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Chapter 3. Salary, Benefits, Expenses, and Support

Items in this section include Compensation, Salary Increases, Extra Compensation, Faculty Consultation and Employment of Consultants, Summer Period Salary, Pay Periods, Nepotism, Conflict of Interest, University Sponsored Educational Materials, Patent Regulations, Travel, Use of University Equipment and Name, and Relocation Policy.


Salary Payment Periods and Options

Salary Increases

Summer Teaching Compensation and Assignment Policies

University of Missouri Policy Concerning Summer Employment

Extra Compensation Policy


Total Benefits Package

Calculate Retirement Benefit

Educational Assistance for Employees

Educational Fee Reduction for Spouses & Dependents

Other Benefit Related Support and Information

Moving Expenses Policy

Relocation Incentive Policy

Identification Cards

Social Security Number and Identification

Archival Program

Counseling Services Support

Campus Mediation Service

Employee Right of Access to Personnel File

Release of Employee Information

Tax Information for Foreign Visitors and U.S. Citizen Employees

Expense Reimbursement

Corporate Travel Credit Card

Travel Expenses and Services

Long-Term Travel Cash Advance Service

Tax Exempt Purchases

Additional Travel Information and Services

Entertainment Expenses

Professional Memberships Not Covered or Reimbursed

University Credit Union

Research Board

GIF (Grants Incentive Funds) Policy

Other Resources for Faculty

Faculty Research, Instructional, and Service Support

Faculty Research

Governmental Relations

Faculty Resource Center

Technology Support Center (Help Desk)

Film Library

The University of Missouri Press

System Wide Research Facilities

Faculty Severance

Retirement Benefits

Departure Checklist

Separation Payments

Dismissal for Cause

Salary Policy

Personal Conduct

Personal Indebtedness