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InterAct- Interactive Theatre at UMSL


InterAct, a new interactive theatre troupe at UMSL, uses performances to educate the campus and promote positive discussion around issues of communication and social justice.

An InterAct performance typically begins with a short (5-10 minute) scene. At the end of the scene, the audience has a chance to ask questions of the characters, to learn more about their feelings and motivations. The scene is then performed a second time, with the audience members invited to pause the action at any point and join the cast to try out alternate strategies for resolving the scene more effectively. This format allows for a more active and involved discussion of challenging issues than is generally possible during a simple lecture.

InterAct's scenes are developed by the troupe and coordinators. Some possible topics for scenes include intercultural communication, sexual assault prevention, healthy relationships, gay/lesbian issues, and academic conflicts. The troupe is available to perform in a wide range of settings on campus, including classrooms, residence halls, student organization meetings, fraternities and sororities, and faculty seminars.

For more information about InterAct, or to request a performance, please contact one of the troupe coordinators: Jamie Linsin (Health, Wellness, and Counseling Services) or Jason Cannon (Department of Theatre, Dance, & Media Studies; University Players.)

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