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Salary Payment Periods and Options
Full-time academic staff members have nine-month service contracts unless the Chancellor has specifically designated it as a twelve-month appointment. University employees on nine-month appointments have annual service contracts dated September 1 through May 31 and those with twelve-month appointments have annual service contracts dated September 1 through August 31.

Academic and administrative salaries are paid in twelve monthly installments unless a faculty member with a nine-month appointment elects to be paid in nine installments, September through May. Payments for extra compensation and for summer period appointments are included in regular monthly payroll checks. Payroll checks are available on the last working day of each month and will be direct deposited to the employees designated bank, as per UM Policy. Requests for exceptions to this policy must be in writing and must be approved by the Human Resource Services office. Deductions from salary are made for federal and state income taxes and the Social Security Administration. Arrangements may be made for other university-authorized withholdings, such as employee benefits, court ordered garnishing, and the like. The monthly payroll period begins the first day of the month and ends the last day of the month. Payroll policies are stipulated in the UM Human Resources Policy Manual, HR 219.

Salary Increases
Salary increases for faculty are typically determined by the unit chairperson or coordinator in consultation with the dean of the college and are conveyed to the faculty member in the spring. Salary increases go into effect on September 1, the beginning of the annual contract. (Human Resources Policy Manual, HR 210)

Summer Teaching Compensation and Assignment Policies
The University of Missouri-St. Louis sponsors a range of undergraduate and graduate courses during its summer sessions (SS). Students previously enrolled at UMSL, as well as qualified visiting students, are invited to enroll in summer session classes. The university's regular, non-regular, and adjunct (part-time) faculty are eligible to teach summer session courses. A full-time faculty member holding an academic year appointment is neither obligated nor entitled to teach in a summer session. Several factors determine an academic units SS course offerings, including

University of Missouri Policy Concerning Summer Employment
The University of Missouri Rules and Regulations stipulate the following concerning summer employment of faculty (Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 360.020):

For faculty on nine-month appointments, appointment on a full-time basis during an eight-week summer session shall be reimbursed at a rate not to exceed one-fifth (20%) of the annual salary.

In no case shall compensation for a summer appointment exceed one-third of annual salary.

Extra Compensation Policy