Each proposal is thoroughly reviewed at each step. If it is approved at that level, then it is forwarded to the next approving body. The proposal may at any time be returned to the faculty member with suggestions for strengthening the proposal. Please note that the procedures vary by the type of proposal submitted.

The time required for approval is related to the care with which the proposal is prepared.

It is the responsibility of the proposer to confer first with other faculty that might be affected by the proposal. If there is any potential impact, please read carefully the policy the Faculty Senate adopted on January 23, 2007:

All program/course proposals are to be sent to any academic unit likely to be affected by this proposal through duplication or overlap. Within 14 days, the chair of that unit shall respond on the program/course proposal form in one of the following ways: "program received, no objections" or "program received, with objections". If the unit has objections, they are to transmit those in writing to the chair of the Faculty Senate Committee on Curriculum and Instruction. This will automatically trigger a hearing on this issue at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Committee with the proposer and objector both being notified of this hearing. After that hearing, the Committee will forward the program/course proposal to the full Faculty Senate with a recommendation to approve or not approve. The unit chairs will be notified of this recommendation prior to the Faculty Senate meeting where this program/course recommendation will be heard and voted upon.

Proposals approved at the campus level are submitted to the UM System. Most program changes also require a review by the Coordinating Board for Higher Education (CBHE). The Approval Process Matrix summarizes the reviews required by the type of program proposal.

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