Don’t cancel class!

  • Called away on business? Attending a conference? Family obligations?
  • There's no need to cancel your class session! With sufficient advance notice, Counseling Services staff can cover your class and present on a number of topics relevant to college students. You can let us present on our Outreach Topic of the Month (LINK) or request a different topic.
  • Frequently requested topics include:
    • Public Speaking/Group Presentation Skills, Working as a Team, Coping with Test AnxietyRelationships, Stress Management, Adjusting to College, Eating Concerns, Depression and Anxiety, Assertiveness
    • For a more detailed description of presentation topics, click here.
  • To request a presentation on academic/study skills issues, please contact the Center for Student Success.
  • Counseling Services staff members are happy to work with you to create a presentation that will fit your needs.
  • Advance notice is required. Also, staff availability for in-class presentations will be quite limited during the months of November, December, and April.
  • For more information, feel free to contact our office at 516-5711.