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Relationship Violence

What is relationship abuse?

Relationship abuse refers to behaviors within an intimate relationship when one person establishes power and control over another person.  Relationship abuse can occur within current or former dating relationships and marriages.

 Cycle of Violence

Abusers do not begin relationships with violence.  It is often built up over time and can begin subtly that by the time physical violence begins, the victim feels utterly powerless.  Most relationship violence consists of a cycle of violence.  Each stage of the cycle varies in time from relationship to the next.  The cycle can happen hundreds of times within an abusive relationship.  It is important to know that not all relationship violence will fit into this cycle.  Often, as time goes on, the “making-up” and “calm” stages disappear altogether.

Relationship abuse can take place in the form of physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual abuse.  These are just a few examples. 

 Physical abuse:

 Emotional Abuse:

 Verbal Abuse:

 Sexual Abuse

 Economic/Financial Abuse

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