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UMSL's Counseling Services offers graduate trainees an opportunity to participate in a variety of professional activities in the stimulating atmosphere of an urban university.  The University of Missouri-St. Louis is the second largest campus of the University of Missouri system, with over 12,000 students. The campus’ attractive modern brick buildings are set on the site of a former country club.

Part-time internships or practica are offered for graduate students in counseling, psychology or social work. The goal of the training program is to provide an intensive and diverse clinical experience that is consistent with the training needs, interests and level of expertise of the individual student.  Graduate training is a major priority of our staff and there is a strong commitment to on-site supervision and professional education.  Graduate interns are viewed as colleagues and are encouraged to be actively involved with the staff and with the development of new programs and workshops.

Range of Clinical Experience

Interns have the opportunity to become involved in the full range of programs that CS offers to UMSL students, faculty and staff.  Included among these are individual counseling, outreach and workshops, and at times, counseling couples. The workshop and outreach offerings vary in response to the needs of our client population and the professional development interests of the interns and staff.

The clients who use our services reflect the greatly varied population of St. Louis itself.  Although some UMSL students fit the profile of the traditional college student, the mean age of our clients is 27.  Cultural backgrounds, intellectual assets and psychological strengths also tend to vary greatly.  Clients’ concerns range from developmental issues, to situational crises, to more serious psychological disorders.  This diversity contributes to a broad training experience and stimulating professional environment.

The Staff

CS staff is composed of four full-time professionals, a full-time administrative secretary, and up to four graduate interns.  The professional staff members are trained in a variety of treatment approaches, including humanistic/existential, psychodynamic/interpersonal, feminist/multicultural, cognitive-behavioral, process-experiential/emotion-focused, systems/family of origin, etc.

Specifics of the Training Program

A training experience at the CS requires a minimum commitment of 12 hours per week for the full academic year (from late August through mid-May); however, most interns choose to do 20 hours per week in order to meet their program requirements. Activities usually involve some combination of the following:

Direct Service
Intake and Individual Counseling:  Training and experience in initial assessment interviews. Therapy opportunities include both on-going counseling/therapy and crisis intervention. We utilize a brief therapy model but do not have a specific session limit for clients. Some clients may be seen for the full length of the internship, affording students the opportunity to experience more “long-term” therapy.  Students usually see 8-10 individual clients per week.

Outreach & Workshops: Opportunities are available for both developing and co-leading educational/experiential outreach presentations or workshops on a variety of academic skills and personal growth topics. UMSL students’ interest and attendance may limit these opportunities. We encourage interns to work with a variety of staff members in the development and planning of these experiences.

Couples’ Counseling: This opportunity depends on the interests of the trainee and the availability of clients. Opportunities for this type of work are very limited. 

Individual Supervision: Each intern has an individual supervisor who is a member of the professional staff. Weekly one-hour supervision meetings focus on the development of interns’ counseling skills and treatment planning for individual clients.  Digital videos of client sessions are used to enhance supervision.

Group Supervision: The interns also meet as a group with the Director on a weekly basis (1.5 hours).  These meetings focus on specific training needs and issues, and provide a forum for case discussion of a wide variety of clients.

Staff In-Service Training: Weekly professional development sessions are led by professional staff, graduate interns, and speakers from the University or St. Louis community.  We also have a library of both books that interns are encouraged to utilize and professional training videotapes.


Applicants may be candidates for the M.Ed., MA, M.S.W., Ed.D, Psy.D., or Ph.D. in programs of clinical psychology, counseling, or social work.  Practicum applicants preferably should have completed courses in the theories of counseling or psychotherapy, ethics, and in basic counseling or psychotherapy skills.  Internship applicants should have completed their practicum courses and other relevant academic course work.

Please submit:

1. A letter of interest containing information about what makes you interested in being a counselor and what interests you in our practicum opportunity.

2. A curriculum vita, listing relevant educational, work or volunteer experiences and graduate courses completed.

3. Two letters of reference from persons familiar with your professional and/or academic performance. You may request that your references phone or email Dr. Vasconcelles in lieu of letters.  You are responsible for having your references contact Dr. Vasconcelles.

Send to:

Erin Vasconcelles, Ph.D.
UM-St. Louis Counseling Services
One University Blvd, 131 MSC
St. Louis, MO 63121
(314) 516-5711

If you have additional questions about our practicum opportunity, please contact Dr. Erin Vasconcelles at (314) 516-5711 or send an email

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