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Dismissal for Cause

Salary Policy
A faculty member who is dismissed for cause is normally entitled to salary benefits through the remainder of the contract year of termination, unless dismissal is the result of a felony conviction. The Faculty Committee on Tenure may make recommendations if a shorter or longer period is deemed appropriate because of such considerations as the nature and gravity of the conduct which justified dismissal and the length and quality of service of the faculty member. (see Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 310.060.

Personal Conduct
The personal conduct at all times of any employees of the university shall be of such a nature as not to bring discredit upon the institution. Conduct contrary to this policy will result in termination or other disciplinary action (HR 505 and Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 330.010).

Personal Indebtedness
The university expects its employees to be prompt in the payment of their personal debts. Any employee who fails to do so may be subject to a writ of sequestration or other payroll deduction as a result of his/her failure to pay his/her personal debts. Any employee who fails to satisfy a personal debt to the university is subject to the amount being deducted from his/her payroll earnings. The employee will have the opportunity to settle the debt before it is forwarded to the Payroll Office for deduction. Other deductions or payments to the university may apply under special circumstances (HR 506).