Game 2 Play-by-Play

  North Alabama vs. Missouri-St. Louis
  Date: Sep 06, 2014 • Site: Evansville, IN

2nd Game Play-by-Play
  For UMSL: Walker, Erin; Miller, Hannah; Siebenmorgen, Jory; Brightwell, Haley; Ploss, Jessica; Meyer, Lindsay; libero Bragaw, Emily.
  For UNA: Natasha Fomina; Joanna Calhoun; Megan Gorey; Peyton Lang; Megan Wadsworth; Andrea De Leon; libero Ashtyn Kapovick.
0-1 Point UNA - (Walker, Erin) Kill by Megan Gorey (from Andrea De Leon).
0-2 Point UNA - (Megan Gorey) Attack error by Walker, Erin.
0-3 Point UNA - (Megan Gorey) Kill by Peyton Lang (from Andrea De Leon).
1-3 Point UMSL - (Megan Gorey) Ball handling error by Andrea De Leon.
1-4 Point UNA - (Miller, Hannah) Kill by Peyton Lang (from Andrea De Leon).
  For UNA: Shantel Federick.
1-5 Point UNA - (Joanna Calhoun) Attack error by Walker, Erin.
2-5 Point UMSL - (Joanna Calhoun) Kill by Ploss, Jessica (from Meyer, Lindsay).
2-6 Point UNA - (Siebenmorgen, Jory) Kill by Megan Wadsworth (from Andrea De Leon).
  For UNA: Macie Pringle.
3-6 Point UMSL - (Macie Pringle) Kill by Brightwell, Haley (from Meyer, Lindsay).
  For UMSL: Ochs, Carly.
4-6 Point UMSL - (Brightwell, Haley) Kill by Ploss, Jessica.
4-7 Point UNA - (Brightwell, Haley) Kill by Megan Wadsworth (from Andrea De Leon), block error by Ochs, Carly.
  For UNA: Megan Gorey.
5-7 Point UMSL - (Peyton Lang) Kill by Ochs, Carly.
5-8 Point UNA - (Bragaw, Emily) Attack error by Siebenmorgen, Jory.
6-8 Point UMSL - (Ashtyn Kapovick) Attack error by Andrea De Leon.
6-9 Point UNA - (Meyer, Lindsay) Attack error by Ochs, Carly (block by Andrea De Leon; Joanna Calhoun).
6-10 Point UNA - (Andrea De Leon) Bad set by Bragaw, Emily.
6-11 Point UNA - (Andrea De Leon) Service ace (Ochs, Carly).
7-11 Point UMSL - (Andrea De Leon) Service error.
  For UMSL: Walker, Erin.
7-12 Point UNA - (Walker, Erin) Service error.
7-13 Point UNA - (Megan Gorey) Service ace (Brightwell, Haley).
  Timeout Missouri-St. Louis.
7-14 Point UNA - (Megan Gorey) Kill by Natasha Fomina (from Andrea De Leon).
  For UMSL: Pezze, Gina.
8-14 Point UMSL - (Megan Gorey) Kill by Siebenmorgen, Jory (from Meyer, Lindsay).
  For UNA: Shantel Federick.
8-15 Point UNA - (Miller, Hannah) Attack error by Ploss, Jessica (block by Peyton Lang; Joanna Calhoun).
8-16 Point UNA - (Joanna Calhoun) Attack error by Siebenmorgen, Jory (block by Peyton Lang; Megan Wadsworth).
9-16 Point UMSL - (Joanna Calhoun) Kill by Siebenmorgen, Jory.
  For UMSL: Abeyta, Madyson; Ewing, Allie.
9-17 Point UNA - (Abeyta, Madyson) Kill by Megan Wadsworth (from Andrea De Leon).
  For UNA: Macie Pringle.
9-18 Point UNA - (Macie Pringle) Kill by Peyton Lang.
  For UMSL: Brightwell, Haley.
9-19 Point UNA - (Macie Pringle) Attack error by Abeyta, Madyson.
9-20 Point UNA - (Macie Pringle) Kill by Peyton Lang (from Macie Pringle).
  Timeout Missouri-St. Louis.
10-20 Point UMSL - (Macie Pringle) Kill by Walker, Erin (from Abeyta, Madyson).
  For UMSL: Ochs, Carly.
10-21 Point UNA - (Brightwell, Haley) Kill by Megan Wadsworth (from Andrea De Leon).
  For UNA: Megan Gorey.
10-22 Point UNA - (Peyton Lang) Attack error by Ewing, Allie (block by Megan Wadsworth; Megan Gorey).
10-23 Point UNA - (Peyton Lang) Attack error by Brightwell, Haley.
11-23 Point UMSL - (Peyton Lang) Kill by Ochs, Carly (from Abeyta, Madyson).
12-23 Point UMSL - (Bragaw, Emily) Kill by Ochs, Carly (from Abeyta, Madyson).
13-23 Point UMSL - (Bragaw, Emily) Attack error by Andrea De Leon.
13-24 Point UNA - (Bragaw, Emily) Service error.
13-25 Point UNA - (Ashtyn Kapovick) Kill by Megan Gorey (from Andrea De Leon).
Taylor) Kill by Schmitt, Carly (from Kooi, Lyndsay). 17-22 Point QU - (Jacobs, Taylor) Service ace (Crawford, Shelby). 18-22 Point UMSL - (Jacobs, Taylor) Kill by Gaff, Weslie (from McNulty, Anna). 19-22 Point UMSL - (Gaff, Weslie) Attack error by Schmitt, Carly. 19-23 Point QU - (Gaff, Weslie) Service error.   For QU: Houghton, Brittany. 20-23 Point UMSL - (Kooi, Lyndsay) Kill by Hoekstra, Corinne (from McNulty, Anna). 20-24 Point QU - (McNulty, Anna) Kill by Houghton, Brittany (from Kooi, Lyndsay). 21-24 Point UMSL - (Linker, Damaris) Kill by Higgins, Erin (from McNulty, Anna). 21-25 Point QU - (Skaggs, Alisha) Kill by Joslin, Briann (from Kooi, Lyndsay). =pbp1>LewisGOOD! FT SHOT by Johnson, JamieUMSL 53 - Lewis 49(UMSL by 4)   REBOUND (OFF) by (DEADBALL) 07:59LewisMISSED FT SHOT by Johnson, Jamie 07:59UMSLFOUL by Zavoral, Jessica   ASSIST by McGovern, Kelly 08:26UMSLGOOD! LAYUP by Smith, DevonnaUMSL 53 - Lewis 48(UMSL by 5)   REBOUND (OFF) by (TEAM) 08:31UMSLMISSED 3 PTR by Lawrence, Alexis 08:58LewisGOOD! LAYUP by Henley, MariyahUMSL 51 - Lewis 48(UMSL by 3)   REBOUND (OFF) by (TEAM) 09:10LewisMISSED JUMPER by Itschner, Kristin 09:17LewisSTEAL by Nellen, Nikki 09:18UMSLTURNOVR by Lawrence, Alexis 09:42LewisTURNOVR by Henley, Mariyah 09:44LewisSTEAL by Henley, Mariyah 09:45UMSLTURNOVR by Like, Alyssa   REBOUND (DEF) by McGovern, Kelly 10:02LewisMISSED 3 PTR by Nellen, Nikki   ASSIST by Like, Alyssa 10:18UMSLGOOD! 3 PTR by Lawrence, AlexisUMSL 51 - Lewis 46(UMSL by 5)   REBOUND (DEF) by Washington, Hazaria 10:50LewisMISSED FT SHOT by Reinhart, Jess 10:51UMSLFOUL by Kunkel, Kelly 10:51LewisGOOD! LAYUP by Reinhart, JessUMSL 48 - Lewis 46(UMSL by 2)   REBOUND (DEF) by Johnson, Jamie 11:03LewisBLOCK by Mead,Lauren 11:03UMSLMISSED LAYUP by Smith, Devonna   REBOUND (DEF) by McGovern, Kelly 11:20LewisMISSED LAYUP by Nellen, Nikki 11:24UMSLFOUL by Like, Alyssa 11:46UMSLGOOD! LAYUP by Smith, DevonnaUMSL 48 - Lewis 44(UMSL by 4)   REBOUND (OFF) by Smith, Devonna 11:49UMSLMISSED 3 PTR by Lawrence, Alexis 12:00LewisFOUL by Mead,Lauren   REBOUND (DEF) by Washington, Hazaria 12:09LewisMISSED LAYUP by Johnson, Jamie   REBOUND (DEF) by Johnson, Jamie 12:14UMSLMISSED LAYUP by Smith, Devonna 12:29LewisFOUL by Henley, Mariyah   ASSIST by Henley, Mariyah 12:52LewisGOOD! JUMPER by Reinhart, JessUMSL 46 - Lewis 44(UMSL by 2) 13:03UMSLGOOD! FT SHOT by Smith, DevonnaUMSL 46 - Lewis 42(UMSL by 4) 13:03LewisFOUL by Reinhart, Jess 13:03UMSLGOOD! JUMPER by Smith, Devonna (in the paint)UMSL 45 - Lewis 42(UMSL by 3)   REBOUND (OFF) by Smith, Devonna 13:08UMSLMISSED JUMPER by Zavoral, Jessica 13:22UMSLSTEAL by Lawrence, Alexis 13:24LewisTURNOVR by Itschner, Kristin 13:38LewisSTEAL by Reinhart, Jess 13:39UMSLTURNOVR by Smith, Devonna 13:46LewisFOUL by Johnson, Jamie   REBOUND (OFF) by (TEAM) 13:48UMSLMISSED 3 PTR by Lawrence, Alexis 14:02LewisGOOD! JUMPER by Reinhart, JessUMSL 43 - Lewis 42(UMSL by 1) 14:23LewisTIMEOUT TEAM 14:23LewisSTEAL by Itschner, Kristin 14:23UMSLTURNOVR by Snow, Tierra 14:45LewisGOOD! JUMPER by Reinhart, Jess (in the paint)UMSL 43 - Lewis 40(UMSL by 3)   ASSIST by Zavoral, Jessica 15:00UMSLGOOD! JUMPER by Like, AlyssaUMSL 43 - Lewis 38(UMSL by 5)   REBOUND (OFF) by Zavoral, Jessica 15:05LewisBLOCK by Johnson, Jamie 15:05UMSLMISSED JUMPER by Zavoral, Jessica   ASSIST by Nellen, Nikki 15:38LewisGOOD! LAYUP by Henley, MariyahUMSL 41 - Lewis 38(UMSL by 3) 16:02UMSLTIMEOUT TEAM   ASSIST by Lawrence, Alexis 16:03UMSLGOOD! 3 PTR by Like, AlyssaUMSL 41 - Lewis 36(UMSL by 5)   ASSIST by Henley, Mariyah 16:18LewisGOOD! LAYUP by Itschner, KristinUMSL 38 - Lewis 36(UMSL by 2) 16:24LewisSTEAL by Henley, Mariyah 16:26UMSLTURNOVR by Lawrence, Alexis 16:48UMSLSTEAL by Like, Alyssa 16:48LewisTURNOVR by Henley, Mariyah 16:56LewisSTEAL by Henley, Mariyah 16:57UMSLTURNOVR by Lawrence, Alexis 17:12LewisGOOD! LAYUP by Reinhart, JessUMSL 38 - Lewis 34(UMSL by 4)   REBOUND (OFF) by Henley, Mariyah 17:24LewisMISSED JUMPER by Reinhart, Jess   REBOUND (OFF) by Henley, Mariyah 17:32LewisMISSED JUMPER by Henley, Mariyah   ASSIST by Zavoral, Jessica 17:50UMSLGOOD! 3 PTR by Like, AlyssaUMSL 38 - Lewis 32(UMSL by 6)   REBOUND (DEF) by (TEAM) 18:17LewisMISSED 3 PTR by Nellen, Nikki   REBOUND (DEF) by Johnson, Jamie 18:43UMSLMISSED 3 PTR by Lawrence, Alexis   ASSIST by Johnson, Jamie 19:06LewisGOOD! 3 PTR by Nellen, NikkiUMSL 35 - Lewis 32(UMSL by 3) 19:21UMSLGOOD! JUMPER by Zavoral, JessicaUMSL 35 - Lewis 29(UMSL by 6)   ASSIST by Nellen, Nikki 19:52LewisGOOD! LAYUP by Reinhart, JessUMSL 33 - Lewis 29(UMSL by 4)