We recommend reconsidering whether you need every assessment to be proctored. In these uncertain times, services may not be able to handle a sudden influx of requests for proctored testing. We cannot require students to come to campus for any reason, including taking an exam.  

Knowing it isn't ideal, can this exam be delivered online without proctoring but instead applying features of exam settings in Canvas such as a timer? Instructions here.

Could the exam be converted into a take-home exam?

Could you assess students in another way other than an exam? For example, could students work on an assignment? Consider these alternate assessment options.

Campus Testing Center

As of June 10, 2020, the Campus Testing Center (CTC) has resumed limited services. Due to social distancing requirements, it is no longer possible for the Testing Center to provide services to entire online classes. Summer 2020 in-person proctoring services are restricted to students who do not meet the minimum technology requirements or have disabilities that prevent the use of Proctorio. More information about the Testing Center


The UM-System Office of eLearning has replaced ProctorU with a new tool (Proctorio) for use during the summer and fall terms. For help using Proctorio, see the UMSL Faculty Guide for using Proctorio to administer web-based proctored exams in Canvas. 

For more information, please consult: 

UM-System Teaching Tools: Proctorio

Taking Proctorio Tests (resource for students)

Please contact elearning@umsystem.edu if you have questions.

Proctorio Syllabus Statement

Please adapt the following verbiage for your syllabus. Please note that the statement in bold must be included in your syllabus in order for you to use Proctorio.

Some assessments (such as tests and/or quizzes) in this course require the use of Proctorio Learning Integrity Platform. Proctorio is an online, remote proctoring system that uses advanced machine learning and identity-verification technology to ensure test integrity. Taking assessments with Proctorio requires the use of the Google Chrome Browser; you cannot use any other browser. You must have a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam and a microphone; you cannot use a smartphone or tablet. You must have a stable internet connection to take the assessment. Please review the Taking Proctorio Tests website to ensure that your hardware and software meet the minimum requirements. UMSL recognizes that not all students may be able to meet the minimum requirements. If you do not have access to the minimum technology requirements or have disabilities that require the use of a screen reader or keyboard navigation shortcuts, please inform your instructor before the quiz or test so that accommodations may be made.

You will have an opportunity to take a practice assessment with Proctorio before you take a graded assessment. If no Proctorio practice assessment is included in this course, please check Online Canvas Overview Course for one (some of the settings in the practice assessment may differ from the actual ones in your course). You should do this ahead of your first real assessment with Proctorio, as required adjustments may take a few minutes and take valuable assessment time.

Please be aware that:

  • You, your computer, and physical test taking environment may be recorded.
  • As you may be recorded, please dress appropriately and choose a private location that you are comfortable being the backdrop in a recording.
  • You may be asked to show a picture ID to the camera.
  • You will need a quiet place to take the assessment - both for your concentration and as interruptions (voices, another person on camera, etc.) may be flagged for potential cheating.

If you have concerns about your privacy or data security, please see Proctorio’s statement on Personal Data Protections.

See the Taking Proctorio Tests page in the Keep Learning website to learn how to:

  • install the Proctorio extension for Chrome;
  • set up your assessment environment; and
  • complete the pre-assessment checks.