Conference Presenters

Conference presenters are eligible for a 50 percent discount from the conference registration fee
 (e.g. final cost = $50)

Conference presenters will be emailed their respective coupon codes. Note:  If you are a member of a sponsoring institution, please use whichever coupon code gives you the better discount. (see below) For example, if you are an UMSL community member who will be presenting, please use the UMSL coupon code to entitle you to the free registration. You may not combine coupon codes; please select the better deal for you.

Faculty and Staff of Partner Colleges and Universities

Special institutional rates are available to universities and colleges sponsoring the conference. The discount codes below apply only toward the Friday registration fee ($100). Note: You must register with your email from the sponsoring institution below to use the code. Only one discount may be applied.
Retrieve discounted coupon code from the designated campus contact for each sponsoring institution:

Gold Level Sponsoring Institutions:  Faculty/Staff attend Friday at no cost (registration is still required)

Silver Level Sponsoring Institutions:  Faculty attend Friday at 50% off

Bronze Level Sponsoring Institutions:  Faculty attend Friday at 25% off


Student registrants can save $75 by using the promo code "STUDENT" when registering for the conference.

POLICY: A university that has invested in our conference to become a sponsoring university will be sent a coupon code. Faculty from a sponsoring university can register with their university email and with their university's coupon code, and their registration  will be free, including several meals. Faculty from a sponsoring university who register without including their university's coupon code, or without a valid email address from that university, will be required to pay for their registration.