Tenure and Promotion - Unit Guidelines PDF

  1. Unit documents should be sent to Academic Affairs only when they have been changed. There should be a great deal of stability and continuity in unit as well as in campus and system tenure and promotion policies and procedures (because tenure and promotion decisions are based on multiple years of performance). Hence units should try to design their documents so that they do not need annual revision.
  2. When documents are revised they should be sent to the Dean of the academic unit for review and approval before they are sent to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
  3. Unit documents should not contain any provisions, policies, or procedures that are duplicative of, or inconsistent with, campus or system policies and procedures. What is covered in campus or system procedures should not be covered in unit documents. Unit documents should deal with issues that are specific to the unit.
  4. A school or college may want to have policies and procedures that are specific to that school or college. If so, these must be consistent with campus and system policies, and should not be duplicated in division or department documents, and division or department documents should not be duplicative of them.