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Expense Reimbursement

Corporate Travel Credit Card
All full-time employees whose duties require that they travel on official business are eligible for the corporate credit card program, which provides MasterCard service for all university-related travel expenses. Please review the policy for complete details.

Travel Expenses and Services
Travel Allowances: University policy (Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 360.100) states that, "Employees and other authorized individuals who incur travel expenses while conducting official university business may be reimbursed for all reasonable and necessary expenses in accordance with policies and procedures established by the president of the university."

The university policy on travel states that reimbursement will be allowed only for actual expenses and does not include expenses for alcoholic beverages. For overnight travel within the fifty United States and the District of Columbia, the meal expense allowance is not to exceed $42.00 per day for three meals, including tips. If fewer than 3 meals per day are subject to allowance, amounts (including tips) should not exceed the maximum reimbursement for the total of the eligible meals that day: breakfast, $10; lunch, $10.50; and dinner, $21.50. These allowances should not be construed as "per diem," as only actual expenses should be claimed for reimbursement and receipts should be included. Reimbursement for private automobile use is based on federal standards and therefore changes periodically. Please refer to the Office of Finance for current allowances. The dean of the college and the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, or the Vice Chancellor for Research in the case of research grant account expenses, must authorize reimbursements. Please review the policy for complete details.

Long-Term Travel Cash Advance Service
Assistance is available for faculty members needing cash advances for long-term travel outside of the United States and the District of Columbia. Contact the Office of Finance at 314-516-5091 for more information.

Tax Exempt Purchases
The university has a State of Missouri Tax Exempt status, and when traveling for university business within Missouri, employees are eligible for tax exempt purchases. To be eligible, an employee must carry a University Tax Exempt card, which the department secretary can acquire from Business Services.

Additional Travel Information and Services
The university offers further travel information, services, and helpful links on such issues as travel security.

Entertainment Expenses
Please review the campus policy on entertaining visitors prior to incurring expenses and seeking reimbursement.

Professional Memberships Not Covered or Reimbursed
The university does not allow payment of "individual personal membership dues in professional societies, associations, nor in social, service or civic clubs. This does not preclude the use of funds from gifts or grants specifically designated for the purpose of personal memberships (Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 360.120)."