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Endowed Chair: Chinese Studies

Dr. Y. S. Tsiang Professorship in Chinese Studies

For further information, please contact Dr. Hung-Gay Fung Professor School of Business Administration 314-516-6374 314-516-6757 FAX Hung-Gay Fung

A Special Gift
Moved by the plight of peasants in China, Dr. Yien-Si Tsiang began his life of public service with the study of agriculture. In his policy making role, Dr. Tsiang was the architect of Taiwan's land reform program, a policy that formed the foundation for the country's economic modernization and remains a model for other developing countries. Throughout his many years of exemplary service to the government and people of Taiwan, Dr. Tsiang distinguished himself as a scholar, researcher, administrator and statesman. The Dr. Y.S. Tsiang professorship in Chinese Studies was established in recognition of Dr. Tsiang's outstanding contributions through the generosity of the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for Scholarly Exchange, Far Eastern Textile Ltd., Liu International Foundation, Ministry of Education, Republic of China, Taipei Fortuna Hotel and United World Chinese Commercial Bank.

An International Business Focus
By enhancing teaching, research and community programs about China, the Dr. Y.S. Tsiang Professorship in Chinese Studies builds on the University's strong foundation of expertise in the area of East Asian studies. The selection of Dr. Hung-Gay Fung as the first holder of the professorship, reflects the University's recognition of the economic importance of the Asian Pacific region. Dr. Fung's expertise in international and Chinese business provides an invaluable resource for the campus and community.

An Opportunity for Campus and Community
The Dr. Y.S. Tsiang Professorship in Chinese Studies supports conferences, distinguished speaker's programs, visiting scholars, faculty research and cultural programs about China. It not only strengthens the academic excellence of the University, but also brings a global vision to the St. Louis region and enhances our relationship with the local Chinese-American community.

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