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People from every part of the university participate in the UMSL Be Inspired Faculty Staff Giving campaign. The overwhelming sentiment is that we want to help our students succeed. 

As UMSL employees, you commit yourselves every day to making UMSL a vital, innovative institution and an engaged community partner. With dedicated faculty and staff who understand the value of philanthropy, UMSL is poised for even greater success. Your gift is meaningful as a symbol of your commitment to the future of UMSL, and we thank you!

To make a one-time or ongoing gift online, visit our online giving page. It’s safe, simple, and convenient.

To make a one-time or ongoing gift via payroll deduction, simply complete and sign a payroll deduction form and send it to the address below:
University of Missouri-St. Louis
Advancement Services
308 Woods Hall
1 University Boulevard
Saint Louis, MO 63121

For questions about making your gift through payroll deduction, please contact:
Sharon Turner

Lynn Staley and Mary BrownLynn Staley (at left) and Mary Brown are co-chairs of this year’s “Be Inspired” faculty and staff giving campaign at UMSL.


Past Be Inspired Donors

We gratefully acknowledge the following UMSL employees and retirees that have contributed to the UMSL Be Inspired campaign.
Mark K. and Marilyn S. Abbott Grace Kennedy
Peter M. and Sharon M. Abel Katherine E. Kennison
Mary Jo Adams John and Shelley A. Kerley
James B. and Rita Adkins Gordon J. and Mary A. Kerschmann
Loretta Aemisegger Steven D. and Theresa L. Keuss
Richard W. Aites Lisa A. Kientzel
Alan W. and Dorothy S. Akerson David C. Kimball
Christianah B. Akinduro Nancy Kinney and Robert Franken
Jared P. Alexander James K. and Joanne Kirchherr
Donald Allen and Maxine D. Gyles-Allen Karen E. Kirkwood
Jeffrey R. and Wendy S. Allison Jay H. Fram and Jaclyn H. Kirouac-Fram
Sally J. Altman Bill and Nancy Klein
Ellis B. Anderson Alice L. Klem
Janet V. Anthony Tegan L. Klevorn
Nasser and Cathy Arshadi Marilu Knode
Susan J. Baber Donna K. Korando
Christina S. Baer Charles Korr
Sonya Bahar Karl W. and Suzanne L. Kottemann
Michael W. and Christine M. Bahr Joseph P. and Donna A. Kramer
Steven G. Bailey Kimberly R. Kras
John Burch and Brendolyn K. Bailey-Burch H. Kent and Sandy Krober
Nashi A. Baker Jim and Mary Lou Krueger
Steven E. and Deborah K. Baldini Beth Krumm
Maria T. Balogh Charles R. Kuehl
Deborah B. Balser Roger A. Kujath
Timothy Payer and Linda S. Bangert Anthony and Judith M. Kulczycki
Peter M. Banholzer Jared A. Kwarta
Karen M. Barbee-Bartoni Mary C. Lacity
Charles J. and Marti L. Baricevic Kimberly D. Lackey
Jason P. Barron Warren J. Lambert
Lawrence and Patricia J. Barton Theodore P. and Susan Lampros
Margaret Barton-Burke Thomas W. and Anna K. Lange
James K. and Shelley R. Bashkin Edwin L. Lankford
Anthony D. and Carole Basile Joseph M. Leahy
Robert A. Baumann Daniel L. Lehocky and Dana Barhard
Lynn K. Becker Martin F. Leifeld and Ellen M. Howe
Arthur Hamilton and Denice D. Beckett-Hamilton Gloria J. Leonard
Lynn L. Beckwith Jr. Melissa M. Lesniak
Michael Behle and Laura Grady Aaron S. Levin
Dana Benedicktus Brian M. Levin
Edward S. and M. Jean Bennett Samuel B. and Marlene H. Levine
Jeffrey A. Berkbigler David J. Lewis
Marvin W. and Judith G. Berkowitz Toya Z. Like
Mark A. Berlyn and Liliana Ayala Berlyn Douglas T. and Carol E. Lillesve
Clinton L. Berry Judi and Norm Linville
Michael P. Berry Kenneth W. and Marlene P. Locke
Philip P. Betts Lauren M. Lombardi
Jeffrey L. Bewley William F. and Wanda J. Long
James T. and Cynthia F. Biehle Mary Lynn E. Longsworth
Julie A. Bierach Justin R. and Sarah A. Lopinot
Robert M. and Paulette H. Bliss Robert B. Barrett and Karen G. Lucas
Frank Flinn and Alice F. Bloch Faith A. Lucas
Courtney R. Boddie Daryl G. and Evon A. Luckey
Ruth L. Bohan Rensheng Luo
Natalie A. Bolton Jessica M. Luther
Donna, Nedra, Nicole, Daviona Bonner and Britteny Richmond Scott A. Lyle
Diana Bourisaw Bruce M. and Jennifer J. MacKenzie
Godfrey R. and Carol E. Bourne Judith and L. Sandy MacLean
Tod A. Bowermaster Norman S. and Nancy M. Magnuson
Charles E. and Karen O. Boyd David J. and Jane E. Mahan
D'Andre C. Braddix Deborah B. Maltby
Lea C. Braff Elizabeth A. Mantych
Jennifer L. Brake Kenneth R. Mares
Gary W. and Brenda Brandes Erica E. Marks
James A. and Gail M. Breaugh Larry A. Marsh and Kim P. Jones
Alberta L. Breckinridge Joseph S. Martinich and Vicki L. Sauter
Brenda J. Bredemeier Leonard and Celeste S. Marx
Timothy A. and Jessica N. Bremer Nancy D. Mayer
Carlos R. and Jessie L. Bridges Robert J. and Jean E. Mayo
Lyle W. and Charlene J. Brizendine William H. and Rebecca P. McAlister
Roderic M. and Mary A. Brown Sarapage McCorkle
Charles E. Brown and Cordia L. Young-Brown Sara S. McCudden
Mark A. and Kathleen Brown Timothy G. McCuddy
Susan E. Brownell Christopher S. McDaniel
Rupinder S. and Manpreet K. Budhan Courtney M. McDermott
Steven N. and Sheila A. Burkett Anita D. and Robert McDonald
Mark A. and Carol D. Burkholder Charles T. McDonald
Yvonne M. and Jim Burl Melinda McEndarfer
Richard W. and Marilyn Burnett Kelly L. Mcgovern
Katherine L. Burney Vincent McGuire
Kenneth L. and Kathleen A. Burns Thomas S. and Deana A. McKelvie
Stephen J. and Barbara J. Burrows Anne E. McPartland
Christopher J. Burwell Thomas L. and Brenda M. McPhail
Wilma J. Calvert Adriana M. Meder
Paul S. and Louise F. Cameron Joanna R. Mendoza
Albert J. and Judy C. Camigliano William T. and DyAnn C. Menzel
James F. and Aimee S. Campbell Nichelle S. Meriwether
Richard J. and Julia A. Campbell Thomas M. Meuser and Christy L. Scheidt
Dena C. Carson Jennifer M. Meyer
M. Linda Carter Christopher R. Meyer and Lisa M. Dorner
Carmen F. and Susan M. Castellano Timothy J. and Maggie M. Meyers
Judith A. Cates Amy K. Michael
John R. and Jennifer R. Cattanach Kenneth E. and Rose M. Miller
Donna J. Cays Collin Miller
Judith E. Chabot Andrea M. Miller
James S. and Mary E. Chickos Bill Turpin and Jean M. Miller
Rachel J. Christiansen Richard H. and Yoshiko Mitchell
Jimmy D. Christopher Jr. Geri L. Mitchell
Sheilah F. Clarke-Ekong Michael D. and Deborah A. Moberly
Kenneth E. and Rosemary B. Coffer Stephen R. Moehrle and Jennifer A. Reynolds-Moehrle
Peggy Cohen and Bernhard Voss Richard S. and Diane F. Mongillo
Stephen M. and Nadine Cohen Ralph C. and Shirley Moore
Deborah Cohen Kathleen M. Moore
Adeniyi A. and Angela D. Coker Sandra Morris
Johanna M. Collier Margaret Z. Morrison
Benjamin A. Colvin Fern D. Mreen
Debra J. Connell-Dent John P. and Lynne R. Mulderig
Teresa E. Connolly April D. Mullen
John P. Conway Annoymous Donor
Richard M. and Sylvia J. Cook Charles R. and Johnna R. Murray
Sarah A. Cooley Michael D. and Carol A. Murray
Curtis C. and Dianne F. Coonrod Russell H. and Janet Y. Murray
Glen H. Cope and David A. Cope Daniel J. Musgrave
Joyce Y. Corey John and Denise C. Mussman
Michael and Lindl Costello Raymond I. and Paulette Myers
R. Rocco and Molly Cottone Kyle L. and Margaret M. Naes
Jack Cox Joseph A. and Mary J. Naumann
James R. and Susan Craig Francisco S. Navarro Jr.
MaryBeth E. Creason Richard A. and Virginia L. Navarro
Michael F. and Therese S. Cristiani John C. and Lynn M. Navin
Darryl M. Crites Satish and Premlata Nayak
Jack M. and Gail R. Crosby Timothy P. Nelson
Karen L. Cummings Gregory S. Nelson
Simone A. Cunningham Jill A. Neuman
Michael J. and Catherine L. Cunningham Lori L. Newcomer
Jaclyn M. Cwick Alan R. Newman and Ellen W. Saul
John H. Dalton and Jen Jen Chang Frank J. and Kathleen B. Nigro
Bernadette M. Dalton Clover A. Noack
Norman S. Dalton Robert W. and Carol A. Nordman
Christopher R. Dames and Annie Lukacz Edward D. Obermark
Theodore and Dana B. Daniels Dennis C. Owsley
Samuel O. Darko Gwendolyn D. Packnett
John W. D'Attoma James and Mary D. Pandjiris
Gregory A. Daust Alan S. Nagle and Patricia G. Parker
Roger N. and Diane R. Davenport Mary R. Pastor
Larry and Janice Davis Dawn S. Patrick
Rita D. Days Miles L. and Dianne M. Patterson
John Baar and Susan L. Dean-Baar Lori L. Paul
Michael J. Deckard Ekin Pellegrini
Rochelle Y. DeClue Ruthann and Gary Perkins
Phillip M. and Julie L. DeKinder Douglas J. and Shahla Peterman
Mary J. Delach Leonard James C. and Leslie B. Peterson
Karen E. Dematteo Jeri Y. Peterson
Alexei V. Demchenko and Cristina De Meo Robert B. and Laura C. Peterson
Eunice M. Dent Brian Woodman and Zoe D. Peterson
Donald G. and Grace C. Derda Francis X. and Beth N. Pfau
Jodi L. Devonshire Donald and Meredith Phares
Sandy Diamond Peter A. Phillips
Timothy E. Dickinson Camille M. Phillips
Judith A. Diecker Margaret B. Phillips
Benard Diggs Gualtiero Piccinini
Wendy M. Dillinger Jordan C. Pickering
Catherine C. Dobkin Karen A. Pierre
Amy M. Doerr Steven H. and Frances R. Piesbergen
David J. and Elaine E. Doherty Alvis C. Poe and Mary J. Stockton
Patricia A. Dolan Mark L. Pope and Mario Carlos
Shayelle C. Dominguez Thomas I. and Cathy L. Porter
Phillip R. and Rosanne Donato Michael D. Porterfield
Susan C. Donnell Tim D. McBride and Shirley L. Porterfield
Mary E. Doran Amanda S. Porterfield
Christopher C. White and Priscilla A. Dowden-White Lisa A. Portwood
Suzanne A. Doyle Kelsey E. Proud
Don and Joyce Driemeier William J. Raack Jr.
Valerian T. D'Souza and Patricia Savant James L. Radt and Beth A. Henderson
Robert W. Duffy and Martin R. Kaplan Melissa M. Rainey
Anonymous Donor Elizabeth M. Ramirez
Christopher A. and Sharon L. Duggan Rodney L. and Dawn Rathmann
Thomas S. and Mimi V. Duncan Jay and Kristen A. Ratican
Phillip A. Dunlap Cathy L. Raymond
Kevin and Jerry H. Dunn Christine M. Recktenwald
Terrence E. and Renee E. Dupuis April J. Regester
Cynthia M. Dupureur Donald H. and Diana M. Rehagen
Douglas and Tauna Durand Jeffrey T. Rehr and Deborah L. Kerber
Joseph M. Durso Maribeth L. Rezey
Jacqueline G. Dyer Robert E. Ricklefs and Susanne S. Renner
Ronald J. and Sally B. Ebest Michael F. Hubbard and Mary K. Riechers-Hubbard
Tim J. Eby Edward G. Riedel
Martin J. and Elizabeth B. Eckelkamp Terry D. Ringo
Anthony D. Eckert David B. and Cathleen A. Robertson
Kristen M. Economon Karen M. Robinson
Mary K. Edwards Edward Steward and Marva J. Robinson-Steward
Daniel J. and Jeanne F. Eichhorn Christopher and Miriam I. Roccia
Lawrence A. Eisenberg J. Martin and Ruth Rochester
Jacquelyn D. Elliott Theodore A. and Marilyn L. Rodgers
Vincenzo Ellis Tom Roedel
Jerol B. Enoch Jason A. Rosenbaum
Finn Aage and Dana B. Esbensen Richard B. Rosenfeld and Janet L. Lauritsen
Vivian L. Eveloff Alan Rosenkoetter
Thomas and Diane Eyssell Howard G. and Patricia A. Rosenthal
Kathleen M. Falcon Stephanie A. Ross
Elliott H. and Susann M. Farberman Sara C. Ross
Tim Farmer Steven W. and Marilyn A. Rowan
John and Linda Fassero Derek Rowley
J. Frederick and Jeanette Fausz Linda Royal
James D. and Elaine Fay Thomas E. and Mary Royster
Charles J. Fazzaro William T. and Joan H. Ruppert
Lu Fei and Lucy Wenzhong He Eric F. Sack
Jay Pepose and Susan Feigenbaum Martin and Linda Sage
Bernard J. and Marjorie A. Feldman Robert A. and Jessica L. Saigh
William G. and Amy K. Ficklen Steven Salamon
Douglas A. and Lieschen A. Fink Elizabeth W. Sale
Steve M. and Harriet M. Finkelstein Timothy E. and Diane D. Saleska
Kieven and Amanda L. Finley Robert D. and Kelly A. Samples
James L. and Anne Fish Nancy E. Sandroff
Lori Flanagan Vicki Sauter and Joe Martinich
James J. Flores Michael J. and Nancy A. Scheberle
Elizabeth Fonseca Timothy D. Schmalz
Zaneta D. Ford Steve C. and Donna K. Schmidt
Nancy M. Fowler Steven A. and Rochelle M. Schneider
Grace L. Francis Kelly M. Schnider
Gary M. Frandsen Gary R. and Heidi M. Schoen
Amanda M. Franke Sue A. Schramm
Gerald A. and Bea Franzel Michael E. Schrand and Lisa Larose
Derrick and Melody D. Freeman Genevieve E. Schuh
Amber M. Freitas Matthew E. and Sharon B. Schuler
William H. and Margaret W. Freivogel Michael W. and Rose M. Schulte
William C. and Judith R. Friedrich Gloria and Terry Schultz
David A. and Elizabeth K. Fritz Carlos A. and Mary A. Schwantes
Robert B. Cates and Pamela A. Froidl-Cates Diane M. Scollay
Daniel D. Fry Maya M. Hicks
Hung-gay Fung and Linda Zou Cheyonna Sewell
Harry and Carolyn Gaffney Michael J. Simms and Brenda M. Shannon-Simms
Ronald B. and Joan T. Gagnepain James D. Shelton
David R. Ganz Carl and Helene J. Sherman
Gerald Yang Gau Margaret S. and Michael W. Sherraden
Christine A. Garhart Yoshiaki and Kieko Shibusawa
William W. and Vanessa B. Garry William P. Darby and Nancy A. Shields
Linda M. Gatson Yakima Shields
Jeffrey F. and Laurel M. Gaw Dennis A. and Lorraine W. Simeone
Cassandra L. Gay Scott H. Simmons
Gregory G. and Sheila G. Geisler Angel M. Simmons
Timothy M. and Mary B. Geiss Dale and Merle Singer
Robert and Cynthia Gemignani Nancy R. Singer
Thomas F. George and Barbara C. Harbach Jeff S. Sjerven
Jennifer M. Gerlomes Eric Karch and Lee Ann Slocum
Louis S. Gerteis and Janice M. Parker Wendell L. Smith
Daniel J. Gerth Larry A. and Renae A. Smith
Lyle E. and Peggy K. Gilbertson James J. Smith
Mary P. Gillette Erica A. Smith
Joel N. Glassman and Katherine E. Cochrane L. Douglas and Ruth Smith
James H. and Julia E. Gleason Samuel R. and Ashley Snyder
Patrick M. and Nancy L. Gleason Scott M. Soltis
Gary S. and Deborah H. Godwin Joseph A. Southerland
Ingeborg M. Goessl Steven D. and Judy J. Spaner
George and Kathryn Gokel Paul S. and Mary Anne Speck
Jennifer Goldring Ronald H. and Christine R. Spencer
Altanzul Gombo Alexander B. Clark and Teresa S. Spillane
Robert A. and Kimberly C. Good Jayne E. and Michael Stake
Steven L. and Diane A. Goodwin Stephen G. Knarr and Lynn M. Staley
Gerald B. Goodwin Ann M. Steffen
Ronald H. Gossen John G. and Boniface C. Stegman
Francis W. Grady Peter F. Stevens and Elizabeth A. Kellogg
Sheila S. Graham Keith J. Stine
Joseph G. Grailer  III Pamela S. Stuerke
Charles R. Granger Gretchen D. Stuth
Amber L. Grant Terry L. Suhre and Laurie Swanson-Suhre
Debra A. Graslaub Robert A. Sundvold
Erin Graves Todd and Catherine C. Swanstrom
Don and Dixie Greer Nanora L. Sweet
David J. Griesedieck and Mary M. Thurmond Steven N. and Lanette E. Tanaka
Dora J. and Marshall D. Griffin Lela E. Taussig
Sheila R. Grigsby Ann R. Taylor
Christopher W. and Christina J. Grove George T. and Polly W. Taylor
Linda M. Guetterman Lisa L. Taylor
Kathleen Gund Terrance J. Taylor
Mikhial V. Gunderman Wayland T. and Rhonda J. Tenkku
Liang Guo Kay Gasen and Ron Thenaus
Mary E. Hackmeister Mark and Teresa Thiel
Costa and Mushira Haddad Kristina J. Thompson
Kaylin C. Haff Kathleen Thompson
Jeffrey E. and Kelly O. Halbert Daryl L. Thompson
Holly A. Halfmann Andrew T. and Elizabeth K. Thorp
Kevin M. Hall Darryl J. and Vicki J. Tiburzi
Troy W. and Gail E. Halterman Marsha J. Toll
Zeyad Hamdan Diane H. Touliatos-Miles and Gus Miles
Timothy J. and Nabila Harig Daniel P. Tracy
Kerrie C. Harms Mark and Lucia Tranel
William and Dyan W. Harper Paul D. and Bernadette Travers
Harold H. and Mary E. Harris Pierre W. Davis and Mary D. Troy
Shenika N. Harris Saundra D. Trujillo
Alexander D. Harris Jr. Yiuman Tse
Jeffrey L. and Aurelia W. Hartenberger Lori Turnage
LaShonda B. Harvey Amber Turner
Joan K. Hashimi Benjamin and Susan Uchitelle
Melissa Hattman Christina M. Usher
Steven C. Hause and Kathryn A. Walterscheid Claudia Valentine-Fjone
Michael J. Hayes and Annalee Menz Forrest L. Van Ness
Kathleen M. Haywood Stanley I. Schechter and Elizabeth Van Uum
William R. and Mary E. Heckel Paul D. Van Wert
Kelly M. Heissler Brian R. Vandenberg and Sharon Biegen
Michelle A. Hendricks Tara K. VanDeVoorde
William L. and Ruth S. Hendrickson Bruce L. and Lucinda R. Vantine
Sam and Vinita A. Henry Erin B. Vasconcelles
James E. Henry Jason N. Vasser
Christine Henske Katie R. Vaughn
Richard C. Herberts Elizabeth W. Vining
Mitchell R. Hess Joshua W. Vinocour
Alexander S. Heuer Mary E. Vogel
Major W. and Sherry M. Hieken Lisa M. Von Stamwitz
Iris A. Hinderliter Katheryn L. Votaw
Elizabeth Hirata Prima M. Wagan
Gary L. Hirshberg Jason C. and Kristen M. Wagner
Charlotte S. Hitchcock Jason E. Wagstaff
Carl W. Hoagland and Joan E. Bray Barry W. Walker
Joseph D. and Laura F. Hofer William T. and Marsha Walker
Richard A. Hoffman Judith Walker de Felix
Charles E. and Maureen S. Hoffman Ronald A. Leax and Susan S. Waller
Nicholas A. and Nancy M. Holekamp William M. and Roberta F. Walton
Richard and Jody Homans Steven R. Ward
Prince Wells and Malaika B. Horne Dennis L. Weil Jr.
Mary Ann Horvath Ronald D. and Virginia L. Weil
Robert C. Howard Craig R. Weilbaecher
Jason Sniff and Beth Huebner Scott J. Anderson and Robin A. Weinberg
Barbara J. Hufker Herbert D. and Helen Werner
Andrew and Kathryn E. Hurley Lawrence W. and Stephanie L. Westermeyer
Roderick A. and Patricia Hutchinson Randall C. and Janice M. White
Brian R. Huxtable James L. and Lana K. Widner
Kyle D. Igel Thomas J. and Natalie H. Wilcox
Erica L. Irwin Rachel A. Wildschuetz Fick
Gerald L. Savage and Evelyn P. Isaac-Savage Stephanie A. Wiley
Tiffany A. Izard Bruce A. and Janet B. Wilking
Victoria A. Jacobson Daniel and Gayle A. Wilkinson
Brittany A. Jaecques Elizabeth L. Williams
Chad Hankinson and Farida Jalalzai Andrea Williamson
Jessie A. James II Michael Kowalkowski and Anne E. Winkler
Bridgette A. Jenkins Wayne W. and Joyce Winter
August H. Jennewein Joshua P. Kryah and Amber Withycombe
Steven J. and Carol A. Jonak Keith and Rita L. Womer
Terry Jones and Lois Pierce Richard T. Wright and Linda E. Jeffery
Charles A. and Jacquelin Jones August A. and Madeline M. Wuellner
Brent A. Jones Sisi Yang
James R. Jordan George and Carole Yard
Min Ju Ron and Sherrill Yasbin
Martin R. Kaplan and Robert W. Duffy Dwayne D. and Paula G. Young
Dejan Karan Dan C. Younger and Maureen Zegel
Gary Karpinski John A. and Lana J. Yunker
Susan Kashubeck-West Martin R. and Patricia A. Zahn
Matthew W. Keefer and Tammy Free Jane Zeni and Owen Vandenberg
Robert O. and Jane E. Keel Dominic J. and Fay C. Zerbolio
Thomas F. and Susan M. Kendig

Rick S. Zimmerman

Julie M. Gram and Honore M. Hughes


For more information, contact:
Kyle Igel
Annual Giving Officer

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