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Using Newspapers

The College Readership Program provides students with a daily newspaper available at several locations on campus. Funded by UMSL student fees, students may select each day from the New York Times, USA Today, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. To make the most of the program, faculty are encouraged to adopt strategies to use the newspapers in class. The following links provide suggestions for using newspapers in a variety of courses. is the link to the USA Today online supports for teaching.

How Professors use USA Today links to examples of how faculty across the nation use the paper in their courses.

USA Today Top 40 links to the top ways to use the Collegiate Readership Program on campus. is a link to how faculty can use the knowledge network provided by the New York Times.

NYT American Democracy Project is the link to the national initiative to increase undergraduate involvement in civic actions.

The Collegiate Readership Program & USA Today (PDF)
Presented by: Katie Pesha and Marybeth Risley, September 19, 2006, is the link to the St. Louis Post Dispatch web site for its Newspapers in Education program.