Roadmap to Teaching Online at UMSL

This diagram outlines the steps faculty members take in order to teach online courses at UMSL.


Online in 9

Take your online course to the next level by participating in a 9-week series designed to help you efficiently develop or redesign your course.  By the end of the series, you will have a completely finished course site, confidence with new technologies and strategies for managing your time and students. This series is designed to fit into your schedule with a combination of face-to-face and online activities structured to keep your course development on track. Join your colleagues in an interdisciplinary small group to share ideas and learn new tools and strategies guided by research-based, national standards.

Renew in 2

Renew in 2 is a program designed to help faculty of online courses improve a small part of an online course in a two-week period. This may include utilizing new technologies, refreshing an activity, rethinking the way feedback is delivered or other considerations (listed on the registration form). 

Blended Learning Circle

Blended learning is the "thoughtful fusion of face-to-face and online learning experiences…such that the strengths of each are blended into a unique experience…Blended learning is a fundamental redesign that transforms the structure of, and approach to, teaching and learning" (Garrison and Vaughan, 2008). Join our learning circle of UMSL faculty who are curious about blended instruction and willing to experiment with blended techniques in future courses. Whether you plan to blend activities or your entire course is up to you. Our group will share design options, implementation techniques, and assessment strategies to keep students engaged inside the classroom and out within a single, unified course.