Effective immediately, social security numbers will not be required for contracts and should not be included on any contract documents. All of the contract documents on this website have been revised with any reference to social security numbers deleted. Please note that instructions and guidelines have been revised regarding the payment process.


Appearance Agreement Contract (rev. 05/2016)

Appearance Agreement Contract Instructions (rev. 01/2016)

Consulting Services Contract (rev. 03/2016) 

Consulting Services Contract Guidelines (rev. 01/2016)

Employee/Independent Contractor Classification Checklist (rev. 01/2016)

Performance Agreement Contract (rev. 03/2016)

Performance Agreement Contract Instructions (rev. 03/2016)

Personal Service Contract (rev. 03/2016)

Personal Service Contract Guidelines (rev. 01/2016)

Form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification)