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Professional Development

Professional Development

Being your best often requires dedication and continued learning. UMSL offers many professional development events for part-time faculty through the Center for Teaching and Learning and other departments on campus. In addition to being an opportunity to grow your abilities, these professional development sessions are a great way to get rooted to the campus and make beneficial life-long connections.


The CTL is considering a mentoring program where part-time faculty could be paired with a full-time UMSL faculty to form mentoring partnership. This would a good way to get individual guidance on your teaching as well as have a sounding board for questions and concerns as you progress through the semester. If you are interested in being a part of this program, please complete this form and more information will be sent to you when the program is ready for launch.

Evaluation of Teaching

Many part-time faculty rarely receive feedback on their teaching and that is unfortunate. Finding out from the end-of-course student evaluations that your course wasn't going as well as you'd thought can be a scary outcome. At UMSL, though, we want to ensure you are hearing from students along the way. We have a few different methods for achieving this:

Instructional Strategy Consultations

The Center for Teaching and Learning has instructional designers on staff willing to consult with you about your course, students, or other academic questions. Instructional strategies recommended by the CTL are always based on best practices, research, and experience. To set up a meeting with an instructional designer, use the contact form linked at the top of this page. 

Teaching Portfolios

A teaching portfolio can be an important aspect of your career path. They can be used in promotion opportunities and interviews to show proof of your teaching experience. UMSL encourages all faculty to keep record of their teaching, research, and work experiences using the MyVita portfolio system. MyVita will allow you to enter your accomplishments, service work, volunteering, and much more. The CTL offers training on the MyVita system biannually through our Faculty Colloquia series

CTL Events

Workshops and events provided by the UMSL Center for Teaching and Learning can be found on the CTL homepage. Events are regularly updated so be sure to check back often. As a member of the faculty, you should also automatically receive the monthly CTL Newsletter where events are also highlighted. If you want to discuss matters not covered by any of our programs or simply want to meet with an instructional designer about the course you're teaching, don't hesitate to contact us.