chris sullivan

Christopher Sullivan, Ph.D.; LPC; Clinical Director for Counseling Services

As the Clinical Director for Counseling Services, Dr.Chris Sullivan is the chief mental health officer on campus. He has over 20 years of experience working with college students and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Missouri. He completed his doctorate in counseling at UMSL, with an emphasis in multicultural counseling. His clinical work emphasizes a holistic approach to mental health, based in a strengths-oriented perspective focused on well being and healing, while taking into consideration the impact of culture, relationships, and the need for social justice in society. A proud native son of west-central Wisconsin, he loves spending time with his family, squeaky cheese curds, and getting (kind of) lost in the woods. And, yes, he does miss cold winters.

laura holt

Laura Holt, Ph.D.; Counseling Psychologist and Outreach Coordinator

Dr. Laura Holt completed her PhD in Counseling Psychology at Indiana University and has worked in college counseling centers at IU, Ivy Tech Community College, Virginia Tech, and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.  In addition to working with college students, her research and clinical interests include gender, sexuality, and LGBTQ issues; interpersonal relationships; emotional regulation; social justice; and distress tolerance.  Laura’s theoretical style is warm, genuine, and often funny; she feels her role is to assist the client in exploring their clinical goals, making meaning of their lives, learning new skills, and overcoming obstacles to change.  In addition to her roles as staff psychologist and outreach coordinator, Laura is a stand-up comic, runner, and lifelong fan of comic books, video games, and science-fiction/fantasy.  She also has very strong and correct opinions about many different types of food.  

karen munken

Karen Munkel, MSW, LCSW; Staff Therapist

Karen Munkel received her Masters of Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis.  She enjoys working with a wide variety of people and issues that include sexuality, gender, LGBTQ  issues, interpersonal and relationship issues, issues with identity or spirituality, trauma, grief, depression and anxiety.  She is invested in a holistic clinical approach that incorporates using existing strengths as well as encouraging new ideas to move towards a greater sense of well-being and personal fulfillment.  In counseling, Karen hopes to create a warm and supportive atmosphere to allow collaboration in working towards the client’s goals.  She enjoys open expression about the therapy process and valuing clients as leaders in the change process.  She is a St. Louis native who has done extensive traveling, spending time living in Europe and the Caribbean, and loves to travel any chance she can get.  Karen has a background in theatre, having worked as a Stage Manager in New York City and is a believer in putting art, inspiration and expression into our everyday lives in whatever form it takes. 

mindy stratmann sebol

Mindy Stratmann-Sebol, MA, LPC; Crisis Counselor/Case Manager and Victim Advocate

Mindy Stratmann-Sebol received her Masters degree in Professional Counseling from McKendree University and is a Licensed
Professional Counselor in Missouri.  She works for UMSL Counseling Services as a crisis counselor, victim advocate, and case manager.  Mindy worked for many years with women experiencing homelessness, as well as serving as an administrator for a sexual assault victims’ care unit.  She has many clinical interests which include trauma, gender and LGBTQ issues, interpersonal relationships, and the goal of making UMSL a sexual assault-free campus.  When counseling survivors of trauma, Mindy’s role is to provide a safe, supportive environment in which they feel heard and respected so they can discover their strength as they heal and grow.  In addition, her knowledge of resources and experience in advocating for assault and abuse survivors’ needs allows her to help students navigate the healing and rebuilding process.  Her counseling style is client-centered and reflects the client’s immediate needs for their stage in their change.  As a mother to a one-year-old daughter, Mindy has a firsthand understanding of the demands of parenthood, but when she and her husband do get free time they spend it with friends and family, sleeping through FRIENDS reruns, and plotting how to move the beach closer to St. Louis.

erin vasconcelles

Erin Vasconcelles, Ph.D.; Licensed Psychologist and Training Coordinator

Dr. Erin Vasconcelles received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Bowling Green State University and is a Licensed Psychologist in Missouri. She has worked in a number of university counseling centers over the last 10+ years and has been at UMSL since 2010. Erin has a number of clinical interests including the treatment of anxiety and depression, interpersonal relationships and identity related concerns. She also has significant training and interest in sport psychology and performance-related concerns. Erin’s clinical approach is best described as warm, client-centered and strengths based. She sees her role as a therapist as assisting her clients as they identify their therapeutic goals, explore the cultural and relational contexts which shape their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and values and learn skills that will support the process of change. In addition to providing individual therapy, Erin also serves as Training Coordinator for the training program for advanced graduate students and provides individual and group supervision. In her free time, Erin is an avid sports fan and can be found rooting on her beloved St. Louis Cardinals and Green Bay Packers. She is passionate about growing orchids and enjoys spending time with her family, friends and furry children.

Alicia Buck

Alicia Buck, Advanced Clinical Intern

Alicia D. Buck, advance graduate student, received her undergraduate in Psychology and is now pursuing her M. Ed. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with goal of licensure from University of Missouri St. Louis.   She has worked in a number of clinical mental health and nonprofit organizations over the last 20+ years providing supportive services towards children and families sustainability efforts.  Alicia’s clinical approach is best described as genuine, person & family centered, thereby building on intrinsic strengths and solution focused.   She sees her role as supporting her clients in actualizing therapeutic goals, exploring cultural and socio- relational circumstances which frame their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and values.  The goal in this process is to enhance skills that will facilitate change and support growth.  In her free time, Alicia is an avid motorcyclist, a warm climate traveler and can often be found at the gym swimming and relaxing in the sauna.  She is passionate about do it yourself home projects and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren who keep her young at heart.

Martha Dodge

Martha Dodge, Advanced Clinical Intern

Martha Dodge is an advanced graduate student pursuing her masters in social work at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis. Her degree concentration is in violence and injury prevention and she plans to work clinically in the area of trauma and recovery. Her other clinical interests include anxiety, depression, grief, interpersonal and relationship issues, substance use, sexuality and sexual health, adjustment difficulties and social justice. Martha aspires to create a safe, warm environment where clients can tap into the wisdom that resides within them. Her approach is client-centered, collaborative, strength-based, and encourages open dialogue about the therapeutic process. In her previous career, Martha was a documentary filmmaker and photojournalist. She still loves to capture the world in moving images. When not playing with her cameras, she is playing with her yellow Labrador Luna on any nearby lake she can find.

Naomi Rawitz

Naomi Rawitz, Advanced Clinical Intern

Naomi Rawitz received her Bachelor’s Degree at Washington University in St. Louis where she is also earning her Master’s of Social Work. She aims to create a genuine, warm space where she can work collaboratively with individuals in helping them realize their personal goals and a greater sense of mental, emotional, and overall wellness. Naomi utilizes a client-centered clinical approach and is invested in allowing client inner strengths and personal values to guide the therapeutic change process. She values a holistic approach that takes into account how culture, social justice issues, and a variety of identities play into the healing process for all clients. She holds many clinical interests including sexuality, gender, LGBTQ issues, depression, anxiety, interpersonal and relationship difficulties, and self-harming behaviors. Naomi is a Chicagoland native, a playwright, a sex positive advocate, and a huge believer that her Hogwarts letter of acceptance is just lost somewhere in the mail.