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China MBA Accreditation

School of Business Administration - University of Missouri-St. Louis

The University of Missouri-St. Louis' China MBA Program is designed specifically for Chinese executives who want to learn about American business practices and international issues. The degree can be earned in 18 months in an intense format.

Integrated into the program will be cultural events and field trips. Students will visit American firms and government offices and will attend shows, sports events, museums and other activities.

The China MBA Program allows students to immerse themselves in America and its business practices and return to China with an enhanced understanding of global interactions.

Why Study the China MBA?
Corporate Partners
Teaching and Research Facilities
China MBA Courses
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Why Study the China MBA?

The 18-month MBA is Special

Most graduate students in the School of Business Administration, University of Missouri-St. Louis have several years experience in the workforce, and many are currently employed either full- or part-time. Students in China MBA Program will bring the same practical point of view to their classroom discussion of business and international issues. Chances to work with other graduate students on projects will give both groups of students a chance to expand their knowledge of international culture.

Chinese alumni from the School of Business Administration are now working in all business fields, including accounting, marketing, operations, and information systems. Other Chinese students returned to their former positions in engineering, medicine, law, and business with an increased knowledge of Western business practices.

Graduate Program Enrollment
Number of Students - 400
Average Class Size - 25
International Enrollment - 12%
Students/Faculty Ratio - 18:1

Each class will begin as a group and then mix with American students later in the program. We believe that students who study and learn together over an extended period of time develop strong bonds of friendship that often continue throughout a lifetime. China MBA Program students will return home and continue to network socially, as well as professionally.

Corporate Partners
The University of Missouri-St. Louis School of Business Administration Advisory Board is composed of senior executives of regional, national, and international firms who are actively involved in the programs and activities of the School. This successful partnership helps ensure that School of Business Administration students receive a relevant, hands-on business education.

International firms such as ANHEUSER-BUSCH, PRICE WATERHOUSE LLP, EDWARD JONES, ACCENTURE, QUANTUM TECHNOLOGIES and EMERSON ELECTRIC COMPANY can work with students on projects, class lectures, and firm visits. The interaction wih the China MBA Program students will emphasize international aspects of the corporate world.

Modern Teaching and Research Facilities
In 1993, the University of Missouri-St. Louis dedicated its 62,000 square feet, $7.5 million Computer Center Building. Besides housing all centralized computer resources for the campus, the Center offers the telecommunications capabilities for worldwide teleconferencing. This state-of-the-art, "high-tech" facility also has four classrooms and two caserooms available for graduate business courses. The caserooms are equipped with laptop computers at each seating position, and the instructor's station can clearly transmit demonstrations, comments and corrections. The Center provides several hundred microcomputers for student use.

The university has an extensive business library, including a large collection of corporate business reports. Students have access to onlline searches through LEXIS, NEXIS and the INTERNET. Interlibrary loans enable students to borrow books from libraries throughout the U.S.

Other University of Missouri-St. Louis research centers available to international graduate business students include: the Center for Business and Industrial Studies (CBIS), the Metropolitan Studies Center, the Public Policy Institute, and the Center for the Study of Corporate Social Performance.

The University of Missouri-St. Louis is located in the St. Louis metropolitan area, a bistate region of over 2 million people and geographic center of the United States. The area serves as a regional center for the operations of many business and non-profit organizations.

St. Louis is home to many world-class cultural institutions including the St. Louis Symphony, St. Louis Art Museum, Repertory Theatre, the Grand Theatre District and Laumier Sculpture Park. St. Louis is also known for its unique neighborhoods such as the Central West End, Laclede's Landing, the UCity Loop, and The Hill featuring fine restaurants, shopping and entertainment attractions.

You can easily reach the University of Missouri-St. Louis by bus, light rail (MetroLink) and car. University parking facilities have space for more than 3000 cars and there are two MetroLink stations on the campus.

Admission to this special program requires a recognized U.S.-equivalent university bachelor's degree. Applicants are encouraged to have at least five years of executive experience wih a corporation or government enise. Admission criteria are established to guarantee a wide range of student backgrounds and expertise. Each student brings to the class an established record of achievement and experience to contribute to the cohort.

A minimum TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 560 and a GMAT score of 500 are required for unconditional admission.

Class size is limited and entry is competitive. Early application is encouraged. The University of Missouri-St. Louis is an EEO/ADA educational institution.

Total costs include tuition, living expenses, and fees for visits to firms, cultural activities and trips. For additional information contact Dr. Hung-Gay Fung.

The graduate programs in business at the University of Missouri-St. Louis are nationally accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Less than 25% of all business programs in North America have earned this status. AACSB accreditation is the mark of excellence in business education, awarded only when rigorous standards for courses, curricula, faculty, and resources have been met. It is your assurance of quality in a graduate business program.

China MBA Courses
The China MBA course curriculum consists of 48 credit hours. The duration of the program is 18 months starting in July and ending in December of the following year.

First Summer (July)
Fulfillment requirement of two prerequisites (Calculus and Economics). If students have taken Calculus and Economics courses in their undergraduate curriculum, they do NOT need to take these two courses if approved in the admissions process.

First Fall Semester (15 Credits)
General Business Core Courses
Accounting - Financial and Managerial Accounting
Management - Organization Behavior and Administrative Processes
Marketing - Contemporary Market Concepts
Finance - Financial Management
Statistics - Statistical Analysis for Management Decisions

First Winter Semester (15 Credits)
MIS - Management Information Systems
Communication - Law, Ethics, and Business
Operations Management - Production and Operation Management
Business Breadth in Accounting - Accounting for Decision Making
Business Breadth in MIS - Management Information Systems

Second Summer (6 Credits)
Field Study (Intern)
Elective Course

Second Fall Semester (12 Credits)
Seminar in Finance
Seminar in Management
Seminar in Marketing
Elective Course

For More Information

Hung-Gay Fung, Ph.D
Director, China MBA Program
Dr. Y. S. Tsiang Professor of Chinese Studies,
International Studies and Programs
Univeristy of Missouri-St. Louis
One University Boulevard
St. Louis, Missouri 63121-4400

Telephone: 314-516-6374
Fax: 314-516-6757

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