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Benefits and Other Benefit Related Support and Information

Total Benefits Package

The University of Missouri offers a full range of benefits. For specific information on benefits and other useful sites, please see the Benefits Summary.

UM Policy on each aspect of the Benefits Plan can be found at the links below, in the Collected Rules and Regulations:

500.010 Medical Benefits Plan
510.010 Dental Benefits Plan
530.010 Retirement, Disability and Death Benefit Plan
540.010 Long Term Disability Plan
550.010 Flexible Benefits Plan
560.010 Retirement System Benefit Restoration Plan
570.010 401a Supplemental Retirement Plan
580.010 457b Deferred Compensation Plan
590.010 403b Tax Deferred Annuity Plan
HR 309 Educational Fee Reduction for Spouses and Dependents
HR 303 Educational Assistance for Fulltime Employees

Calculate Retirement Benefit

To estimate your retirement benefit, go to Faculty & Staff Benefits and follow the links to the retirement benefits calculator, which allows you to estimate your retirement benefit using variable dates of retirement and salary increase assumptions.

Educational Assistance for Employees
Seventy-five percent of the educational fee is waived for any eligible employee, or retiree, registering for not more than six (6) credit hours of University of Missouri college-level credit courses per semester (three (3) credit hours in the summer session). Activity fees, books, and other expenses are the responsibility of the participating employee.

Educational Fee Reduction for Spouses & Dependents
The University of Missouri provides an Educational Fee Benefit to the spouses and dependents of any eligible employees. The benefit provides 50% of the amount of Missouri resident undergraduate educational fees for up to 140 hours of University of Missouri college credit courses (undergraduate, graduate, and professional) and is available at any system campus. Eligible dependents are ones who are listed as eligible dependents on the employee's health care plan. For information contact the Human Resources Office.

To receive the Educational Assistance benefit for a dependent or self, the employee must request UMUW form UM 85, available at Human Resources and online.

Other Benefit Related Support and Information

Moving Expenses Policy
New employees, and in some cases existing employees, may be eligible for moving expense payment for an amount not to exceed 10% of the employee' s salary. The Human Resources Policy Manual and the Business Policy Manual also stipulate strict guidelines regarding moving expenses.

Relocation Incentive Policy
A special, one-time, incentive payment may be authorized by a University General Officer when it is in the best interests of the university to move a current employee from one campus or location to another, or to provide an employment incentive to a prospective employee. Full-time permanent members of the academic staff and exempt level administrative, service, and support staff are eligible for this special one-time relocation cash payment. Employees who receive the special relocation cash payment must sign a relocation agreement which stipulates that the employee will return some or all of the advance payment if he or she does not continue employment with the University for at least two years. The repayment schedule would be as follows:

Worked less than 6 full months - return of 100 percent
Worked at least six full months, but less than 12 full months - return of 75 percent
Worked at least 12 full months, but less than 24 full months - return of 50 percent.

Identification Cards
Each campus provides university identification cards for all employees. ID cards remain valid for the duration of employment. Cards must be surrendered upon termination of employment. Lost ID cards must be reported to your supervisor, Campus Police, and Human Resource Services. A new card will be issued for replacement or when other changes make a card outdated.

You may be required to present your ID card in order to be admitted to or participate in various university programs or use of facilities.

Social Security Number and Identification
The UM System, using the People Soft universal accounting system, has adopted a random ID number to replace the Social Security number in communications and usages that could result in the unauthorized use, or the theft, of its employees' identities. Faculty are responsible to update their employee ID cards and for other actions to safeguard access to their Social Security numbers.

Archival Program
The university archivist is the official custodian of UM records and of the personal manuscripts of academic and administrative staff. That person also maintains records of student and faculty organizations. Upon the recommendation of the archivist, a University Records and Archives committee determines which records should be preserved for their administrative, legal, fiscal, or historical value. The same procedure is used to authorize destruction of other records. This committee has regulations regarding all university academic and administrative records. Copies are available from the archivist's office.

Counseling Services Support
Counseling Services: assists faculty and staff to define and accomplish their personal, career and academic goals through counseling, consultation, educational outreach programs, teaching and training. Services for faculty and staff are provided in two major areas: psychological counseling and career counseling and testing.

Campus Mediation Service
Established by Presidential Executive Order No. 30 (see Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 365.010 ), the mediation service is available for faculty and staff at UMSL to provide an informal and confidential means of resolving disputes. Contact the Mediation Service Coordinator at 314-516-7200.

Employee Right of Access to Personnel File
Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 180.060, states that, "Any employee may inspect his/her personnel records and can request that these records be made available to his/her union representative." The official personnel file is the file maintained by the Human Resource Office and may include items not available to employees such as letters of recommendations and legal documents, which must be considered confidential and available only to supervisory personnel who must necessarily have access in order to make appropriate decisions. See this section for further rules governing personnel files.

Release of Employee Information
All employee information will be regarded as confidential, and careful consideration will be given to ensuring this confidentiality unless disclosure is required by law. Statutory requirements make public employees' name, home or office address and salary public information, which is published annually in the Official Manual of the State of Missouri.

All requests for information about current or past employees who have provided written permission to release employment information must be referred to Human Resource Services for response. The official employee file for any employee is the one maintained by that office. This provision does not preclude a faculty or staff member from responding directly to reference inquiries on the basis of personal knowledge.

Tax Information for Foreign Visitors and U.S. Citizen Employees
The Office of International Services within the Center for International Studies offers assistance to UMSL faculty, staff and student nonresident aliens in tax information and form preparation. The office also assists in the preparation of immigration documentation and processes. Contact the Office of International Student Services at 314-516-5753.