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Support and Other Resources for Faculty


University Credit Union
Through its UMSL campus office, the Mizzou Credit Union offers loans, savings, investment services, and other benefits for all employees of the University of Missouri.

Research Board
An endowment created by the sale of the University's Weldon Spring property in 1979 is used to support faculty research and scholarship. The funds are administrated by a system-wide Research Board, consisting of 16 faculty appointed by the President. Proposals to the twice-yearly competitions are peer-reviewed. The Board assesses the investment potential in each proposal, as well as the increased stature of the university likely to result from a positive funding decision. Comprehensive information on the Research Board may be found at its web page. Application forms and information may be found at the UMSL ORA web page.

The Grants Incentive Fund Distribution Policy states that "Faculty have credited to their individual Grants Incentive Fund (GIF) account each fiscal year an amount equivalent to 15% of the Facilities and Administration recovery generated in the previous fiscal by external awards on which the faculty member is Principal Investigator."

Other Resources for Faculty

Faculty Research
The University of Missouri is the only public university or college in Missouri with a state mandate for research. Since the university is Missouri's research university, faculty contributions in the areas of artistic creativity, humanistic scholarship, and scientific research are particularly encouraged. It is the degree of dedication to research that distinguishes the University of Missouri from other state institutions of higher education.

To enable research excellence among its faculty, the university provides facilities (such as libraries, computer systems, and laboratories), time (with special research assignments, reduced teaching loads, and the sabbatical leave program), and financial support. The University of Missouri Research Board, endowed by the Weldon Spring Fund, is a competitive four-campus grant program that supports substantial awards across all academic disciplines of the university. Additionally, the UMSL Office of Research Administration sponsors two campus-wide grant programs, the Research Awards program and the Small Grants program. Each program offers bi-annual competitions, with research proposals reviewed by the Research Committee of the Faculty Senate. The St. Louis Campus also has a Grants Incentive program that defrays research costs for colleges and departments, and enables successful externally funded principle investigators to sustain and grow their research programs. The University of Missouri and the UMSL campus each offers recognition (by means of special research and other professorial appointments as well as various research awards) for research activities.

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) provides specific information useful to the artist, scholar, or researcher, particularly with respect to opportunities and sources for funding. The ORA staff will also advise on policies and procedures in areas such as indirect cost recovery, budget preparation, contracts, human subjects (IRB) protocols, and other compliance provisions involved in attaining and completing grant supported research projects.

Governmental Relations
UM has a Washington-based liaison for federal relations. Among this person's responsibilities are to help obtain federal funding for projects for the campuses, to monitor legislation that may affect the university, and to work with Washington-based educational associations with which UM is affiliated. Faculty who need assistance from the Washington liaison are encouraged to contact the Office of Research Administration.

Learning Resource Lab
Located at CCB 105 on North Campus and at 116/119 South Campus Classroom Building on South Campus, the Learning Resource Lab is available to assist faculty with research, teaching, and service needs.

Technology Support Center (Help Desk)
Faculty, and their employees, with computer problems should call the ComputerHelp Desk at (314) 516-6034.

Film Library
The Academic Support Center on the Columbia campus has a film library whose holdings are available for use by faculty on all campuses. Catalogs of the library's holdings are available.

The University of Missouri Press
The scholarly-book-publishing operation of the university. The publishing list contains scholarly works in the areas of literary criticism, art, art history, history, regional studies, and related areas. Inquiries concerning manuscripts in these areas are welcome. The Press publishes the work of scholars from institutions throughout the United States. Manuscripts invited for consideration are evaluated by at least two scholars in the discipline involved and must be approved for publication by the University Press Committee, which is composed of faculty members from the four campuses who are appointed by the President. All manuscripts accepted for publication are edited, designed, produced, marketed, and distributed as a normal activity of the ongoing publishing program. The Press currently publishes 25 to 30 new books every year, with seasonal catalogues and other information available upon request.

System Wide Research Facilities
The University of Missouri System contains the following research facilities, located in Columbia but available to all University Of Missouri faculty: