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Sam and Marilyn Fox Atlas Week Program and
St. Louis University
St. Louis, MO

Monday, March 26, 2012

12:45 PM - 2:15 PM
Des Peres Hall, International Lounge

The Big Banana (La Banane)
Franck Gilles Brice Hameni Bieleu (85m, Cameroon)

In the coastal region of Cameroon, in Central Africa, a western conglomerate has set up a lucrative exploitation of dessert banana for over 30 years. This lucrative business should normally generate wealth and economic growth for community as well as for the company, instead, the plantation workers barely manage to survive with as low as 40 dollars per month work over 15 hours a day, health issues arise due to the use of toxic chemical product use to treat banana trees, people get expropriated by the state in favor of the almighty big banana company so it can generate billions of profits. People of the Moungo region are failed by their government and their representatives who are bought and paid for by the company.

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Des Peres Hall, International Lounge

Dominica: Charting a Future for Paradise.
Wyatt Bardouille (36m, Dominica, USA)

Dominica: Charting a Future for Paradise is a story about the nature island of Dominica. It is a story of vision and determination, about how this this small Caribbean country overcomes the challenges of nature, limited resources and a stagnant population to sustain herself as an independent nation. In 2008, Dominica celebrated 30 years of independence from Great Britain with an extraordinary nationwide reunion. It was a time for Dominica, local and abroad, to reflect on past struggles and achievements and share a vision of their future.

Donsoya, The Way of the Hunter (Donsoya, la voie du chasseur)
Sebastien Bariller (43m, France, Mali)

We invite you to discover the amazing world of the West African traditional hunters' brotherhoods. Most precisely, you'll get introduced to malinke master hunters in Mali, who'll explain the goals and rules of their ancient society.

7:00 PM
Kelly Auditorium

We Win or We Die
Mathew Millan (21m, USA)

February, 2011. The people of Benghazi revolt against the brutal regime of Moammar Gaddafi. Yet standing in the way of liberation is the 2-mile sprawling fortress known as the Katiba. Holding hundreds of soldiers and heavy artillery, it stands poised to rain death down upon the protesters. The film is the story of an ordinary Libyan who understands that there is but one way to stop the bloodshed and one way to gain freedom. The sprawling fortress, the fist of Gaddafi, the Katiba must fall.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

6:00 PM - 7:45 PM
Des Peres Hall, International Lounge

A Lot like You
Eliaichi Kimaro (80m, Tanzania)

Eliaichi Kimaro is a mixed-race, first-generation American who traces her father's footsteps back to a coffee farm on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. There she discovers both the beauty and the brutality of this world her father left behind 40 years earlier. This film raises questions about the cultures we inherit and the cultures we choose to pass down, and reveals how simply bearing witness to another's suffering can break silences that have lasted lifetimes.

7:45 PM - 8:30 PM
Des Peres Hall, International Lounge

The Royal Knowledge
Molteni Francesco (23m, Tanzania, USA)

?Near Arusha (Tanzania), Msei Pete and Mama C, two former Black Panther from the 70's, run the UAACC (United African Alliance Community Center). The Center is founded on the principle of sharing knowledge in order to empower the community. Three years ago, they open an orphanage inside the center to give home to the parentless children of the area. The documentary follows the children at the orphanage exploring and recording their world using video cameras.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

12:45 PM - 2:15 PM
Des Peres Hall, International Lounge

Give a Damn?
Dan Parris (92m, USA)

The documentary is about three friends, two Christian idealists and one militant atheist, who agree to attempt to live in extreme poverty, on $1.25 a day, across 3 continents to discover their responsibility to the poor. The story follows them as they leave their homes in St. Louis, hitchhike across the United States, backpack across Europe and travel to Africa. The film takes a devastating turn when two of them survive a deadly plane crash in Africa, and all three must fight in their own way to finish what they started.

2:15 PM - 3:30 PM
Des Peres Hall, International Lounge

Real Voodoo
Sandra M. Whiteley (52m, Haiti, Canada)

In January 2010 a few days after Haiti suffered a massive earthquake, evangelical leader Pat Robertson went on air to blame the devastation on Haitians' 'pact with the devil.' He was talking about Voodoo. Was he right? Is Voodoo evil? To find outwhat Voodoo is the film makers decided to make many trips to Haiti pre and post-earthquake filming Voodoo ceremonies in public places, sanctuaries, and in the homes of believers. The documentary is about their findings. It is not Pat Robertson's Voodoo, it is rather something else.

4:00 PM - 5:15 PM
Des Peres Hall, International Lounge

Twilight Revelation: Episodes in the Life & Times of Emperor Haile Selassie
Yemane I Demessie (58m, Ethiopia, USA)

The documentary film explores and analyzes watershed events during the reign of the former Ethiopian emperor, Haile Selassie. Using a wealth of archival footage and photographs, the documentary reexamines the imperial administration through the eyes of numerous notable individuals who played substantive roles and worked closely with the emperor. The featured witnesses include former ministers, a general, a state attorney and a judge, parliamentarians, high ranking civil servants and staff from the royal court. It also featured members of the royal family including his grandchildren. The observations and narratives of these individuals shed a new light on the personality, leadership style and the myth behind Ethiopia's last emperor.

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Des Peres Hall, International Lounge

These Streets Belong To Us
Shareen Anderson, Lisa Henry (54m, South Africa)

The documentary looks at how ordinary South Africans are coping with the scourge of crime and violence. The film tells of three different Johannesburg communities: Kensington, a middle class suburb that is jolted into action after a street security guard is murdered while on duty; Alexandra, a mostly poor black township that has formed a community policing forum that patrols the streets, lending a helping hand to the overburdened police; and Hillbrow, a densely populated inner city neighborhood, which was a 'no go' zone for police for many years, but is now undergoing massive regeneration. The film is an inspiring look at how neighbors from disparate lives become empowered to stand up and take back their community, with a hopeful vision of the future.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Carlo Auditorium, Tegeler Hall

Surfing Soweto
Sara Blecher (85m, South Africa.)

Over the course of the last 3 years Cinga Productions has been following and documenting the lives of three of the most notorious train surfers in Soweto: Bitch Nigga, Lefa and Mzembe. The film makers have followed them on to the top of trains hurtling through Soweto. They followed them into the heroin dens of Hilbrow, and jails with names like Sun City - all in the hope of understanding their frustrations and documenting the lives of the new generation of youth in Soweto. Surfing Soweto is the story of this forgotten generation.

Saturday, March 31, 2012
Carlo Auditorium, Tegeler Hall

4:00 PM

Colors of the Dominican Carnival
Donna Pinnick, Ruben Duran (54m, USA)

The colorful, chaotic, subversive, upside down world of carnival in the Dominican Republic is explored in a new documentary, Colores del Carnaval Dominicano. Colores took shape over the course of four years as the filmmakers travelled three times to the Dominican Republic and shot hundreds of hours; over a terabyte of digital film of interviews with mask makers, musicians, anthropologists, and the masqueraders who create the characters at the heart of carnival. They took to the streets of Santo Domingo to capture the joyful chaos, outrageous costumes, bizarre characters mugging for the camera. The result is a documentary set to the dancing rhythms of merengue, a tribute to the Dominican people, to their imagination, resilience and pride.




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