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Student Advocate

It is important to the University of Missouri - St. Louis faculty and staff that students have the best possible experience on campus. If any student experiences a problem with faculty or staff members that has not been resolved through normal campus processes, he or she is encouraged to contact the Student Advocate for assistance in resolving the issue.

These problems may include, but are not limited to:

  • A complaint that has not been resolved,
  • An issue related to intellectual diversity and academic freedom, or
  • Any other concerns that may hinder the student’s academic or co-curricular performance and well being.

The role of the Student Advocate at the University of Missouri - St. Louis is to provide an opportunity for students to express complaints or concerns about instructors or offices on campus. The Student Advocate maintains a record of all complaints and reports annually to the Provost detailing the number of complaints, the nature of the complaints, the number resolved, and the resolutions.

The Student Advocate will act as an advocate and work with the student to resolve the issue or complaint. There are many strategies the Student Advocate may use including:

  • Advising the student of his or her options,
  • Conducting an inquiry with the department chair or college dean,
  • Conferring with other offices or units on campus,
  • Consulting the faculty instructor, and/or
  • Taking necessary actions to resolve the issue.

The Student Advocate will advise the Provost concerning any issue in which intervention by the Provost or other campus officials is needed.

If you wish to contact the Student Advocate, you may email or call Ms. Tanisha Stevens in the Office of the Provost at 314-516-5304.