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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where do I get an UMSL TritonCard (identification card)?
Answer: The UMSL TritonCard office is located in 190 Millennium Science Center. Before a card can be made for you, Human Resources will need to have processed your employment information through Peoplesoft (the Employee Records System). Once in Peoplesoft, faculty or staff need only bring a Driver’s License, State ID, Passport, or other government-issued photo identification to have their TritonCard made.   
Question: I'm not sure where the classroom is where I'll be teaching. Where can I get a map of campus?
Answer: A campus map is available at this webpage. Printable maps are linked at the bottom of that page in PDF format.
Question: My SSO ID and password don't seem to be allowing me to log into UMSL systems. What's up?
Answer: It can take a few days for employment to be processed through all the necessary channels for the technology systems to recognize your login information. You can check the status of this process by contacting the administrative professional in your department or by contacting Human Resources (314-516-. If you believe it's a technical problem, you should contact the ITS Help Desk (314-516-6034).
Question: Who should I contact if I have a problem with the projector in my classroom?
Answer: For any concerns you have regarding your classroom space, contact Instructional Support Services (314-516-6852). Be it a dim projector, the room being too hot or cold, a computer problem, or something else, the ISS team will be glad to help.
Question: How can I ensure the library has a resource I need for my class?
Answer: Contact one of our helpful Thomas Jefferson Library reference librarians (314-516-5060). UMSL has access to numerous databases, periodicals, and good old-fashioned books that you can use at no cost. Furthermore, the library is part of the MOBIUS Interlibrary Loan system which means you can loan materials from books at nearly every higher education library across the state and pick it up at the Thomas Jefferson Library within a couple of days. 
Question: Can I print on campus? 
Answer: Yes, you can print using your Triton Card. To set up your computer to work with the Xerox system, follow these instructions to set up printing on your machine. The best option for part-time faculty is printing to Secure Release. By printing to Secure Release, you can go to any printer on-campus, swipe your Triton Card, and your job will begin printing at that printer. Follow these directions when you are at the printer.