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Teaching at UMSL

Teaching at UMSL

Who You're Teaching

UMSL students are some of the most dedicated you will find. The majority are working to support themselves and pay tuition. Because of this, many UMSL students commute to campus for a few courses and then return home, but the addition of on-campus housing has changed this some.

Students often choose UMSL to finish up degrees started at other universities or at a different point in their lives so if you teach a 3000-level course, up to 70% could be transfer students (many transfer students come in with Junior-level status). Please encourage students to build connections on campus. These might be group projects, assignments that require library research, office hours right after class, student organizations, etc. We want UMSL to be a destination campus where our students feel welcomed and appreciated. 

UMSL Recommendations

Grading and Feedback

Providing regular, specific feedback on student work is an integral part of the teaching and learning process. For secure and convenient assignment submission and communication of grades, UMSL recommend using the Canvas Gradebook. The Gradebook is an online spreadsheet of student work that allows you to manage student uploads, grades, and personal feedback. It's also compliant with the Federal Education Right to Privacy Act (FERPA) which protects student data. Every course at UMSL has a Canvas environment where you can create assignments and receive submissions. Below are some tutorials to get you started with Gradebook. If you have any questions or want to learn about advanced features, contact the Faculty Resource Center (listed in the Faculty Supports section below).

Gradebook Resources for Faculty
Sorting Columns in Gradebook 
Creating a New Column in Gradebook 
Setting Up Weighted Final Grade Based on Assignment Groups 
Using Gradebook's 'Export Scores' Feature to Keep Grades in Excel 
How to Drop the Lowest Grade from a Group of Assignments in Gradebook 


Academic Dishonesty: Frequently Asked Questions. (Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate School, Phone: 314-516-5900 and Coordinator, Academic Programs/Records-Undergraduate, Academic Affairs, Phone: 314-516-5304)

Maintaining a Positive Work and Learning Environment (Division of Student Affairs, Phone: 314-516-5211)

Sexual Harassment (Office of Equal Opportunity, Phone: 314-516-4252)

FERPA, Grades and Maintaining Confidentiality (Office of Registrar, Phone: 314-516-5545)
MyView Faculty and Student Records

Campus Closing Information (Office of the Chancellor, Phone: 314-516-5252)

Student Advocate (Phone: 314-516-5304)

Faculty Supports

Center for Teaching and Learning
519 Lucas Hall
Phone: 314-516-4508
The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), a division of the Office of Academic Affairs, supports the professional development of those who teach and learn at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Our goals - to promote engagement in courses, on campus, and in the community - enhance the University as we align our activities, services, and consultations with the campus goals to promote excellence in teaching, research, and service. We offer individual faculty consultations as well as numerous programs and events.

Learning Resource Lab 
105 Express Scripts Hall
Phone: 314-516-6704
The Learning Resource Lab (LRL), formerly known as The Faculty Resource Center, is a division of Information Technology Services (ITS). Our mission is to support faculty, Teaching Assistants (TA’s), students and administrative staff through the use of technology. By introducing new tools, integrating technology to meet teaching and learning objectives and implementing strategies to help users achieve maximum results, our services strengthen teaching and learning with technology as part of UMSL's mission to bring quality education to the community. 

The LRL provides the following support resources:

  • assistance with Canvas tools in traditional, hybrid and online courses
  • assistance in development of web-based material
  • the integration of video or graphics into course materials
  • assistance in the use of various instructional technologies
  • individual and departmental consultations
  • access to networked workstations with software and media capabilities

Instructional Support Services
103 Social Sciences Building
Phone: 314-516-6852
Instructional Support Services (ISS) is a division of Information Technology Services whose aim is to provide support to all open classrooms and computing labs on campus; train faculty, staff, and students on various aspects of the technology in these rooms; as well as to provide quality assurance to ensure that the technology in these rooms serve the campus community to the best of their ability. IS always strives to stay current with technology, classroom and lab room design, and study space design to create the optimal learning environment and college experience. ISS can support anything you want to do in the classroom and troubleshoot any classroom problems you experience.

Student Supports

Career Services
278 Millennium Student Center | Phone: 314-516-5111

Counseling Services
131 Millennium Student Center | Phone: 314-516-5711

Disability Access Services
144 Millennium Student Services I Phone: 314-516-6554

Online Mentor Program (CTL)
598 Lucas Hall | Phone: 314-516-4210

Institutional Safety
Campus Police Building on North Campus | Phone: 314-516-5155

Math and Writing Academic Center
222 Social Science Building | Phone: 314-516-6863

Writing Center website

Math Lab website

Multicultural Student Services
225 Millennium Student Center | Phone: 314-516-6807

The University currently pays for an online tutoring service called Netutor. It is free and available to all UMSL students. This service can be accessed by logging into MyGateway and accessing the Blackboard Tools menu in the current courses.

Student Social Services
131 Millennium Student Center | Phone: 314-516-6369

Office of Student Enrichment and Achievement
107 Lucas Hall | Phone: 314-516-5300

UMSL Veterans Center
211 Clark Hall | Phone: 314-516-5705

Victim Advocate
131 Millennium Student Center-Health | Phone 314-516-5711