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Budgeting originates at the college, school, and department level. Budget requests are developed at the department level, forwarded through the deans and the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, to the Chancellor. The Chancellor prepares a proposed campus-wide budget request in consultation with the Vice Chancellor for Managerial and Technological Services, and other advisory committees, and submits it to the President of the University of Missouri System, who then prepares and submits a total UM System budget request to the Board of Curators. The Board submits the UM System budget request to the Governor, who refers it to the Missouri Legislature. Once an appropriation for the UM System is approved by the Legislature, it is sent to the Governor. Following approval by the Governor, the appropriation for the UM System is reviewed by the Board of Curators and an internal Operating Budget is established for each campus. The Chancellor of each campus is responsible for all funds allocated to the campus. Deans of colleges, department heads and directors are required to remain within the dollar amount allocated to their units. Details and regulations governing expenditures of university funds are outlined in the University of Missouri Business Policy Manual, Sections 200 and 300. Instructions govern the types of purchases and expenditures.