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Founders Professors Agreement



  1.  Procedures and Conditions for Appointment:

Appointment as a Founders Professor must be initiated by the retiring faculty member’s department or college.  The appropriate title shall be granted to a member of the faculty who meets the following criteria:

  1. Benefits following retirement and rehiring as a Founders Professor:

Members of the faculty who have received the title of “Founders Professor” shall relinquish their tenured positions (retire), but shall continue as members of the faculty; and their names shall appear as members of the university faculty. 

The Founders Professors will generally have a teaching assignment in the appropriate college or school.  In special circumstances there may be an alternate assignment agreed upon in another area of faculty responsibility. 

Founders Professors will:

  1. Campus Guidelines

Founders Professorships will only be awarded to those faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in the areas in which they are seeking assignment.  Individuals appointed to these prestigious positions are expected to have ‘good to very good” evaluations in their appointed areas of assignment as judged by the faculty and administration, so that it is in the best interest of the university to retain them in these part-time positions.  In making these appointments:



I hereby agree to voluntarily waive and relinquish my tenured position and acknowledge and agree to the provisions of the Founders Professorship Program recited herein. 


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