Kaplan and Michele R. Rose-Kaplan
Lindsay Kaplan
Pradeep Kapoor
Jeffery Kapp
Julie M. Kapp
Ranjan Kar
Aristides H. Karabinis
Dejan Karan#
Andrew and Angela J.# Karandjeff
Drew and Joni M. Karandjeff
Jennifer Karberg
Tomas Karez
Nancy D. Karl
Claire E. Karlen
Allen Karlin and Carolyn A. Martini
Kenneth A.# and Marjorie Karman
Wesley Karmi
Joan Karnuth
Leonard Karoll
Monty Karoll
Roderic B. and Mary T. Karpen
Gary Karpinski
Wayne A.# and Kristi A.# Karpinski
Laura M. Karr
Robert and Jean G. Karr
Jessica Karraker
Jack Z. and Carol Karty
Thomas V.# and Barbara A.# Karwoski
William G. Kaseberg
John G. and Paula J. Kasica
Aaron Kaskowitz
David and Jennifer Kaslow
Abigail Kasper
Douglas G. Kassabaum
Melanie Kassing
Marguerite Kasten
Ryotaro Kato
Margaret Katranides
Joe L. Katrosh
Berl and Joan Katz
Jerome Katz
Marlene Katz
Alfred J. Katzenberger#
Kathleen Katzenberger
Marshall B. and Susan M. Katzman
Joy E. Kauffman
Douglas N. and Cassandra F.# Kaufman
Judith Kaufman
Michelle Kaufman
Doris J. Kaufmann
Elizabeth Kaul
Fred Z. and Betty J. Kaul
Karen J. Kaul
Joan Kauling
Ann M. Kaup
Amanda B. Kaupp
James Kavanaugh
Lawrence J.# and Mary E. Kavanaugh
Rhiannon Kaye
Barry M. Kayes#
Linda T. Kayland#
Deborah C. Kays
Vernon Kays
Herman and Ruth A.# Kayser
Peter A. and Elizabeth A. Kazlauskas
Bill Keaggy
Travis Kearbey
Marc E. Kearney
Mike S. and Susan Kearney
Donald and Dorothy Kearns
Erin Keary
Christopher Keating
Pat Keating
Patricia S. Keating#
Richard and Nancy Keating
Kay Keaton
Jessica M. Keay
Claire Keefe
Robert and Katharine Keefe
Molly Keegan
Michael and Martha Keeley
Richard M. and Ruth Keeling
Peter B. Keen
Jennifer L. Keenan
C. Ann Keene
Rita J. Keene
Jerry D. and Nancy F. Keeney
John E. and Bonnie S.# Keeton
Mary F. Kegin
John D. Keich
Fred Keil
Loretta Keil
James A. and Barbara H. Keim
Laura Keim
Kristen Keinath
Diane L. Keith#
Barbara A. Keiths
Judy Kekich
Tracy C. Kellaher
Conor Kelleher
Kevin P.# and Beverly Kelleher
Bob M. Keller
Charles W. Keller
Frank and Estelle Keller
Joree Keller
Katy Keller
Kelly J. Keller#
Kerry M. Keller
Merry Keller
Mindy Keller
Elizabeth C. Kellerman#
William C.# and Pamela L. Kellermann
Susan Kellett
Barry D.# and Nancy Kelley
Deanne Kelley
Diane Kelley
John D. Kelley
John L. and Peggy M. Kelley
Kenneth A. and Hannelore C. Kelley
Michael J. and Edwina M. Kelley
Robert L. and Barbara S. Kelley
Cheryl Kellogg
Ron T. Kellogg
Angela Kelly#
Annette L. Kelly
Brian and Lorna J. Kelly
Caroline Kelly
Charles J. Kelly#
Debra J. Kelly#
Krista E. Kelly#
Mary A. Kelly
Michael A. Kelly
Michael S.# and Paula M.# Kelly
Thomas B. and Leanna Kelly
Timothy M. and Linda C.# Kelly
Paula Kelsey
Lenora H. Kelso
Gene and Marie Kelting
Sharon Kelts
Janet B. Kelty#
Rita M. Kemna#
Barbara Kemp
Charles Kemper
Martin Kemper
Thomas Kempker
Joanna J. Kendagor
Cara Kendall
Bruce and Kathy D. Kendrick
Michael V. Kendrick
Jack W. Kennard
Carol J. Kennedy
Dale L. and Penelope Kennedy
Eleanor L. Kennedy#
James and Catherine Kennedy
Jason Kennedy
John F. Kennedy
Marjie Kennedy
Michael Kennedy
Sue Kennedy
Susan C. Kennedy
Timothy P.# and Marcia L.# Kennedy
Ruth Kennerly Ellis
Joshua Kennerly
Jennifer D. Kennett
Ann L. Kenney#
Carol B. Kenney
Stephen Kenney
Chris Kenny
Melanie Kenny
Jay and Jackie Kent
Marie Kenyon
Jeff B. Kenzie
Fran Kepler
Lynda Keplinger
Toby Kepner
Sherri Kerley#
Byron Kerman
Juliet D. Kerman#
Wilbur J. and Betty N. Kerman
James P. and Nan A. Kern
Brian Kerr
Andrew and Mary Kerr-Grant
Gray M. and Ellen M. Kerrick
Joel A. and Ellen L. Kerschen
Amanda G. Kerschner
Anna L. Kersting
Kristin H. Kerth
Dolores M. Kertz
Aimee Kessler
Margie A. Kessler
Ralph E.# and Jennifer P. Kessler
Stephanie M. Kessler
Tyler Kessler
Carol M. Kester
Mary R. Kettenbach#
Joyce Kettenbrink#
Andrew Kettmann
Dana Keune
Gail L. Keutzer#
Jim and Rita Key
Granville Keys
Mindy Keyser
Sandra L. Keyser#
Bhupesh Khadka
Leonora A. Kham#
Altaf Khan
Fareed Khan
Fareesa Khan
Lina J. Khan
Samia A. Khan#
Sadegh Khazaeli
Jeffrey and Laura J.# Khoury
Sharon Kichline
Myrtle Kick
Anne Marie Kiddon
Bill and Mary Kiefer
Ronald A. and Susan L. Kieffer
Harold Kiehl
Mark A. and Julia L. Kiehl
Hugh P. and Deborah W. Kiel
Vincent M. Kiel
Stephen Kielbasa
Michael Kielty
Daniel S. Kieran
Hillel Kieval
Thomas V. and Janet L. Kilcullen
Jacqueline P. Kiley
James J. Kiley
Carla Kilgore
James Kilgore
Rosemary Kilgore
Stephen Kilgore
Zak Kilhoffer
Daniel R.# and Louise# Kilian
John Kilips
Louis P. Killebrew
Gladys Killian
Megan L. Killian
Mary Killion
Deborah Killmer
Maria Kilmer
Paul B. Kilmer#
Alfred B. and Rebecca L.# Kilpatrick
John P. Kilstrom
Roberta L. Kilstrom
Jillian B. Kim
Seonyoung Kim
Theodore Kim
Megan A. Kimball
Jack L. and Kathryn A. Kime
Sheila Kimlinger
Christopher and Mary B. Kincaid
Denise Kincaid
William and Marilyn Kincaid
Alison Kinderfather
Edward and Margot# Kindley
Wesley T.# and Jennifer Kinerk
Allison King
Charles H. King
Christopher R. and Judith A.# King
Daniel and Mary King
Debbie King
Gail King
Greg King
Jason L. King
John F. King
John R.# and Barbara A. King
Judith S. King
Kevin and Sharon King
Marcia King
Melissa L. King
Robert L. King
Ronald R. and Monica L. King
Susanne C. King
Panduranga and Shobha Kini
Robert W. and Nancy J. Kinker
Angela Kinlaw
Myra E. Kinnard#
Kevin Kinney
Eileen D. Kinsella
Mary B. Kinsella
Matthew and Mary V. Kinsella
Thomas J. and Barbara B. Kinsella
Thomas B. Kinsock and Ellen E. Bonacorsi
Georgia A. Kintz#
Stephen W. and Laura E. Kinzy
Debra Kionka
Terrence M. and Cathy Kippenberger
Jessica Kirby
Margaret Kirby
Timothy M. Kirby
Dennis and Louise E.# Kircher
Teresa Kircher
Eugene Kirchherr
James K. and Joanne Kirchherr
Kara Kirchherr
Brenda A. Kirchhoff
Brian R. and Kathleen J. Kirchner
Steve Kirdy
Mildred T. Kirk#
Orville and Joyce S. Kirk
Ronald W. and Annette M.# Kirk
Antoni Kirkiewicz
Jennifer Kirkiewicz
Anne Kirkpatrick
Jennifer Kirkpatrick
Raymond and Brenda Kirsch
Sarah J. Kirschner
Robert Kirschnik
Sameer Kirtane
Donna Kirtian
David Kirtley
Colleen N. Kirwan#
Erin Kirwan
Emily Kiser
Winston J. and Karen M. Kiser
Kevin Kish
Keith# and Brenda E. Kissane
Mary A. Kissel
Eugene and Ellen Kissling
Elkin L. and Elizabeth Kistner
Joyce Kitchell
William B. and Connie L. Kitchen
William Kitchen
Winston H. Kitchin
Robert and Elaine N. Kitsis
Jean Kittrell
David Klaas
Frank J.# and Eunice F. Klaas
John G. Klages#
Arielle K. Klagsbrun
Neal Klasing
Phillip M. and Randa N. Klasskin
Lauire Klayman
Gary L. Klearman#
Jeanne B. Klebusch
Mary B. Kleekamp
Joseph C. Kleeman*
Karl H. and Laurie H. Kleen
Melissa Kleeschulte
Alan M. Klein
Christine Klein
Eugenia A. Klein
Jeanne A. Klein#
John R. Klein
Joseph and Barbara Klein
Kim D. Klein
Kip D. and Susan F. Klein
Mark T.# and Sharon K.# Klein
Michelle Klein
Robyn S. Klein
Steve and Nicole Klein
William G.# and Lissa A. Klein
Edward L. Kleinert#
Cory Kleinschmidt
Gerald and Sharon Kleitsch
Megan Klenke
Sue Klevorn
Tegan L. Klevorn#
Marshall N. Klimasewiski
Paulette Klimaszewski
Jessie Kline
John C. and Kristine M. Kline
Dolores Kling
Jan P. Klinger
Ashley Klinginsmith
Ralph R. and Barbara J. Klink
Marsha K. Klinkhamer#
Lynne Klipsch
Randolph L.# and Ruth Klock
Kenneth W. Kloeckener
Richard M. Kloeckener#
Katherine Klohr
Jeffrey B. and Susan J. Klopfenstein
Karen P. Klos#
Kevin D. Klos#
Mark Kloss
Denny G. Klosterman
Maryann Klosterman
Edward A.# and Arlene C. Klostermann
Robert S. and Catherine S. Klostermeier
Kyle A. and Emma L. Klues
John H. and Joanne Klueter
Gerald M.# and Virginia A. Klug
Jamie Klupe
Hannelore Kmierim
John E. Knapn and Patricia J. Knapp
Joseph T. Knapp
Timothy Knefelkamp
David I.# and Judith A. Knell
Stephanie Knepper
Katherine Knetzer
John R.# and Marcella G. Knibb
Lauren L. Knickman
Joe W. Knickmeyer
Carlyn Knight
Debbie L. Knight
Dexter J. and Judith L. Knight
Joshua G.# and Leslie M.# Knight
Paula D. Knight#
Rosalie M. Knight
Shirley M. Knight
Eric A. and Brenda A. Knispel
Donald A.# Knobbe and Lisa R.# Picker
Sharon E. Knobbe
Ilene Knobler
Paul Knoblock
Margaret L. Knock#
Dave Knoebel and Alice Stewart
Robert A. and Mary A. Knoke
Jeffrey Knoll
Joanne Knoll
Lisa Knoll
Nathaniel Knoll
Mary M. Knop
Harry L. and Karen L. Knopf
Adrienne Knopp
David T. and Susan B. Knorr
Sarah Knox-Hansen
Daniel and Ruth Koblenz
Alan and Elizabeth Koch
D. Jane Koch
Matthew D. Koch#
Matthew P. Koch and Tracey H. Howe-Koch
Norman C. and Janice L. Koch
Robert A. and Lura J. Koch
Stephen J. and Deborah A.# Koch
William A. and Jacqueline R. Koch
Analicia Kocher
Kishore Koduri
Albert G.# and Jeanne Koebbe
Todd Koehl
Carol F. Koehler
Dale J. Koehler
Lynn C. Koehler
Bill T. and Lynn Koenig
Linda Koenig
Barbara Koepke
Ken Koepke
Mernie Koepke
Anna Koeppel
Peter Koeppel
Joseph A. and Maria Koerner
William Koester
Albert J. Koesterer#
David Koesterer
Sally Koesterer
Joseph Kofron
Vernon Kofron
Lawrence B. and Jane M. Kohl
Daniel E.# and Felicia A. Kohlberg
Joseph P. Kohlberg#
Nancy Kohler
Thomas B. Kohler#
Gordon Kohn
Orietta Kohn
Robert E. Kohn
Russell Kohn
Richard J. and Carol A. Kohnen
Lani Kohoutek-Miller
Arlene Kohut
Keith T. Kolander
Ralph and Jean Kolde
Loren C. and Patricia L. Kolditz
Patti Kolek
Natalia Kolk
Kenneth Koller
William Kolling
Stephen A.# and Mary E. Kolodziej
Lisa Komp
Katie Konchar
Ken Konchel
Sanela Konjevic#
Keith E. Konradi
Florence T. Konvalinka#
Joe and Patricia L. Konya
Sharyn Koob
Craig D. Koon
Donald and Sherry# Koplowitz
Shelby Kopp
Robert N. and Bette Koranda
Jerry Korando
Steven D. and Deborah C. Korenblat
Betty Korhonen
Stephen J. Koritta
Mark and Susan Koritz
Sheldon B.# and Julia E.# Korklan
Alfred Korn
James H. and Judith V. Korn
Judith A. Korn#
Jennifer S. Kornecki#
Sergey Korolev
Svetlana Korovina
Yulia Korshunova
Alan Korte
Margaret J. Korte
Patrick Korthuis and Mary Gimler-Korthuis
Mary E. Kosciulek
Simon L.# and Marsha R. Koski
John S. and Patricia E.# Kostecki
Harry D.# and Della F.# Koster
Narayan and Lalitha Kosuri
Kevin C. Kothe
Karl W.# and Suzanne L. Kottemann
Stanley and Susan J. Kottler
Christie Kovac
David C. and Lydia E. Kovac
Stephen J.# and Diane M. Kovac
Rebecca Kovacich
Frank M. Kovarik and Lisa M.# Granich-Kovarik
Gayle Kovarik
Rodney A.# and Theresa M. Kowalewski
Donald J. and Judith A.# Kowalski
Kiley Kozel
Pamela Kozemczak
Bruce Kozozenski
Walter F. Kozuszek
Lloyd# and Madonna M. Kraatz
Bob C. and Jan Kraemer
James M. Krafcik
Jessica Kraft-Klehm
Thomas M.# and Eileen A.# Krahman
Mark G. and Ann H. Kram
Barbara Kramer
Debra Kramer
Genevieve Kramer
Gregory B.# and Karen A. Kramer
James and Danita Kramer
Joseph P. and Donna A.# Kramer
Caroline A. Kraml#
Paul P. Krankeola#
Jane Krasnoff
Edgar A. Krattli
Michael S.# and Linda S.# Kratz
James W. and Allyn H. Kratzer
Alan Kraus
Colin K. and Jacelyn N.# Kraus
Henry and Shirley L. Kraus
John D. and Lynn S. Kraus
Linsey E. Kraus
Fay Krause
Jane R. Krause
Katherine J. Krause
Kyle P. Krause
Marian K. Krause
Glennon C.# and Michelle P.# Krebs
Leo L. and Mary Kay Kreider
Kraig G. and Sandra Kreikemeier
John R. Krein#
Adam Kreitman and Hayley Wurzel
Steve A.# and Connie M. Krejci
Barry M. Krell
Marie Kremer
James and Karen Krener
Brandon Krepel
Mary L. Kreps
Janice Kreuger
Peter A. and Elizabeth H. Krewet
Dan Krewson
Barrie L. Krich
Rosemary Krickhahn
Mary M. Krieger
Ronald O. and Patricia Krieger
Kent H.# and Cynthia L.# Krimmel
Igor# Krinitskiy and Yuliya# Marinicheva
Cassandra Krinski
Ken E. and Pat J. Krippner
Tamara J. Krist
Michael Krivonak
Mary A. Kroeck
Russell F. and Patricia F. Kroeger
George M.# and Dorothy A.# Kroenung
Steve Kroiss
John E.# and Jennifer L. Kroll
Catherine A. Kromer
Christine D. Krone
Norton S. Kronemer and Shirley R. Lieber
Seymour and Janet H. Krout
Matt J. Krpan
Gregory C. and Sally Krueger
Jonathan Krueger
Thomas A. Krueger
Veronica Krug
John Kruger
Mary Ellen Kruger
Joshua Krull
Robert Krumm
Susan M. Krummel
Greg N. and Rebekah Krumrey
Thomas Kruper
Jeanne E. Krupinski
Timothy D. Krupinski
Jolie Krupnik
Christopher E. and Lorraine I. Krusa
David C. and Robin Kruse
Edward R. and Margaret R.# Kruse
Fred E. Kruse
Marcia Kruse
Margaret A. Kruse
Andrew L. Krusemark
Joe Krutzsch
Emily Kryzer
Walter and Christine Kube
Donna S. Kubik
Lindsey Kubik
William J. and Mary L. Kuc
John M. and Barbara A.# Kuchar
Vivian C. Kuchner#
Janet Kuciejczyk
Jessica M. Kuechler
Thomas C. Kuehling
Margaret Kuehn
Lisa Kuehne
Charles G. and Patricia A. Kuehnel
John and Jeanette Kuehnert
Deborah Kueker
Pete and Glenda Kuerschgen
Rachelle Kuhl
Peggy Kuhlman
Scott Kuhlman
Dee M. Kuhlmann
Edward F. and Rhonda# Kuhlmann
Beryl Kuhn
Mary B. Kuhn
Pamela Kuhn
Mary O. Kuhnmuench
Loretta Kulash
Ann Kullman
Jason Kulma
Adam C. Kulp
Carl Kulp
Lava B. Kumar
Srinivas Kumar
Sunil P. Kumar
Janet E. Kuncl
Saroni Kundu
Catherine Kuniyoshi
John R. Kunkel
Nick Kunkle
Richard and Jennifer Kuntz
Thom B. and Kathryn K.# Kuntzman
Jennifer L. Kunza
Terry J.# and Joan Kuper
Eugene A.# and Florence Kupferer
Gary J. and Judith E.# Kupferle
Marilyn Kuppler
Steven L. and Judith A. Kupsky
Christine A. Kurka#
Douglas Kurka and Elaine C.# Childress
Stephen H. and Jo Ann Kurland
Christopher H. and Carla Kurth
James and Cassandra Kurth
Roger L. Kurtz
George Kuryvial
Doris Kurz
Mark E.# and Jeannie M. Kushina
Joe K. and Anita L.# Kuss
Alvin I. Kutner
Michael J. Kutten
Daniel J. and Barbara J.# Kuttenkuler
Russell L. and Emily M. Kuttenkuler
Janet Kuykendal
Jared A. Kwarta
Jessica Kwasniewski
Glorianna B. L'Ecuyer
Robert F. and Roberta F. La Barge
Shirley La Mear
Randy O. and Nancy S. Laatsch
Katherine A. Labarbera
Robert H. and Emily A.# LaBarge
Mark L. and Kara Labedz
Karen Laboube
Steven W. and Dorothy H. Labounty
Al LaBukas
Veronique C. LaCapra
David and Susan M.# Lachmann
Elizabeth K. Lack
Patricia Lackey
Jason Lacoss-Arnold
John C. and Kimberly A. Lacy
Ruth Lacy
Abu A. Ladd
Cheryl R. Lael#
Elizabeth A. Laffey
Tom Laforest
John L. Lafoy
Paul A. and Suzanne K. Lagomarcino
Laura Lahafy
Terrance D. and Eileen A. Lahey
Randall J. and Elizabeth Lahl
Olivia S. Lahs-Gonzales
Lisa Laiderman
Donna F. Lainoff#
Carol Laird
Laura M. Laird
Laurie Lakebrink
Cindy-Lou Lakenburges
Meaghan L. Lakey
Cynthia Lakin
Haris Lalic#
Salvatore J.# and Jane LaMartina
Chavanne Lamb
M. Kathryn Lamb#
Thomas P. Lamb
Abigail R. Lambert
Alan Lambert
Brenda L. Lambert
Kristina Lambert
Norman and Eileen Lambert
Thomas and Marie Lambert
David and Leslie Lambeth
Gerald M. and Peggy A.# Lambing
Cynthia Lamboley
William and Linda Lamers
Donald and Joyce E. Lamkin
Michael Lammer
John L. Lammers
Nicholas R. and Margaret C.# Lammers
David Lammert
Meredith Lammert
Val W. Lammert
Warren B. and Susan R. Lammert
Rick and Rita Lamonica
Jerry and Francene E.# Lamont
Clifford and Judith Lamotte
Donna LaMotte
Edward F.# and Katherine Lampe
Fred and Marian Lampe
Robert L.# and Deborah A. Lampe
Chester Lampkin
Janis G. Lamprecht
Theodore P. and Susan Lampros
Meng-Ching Lan#
David and Edna Lanahan
Adelaide E. Lancaster
David B. and Mary K. Lancaster
Deborah M. Lancaster#
Terry K. Lance#
Suzanne Lanchester
Judith N. Land#
Sarah-Marie Land
David W. Landau
Sylvan S.# and Donna M. Landau
Joyce Landauer
David W. Landeck#
Michael P. Landeck
John R. and Mary P. Landgraf
Steven Landgrebe
Daniel Landiss
Louise M. Landon
Gerald Landrum
Stephen Landrum
Linda Landry
Cara Lane
Charles C. and Joan M.# Lane
Daniel S. and Ruth A. Lane
Ellen Lane
Graham and Viveca Lane
Patricia Lane
Patrick S.# and Susan B.# Lane
Teresa Lane
Terry and Jill Lane
Jessica Laney
James J. Lang III and Margaret J. Lang
Carol J. Lang
Catherine Lang
Colleen Lang
David Lang and Maureen Ross-Lang
Donald F. Lang and Ellen S.# Schuermann-Lang
Douglas P. Lang
Mark G. Lang
Michael J. Lang
Samantha Lang
Jane Langa
Robert Langa
Louise Langbein
Gary H. and Marilyn M. Lange
Thomas H.# and Barbara G. Langenberg
David Langford
Wes S.# and Megan M. Langford
Donald A. and Lynn Langiano
Shanon Langlie
Laura Langton
Jacki Langum
Christopher C. and Carole L. Lanham
Michael Lanier
Matthew Lankford
Irvin and Glendora Lanning
Patricia J. Lanning
Gary R. Lanser and Melba J. Wehmeier
Benjamin E. and Sarah C. Lapierre
Lee C. LaPointe
Josef M. Laposa#
Scott J. Lapp
Bertha Lappas
Demetrios G. and Argini K. Lappas
Jeffrey G. and Susanne R.# Lappe
Rebecca Largent
Tracey Lariccia
Bruce E. and Sheryl L.# Larkin
Carol J. Larkin#
Allison C. Larkins#
Philip T. and Karen LaRoche
Dennis M. and Vicki S. Larose
Jama E. LaRose
Jenifer LaRouche
Michael and Laura Larrabee
Christopher W. and Annelsbeth T. Larsen
David W. and Marcia D.# Larsen
James S. and Martha K. Larsen
Jennifer S. Larsen
A. William Larson
Alisa Larson
Barbara M. Larson
Debra M. Larson
Donovan Larson
Eric G. Larson#
John Larson
Rose Lascala
Lisa Lasch
Virginia Laschober
William Lashley
Cark and Kathleen Lask
Bethany L. Laska
Anita E. Laskaris#
Leslie Laskey
Kathryn Lass
Terry Lassar
David P. and Claudia M. Last
Patricia Latham
Ronda Latina
Vernetta Laton
Steve Lattimore
Edward C. and Arlene J. Laub
Joseph J. Lauber and Ellen Godfrey-Lauber
Martha A. Lauber
Paul and Lynn F. Lauber
Albert E. and Barbara R. Laudel
Mary Laudon
Ronald W. and Laura K. Laue
James# and Rayma K.# Laughlin
Bob and Jill Lauman
Rose M. Lauman#
Paul A. Laurence#
Cynthia L. Laurent#
Susan Lauritsen
Mark A. Lause#
Steven A. Lauter
Chuck Lavazzi
Mary Lavazzi
Robert and Doris Lavelle
Donald L. Lavender#
James and Mary C. Lavictoire
Amy Lavin
Harold Y. and Helena C.# Law
Kenneth M. and Kathleen A.# Lawler
Mariah Lawler
Donald W. Lawrence and Simone M. Cummings
Lilian P. Lawrence
Margaret E. Lawrence
Ronald and Julianne V. Lawrence
Mindy Lawson
Philip A. and Kathryn E.# Lawson
Richard Lawson
Stanley A. and Rosemary J. Lawton
David E.# and Gail S. Lay
Russell F. and Shriley J. Lay
Sondra Lay
Lawrence J. and Jayne E. Layden
William and Karin Layher
Wendell M. Layne III
Robert Layne
William B. and Lucile M.# Layne
Brad Layton
Julie Layton
Steve Layton
Peter J. Lazaroff
Jon Lazarow
Helen Lazear
Bill and Laura Lazechko
Lois Le Bloch
Kenneth and Karen Le Clerc
Natalie Le Vine
James Lea
Joe H. and Nancy J. Leach
Mitchell J. Leachman
Colleen Leahy
Elizabeth Leahy
David Leake
Brian S.# Leander and Sheila A. Adams-Leander
Carol A. LeBegue#
Steven M. and Dina F.# Leber
Sanford and Hadassah Lebman
Andrew J. and Victoria L. Lechner
Steven C. Leclerq
Lance D. Lecomb
Gary and Anita L.# Ledbetter
Loy W. and Margaret Ledbetter
W. J. Ledbetter
John M. Ledden
Gary J. and Sharon A.# Lederle
Vinita Ledesma
Christopher B. Lee
Clayton F. Lee
Deborah Lee
Denise A. Lee#
Donnie Lee
Franklin J. Lee#
Joy C. Lee
Kelly Lee
Kevin J. and Sara M. Lee
Kevin Lee and Pamela E. Kaiser
Louisa Lee#
Nicole R. Lee
Patrick D.# and Carol A.# Lee
Paul Lee
Rachel Lee
Rhonda L. Lee
Susan A. Lee
Umar Lee
John D. Leech
Mark Leech
Harvey W.# and Diane Leeds
Richard G. and Janice Lees
Kenneth J. and Margaret A.# Lefarth
Zoe R. Lefebvre
Mary Lefevre
Christopher Leffelman
Regi Lefort
Cynthia S. Leforte
Charles R. and Lois J. Lefton
Cynthia A. Lefton
Bill Legalle
Eileen Legaspi
Miette P. Legrand
Jean-Robert and Virginia L. Leguey-Feilleux
Michael W.# Lehde and Linda L. Schottel-Lehde
Barbara D. Lehman
Lori J. Lehman
Paul A.# and Bonnie Lehmann
Tara L. Lehmann#
Carol Lehmkuhl
Christopher G.# and Holly L. Lehmuth
Annette L. Lehnbeuter#
Matthew M. Lehnen
Daniel L. Lehocky and Dana Barhard
Joan K. Lehr
Scott P.# and Susan E. Leiberton
Barry H. and Caroline H. Leibman
D. Kent and Anne Leichliter
Ninel T. Leichliter
Michael T.# and Sandra D. Leicht
Rose E. Leifeld#
Robert F. and Genevieve Leifield
Tom Leigh
Kim G. Leighton#
Richard E. Leighton
Frances Leimkuehler
Thomas Leimkuehler
Brian C. and Kristie Lein
Joseph Leindecker and Susan Reime
Mary C. Leinweber
Phyllis Lemen
Amelee LeMieux
Chay Lemoine
Joe E. and Dana Lemoine
Betty K. Lemon
Ann K. Lemp
Maegan K. Lemp
Gerald E. and Margaret H.# Lenau
Jerome J. and Roberta E. Lenczowski
Mark Lennon
Patrick J. Lennon
Don G. and Peggy I. Lents
Andrew J. and Kristie Lenzen
Donald Lenzini
Judith Leon
Timothy C. and Susan Leon
Audrey A. Leonard
Danielle E. Leonard
Donald L.# Leonard and Charmaine L. Charmain
Gloria J. Leonard#
Joseph N. Leonard#
Suzanne A. Leonard
Walter and Peggy Leonard
Melvin R.# and Regina M. Leong
Elaine M. Lerch
Enrique# and Rebecca Lerner
Jeffrey A. Lerner
Casey M. Lesawyer
John A. Lesire
Matt Lesko
Oliver S. and Marian P.# Leslie
Melissa M. Lesniak#
Carolyn Lesorogol
Carolyn S. Lesser
James A. and Geraldine A. Lessly
Gary P. and Cathy Lessmann
Neil R. Lester
Margaret M. Lestina
Eugene K.# and Paula E. Leung
Maureen Leuthen
Steven Leuthold
Nancy Levek
Arnold E. Leventhal and Kathryn Leventhal-Arnold
Ann B. Lever
John M. and Jewel A. Leveritt
Dana Leverone
Lewis A. and Leslee F. Levey
Hans Levi
Allen S. and Joyce D. Levin
Donald Levin
Dorothy Levin
Estelle Levin
Jacob Levin
Marvin E. and Barbara Levin
Adele Levine
Mark Levine
Robert Levine
Shari Levine
Benjamin B.# and Sarah Z. Levinson
Marvin L. and Marilyn Y. Levinson
Christina U. Levison
Stephen and Audrey Levit
Ellen M. Levitz#
David M. Levy and Stephanie N. Kurtzman
Diane Levy#
Edward S. and Joelyn K. Levy
Eleanor Levy
Frances Levy
Harold S. Levy
Janet F. Levy
Joey M. Levy
Jules R. and Anne Levy
Laverne L. Levy
Mark A. and Elizabeth R. Levy
Sally S. Levy
Nancy Lewandowski
William H. Lewellen
Jerome J. and Ruth L. Lewin
W. Howard Lewin*
Adam Lewis
Anne S. Lewis#
Camellia E. Lewis#
Carrie J. Lewis#
Catherine F. Lewis#
Charles A. Lewis
Charles Lewis and Nancy Vosnidou
James M.# and Carrie A. Lewis
Kathy Lewis
Kent A. Lewis
Mary E. Lewis#
Orval J. and Marilyn A. Lewis
Robert H. Lewis
Robert L. and Joyce K. Lewis
Steve L. Lewis
Thomas Lewis
Margie Lewitt
Jeralyn Lewitz
Elizabeth A. LexLeigh
Cala Lexow
Rodney Leyda
Jia Li
Kou and Cherng Li
Jianyi Liang
Kelly Liao
Kenneth E. and Kathleen A. Libby
Kecia Licausi
Joseph P. Licavoli#
William J. and Lynn Liccione
Steven A. and Ruth Lichtenfeld
Michael and Amy Licis
Merlin E. and Harriet B.# Lickhalter
Vivian R. Liddell
Jonathan A. Lidgus#
David M. and Elayne S. Lieberman
Joy Lieberman
Julia R. Lieberman
Phyllis Lieberman
Theodore P.# and Debbie A. Lieberman
Gayle Liebig
Harry K. and Jody S. Liebman
Linda S. Liebman#
Richard M. and Diane M.# Liebsch
Roy and Gabriele Lieder
Charles and Judith Lieu
Barbara A. Light
Glen and Jean Light
Talitha Light
Ryan E. and Katherine Ligon
Michal and Anna Lijowski
Aleah A. Likas
Travis and Micaela Liles
Christopher J. and Joni Liljedahl
Joy Lillard
Douglas T. and Carol E. Lillesve
Han S. Lim#
Shirish S. Limaye
Julie Limbaugh
Craig M. Limesand
Hongy Lin
Ying-Chun Lin
Kenneth and Mickey Linck
Rachel Linck
Anne J. Lindberg
Dennis A. and Jane J. Lindberg
Robert E. Lindberg
Barbara J. Lindemann
Deborah L. Linden
Patricia Linderer
David D. Lindley and Susan S. Poellot
Mary Lindmark
Matthew P. and Sherry C. Lindquist
Robert D.# and Patricia Lindsley
James D. and Mary T. Linhares
Donald M.# Linhorst and P. Ann# Dirks Linhorst
Christopher B. Link
David W.# and Jacqueline S. Link
Elizabeth Link
Barbara L. Linkemer
Lawrence J.# and Mary C. Linkul
Dale E. and Christine A.# Linn
Justin Linn
Travis Linneman
Sarah Linquist*
Justin P. Linsenmeyer
Robert H. Linsey
Lois Linton
Joseph W. and Patricia Lintzenich
David A. and Claire C. Linzee
Gail Lipe
Gayle A. Lipic
Steven M.# and Joyce A. Lipkind
Dale F. Lipman
Liz Lippa
Nancy Lippincott
Larry Lipschutz
Martin M. and Jacquelin S. Lipsitz
David Lipson
Jeanne D. Lischer
Vance C. Lischer and Dorothy S. Beaman
Marlene E. Lischwe#
Sheila T. Lischwe
Brooke Lisenbardt
Nancy Lisker
Arno and Edith List
Sandra Litecky
Rima Litke
Steve A. Litman
Dean C.# and Diane M.# Little
Edward D. and Elisabeth Little
Elle Little
Gerald R. and Marion J.# Little
Jeri Little
Robert C. and Betty K. Little
Travis L. and Suzanne M. Little
Vicki L. Little
Eric Littlepage
Josie Littlepage
Ellen P. Littleton
Johnnie L. and Carmen A.# Litton
Arthur and Adele F. Litz
Paul S. and Karen E. Litzsinger
Kechi K. Liu
Gloria Lloyd
Larry E. Lloyd
Stacey A. Lloyd#
Paul G. and Patricia G. Lobach
Philip Lobo
Charles M. Lock
Virginia Lock
Kenneth W. and Marlene P. Locke
Terry A. Locke
Bonita J. Lockhart
Rose Lockwood
Andy and Katie Lodes
Mark P. Lodes#
Hans Lodholz
George Lodoly
Deanna L. Loefche#
Charles G.# and Patricia L. Loeffel
Janet S. Loeffler
Richard Loeffler
Robert J. Loehr
Mark Loehrer
Ronald P.# and Kathleen A. Loepker
Paul M. and Janice Loewenstein
Lena Loewenstine
Anthony F. and Judith G. Lofaro
Lorin G. and Loretta M. Lofgren
Salvatore Loforte
Mark I.# and Sharon K. Lofton
Irving L. and Sharon Logan
Joseph P. and Yvonne M. Logan
Timothy D. and Erin M. Logan
Patricia Logsdon
Susan Logsdon
John Lohmar
Debra L. Lohr
Freda Lohr
Lilah J. Lohr
Gale Lohrding
Paul J. and Anne M.# Loida
Thomas J. and Diann M.# Loida
Charles W. and Joann A. Lombardo
Shelley A. Lombardo#
Gerald A.# and Barbara Lommen
Patricia Loncaric#
Shirley Londe
Daniel London
Stanley L. and Jacqueline G. London
Aaron Long
Agatha M. Long
Andrew M. Long
Christine M. Long
Daniel S. and Christine R.# Long
Dewey L. and Deborah C. Long
Elizabeth F. Long
Gary E. Long
Julian and Kathleen Long
Kevin M. Long#
Mary P. Long
Michael G. Long#
Patricia A. Long
Quinn Long
Susan J. Long
Wilbert Long
Elizabeth A. Longi
Mary E. Longley Speller
Albert Loo
Cecelia A. Loomer
James F. Loomis
Silke L. Lopez De Mesa
Javier D. Lopez
Jean M. Lopez
Vivial M. Lopez#
Judith A. Loraine#
Stephen J. and Germaine L. Lorbert
Bethany Lord
Paul and Judy Lore
Craig A. and Cathy C. Lorenz
Justin Lorenz
Raymond D.# and Christine M. Lorenz
Steven D. Lorenz
Adam J. Lorenzen and Eu Nice Loh
Jeremy R.# and Melissa Loscheider
Amanda M. Losh
Jonathan Losos
David J. and Mary P. Lossos
Julie Lossos
Jeffrey Lott
Melvin Lott
John D. and Victoria B. Lottes
Jonathan D. Lottes#
Paul A. Lottes
Dorothy Loughlin
Jennifer Loughman
Michael T. Loui
Wayne and Shirley M. Loui
Leslye Louis
Cyril D. Loum#
Janet M. Love
Michael A. and Myrtle M.# Love
Tommie R. Love
Norman W. and Sandra L.# Loveland
Kathleen S. Lovett
Mildred Lovett
Robert J. and Harriet H. Lovins
Jeffrey J.# and Martha A. Lowe
Laura M. Lowe
Michael S. Lowell
Deborah Lower
Jacqueline Lowery Corn
Korey R. Lowery#
David R. and Elizabeth Lowis
Brian R. and Renai B. Lowry
Porter P. Lowry
Thomas E. Lowther
Michael T. Loyd#
Michael and Jennifer L.# Loyd
David A. and Sara D. Loyet
Hong Lu
Laura Luaders
Roy A. and Gloria L. Luber
Herbert L. and Gloria Lubowitz
Nancy L. Lubowitz
Jerry K. Lucas#
Robert B. and Maryann E.# Lucas
Teresa Lucas
Tiffany Lucas
Frank D. and Jennifer Lucash
J. William and Susan Lucco
Kimberly Luce
Daniel C. and Janice L. Lucey
Jennifer M. Luchte
Craig M. Luciano#
Linda Lucke
Daryl G. and Evon A. Luckey
Jane E. Luckhaupt
Phillip A. and Helen C. Ludbrook
John S. Ludeman
Gerald M. and Ann M.# Ludlow
Albert J. and Margaret L.# Ludwig
Alfred J. and Rachel E. Ludwig
Daniel M. Ludwig#
Thomas A. and Christina D.# Ludwig
Wendy Ludwig
Barry N. and Kathleen L.# Luechtefeld
Kenn R.# and Linda F. Luecke
Mark and Linda Lueckenhoff
Charles E. and Jane Luedde
Shannon Lueders
James W. Luedtke
James W. and Joann R.# Lueker
Margaret A. Lueker
Herny F. and Judith O. Luepke
Jon Luer
Tyler Luetkenhaus
Mark E. and Nancy Luetzow
Christopher A. Luft
Catherine Luh
Ellen Luhrsen
Andrea A. Lui
Susan D. Lukasik
Douglas Luke and Susan England
Donna J. Luker
Linda B. Luks
John Lum
Jon T. and Kathleen L.# Lum
Laura G. Lumaghi
Togu Lumbantobing
Timothy Lumpkins
Eric C. Lundin
Emmet G. and Jette H. Lung
Suzanne M. Lunnemann
Timothy J. Lunow#
Eric Luo
Joshua N. Luparell
Rene Lusser
Jason and Jill Lustberg
Donald J. and Denise M.# Lutes
William and Margaret Luth
Jessica M. Luther
Ronald and Kathy Lutjens
Dennis B. and Judith A.# Lutsky
Gregory L. and Karol S. Luttrell
Lindsay Lutz
Mary E. Lutz
Brian Luu
Han N. Luu#
Brigid T. Luzarraga#
Amy L. Luzecky#
Jon Lybarger
Tasha Lyden
Michael T. and Deborah A.# Lydon
Colleen Lyerla
Kate G. Lyford
Michael S. and Donna Lykens
Scott A. Lyle#
Tammy L. Lyle
Richard Lynam
Allen H. Lynch
Candace C. Lynch
Isaac Lynch
James B. Lynch
Kevin and Anne Lynch
Michael Lynch
Patricia A. Lynch
Robert E. Lynch and Ellen G. Wood
Sallie L. Lynch#
Theresa Lynch
Timothy M. Lynch#
Cynthia M. Lynk#
Patricia E. Lynn#
Paul and Kathryn Lyon
Jacob Lyonfields
Lawrence E. and Gloria C. Lyons
Linda Lyons
Michael Lyss and Carol B. Kaplan-Lyss
John Lytle
Emilie L. Lytton
Thomas and Jennifer M.# Maag
Mary Maas
Kay Maassen
John J. Mabery
Hazel P. Mabrey
Margaret L. MacAdam
Nancy Macaleney
John P. and Talbot L. MacCarthy
Hugh J. and Mary E. MacDonald
John and Janice MacDonald
John and Kimberly Macdonald
Winifred Macdoniels
Maria Macheca
Thomas Macher
James H.# and Margaret J. Mack
Robert K. and Frances S. Mack
Travis L.# and Holly A.# Mack
Lori Mackaben
Barbara J. Macke#
Glenn A. and Cynthia A. Mackey
John X. Mackey and Jacqueline N. Woertenberg
Peter P. MacKie#
Ronald W. Macknight
Grant and Phyllis E. MacLaren
Amy S. Maclennan
John F. and Patricia A.# Macleod
Ellen MacPherson
Gillian R. MacQuarrie
Ted C. Macrae
Leonard J. and Carol Madalon
Kartik V. Madane
Bradut Madaras
Daniel and Kimberly F. Madden
John P. and Barbara A. Madden
Kevin P. and Brenda L. Madden
Sean E. Madden
Teri L. Maddox
Harold J.# and Geralyn T. Madigan
Mary K. Madras
Mary A. Magac
Patricia D. Magee#
Angela C. Mager
James W. and Mary E. Mager
Dorothy Magett
Leonard B. and Julie A. Maggi
Brett Magill
Carrie Magill
R. Michael and Barbara M. Magill
Robert E. and Mary G. Magill
Andrew F. Magnus
James E. and Marietta E. Magnus
Nancy A. Magnuson
Norman S. and Nancy M. Magnuson
Doug and Michelle Magnussen
Cassandra R. Magny#
Edward A. Magraw
Jean A. Magre
James M. and Dianne C. Maguire
Joan G. Maguire
Michael H. and Marilyn S. Maguire
Ramona Maguire
Ashley Maher
Regan Maher
Shawn B. Maher
Steve Mahfood and Elizabeth C.# Petersen
Sylvia Mahle
Robert J.# Mahon and Margaret Hart-Mahon
Vickie Mahon
Gerald P. Mahoney
Janice Mahoney
Mary J. Mahoney#
Michele M. Mahr
Nicholas C. and Kacey Mahrt
John A. Maiale
Nathaniel M. Maichel#
Julie E. Maier
Robert J. Maillette and Mary A. Hatch-Maillette
Art Maines
Ellen Mains
Thomas Mains
Tom and Suzanne M.# Makarewicz
Anne T. Makeever
Greg and Julia M. Maki
James J. and Donna M. Makley
Doris Malacarne
Maggy Malcolm
Rakhee Malhotra
George Malich
Maheen M. and Raafea F. Malik
Mohammad F.# and Ulrikke Malik
Samir Malik
Andrew R. Malkus
Michael P. and Martha Mallett
Anita Mallinckrodt
Tom Mallinson
Kevin G.# and Laurie A. Mallon
Julia K. Malloy
Louis and Kathleen K. Malnassy
Jessica M. Malody
Caitlin E. Malone
Rodney S. Malone#
Roy J. and Carol A.# Malone
Daniel T. and Ellen F.# Maloney
James V. and Gay Maloney
Maggie Maloney
Mary Maloney
Deborah B. Maltby
Daniel F. Maltman#
Jonathan F. Maltman#
Horatio and Maria Maluf
John R. and Nancy A. Malvin
Colette Y. Manac'H-Royall#
Burton E. and Patricia A. Mandel
Katherine J. Mandel#
Stephen Mandel
Daniel R. Mandelker
Lori Mandl
Jose L. and Donna M. Manes
Nico Maness
Michael Manganelli
Salvatore L.# and Michele Manganelli
Thomas Mangelsdorf
Jessica Mangler
Robert N. Mangoff
Michael B. Manhanke#
Mark and Patricia Maniaci
John B. Manion
Alden Manipula
Charles B. Manley and Kimberly J. Perry
Michael D. Manley
Stephen B. Manley#
Beth Manlin
James K. and Evelyn R.# Mann
Michael Mann
Norman R. Mann#
Zachary S. and Carole A.# Mann
Marcia Mannen
Philip Mannhard
Pamela T. Manning
James P. and Jane E. Mannix
Gloria Mannz
Laura Mannz
Claire Manske
Ed Mantels-Seeker
Ann Manubay
Roosevelt Manuel
Richard and Alice Manus
Roberta B. Manz#
Michael K. Mao
Wendy C. Maple#
David W.# and Nancy A. Marcanik
Edward G.# and Patricia Marcanik
Marlene Marcella
Douglas M. and Gina March
Jonathan D. March
James and Elizabeth Marchbank
Claudia F. Marchese#
Brett Marcique and Vanity Gee
Howard J. Marcus#
Rosellen Marcus
Laci Marden
Sacha Mardouu
Catherine B. Marek
Christopher R. and Kathleen F. Maret
Delores Margos
Sheldon Margulis
Ethel Mariam
Karen A. Mariani
Andrej and Cynthia Marich
Elise Marifian
Carlos B. and Rosalinda E. Mariles
John H. and Patricia E.# Marino
Jeff Marion
Ruth R. Marion
Natalie Marioni
Mary A. Maritz
Richard S. and Diane J. Mark
Thomas P. Mark#
Rashmi Markan
James Markey
Julie Markley
Wayne S. Markman
Hilda Markowitz
William and Lisa Markowitz
Nathanael F. Marks#
Steven Marks
Kelly Marksbury
Angela Markuly
George L. and Phyllis W. Markus
Karl H. and Julia A. Markus
Miles and Dorothy Markusch
Harold A. Marler
Margaret M. Marnati
Daniel J. Marnell
Michael and Samantha Marquard
Keith Marrs
Stanley J.# and Jane M.# Marschner
Christopher and Denise Marsh
Dave R. and Rita M.# Marsh
Jeffrey and Rebecca B. Marsh
Kerry Marsh
Quentin Marsh
Alice Marshall
Jay P. and Sue Marshall
Loren Marshall
Mary Marshall
Scott O. and Annabelle L. Marshall
Travis T. Marshall
Filippo Marsili
Dale K.# Marston and Lavinia Negrea
William H. and Cynthia R. Marston
Frederick H. and Florence B. Marten
Andrew C. and Heather Martens
Susanne Martens
Jason T. Marth
Albert L. Martin
Alvyde T. Martin
Andrew and Stephanie S. Martin
Art Martin*
Bret Martin
Darrell R. and Kathy A.# Martin
Dennis Martin
Donald Martin
Eric D. and Jeanne M. Martin
Erica E. Martin
Evelyn T. Martin
Frances E. Martin
Frances T. Martin
Fred R. and Janet G. Martin
George A. Martin
Henry and Jane E. Martin
Hiram C.# and Cheryl A. Martin
James A. and Susan M. Martin
John A. and Mary E.# Martin
Julianne Martin
Kent Martin
Lamira Martin
Lerone Martin
Mary J. Martin
Michael A. Martin
Nelda K. Martin
Paul W. and Barbara K. Martin
Ryan C. Martin
Scott A.# and Dawn Martin
Sharon M. Martin
Susan M. Martin
William K. Martin
Candace Martinez
Gabriel Martinez
William C. and Fern M. Martinez
Andrew and Mary Marting
Mark R. Marting#
Carl T. and Gretchen G. Martinson
Garvin D. and Marian C. Marty
Betty R. Marver
Eric and Lisa M.# Marvin
Michael W. Maschek#
Jason and Kelly Maschmann
Lisa M. Mason
Lois E. Mason
Michael and Ruth Mason
Ryan J. Mason
Ryan Mason#
Steven P. Mason#
David C. Massey
Edwilla L. Massey
Jane M. Massey
Leonard W. Massey
Maggie Massey
Lawrence L. and Joan M. Masters
James T.# and Denise Masterson
Vennessa Mastroianni
Bridget Matarazzi
Eugenia T. Matasa
Samantha Matchefts
Mark W.# and Katherine Mathae
Amanda Matheu
Bettie Mathews
Carlton J. Mathews
Rebecca Mathiesen
Erick Mathieu
Leo J. Mathis
Kristin Matisziw
Peter J. Matlon and Joyce A. Cacho
Ichiro# and Sandra Matsuda
Barbara G. Matt
Curt S. and Michelle E.# Mattenson
Edith Matteson
Robert Matthes
Margaret Matthew
Brenda L. Matthews
Dean A.# and Margaret Matthews
Justus and Barbara Matthews
Ruth A. Matthews
Elizabeth A. Mattingly
Doug and Tonya Mattis
Anita M. Mattson#
Donald T. Matusofsky#
Louis Matustik
Michael Maue
Carol A. Maune
Jody Maune
Julie Maune
Gwen Mauntel
Bruce Maurer
Imelda Maurer
Mary M. Maurer#
Roy C. and Susan L. Maurer
Sharon J. Maust
Tom and Mary Maxeiner
Mary Maxfield
Mary Kathryn Maxheimer
Igor V. Maxim
Susan M. Maxwell#
Barbara A. May
Carol May
David A. May
David C. and Therese S. May
Glenn W. and Pat C. May
James R. May and Jana K. Craig
Karen L. May#
Robert W.# and Sharon M.# May
Sharon A. May#
William S. and Barbara May
Kathryn Mayberry
Zachariah D. Mayberry
Kyle Mayden
Angela Mayer
Frederick N. and Patricia Mayer
Jason M. Mayer
Kay Mayer
Lee Mayer
Muriel A. Mayer
Nancy D. Mayer
Rosa Mayer
Barbara Mayer-Douglas
Burton M. Mayfield#
Donna L. Mayfield
Karen S. Mayfield
Gerald L. and Linda C.# Mayher
Jessica Mayo
Cornell Mays
Jennifer A. Mays
Kevin S.# and Renee H. Mayse
Michael Mazur
Jane Mazurek
John E. Mazuski
Matthew Mazzola
Marilyn Mazzoni
Anna Mazzuca
Steven E. McAchran
Eileen McAlister
William S.# and Janet B. McAllister
Charles N. and Anne S. McAlpin
Paula K. McAndrew
Duncan D. McArthur and Lisa Carpenter
Robert D. McArthur
Sheila McBee
Beverly M. McBrian#
Brian J. McBride
Casey D. McBride
John J. McBride
Patricia McBride
Thomas P. and Elyse G. McBride
Vella McBride
Charles L.# and Judy A. McCabe
Robert E. McCabe
Mary McCafferty
Judith McCaffrey
Terence B. and Marilyn L.# McCaffrey
Jim McCain
Sarah M. McCaleb
Alvin McCall
David L.# and Barbara A. McCall
Ida McCall
Don McCallie
Meredith A. McCance
John K. McCandliss
Sarah McCann
James P. and Rosalie M. McCarter
W. Dudley and Elizabeth D. McCarter
Brean McCarthy
Dennis J. and Mary A. McCarthy
Frederick McCarthy#
Jack W. and Margaret A. McCarthy
John S. and Sally B. McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy and Diane E. Thompson
Laura M. McCarthy
Marilyn McCarthy
Rosemary J. McCarthy
Sheila McCarthy
Thomas M. and Carol J. McCarthy
Jack McCarty
Katee McCarty
Melba McCarver
Daniel C.# and Martha J. McClain
Letty McClain
Bryan McClellan
C. G. and Dorothy S. McClellan
Doyle McClellan and Hannah Gilk-McClellan
William and Mary K. McClellan
Alan A. and Emmy McClelland
Dorrine McClelland
Jean McClelland
Lynn McClenahan
David A. and Gaye F. McClendon
Jane McClocklin
Douglas O. and Julie A.# McCloskey
Mark A. McClung
Charlotte A. McClure#
Fred L. and Cherly W. Mcclure
Ryan and Beth McClure
Benjamin S.# and Stacey R. McClusky
Linda McCombs
Jane E. McConnell
Milton E. McConnell
Paul A. McConnell
W. O. and Audree McConnell
Marissa McCorick-Gunther
Anne L. McCormack
Enid McCormack
Ian W. Mccormack
Laura McCormack
Timothy F. McCormack#
Marcia L. McCormick
Don McCown
Alyse N. McCoy#
Charles J.# and Mary Jane McCoy
Patrick J.# and Katherine McCoy
Kevin A. and Moira L. McCracken
Vance McCracken
Gregory McCray
David McCreery
Jean McCrowell#
Sara S. McCudden
Fred McCue
Jessica L. McCulley#
Brian M. McCulloch#
Margaret E. McCulloch
Brian D. McCullough#
Conor McCullough
Keith M. and Karin M. McCune
Roger A. and Janis C. McCurley
James K. and Donna McCurren
Bridgette L. McDade#
Christopher L. McDaniel
Elizabeth McDaniel
James E. and Jane E. McDaniel
Jerry E. and Katherine A. McDaniel
Katherine McDaniel
Kathleen McDaniel
Carlinda F. McDaniels#
Michael D. McDermott#
Norah McDermott
Stacy McDermott
Mary I. McDevitt
Mary McDevitt
Barbara McDonald
Edgar B. McDonald
James L. McDonald#
Joan M. McDonald
Michele McDonald
Monica McDonald
Terry L. McDonald
Meghan E. McDoniel#
John F. and Anne M. McDonnell
Richard Mcdonnell
Ruth E. McDonnell
David D. and Jacquelyn S. McDonough
Joseph P.# and Janet R.# McDonough
Michael E. and Gail A. McDonough
Dan McDougell
Andrew S. and Julie D. McDowell
Daniel E. McDowell
Eunice V. McEldoon
Robert M. and Melinda J. McElligott
Barbara McElroy
Robert H. and Mary J. McElroy
John P. and Jeanne C.# McEnery
Steven P. McEntee#
Don McFarland
JD and Laverne McFarland
Marjorie S. McFarland#
Patrick McFarland
Peter McFarlane
James and Karen McFarling
Paul D.# and Renee S. McFerron
Sarah McGarry
Hugh A. and Grace McGaughy
Rio Mcgee
Teresa McGee
Amelia McGeehan
Joseph McGettigan
Tomorrow F. McGhee#
Sara McGibany
Kerry McGill
John and Patricia A. McGillick
Alberta E. McGilligan
Mary A. McGinn
Betty J. McGinness
Mary B. McGivern
James B. and Joan H. McGivney
Michael J. McGlew
Meghan K. McGlynn#
Dennis and Marnie McGorry
Michael R. and Janine Y.# McGovern
Laurie McGowan
James N. and Judy McGowen
Cynthia A. McGrail#
Colin McGrath
Deborah McGrath
Elsie McGrath
Judith McGrath
Kathleen M. McGrath
Michele McGrath
Padraic T. McGrath#
Pamela A. McGrath
Kevin McGraw
Kristin M. McGraw
Martin P. McGreal
John J. McGrosso
Matthew T. and Marisa McGruther
Debra J. McGuire#
Dennis J.# and Carol McGuire
James H. and Yvonne Y. McGuire
Leslie S. McGuire
Rosemary McGuire
Travis McGuire
John C. McGuirk
Bryson R. McHardy Jr.
Julie A. McHugh
Patricia A. McHugh
Cory A. McIlroy
Barbara L. McInnis#
Kathleen E. McInnis
Lesley K. McIntire
Martha McIntire
Vernon McIntire
Craig McIntosh
John McIntosh
Angela S. McIntosh-Davis#
David B. and Sandra J.# McKay
Harriet McKay
Michael V. and Linda J. McKay
Noel McKay
Patricia McKay
Cheryl A. McKee
David B. McKee
James E. McKee
Kristin McKee
Nancy McKee
Rebecca McKee#
Stacie B. McKee#
Nancy McKellar
Anna McKelvey
Brendan and Mary McKelvey
James M. McKelvey
Kenneth H. and Margaret G. McKelvie
Kathleen F. McKemy
Judith R. McKenna
Kenneth R.# and Rebecca M.# McKenna
Thomas M. and Mary F. McKenna
Mary M. McKenney
Frank McKeown
Eugene G. and Sara E. McKibben
Meredith C. McKinley
Christopher McKinney
Ryan McKinney
Stephanie Mckinney
Thomas C. McKinney
Sylvia D. McKinnis
Margueritte C. McKirgan
Fredrick L. McKissack*
Patricia C. McKissack
Kathy McLafferty
Sylvia M. McLain
Cecil L. and Elizabeth J.# McLard
Edith J. McLaren#
Amy M. McLaughlin
Gerald D. and Joy L. McLaughlin
Judith A. Mclaughlin
Ronald K. McLaughlin#
John and Johnell McLean
Stanley McLean
Patricia A. McLeese
Laura A. McLenna#
John and Vicki McLoughlin
Catherine McMahon
Nancy McMahon
Katherine McMamus
Christine McMeley
Mark McMellen
Janet E. McMenamy
Garry McMichael
Ashton McMillan
Catherine McMillan
Lauren McMillan
Marilyn McMillan
Claudia C. McMillin
Kathleen McMullan
James J.# and Rita M. McMullen
Michael N. McMullen
John R. McMurray
Michael and Mary G.# McMurtrey
Dorothy L. McMurtry
Tracy E. McMurtry#
Teresa A. McNail#
Hareth V. McNally
Patrick and Stephanie McNally
Alma D. McNamara
Brian J. and Elizabeth O. McNamara
James J. and Helen E. McNamara
Lee M. and Rose M. McNaughton
James E. and Linda K. McNay
Cornelia McNeal
Michael G. McNeal
Ralph# and Yalantes McNeal
Patty McNearney
Thomas and Linda McNeely
Thomas McNeil
Catherine McNeive
Richard McNelley
Eve McNew
Nancy McNiff
Anna B. Mcnulty#
Jane M. McPartland#
Theresa McPeek
Edwin McPherson
Gordon and Amy McPherson
Heather McPherson
Amy McQueen
Amy McRae
Stephanie McReynolds
William U. McReynolds
Lea R. McRoberts
Rita S. McShea
Edward F.# and Carol McSweeney
Carolyn McWatters
Robert W. and Patricia K. McWhorter
Charles A.# and Roxane M.# McWilliams
Nadine Meacham
Jill M. Mead
Mary Meadows
James B. and Jean R. Meanor
Jim and Patricia L. Means
Erik and Sarah Mease
Douglas and Mary Mech
Steve Mechem
Janis Meckfessel
Kathryn Medlin
Michael J. and Vicki L. Meehan
Demond Meek
Joseph C. and Barbara A. Meek
Julia Meeker
Merle L. Meeker
Jennifer G. Meers#
Arthur J. and Dianne Mees
Greg D. and Caryn A. Mefford
Kenneth B. and Linda I. Mehl
Mitra Mehrad
Joan Mehrer
Alisha F. Mehrhoff
Pramod P. and Anjali P. Mehta
Raymond M. and Janet D. Meibaum
Allan H. and Vicki A. Meier
Frank J. and Carol B. Meier
Henry J. Meier
James A.# and Tamira D.# Meier
Joan E. Meier
Norbert A. and Patricia F. Meier
Murray L. and Linda H.# Meierhoff
Scott A.# and Lesa A.# Meierotto
Suzanne Meiner
Susan B. Meiners
Daryl L. Meisburger
Deborah Meister
Gregory S.# and Deborah L. Meitz
Scott Melenbrink
Ignatius Melito
Richard J. Melka#
Maren Mellem
Matt J. Melliere#
Marcia Mellone
Anibal Melo
Howard and Camilla Meloch
Mike Melroy
Sherry Melson
Gary J. and Susan K. Meltz
Bonnie L. Meltzer
Bette Menard
Louis A. Menard
Thomas A. Menary
Robert W. and Nancy Menchhofer
Patricia M. Mendel
Sanford D. and Maurita V.# Mendelson
Christina Meneses
Thomas H. Mengwasser
Thomas and Joan Menkhus
Thomas J. and Anna H. Mennerick
Donald and Barbara Menown
Annalee Menz
Shari Menz
Joseph and Jun Hua Mercer
Rex R. and Sharon M. Mercer
Betty Merchant
Joseph A. and Lynn B. Mercurio
Kathleen Mercury
Jane Merdic
Janice Meredith
Larry R. and Helen J.# Meredith
Stephen R.# and Mary E.# Meritt
Nichole Merkel
John P. and Corinna Merker
Robert Merli
Barbara Merlotti
Maria Mermelstein
Margaret R. Merrell
Stu and Nancy Merrell
John Merrill
Dana D. Merritt#
Michael C.# and Caroline Merritt
Stephanie M. Merritt
Rozann Mersinger
E. Jeannie Merson
John R. and Courtney E.# Mertens
Shirley Mertens
Thomas J. and Etta L. Mertens
Mary Mertzlufft
Bob Merz and Melissa E. Miller
Mary A. Merz
Richard P. and Edna J. Merz
Olga V. Merzlikina#
Patricia Meske
Emily E. Mess
Penny L. Messerla#
Terese R. Messman
Marlene H. Mestres
Stephen M. and Angela M. Mestres
Joan Metcalf
James W. and Elizabeth B. Metcalfe
Joan M. Metro
Nicholas Metropoulos
Tara Mettler
Carrie Metz
Richard R. Metz
John G. Metzger
Lauren M. Metzler#
Margaret S. Metzler
Sarah Metzler
Marilyn Meunier
Jeanne Meurer
Alan J. and Jeaninne I. Meyer
Andrew S. Meyer
Ashley J. Meyer
Benjamin R. Meyer
Bradford L.# and Ruth R. Meyer
Christina T. Meyer#
Christine A. Meyer
Daniel R. and Verna J. Meyer
Dolores Meyer
Eugene W. Meyer
Glennon F. and Karen B.# Meyer
Harry A. and Mary A. Meyer
Jacob Meyer
James R.# Meyer and Jeaneen T. Haley
Jill Meyer
John G. and Debra M. Meyer
Joseph H.# and Carlotta L.# Meyer
Judith K. Meyer
Kristine M. Meyer
Kurt E. Meyer
Margaret F. Meyer#
Michael S. and Patricia A.# Meyer
Patricia A. Meyer
Patricia J. Meyer
Paul K. and Margaret D. Meyer
Philip S. Meyer
Ronald and Paula B.# Meyer
Ruth E. Meyer
Stephanie C. Meyer#
Susan E. Meyer
Vivian Meyer
William J. Meyer
Katherine L. Meyer-Benn
Brian D. and Rachel C. Meyers
Charles E. and Michelle K. Meyers
Christopher Meyers
Erin Meyers
James Meyers
Jason R. Meyers
Jason W.# and Katie Meyers
Larry R. and Joan M. Meyers
Dorothy Meyerson
Dennis Mhoon-Venable
Ahmad M. Mian
Anthony Miano
Jane Miano#
Robert J. and Denise M. Miano
Gary A. and Martha A. Micanek
Shien Micchelli
Amy K. Michael
Julie Michael
Pat Michael
Thomas E. and Barbara E.# Michael
Valerie Michael
Eric R. Michaelis
Fred A. Michaelis
Jim and Sherri Michaels
Sheila Michaels
Charles and Suzanne Michel
Matthew M. Micheleic and Pamela A.# Coppay
Robert Michelmann
Dorian Michener
John A. and Kibble L.# Michener
Christine Micklethwaite
Raphael H. and Bernadet C. Middeke
Orville J. Middendorf
Betsy Middleton
James Mielke
Gail M. Mielziner
Dennis Miesner
Mary Migalla
Jerry and Judy Miguel
Amber Mihelcic
Robert W. and Gail R. Milder
Deborah L. Miles
Doug Milford
Robert J. and Bethany J. Millar
Abigail E. Miller
Alexander D. Miller and Mary K. Kaeser-Miller
Amy C. Miller
Angela Miller
Arlene Miller
Barbara M. Miller
Bette B. Miller
Betty J. Miller
Brett Miller
Claudine Miller
Collin Miller
David B. Miller
Dolores A. Miller
Donald C. Miller
Elizabeth Miller
Erik C. Miller
Frank D. Miller
Fred E. Miller
Gary H. Miller and Mary J.# Hunter
Geoffrey W. and Louise Miller
Gerald H. and Marilyn A. Miller
Gerald Miller
Harold and Virginia Miller
Heidi Miller
Jacqueline F. Miller#
Jane A. Miller
Jeanette Miller
Jerome J. and Nancy M. Miller
John D. Miller
Joseph R. Miller and Rashda M. Buttar
Kaia L. Miller
Karalynn Miller
Kathleen M. Miller
Kenneth E. and Rose M. Miller
Lucy Miller
Michael P. Miller
Paul E. Miller
Rachel N. Miller
Robert H. and Laura A. Miller
Ronald J.# and Susan L.# Miller
Ronald Miller
Sarah M. Miller
Scott C. Miller
Shannon Miller
Sidney Miller
Sidra Miller
Teresa T. Miller
Thomas Miller
Tracee Miller
Ursula Miller
Wynn A.# and Victoria E. Miller
Zachary A. Miller
Zachary L.# and Elizabeth Miller
Michelle M. Miller-Thomas
Linda Milligan
Deborah M. Millikan#
Jane C. Milliman#
Alan M. and Maryjane Millner
Blake S. Mills
Brian T. Mills
Edwin Mills
George and Mary V. Mills
Justin K. Mills
Lowell Mills
Marilyn Mills
Robert J. and Donna Mills
Steve Mills
Susan D. Mills
Terry Mills
Pamela Millsap
Mary K. Milne
Ralph R.# Milner and Rosie B. Williams
Steven L.# and Patricia L.# Milosevich
Fran Milsk
John G. Milton
Judith Milton
Laura J. Milton
Helen A. Milus#
John D. and Linda N.# Minard
Peter R. Minchin
Kayla R. Mindak#
Philip M. Minden and Julie M.# Birkenmaier
Jacqueline L. Mines
Thomas E. and Cheryl L. Mines
Thomas L. Mines
Victoria Minette
Henry and Susan E. Minich
Jack D. Minner
Steven D.# and Paula A.# Minogue
Carol J. Minor#
Joel Minor
Rebecca M. Minor
Tom A. Minor
Richard C. and Lois A.# Minto
Abigail Minton
Patricia M. Minute#
Trent and Andrea Miracle
Morgan Miransky
Margaret Miriani
Julia Mirikitani
Joseph P. Miskovic#
Julie Missey
Tehmton S. and Aloo T. Mistry
Bonnie Mitchel
Robert D. and Kimberly Mitcheler
Alan S. and Pamela E. Mitchell
Alice Mitchell
Alvin T.# and Kathleen A. Mitchell
Charles K.# and Nancy J. Mitchell
CJ Mitchell
F. Marion and Sarah C. Mitchell
Glen A. and Mary E. Mitchell
Glenn G. and Kathleen J. Mitchell
Keith Mitchell
Kevin M. Mitchell
Kevin O. Mitchell#
Margaret M. Mitchell#
Morton E. and Sybil K. Mitchell
Richard H. and Yoshiko Mitchell
Rita Mitchell
Roger and Patricia Mitchell
Sam Mitchell
Sara Mitchell-Olds
Jody K. Mitori
James Mittino
Lynn Mittler
Michael G. Mitulski
Bernard J. Mlynczak#
John R.# and Shirley Mobley
Kristin J. Mobley#
Weston Mocabee
Kristi Mochow
William Mockler
Philip J. and Dianne W. Modrell
Joseph P. and Ann E.# Modugno
Mary Anne Modzelewski
Bruce Moechnig
Robert and Barbara Moegle
Joan M. Moehl#
Jayme E. Moehle
John B. and Ann E.# Moeller
John Moeller
John Moellering and Mary Burtelow
Elizabeth A. Moellman
David W. and Betty A. Moenkhaus
Raymond Moffitt
Michael Mohan
Thalachallour Mohanakumar
Amy Mohme
Joe and Ann M. Mohr
John L. and Alice M.# Mohr
Melinda Mohrman
Ann T. Mohrmann#
Antoinette Mohrmann
Glennon J. and Lisa R.# Mohrmann
Adnan Mohsen
Jorge A.# Molina and Anna C.# Brasher
Christopher E. and Katie J. Molitor
Kevin J.# and Diane L. Molitor
Lawrence H. Molitor
Marian Molitor
William G.# and Kathleen Molitor
Barbara Molitoris
Anna M. Moll
Cynthia Moll
Clay and Cathryn Mollman
Brian E. and Bartow Molloy
Erin Moloney
Kathleen Moloney
Anthony S. and Joan C. Monachello
Frances Monash
Megan Moncure
Mark E.# and Lisa A.# Monday
Mary Mondello
Debbie Monfort
Carol Monken
Josh Monken
Joseph W. Monko
Donald and Dolores Monnig
Gertrude R. Monroe
Karen L. Monroe#
Stacey Monschein
John A. Monshausen
Mahrya Monson
Karen A. Montacue
Eli Montague and Sheryl Breadman
Stuart F. Montaldo
Juan Montana
David Montani
Tracy Montauk
Mary E. Montes
Kadi Montez
Clarke V. and Sheryl A. Montford
Alice E. Montgomery
Arnold E.# and Mary J. Montgomery
James A. Montgomery and Rebecca S. Evans
Judy M. Montgomery
Kent and Kim Montgomery
Mary L. Montgomery
Megan Montgomery
Kirk R.# and Pamela Monton
Marcus J. and Tamara A. Montoya-Albrecht
Laura Montroy
David B. and Cherie M. Moody
Marcus Moomey and Kristin Collins-Moomey
Daniel Moon
Richard Moon
Katherine Mooney
Tanya M. Moonier#
Alan Moore
Alex C. Moore
Barbara B. Moore
Bob Moore
Carol J. Moore
Carolyn S. Moore
Clara Moore
Cynthia E. Moore
David Moore
Davis F.# and Irma Moore
Dennis J.# and Pauline H. Moore
Edward A. Moore
Frederick W. Moore
Glenda Moore
Jacqueline D. Moore
Joann O. Moore
John M. and Sandra L. Moore
John Moore
Karen J. Moore
Kelly Moore
Kevin Moore
Kimberly L. Moore#
Lenita Moore
Linda A. Moore
Lucas Moore
Marcella C. Moore
Margaret L. Moore
Marilyn C. Moore
Mark W.# and Nancy M. Moore
Nancy R. Moore
Patrick and Anne Moore
Patty Moore
Ralph C.# and Shirley Moore
Rhonda B. Moore#
Ronald D. and Edith S.# Moore
Rose M. Moore
Rosetta Moore
Shannon Moore
Shawn W. Moore#
Susan D. Moore
Timothy J. Moore
Todd and Melissa A. Moore
William and Charlotte Moore
Thomas and Karine Moors
Kimberly A. Moos
Nicholas Moramarco
Dolores Moran-Zey
Jerry W. and Connie L. Morehead
Tamara D. Morehouse#
Angela Moretti
David J. Morey
David N. and Carol A.# Morgan
Eric J. Morgan
Grover D. and Jaclyn L.# Morgan
Michael A. and Mary Morgan
Ruth Morgan
Susan Morgan
David and Michelle Morgenstern
Paul and Kate Moriarty
Thomas M. and Naomi N. Moriarty
Cayce Morice
Lynn F. Morice
Stephen J.# and Heidi E. Morice
Chris L. Morin
Robert P.# and Dee A. Morin
Christopher Moritz
Tyler A. Mork
Sandra Morrese
Joan Morrhem
Alan H. Morris
Charles H. and Janet E. Morris
Donald J. Morris
Faye C. Morris#
Laura Morris
Marian Morris
Matthew J. Morris
Miranda K. Morris#
Regina P. Morris#
Teresa Morris
Bruce A.# and Marie M. Morrison
Daniel R. and Cheryl A.# Morrison
Emma Morrison
James Morrison
Martha Morrison
Marvin and Eileen Morrison
Robert C. Morrison
William K. Morrison#
Edmund R. and Patty Morrissey
Fern Morrissey
Boyd and Lucy Morros
Jane A. Morrow
Liz Morrow
Nicholas J. and Carol Morrow
Thomas Morrow
Eugene and Lettie Morse
Janet Morse
Richard Morse
Diana Mortensen
Joanne B. Morton
Kimberly L. Morton#
Larry G. Morton#
Robert Morwell
Anna L. Mosby#
Julie Mosby
Harman I. Moseley
Elise Moser
Grace W. Moser
Alicia H. Moses#
Ellen Moses
Terry Moses and Naomi Soule
Jim M. Mosley
Susan Mosman
Cathy Moss
Denise A. Moss
Gerald L.# and Linda C. Moss
Len Moss
Eleanor Mosser
Coreen Motard
Tiffany Moton
Mary Mott
Robert L. and Barbara A. Mottin
Michael J. Moulds
Margaret M. Moulton
David and Shirley Mourning
Don Mowery
Julie G. Moyer
Linda Moyer
Heath M. Moylan
John A. and Nancy E. Mozier
Ellen L. Mrazek
Lawrence C. Mrazek#
Carol Mucha
Jane Muckerman
Mary Muckerman
Gregory Mudd
Janice S. Mudd
Jeffrey G. and Julie A. Mudd
Richard J. Mudd
Narsimha Muddasani
Chandana Mudiganti
Kyle Muehl
Steve L. and Peggy A.# Muehlbauer
Ilze S. Muehlenbachs
Edward L. Muehlenkamp
Allen Mueller
Chad D. and Deanna G.# Mueller
Chris Mueller
Edie Mueller
Elaine S. Mueller
Gabrielle M. Mueller
George S. and Carol M.# Mueller
Grace N. Mueller
H. James and Mary A. Mueller
Irvin Mueller#
Janice L. Mueller
John W. Mueller
June C. Mueller
Karl and Marie T.# Mueller
Kurt J. Mueller
Marcia Mueller
Marvin and Elaine S.# Mueller
Mary A. Mueller#
Michael J. and Monica Mueller
Michael S. and Karen K. Mueller
Nancy M. Mueller#
Raymond E.# and Marie J. Mueller
Robert E. and Lois Mueller
Ruth Mueller
Wolfgang Mueller
Mark F. and Donna Muellner
Betty J. Mues
Mark A.# and Kathleen M. Muesenfechter
Daniel Mueth
Gregory C. and Jill# Mueth
Neemisha T. Mufuka
Tonny Mugera#
Faquir Muhammud
Elvabin Muharemovic
Emily Muhoberac
Dominic and Mary P.# Muich
Robert J. Muich#
Lawrence W. Muir
Amela Mulalic#
Peggy J. Muldoon#
Kathleen Mulholland
Thomas J. and Henrietta A. Mullen
Ivan L. Mullenix
Robert S. and Melissa F. Mullgardt
Mary B. Mullinax-Brandt
Teresa Mulvihill
Mumba Mumba
Meredith Muminovic
James D. and Janet A.# Mundloch
Joyce R. Mundy
Robert Munich
Martha Munnecke
Theresa Munoz#
Greg Munteanu and Yvonne# Roffel
John E. and Cookie H. Muntges
Kalpana Murali
Murat Muratovic#
Valerie Murdock
Catherine A. Muren
Sam Murphey
Carol Murphy
Charles C. and Barbara J.# Murphy
Christine R. Murphy
Correne M. Murphy
Daniel C. Murphy
David Murphy
Donald T. and Joan A. Murphy
Donna L. Murphy
Donna M. Murphy
Georgia C. Murphy
Geraldine H. Murphy#
James G.# and Joanne M. Murphy
Jeffrey R.# and Cheryl A. Murphy
John A. and Kathleen A. Murphy
John T. Murphy
Lesley R. Murphy
Luanne Murphy
Lynn P. Murphy
Maire A. Murphy
Martha Murphy
Michael G.# Murphy and Megan E. Wren
Patrick G. and Catherine J. Murphy
Ralph Murphy
Robert A. Murphy#
Sharon A. Murphy
Susan C. Murphy
Timothy P. and Julie R. Murphy
Vincent J.# and Emily J. Murphy
Wayne Murphy*
Alice T. Murray
Bonnie Murray
Henry Murray
Holly Murray
Ilene D. Murray#
Jason E. Murray
John W. and Marybeth L.# Murray
Jonathan W. Murray
Kathleen A. Murray
Kim G. Murray
Lorraine Murray
Marvin and Shirley Murray
Ronald Murray
Tim K. Murray and Donna Tretter
Patricia S. Murrell
Milton J. Murry and Sharon K. Panian
James Musec
Wanda Mushill
Shahab Mushtaq
Judith R. Musick#
James E. Musselman
Robin C. Musselman#
Melvyn C. and Josephine M. Musson
Varathaseelan Muthulingem
Andrew M. Mutka
Barbara J. Mutz
Jose A. and Evangeline# Muyco
Ann Myers
Chris and Diane Myers
David W. Myers
Joleen C. Myers
Nick Myers
Patrick H. and Kimberly S. Myers
Roberts E. and Virginia P. Myers
Thomas Myers
Thomas and Marion Myers
Nicole M. Myers-Deloch#
Jennifer Myerscough
Merle Myerson
Craig and Sharon Myles
John C. and Carole A.# Myre
Lee Naas
Donald L. Nabors
Michael Naccarato and Mary Roth
Animish Nadgauda
Jewell Nadler
Jennifer Naeger
Joshua L. Naeger
Kristen Naegle
Kyle L.# and Margaret M.# Naes
Nancy Nafe
Charles H.# and Suzanne G.# Nagel
Priscilla E. Nagel
Bijan Naghibi Harat
Jane E. Nagle#
Tibor L. and Janetta L. Nagy
John J. and Mary A.# Nahm
Thomas Nairn
Elizabeth Nanneman
Robert and Rita Nanney
Peter A. Nardie and Dixie L.# Mansker
Thomas J. Nardone and Edith L.# Lam-Nardone
Anita Nash
John Nash
Peter J. Nash
Joseph G. and Christina A.# Nassif
Aparna Natarajan
Lora Nation
Kathleen Naudi
Annemarie Nauert
Paul and Sue Nauert
Kathleen Naughton
Sherri L. Naughton
Diethelm B. and Marlena R. Naumann
Virginia L. Naumann#
Ron Naumer and Joanne F. Gladney
Ellen Navarro
Heather B. Navarro
Kevin and Jessica Navarro
Richard M. Navarro#
Sara M. Nave
Alisa W. Ndorongo#
Erika D. Neal
Danica L. Neale
Philip W. and Penelope H. Neale
John R. Near
Katie M. Nease
Ebony N. Nebbitt#
Jennifer E. Needham#
Floyd H. Needhan
Heather Needleman
Shirley Needy
Ralph Neeley
Christopher J. and Michelle C. Neely
Kristopher Neff and Laura Christian-Neff
Michael and Cynthia M. Neff
Robert K. Neff
Susan L. Negley
Peggy Nehmen
Shlomit Nehorai
John and Kathy Nehrt
Carl J. Neier
Sheri Neier
Jon M. and Darlene H. Neil
Linda L. Neill
Mark L. Neilsen and Judith M. Gallagher
Laine C. Neiman
Richard P. Neitzel
Aungelic Nelson
Bret R. Nelson#
Carolyn A. Nelson
David W. Nelson
Jamie M. Nelson#
Larry V. Nelson
Loran A. Nelson
Mark L. Nelson
Mary L. Nelson
Norman C. Nelson
Perry T. Nelson
Sandeep Nema and Christine M.# Busch-Nema
Richard C. Nemanick
Catherine L. Nemeth#
Patricia D. Nemish
Rose Nersesian
Tatyana Nerush
Scott and Lisa Nesler
Charles L.# and Virginia Nesmith
L. William Nesslein
Jana M. Nester
Robert J. and Rebecca L. Nestor
Joseph C. Nettesheim
Kenneth E. and Viola I. Nettleton
James P.# and Carol A. Neuf
Peggy A. Neufeld#
Carol Neuman
Laura S. Neuman
Nancy E. Neuman#
Julie A. Neumann
Frank and Madeleine Neuner
Patrick G.# and Sandy Neville
Dorthea B. Nevils#
Lisa Nevin
Mary G. Nevinger
Clarence H. Newberry
Lawrence G. and Tina M. Newberry
Melanie Newbill
Christopher J. and Margaret C.# Newbold
Lisa A. Newcomer#
Robert D.# and Donna T. Newcomer
Alison Newell
Bonnie Newell
Dorothy C. Newell
Gregory and Judith Newell
Anita Newman
Brian J. and Beth E. Newman
David Newman
Jason Newman and Bernadet O'Neill
Laurel C. Newman
Morton R. Newman
Lewis S. Newmark
Jeffrey R. Newport#
Daniel V. and Jane C.# Newsham
John S.# and Barbara N.# Newsham
Kenneth Newsome
Mary Newton-Tichenor
My H. Nguyen#
Nghia Nguyen
Nguyet Nguyen
Thanh-Long Nguyen
Toan A. Nguyen#
Joseph O. and Helen E. Nichoalds
Kimball and Ingrid D.# Nicholes
Jacob Nicholl
Andrea M. Nichols
Bob and Nancy Nichols
Charles T. and Gail J. Nichols
Dale E. and Nancy A. Nichols
Francis W. and Jane T.# Nichols
Jerome R.# and Patricia A. Nichols
Louise J. Nichols
Michael S. Nichols
Sean D.# Nichols and Makini D. Kennedy
Trevor A. Nichols
Donal J. and Kathryn M. Nicholson
Gerald A. and Marilyn K.# Nicholson
Irvin S. and Pamela J. Nicholson
Linda Nicholson
Liem Nickelson
Donald A. and Sherrol L. Nicklas
David G. and Carol A. Nicklaus
Andrea W. Nickrent
Charles# and Patricia Nicks
Celeste Nicolls
Michael Nicolls
Zachary Nie
Craig G. and Lisa M.# Nieder
Thomas J. and Patricia S. Nieder
Lee I. Niedringhaus*
Janice Niehaus
Pamela J. Niehaus
Tess Niehaus
Thomas J.# and Margaret M. Niehoff
William C. Nieman
Nancy K. Niemeyer#
Betty J. Nienhueser
Harold H. and Michelle E.# Nienkemper
John and Diane M.# Nienkemper
Mysti Niermann
Sudie E. Niesen
Elaine Niesse
Jay S. Nieters#
Vivian Nieuwsma
Jack and Anne L. Nightingale
Patricia Nijkamp
David A. and Lucy G. Nile
Travis Nimmo
Benjamin D.# and Therese N. Nims
Christopher J. and Lynne B.# Nisbet
David Nischwitz
Arthur H. Nissenbaum
Jerry and Sandra F. Nissenbaum
Sylvia Nissenboim
David O. Niswonger and Christine Wallach
Michael Nittinger
Susan D. Nixon#
Susan M. Nixon
Valerie Njiiri
Bernice Noble
Craig and Michele Noble
Howard Noble
Patti Noble
John M. Noce and Laura L. Hennessey
Mary Noetzel
Vladimir A. and Natalya N. Nogin
Eric Nohl
Catherine A. Nolan
Erin Nolan
Janet C. Nolan#
Marc L. Nolan#
Gerald E.# and Mary K. Nolen
Burton Noll
Joann Noll
Daniel E.# Nolle and Monica E. Nunez
Berthold H. Nollmann#
Hisham M. Noman#
Jennifer Noonan
Kevin and Nancy Noonan
Leroy Nooter
Rick Norber
Jeanne C. Norberg
Don C. Nordenholt
Norman E. and Ellen Nordhauser
Marie K. Nordmann
Timothy J. Nordmann
Mark R. Nordmeyer#
Maruthi S. Nori
Deborah Norling
Don O. Norman
Mary E. Norman
Thomas D. Norman
Laronda M. Norman-Hodges#
Christine Norrick
Keith E. Norrington
Jeanette Norris
Jeanne M. Norris#
Jill Norris
Wesley# and Thelma Norris
Susan N. Norsigian
James and Anita Norstrom
Jane North
Wayne and Sharon North
Doris Northcott
Judie Northcutt
Steven W. Northrop
John B. and Carol A. Nortman
Dean M. Norton
Gary A. and Jill S. Norton
Louise L. Norton
Michael T. and Karen A. Norton
Roxana L. Norton#
Tim and Betty Norton
Holly P. Norton-Mattison
Katherine K. Norvell
Mark D. Norwine#
Dean E. Nothdurft
Bernard Nothstine
Susan D. Notorangelo#
Kyle J. Nottmeier and Teresa P. Tilton-Nottmeier
Brian M. and Deborah Novack
Jerome Novack
Neal and Cindy Novack
Stephen G. Novack
David A. Novak
Deborah R. Novak
John J. Novak#
Judith A. Novak
Kirsten K. Novak#
Michael V. Novak#*
Valerie Novak
John A. and Valerie E.# Novatny
Richard F.# and Cynthia A. Novosak
Dennis L. Novotny
Frances M. Novotny#
John and Margaret Novotny
Robert and Lynda Nowack
Vincent J.# and Linda Y. Nowak
Anna Nowotny
Manuella Nselel
Anna Ntenta
Brad Nuccio and Amy Gwin
Sheri Nudelman
Melissa R. Null#
Rosalie Null
Angelita D. Nunez#
Carmelita Nunez
Davault Nunnelly
Robert C. Nusbaum
Katherine Nutsch
Niki Nymark
R. E. Nystrom
James O'Bannon and Ella R. Chapman
Charlotte W. O'Brien
Elizabeth G. O'Brien
Erin O'Brien
Gail O'Brien
Gina M. O'Brien#
Jean O'Brien
Joan K. O'Brien
John J. O'Brien and Kathy M.# Mertz-O'Brien
Judy O'Brien
Katherine R. O'Brien
Lawrence R. O'Brien#
Marlene O'Brien
Mary L. O'Brien#
Michael P. and Kimberly K.# O'Brien
Nancy O'Brien
Patrick T. O'Brien
Shawna V. O'Brien#
Thomas J. O'Brien and Cynthia Briggs
William J. and Maureen L. O'Brien
Sheila O'Brien-Onuska
Ann M. O'Connell
Daniel L. and Dianne O'Connell
Megan O'Connell
Patricia A. O'Connell#
Robert F. and Anne T. O'Connell
Timothy G. and Elizabeth O'Connell
Anthony O'Connor
Dennis M. and Beatrice O'Connor
Elizabeth O'Connor
Margaret A. O'Connor#
Richard O'Connor
Rita O'Dea
Billyo O'Donnell
Daniel F. O'Donnell
Edward P. O'Donnell
Richard L. O'Donnell and Anna T. Lum
S. Thaddeus O'Donnell
Dorothy L. O'Donnell-Young
John J. O'Flaherty
Rune O'Flynne
John and Anna O'Gara
James J.# and Diana L. O'Gorman
John F. and Mary P. O'Gorman
Margaret O'Gorman
Mary C. O'Gorman
Gary L. and Martha A. O'Grady
Kelly O'Hanlon
Mary A. O'Hara
Patrick F. and Karen L.# O'Hearn
Judith L. O'Heron
Daniel J. and Kathleen O'Keefe
Kathleen P. O'Keefe
Michael F. and Nora L. O'Keefe
Michael O'Laughlin
Martha O'Leary
Patrick M. O'Leary#
Kirsten O'Loughlin
Maureen E. O'Loughlin
Elizabeth O'Malley
Donald# and Joan O'Neal
Janet O'Neal
Kathleen M. O'Neal
Cynthia O'Neill
Dennis D. and Mary A. O'Neill
Kathy J. O'Neill
Matt and Jane W.# O'Neill
James D. and Tillie O'Rear
Charles and Audrey O'Reilly
Helena O'Reilly
Michael and Mary A. O'Reilly
Daniel C. and Terri L. O'Saben
Jane C. O'Shaughnessy#
Florence K. O'Toole
Maggie A. O'Toole#
Nancy O'Toole
Karin Oakes
Erica Oakley
Francis M. and Margaret K. Oates
Nori O. Obata
Jeanne Oberdan
Marcia Oberdorfer
Larry Oberg and A. Mauri# Truesdell
Betty Oberman
Stanley R. Oberman
Todd Oberman
Jennifer Obermann
Glennon L. and Joan T.# Obermark
Taylor C. Obermeier#
Benjamin Obo
Henry Obrecht
Donald and Joyce Ocallaghan
Colin R. Odell
Kate Odem
Robert S. and Simetia J.# Odneal
Ike T. Odoazu#
Gene E. Oehler#
Johannes D. and Anneliese E. Oelke
Marie L. Oelrich
Scott P. Oelzen#
Robert E. and Mary A. Oesterlei
Helga Oestreicher
Sandra A. Offerman#
John and Connie Offord
Luba Ofman
Robert D. and Roseann M.# Ogden
Michael and Judith Ogilvie
Mary E. Ogrodowski
Henry and Connie Ohanian
Rich Ohlemeyer
Kevin K. and Melinda M. Ohlemiller
Paul W. Ohlendorf
Barbara Oitker
Eva Okada
Max J. and Ruth E.# Okenfuss
Samson and Virginia Okoloko
Bahi Okupa
Jaye Okuyama
Audrey E. Oldham
Michael Oleshchuk
Ski and Candiss F.# Oleski
Patrick T.# and Peggy A. Oleson
Martin A.# and Barbara A. Olevitch
Joyce O. Olinga
Folahan P.# and Patience Olishile
Bryan L. Oliver
Kay K. Oliver
Roger G. Oliver
Fran and Lynne Olivigni
Christa M. Ollinger
Robert J. and Joyce Olshan
Audrey Olson
Bill Olson
Donna Olson
Joan C. Olson#
Josh and Arkadia D. Olson
Judith E. Olson
Lisa Olson
Paul Olson
Rebecca Olson
Stephen C. and Margaret L. Olson
John S. and Mary A. Olsson
Lynette R. Olwig
Patricia J. Olynyk
Kristofer P. Oman
Linda Operle
Tim Opferman
Thomas G.# and Debra L.# Opich
Jerry L. Opinsky
Donald T. and Toni L. Oplt
Rudolf and Frances Oppenheim
Linda C. Oppland#
David and Karen Orchard
Omodele Oredugba
Jerome I.# and Michelle C. Orenstein
Ellen Orf
Beth Oris
Gina Orlando
Jerry F. Orlando#
Daniel M. and Sharon M. Orlet
Eileen T. Orlet
Stephen Orlich
Ralph H.# and Beverly Orlovick
Gregg P. Orr
James H. and Jeanine M. Orr
Rodney Orr
Joseph J. and Linda L. Orsega
Matthew A. Orsega#
Jeffery J. Orth#
Robert G. and Anne V. Orth
Nicole Ortiz
Sally A. Ortiz
Edward P. and Bernadette C. Ortleb
Barbara J. Orzel
Kathleen C. Osborn#
Angela M. Osborne#
Patricia Osborne
Robert Osborne
Shannon Osborne
Gary F.# and Mary D.# Oscko
Patricia A. Oshaughnessy
Aaron I. and Ilene J. Osherow
Ann-Marie Ostermeier
Delores A. Ostman
Bennett and Kathleen A. Oswald
Janice M. Otis-Van Horn#
David Otten
Eric H. and Linda A. Otten
Gary Otten
Michael L. Otten
Sue Otten
Dawn M. Ottensmeier
Brenda Otterson
Elizabeth Ottiger
Jim Otto and Annette Carr
William R. Otto
Diane Ottolini
James M. and Erika M.# Ottolini
Kevin G. Ottwell#
Theresa E. Oulvey
Thomas E.# and Sherry A. Ousley
Paul R. and Denise H. Ovaitt
Megan E. Over#
Trenay Overall-Wallace#
Donald R. and Bettina R.# Overbeck
James C.# and Karen K. Owen
James Owen
Jonathan Owen
Brian M.# and Amanda K.# Owens
David A. Owens
Glen M.# and Mary E.# Owens
Jennifer L. Owens
Joe Owens
Laura N. Owens
Marlon C. Owens#
Patricia Owens
Steven W. and Janice Ownby
Paul J. and Patricia I. Owoc
Timothy R. Oxler
Eva Ozarowski
Bella Packman
Paul M. Packman
Robert C. Packman
Ann M. Padberg
William S. and Rosemary S. Padberg
Diana Padratzik
Thomas D.# and Kathryn A.# Pagano
Vincent S. and Patricia L. Pagano
Kaitlin Page
Lawrence E. and Christine M. Page
Adam Paige
Jay R. and Sara D. Paige
Thomas Paine
Emily M. Paino-Brenneman
Madalyn C. Painter
Ann Pairn
Barbara Paisley
Joseph Paiva
Ken Pajares
Neil and Margaret M.# Palacios
Jack W. and Susan C. Palan
Mikhail and Irina Palatnik
Mirna Palavric#
Janice A. Palazzolo
Peter J. and Sarah S. Palermo
Tim Palermo
Janice E. Palesch#
Craig S. and Eileen M. Palmer
Georgia P. Palmer
Gerard A.# and Rosina B.# Palmer
Harold L.# and Katrude D. Palmer
James V. and Vicki Palmer
Jerry L. and Lynn M. Palmer
John A.# and Deborah L.# Palmer
Kirk and Jourdan Palmer
Richard H. and Mariette H. Palmer
Stanley P. and Tanya M. Palmer
Steve and Mary J. Palmer
William M. Palmer#
Eugene and Mary Anne L. Palombo
Gail Palubiak
Michael J. and Katja S.# Palumbo
Robert and Jill Pampel
Zaitao Pan
Siddharth Panchal#
Gerald T. Pancio#
Sarah P. Panfil#
John H.# and Ruth E.# Panhorst
Robert Pankratz
Nicholas M.# and Melika S. Panneri
James M.# and Carole C. Pantazi
Kenneth J.# and Shirley C.# Panu
Michelle M. Papachrisanthou#
Karen Papin
Randi Papke
Carlos Pappalardo
Evangeline Pappas
Gregory A.# and Nicole M.# Papuga
Michael E. Paradis#
Kraig D. Paradise#
Mark S. Paradise#
Subramanian and Namita A. Paranjothi
Jitendra Parbhu
Steve Pardee
Anne Paredes
Jamuna K. Pareek
Jacob M. Parent#
Ryan J. Parish
Shane D. Parish#
Catherine Park
Michael and Kathy Park
William J. Park#
Alan L. and Gail Parker
Charles R.# and Andrea Parker
Ed Parker
Gerry Parker
James E. Parker
John E. and Carolyn Q. Parker
John T. Parker
Kevin Parker
Laura Parker
Marcia E. Parker#
Penny Parker
Peter K. Parker
Phil and Dorothy M. Parker
Rhoda Parker
Steven Parker
Todd Parkhurst
Adam C. Parks
Adam C. Parks
Michael and Valerie L.# Parks
Thomas and Stephanie J.# Parks
Jean M. Parmeley#
Wilma J. Parran
Michelle D. Parrinello-Cason
Henry N. and JoAnne C. Parrish
James E.# Parrot and Frances C. Parrott
Charles E. and Joyce E. Parrott
Karen M. Parrott
Maureen Parry
David Parsons
Jack and Marlene Parsons
John Parsons
Jonathan A. Parsons#
Steven G. and Susan R. Parsons
Thomas Parsons
Mohinder and Prabha Partap
Natalie Partenheimer
Sitaram Parvataneni
Harvey R. and Nancy B.# Pasco
Willard Pascoe
Ralph W. and Nancy A. Pasek
Leo and Despina Pashos
Gloria A. Pasley#
Ray Pass
Joseph P. and Cheryl Passanise
Kathleen Passanisi
Virginia Passer
Mary R. Pastor#
Kim Pastrana
David B. and Mary L. Pate
Alpesh Patel#
Hima D. Patel#
Krishna Patel
Purandhri Patel
Anthony and Meghan Patino
Brian W. Patneau
Leah Patriarco
Cordaryl M. Patrick#
Christopher E. and Melissa M. Patt
Ben Patterson
Gary K. and Barbara R. Patterson
James R. and Mildred L. Patterson
John S. Patterson
Norma Patterson
Ward and Mary Patterson
Ivy O. Patti
Alec B. Patton
Jessica M. Patton
Leonard and Sarah Patton
Linda Patton
Kerry T.# and Karen M.# Paubel
Andrew Paul
Gary A.# and Alice M. Paul
Gerald W.# and Janice M. Paul
Robert L. Paul#
Stephen H. and Ceci Paul
William Paul
Edward C.# and Marianne C. Pauley
Albert Pauli
Terry A. Paull#
Bonnie G. Paulsmeyer#
Don Paulson
Stanley L. and Bonnie L. Paulson
Barbara Paulus
Jim Paunovich
Patty Paustian
Daniel Pautler
Lisa Pavia
William R.# and Sandra R. Pavletich
Alexandra Pawlik
Michael C.# and Elizabeth A. Pawloski
Michael E. and Nancy E. Pawol
Timothy Payer and Linda S.# Bangert
Anthony T. Payne
Derek Payne
Kenneth C. and Barbara# Payne
Lendon and Marja Payne
Taylor and Mary L.# Payne
Terry Payne
Scott Peabody
Edward H. and Michelle Pearce
Valerie Pearce
Bryan and Carol A.# Pearl
Joseph Pearl
Carol A. Pearson
Daniel Pearson
Linda Pearson
Mary Ellen Pearson
Ridley and Marcelle Pearson
Victoria Peck
Cecilia Pectol
Lynn A. Pederson
Robert H. Pedroli#
John R. Pedrotty
Terry R. and Deborah A. Peek
Robert E. and Patricia S.# Peel
Brenda Pehle
Christine Peick
Frederick G. Peil*
Jeffrey W. and Rachel C. Peine
Gwendolyn Peiper
Jeffrey and Joyce Peipert
John D. Peipert#
Melinda Peirce
Susan Pekios
Robert J. Pelc
Jason Pelch
June D. Pellarin
Robert Pelley
Martha Pellikan
Michael Pellock
Richard Pemberton
Ron Pemberton
Michael# Pendergast and Patricia L. Laughlin
Steve Penico
Robert A. Pennamon
Amy N. Pennington
Julia R. Pennington#
Clarence Penny
Rick and Sue Penny
Jason B. and Shandi S. Penrod
Lisa C. Pentecost#
Stephen M.# and Deborah J. Pentecost
Brock A. and Michelle L. Peoples
Ron Peper and Iris Dickhoff-Peper
Joseph Pepin
Edward and Lana R. Pepper
Thomas M. Perchlik
Ralph G. and Lois C. Percival
Donna Perdun
Blanca M. Perez
Eunice J. Perez
Nelson Perez
Alejandro Perez-Jones
Sambo and Prabha S. Pergadia
M. P. Periasamy
Paul M. and Stephanie A. Pericich
Curtis and Eleanor B.# Perkins
Elizabeth M. Perkins
Hannah E. Perkins#
Hilary E. Perkins#
James H. Perkins
James S. and Sandra L. Perkins
John Perleberg
Enid Perll
Joel S. and Monica S. Perlmutter
John and Barbara Perlmutter
Leonid and Rita M.# Pernik
Jessica Perolio
Frances Perricone
Richard J. and Jacqueline E. Perrin
Pierre-Francois Perroud
Andrea N. Perry
Christina B. Perry#
David R. and Sharon J. Perry
Doyle and Marilyn Perry
Gavin Perry and Lynne Shields
Jill Perry
Kevin J. and Kathleen A. Perry
Linda Perry
Michael G. and Lyn H. Perry
R. Kenneth and Margaret Perry
Patricia L. Perryman#
Jay C. and Carol A. Pershing
Ervin Pesek
Barry I. and Carol S.# Pessin
Pamela J. Pessin
Floyd Peter
David A. and Deborah K. Peters
Dennis and Gina M.# Peters
Donna A. Peters#
Donna M. Peters
Elyssa B. Peters#
Harry and Amy D.# Peters
James R.# and Janice F. Peters
Jason Peters
Jennifer S. Peters
Melba Peters
William J. and Mary L. Peters
Brooke Petersen
Diane Petersen
Edward F. and Mary V.# Petersen
Steven R. Petersen#
Alonzo and Regina Peterson
Barbara Peterson
Carolyn L. Peterson
Cynthia M. Peterson
Don C. Peterson
Jean E. Peterson
John A. Peterson
John Peterson
Marian E. Peterson
Michael J.# Peterson and Kathleen S. Kaiman
Michael T. and Sheryl R.# Peterson
Pam Peterson
Olivia Petitt
Elizabeth Petrie
Terri Petrik
Marianne Petru#
Emily Pettersen
James V. Pettine
Shawna Pettus
Amy L. Petty
Patricia Petty
Scott S. and Renee P. Petty
Marcella M. Petzchen
Larry N. Pevnick#
Sandra J. Pezold
April M. Pezzolla
Mark and Susan Pfaff
Francis X. and Beth N. Pfau
David Pfeffer
Jo Pfeffer
Joseph G. Pfeffer
Beverly Pfeifer-Harms#
Merlene Pfeiffer
Jack and Cynthia S. Pfitzer
Kenneth J. and Carole A. Pfitzer
Paula J. Pfitzer
Raymond A. and Linda L.# Pflueger
Mimi Pham
Kathleen A. Phares#
Gerald L. and Mary M. Phelan
Timothy J.# and Jeanette L. Phelan
Dave D. and Charlotte B.# Phelps
Weldon L. and Mary A. Phelps
Craig Phelts
Abby Pherigo
Maureen Philbin
Barbara S. Philbrick
John R. Philbrick
Lori Philippi
Caroline Philippone
Rachel M. Philippone
Jeanne Philips-Roth
Dennis P. and Lee Phillion
Timothy F. and Mary F. Phillippe
Bruce E. Phillips
Ella G. Phillips#
Gary and Virginia E. Phillips
Helen M. Phillips
Kevin R. Phillips
Linda M. Phillips#
Mark J. Phillips
Patricia H. Phillips
Tiffany Phillips
Vicki L. Phillips
Karen J. Phon#
Ellen J. Piacentini#
Natalie Piacentini
John L. and Susan Piatt
Guy C. Picardi
Gualtiero Piccinini
Steven P.# and Cheryl Piccione
Constance E. Picker
David A. Pickerill
John F.# and Mary A. Pickering
Jordan C. Pickering
Melinda Pickering
Daniel A. Pickett
Michael and Gail Y.# Pickett
Clayton Pidcock and Katherine D.# Lamb
Susan Piehl
Christopher C. Pieper and Iris Csik
Fran Pieper
James Pieper
Richard F. and Mary M. Pier
Raymond Pierce II
Christopher T. and Alice M. Pierce
Mary D. Pierce
Ann Pierceall
Danielle P. Pierie
Diego F. and Andrea S.# Pierrottet
John Pierson
Mary A. Pierson
Raymond Pierson and Andrea# Kern
Matthew Pierzynski
Steven H.# and Frances R. Piesbergen
Harold W. and Lynn M. Piggott
Adam Pijanowski
Dale E.# and Julie Pikoraitis
William P. and Margaret J. Pilacinski
Catherine Pilarski
Chris Pilarski
Thomas and Sonia K. Pile
Jill I. Pilkenton
Dawn M. Pilkington#
Anil Pillai
Anna Piller
Melvin T. Pillers
Darrell H. Pilliard
Carolyn Piloski
Marjorie Pingel
Mary S. Pingleton#
Linda Pinsker
Amelia Pinto
Jessica Pionke
Lawrence J. and Patricia J.# Pionke
Jill Pioter
Roger Piper
Seth Pirc
Senida Piric#
Ronald A. Piros
Jane L. Pisoni
John C. Pisoni
Michael Pitchford
Mary L. Pitliangas#
John and Kate W. Pitman
Rhonda Pitt
Karen Pittenger
Paul T.# and Debbie F. Pitts
Glenn W. and Barb Pizzini
Linda J. Pizzo#
Richard A. Pizzo#
Grace Pizzurro
Jeanette Pizzurro
John J. Placht#
Melodee Placial
Kenneth A. and Tiffany N.# Placke
Sharon A. Plankenhorn
James M. Plannett
Deborah A. Plante#
Joseph P. and Sara C. Plaskon
Arthur G. Platt
Janet J. Pleimann#
Nancy M. Pliske
Andrew C. Ploesser#
Janice Plotkin
William J. and Esther L. Plowman
Santiago and Kathy Plurad
James and Juliane Poag
David G. Pocost and Marianne B. Baer
Abby Podkul
Mark and Sharon Poe
Thomas A. Poelker and Elizabeth E. Beall
Debra L. Poepper
Gerald H. and Margaret M.# Poepsel
Lawrence M. and Barbara L. Poger
Sherri L. Pogue
John A. and Judith A.# Pohl
Robert H. and Carolyn D. Pohlkotte
Donald Pohlman
Vernon Pohlman
Preston Pohrer
Charles H. Pointer#
Mary S. Polak#
John Polansky
Linda F. Polcyn
Marge L. Polcyn
Molly Polette
James and Susan Poley
Gary A. Polinsky#
Ray S. and Elizabeth L. Politsch
Wayne R. and Jennifer L. Politsch
David G. Politte and Janice M.# Vieth
Jane Polizzi
Eric E.# and Christine Polk
Jonathan Pollack
Marilyn Pollack
Seymour V. and Sydell Pollack
Lydia K. Pollitt
Heather Pollmann
Stefanie L. Pollock#
Johanna B. Polsky#
James V. Polster
Jeffrey W.# and Patty Polster
Philip and Harriet R. Polster
Rachel A. Polster#
Sharon R. Polster#
Holly R. Polston
Michael R.# and Barbara E. Polston
Mark and Annette Polzin
Sanford and Mary Pomerantz
Raymond C. Poninski#
Zoran Ponjevic
Jean C. Ponzi
Amy S. Pool
Ian C. and Louise E.# Pooley
Dorothy Poor
Sue A. Poor
Charlie and Gerri Pope
Frank Pope and Carole A.# Marciante
John Pope
William R. and Ann M. Popkess
Rochelle Popkin
Richard E.# and Susan G. Popovich
Jane Porchey
Athinaree Pornrutchakit#
Kay Poropat
Bill Porter
Corey Porter
Henry and Helen J. Porter
John Porter
Nora Porter
Polly Porter
Relaina D. Porter#
Vernon Porter
Julie Portman
Robert L. and Charla M. Portman
Kim M. and Constance A.# Portnoy
Shirley J. Portwood
Elaine M. Posegate#
Angela E. Postal#
John F. and Donna L. Postel
Marianne Postiglione
Colin Postlewaite
Virginia Potashnick
David Poteet
Shirley R. Poticha
Rosemary Pott
Carol M. Potter
David and Kelly Potter
Linda K. Potter
Linda V. Potter
Claudia J. Potts
Douglas A. Potts
Kathleen E. Potts#
Seth Pouliot
Tom Poulis
Quentin Poulson
Kristen Pounds
Linda Pourchot
James M.# and Sue Pousson
Cheryl M. Povich
Ronald A. Poweleit
Amber M. Powell
Margaret B. Powell
Rachael C. Powell
Sam E. and Carol L. Powell
Steven R. and Janet L. Powell
Vernon Powell
Veronica N. Powell#
Brandon Power
James Power
Ann Powers
David C. and Margaret P.# Powers
David M. Powers#
Kelley Powers
Kelly K. Powers
Michael J.# and Kathleen Powers
Peggy L. Powers#
Rachel D. Powers
Robert W. Powers
Deborah A. Powers-Kordick
Carolyn Pozarich
Stan and Ruby Poznick
Robert J. Pozzi
Ravi and Kathleen Prakash
James W. Prange
Michael J.# and Elizabeth A. Prange
Paul T. Prange
Jordan and Joanne Prats
John A.# and Sherrie Pratt
Pamela D. Pratt
Peggy A. Pratt#
Paul O. Pratte
Kenneth Praul
Karen Prechtl#
Michael Preis
Mike Prejna
Judy B. Presberg
Rachel A. Presley
Daniel S. Presson
Jenifer D. Presson
Gregory D. Prestemon
Harold H.# and Yvonne M. Prestien
Scott M. and Linda M. Presto
Diane Preston
Dwaine and Regina Preston
Hannah Preston
Iris Preston#
Steven Prewitt and Nell M.# Brown-Prewitt
Kayla Pribyl
Byron F. Price#
Christopher Price
Frances E. Price
Madelon T. Price
Michael B. and Deborah S.# Price
Nancy A. Price
Patrick J.# and Therese A. Price
Richard M. Price
Scott and Sarah J. Price
Timothy J. and Lea Ann Price
Margaret Prichard
William G.# and Mary T. Pride
Sidney Priesmeyer
Mona Priest
Louis E. and Wima M. Prifti
Sandra Primovic
Jeffrey V. and Sandra A. Prince
Ronald S. and Vida G. Prince
Thomas A. and Theresa S. Prince
Alastair T. Pringle and Colleen L. Heelan
Michael and Stephanie T. Prinsen
Thomas Prinzie
Fred and Linda Prior
Lisa A. Pritchard
Nancy H. Pritchard
Nancy H. Pritchard#
John W. and Ann E. Pritchett
Margaret M. Probert
Constance Probst
Kathleen Probst
Robert F. Probst
Geraldine Proctor
Terry L. and Karen R. Proffitt
Keith E. Prokop
Timothy J. Prosser
Kelsey E. Proud
Rich and Joan Provaznik
Shaun and Anne Province
Robert V. Prow and Rhonda K. West
Joyce A. Prueitt
Carl D. Pruess and Barbara J.# Luedde
Shelby E. and Esther G. Pruett
Brian Prugh and Deborah R.# Akey
Darlene Pruitt
Kevin Prunty
Andrew and Sondra Prydybasz
Joseph Przybylski
Richard V. and Irene M. Puckett
Jason and Kathryn Pullam
Fran Pullaro
Saralie R. Pulliam#
Rebecca L. Pupillo
Timothi A. Purcell
Daniel A. and Barbara Puricelli
Robert Puricelli
Sandra Puricelli
Patricia A. Purk
Andrea M. Purnell
Charles Purnell
Que P. and Betty J.# Purnell
Steven M. and Marsha B. Puro
Eric O. and Victoria L. Puronen
Simon Pursifull
Barbara J. Purvis#
John M.# and Kathleen M. Putnam
John Putzel
Ryan Pyles
Joseph M.# and Darlene A. Pytlinski
Jun Qian#
QingJiang Qu#
William W. Quade
Ellen M. Quain
Melissa Qualls
Russell L. Qualls
Donald G. Quante#
Daniel Queathem
Elaine M. Queathem#
Eduardo S. Queen
Lynn M. Queensen#
Louise Quesada
Adriana V. Quevedo-Boter#
Margaret Quick
Carl O. and Elizabeth N. Quicksall
Charles R. and Angela T. Quigless
Elizabeth Quigley
Gaylerd E. and Ann M. Quigley
Ronald and Julie Quillo
William J. and Susan M.# Quillo
Daniela M. Quilter
Christopher J. Quinn
Patricia Quinn
Cecily L. Quintanilla
Julie Quintin
Martha G. Quirk
Neil and Susan Quirk
Thomas Quistorff
William and Betty Raack
Melvin and Eileen Rabushka
Renee L. Racette#
Tara Rachakonda
Michael Rachford
Angela Raciti
Reed and Linda Radcliffe
Ronald H. and Robin K. Radford
Julie Radin
Rebecca Radley
Mark C. Radmacher
Gary J. Radoch
James# and Barbara# Radtke
Gus and Shanna K. Raeker
Martin J. and Solveg P. Rafanan
Bindu Raghavan
Ramesh Raghavan
Kent N. and Patricia S. Ragland
Fran Raia
Joseph Raible and Gwendolyn R. Sweezey
Donald L. and Kathleen Raiche
John and Jane Raimondo
Madeline R. Raimondo
Marjorie Raines
William A. Raines
Melissa M. Rainey#
Terry R. and Kimberly A. Rainey
Vijaya Rajagopalan
Madhu Rajamanickam
Pradeep Rajendran
Walter Rajewski
Krista J. Rakers
Jean L. Rakey
Ilya Rakhlenko and Ella Polevaya
Sherry Raleigh-Adams
Ray W. Raley
Vivek# and Heather J. Ramamurthy
Raghu Raman
Siva Raman
Georgina A. Ramberg
Nely G. Ramos
Jack E. and Evelyn A.# Ramsey
James C. and Kelly M.# Ramsey
Avinash Ramu
Barbara Rand
E. Stephens and Jackie Rand
Anthony and Stephanie Randall
Emily Randall
Joseph C. Randall
Nicholas D. Randall
Carolyn Randazzo
Rick V. Randazzo#
David Randman
Denise M. Randol#
Rodney O. Randoll
Stephen E. Randoll#
Raymond C. and Bethany N. Randolph
Robin E. Randolph#
Tim J.# and Andrea Ranek
Susan I. Raney
Charlene E. Ranft
Michael J. and Doris Range
Joan Rangel
Ruth W. Rangel
Carl N. and Marcie K. Ranger
Dan A. and Frances S. Raniere
Diane R. Rankin
Francis A. and Georgia P. Rankin
Tracy Rankin
Bruce and Ellen C.# Ranney
Diane Ransom
Emery and Emily Ransom
Ambar Rao
Kishan A. Rao
Rakesh Rao and Deepika Bhatla
Jon E. and Nancy Rapp
Megan E. Rapp#
Shannon Rapp
Peter T. Rasche
Kashif Rasheed
Yedidah Raskas
Bonnie A. Rasmussen
Courtney M. Rasmussen
Paul C. and Lori Rasmussen
James W. and Sharon J. Rassbach
Rita V. Rast
Kathleen Ratcliffe
Lawrence L. and Yvonne C. Ratcliffe
James H. and Karen E. Raterman
Carl J.# and Vicki Ratermann
James Rathbun
Kenneth P. and Janice J. Rathert
Janet Rathgeber
Mark M. and Linda J.# Rathz
Jebadurai Ratnaraj
Raivo and Madhu Ratsep
Diane M. Rau#
Glennon C. and Judith A. Rau
Geraldine A. Rauch
John E. and Deborah K. Rauch
William L. Rauch and Christine M. Michael
Elliot Rauscher
Maureen Rauscher
Joseph R. and Carol A. Rauth
Steven J. Rauth
Judy S. Rawdon
John Rawlings
Andrew J. and Ellen J. Rawls
Yvonne L. Rawls
Brian Ray
Harold S.# and Sandra J. Ray
Sean K. Ray
William H. and Rebecca Ray
John Rayfield
Kimberly Rayford
Alan B. Raymond and Myra Rosenthal
Michael R.# and Susan G.# Raymond
Carol J. Read
Deborah Read
Charles Reagan
Timothy E. Reagan#
Joel and Stephanie Ream
Sarah Reando
Andrew F. Reardon
Caroline H. Reardon
Elizabeth Reardon
Teresa Reber
Joseph E. and Patricia A. Rebman
Gerard A. and Ruth E. Rebmann
Mark J. Recca#
Robert Recht
Kenneth J.# and Linda M. Rechtien
Randy and Carol Rechtien
Bryan Reckamp
Elizabeth A. Reckker
Edward C.# and Laura L. Redden
Travis Redden
Gwendolyn Redding
Michael J.# and Nita E.# Reddy
Peggy L. Redelfs
Paul W. Redhage
Alvin J. Redler
Charles E. Redmond#
James Redmond
Ian Redmount
Mary A. Redpath
Ashley Redstone
Michael Reeb
Jack R. and Mary F. Reece
Amy Reed
Andrew Reed
Brendan and Joan L.# Reed
Brennan D. Reed
Bruce A. Reed and Melanie T. Scheetz
Elliott and Elizabeth Reed
Martha Reed
Nathan Reed
Nelson A. and Juliette O. Reed
Paul J. and Lara L. Reed
Robert M. Reed#
Rosann M. Reed#
Sharon G. Reed
Susan Reed
Cathleen E. Reeder#
Frank J. and Valerie A. Reedy
Richard L. and Rachelle R. Reeg
Lindsay Reel
Donna R. Rees
Gregory F. and Janet L. Reese
Gary# and Colleen Reeve
Christopher M. Reeves#
Ellen Reeves
John C. and Kelli Reeves
Michael A. and Teresa R. Reeves
Michele A. Reeves
David M. Regan#
Jenna Regan
Robert A. and Theresa D. Regelski
April J. Regester
Mor Regev
Richard A. Regina#
James V.# and Karen Regna
John A. and Barbara C. Regnell
Casey Regular
Richard L. and Patricia Rehm
John Rehmann
Alan B. and Linda M. Reich
Robert and Kathleen Reich
Mike Reichle
Jane Reichmann
Christopher Reid and Jennifer Delaney
David T. and Kay T.# Reid
John P. and Clare K. Reid
Joyce Reid
Kathleen M. Reid
Lucy C. Reid#
Robert A.# and Kathleen Reid
Robert and Joyce# Reier
Lynne Reif
Linda Reifschneider
Greg Reiker
Robert J. Reiker
Ron Reim and Lisa Bell-Reim
Ellen M. Reimann#
Chris Reimer
Richard L. and Marsha A. Reimer
Steven W.# and Kathleen T. Reimer
Peter C. Rein#
Thomas G. Rein
Tom Reina
Claire Reinbold
Michael and Lauren Reindl
John R. and Julie S. Reiner
Owen and Aline Reinert
John E. and Jeanne C. Reinfurt
Darcy L. Reinhard
James F. and Martha Reinhardt
Lucy Reinhart
Martin Reis
Colleen E. Reisenbichler
Tricia Reisinger
David M. and Frances Reisler
Mary B. Reissen
Thomas R. Reitenbach
Candace M. Reiter#
Mary Reither
Catherine J. Reitz
Pamela J. Reitz
Jan Rellergert
Thomas L.# and Maryelise G. Rellergert
Andrew E. and Lisa H. Remack
Henry Remis
Jeffrey and Kathleen A.# Remmert
Robert and Nancy Remmert
Nicole Renaud
John A. Renfro
Lilyan Rengstorf
Donna Renick
Marion Renkens
Felix Renner
Michael J. Renner
Michelle Renner
Judith A. Repke#
Edward A.# and Nancy A. Repking
Stephen B. and Elaine B. Repking
Michael Repovich and Winifred Newman
Arthur C. and Sharon R. Repp
Thomas J. Ressler
David and Angela J.# Ressner
Jorge M. and Clara P. Restrepo
Sydney Reuben
James A. and Marion Reuter
Libby Reuter
Michael J. and Judith A.# Reuter
Lawrence Reutter
Jonathan Reycraft
Randall Reyes
Grace B. Reynolds
Greg and Roberta Reynolds
Jeanette Reynolds
Justin M. Reynolds
Margaret Reynolds
Patricia J. Reynolds
Ronald L.# and Peggy A. Reynolds
Victoria R. Reynolds
Maribeth L. Rezey
Philip Rheinecker
Marty and Martha R. Rhine
Paul F. Rhiney
Samantha Rhoades
Jane Rhoda
James A. Rhodes and Stephanie C. Sigala
David J. and Jacqulynn M. Rhyne
Brent J. and Amy L. Ricci
Carolyn Rice
Catherine N. Rice
John P. and Nancy N. Rice
Joseph Rice
Lisa A. Rice#
Mary K. Rice
Nancy Rice
Anthony D. Rich
Daniel Rich
Joseph Rich
Julia Rich
Mary Rich
Curt and Amy Richards
Jerry Richards
Oliver F. and Wendy C. Richards
Bobby W. and Theresa L. Richardson
Brenda L. Richardson
Gary A. and Judith E. Richardson
George N. and Kathleen F. Richardson
Jessie T. Richardson
Joel Richardson
Marjorie L. Richardson
Nancy C. Richardson
Paul R. and Sherri Richardson
Peter Richardson
Rebecca A. Richardson#
Robert Richardson
Ruth M. Richardson#
Shane Richardson
Thomas Richardson
Roger Richie and Linda Henry
Daniel J. and Phyllis A. Richter
Kristi Richter
Randy R. and Diane A. Richter
Sarah Richter
Stephanie Richter
William A. Richter
Diana Rickles
Allison S. Ricks
Fred Ricks and Joan T. Boaz
Joseph Ridder
John M. Riddle#
Ronald D. and Barbara J. Ridenhour
William L. and Barbara Ridenour
Genyne Rideout
Ronald H. and Doris D. Ridgway
William H. and Marilyn F. Ridings
Mark Rieben
Judith A. Riediger
Lindsay M. Riegel#
Michael J. Rieger and Rita Darpino-Rieger
Loie L. Riehl#
Donna B. Riehlman
Dorothy Riemer
Carl G. and Juanita M. Riepl
Donna Rieser
Jacqueline D. Rieves#
K. Daniel and Mary K. Riew
Jonathan Riezman
Wesley Rife
Geoffrey Rigabar
Diana M. Rigdon
Jennifer Rigdon
Warren B. and M. Janet# Rigdon
Frank Riget
Lee Rigg
Nevada K. Riggar
Patricia C. Riggins
Douglas L. Riggs
Leticia Riggs
Savannah Rigley
Kurt L. Riker
Martin Riker
Patricia A. Rikli
Barbara J. Riley
Daniel P. Riley
John J. Riley
Jonathan Riley
Lisa A. Riley
Rosalie Riley
Sally Riley
Roger L. Rimel
H. William# and Bonnie L. Rinesmith
Christine M. Ring#
Earl E.# and Kristin L. Rinne
Evelyn Rintoul
James F. Riordan#
Susan G. Riordan
Rebecca Rios
Thomas H. Ripperda
Dennis R. and Shelley# Ripplinger
Elisabeth Risch
Gerald and Mary C.# Risch
Patricia Rischar
Robert B. Risk
Margaret W. Rissman
Frederic Rissover
Nicola Riswadkar
Barbara A. Ritchey
Mary Jo Ritchie
Stacey J. Ritter
Adam Ritzel
Robert B. and Joan K. Rivas
Rita Rivas-Pickering
Zorimar Rivera-Nuyez
Robert I. Rizer
Syeda M. Rizvi#
Kevin A. and Kathleen S.# Rizzo
Dan J. and Maureen S.# Roach
Dennis W. and Mary C. Roach
Jack Roach
Jean C. Roach
Timothy W. Roach#
Shirley Robak
Karen Robards
Kathy Robart
George E. Robbins
Katlin E. Robbins#
Linda B. Robbins
Stephen D. and Kathryn E. Robbins
Tammy M. Robbins
Genevieve M. Roberson
Michelene K. Robertaccio
Cheryl M. Roberts
Christopher Roberts
Dianne B. Roberts
Elizabeth R. Roberts
Gloria E. Roberts#
James D. and Mary E. Roberts
Jennifer Roberts
Jerry L. and Debra K.# Roberts
Laura K. Roberts
Lloyd A. Roberts
Melissa Roberts
Michael E. Roberts
Michael J. Roberts
Paula M. Roberts#
Rich W. Roberts
Richard and Monika Roberts
Tove P. Roberts
Christopher N. Robertson
Claire Robertson
Shirley L. Robertson#
Jason T. Robey
Marilyn M. Robinder
Robin Robins
Carol Robinson
Douglas A. and Gail M.# Robinson
Edward G. Robinson#
Jean M. Robinson
John H. Robinson
John P. and Bonnie M. Robinson
Joseph R. and Nancy H. Robinson
Karen M. Robinson
Lashaunda D. Robinson
Lindsey Robinson
Patrick S. and Lavona S. Robinson
Phyllis A. Robinson#
Shannon J. Robinson
Zoe Robinson
Darlene Robinson-Plummer#
Carol C. Robitschek
Roy and Roma M.# Robson
Mary E. Rocchio#
Thomas Rocco
Richard H. and Nanette S. Rochberg
Patricia A. Roche#
J. Martin and Ruth Rochester
Rex and Frances M. Rocine
Keith and Patricia Rock
Jason M. Roddick
Rochelle L. Roddom
Joseph E. Rodebaugh#
Thomas Rodebaugh
Richard T. Rodgers and Diane# Denney
Alice Rodier
William Rodina
Devin Rodino
Sandra T. Rodney
Jerry Rodriguez
Liza A. Rodriguez#
Paula Rodriguez
Brett Roe
Craig Roeckle
Victor H. Roeder#
Linda L. Roediger#
Beth L. Roehm#
Rob Roennigki
Paul J. and Stephanie Roesler
Christine Roettger
Tanya L. Roever
Anne A. Rogers
Cynthia Rogers
Dana L. Rogers#
David W. Rogers
Donald and Mary Rogers
Jamala Rogers
Jeffrey and Sandy A. Rogers
Joyce Rogers#
Keith Rogers
Moses D. and Faye A. Rogers
Patricia L. Rogers
Rachel Rogers
Richard C. Rogers
Ronald Rogers
Phyllis Rogers-Goodman
William C. Rogler and Jane M. Moul
James E. and Helen Rogles
Herbert and Zelda Rogul
Michael E. and Patricia A. Rohan
Jeanne Rohen
Christopher M. Rohlfing
Janice Rohlfing#
Richard Rohrer
Henry Rohrs and Barbara Schweitzer
Mary A. Rolens
Daniel S. and Sally Rolf
Maria C. Rolfes
Thomas and Norma Roling
Brent D. Rollens
Michael R. Rollings#
Charles G. and Mary E. Rollins
Karen J. Rollins#
Therese G. Rolwes
Farid Roman
John R. Roman
Ronnie L.# and Chris Romer
Gabriela Romero
Barbara J. Romine#
Michael P. and Carol L. Rominger
Justin R. Romo#
Jane Rondeau
David and Miryam Ronen
Lisa Rood
Bennett B. and Carroll B. Roodhouse
James T.# and Rebecca Rooney
Sylvester# and Dorothy Roosevelt
Alice Roper
Keith Roper
John P. and Pamela S.# Roques
Eugene E.# and Donna L.# Rosche
Catherine Rose
Emily E. Rose
F. Howard and Jeanne B.# Rose
Janet Rose
Jillian Rose
Pauline B. Rose
Thomas M. Rose and Susan Norris
Vik-Thor Rose
Mark T. and Elizabeth P. Rosebrough
Tresa D. Roseman#
William L. Roseman
Adrienne A. Rosen
Edward M. Rosen
Jake and Jeanne E.# Rosen
Jerrold D. and Carla E.# Rosen
Laurence M. and Gayle Rosen
Mary Rosen
Sandra Rosen
Steven E. and Karen B.# Rosen
Carol P. Rosenbaum
Edward and Patricia J. Rosenbaum
Ellen H. Rosenbaum
Alan E. and Donna# Rosenberg
Barry J. Rosenberg and Barbara E. Levin
Fred B. and Stacey Rosenberger
Jennifer S. Rosenblatt
Charlotte K. Rosenblum
Alan and Lisa K.# Rosenburg
Neal S. Rosenburg#
Diane Rosenfeld
Lois A. Rosenfeld
Bob Rosenfield
William Rosenfield
Annie Rosenkranz
Carol J. Rosenkranz
Richard E. Rosenow#
Jim Rosentreter
Christine A. Rosica
Arnold and Margaret Rosielle
Richard and Sarah Rosing
Ann M. Ross
Brenda Ross
Dana M. Ross#
Finis and Kim T. Ross
Gloria Ross
Howard Ross
Jack H. and Martha R. Ross
Jack K. and Roberta M. Ross
James A. Ross and Kathleen A.# Leach-Ross
James P. and Anastasia L. Ross
Jim Ross
John P. and Bobbi G.# Ross
Milton and Flordeliz Ross
Monte and Harriet J.# Ross
Skyler W. Ross
Stephanie A. Ross
Veronica Ross
Robert Rosser
George Rossi
Kevin D.# and Lynne Rossiter
H. Charles and Debbie M.# Rosso
Elizabeth Rossow
Carolyn L. Roth
Charles L. Roth
Charles P.# Roth and Maureen L.# Osborne
Charles Roth
James A. Roth
Karen J. Roth
Richard A. Roth
Robert and Cynthia Rothbaum
Lisa A. Rothe
Rupali Rothe
Stephen and Annie Rothenberg
Joseph L. Rothenheber#
Richard J. and Katherine M. Rothman
Stephen Rothschild
Mark I.# and Debra M. Rothstein
Leisa Rotramel
Wayne and Jean Rotsch
Robert W.# and Patricia A. Rottler
Robert C.# and Jan M. Rouff
Steve A. and Jacqueline J. Rouff
Tiffany F. Rounsville
Janelle Rouse
Rachel Rouse
Robert# and Joy M.# Rouse
Michael S. Rouzer
Julie B. Rovics
Veronica L. Rovira#
William S. Rovnan
John Rowan
Steven W. and Marilyn A.# Rowan
Anne B. Rowe
Jessica Rowe
Mark Rowland
Derek Rowley
Joseph R. and Jessica J. Rowley
Henry L. and Phyllis A. Rowold
Michael Roy
Alta M. Royal
Robert Royce
Tatyana Rozin
Milton A. and Lois E.# Rubin
William Rubin
Joseph T. and Christine A.# Rubino
Melissa Rubright
Theodore C. Rubright
Thomas and Katherine Rucinsky
Lorraine M. Ruck#
Michael A.# and Nancy E. Ruck
D. C. and Carol W. Rucker
Laura Rudder
Thomas M. and Eileen F. Ruddy
David and Niloufar Rudis
Nancy M. Rudolph
Olga Rudomiotov
Kevin Rudroff
Monica M. Rudroff#
Yoram and Hadas B. Rudy
Joyce Ruebel
Patricia Rueda
Michael C.# and Nancy L. Ruediger
Marilyn Ruemmler
Margaret N. Ruesch
Michele M. Ruesler
Jeanne M. Rueth
Charles G. Ruether
Liza Ruether
Kent A. and Alison C. Ruffing
Randy Ruffing
Frank and Bette Ruffino
Diane E. Ruffus
Michael R.# and Judith A.# Ruffus
Mariann Rufle
Jocelyn Rugaber
George B. and Janet K.# Rugge
James W. Ruhland
Sarah E. Ruhland
Daniel Ruhlin
Angela M. Rule#
Joseph Rule
Michael E. and Kathryn J.# Rulli
Susan Rumbo
James F. Rumbolo
Mary Ann Rund
John E. and Molly E.# Rundquist
Andrew and Sabrina V. Runge
Mark Runge
Robert and Anita L. Runge
Brandon Runyon
Thomas J. and Joann M. Ruoff
Susan Rupert
Chance Ruppel
John J. Ruprecht
James L. and Margaret D. Ruschill
Eugene and Janice Rusert
James L. Rush
Casey Russell
Douglas F. Russell
Elizabeth E. Russell
Gregory J.# and Lisa L. Russell
John H. and Carol D. Russell
John Russell
Laura Russell
Leslie R. Russell#
Margaret E. Russell#
Nathan P. Russell
Shannon and Cadence Russell
William A. Russell
Andrew J. Russo
Jo Russo
Michael E. Russo
Laverne Russomanno
Mary A. Russum
Eugene D. Ruth and Rebecca Glenn
Dale E. and Jacqueline Ruthsatz
Howard J. Rutledge
Michele B. Rutledge#
Steven A.# and Barbara C. Rutledge
Joseph W. and Bee Rutter
Megan Rutter
David Ruvolo#
C.J. Ruyle
Robert L. and Evelyn M. Ruzensky
Charles F.# and Esmeralda N. Ruzicka
Dan Ruzicka
Kristine Ruzicka
Carol J. Ryan
Catherine E. Ryan
Gary L. Ryan#
James P.# and Dorothea M. Ryan
Kevin M. and Susan W.# Ryan
Kevin M.# and Joan M.# Ryan
Kevin Ryan
Margaret Ryan
Robert Ryan
Ron and Lucy Ryan
Timothy J.# and Mary I. Ryan
William J. and Linda R.# Ryan
Margaret R. Ryan-Debonis
Greg S.# and Betty Rybacki
Margaret E. Rybenski#
Timothy J. Rydel
James J. Rygelski
David Rygiol
William C. Rynecki
Katharina R. Rynkiewich#
Louis and Carolyn Ryseff
James R.# and Patricia L. Saavedra
Brian Sabin
Leslie and Miriam E.# Sabol
Kathleen Sacha#
Eric Sachs
Donald L. and Marianne T.# Sack
Eileen Sackett
Jason Sackett
Jill E. Sackman
Anna Sadaka
Patty Sadauskas
Adnan Sadiq and Saman Ikhlas
Eleanor Sadlo
Lilyan S. Sadlon
Netta Sadovsky
Nagdalena Sadowska
Victor W. Saeger
Warren S.# and Geri D.# Saeger
Tamara D. Saey#
Karen Safe
Lisa E. Saffell
Lauren Sagel
Larry and Nancy Saguto
Gary F.# and Lynn F. Sahrmann
Robert A. and Jessica L. Saigh
Lena Saitz
Andrew and Anne M. Sak
Daniel Sakaguchi
Douglas and Andrea C.# Sakmar
Edward T. and Anna B. Sakurai
Cristina Salabao
Steven Salamon
Llewellyn Sale
Michelle Salinas
Sherry Salinas
Lawrence B. Salkoff
Amanda Salley
Harold E. Salmon and Mary A. Allen
Stephen P. Salniker
Michelle Salois
Douglas B.# and Susan F. Salsbury
Mark Salsbury
Maryann Salsbury
Deborah Salter
Harvey and Louisa Salvin
Patricia L. Salyer#
Lois Salzmann
Shakti K. Sama
Earl H. and Patricia L. Samel
Shawn Sample
Carla Samson
Willis Samson
David B. Samuels
Robert A. and Margaret A. Samuels
Sallie M. Samuels#
Deborah L. Sanazaro
Anita L. Sanchez
Dolores Sanchez
Eddy Sanchez
Jean Sandefur
Katherine Sandel
Anthony S. Sander
Gerard J. and Jeanne M.# Sander
Bradley S. Sanders
Joseph K. Sanders
Laurence R. and Catherine M. Sanders
Lawrence J. and Diana S. Sanders
Michael K. Sanders#
Michele J. Sanders#
Mick J. Sanders
Sarah Sanders
Sylvia Sanders
Vicki Sanders
William M. and Katherine L. Sanders
Cheryl L. Sanderson
Patricia L. Sanderson#
Bob Sandheinrich
Tony A. and Jean M.# Sandifer
David C. and Kathleen A. Sandknop
Arlene D. Sandler
Sylvan and Ruth Sandler
John Sandman
Barbara L. Sandmel
Aileen Sandoval
Richard and Cora E. Sandoval
Nancy E. Sandroff#
Carl R. Sandstedt
Loretta Sandweg
Stephen F. Sandweg#
Kay S. Sandweiss
Cathy Sandy
John G. Sanford
Thomas Sanger
Karen Sanner
Kimberly Sansone
Margaret Sant'Ambrogio
Dwight A. Santagato
Stephen M. Santel#
Mike and Maggie Santinanavat
Wayne Santoni
Samuel and Barbara C. Santoro
Antonio and Marta Santos
Joy A. Sanz-Agero
Russell C. and Marcy Saphian
Steven C. Saphian#
Charles W. Sapp
Joe and Mary C.# Saputo
John Saracco
Jose I. and Maria E.# Sarasua
Cristen Sargent
Peter E. and Alice A. Sargent
Brad Sarno
Wendy E. Sarno#
Edwin Sasek
Alvin Sasse
Thomas G. and Marie E.# Sassenrath
John Satchell
Karen Sater
Peer M. and Katherine A. Sathi
Shelley M. Satke
Lawrence J. and Carolyn R.# Satz
Ruth Satz
Nelson Saucedo
Paul B. and Susan Sauer
Scott C.# and Jane Sauerbrunn
Matthew Sauerwein
William L. and Carla A. Sauerwein
Suzanne E. Saum#
Nanette Saumier-Trax
Angela Saunders
Dennis A.# and Tina E. Saunders
George B. and Eleanor J.# Saunders
Michael and Lynn Saunders
Sherry E. Saunders#
James F. and Cheryll D.# Saunier
James and Judith L.# Saurage
Michelle Sausen
Elizabeth Savage
Gerald L. Savage and Evelyn P. Isaac-Savage
Laura N. Savage
Richard D. and Donna J. Savage
Barbara A. Savalick
Terry S. Savan
Michael Saville and Jerri A. Stroud
Dominique Savinelli
William Sawalich
Mandar M. Sawant#
Harpreet Sawhney
Joe and Marjorie Sawicki
Daniel L. Sawyer
Luann Sawyer
Stanley Sawyer
John A. and Linda C. Saxton
Abbas Sayed
Rosemarie Sayer
Frank J. Scaduto
Kevin R. Scaggs
Stephen Scales
Russell and Gabriela Scalpone
Craig and Beth Scandrett-Leatherman
Leonard J. and Barbara A. Scanlon
Robert W. and Linda J.# Scanlon
Jeanne M. Scannell
Frank Scarborough
John C. and Angie C.# Scariano
Charles E. and Lori R. Scarlett
Courtney Scavotto
Steven F. and Elizabeth I. Schaab
Faith M. Schaan
Caroline M. Schaberg
Robert A. Schaberg
William M. and Janice E. Schaberg
Susan M. Schack
Barry Schactman and Ana Grace-Schactman
Mark F. and Jeannine Schade
Andrew and Jahna Schadt
Albert Schaefer
Alison Schaefer
Edward H. and Loretta E. Schaefer
Glenda D. Schaefer
Laura W. Schaefer
Mary E. Schaefer
Ralph Schaefer
Robert J. and Kathleen Schaefer
Thomas C. Schaefer
Thomas R. and Sherri P.# Schaefer
Michael J. and Brenda J. Schaeffer
William and Pamela Schaeffer
Michelle Schaeffler
Carrie Schafer
Loretta Schafer
Kenneth W. Schafermeyer
Jerry F.# and Linda S.# Schafers
Patricia R. Schafers
Alan R. and Peggy E. Schaffer
Andrea W. Schaffer
Donald E. and Sandy A. Schaffer
John Schalda
Michael P. and Rachel F. Schaller
Scott and Patricia Schaller
Richard and Anne T. Schallert
Edward Schaltenbrand
Maggie J. Schamber
Rebecca M. Schantz
Mary M. Schanuel
David A. Schaper#
Philip and Joann Schaper
Barry and Frances F.# Schapiro
Jacqueline S. Schapp
Sarah Scharenborg
Emily Scharf
John and Carolyn M.# Scharkey
Rudy C. and Dorothy K. Schaser
Carol P. Schatz
Tom and Elizabeth Schawang
Marilyn S. Schear
Albert P. Schebera
Michael J. and Nancy A.# Scheberle
Karen Schechter
Neil and Carolyn R. Schechter
Kennith Schechtman
Carlos and Marina J. Scheer
Tara E. Scheer
Kate Schejbal
Ruth A. Schejbal
Earl Schellenberg
Kathryn Schellhase
Daniel Schene
George Schenk
Thomas J. Schenk
Philip R. and Mary M. Schenkenberg
Stephen and Tamara H.# Schenkenberg
Kyle Schenkewitz
Laurie A. Schepker
Norma S. Scher
Roger L. and Julie M.# Scherck
Lisa Scherer
Patricia K. Scherer
Carl Scheske
June Scheve#
William F.# and Sibyl Scheve
Christine B. Schicker
William Schieber and Horty Shieber
Gordon W. and Barbara G. Schiefelbein
Wayne H.# and Mary C. Schiefelbein
Arthur T. Schieler
Norbert W. and Carol Schierding
Kristi Schiffman
Janine Schilders
Meiko Schill
Norman A. Schiller
Sally Schiller
Elizabeth A. Schilling
Adam Schillinger
Robert and Johanna F.# Schillinger
Debra L. Schindler
George A. and Catherine A. Schindler
Suzanne E. Schindler
Thomas J. and Susan Schindler
Paul D. and Debby Schippel
Gary J. and Stacy A. Schirmer
Paul Schjetnan
Stephanie Schlamb
Nicole M. Schlanger
Stanley G. Schlarman
Elizabeth Schlee
Donald P. and Karen S.# Schleeper
Jeannine I. Schleicher#
John M. and Barbara A. Schleppenbach
Carolyn A. Schlicher#
Lili Schliesser
Margaret A. Schlinger
Dustin Schlobohm
Carroll D. Schlomer and Karen M.# Corbett
Yvonne Schlote
Carol A. Schlueter
Roger and Margaret A. Schlueter
Robert Schluttach
Steven J. Schmalfeld
Sharon Schmalz
Clyde and Gladys Schmeder
Barbara A. Schmeding#
Amy L. Schmelzel#
David L. and Elinda Schmerber
Jessica N. Schmid
Michael J. Schmid#
Nina Schmid
Antoinette Schmidt
Barbara J. Schmidt
Bennet C. Schmidt
Catherine E. Schmidt
David J. and Laura S.# Schmidt
David P. and Connie J. Schmidt
Edgar W. Schmidt
Gary E. Schmidt
Karen S. Schmidt
Larry D.# and Barbara K. Schmidt
Louise Schmidt
Mary L. Schmidt
Michael S. and Chris Schmidt
Nathan Schmidt
Nicola Schmidt
Paul W. and Beverly Schmidt
Penelope L. Schmidt
Richard A. Schmidt and Sharon Woodson
Stephanie K. Schmidt
Kristina Schmieder
Jane Schmit
Paul F. Schmit
Peter L. and Mary H. Schmit
Joann J. Schmits
Jane M. Schmitt
Joseph R. Schmitt
Linda S. Schmitt
Rich and Judith Schmitt
Shannon C. Schmitt
Thomas J. Schmitt
Ervin and Katherine Schmitz
Henry A. Schmitz
James L. Schmitz and Janice M.# Anton-Schmitz
Mary J. Schmitz
Sharon Schmitz
Patricia A. Schmiz#
Lori L. Schmoll#
Connie Schmollinger
Jerry D. Schmutz
Virginia Schnarr
Spencer and Susan Schneidenbach
Anita K. Schneider
Betsy Schneider
Carl C. and Joanne R. Schneider
Chris S. Schneider#
Deanna G. Schneider
Doris Schneider
Fred C. and Karen Schneider
Gary Schneider
George H. and Jovita H. Schneider
Jean Schneider
Justin Schneider
Martin F.# and Grace H. Schneider
Nicholas A. Schneider
Pamela S. Schneider#
Rebecca Schneider
Ruth B. Schneider
Sandra S. Schneider
Steven A. and Rochelle M.# Schneider
Tara Schneider
Tyler J. Schneider
Jeffery Schnelle
Richard C. and Kathleen M. Schneller
Donald C. and Jo D. Schnellmann
Kelly M. Schnider
Donald J. Schnorbus#
Richard T. and Milicent A.# Schnoring
Eugene Schnur
James M.# and Linda E. Schnur
Sam Schnurbusch
Robert I.# and Rise Schnurman
James R. Schnurr#
Susan M. Schoemehl#
Gary R.# and Heidi M.# Schoen
Laurel N. Schoen
Matthew Schoen
Art and Jena Schoenberger
Veronica Schoenborn
Tim and Laura Schoenecker
Michael S. Schoenewies
King and Dee Schoenfeld
Scott D. Schoenfeld#
Sidney L. Schoenfeld
Thomas and Barbara Schoenherr
Roland and Joan Schoenhoff
Robert W. Schoenstein
Bev Schofield
Daniel M. Scholes
Travis J. and Jennifer K. Scholl
Jacob Scholz
Gary C. and Barbara Schonaerts
Erica F. Schonman
Mark Schoon
Mario and Karen Schootman
Stephen Schorle
Brett T. and Kathleen M. Schott
Daisy Schrader
Helen L. Schrader#
Joseph and Beverly Schraibman
Michael H.# and Rosalyn Schraier
Harvey J. Schramm
Joyce Schramm
Sue A. Schramm
Paul and Alice M.# Schreiber
William Schreiber
Amy J. Schriber#
Arnold M. and Thelma C. Schrier
Cortney Schroeder
Edward H. and Marie Schroeder
Mary R. Schroeder#
Paul R. and Darlene K.# Schroeder
Shawn L. Schroeder
Stephen Schroeder
Dorothy Schroeder-Kraus
Michael R. Schroeppel
Valerie Schroll
Jerry Schroy
Susan E. Schubert
Dan Schuder
Rebecca Schuder
Lucy Schuering
Ted Schuerman
Virginia Schuerman
Mark Schuermann
Conrad C.# and Deborah A. Schuessel
Richard G. and Dawn Schuessler
Bruce M. and Ann Schuette
Billy Schuh
John L. and Sarah M.# Schuh
Laura Schuhwerk
Robert J. and Nancy Schukai
Chris Schuldt
Ben M. and Lenore H. Schulein
David Schuler
George A. and Mary E. Schuler
Herbert G. and Gina G.# Schuler
Michelle L. Schuler
John J. and Lisa M.# Schuller
Jeff and Carol L. Schulman
David K. Schulte
Doris Schulte
Michael W. and Rose M. Schulte
Stephanie C. Schulte#
Steven G. Schulte
Barry D. and Ellen L. Schultes
Daniel C. and Patricia A. Schultz
Donna L. Schultz#
Lloyd and Beverly R. Schultz
Michael J. Schultz
Paul K. and Michelle Z. Schultz
Thomas H. and Nancy A.# Schultz
Walter T. and Lois Schultz
Mary L. Schultze
Brian C. Schulz and Aletha M. Claussen-Schulz
John Schulz
Marilyn A. Schulze
Carl R. and Ramona A. Schumacher
James Schumacher and Mary Roberts
Jeffrey and Joanne N. Schumacher
Terrence Schumaier#
Frank W.# and Elyse M. Schuman
Robert J.# and Kathleen Schumert
Joseph P. and Bonnie S. Schurmann
Elizabeth M. Schuster
Melinda L. Schuster#
Dale and Carol Schutte
Edgar J. Schuttenberg
Carol A. Schutz
Raymond Schutz
Bradley and Dawn R. Schwab
Lauren Schwab
William and Diane Schwab
Coleta Schwartz
Gabriele Schwartz
Mitchell and Sylvia Schwartz
Richard E. and Diane E.# Schwartz
Ruth K. Schwartz
Steve and Doris Schwartz
Thomas E. Schwartz
William J. and Linda C. Schwartz
James H. and Sally A. Schwartze
Carl R. Schwarz and Cathy L. Goldstein
Jennifer M. Schwarz#
Mark H. and Mary M.# Schwarz
Thomas J.# and Sally J. Schwarz
Jeff Schwegman
William F. and Deborah Schwein
Gloria Schwenck
James Schwentker
Marguerite D. Schwerin
Sherrie L. Schwieter#
William Schwindt
Martha P. Sciacia#
Ernest V. and Cynthia L. Sciaroni
Vincent Sciaroni
Rose M. Scimemi
Saundra Scissors
Matthew C. and Patricia A. Sciuto
Christopher R. Scofield
Michael R. Scolari
Diane M. Scollay#
Leslie K. Scoopmire#
Angelia Scott
Brenda J. Scott#
Donald T.# and Pamela R.# Scott
Douglas and Ona Scott
Ed and Susan Scott
Jennifer A. Scott
Kristine Scott
Larry and Helen Scott
Lynne Scott
Michael F.# and Karin S. Scott
Michael W. and Jean T. Scott
Roderick W. and Kimberly O.# Scott
Roger F. and Barbara J. Scott
Ronald Scott
Susan M. Scott
Wayne J.# and Donna M. Scott
William D. and Mary Lou Scott
Harry and Linda Scoville
Raymond P. and Etta M.# Sczepanski
Bobby L. Seals
Robert E. and Charlotte M. Seamands
Eileen H. Searls
Karen H. Sears
Nick and Cathie Sears
Amy Seat
Frank W. and Janet C. Seavitte
Mark and Nancy J. Sebelski
Joseph Sechmidt
Charles Sedano
Scott Seddon
Robert M. Sedlak
Elsie Sedlock
Frank Sedmak
Julian M. and Helen Seeherman
Laura Seelbach
Elinor Seele
Edwin K. and Mary E.# Seematter
Christopher G.# and Barbara Seep
Barry A. and Elaine P. Seeskin
Christie A. Segal
Thomas P. and Paula M. Segert
Arlene Segur
Kurt S.# and Christine C. Seibert
Linda B. Seibert
Paul Seibert
Ronna Seibert
Deborah Seidel
Haiyan Seidel
Joe and Mary E.# Seidel
Sheryl Seidel
Steve Seidel
Andrea B. Seidl
Amanda J. Seifert
James and Jane Seifert
Simone S. Seifert-Higgins
Sarah Seigfreid
Gladys J. Seitter
Geoffrey J. and Valerie A. Seitz
John Seitz
Dana A. Self#
Jennifer M. Self#
Matthew Self
Margaret Selig
Stephanie L. Seligman
Terrance D. and Karen L. Sell
Herschel V. and Carolyn K. Sellers
Scott P. and Eileen M.# Sellers
Patrick Sellner
Norman A. and Marcia Selner
David Seltzer
Jo Seltzer
Andrea Semler
Brian and Joyce Semmler
Lindsey Semon
Sean D. Semones
Mary Sennewald
Monica Sentmanat
Richard H. Senturia
Karl W.# and Laurie A. Seper
Megan Seper
Jason M.# and Kara G. Serati
Kathleen L. Serfas
Karen S. Serituk
Martha Seroogy
Joseph S. Serot#
Jennifer Sertl
John D. Servais
Donald J. Sery
Jerome R. and Francine# Seslen
Suzanne Sessions
Sherry Seto
Robert L. Settle
Vicki E. Settlemoir#
James A.# and Kimberly A. Setzekorn
Alexander Seubert
Leonardo V. Severino#
Mary K. Severtsen#
Hasan Sevim
John U. and Wandra L. Seward
Shirley M. Seward
Cheyonna Sewell#
James and Mary S. Sewell
Jay C.# and Susan S. Sewell
Bradley Sexauer
John H. and Lois A. Sexauer
Stephen J. and Molly K. Sexauer
Steven Sexton
Timothy Sexton
David A. and Darby L.# Seymour
Lessie E. Seymour#
Ruth Seymour
Suresh R. Shaddarsanam and Sharada S.# Raja
Edwin H. Shafer and Beth A.# Skelton
Gerald and Kathleen Shafer
Christopher D. Shaffer and Rachel A. Slaugh
Jason P. Shaffer#
Mary M. Shaffer
Renee R. Shaffer
Khalid and Gul Shah
Naina Shah
Vipin K. and Smita V. Shah
Carol H. Shahriary
Joan Shalapin
Justine A. Shamleffer
Andrew B. and Beverly G.# Shanfeld
Charles J.# and Leslie Shank
Jonathan A. and Naomi B. Shanker
Marsha Shanker
Hannah Shanks
Ralph M. and Jacqueline M. Shanks
Erica K. Shannon
Robert L. and Jeanette Shannon
Sheila K. Shantz#
Albert G. Shapiro
Barbara Shapiro
Gabriel Shapiro and Sydney Norton
Nicholas G. and Mary M.# Shapiro
Norman J. Shapiro
Ouisie Shapiro
Stephen R. and Harriet Shapiro
Tim R. Shapiro
Sally Sharamitaro
Hugh M. Share
John and Kathryn Sharkey
Mukesh K. Sharma
Deborah M. Sharn
Polly Sharp
Sue A. Sharp
Terry A. Sharp
Burton Sharpe
Daniel R. and Sandra L. Shasserre
Debra Shatoff
Christopher Shaver
Josephine A. Shaver
Cat Shaw
Cathryn Shaw
Peter Shaw
Richard L. and Barbara A. Shaw
Loyal B. and Mary E. Shawgo
Lawrence D. and Sydell# Shayer
Daniel B. Shea and Kathleen A. Williams
Michael J. Shea
Michael P.# and Ann M. Shea
Nathan A. Shea#
Marianne Sheahan
Emily Sheehan
Patrick J. Sheehan
Suzanne M. Sheehan#
Alison Sheets
Myron W.# and Mary R. Sheets
Julia M. Sheffield
Peggy S. Sheffold#
Douglas R. Shefsky and Deena# Samberg-Shefsky
Elizabeth Sheldon
William Sheley
Jonathan Shell
Lisa P. Shelley
Orin K. Shellhammer
Francis W.# and Martha H. Shelton
Joleen Shelton
Melanie Shelton
Michael S. and Crystal G. Shelton
Sara E. Shelton
Tom and Debbie Shelton
Tina Shen
Carmen Shepard
Suzanne M. Shepard
Tracy Shepard
Ann P. Shepherd
Floyd L. Shepherd#
John C. Shepherd
Robert H. Shepherd#
Peggy B. Shepley
Helen L. Sheppard
Ben Shepperd
Richard M. and Judith Sher
Roni Sher
Stephen A. Sherblom and Mindy Bier
Jonathan M. Sherertz#
Alexander and Renee Sherfy
Brigitte Sheridan
Mary E. Sheridan
Patricia Sheridan
Wendell J. Sherk
Alan E. Sherman and Joy L. Stinger
Don R. and Sheri A. Sherman
Ellen J. Sherman
Gary J. and Randi S.# Sherman
Gilbert and Victoria Sherman
Judith P. Sherman
Lynne P. Sherman#
Patricia Sherman
Vincent Sherry
Joyce Sherstad
Robert O. and Margaret T. Sherwood
Sandra M. Sherwood-Yates
Jagat K. and Sai K. Sheth
Meredith Sheth
Paul W. and Marcia L. Shetley
Gregory Shevlin
Edwin F.# and Jo Ann E. Shew
Joan M. Shewmake
Gang Shi
Yoshiaki and Kieko Shibusawa
Allan Shickman and Bonnie M. Lenz
Michael S. and Nancy R. Shields
Lori Shifter
Chiao Shih
Richard N. and Kelly R. Shilliday
Thomas B. Shilling
William C. and Philomena N. Shilling
John J. and Jacqueline R. Shillington
Joshua S. and Rebecca K. Shimony
Jean Shimunek
Richard Shinners
Karen Shipman-White
Gary and Janet Shipper
Jennifer Shirar
Meriel Shire
Douglas and Trisa L.# Shirley
Guy V.# and Tracy J.# Shirley
Larry W. and Sheila Shive
Tim and Betty Shocklee
Linda C. Shofner#
David and Linda L. Shogren
Moisy and Bonnie Shopper
Jacqueline L. Shore
Janice A. Shore#
Linda Shore#
Norman Shore
A. Patricia Shores
Adam T. Shores
Bradley and Marilyn Short
Debra J. Short
John R. and Vicki S. Short
Robert N. Shortridge
Gary D. and Tina M.# Shortt
David E. and Suzanne# Shoub
Lawrence O. and Kathleen E. Shoults
Barbara Shrauner
Gary C. Shreiner
Darin Shreves
Thomas and Gardenia Shrine
Eun Y. Shryock
Roman Shteyn
David M. and Diane E.# Shuey
Charles D. Shufeldt#
Jennifer M. Shull
Kevin and Emily Shull
Kevin Shults
Vernon and Nancy Shults
Barbara Shuman
Stacy L. Shupe
Kenneth N. Shure
Eli R. and Adrienne Shuter
Herman and Charlene# Shyken
Michael S. and Norma J. Shylanski
Dorthea Sides
Russell Sides
John Siebel
Virginia Siebert
Thomas D.# and Michelle K. Sieckhaus
Barry A. and Marilyn J. Siegel
Donald and Susan Siegel
Faye J. Siegel
Gary L. and Margaret S. Siegel
Nancy A. Siegel
Newton and Diane Siegel
Marvin Siegele
Alan H. and June C. Siegerist
Helene Siegfried
Pam Siegner
Karen Siegrist#
Alison K. Sieloff
Arthur J. Siems
Sharon Sienaski
Julie Siesener
Scott A. Siesennop
Christine K. Sievers#
Dale Sievert
Marie E. Sievert
Walter M. Siewert
Kevin J.# and Nancy Sigillito
Peter Sigmund
Lucas Signorelli
Mario D. and Jamie Signorino
Pasqua Signorino
Carol Sigoloff
Lindsay Sihilling
Samar Sikka
Allen I. Sikorski
Sherman J. and Joan E. Silber
Shirley Silbert
John C. and Sally J.# Silea
William F. Sill
Kevin L. Sillery
Herb and Ruth S.# Silon
Frances S. Silver
Joann Silver#
Nancy Silver
Naomi Silver
Robert M. and Susann M. Silver
Allan and Lisa Silverberg
Arthur M. Silverblatt
Marc Silverman
Robert A. and June Silverman
Howard L.# and Sharon T. Silvermintz
Anne L. Silverstein
Doug and Christine M. Silvey
Robert Simcoke
Perry E. and Mary E. Simeroth
Beverly Simmerman
Anne Simmons
Brent and Jenn Simmons
Bryan and Betsy Simmons
Camille A. Simmons#
Jennifer Simmons
John Simmons
Montague L. Simmons
Michael J. Simms and Brenda M. Shannon-Simms
Arthur J. and Noma S. Simon
Dennis M. and Kimberly M.# Simon
Gabriel Simon
Kathleen A. Simon#
Michael I. Simon
Shulamith Simon
Victoria A. Simon
Ynette Simon
Steven Simonavice
Jill M. Simonds#
Jan Simons
Dale J. and Catherine M.# Simpson
Julia Simpson
Lora E. Simpson
Patricia A. Simpson
Paul J.# and Portia M. Simpson
Reed Simpson
Thomas P.# and Brenda J. Simpson
Ciera L. Simril
David Sims
Mark Sims
Patti Sims
William A. and Elizabeth G. Sims
James Sinclair
Charles H. and Carole J.# Sincox
Jason Sindel
Jessica Sindel
Collin Sindelar
Betty J. Singer
Daniel M. and Lauren M.# Singer
Julie E. Singer
Kelsi Singer
Marc R. Singer
Michael R. Singer and Amy Baum
Pamela J. Singer#
Robert and Geralyn Singer
Victoria Singer
Jitendra Singh#
John Singleton and Linda K.# Wheatley
James Singman#
Courtney C. Singrey#
Cheryl Singsank
Bhaswati Sinha
Glen A. Sinks#
Sharon Sinks
Meagan Sinn
Matha Sinopole
Doris Sipe
Pat and Carol A.# Sipes
Jeffrey L. and Susan L. Sippel
Donald T.# and Gail J. Siress
Curtis and Elizabeth Sisson
Frances A. Sisson
Mary Sisul
Jeffrey and Jean Siudzinski
Richard R. and Elise M.# Sivcovich
Paul Sizemore
David C. and Keri A.# Skeeters
Michael D. and Cathy Y.# Skeeters
Mikels Skele
James G. and Eva Sketoe
Barbara Skidmore
Marilyn Skinner
Patricia Skinner
Susan M. Skinner
Hilary Skirboll
Joseph and Amy E. Sklansky
Charlie J. Skorczewski
Glennon Skornia
Gregory and Deborah K.# Skornia
William D. and Rebecca B. Skrainka
Joan Skurat
Richard Skurat
Joanna M. Skwiot
Jerome L. and Alfredine T.# Slaby
Lynn B. Slackman
Roger Slakey
Beth Slama
Nathan Slama
Irvin Slate
Keith Slater
Kylie Slater
Peggy A. Slater
Stephanie Slaughter
Bradford J. Slavik
Philip H. and Amanda M. Slavin
Nikolay S. Slavkov
Gary Slay
Joan Slecka
Theodore and Mary E. Slegesky
William Sleystor
Arthur F. and Kay A. Slinkard
Bradley L.# and Beth A.# Slinkard
Peggy Sloan
Ralph W. and Sylvia R. Sloan
Steven L. Sloan and Jane A. Gramlich
John and Elizabeth A. Slosar
Robert Slusher Jr. and Frances M. Slusher
Harvey W. and Ava W. Small
Linda K. Small
Donald W.# and Pamela J.# Smalley
Michael A.# and Ann C. Smart
Charles A. Smead
Stephen Smidowicz and Alison Lamothe
Geneva M. Smiley
Allen C. and Marilyn L.# Smith
Anastasia Smith
Angelica Smith
Barry Smith
Brenda Smith
Brendan C. Smith and Lara A. Granich
Carole Smith
Caroline Smith
Catherine A. Smith
Charles and Marlene H. Smith
Clint Smith and Camille M. Jones
Council L. Smith
Craig M. Smith
Craig S.# and Julie N. Smith
Daniel B. Smith
Darla J. Smith#
David A. Smith
David C. and Gwendolyn A. Smith
David S. and Joan A.# Smith
DeLancey A. Smith
DePaul W. and Shirley J.# Smith
Diana M. Smith
Dixi and Ann Smith
Dora A. Smith
Douglas W. Smith
Edward S. Smith
Eugene B. and Martha K. Smith
Frederick G. and Holly O.# Smith
Gail R. Smith#
Gail S. Smith
Garrett J.# and Judith M. Smith
George E. Smith
Helen W. Smith
Herbert C. Smith
James L. Smith#
Janice M. Smith
Jean D. Smith
Jennifer R. Smith
Jeremy Smith
Jillian E. Smith
Joan F. Smith
Joe Smith
Karen J. Smith
Kenneth R. and Marjorie R. Smith
Kent L. and Karen W. Smith
Kevin G. Smith
Lana C. Smith
Larry Smith
Linda L. Smith
Linda L. Smith#
Linda Smith
Lindsey N. Smith
Louis R. Smith
Martha Smith
Mary L. Smith
Matthew R. Smith#
Melanie M. Smith#
Michael E. and Angela M. Smith
Mildred Smith
Myrna Smith
Naquasha K. Smith#
Patti Smith
Penny Smith
Peter H.# and Sandra S. Smith
Phillip N. Smith
Rachel A. Smith
Raymond E. and Joyce D. Smith
Richard A. Smith
Robert A. and Mary F. Smith
Robert B. and Norma J. Smith
Robert C. and Rosemarie Smith
Robert C.# and Crystal A. Smith
Robert E. and Judith Smith
Robert E. and Katherine Smith
Robert R. and Elaine E. Smith
Robin and Kathy Smith
Ryan Z. Smith
Sammie J. and Patricia A. Smith
Sarah K. Smith
Scott D. Smith
Stella M. Smith
Stephen J.# and Janine Smith
Stephen L. and Kathy E. Smith
Steven F. Smith
Thomas D. Smith
Thomas H. Smith
Weldon Smith
William R. and Catherine W. Smith
William T. Smith
Lee I. Smith-Battle
Bonita E. Smith-Hill#
Gary Smithe
Marian Smithson
William L. and Patricia A. Smoot
Calla W. Smorodin
Jennifer Smorodin
John Smreker
Nicholas F. Smyrniotis
Gerald B. and Javada J. Snead
Rob Snead
Nicole C. Sneed#
Kim M. Snider
Michael G. and Kay D.# Snider
Ronald K. Snider
Stephen E. Snitzer
John M. and Alice Snodgrass
Clara J. Snover
Carter Snow
Nancy Snow
Deanna Snowden
Howard and Ruth Snowden
Bernadette Snyder
Irene Snyder
Jamie T. and Pamela A. Snyder
Jeremy W. Snyder
John Snyder
Judith L. Snyder#
Lawrence H. Snyder and Tara A. Nealey
Megan M. Snyder
Richard Snyder
Robert E. Snyder
Samuel R.# and Ashley Snyder
William Snyder and Mary Quinn
Kinuko and Hisaya Sobajima
Arthur Soble
Miriam Sobre-Denton
Paula D. Soderstrom#
Cynthia Soebbing
Nancy D. Soell
Peter and Connie J.# Soens
Catherine Soete
Daniel G. and Janet M. Sohn
Richard L. and Irene G. Sokol
Betty L. Sokolik
Gerald and Myrna B.# Sokolik
Jim Sokolik and Cynthia Wrobel
Sandra L. Sokolik
Mariana Solares
Robert P. Solheim
Edward and Margaret Soliday
Martin Solma
Arthur J. and Ann S. Solodar
Frances Solomon
James Solomon
Michael S. and Elizabeth L. Solomon
Steven L. and Pamela D. Solomon
Nanjappa C. Somanna and Anjali Nanjappa
Stacie L. Somers
Dennis Sommer
Hilary Sommer
Stephen M. Sommer#
William J. Sommer
John C. Sommers#
Steven R. Somogye
Donna Sondag
Thomas R. and Ann M.# Sonderegger
Michael J.# and Mary Sonderman
Nidhi Soni
George and Barbara J.# Sonneborn
Patricia Sonnecker
Ralph L. Sonnenschein
Angeline Soon
Barbara F. Sopp
Joseph R. and Patricia A. Soraghan
Roy Sorbet and Rhonda Porche-Sorbet
Rosalyn L. Sorensen
Donald A. and Amy A. Sorg
Kenneth and Jennifer Sorg
George Soscia
Robert and Dorothy Soskin
Florentina Soto
Scott and Nancy P. Soucek
Mary Soucy
Kathleen M. Souder
Sally Souder
Diana J. Soule
Gary T. and Ellen Soule
Herbert and Shirley# Soule
Theodore N. Soule
Jane M. Southard
Leah M. Southerland
Bill G.# and Sherry F. Southworth
Robert S.# Souza and Susan Wells-Souza
Shannon L. Sowell
Eric Sowers
Lorraine F. Spahr
Stephen C. Spann#
Evelyn Sparkman
Dee Sparks
Dorothy Sparks
Yvonne S. Sparks#
Dennis E. Sparn
Bernard A.# and Kathleen S.# Spaunhorst
Gary A. and Mary C. Spear
Judith D. Speck
Paul S. and Mary Anne Speck
Marikay Speckert
Marc Spector
Patsy T. Spector
Dwan E.# and Desiree D.# Speed
Patricia L. Speer
Pamela J. Speh
Lee M. and Diana M. Speicher
James W. and Phoebe Speiser
Brian M. Spellecy
Richard J. and Robin A. Spence
Lindsay Spencer
Richard E. and Andrea Spencer
Ronald H. and Christine R.# Spencer
Claudia S. Spener
Daniel H. and Nina D. Spener
Ilene S. Spevack#
Courtney A. Spezia
Alicia Spiegel
Robert Spiegel
Gilbert J. and Maxine Spieldoch
William M.# and Colleen C. Spieler
James J. and Martha A.# Spies
Marsha K. Spies#
Ryan Spies
Tracy F. Spies
Joel R.# and Debra# Spigel
Ralph E. and Joyce Spiker
Wendy N. Spilker
Gregory A.# and Theresa Spillman
Konrad Spirk
Nadine D. Spitz
Sanford J. and Gloria Spitzer
Rita Sponamore
Jane A. Spooner#
Kathryn L. Spore
James H. and Beverly J. Sporleder
Daniel J. Sportiello
Kate Sprague
Maria L. Sprague
Richard A. Spraley
Anthony Spranaitis
Nathan Sprehe
Rita H. Springer
William E. and Elizabeth A. Springfield
Rebbeca A. Springston
Jonathan Sprinkle
Leslie M.# and Deborah J.# Sprinkle
Anna K. Spross
Stuart L. and Carolyn F.# Sproull
Steven J. and Julia A.# Spurgetis
Katie C. Spurr
Linda M. Squires
Robert and Jackie Srenco
Shreeranjani Srinivasan
Rai Ajit K. and Neelam# Srivastava
Stephen H.# and Susie St. Cyr
Nathan M. Staab#
James N. Stabile#
Thomas P. and Joann A. Stack
James P. and Julie L. Stackhouse
Jason Stacy
John H. and Dorothy K. Stade
Kenneth L. and Carol A.# Stadler
Jess C. Stagner#
Leonard A. and Judith G. Stagoski
Kenneth Stahl
Douglas A.# and Karen E. Stahlhut
Roger Stahlhut
George W. Stair
Minerva Z. Stalker
Casey Stallings
James K. and Candice L. Stallings
Kendall J. Stallings
Lula B. Stallings#
Sylvia Stallings
Dave and Kelly Stallman
Anna M. Stallone
Leo H. and Marilyn# Stalzer
Mary Stamborski
Tylie Stamer
Patricia M. Stamp
Sarah Stanage
Yelena Standen
Steven C.# and Carla S. Standley
Jimmie and Carrie Standridge
Barbara Stanford
Kris H. and Richelle M.# Stange
Jessica Stanko
Keith E. and Elaine J. Stanley
Robert P. and Dorothy M. Stanton
David and Susan Stapel
Angela Staples
Kirsten Staples
La Vonda R. Staples#
William Stapleton
Brian and Michelle Stapp
Eve A. Starbridge#
Edward C. Stark and Jennifer M. McKnight
Robert L. Stark#
Steven and Jan Stark
Susanna C. Stark#
Michael E. Starks#
Jane A. Starling
Matthew S. Starnes
Anthony Starr
Helmut Starr
Mark R. Starr#
Donna Statler
David Statzel
Cindy E. Staub
Ralph Stauber
Mary B. Staude
Ralph and Gwen Stauder
Michael J.# and Melanie M. Staus
Scott L. and Cecelia J. Stearman
Erica A. Stearns#
Robert I. and Sandra K. Stearns
William F. and Karen M. Stebelski
Robert Steel
Donald Steele
George W. and Ruby L. Steele
Ruth P. Steele
Sara Steele
David Stefacek
John and Jessie Steffan
Michael R. and Cheryl A.# Steffan
John H. Steffen
William Steffen
Desiree R. Stegall
Joshua B.# and Amanda S. Stegeman
James J. and Lucille M. Stehman
John J. Steier#
John R. Steigerwald#
Norm and Libby C.# Steimel
Regina Steimle
Gary and Deborah A.# Stein
Paul S. Stein and Sarah A. Siegel
Phyllis K. Stein
William W. Stein
Michael J. Steinbaum and Deborah F. Dubin
Greg A. Steinberg#
Marilyn B. Steinberg
Tom Steinberg
Charles K. Steincross
Sally Steindorf
Mary Ann Steiner#
Steven and Marta Steiner
Lane and Linda C.# Steinger
Paul and Marianne Steingruby
Conrad Steinhoff and Margaret Pearson
Keith Steinhoff
Andrew J. and Mary D. Steinhubl
Julia Steininger
Katie Steinkamp
John G. Steinmetz#
Roger Steinway
Robert Steir
Daniel S. and Marjorie H. Stelmach
Robert and Carol Stelmach
Cheryl Stelter
David J. Stelzer
Herbert C. Stemler
Nancy Stemme
Lou Stemmler
Catherine Stenger
Jennifer K. Stenger#
Sharon Stenson
Susan Stepanek
Jerald M. Stephan#
Wanda Stephans
Christopher and Susan Stephen
Cheryl Stephens
Janet Stephens
Michael P. and Ann B. Stephens
Linda Stephenson
Michael E. Stephenson
Samantha J. Steppleman#
John J. Sterling and Monica H. Moore
Ryan Sterling
Eva Stern
Walter G. and Nora Stern
David P. and Joy G. Sterneck
Joseph M. Steurer#
Andre Stevens#
David C. and Kathleen M. Stevens
David C. and Patricia L. Stevens
David W. and Sarah R. Stevens
John M.# and Janice K. Stevens
Joseph J. and Patricia T.# Stevens
Joshua Stevens
Kevin Stevens
Mary S. Stevens
Mitch Stevens
Nicole S. Stevens
Sharon Stevens
T. Christine Stevens
Timothy Stevens
Vicky Stevens
Lisa H. Stevenson
Margaret X. Stevenson
Norris and Delores D.# Stevenson
Richard Stevenson
Sonya Stevenson
Symphony Stevenson
Edward Steward and Marva J. Robinson-Steward
Andy Stewart
Charles A. Stewart
Christina Stewart
Gary A.# and Dolores E.# Stewart
Gayla Stewart
Harold W. and Judith C.# Stewart
Linda F. Stewart#
Lynn Stewart
Sirin D. Stewart
Jules and Joan E.# Stiber
Darren and Teresa L.# Stice
Alan L. and Mary E. Stiegemeier
Jeffrey B. and Arlene R. Stiffman
Sydney Stigge-Kaufman
Lawrence Stiles
John K. Stiller and Jana L. Lippard
Katherine V. Stine
Julia K. Stinson#
William P. and Susan E.# Stiritz
Robert and Diane Stirling
Jonathan Stitelman
John E. Stith
Clarence B.# and Diana M.# Stitz
Nathan O. Stitziel and Janis Stoll
Charles A. and Emma L. Stobaugh
Carleton and Elinor H. Stock
Dayna M. Stock#
John Stock and Cynthia Thornbury
Lester Stock
Ann C. Stockho#
Mark A. and Mary A.# Stockmann
Patricia A. Stockton#
Emily T. Stockwell
Amy Stoddard
Norman R. and Connie O. Stoecker
Shirley Stoecker
Leo G. Stoff
Stephen M.# and Joanne R. Stohs
Trudy Stoien
Andrew E. and Mary T.# Stoker
Dawn Stoker
Mike and Michele A.# Stokes
Marcia L. Stoklosa
Richard and Patricia Stolk
William C. Stoll
Cynthia J. Stollhans#
Gary P. Stolz
Chip Stone
David B. and Michele J. Stone
Harvey and Diane Stone
James and Kathy C. Stone
Jay A. Stone and Erin K. Maloney
Julianne Stone
Kenneth M. Stone
Patricia A. Stone
Bradley Stoner
Chad and Julie N. Storer
Walter G. and Ruth A. Storey
Kenneth E. and Amy E. Storms
Denis L. and Frances J. Stotler
Nancy A. Stout#
Sarah Stout
Brenda Stover
Grace M. Stover
Peter Stragand and Mary K. Hoff
Steven and Francine Y. Strasberg
Richard P. and Judith M.# Strassburger
Gayle Stratmann
Holly H. Stratton-Schmitt#
Mary L. Straub
Spencer Straubmuller
Merrill K. Strauss
Michael W. Strauss and Karen J. McCray
Peter Strauss and Susan K. Glassman
Steven M. and Sandra R. Street
Adam Streeter
Carla M. Streeter
Robert and Liza Streett
Stanley J. and Rosemary P. Strembicki
Natalie M. Strickler
Dennis and Gail Striebel
Amy Striker
Robert A. Strikwerda
Thomas H. and Vicky Stringer
Todd Stringer
Claire Strock
Cynthia L. Strodtman#
Michael S.# and Vicki P. Stroeher
Stephanie A. Strohbeck
Mark E. Stroker#
Robert E. and Carol A. Stroker
David A. Strom
Linda R. Strominger
Jazmin R. Strong
Joseph Strong
Maggie E. Strong
Randy C. Stroot and Elizabeth L.# Slutzky-Stroot
Jon Strother
Ernest W. Strothman
Anne Stroube
Steven and Paige Stroud
Diana K. Stroup#
Kevin Stroup
Nathaniel F. and Natalie C.# Struemph
Robert J.# and Mary K. Struemph
James W.# and Diane F.# Struthers
John H. Strzelecki
Barbara Stuart
Calvin and Georgiana Stuart
Cecil S. and Monica L. Stuart
John W. Stuart
Erin Stubblefield
Vernon and Carol Stubblefield
Linda M. Stubbs
Shirley Stuckey
Katherine D. Stuckmeyer
Michael Stuckmeyer
Jeffrey A. Stuerman
Daniel Stuertz
Beverly F. Stuhlman#
James Stull
Donald and Eleanor Stump
Richard and Laura A.# Stumpp
Robert Stuntz
Benjamin C. Sturdevant#
Rita Sturgeon
Trisha A. Sturgill
Michael S.# and Ellen H.# Stutz
Joseph M. and Kathleen A. Styer
Elizabeth Stygar
Carlos R. Suarez#
Joan G. Suarez
Elizabeth Sublette
Colin Suchland
Joan Suda
Erin E. Sudheimer#
James and Elizabeth Suellentrop
Jeanne Suetos
Senthil K. Sugumar
Amy Suiter
Stephen Sukanek#
Miroslav Sulc
Gregory C.# and Joan C. Sullens
Christopher L.# Sullivan and Francesca# Ferrari
Jerome Sullivan
Joann Sullivan
Kathryn M. Sullivan
Liz Sullivan
Mary Jo Sullivan
Maureen A. Sullivan#
Patricia A. Sullivan
Terese Sullivan
Evan Sult
Joseph W. and Jane Sulze
Daniel J. Summers#
Jeffrey J.# and Rhea A.# Summers
Paul I. Summers
William J. and Linda D. Summers
Stacy M. Summerville#
Dennis and Crystal Sumski
Mary Sun
Ravi and Diana C. Sundara
Harry and Janet Sunder
Paul Sunderhaus
Laura S. Sunderman
Susan Sundermeyer
David L. Super
Scott Suppelsa
Gary Surgeon
Michael L. and Rita A. Surgeon
Allen H. and Edna Surinsky
Terry Surinsky
Sasikumar Suruliraj
Patricia K. Susi#
Jane R. Susman
Robert and Shelby Susman
Patricia R. Sustendal
Donald R. and Linda D. Sutherland
Glen L.# and Annette M. Sutton
Thomas L. and Judith S. Sutton
William J.# and Frances Sutton
Ladd Suydam
Dino Svraka
Tom and Sheila H.# Swaffar
Vivian Swain
Darril T.# and Sue C. Swaller
Edwin L. Swallow
Evangeline Swan
Anna Swanberg
Melissa Swank
Stephen K. and Linda A.# Swann
Carl J. Swanson#
Carl T. and Julie Sward
Robert A. Swarm and Sharon L. Parker
Wyatt Swartz
Priscilla Swatosh
Linda G. Swaty
Robert L. Swearingen and Nancy E. Durbin
Lauren E. Swearingin
Michele S. Sweazea
Jennifer K. Sweeney#
Judith C. Sweeney#
Marie C. Sweeney
Marion E. Sweeney#
Frederick Sweet*
Lauren E. Sweet
Leigh Sweet
Alan R. Sweetman
Robert and Maria Sweney
Jenilyn Swett
Jennifer Swift
Jim Swinehart
Stephen J. Swiney#
Laura Swinford
Judy Switzer
Jemal Swoboda
Jesse A. Swoboda
Benjamin R. Swofford#
Kelly Sykes
Holly Sylcox
Steven Sylwester
Elizabeth F. Symes
Richard and Linda# Syrcle
Lillian A. Szczuka#
Mary J. Szepanski#
Robert Szevery
John and Mary Szydlowski
Mary Szyhowski
Emily Szyman
John Tabacchi
Tyrone A.# and Eleanor# Taborn
Charles E. Tackett#
Greg and Linda Taff
Jason D. and Corinne M. Taff
Philip W. and Lisa M. Taffe
Samantha Taffner
Carol Tag
James R. Takach
Edward F. Take
Akiko Takeda
Sai Talapally
Mark R. Talarico#
Ann Talbert
Kathy Talbott-Schehl
Herbert M. and Marjorie Talcoff
Michael G.# and Heather L. Talken
Barbara J. Tallin
Brook Talsma
Stephen Tamari
Deanna L. Tamborelli
Rachel Tan
Marilyn Tanaka
Steven N. and Lanette E. Tanaka
Paul and Iris J.# Tandler
Geetanjali Tandon
Jason J. and Nancy L.# Tang
Katie E. Tangeman
Meghna V. Tanna
Kacie M. Tannehill#
Andrew P. Tannenbaum#
Dave and Bettye# Tanner
Norma R. Tanner
Robert X. and Virginia D. Tansey
Maria A. Tanurchis
Austin P. and Mary# Tao
Raul Taranu
Walter and Audrey D. Tarde
Elsa Taricone
Dan S. and Marilyn J.# Tarleton
Elizabeth Tarpey
Robert P.# and Judy A. Taschler
Edith Tashma
Gary E.# and Melanie J. Tate
Larry G. Tate
Rita Tate#
Robert Tate
Michael Taterka
Anthony Tatiom
Linda E. Tatum
Herman D. and Barbara S. Taute
Paul J. and Judy L. Taxman
Terry A. Tayloe
Andrew and Katie Taylor
Cash Taylor
Dale E. Taylor and Rita# Nico Taylor
David A. Taylor
David and Mary Taylor
Ingrid J. Taylor
James R. and Claire Taylor
John D. and Tamara E. Taylor
Judith G. Taylor
Lisa S. Taylor
Nancy C. Taylor
Nora R. Taylor
Patrick T. Taylor#
Phyllis J. Taylor
Sallie A. Taylor
Steven M. Taylor#
Timothy Taylor
Tony J. Taylor
W. G. Taylor
Arlan Tazmin
Kenneth F. and Elizabeth L. Teasdale
James T. and Nancy J.# Tecu
Harold M. Teel#
Edward M. and Shelley A. Teepe
Marvin and Nancy Teeter
James Teets
Gerald A. Teicher
Jack E. Tejcek#
Francis J.# and Mary L. Telle
Terry Tellefson
Robert and Ellen R. Teller
Paul R. Tellow#
Ron and Dee Dee Tempel
William B. and Marvis I.# Templer
Patrice TenBroek
Rosemarie Teng
Anna Tenkku
Wayland T. and Rhonda J.# Tenkku
Deana J. Tennill
Ronald and Roslyn Teper
Rodger L. Terando#
Michele C. Terbrock
Billy and Cathryn Terrell
Larry L. and June M. Terrell
Larry R. Terrill and Charolette L. McKinney
Michael J.# and Laura L.# Terrill
Susan D. Terrill
Karen G. Terry#
Cynthia A. Tesdall
Paul and Lori Tesser
Suzanne Tessler
Mary Tessmer
Christine A. Testa
Mark and Susan M.# TeStroete
Jeanne Teter
Alex J. Tetreault
Anne Teymouri
Katherine Thacher
James Thad
Rohit Thadani
Joan Thale
Anne J. Thames
Fred O. and Susan Thatcher
Murlene A. Thayer
Harold B. and Marie A. Theerman
W. K. and Donnye L.# Theerman
Kevin and Mary J. Theisen
Susan Theismann
Susan Thele
Daniel and Veronica Theodoro
William B.# and Jane I. Thesing
Stephen P. and Terresa J. Thibodeaux
Edward F.# and Marianne Thiel
Harold C. and Marilyn H. Thiel
Edward F. and Beverly J.# Thiele
Susie E. Thierbach
David Thies
Matthew S. Thimgan
Koula Thimiogianis
Elizabeth Thoene
Alice Thomas
Andrew M. Thomas
Anita L. Thomas#
Anthony G.# and Terri L.# Thomas
Charles D. and Diana P. Thomas
Derek Thomas
Donna A. Thomas
Eleanor R. Thomas
Eleanore C. Thomas
Elizabeth H. Thomas#
Emily S. Thomas#
James W. and Laura J. Thomas
Jesse Thomas
Jessica L. Thomas
Jim Thomas
Judy Thomas
Kathryn A. Thomas
Lori S. Thomas
Marjorie A. Thomas
Matthew A. Thomas
Michael Thomas and Nancy Pope
Norman J. and Ann L. Thomas
Phillip and Angela Thomas
Randal B. and Louise L.# Thomas
Rita T. Thomas
Robert J. and Julie Thomas
Russell W. and Jane E.# Thomas
Stacey E. Thomas
Stephen A. Thomas
Thomas R. Thomas
Vettikompil J. Thomas
Vinay Thomas
William T. Thomas and Kathleen M. Standley
Anne Thomason
Michael D. Thomason
Sarah H. Thomasson
Caleb Thompson
Cavelli A. and Vetta L. Thompson
Darren and Amy Thompson
Darryl L. and Margaret Thompson
Dexter T. and Adella K.# Thompson
Donald and Martha E. Thompson
Gail K. Thompson
Gordon and Mareta Thompson
James D. Thompson*
John P.# and Mary G. Thompson
Judith A. Thompson
Judy S. Thompson
Keith and Mary K.# Thompson
Larry and Lisa K. Thompson
Laurie A. Thompson
M. Bryant and Nancy C. Thompson
Madelyn Thompson
Mary J. Thompson
Robert Thompson
Robert W. and Cynthia M. Thompson
Russell Thompson
Samuel Thompson
Suzanne H. Thompson
Tiawana L. Thompson#
Brian N. and Pamela K. Thomsen
Chris Thomson
Karen K. Thomson
Robert C. and Diana J. Thomson
Terrence and Margie Thomure
Glen and Evelyn S. Thornell
Colin R. Thornsberry
Tim and Sarah J.# Thornton
Kathleen P. Thro
Betty Throgmorton
Atia-Tul A. Thurman
Kay Thurman
Nancy A. Thurmann
Gregory F. Thurmond
Jeffrey A. Thurmond
James Thurow and Heather Earnest
John Thurston
Donald E. and Mary R. Thuss
Ravi Thyagarajan
Yan Tian
Rachel Tibbetts
Rohit Tibrewala
Patricia Tice
Sarah Tichenor
Linda Tiedt
Patrick M. Tiefenbrun
Stephanie Tieman
Edith Tierney#
James E. and Patricia# Tierney
Craig A. Tiesmeyer#
Frances Tietov
Gregory J.# and Lisa M. Tigges
Susan C. Tilden#
Fredrick A. and Rebecca V. Tilinski
Carra M. Tilley#
Sarah G. Tillitt#
Daniel T. and Mary A. Tillman
Ronald R. and Mary J. Tillman
Mary Timmel
Steven Timmerman
Sujatha Timmons
Robert and Julie G. Timney
G. Lawrence# and Darlene F.# Timpe
Patrick W. and Karen M.# Timpe
Arburn and Judy Tindall
Michael G. Tinkham
April D. Tinsley#
John E. and Marilyn M. Tipton
Bernard Tischler
Judith G. Tisdale
Mary Tisdale
Ann Titus
Ben Titzer
Paul Tivnan
Daniel and Katrina Tobben
Ian Toberman
Betty J. Tobler#
Kevin and Debora A. Tochtrop
Gail Todd
Herbert M.# and Julia M. Todd
Leslie Todd
Michael C. Todd
Nathan Todd
Shirley Todd
Thomas A. Todd and Heather M. Lasher-Todd
Ljubomir# and Amela Todoric
Nancy E. Todtenhausen#
Kevin L. and Martha A.# Toebben
Carl H. and Karon M. Toelke
Jerome Toenjes
Matthew Tognarelli
James A. Tognoni
Mary Tokas
Sue Toledo
Ann Tolin
Georgia L. Tolle
Rodney R. Tolle
Benjamin L. Tollefsen
Ann Tollefson
Michael and Kathy Tomassen
Blaise and Hayley Tomazic
William S. Tomber
Jamie H. Tomek
Caryn Tomer
Heather Tomko
Donald G. Tomlinson
Zoltan Tomory
Michael A. Tones
John Toney
Paul E. and Linda M. Tonnies
Joseph H. Toohey
Michael W. and Mary A.# Toohey
Irma Tooke
William J. and Christine L. Toole
Norman and Linda Tooley
Valerie M. Toothman
Stanley and Polly S.# Topfer
Benjamin C. Torbert
Anthony and Yvelise Torkelson
Diane Torlina
James M.# and Patricia J. Tornatore
Judy Tornatore
Mark Tornga
Laurent J. Torno
Enrique F. and Rosa P. Toro
Kathleen B. Torrence#
Sarah E. Torrence#
Quetzal Torres
Janis M. Torrey
Lydia G. Toth
Steven W. and Robin L. Totten
Anne Toulouse
Muriel W. Touretzky#
Katherine Toussaint
Jaime L. and Kelli E. Tovar
Brandon N. and Catherine Towl
Robert G. and Marilyn# Towne
Gail F. Townley#
Jocelyn L. Towns#
Elizabeth Townsend
Joseph P. and Kathleen M.# Townsend
Malcolm# and Constance Y.# Townsend
Michael Townsend
Sandra Townsend
Richard Townzen
Christopher S. and Judith A. Tracy
Daniel P. Tracy
Terry and Glori Traeder
Robert S. and Linda R. Traina
Elizabeth R. Trapp#
David Trask
Carolyn C. Traube
Arlie E. Traughber
Matthew C. Traughber
Michael D. Trauterman#
Ronald and Barbara A.# Trauterman
Ann S. Travers
Alan L. Travis
James V.# and Megan J. Travis
Kelly L. Travis
Serge Traylor
Patricia Treacy
Anne R. Treash
Yvonne P. Treece
Thomas C. and Margorie L. Treeger
Robert E. and Carolyn Trees
Barbara A. Tremayne#
William and Gail J.# Trendley
Lewis and Catherine S.# Trescott
Kathryn Trettenero
Raymond O. Tretter
Sue A. Tretter
Colin G. Treworgy
Michael Triebwasser
Kimberly D. Triggs#
Joyce Trimble
Patrick F. and Catherine A. Trimble
Ryan Triplett
Simona Tripodi
David W. Trippe#
Sarla D. Trisal
Bryan Troop
Jeffrey E. Trost
Anne Troupis
Keith Trout
David D. Trowbridge#
Carolbeth True
Jean E. Truesdale
Jeff Truesdell
Diane Truitt
Saundra D. Trujillo
Terry Trullinger
Sabrina M. Trupia
Judith M. Tryniecki#
Michael Tsau
David and Deborah Tschiggfrie
Sarah A. Tschoepe#
Rositsa R. Tsokova#
Barbara F. Tubbesing
Barbara Tubbs
Jim Tubbs
Brian A. Tucker
Frank A. Tucker
Hope Tucker
John C. Tucker
Rebecca Tucker
Victoria A. Tucker#
Joseph M. and Carol L. Tuley
Douglas M. Tull
Gerald M. and Gail# Tullman
Joseph Tullmann
Anne Tully
Joy Turnbaugh
Patricia A. Turner Marsh
Amber Turner
Carol L. Turner
Charles L. Turner
Denise Turner
Doris J. Turner
Edward C. Turner
Gwendolyn Y. Turner
Jay R. Turner and Sandra J. Wilkie
Keith Turner
Lowell Turner
Ruth A. Turner
Thomas Turner
W. Edward Turner
Katie Turnure
Harry G. Tuthill
Bob Tutt
Eleanor F. Tutt
Ronald E. and Joan M.# Twillman
Laurie Twombly
Melissa J. Twombly
John Tyler
Albert J. and Annette J. Tylka
Dave L. and Karen S. Tylka
Gail Tyrrell
Terrence and Marylou Tyrrell
John F.# and Eleanore E.# Tyson
John and Monique Tyson
Mel Tyson
Jennifer A. Tyus
Elliot and Frydel S. Uchitelle
Janel D. Uelk#
Judith Ugalde
Jessie Uitermark
James S. and Mary C.# Ulett
Leslie Uljee
Kay S. Ullman
Daniel M. Ullom
David K. and Cecelia Ulmer
Greg and Carolyn Ulmer
Joe D. and Marilyn Ulrich
Richard K. and Susan C. Ulrich
Diana Umali
Attah Umana
Jay W. and Susan B. Underdown
Rachel Underhill
Adriane Underwood
Arlene R. Underwood
Dale K. and Lucy A. Underwood
David W. and Irina Underwood
Dustin R. Underwood
Ron Unell
Marilyn R. Unger
Steven G. and Elizabeth A. Unger
Christopher and Kelli R.# Unnerstall
David K. Unnerstall
Jay Unnerstall
Mary E. Unnerstall
Eric Unrau and Lori Chapman-Unrau
Jackie Unser
Michael C.# and Patricia L.# Unser
James A. Unterreiner#
Donald W. and Kathleen E. Unwin
Daniel Upchurch
Sharon K. Upchurch
Richard and Gail Updegraff
Katherine H. Uptergrove
Bruce E. and Nancy R.# Upton
Farooq A. and Joya F. Uraizee
Raymond G. and Josephine A. Uram
Bill Urban
Jonathan Urbina
Andrea L. Urice
Thelma H. Urich
Jennifer A. Urish
Robert Urish
James M. Urnes
Nicholas Urvan
Cory and Erin K. Usher
Shawn E. and Aniedi R. Usoroh
William E. and Anne C. Uthoff
Robert E. and Karen S. Utt
Geoffrey L. and Danielle T. Uy
Jane E. Vacho#
Steven L. and Susan G. Vagnino
Laura A. Vahlkamp-Anderson
Ezio Vailati
Raul T. and Cecilia M.# Valdez
Michele L. Valent#
Nancy S. Valenta
Diann Valenti
Leonard and Maureen J.# Valentine
Gerhard M. Valentinsen
Dan Valle
Victoria Valle#
Gail W. Valli
Cathy M. Van Booven#
Georgia D. Van Cleve
Jo Ann M. Van Deven#
Margaret Van Diggelen
Linda F. Van Dyke
Jack Van Es
Harry Van Houdnos
Brian Van Mason
Carol K. Van Meter
Richard H. and Janis K. Van Meter
Forrest L. Van Ness#
Frederick L. Van Norman
Stephen and Nissa Van Riper
Lindsey Van Sambeek
Gerhard W. and Ingeborg E. Van Schrick
Steven T. and Christine M. Van Sickel
Richard# and Mary Kay Van Well
Paul D. Van Wert#
Trista Vanarsdale
Kimberly A. Vandahm
Mark Vanden Akker
Owen Vandenberg and Jane E.# Zeni
Julianne Vander Meulen
Danielle D. Vanderboegh#
Brian E. and Elizabeth A.# Vanderheyden
Donald F. and Marilyn F.# Vanderheyden
Helen VanDerhyden
Max F. and Myra Vandersall
Frank E. and Mary A. Vanderwal
Jennifer Vandever
Laura R. Vandiver
John Vandover and Preeti Dalawari
Anthony J. and Felicia D.# Vandyke
Julie A. Vanmater
Melissa A. Vanost
Charles R. and Marcie Vantine
Delynn Vanvalin
Anna Vanvoorhis
Arun Varadhachary
Danielle A. Varady#
Paul C. Varley#
Dick I. and Zabelle N. Vartanian
Wenzel G. and Phoebe A. Vas
Erin B. Vasconcelles
Mike Vasek
Robert J.# and Mary J. Vass
Amanda R. Vassar
Carolyn K. Vasterling#
Peter C.# and Linda S. Vastola
Catherine M. Vatterott
Carolyn J. Vaughan
Cynthia S. Vaughn
Richard A. Vaughn
Ronald G. Vaughn
Sheila A. Vaughn
Alex Vayman
Marilyn Veal
Anuradha Vedagiri
Phillip Veenstra
Eric W.# and Jennifer L. Vehige
Richard C. and Colleen L.# Vehovc
Edgar Velazquez and Julie R. Degraaf
Timothy J. Velten
Joan Venegoni
Deborah Venezia
Emmemuel A. and Reena M. Venkatesan
Jeanette Venker
Eleanor Venuti
Rebecca Verble
Robert Verheggen
Gwendolyn E. Verhoff#
Madhavi Verma
Timothy J. and Jennifer J. Verrette
Christian and Teresa Verry
Erin Verry
Jerrold L. and Linda Vesper
Jane C. Vest
Carina Vetter
Cathy Vetter
Jeff and Colleen Vetter
Mary Vetter
Stanley Veyhl
Rebecca W. Viall
Sean Vicente
Garry M. and Bonnie L. Vickar
Elizabeth Vickerman
Mary Vidakis
Jonathan Vidrine
Joseph R. and Karen A.# Viehland
Maria C. Viehman
Lana J. Vierdag
Catherine Vierheller
Wayne A. and Veda B. Viers
Angela Z. Vieth#
Janet A. Vigen-Levy
Rommel and Soledad Villagomez
Rodrigo Villaseca
Paul V. and Karen# Villhard
Natalie Villmer
Angela Vincent
Phyllis J. Vincent
Yolande A. Vincent
Catherine Vincie
Joshua W. Vinocour#
Barbara Vinson
Peter A.# and Margot V. Vishion
Frederick and Shelby Vishy
Jeremiah V. Vistine#
Premalatha Viswanatha
Stephen J. and Mary A.# Vitale
Prasad Vittal
Murray B. Vittert
Emily E. Vivio
Antonios and Lana D.# Vlahiotis
Deanna Vlasich
Frank W. and Deborah M. Vlcek
Alice G. Vlietstra
Thomas J. and Beth L. Vlodek
John L. and Rose M. Voelker
Michael and Rachel Voelker
Mark and Roz S. Voellinger
Angela M. Vogel#
Barbara Vogel
Donna Vogel
Gary L. Vogel
Jill Vogel
Mary E. Vogel#
Mary P. Vogel
Theodore H. and A. Fay Vogel
Thomas L. Vogel
Marcia L. Voges
Mary T. Voges
George A. Vogler
Maryann I. Vognild
Thomas G.# and Sherrie A. Vohs
Edward A.# and Georgann Vohsen
James Voiss
Monika Volkhardt
Michelle Vollmar
Brian Vollum
James R. and Anne Von der Heydt
Herbert L. and Carole L. Von Hoven
Lisa M. Von Stamwitz
Carl T. Von Till#
David Von Weise
Martha Von Weise
Janie Von Wolfseck
Eric R. and Jane C. Vondruska
Jean L. VonStamwitz
Mary A. Voorhees
David H. Voracek
Dean and Amanda Vorhies
David G. and Tanya R.# Voss
Edward L. and Dawn L. Voss
Emily Voss
Gregory E. and Cynthia K.# Voss
Richard N. Voss
Robert H. Voss
Thomas R. and Carol J. Voss
Adam Voyles
Linda M. Vrabel
Richard L. Vreeland
Kevin# Vu and Kieu Phan
Gaya Vukkadala
Michael Vyn
Jessen W. Wabeke
Judy Wachter
Leon Waddell
Timothy W. Waddell
William S. and Mary A. Waddell
Harry K.# and Judith Waddington
Ronald E. and Harriet M. Waddy
Brad Wade
Catherine Wade
Justin L. Wade
Terry Waggle
Paul G. and Jocelyn Wagman
Christopher A. Wagner
Clarence P. Wagner
John R. Wagner
Melissa Wagner
Richard K. and Dianne C. Wagner
Sonia Wagner
Susan A. Wagner
Yvonne Wagner
Christine M. Wagnon
Kasey R. Wagoner
William O. Wahle
Julia Wahlton
Stanley and Carol Waide
Suzanne L. Wakefield
Bill Walbridge
Stan and Valerie Walch
Kenneth and Christina J. Walck
Bill Walcott
Thomas J. and Mary W. Wald
Daniel G. and Kathryn B. Waldemer
Jean Walden
Harry W. Waldheuser#
Mark Waldis
Michael K. Waldo
John M. Waldron
Melissa Waldrup
Albert C. and Dorothy J. Waldvogel
Janina Walek
Alex Walk
Bradley A. and Lauren Walkenhorst
Alberta T. Walker
Andrea L. Walker#
David Walker
Ervin Walker
Ira Walker
Julienne B. Walker#
Karen G. Walker
Lauren J. Walker
Myrtle A. Walker
Richard Walker
Victoria E. Walker
Dennis L.# and Diane M. Wall
Lewis L. and Helen Wall
Mark D. and Claudia J.# Wall
Robert G. and Nancy N.# Wall
Valerie O. Wall#
Antonius Wallace
Chad Wallace
Clare Wallace
Erin Wallace
Gaylen R. and Mona R.# Wallace
Hoyt W. and Doris Wallace
James F. Wallace
John T. and Lori A.# Wallace
Patricia M. Wallace
Ramona T. Wallace#
Ronan J. Wallace and Amanda Kracen
Mary Waller
Robert S.# and Alicia Y.# Waller
Danielle R. Wallis
Kimberly Wallner
Curtis Walls
Don Walls
Jennifer L. Walls
Timothy Walls
Joyce Walpole
Amber Walsh
Angela M. Walsh#
Joseph T. and Kathleen F. Walsh
Kevin W. and Jill M.# Walsh
Mark D. Walsh
Martin J. and Joyce M.# Walsh
Mary E. Walsh
Pamela A. Walsh
Sarah R. Walsh
Stephen A. and Jennifer S. Walsh
Timothy F. Walsh
David and Jill M.# Walter
Dennis and Michele Walter
Donna J. Walter
Eric Walter
Jean A. Walter
Michael A. and Judith A. Walter
Milton A. Walter
Richard J. and Susana T.# Walter
J. R. and Mary Walters
Jean M. Walters
Michael J. and Karol K.# Walters
Ronald E. and Jo A. Walters
Sally Walters
Terry L. and Charlotte J. Walther
William M. and Roberta F.# Walton
Bernice Walz
Jonathan Walz
Michael J.# and Diane M. Wamser
Steve R. Wamsley
Lili Wan#
Jane Wand
Kenneth H. Wander
Ray L. and Lesley A. Wandling
Jian Wang#
Mary L. Wang
Qi Wang
Victor Wang and Lucy Lu
Robert Warakasa
Anna Warbelow
Mark and Carolyn B. Warchol
Barbara J. Ward
Cheryl E. Ward#
Christine J. Ward
Danielle Ward
Denise D. Ward#
Emily C. Ward#
Michael D. Ward#
Steven R. Ward
William L. and Natalie C. Ward
Joseph P. and Anwyl Wargo
David J.# and Barbara J.# Warmbrodt
Linette Warnecke
Alvin Warner
Angela M. Warner
Brian A. and Kathy L.# Warner
Edward K. and Mary M. Warner
Jacqueline J. Warner
Jay M. and Simone A. Warner
Joseph J.# and Megan Warnick
Amy C. Warren
Edward C.# and Betsy Warren
Eva Warren
Lois Warren
Naomi M. Warren
Paulette A. Warren
Peter W. and Harriette Warren
Robert L. and Gloria J. Warren
Sharon K. Warren
Wallis Warren
Barbara A. Warrington
Susan L. Warrington#
Donna Warwick
Richard and Nancy Warwick
Kelly Washatka
Russell# and Deborah Washburn
Carol L. Washburne
Thomas D.# and Holly K.# Washeck
Albert R. and Hilda F. Washington
Freddie and Carletta D.# Washington
Kimberly A. Washington-Gray#
Zachary Waske
Loren W. and Rhonda R. Wassell
Stephen S. and Judith B. Wasserman
Leighton and Joan Wassilak
Eric T. Wassung#
Ethan S. and Honey Watel
Jerry Waterkotte
Brian M. and Amy D. Waterman
Matthew J.# Waterman and Susan E.# Reid
Harry and Carmel Waters
Betsy A. Watkins
Katherine Watkins
Caryn A. Watson#
Harry Watson
Irma C. Watson#
Janet L. Watson
Julia M. Watson
Keith J. and Gail L. Watson
Sarah Watson
Steven D. Watson
Walter and Danette Watt
Elizabeth Wattenberg
Roger and Sandra Wattler
Andrea J. Watts
David M.# and Deborah# Watts
Karen M. Watts#
Mary E. Watts#
Michael B. Watts
Russell W. and Peggy P. Watts
Christopher Waugh
Susan Waugh
Roger and Christy Waxelman
Robert M. and Jill Waxler
Bernard and Anita L. Waxman
Patricia A. Way
Natalie Waymack
Roy and Amy E.# Weatherman
Lenly and Shirley Weathers
Marjorie Weathers
Claude L.# and Yolanda Weathersby
Crystal E. Weaver
Cydney M. Weaver#
Darren Weaver
Emma F. Weaver
Joseph and Hattie L.# Weaver
Logan Weaver
Meaghan E. Weaver#
Robert M. Weaver
Ronald Weaver
Sally Weaver
Suzanne Weaver
Thomas B. and Marjorie A. Weaver
Timothy J. Weaver
Angela Webb
Donald R. Webb
Donald V. Webb#
Harold Webb
John M. Webb
Michael Webb
Randy and Nancy S. Webb
Robert and Peggy Webb
Stephen E.# and April S.# Webb
Sue A. Webb#
Thomas E. Webb
Melissa Webber
Cara Weber
Dawn Weber
Diane L. Weber#
Jason Weber
Kimberlee A. Weber
Mary J. Weber
Melissa C. Weber
Nancy G. Weber
Scott L.# and Sandra A. Weber
Susan E. Weber
Virginia M. Weber
Albert Webster and Kristina Stierholz
Kiarma K. Webster
Wesley D. and Susan Wedemeyer
Stefani Weeden-Smith
Peter J. and Sally E. Weeks
Gary R. Weese and Aixia# Sun
Christopher and Therese Wegan
Patricia J. Wegner
Stacey P. Wehe
Glenn and Mary Wehking
Vernice Wehling
Jeanne M. Wehner
Mary Anne Wehrle
Eva Weibel
Timothy and Karla Weible
Stephanie Weick
Murray L. and Phyllis Weidenbaum
Josette Weidhaas
Ronald D. and Virginia L. Weil
Richard and Peggy Weinberg
Anne Weinberger
Paulette L. Weindel
Marc A. and Dorothy F. Weiner
Carolyn E. Weinhold#
Deborah B. Weinstein
Diane E. Weinstock
Leonard and Martha S. Weinstock
Lori Weinstock
Benjamin and Rosette Weintraub
Cynthia M. Weir
Mary F. Weir
Michael T.# and Jeanette W. Weir
Alice M. Weis
Jim J.# and Catherine M.# Weis
Timothy J. Weis#
Edmond J. Weisbart
Guido L. and Barbara I. Weiss
Larry E. and Debra Weiss
Martin L. Weiss
Robin Weiss
Stuart D. and Marlita J. Weiss
David J. Weissenborn
Andrew J. and Leah Weissler
Sanford Weissman
Julie Weithorn
Diane Weitman
Heather M. Welborn
Thomas M.# and Terri Welby
Bette Welch
Brian Welch
Leo Welch
Michael T. Welch and Mary Clarke
Sarah E. Welch
Matthew Weld
Ronald K.# and Kathleen M. Welin
Phyllis Weliver
Robert Welker
Kay Weller
Lynne R. Weller
Paul E. and Janell I. Wellhausen
Cavada and Penny L.# Wells
Darvin D. Wells
Jennafer Wells
Kathryn E. Wells
Linda Wells
Richard B. and Linda V.# Wells
Robert A. and Eileen D. Wells
Theresa Wells
William B. Wells
William E. Wells
William P. Welsch and Donna Welsh
Joe Welschmeyer
Phoebe G. Welsh
Sherris S. Welsh
William E.# and Barbara J. Welsh
John Welter
Albert and Joyce Weltman
Deborah Weltman
Jim Welton
John L. and Patricia A. Wendleton
Daniel and Brenda# Wendling
Elizabeth A. Wendling#
Steven M. and Cynthia E.# Wendling
Fred and Gloria# Wendt
Robert H. and Bonnie Wendt
Ronald E.# and Tracy C.# Wendt
Jake Wenger
Philip Wenger
Kim R. and Pamela S. Wennerberg
Jayne Wenos
Mary K. Wentker
Glenna Wentworth
Francis R. and Ellen E. Wentz
Theresa Werdes
Gary and Julie Werkmeister
Amanda Werling
Carl R. Wermuth
Anne M. Werner
Jennifer Werner
Kenneth E. and Karen L. Werner
Kurtis D. Werner
Lori Werner
Patricia R. Werner
Thomas C. and Susan M.# Werner
Robert and Judy Wernert
Kenton Wertman
Felicia S. Wertz
Duane A. and Jan L. Wesche
Richard R. and Gretchen A. Wesenberg
Fred and Linda Wesling
Richard A. and Mary Wessel
Miriam C. Wesselmann#
Alfred Wessels
Donald Wessling
Julie H. Wessman
Ann E. West
Ida West
Jason West
Michael A. West
Neal D. and Rhonda# West
Paul West
Ray West
Shirley P. West
Ted West
Terry S. West
Sean Westbrook
Alan C. Westcott
Andrew and Kim Westerman
Gennine I. Westerman
Lori Westermeier
Laura Western
Laura M. Westhoff
Phyllis F. Westin
Patricia Weston
Glenn C.# and Barbara Westover
Leah Westover
Judith Westrup
Bradley Wetter#
Jean Wetzel
William C. Wetzig
Robert and Angela P. Wexelman
Jean M. Weyer#
Craig S.# and Cheri Weyermann
Adam G. Weyhaupt
Gilbert J. and Teresa K. Weyhaupt
Scott C.# and Kelly A. Whalen
Marianne Whaley
Zoe Whaley
Thomas B. Wham