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Chapter 4. Teaching and Student Related Regulations

Faculty Responsibilities and Support

Faculty Responsibilities and Support


Teaching Responsibilities

Faculty Workload

Graduate Faculty

Commencement Attendance Policy

Course Wait List Policy University of Missouri-St. Louis

Office Hours Policy

Course Evaluations

Academic Dishonesty

Use of Copyrighted Materials

Online Intellectual Property

Class Visitation

Book Buying and Selling Policy

Troubled or Troubling Students

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Final Exams

Unreported Grades

Confidentiality of Grades

Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism

Late Registration

General Education Plan

Grade Appeal

Policy on Administrative Cancellation Of Student Registration for Nonpayment Of Educational Fees

Military Reservists

Smoke Free Environment

Sexual Harassment


Discrimination Grievances

Rescinding Degrees

Student Resources

Counseling Services

Student Planner

Center for Academic Development

Center for Student Success

Career Services

Cashier’s Office

Degree Audit Reporting System

Disability Access Services

Financial Aid

University Health Services

New Student Orientation

Registration and Records

Residential Life

Office of Student Life

Student Support Services

Information Technology Services

Campus Shuttle Service

Center for Eye Care

Center for International Studies

Office of National Scholarship Information