The African Lecture Series of International Studies and Programs, UM-St. Louis and the African and Afro-American Studies Program of Washington University
Begun in the fall 1998, this speaker series presents six colloquia annually that explore a selected topic from a variety of disciplines and perspectives. The inaugural series, titled "The African City," focused on urbanization as an agent of and arena for change in Africa. This collaboration is designed to build a community of scholars, students, Africans and other St. Louisans interested in Africa.

The Colloquium Series of the Joint Center for East Asian Studies of the University of Missouri-St. Louis and Washington University
This series presents six colloquia annually organized around a single theme. Themes have included international political economy; education and society; science and technology; women in East Asia; and political transitions in East Asia. The colloquium series brings to St. Louis leading scholars in the fields of Chinese, Japanese and Korean studies. The program creates a forum for discussion among local scholars, students, businesspeople and others interested in understanding the modernization and economic development potential of East Asia.

Distinguished Lecturers Series
International Studies and Programs is proud to sponsor four lecturer series, each made possible through the generosity of donors seeking to enhance international educational opportunities for the campus and the community. These series include:

E. Desmond Lee Global Ethnic Collaborative Seminar Series
With the establishment of endowed professorships in African/African-American, Chinese, Greek, Irish and Japanese studies and the opening of the German Culture Center, International Studies and Programs has inaugurated a seminar series. The series features presentations by experts on international and area studies topics related to the Collaborative's members. Currently, this includes an examination of the contributions of African and African-Americans; business and economics in China; the culture, politics and economics of Greece; the culture and history of Ireland; as well as Japanese culture, politics and business.

The International Seminar Series
This series presents 10-15 programs annually that focus on current issues in international affairs and international studies. Reflecting faculty interests, the rich array of recent seminar topics includes Free Trade as a Means of Strengthening the U.S. and its Partners; Bosnian Cinema and Cultre; Women and HIV/AIDS in Botswana; and Oligarcchic Capitalism in Russia.