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Faculty Severance

Retirement Benefits
Faculty who leave employment at UMSL may be entitled to a retirement benefit from the University of Missouri. Eligible faculty may also seek a negotiated early retirement, where the tenure rights are abrogated, subject to Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 310.075. For more details regarding retirement benefits, please consult your campus benefits office.

Departure Checklist
To facilitate a smooth departure for faculty and staff who are leaving employment at UMSL, there is a checklist that the Department is required to use regarding university property, keys, etc.

Separation Payments
The UM Human Resources Policy Manual states: Upon the death or termination of employment for any cause of a teaching or research staff member on a 9-month service basis appointment, payment shall be made for the difference between the salary paid prior to death or termination and full salary earned to the date of death or termination. Earned salary shall be computed on the basis of the number of teaching days in the employment period. The same rule applies for faculty on 12-month service basis. See HR 226.