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Centers, Institutes, and Special Facilities

Rules and Guidelines for Establishing Centers

Introduction to Centers

Each center, institute, and special program supports the comprehensive teaching, research, and community service mission of the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Consequently, each of these specialized units contributes to the teaching, research, and service productivity of the campus. However, most of these non-departmental units contribute more heavily to one of the three areas than to the other two, and in this section each is organized under the subheading that indicates its primary mission, whether as a center devoted mainly to Teaching, Research, or Service productivity.

Research Centers

Center for the Humanities

Center for NanoScience

Center for Neurodynamics

Center for Transportation Studies

Information Technology Services (Computing)

Whitney R. Harris Center for Worldl Ecology

Office of Research Administration

Public Policy Research Center

Business, Technology, and Research Park

Teaching Centers

Center for Human Origin and Cultural Diversity

Center for International Studies

Center for Teaching and Learning

Counseling Services

E. Desmond Lee Technology & Learning Center

Faculty Resource Center (see Information Technology Center)

Information Technology Services (Computing, see under Research Centers)

Institute for Mathematics & Science Education and Learning Technology (formerly RISE)

Institute for Women's and Gender Studies

Multicultural Relations

Missouri S&T Engineering Management & Systems Engineering

Video Instruction Program

Outreach Centers

Center for Business and Industrial Studies

Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Education

Center for Eye Care

Center for Trauma Recovery

Kathy J. Weinman Children's Advocacy Center

Regional Center for Education & Work (RCEW)

Sue Shear Institute for Women in Public Life

University Child Development Center

Center for Ethics and Public Life