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Student Rights and Responsibilities

Final Exams
Faculty may not hold final exams on the last day of classes (or earlier) or hold final exams during study (stop) days. In short, finals are to be given during the regularly scheduled times and not at any other times. A majority vote of the students to the contrary does not change this policy. For full details, please review the policy.

Unreported Grades
All professors and teachers of the university shall file with the Registrar their grades of students within 2 1/2 days (except Sunday) after the end of the examination period. Please see the policy for full details.

Confidentiality of Grades
Each faculty member is accountable for ensuring the confidentiality of all student educational records in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), As Amended. In accordance with this responsibility, faculty of the University of Missouri-St. Louis will not post or display, either electronically or in hard copy, lists of students grades in personally identifiable forms, including the students name or any four consecutive digits of students Social Security numbers or student identification numbers. Please see the policy for full details.

Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism
In case of academic dishonesty, such as plagiarism or cheating, it is the duty of faculty to report all cases to the Primary Administrative Officer, which for our campus is the Associate Provost for Graduate Education. Faculty may still award a zero or F grade for such assignments, because it is the job of the faculty to evaluate student work. However, faculty may not engage in punishing any student for academic dishonesty. This is the sole right and duty of the Primary Administrative Officer. See Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 200.010.

Late Registration
Students seeking to register for courses after the beginning of the first week of classes may do so only with the consent of the instructor and the endorsement of the dean. Students seeking to register for courses after the beginning of the 9th week of classes may do so only with the consent of the instructor, the endorsement of the dean, and the approval of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. For more information, please see the Academic Affairs Late Registration Form.

General Education Plan
Please see the Policy on Implementation for details. The general education plan may be seen in its entirety in the Bulletin.

Grade Appeal
The Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is responsible for assuring that grade appeals are handled in a fair and timely manner, and that the procedures outlined in the policy are appopiate followed.

Policy on Administrative Cancellation of Student Registration for Nonpayment of Educational Fees
A registered student is required to remit payment of educational fees by deadlines that are announced for the fall and spring semesters. The university will cancel the registrations in all courses of students from whom the university has not received and processed either the full payment or the required minimum payment (a stipulated portion of the balance due after deducting approved financial aid) for assessed fees by announced deadlines.

Military Reservists
Every effort will be made to allow students who have completed a substantial portion of work in a course by the time they are called up to complete that course upon their reenrollment at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (without the payment of any additional course fees).

Smoke Free Environment

As of June 1, 1991, smoking is prohibited throughout the buildings on the UMSL campus. Please see the policy for full details.

AIDS Policy
Current knowledge indicates college and university students or employees with AIDS, ARC, or a positive HIV antibody blood test, do not pose a health risk to either students or employees in a usual academic or residential setting. The policy of the University of Missouri is to permit students and employees with AIDS to continue to engage in as many of their normal pursuits as their condition allows, as stipulated in Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 280.030.

Sexual Harassment
The full campus policy on sexual harassment is supplementary to the UM policy in Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 330.060.

The attention of the faculty is called to the respective religious holidays that a substantial number of students may wish to observe. The faculty is encouraged to avoid scheduling examinations on days such as: Passover, Good Friday, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, key religious holidays in Islam, Buddhism, other religions, and so forth.

Discrimination Grievances
Federal Law and the University Affirmative Action Plan: The federal government has mandated that institutions receiving federal funds develop an Affirmative Action Plan (APP) detailing that institution's progress toward providing equal opportunity for those groups that historically have suffered discrimination. The OEO addresses that responsibility. Copies of the University of Missouri-St. Louis Affirmative Action Plan are available in the University Libraries and in the deans and directors offices in all academic units.

Rescinding Degrees
If a degree is awarded in error, the procedure outlined here will be followed. The responsible Dean will review the case. If the Dean believes there are grounds for rescinding the degree he or she will so notify the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, explaining why the degree should be rescinded. If the Provost agrees, he or she will so notify the registrar and the system and will contact the student who was awarded the degree in error, explain the error, and ask for the diploma back.