Thank you for giving to UMSL!


If a donor wishes to remain anonymous, be assured that UMSL will honor those wishes. However, we enjoy recognizing our generous donors who do not object to this through special literature, recognition events, giving societies and other expressions of our gratitude. Giving societies honor and thank those donors whose loyal commitment and steadfast support have made them a critical part of UMSL's success. It is hoped that recognition of one's gift may well inspire generosity in others.

Recognition at UMSL

Distinguished Contributors
- there are various levels of Distinguished Contributors at UMSL, and each year donors are recognized at these levels in a special campus publication known as the Distinguished Contributors Book.

Visit our online and searchable list of Distinguished Contributors here. 

Visit our online copy of the Annual Holiday Card here.

Auguste Chouteau Society - honors those individuals who have made significant, lasting gifts to UMSL. They will be members of the society, in perpetuity, to recognize their contributions to the campus.

Pierre Laclede Society
- membership in the Pierre Laclede Society helps ensure the margin of excellence required of a vigorous university program. Contributors of $1,000 or more to the annual fund are recognized as a member of this society.

Century Club
- members of the Century Club provide support from $100 to $999 in annual giving.

1963 Society
- the 1963 Society recognizes alumni and friends who have invested in the university's future through their planned gifts. The name of the society commemorates the year UMSL was founded.

Scholarship Sponsors
- donors who establish academic scholarships are recognized through special literature and a scholarship recognition event.

To learn more about giving to UMSL and our giving societies, e-mail Greg Nelson or call 314-516-4735.