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Emergency Notification Access Policy

Approved by the Faculty Senate February 23, 2016

PDF of Emergency Notification Access Policy


The University of Missouri provides an emergency notification system for all four of its campuses. In case of emergency, the warning system will notify students, faculty, and staff who have registered with the system by cellular phone voice mail, by text, and by email. However, for notifications to reach their destinations, students, faculty, and staff must have access to internet and cellular networks through a computer or mobile device. (A mobile device can be any portable device capable of sending or receiving internet and/or cellular data.)


To that end, it is UMSL policy that in any classroom, facility, or space where students, faculty, or staff are gathered for official class-related activities at least one computer or mobile device must be left in a state such that it can receive and send safety related communications.  In any classroom where student use of computers or mobile devices is restricted, the presiding faculty, staff member, or student shall be responsible for having (or designating another individual as having) such an active computer or mobile device.  Any classroom, facility, or space used for official class-related activities that does not have access to internet or cellular networks should be reported to ITS for remediation to the best of its ability.

Enforcement of Emergency Notification Access Policy:

Failure to follow the Emergency Notification Access Policy may result in appropriate disciplinary actions.