Final Exam Policy in PDF

The period designated for final examinations is an important component of the academic term. It provides faculty with a final opportunity to evaluate student learning and attainment of course objectives. Faculty members are encouraged to meet with students during the final examination period.

  1. A faculty member who gives an in-class final examination may give this examination only on the day and at the time designated in the official final examination schedule. A majority vote of the students to the contrary does not change this policy.
  2. A student may submit a written request for a change in the scheduled time of a final examination for a limited number of documented hardship reasons. These reasons include, but are not limited to, being scheduled to take more than two examinations on the same day, illness, military obligations, and religious practices. Except for emergencies, this request should be presented directly to the instructor at least two weeks before classes conclude. The student may forward denied requests to the chairperson/area coordinator/program director and, if denied, to the dean of the school or college sponsoring the course for additional consideration.

Approved by the Senate C&I Committee 2/5/03

Approved by the Faculty Senate 2/18/03