1. Upon receiving proposals from the UM System, CBHE staff post new degree programs on the agency's Website about the 15th of each month for a 21-day review period. During this review period, public and private post-secondary institutions in the State of Missouri have the opportunity to comment on the proposals.
  2. UM faculty and administrators who want to comment on the proposal may do so by sending comments to the VPAA, who will forward them to the CBHE.
  3. After the review process has been completed and the comments considered, the CBHE approves or denies the proposal. In some cases CBHE staff work with the VPAA or originating campus to clarify aspects of the proposal before taking action.
  4. Once the CBHE acts on the proposal, their staff notify the VPAA of the board's approval or denial.
  5. Upon receiving CBHE notification, the VPAA officially informs the campus Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of CBHE's action.
  6. Following approval of a new program, option, or site, the CBHE updates the State's program inventory accordingly.
  7. The VPAA also updates the UM System degree program inventory.
  8. Campus Academic Affairs staff add the approved new program or program changes to the UMSL Bulletin, schedule the five-year review, and maintain files of the approved proposal.

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