1. The campus forwards all program proposals to the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA).
  2. The VPAA's staff reviews requests for new degree programs; new graduate certificates; adding, deleting, renaming emphasis areas; or title changes to a degree program.*
  3. The VPAA's Office sends the program proposal to the Chief Academic Officers (CAOs) of each UM campus for feedback. The CAOs consult with faculty in similar programs on their campus and send their comments back to the VPAA. These comments are shared with the originating campus.
  4. A Ph.D. program requires an external review. The review team typically consists of three outside reviewers selected by the VPAA. In some cases, the VPAA may request an external review for a proposed master's degree program.
  5. After the VPAA staff have reviewed and considered the comments, the VPAA approves or denies the proposal or returns the proposal to the originating campus for further development
  6. Approved proposals then are sent to the President for review and approval. If required,* approved proposals are forwarded to the Board of Curators. (Please see Approval Matrix for specific review requirements.)
  7. The VPAA sends proposals approved by the Board of Curators to the CBHE.

*Note: Undergraduate Certificates and minors are approved at the campus level and sent to the System Office as an information item only. New graduate certificates and changes in emphasis areas require the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the CBHE. These items are not sent to the Board of Curators.

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