Student VolunteerResources:

Community Needs Questionnaire: The first step to a partnership with UMSL is informing us of your organization's needs so we can connect you to the right people. Please complete and return this form to Megan Hill.


Community Benefits:

  • Provides substantial human resources to address needs of local communities
  • Involves community partners as co-educators in providing rich learning experiences for students
  • Allows the energy and enthusiasm of college students to contribute to addressing community needs
  • Fosters an ethic of service and civic participation in students who will be tomorrow's volunteers and civic leaders
  • Creates potential for additional partnership and collaboration with the campus

Responsibilities of Community Partner Hosting a Service-Learning Project:

  • An agency representative must be designated as the contact person
  • Provide hands-on service experiences(direct or behind the scenes)
  • Give a basic orientation to all participating students and provide basic supervision
  • Be available to answer questions from students and/or faculty
  • Support open lines of communication between students, faculty, and UMSL staff.

*Adapted from Saint Louis University