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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. The University and The Faculty (Chapter 1. Complete Links)

The University of Missouri System: Mission and History

University Governance

The University of Missouri-St. Louis: Administrative Organization



The Colleges and Schools at UMSL

Centers, Institutes, and Special Facilities

Chapter 2. Appointments, Tenure, and Promotion (Chapter 2. Complete Links)
This chapter contains information about regular and non-regular faculty appointments.

Academic Appointments

Other types of Academic Appointments

Professorships and Endowed Chairs

Special Appointments

Negotiated Early Retirement


Procedures Related to Appointments, Tenure and Promotion (ATP)

Mentoring Program

Academic Freedom and Economic Security of Faculty

Post-Tenure Review

Other Policies Relevant to Faculty

Non-renewal of a Regular Term Appointment

Chapter 3. Salary, Benefits, Expenses, and Support (Chapter 3. Complete Links)
Items in this section include Compensation, Salary Increases, Extra Compensation, Faculty Consultation and Employment of Consultants, Summer Period Salary, Pay Periods, Nepotism, Conflict of Interest, University Sponsored Educational Materials, Patent Regulations, Travel, Use of University Equipment and Name, and Relocation Policy.



Other Benefit Related Support and Information

Expense Reimbursement

University Credit Union

Research Board

GIF (Grants Incentive Funds) Policy

Other Resources for Faculty

Faculty Severance

Dismissal for Cause

Chapter 4. Teaching and Student Related Regulations (Chapter 4. Complete Links)
The faculty-student relationship is based on mutual respect and dedication to the process of teaching and learning. Faculty must expect - and students must adhere to - high standards of academic honesty. This Chapter lays out the policies and responsibilities that have been put in place to provide safeguards and protect the faculty-student relationship.

Faculty Responsibilities and Support

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Resources

Chapter 5. Sabbaticals, Leaves, and Buy-outs (Chapter 5. Complete Links)

Leaves of Absence

Course Buy-outs

Chapter 6 . Faculty Rights, Legal Protections, Obligations, and Discipline (Chapter 6. Complete Links)

Appendix A. Forms and Applications


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