The new global landscape challenges us to contend with an increasingly open and competitive international economy, to appreciate cultural diversity at home and abroad, and to understand the local impacts of international events. 
Working with St. Louis' ethnic and international organizations, the E. Desmond Lee Global Ethnic Collaborative gives our region a powerful vehicle for:
  • assessing the impact and challenges of globalization
  • mobilizing our community's resources
  • articulating common goals that help us to build a more international city 
Based in International Studies and Programs at UMSL, the collaborative offers conferences, workshops, cultural events and performances that:
  • enhance awareness of and respect for the region's rich ethnic heritage
  • identify and nurture fresh voices and visions promoting cultural harmony
  • focus on the local dimensions of global affairs
  • Prepare St. Louis to play a leadership role in a globally interdependent world 
The collaborative also sponsors activities that strengthen existing and build new international linkages for St. Louis.

E. Desmond Lee Global Ethnic Collaborative's