Summer Teaching Policy PDF

The university's regular, non-regular, and adjunct (part-time) faculty members are eligible to teach summer session courses. A full-time faculty member holding an academic year appointment is neither obligated nor entitled to teach in a summer session.

Several factors determine an academic units SS course offerings, including

1. Fiscal considerations
2. A commitment to facilitate student progression/program completion
3. Established intercampus commitments (i.e., telecommunicated courses, outreach courses) and
4. The availability of appropriately qualified faculty.

University of Missouri Policy Concerning Summer Appointments

The University of Missouri Rules and Regulations stipulate the following concerning summer employment of faculty (360.020):

For faculty on nine-month appointments, compensation for summer appointments may not exceed one-third of nine-month salary.

University of Missouri-St. Louis Policy Concerning Summer Employment

1. Effective with the 2003 summer session, a full-time UMSL faculty member who holds an academic-year appointment will be will be compensated at the rate of 3.33 % of the faculty members academic year base salary for each credit hour taught. A lower rate can be paid if the faculty member and the faculty members dean agree to this lower rate in advance and in writing.

2. A full-time faculty member holding an eleven-month appointment, unless released for administrative duties and/or funded research/scholarly activities, is ordinarily expected to participate in summer teaching activities without additional compensation.

3. A faculty member holding an academic year appointment may be compensated for a maximum of six semester hours of credit during the SS.

4. An adjunct (i.e., part-time) faculty member is compensated for SS teaching at the same rate as that which applies during the academic year.

Associated Procedures

1. The academic units dean, in consultation with chairpersons and other appropriate academic unit leaders, approves the appointment and assignment of faculty who teach SS courses. The unit deans decision to invite a faculty member to teach needed SS courses is based on a number of considerations, including

A. The availability of resources

B. The faculty members educational background, expertise and teaching experience and

C. Evidence of the faculty members teaching performance.

2. Faculty invited to teach in the SS will be provided with a letter of intent identifying the

A. Title and number of the course(s) to be taught

B. Summer session when the course is to be offered

C. Time, days and location of class to be taught (may change due to unforeseen circumstances)

D. Compensation to be provided, and E. Required minimum enrollment for the course to be offered.

3. The letter of summer appointment must include a statement noting that if the minimum enrollment is not met the course may be cancelled, in which case the offer of summer employed is voided.

Please note that occasionally an offer to a faculty member to teach one or more courses or course sections is voided or revised for the following reasons: (1) The course or course section is cancelled because of low enrollment or (2) because of other unusual and unforeseen circumstances. Should your contract be voided or revised for any of the above reasons, I would be in touch with you immediately.

4. Faculty will return the signed letter of intent to participate in summer teaching under the conditions stipulated in the letter of appointment.

Reviewed by Council of Deans, October 2002; February 2003 Revised February 24, 2003, Revised November 2016